Amnesia Later ~ Ukyo ~

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Ukyo (ウキョウ)
CV: Miyata Kouki (宮田 幸季)

Ukyo and the heroine have many issues to resolve since the first game; there is the issue of the heroine not having any memories of what happened in the first game, and there is still the other Ukyo to deal with. This route ties up the loose ends from the first game as well as showing what life is like with Ukyo when the world is not trying to kill them.


In the New World, Lin has lost her memories and the only thing she remembers is promising someone to see the fireflies again. She is childhood friend with Shin and Toma, and works at the Maid and Butler Cafe with her four co-workers; Ikki, Kent, Mine, and Sawa. Ukyo, who is a known photographer, enters the shop one day and shows everyone the pictures he took of fireflies.

Waka, the owner of the Maid and Butler Cafe, decides to make this a company trip and everyone ends up having to buy a yukata for themselves. Unfortunately, on the night of the trip, they cannot seem to find any fireflies and so everyone splits up to either hang out or look for them together. Lin decides to look for Ukyo and Orion notices him underneath the guardrails. What is he doing there?

Ukyo seems surprised to see Lin approach him and asks if she has something to discuss with him. Orion is troubled by what they should talk about but suggests that she just talk to him normally. Lin tells Ukyo that she doesn’t particularly have any business with him at the moment… but he narrows his eyes at this and chides her for her carelessness in approaching him at night if she doesn’t have business with him. He would like her to stop placing herself at risk!

Orion is taken aback by how suddenly Ukyo became angry. Ukyo continues to lecture her on how, in order to protect herself from crime before it happens, it is important that she have an awareness regarding crime prevention. Orion complains and wonders why they’re being lectured about habitual crime prevention when all they did was call out to him.

Ukyo finally frowns and asks her if she was bored because of the lack of fireflies. He apologizes and claims the blame. Orion is surprised by that but he doesn’t think the fault lies completely on Ukyo. Ukyo gives her a strained smile and tells her that she shouldn’t choose him to talk to in her free time… although it does make him happy.

Orion hums thoughtfully before telling Lin that their firefly trip this time may not have anything to do with Ukyo, because while he did bring in the photographs of the fireflies, he wasn’t proactive in getting her to see them. It might have been a mistake to talk to Ukyo in that case.

Ukyo suddenly confesses that he also hoped to see the fireflies tonight. He wonders if the photographs that he took that night was just a miraculous coincidence. But Lin is suddenly brought into her mind by the word “fireflies” and is certain that he… Orion yelps in surprise when they’re dragged into a memory. He can’t believe that one is happening.

Flashback! Ukyo informs her that he heard from his grandmother that the fireflies in Japan were elegant and extremely beautiful. She told him about there being events for watching fireflies and catching them. He hasn’t seen fireflies before but if he did he would like to photograph them. He admits with a sheepish smile that it may be hard but one day… if possible… together with her…

Lin is abruptly sent back to the present and Orion groans in dizziness at being dragged into that memory. He confirms that the memory right now was of her and Ukyo talking. It looks like Ukyo has talked to her before about wanting to take pictures of fireflies. He wonders if Ukyo could be the person she promised to see fireflies with then. It doesn’t look like they can throw that possibility away.

Ukyo noticed her eyebrows being drawn together and asks her if something happened. Is she feeling anemic? He tells her that lately everyone has noticed her occurrences of dizziness. Is she okay? He advises her not to push herself and if it becomes painful then she should head home.

Orion confirms with her that she’s fine. It doesn’t look like they were able to remember the promise but they can still search some more. He suggests for her to ask Ukyo to look for fireflies together. Orion thinks something else may be remembered if they both find fireflies. He warns her that Ukyo will want to run away immediately so they need to be ready to press it.

Ukyo noticeably startles when Lin asks him to look for fireflies together with her before he averts his eyes and hesitates. He doesn’t think that it is a good idea. Orion tsks under his breath at their failure. And so Lin tells him to take responsibility for not finding the fireflies. Ukyo stutters 「っ・・・せ、責任、ですか」(Ah… r-responsibility…?). HE’S SO CUTE OMFGADKJGKHJH.

He winces as he admits that having that said to him does hurt him, but he can understand because everyone was looking forward to it. WAY TO GUILT TRIP HIM LMAO. He hesitates some more as he admits that it doesn’t seem like it’ll be too dangerous… In the end, he decides to search for fireflies with her but only if they move in places under the public eye.

Orion cheers in victory but then he admits to feeling kind of bad for making Ukyo feel guilty. He pouts and states that it would be nicer if Ukyo just obediently came with them. At any rate, Ukyo asks her to wait here for a bit because the male staff from the Maid and Butler Cafe are actually in a firefight right now. Orion blinks in confusion.

Ukyo explains that Ikki bought some water guns and is having a gunfight with them. Actually, the water guns have Kent’s mysterious and carefully produced ink. It colors the spot that it impacts but when it dries there are no stains left behind. He’s actually intrigued by it. IKKI… WHY DO I LIKE THIS LOSER SO MUCH. Orion hesitantly asks if those two are actually seniors. I WONDER THAT ALL THE TIME LMFAO.

At any rate, the water guns have different colored inks inside of them and people are out when they’re shot. The person who brings down the most people wins and he feels bad for leaving halfway, and so he promises to finish up quickly. He wants her to stay here where she won’t get caught in the middle and stained. Ukyo excuses himself and leaves.

Orion tries to call out to him but he’s already gone. He frowns though because even if Ukyo said he would finish up early it wouldn’t be that ea-…

Shin calls out and alerts Toma to the fact that he was shot in the back. Toma is surprised and wonders where it came from. Shin observes that the ink is black which means… it was Ukyo! Kent yelps when his face is hit by the ink. Ikki turns to confirm if he was hit and is shocked by the color. Kent growls and asks where the enemy is because he can’t see anyone.

Ikki thinks he should wipe off his glasses first… but he’s interrupted when he gets hit. Kent and Shin call out his name in alarm. He sighs in disappointment at having been hit. That means the only person left is… Shin finishes the sentence and realizes that he’s the only one remaining. Toma tells him to lower his body because the enemy is approaching while hidden in the bushes.

Shin curses and wonders why he can’t hear any footsteps. Toma hurriedly alerts him to a point but when Shin spins around he tumbles to the ground. He curses again and then wonders why there’s a string here. Ikki examines it and realizes that it is a string tied with Ukyo’s hair. Shin suddenly yelps at a cold sensation and Toma shouts out his name in worry.

Kent sighs at how all of them were taken down. He can scarcely believe it though that one man did this in such a short time. Ikki shrugs and points out that this is Ukyo’s victory then. Toma asks Ukyo where he is and to come out. Ukyo pops out on the bridge with a small smile and declares that this is the end. Their clothes should be clean when it dries, right?

Shin still can’t believe this and he asks Ukyo if he was an assassin before. UHM… IF ONLY YOU KNEW SHIN… Ukyo frowns at that and tells him that he’s mistaken; that wouldn’t be him. He’s just a normal person. Ikki finds it a bit mortifying since he had confidence in his marksmanship.

Toma points out that it wasn’t just the marksmanship, it was also the way he was able to sneak up on them without making a sound in his geta. Geta have metal placed in the bottom, right? They should have made a sound but they didn’t and that’s unbelievable. Ukyo only smiles sheepishly and tells them that he would be no match for them in a direct confrontation but his specialties are in surprise attacks.

Kent notices that Ukyo is not wearing geta but could it be that he ran around in his bare feet? Shin is astonished to see that it’s true. Ikki worriedly asks Ukyo if that wasn’t painful because this place was full of brickwork and gravel. He thinks it would be quite painful to step on the stones and weeds in the dry river bed.

Ukyo tilts his head in confusion and informs them that this level of pain doesn’t even register to him. Moreover, he points out that one should achieve one’s goals by any means necessary, right? HOW DID WE GO FROM THIS BEING FUNNY AND FUN TO SAD. JUST THINK ABOUT WHY UKYO MAY HAVE SUCH A HIGH PAIN TOLERANCE… Toma can understand what he’s saying but even still…

Kent concludes that tonight Ukyo was the one who won it and it looked like they underestimated him. Ikki requests a revenge fight and that they should come here next week for another match. He also suggests have a proper tactical fight too with two teams of two to three. Shin frowns and asks him why they were suddenly counted. Toma points out with a sly smile that Shin was having fun, so isn’t it good? Shin averts his eyes and growls out Toma’s name.

Toma states that he has no objections to a rematch. He’s vexed at having been the first one to be hit. Ukyo laughs shakily before thanking them for their invitation. He’ll definitely attend. His voice becomes wobbly with tears as he admits that being able to play with everyone like this is… Ikki startles at the sight of tears. Toma blurts out Ukyo’s name in alarm.

Ukyo hurriedly reassures them that it’s nothing and that lately he’s just been easily moved to tears; he blames it on his age. And then he excuses himself because he has someone waiting for him. He wants them to give Waka and the other girls his regards. Ikki regains his smile and reminds him not to forget about next week.

Meanwhile, Orion has been frowning in exasperation and wondering what the heck everyone was doing. Ukyo returns to them and apologizes for making them wait since it actually ended up being long. Orion dismisses the apology because the wait didn’t bother him and, more importantly, he’s worried about whether or not walking around barefoot like that doesn’t hurt. He knows Ukyo said that it didn’t hurt but he doesn’t think that is true.

He also notices that Ukyo is suspiciously good at sneaking around. Is that a necessary skill for a cameraman? He thinks it’s amazing that Ukyo won… but he finds it hard to compliment him honestly. Lin goes ahead and congratulates Ukyo for winning, which surprises Ukyo but then he thanks her kindly. He still doesn’t think what he did was worthy of praise though.

Ukyo does admit that it really is his specialty in approaching people from the back, attacking them in surprise, not missing an opportunity, and targeting an opponent’s weak points. Orion admits that he can’t see Ukyo as that type. Ukyo averts his eyes and says that it isn’t a normal way to live and move, and so it isn’t exactly a skill to be proud of. His expression softens though as he admits that it was fun to play with everyone.

Because he transferred schools a lot he does not have a lot of friends in the same generation. On top of that, due to various things, he’s spent a long time being alone… and he intended on getting used to being alone but… in the end it really is lonely. And that’s why today was really fun and he’s excited for the rematch next week.

He averts his eyes and murmurs under his breath that next week… if he is still here he’ll be able to… with everyone… Orion blinks in confusion, but then Ukyo returns back to the present and reassures her that it was nothing. He has a small but pained smile on his face as he notes that he’s becoming sentimental due to having too much fun today.

At any rate, he returns back to the topic of looking for fireflies. Where should they go? He’s certain that there are none in the middle of the city… and it seems unlikely for them to be around her home too. His own home is out of the possibility as well but maybe someplace with water… He starts to suggest the shrine but then states that the shrine is definitely out of the question because of its water well.

The next possibility is the park… or close to the cemetery. He tries to remember if there was a river that ran through it… or was he mistaken. Orion is confused by the way Ukyo worded his words. *COUGHS* REMEMBER THE ORIGINAL GAME WHERE UKYO KILLS HER AT THE WELL? Anyway, Ukyo asks Lin where she would like to go; either the park or the cemetery. Orion asks what she wants to do.

She suggests the park and so they head there. Ukyo notices that there seems to be a lot of people around the pond. He wonders if they came here searching for the fireflies like them. But it doesn’t look like there are any fireflies. He sighs thoughtfully and then decides to go look at the pond. He asks Lin to wait here for him.

Orion is looking at the pond and confirms that there seems to be a lot of walking people. He thinks the weather is a little cold but it might feel nice after having exercised by walking a bit. Suddenly, in the distance Ukyo shouts out. Orion startles and then they both hear a splash in the water.

Suddenly, Ukyo appears again in front of them with a strained smile. He quickly informs her that there are no fireflies on the other side of the pond and then suggests they head to their next spot. Orion is silent before hesitantly pointing out that Ukyo’s yukata looks wet around the hems.

Lin points that out to Ukyo, who laughs in embarrassment, before he tells her that it is nothing. He was looking into the pond and it scraped the edges of the water. It wasn’t like his foot slipped and he fell into the water or anything. Orion stares at him in exasperation. Once again Ukyo suggests that they head off since there’s nothing else here.

Their next location is the cemetery but Ukyo is shocked when he realizes that there’s no river. But there has to be one! He asks for her to wait here while he checks the end of this road. Orion sends him off cheerfully and the two of them wait in silence before Orion states that he was sure there wasn’t a river here. But they haven’t walked to the end before and so they wouldn’t know.

He points out that since Ukyo has been moving around a lot he wouldn’t be familiar with the land. Orion suddenly notices Ukyo who just came back. Ukyo doesn’t say a word though which makes Orion call out his name hesitantly. And then Ukyo asks her what that is. Orion is confused. Ukyo asks her why she is wearing that outfit.

Orion is completely baffled because Ukyo himself is wearing a yukata, so what is he saying. He came out because he thought he saw an opportunity to end this but… he starts to chuckle lowly. Orion cautiously asks him what he is going on about. But then Ukyo suddenly returns back to normal and he looks around in confusion before quickly asking her if he was acting strange just now.

Lin answers that he was and he seemed curious about the yukata. Ukyo latches onto the word “strange” though and confirms his own thoughts on how “that person” came out! He thought it was strange to have lost consciousness for a moment. But then why did he suddenly sink back in again. He recalls Lin saying that he had been curious about the yukata.

He looks away thoughtfully before suddenly realizing that it must have been because it was the first time “that person” has seen her in a yukata as well! He must have been disturbed. Ukyo nods his head in understanding now because “that person” must have been so surprised he receded. He understands that feeling since her appearance is quite destructive.

Orion hesitantly voices his confusion. But Ukyo continues on to comment on how her work uniform is also Japanese-styled but there is a remarkable difference in how cute and sexy she looks. It’s quite brutal. He makes a note on how that kind of impact is great enough to suppress “that person”.

He turns to her excitedly as he realizes that if he meets her and she’s wearing an extremely cute outfit then– He shakes his head at that and declares that he’ll do something dragging the other back. Definitely. Orion nervously wonders if they should leave this alone or comment on it or what. In the end, they decide to leave Ukyo’s muttering alone.

They continue on their search for the fireflies but they can’t seem to find any of the fireflies through the streets. In the end, Ukyo thinks that their best bet is the riverbed. He apologizes for making her walk so much but he wants to return to it again. He is certain that the fireflies he saw on that night were at that place. They return to the bridge but Ukyo notes that everyone seems to be gone. Did they move somewhere?

He’ll contact Waka’s cellphone afterward. He’s afraid that everyone may be worried because the two of them slipped away. Ukyo looks away for a second before asking her hesitantly if he can ask her something. Why did she choose him tonight? He knows she told him to take responsibility for not showing them the fireflies but… from the start, she isn’t the type of person to say that kind of thing.

Orion startles and wonders if they were found out. Ukyo continues on to point out that there were plenty of other people to look for fireflies with her, and yet she didn’t pick anyone out of the group and instead chose him. Why? She tells him that she wanted to see the fireflies with him. He smiles as he informs her that he thought it was that.

On that night, the night he saw the fireflies, he had thought about how nice it would be to have her here. He thought about what it would be like to have the two of them together… looking at that dream-like scenery… His voice lowers 「・・・でもさ。俺は・・・君を大切に思ってるけど、君は違うよね?」(… But… although I think of you as precious… you don’t, right?).

He’s just a customer to her and someone who she barely knows as an acquaintance. And yet… why did she choose him…? He tells her in a strained voice that if she gets closer to him like that then he’ll misunderstand her actions for his own convenience. Even though he knows that it isn’t like that… his reasoning is surpassed by his desires. But… if she… actually held even the slightest bit of favor towards him then…

The wind blows between them. Ukyo’s brows furrow at the sudden wind and then asks her if she’s cold. He doesn’t really notice or care about being hot or cold but she isn’t like that. He closes his eyes and murmurs gently that the her that he knew was sensitive to the cold.

His voice softens 「夏は好きだけど冬はちょっと嫌だなって言ってたね。雪は好きだけど、冷たすぎるって」(You said that you love the summer but you didn’t really like the fall. You love the snow but it’s too cold). OH MY GOD. KILL ME NOW. HIS VOICE IS SO FUCKING TENDER RIGHT NOW. I CAN’T EVEN.

Orion blinks in confusion and wonders what Ukyo is talking about. Ukyo gives her a strained smile and suggests that they head down to the riverbed, although he doesn’t think that there will be fireflies. They stop in the middle of the dry riverbed and Ukyo notes that he may be too close to her and apologizes for that, but he thought he could act as a windbreak.

He frowns as he notes that the other night he saw the fireflies here… so why tonight… He startles when he notices a faint light in the distance. A delighted smile spreads across his face as he realizes that they are fireflies! So they were here all along! He’s still wondering why they decided to show up now though. Could it be the period of time?!

Ukyo vaguely recalls seeing the fireflies around this time as well. He hadn’t heard about the fireflies being affected by the time though. According to Waka, the fireflies this year aren’t normal fireflies and he thinks that may have a connection to this. His voice softens as he asks her if she can see them dancing over there and over here.

Lin recalls the fireflies. She… and he… Orion announces the approach of a memory! In the memory, Ukyo comments on how nice it was that she got to saw the fireflies during her work’s company trip. And then she promised to view the fireflies together with everyone next year. He chuckles at how friendly and close she is with her co-workers, as usual.

He tells her that he heard from his grandmother about how the Japanese fireflies were elegant and extremely beautiful. There is even an event to watch fireflies and catch them. He hasn’t seen fireflies before but if he did he would like to take a photo of them. It seems difficult but, if possible, he would like to… together with her…

Lin remembers that he wanted to see the fireflies. And that’s why… that’s why she wanted to show them to him. She wanted to let him take photos and so she would search for the fireflies this year with all her strength. She tells him softly that he’s finally seen the fireflies, huh. Orion realizes that she’s regained her memories!

She continues on to tell Ukyo that he can take photos of them again. She’s glad that they were able to see them tonight because Ukyo wanted to take photos of them. Ukyo’s voice is faint as he realizes that she remembered that conversation. His voice is tinged with astonishment 「・・・そう。・・・あんな他愛無い話を、君は・・・」(… I see…. that silly conversation… you…).

Ukyo suddenly gasps out an apology and then helplessly asks why… he seems to be so happy. He’s so happy that… he can’t get any words out. (ノ;Д;)ノ UKYO DARLING. He confesses to her that he knows he is a sinner who isn’t allowed happiness or joy but… that’s why… please just for now… like the light of the fireflies, this utterly small and faint happiness, he prays to everything just to be able to stay like this.

He gives her a tearful smile as he confesses that, as he thought, he loves her. Even though normally he tries to forget it or tries to let her go but… like this it is brought back so suddenly. His voice is soft 「君を愛してるっていう、君と離れたくないっていう、どうしても消せないこの感情が・・・」(This feeling of love for you, this feeling of not wanting to part from you, these feelings that do not disappear no matter what…).

Ukyo apologizes for saying all of these things so abruptly. She can think of this as the meaningless nonsense of a man that she doesn’t know… but… he’s overjoyed to have just been able to say that he loves her. He’s happy… even though it shouldn’t be something he should feel. He pleads to be able to say it just for tonight though. Even right now he… loves her. CRYING INTO MY KEYBOARD RIGHT NOW.


The sound of blazing fire. She can hear the sound of burning construction falling down. And then… someone is lifting her up. Gentle yet sturdy arms are wrapped around her. These arms… These arms belong to… Ukyo’s voice is heard asking her if she is awake.

She opens her eyes and murmurs his name to see him look down at her. He tells her to look around them. The science building is burning down around them. She weakly asks him why and if something happened. Why is she… here? She is sure that something awfully frightening yet precious happened here… she has that feeling but she doesn’t know what happened. Why?

Ukyo is silent for a moment before he softly tells her not to think about anything. He reassures her that everything is alright now and the nightmare has ended. Nothing terrifying will happen to her ever again. She murmurs his name again but he shushes her and tells her that everything is fine. He loves her. THIS COULD BE SO CREEPY IF WE DIDN’T KNOW THE CONTEXT.

After that, the fire fighters rushed onto the scene and put out the flames on the science building. But even still the entire building was burnt and so the university closed down for the time being. The summer holidays for Myouga University was simply extended.

And then on that day… on that night… Why was she and Ukyo there? The story that Ukyo told her was that they were taking a stroll in the night and decided to retrieve something that she forgot in the university. They were caught in an accidental explosion from the science building. She lost consciousness while Ukyo carried her out of the university.

Her diary on that day and her diary for the month of August is so very vague that she can’t remember any details. Ukyo told her not to force herself to remember and that it’s just the influence from the accident. But she has the feeling that she left something precious behind… ORION (´;ω;`). It’s very frustrating. GURL I DON’T THINK YOU WANT TO REMEMBER YOUR BOYFRIEND TRYING TO KILL YOU.

9月10日. In the Maid and Butler Cafe, Lin repeats the word “wedding” in confusion. Waka confirms that was the word he said. He continues on to say that, unlike the past, he has seen that weddings lately have been simple and easy formalities. He had seen, in one of these, a restaurant wedding and he decided that their shop should do that as well.

He understands that a wedding will probably be cramped here but the main thing is to have the subject of the after party small. He is depending on the staff to work together to create a pamphlet. Lin asks him if that is what he needs for her. He nods before adding on that he wants Mine, Sawa, and her to be the brides. Of course he would like some photographs–

They are interrupted by the door bell and Waka looks up to see that a customer has come in. Lin immediately moves to greet the customer and welcomes him home politely. She pauses when she recognizes who it is and Ukyo’s eyes crease in amusement as he greets her and Waka. Waka welcomes him warmly and comments on how he thought it was about time for him to come here. Is he having breakfast?

Ukyo smiles wrly and admits that he’s actually having brunch. He would like his usual toast set and blend. Waka calmly informs him that today’s special is minestrone soup. Ukyo requests that and then asks what tomorrow’s special will be. Waka tells him that it will be the fall mushroom potage and the Japanese meal set will be a pollack chazuke. Ukyo frowns and admits that he’s having a hard time deciding… but he’ll do it tomorrow!

He gives a lopsided smile as he thinks out loud on how, before he knew it, eating at this shop became a daily routine. Waka points out that it’s because he wants to meet Lin, doesn’t he? Lin turns red as she hisses out her manager’s name. Ukyo confirms that is a given but he also really enjoys the menu here. Even though it is coffee, he can never seem to tire of it because there are so many options. All the items are amazing.

Waka smiles warmly and thanks him for the compliment, which he will pass onto the chef, but it also makes him curious enough to ask if Ukyo doesn’t cook for himself. Of course he is thankful of Ukyo’s repeated patronage though. Ukyo sheepishly admits that he doesn’t have any cookware… nor does he have furniture. Waka’s eyes widen at that and he turns to Lin to confirm if this is true.

She freezes at being put on the spot and tries to stutter out any answer, but Ukyo interrupts and asks Waka loudly why he is direction that question at Lin. Isn’t that embarrassing… Lin informs Waka that she’s never been to Ukyo’s house so… even she was surprised. Waka calmly expresses how unexpected that is.

Lin hunches her shoulders in embarrassment and Ukyo springs to her defense by asking Waka to stop teasing them. He’s happy but it’ll trouble Lin. They don’t have that kind of a relationship yet… though they are dating. Waka comments on how there are a great number of people who were aiming for her inside and outside the shop. He is impressed by how Ukyo snatched her completely from within that. Just what did he do?

Ukyo blurts out that it’s a secret. OH YOU KNOW YOU JUST GOTTA TRY KILLING HER A MILLION TIMES. SUFFER SO MUCH YOU CREATE A SPLIT PERSONALITY, ETC ETC. SMALL STUFF REALLY. Waka raises an eyebrow and asks if something unspeakable happened. Ukyo gives a strained smile and answers that there is and especially for him. He’s covered in things he can’t speak about.

Waka tells Ukyo that he won’t press on it then because there are many people who live their lives with things they cannot speak about, including him. He’s just extremely curious about this one month they met each other again. Lin is silent because she too is curious. She doesn’t remember much about August at all. And that’s why there are a lot of things she doesn’t understand when Ukyo talks.

Ukyo told her that her loss of memory was because of the explosion from the accident, but she wonders about that. Before they started dating… the first time they met… they had a small conversation from which she thought that she would like to know more about him. She regretted parting from him without asking him for any contact details.

She couldn’t forget that person. Even though the possibility of another meeting was low, she still saved up money to go to Kobe once more. On the day that they were reunited… she was so happy she wanted to cry… for the first time since she was born she thanked God from the bottom of her heart. And then… she met him again at the restaurant.

Ukyo soon became a regular at the Maid and Butler Cafe. On the first day of their date, she was nervous at first but that nervousness faded immediately. It was enjoyable talking to him and the more she met him the more she started to like him. His kindness and his affection… sometimes when she looked at his face she found herself gradually being drawn in.

They became lovers. And then… and then… after that, she doesn’t remember much. She recalls a glimpse of the burning building. She remembers faintly… on a night with fireworks… that she met Ukyo. Everyone went to the festival. She can remember other small detailed things like that but… when that happened or what they talked about… she doesn’t remember any of that. … August. What happened between her and Ukyo?

Back in the present, Ukyo is still smiling sheepishly and asks that they drop that topic. He asks Waka if he knows of any stores that sell quality houseware. He also adds that it would be inconvenient if he didn’t acquire some if he is going to stay in this world forever. Waka repeats the words “this world”. Ukyo hurriedly corrects himself to mean this town and region rather than the world. Waka directs him to the shops along this road for simple houseware; however, it was a shop that recently opened and so he cannot attest to the quality of their products. He will draw a simple map for Ukyo and hand it to him later. Ukyo thanks him gratefully.

But then Waka informs him that – while he hates to ask – he needs Ukyo’s help as a professional photographer. He wants to arrange weddings at this shop and so he would like to ask Ukyo to work together with Lin. Ukyo rears back in shock at the words “wedding ceremony” and turns bright red while blurting out that Lin and he just started dating. It’s a bit too early to talk about weddings! It’s not that he hasn’t thought about it but he doesn’t have any confidence in himself! He also would like to confirm if this is something that Lin wants as well…

Lin hesitantly interrupts and tells him that he’s mistaken. Waka’s eyes are creased in amusement as he admits he wouldn’t mind remaining silent and hearing Ukyo’s other leaps of logic, but he also realizes how embarrassing it is for Lin. Anyway, he corrects Ukyo and tells him to calm down because he has made the wrong assumptions. He would just like Ukyo to take some photographs.

Ukyo stares at them blankly in surprise. Photographs? Waka explains that he would like to create a pamphlet for cafe weddings and would like to collaborate with Ukyo. He will be having the staff play the roles of the bridge and groom and he wants a photo shoot of that party. Of course he will be paid for his photo shoot. Will he help them? Ukyo sighs loudly and asks Waka to tell him that earlier next time before he started sweating like this. Waka’s voice remains calm and gentle as he points out that the flustered one is actually Lin.

She looks at the two of them in silence. Ukyo ducks his head and apologizes to her. She reassures him that it is fine. At any rate, Ukyo is more than pleased to collaborate with them and he doesn’t need the payment. Waka frowns at those words because he couldn’t possibly do that… Ukyo tells him not to be concerned because it’s been a long time since he had a new photo shoot and he’s happy. Waka is surprised to hear that it’s been awhile since he worked.

Ukyo freezes again as he realizes his mistake and hurriedly tells Waka that it wasn’t that he had no job but that he was just doing the same thing. I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING AT UKYO’S DESPERATE SAVES. By “new” he meant it’s been a while since he did something fresh. Waka sounds skeptical but he accepts Ukyo’s words at face value and comments on how being a photographer must also be a hard job. And then it occurs to him that Ukyo should also get some furniture. Ukyo tells him that he’s mistaken!

Lin interrupts and directs Ukyo to his seat before telling him that she’ll be bringing out his meal shortly. Ukyo latches onto the change in conversation and thanks her before apologizing for standing around. Waka tells him that they’ll provide a service for him today then and he will continue on with an explanation of the details to him later. Ukyo calls his name in reproach but Waka has already left.

Ukyo sighs in defeat but decides to leave it. He directs a soft smile to her and properly greets her before apologizing for how late that was. It makes him happy to be able to see her smiling face and hear her voice today. He confirms with her that she came in as help today and that she’ll be off by lunch, right? He’ll wait for her and they can go home together.

Some time later! Lin finishes her job and thanks everyone before excusing herself for leaving first. Ukyo, who has been waiting for her outside, praises her on her work before commenting on how there were many customers today. Was it hard? She shakes her head and tells him that it was fine; it is boring when there aren’t many customers. Ukyo smiles at that and notes that she seems to like serving others.

He recalls having a similar conversation before on a holiday when Shin came in. Shin hates serving customers and so he had a distasteful expression on his face. Rika, who had been present, lectured Shin about how a chef needed to have the knowledge of serving others. Lin tilts her head in confusion and asks if that happened… Shin and Rika. Ukyo pauses before asking hesitantly if that didn’t happen. She tells him hesitantly that she doesn’t think it did… when did it happen?

Ukyo apologizes for his mistake. She echoes his words in confusion and he averts his eyes before mumbling that he could have mistaken the members who were there. He apologizes again and tells her not to worry about it. She only eyes him curiously and in her mind notes that he says these things from time to time. He talks about things to her that she doesn’t know or remember as if they actually happened. If she tells him that she doesn’t know about that then he immediately claims that he was mistaken and laughs it off. She wonders if she should just let it go like that…

She’s silent for a bit longer before bringing up how he told Waka that he has nothing at his house. Was that true? He smiles sheepishly at that and admits that it’s true. It’s laughably empty. It’s easy to clean but he can’t leave it like this. An idea suddenly occurs to him and he asks her if she is free tomorrow. He would like to pick out furniture together with her. She’s surprised before asking him if it would be okay for her to pick some out. He answers that he has no confidence in his picks and he would appreciate any help.

He also confesses that it seems fun to have her decide on the furniture in his house. It makes it feel… special? She agrees to that because it made her happy when he bought a new mirror for her room because every day when she sees it she remembers that the two of them went out to buy it. He smiles happily at that and decides that the two of them can go shopping tomorrow then. She asks him if they could do something before that. He blinks and asks her what she wants to do. She tells him that she would like to see his room, if that is fine…

Ukyo repeats her words in confusion. She informs him that she won’t be able to pick out furniture if she doesn’t know how large his room is and what kind of feeling it has. She shyly asks him if she is allowed. He looks away with a serious expression and thinks on it… this means that she’ll be… coming to his room, right? She tells him that would be what would happen. Does he not want her to? Ukyo hurriedly blurts out that it’s not that he doesn’t want her to; not wanting her to come to his room is the last thing on his mind. In fact, he would like to invite her to his room.

Up to now he’s been aiming for the opportunity to ask her to come over but he just hasn’t said it! YOU SOUND LIKE A CREEP LADGJKKJHKL THIS BABY. She asks him why he never asked her. He averts his eyes and explains that a man asking someone to come over makes it sound like they have ulterior motives. He also admits that it isn’t that he doesn’t have zero ulterior motives but he didn’t want to be hated and so he just never said it. Moreover, he doesn’t have anything and so even if she came over he would not be able to provide her any hospitality.

She tells him that he needn’t have worried about having to entertain her. He retorts strongly 「気にするよ。俺がこの世で一番気にするのは君のことだよ?」(I am worried! In this world, the one I am most concerned about is you). But he’s relieved if she says that she’s fine with it. Besides, it’s also the afternoon and so it should be fine. He extends an invitation to his house.

They walk down a few streets before ending up at an apartment complex. Ukyo tells her that he lives on the second floor and it’s quite close to the Maid and Butler Cafe. It’s his daily routine right now to wake up in the morning, take a stroll down to the Maid and Butler Cafe, and then have breakfast. He urges her to come in and then takes her up to his room. She’s surprised by the sight of it and asks him if this is his room. He smiles sheepishly and confirms that it is. Is she surprised? There’s really nothing in it.

She’s still in disbelief as she asks him if he has really been living here. He averts his eyes and admits that he has been… for quite some time. He’s lost track of how long he’s been here but he knows he’s lived here for a while now. She points out that there’s nothing in here though… to a terrifying extent. He informs her that the bare minimum necessities and clothes are in a trunk that he placed in the loft.

He tells her that the bedroom is the next room, although it just as empty as this room. She heard that he said there was nothing here but she didn’t think it was to this extent. She can see how there’s no difference between sleeping here and sleeping outside. Ukyo laughs awkwardly and reassures her that lately he’s been sleeping at the house. It’s too cold outside now. She recalls how he napped a lot outside last month… But then she pauses as she realizes the oddity of her sentence. Why was Ukyo sleeping outside?

Ukyo startles at that and tries to stutter out an excuse; he’s an outdoor person and he enjoys napping outside where he can feel the wind! She asks if that also includes falling into ponds. His shoulders slump at that as he realizes that she saw that. She reluctantly admits that it’s good that he’s been sleeping at his house lately… although she shakes her head when she realizes that his bedroom is the same as this room. He can’t sleep in a place like this with nothing. It’s bad for the body.

He ducks his head but admits the same. She takes another look around the room and decides that it needs various things; there’s no bedding, curtains, or carpet… Ukyo thinks that there are too many things that he needs to the point where he doesn’t know what to buy. Could she write it all down? She thinks that’s a sound plan but they also need to measure his rooms to find out their width and length in order to shop. If they don’t do that then they won’t know what size of furniture to choose at the store.

Ukyo listens to her attentively but then frowns because he doesn’t have a measuring tape. She asks him if he didn’t receive a diagram of the house when he signed the contract. He vaguely recalls getting one and he thinks it may also have the size of the rooms in inches… but he thinks buying a measuring tape may be quicker. She offers her own for him. He’s surprised that she has one, to which she answers that she bought one because she was also troubled when buying furniture. It wasn’t expensive and so she decided to buy it but now it’s become useless because she didn’t need it after that.

He smiles at that and would appreciate borrowing it. He’ll pick it up when she returns home. But moreover… She notices the distracted look on his face and asks him if something is the matter. He confesses that he’s been thinking on how it almost feels like a lie that she’s in his house right now. For a long time he’s been repeating the fact that he comes home alone to this room. He had thought about how overjoyed he would be if he could hear her welcome him home.

But she had forgotten about him and any place he’s been so that would have been impossible. Even still, he imagined opening that door and seeing her standing there. Even just having her smile at him would be more than enough and he would be able to give up on everything. She whispers his name in confusion, but he just stares at her seriously and says that while she may not know this… each time she calls out his name like that… he becomes so happy he could cry.

Some time later after night has fallen! Lin thanks Ukyo for walking her back home. He reassures her that it was his pleasure and then asks when she gets off work tomorrow. She informs him that she doesn’t need to go in tomorrow and so she can leave whenever. He nods at that and tells her that he’ll come by at lunch then. She will expect him then and then remembers that he needs the measuring tape. He furrows his brows because he had forgotten about that but now that they’re here, she can bring it out to him. She asks him to wait and then enters her house.

While inside, she thinks on how he hasn’t entered her house often. He’s come in during the afternoons to have tea but he never enters her house at night. She realizes that it isn’t just her house either but he tries not to have the two of them alone at night. He’ll meet her between the afternoon and evening but he’ll always return home at night. She understands that he’s concerned for her but… he’s so stubborn on that point that it makes her feel a bit lonely. She exclaims out loud when she finds the measuring tape and hopes that the length will be long enough.

She returns outside and hands him the measuring tape while telling him that it’s three meters, which should be enough. She apologizes if it isn’t enough. He thanks her and thinks that it will be more then enough. Once again he thanks her for lending it to him… and then hesitates. He ends up asking her if she’ll allow him to do something for a bit. She blinks in confusion, but in the next moment he draws her into his embrace.

He kisses her lightly on the forehead and tells her that it’s a goodnight kiss. He actually wants to kiss her on the lips but if he does that then he won’t be able to release her. His voice softens as he confesses that he loves her. He makes a wish that he’ll be able to see her smiling face tomorrow. WHY IS HE EVEN WISHING THIS. THAT JUST MAKES THINGS INFINITELY TRAGIC.

9月11日. The two of them head out the next day to furnish Ukyo’s apartment with furniture and other essential items. Ukyo tries to recall which shop Waka had been talking about yesterday. Lin was positive that it was on the opposite side though. He appears surprised at this before making up an excuse on how he doesn’t know what new shops look like. He has a general understanding of the shops around here since the middle of August but he has no idea about any new shops since the start of September.

She reminds him that he brought the map from Waka, right? He answers with a smile that he did and then unrolls it. She takes a look at it and determines that the shop they are looking for is on the opposite side. Ukyo can’t believe that and then laughs sheepishly at how he can’t read maps. He gives a quick shake of his head before moving her on to their destination.

They finally arrive at the shop and Ukyo is amazed that they managed to arrive safely. He smiles wryly and admits that it’s dangerous for him to be alone. He asks her what they should look at first. Lin suggests curtains and sofas. Ukyo admits that he’s been wanting some curtains too since the light tends to shine brightly into his room in the morning without curtains right now. And then when he turns on the lights at night everyone outside can see inside brightly. It makes changing clothes a bit troublesome. I… HAVE NO WORDS…

Lin is at a loss for words. RIGHT?! RIGHT?!? She thinks it would have been better if he had came and bought some earlier. Ukyo continues to think on what he needs; curtains, sofas, and… he thinks a chest would be nice since it’s annoying to have to climb into the loft everyday for clothes. He also thinks that he needs bedding since not having a bed is only tentatively troubling.

She asks him what he means by that and so he explains that he is thinking it might be okay to just buy a carpet; it won’t hurt his back if he just lies down on it and sleeps. Lin gives him a flat look and states that carpets are not beds. She wants him to buy a proper bed. He frowns thoughtfully and wonders what type of bed he should get then… a single… would be too small, huh.

Lin thinks that a single is enough for one room but… he is quite tall and if he is going to separate his bedroom then a bigger bed may be better… Ukyo hums thoughtfully and murmurs that a single is enough for him but “that guy”… She overhears this and asks him who he’s talking about. Ukyo’s eyes widen before he hurriedly blurts out that it’s nothing and then suggests that they go look at samples!

His expression softens though as he admits that before they do that… he wants her to choose something. He takes her over to some cups and shows her one. He wants them to buy matching pairs and asks her which one she likes. He doesn’t want to do this just for mugs either but other things in his house. LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER EVERYONE. ONE, TWO, THREE, AWWWW. He wants to have pairs of everything. Is that okay?

This idea makes her happy but she asks him if he’s really okay with that. He tells her that it is absolutely fine and it makes him ecstatic to have her things at his house. If he sees those whenever he wakes up, he will be able to know that being in a relationship with her is not a dream. He adds that if they do buy these matching pairs then she needs to come over and use them. Okay?

Lin smiles at that and promises to go over often. He tells her that he doesn’t mind if she comes over every day and he will be waiting; in truth, he wouldn’t mind if she was at his house forever. She stutters at his statement but he admits that he’s not trying to say that he wants to live together with her because… he’s still not able to yet. She blinks in confusion and so he explains that he can’t be together with her forever yet.

He can’t guarantee her safety if he is beside her for over 24 hours. He needs to do a little more safety testing. At night, when he’s sleeping and the two of them are alone, he is unsure if it will be dangerous. Something might happen to her… She continues to stare at him in confusion as he worriedly says that, while he doesn’t think this will happen, the worst case scenario may end up with her being attacked.

Ukyo would be glad if he could stop it like he did last time but the possibilities aren’t limited to that. Lin finally interrupts and asks him what he means by “attack” and “like before”. He only averts his eyes and tries to point out that he could do a lot of things when they’re alone. On nights when he’s tired his reasoning becomes weak and that is the reason why he avoids being alone with her when it becomes night.

If he attacks her when they’re alone then… Ukyo pauses in confusion when he notices that her face is bright red. She stutters helplessly which causes him to mentally go over what he had been saying. His own face turns bright red as he yelps out that she’s mistaken and that wasn’t his meaning! IN JAPAN THEY USE THE WORD “ATTACK” KNOWN AS “OSOU” TO ALSO MEAN LIKE MAKING ADVANCES ON SOMEONE.

He blurts out in a flustered voice 「その、ええと、君に無理矢理キスしたり押し倒したりそういうことはしないから、多分!」(I, umm, it’s not that I would push you down forcibly and kiss you or anything! Probably!). I’M LAUGHING SO HARD I’M CRYING. THE PROBABLY AT THE END KILLS ME. He continues on hurriedly to reassure her that it isn’t that he doesn’t not want to do those either! He always wants to kiss her, hug her, and do other things.

Ukyo confesses that he’s also been having wicked thoughts about not wanting a single or a semi for a bed and wanting something much larger. I CAN’T. BREATHE. Lin quietly stutters out that his voice is a bit loud. He only continues on loudly about how he’ll properly follow the steps though and he respects her own will and holds her mutual agreement highly. He’s never once thought about forcing anything on her and doing everything. He’s almost 24 years old with age and experience and he’ll treasure her properly because he’d older than her!

Every day is a battle for his self-control but he reassures her that he’s very strong in restraining himself, so it’ll be alright! Lin squeaks out that he’s said more than enough and he can stop now. He tries to protest but when he takes an actual look at her face he quickly apologizes. She suggests that they move somewhere else because everyone around them right now is looking over and snickering. He lowers his head at that reprimand and apologizes again.

Anyway, they end up buying a lot of things and Ukyo sighs in satisfaction when they finally exit the store many hours later. He apologizes for having her come along since it ended up taking a lot of time. She shakes her head and tells him that she had fun. A lot of those things are being delivered to his house, right? He nods since they bought so much that they wouldn’t be able to carry it back. It should reach his place by tomorrow.

She’s glad that today is the last day that he’ll sleep on the floor then. He laughs sheepishly and apologizes for worrying her but it is actually quite fine. It’s much more different than sleeping on the roof or a wall. R-ROOF? W-WALL?? Suddenly, Lin’s phone rings and she apologizes because she had forgotten to turn it onto silent. He looks at it curiously. Is it mail? Or a phone call? He reassures her that he doesn’t mind and she should answer it if it is a phone call; it may be an emergency.

Lin thanks him and tells him that it looks like a phone call but she’ll try to keep it short. It is Rika calling her and she apologizes before asking Lin where she is right now. Lin asks her if something is the matter. Rika tells her that she has something she wishes to talk about. Right now they are in front of the train station and she would like to know if Lin is close to that. Lin is thrown by the word “them” but answers that she is sort of close.

She catches Ukyo’s eyes, who asks her if something is wrong. She quickly asks Rika to hold on for a moment and then explains to Ukyo that Rika wishes to meet and talk. It sounds like she wants Lin to meet her in front of the station to talk and she sounded quite serious. Ukyo’s eyebrows raise at the mention of Rika’s name and how she wants to meet. He averts his eyes and murmurs to himself that it may be about the shrine… it looks like that finally reached her ears.

Lin calls his name questioningly, which makes him tell her that he can smoothen the conversation out if he is there. He suggests meeting Rika and that Lin should tell Rika that he is coming along as well. Lin is a bit surprised at this but obeys him. She turns back to her phone call and apologizes for making Rika wait. She explains that she is with Ukyo, which Rika seems surprised to hear, and then asks her if she would mind if he came along, since they came out together.

Rika’s voice softens as she recalls that Ukyo is currently dating her right now and, in that case, it may be better if he heard this along with her then. She asks the two of them to come to the front of the station and notes that they shouldn’t need a landmark, right? Lin tells her that they won’t have any problems finding her and that it will take 10 minutes. Rika tells her that she will be waiting before ending the call.

Ukyo immediately asks her what the answer was after she closes her phone. Lin informs him that Rika is waiting at the train station and then wonders what the talk will be about. Moreover, who is this “them” that Rika was talking about? Ukyo admits that he had an idea of what will happen from here but it may be something that she doesn’t understand. He tells her that he’ll be the one to talk today and so she can just listen. He would appreciate it if she remained silent to the best of her abilities. He will answer any questions she has after this, okay? She’s taken aback by his words and seriousness but nods.

They head to the station where they find Rika and she greets the two of them before apologizing for suddenly calling them here. Lin greets Rika before looking over at the three other girls and greeting them too, although she wonders why they are here. Ukyo asks Rika what she wanted to talk about today. Rika explains that, in these past two weeks, the girls have been acting strangely and seem frightened and so she questioned them.

And then… she found out that these three girls did unspeakable things to Lin. Lin blinks in confusion, but before she can say anything Rika continues on to say that they did things which cannot be apologized for or reflected on. It is also unforgivable. Rika continues on to say that when she heard the story she felt dizzy. She couldn’t believe that Ikki’s fan club had such foolish people in there. This problem is not something that can be settled within the club.

Her chest feels shattered from pain at the thought of Ikki’s feelings and she has also thought about leaving this up to a judge’s decision. But before that… she brought these three along to apologize directly to her. The three girls hesitate before apologizing loudly and then one of them says that she’s relieved that Lin is safe, although she knows that she isn’t in a position to say that. Another one was so terrified after the incident that she kept dropping by the Maid and Butler Cafe and where Lin lived to check on her health.

The third one confesses that even though they knew she was safe… they were terrified about whether or not Lin sustained injuries or burns that they couldn’t sleep. YEAH MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE YOU TRIED BURNING HER IN A SHRINE. The first girl admits that she’s been wondering all this time why they did such a thing. The second girl confesses that they’ve always felt jealous and envious of her but… The third one can’t believe that they would do such a cruel thing no matter what their feelings were.

Once again the first one wonders why they did that. IT WAS THE EVIL WORLD. The second girl apologizes again and realizes that Lin must have been terrified. The third girl states that they aren’t looking to be forgiven but they would like to be allowed to apologize to her. Lin stares at them in utter confusion and wonders in her mind why they are apologizing to her. Why are they so relieved to see that she’s unharmed?

Ukyo is watching this all silently before he finally states that Lin is bewildered by them even if they apologize; the reason why is because she doesn’t remember what they did. Both the first and second girl gasp in surprise. She doesn’t… remember? Ukyo explains that she lost her memories of that day due to the shock. Most of her memories on August 25th have been forgotten, isn’t that right? Lin nods quietly at that.

Rika gasps in astonishment and then asks for confirmation. Lin answers that it is true and all she can remember is that something terrifying happened; she doesn’t know any of the details. Rika has heard of people losing some of their memories after receiving a great shock, but… Ukyo interrupts and explains that the other girls’ apologies won’t reach Lin because of this. The three girls are stupefied. Ukyo would like to say that they’ve come to their senses after reflecting on their actions but, in truth, no one was responsible for their actions that night.

He answers vaguely that it could have been said to be an inescapable fate. If he wants to be benevolent, he would think that these girls were just caught up in the vicinity but even still it was their vividly spiteful thoughts that were the origin. He wants them to be conscious of that even though they’ve regained their conscience. On that night, if he did not make it there in time, Lin would have burned to death. He asks them sternly if they understand that one more step and they could have killed her.

They lower their heads and tell him that they understand. Ukyo lectures them one more time and tells them to live thinking about the meaning of their actions and words towards others from now on. He says that what they lack is essentially their imagination. A person who does not think is not a persona at all, but an animal. They lower their heads even further and nod to his words.

But then the third girl speaks up and asks Ukyo why he is here. The first girl explains that, while they were waiting in front of the Maid and Butler Cafe for Lin, they… the second girl takes over and quotes him to have told them to head to the shrine if they were looking for Lin. The third girl confirms that he was the one who told them that. OOPS… AWKWARD. Lin finds herself frozen at those words.

Ukyo has his eyes closed and is silent for a beat before admitting that they are right. But Rika interrupts and tells the girls that he is Lin’s boyfriend and is dating her seriously. The three girls shriek in surprise and ask when that happened. He answers the end of July. The second girl asks Lin if that means she really wasn’t aiming for Ikki. Rika snaps out that she had already told them from the beginning that Lin was the wrong girl; in fact, she and Lin are friends and she is proud of that position.

The second girl realizes in horror that they became accomplices to harassing her boyfriend as well. Ukyo doesn’t answer to that. Rika is the one who tells them that they are correct and then explains that Ukyo was the one who told them this without any ill will. She honestly doesn’t understand these girls. She wants them to do some serious reflecting and that their very actions proves what Ukyo meant by them having no imagination. They were blinded by their childish jealousy and lost sight of reality. I’M LAUGHING SO HARD BECAUSE RIKA IS THE ONE SAYING THIS.

She orders them to think about how their intention works to stay by Ikki’s side. Rika then asks Ukyo and Lin what kind of legal means they wish to take against these three. Ukyo smiles nervously and thinks that’s going a bit far… he just wants them to be suspended. He also wants them to stop doing anything like what they did before in the future. Rika inclines her head at his words and then declares that she will temporarily hand out punishment to these three then.

Rika’s face crumbles as she murmurs that she’ll have to explain this to Ikki too but… she asks Lin what she wants to do. Honestly, she wants to tell this to Ikki immediately and ask him for his judgement but she hasn’t told him much yet. When she thinks about how much this will hurt him she… She is also certain that telling him this will result in the fan club being dissolved. LADY THAT’S A GOOD THING BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY.

She’s heartbroken at the thought of having something that was raised to protect Ikki dissolve… But she will make certain to supervise the three of these girls from here on. She will not allow them to trouble anyone else again. And that’s why she would like to ask Lin if she could possibly forgive the girls – moreover the fan club – in front of Ikki. Rika understands that this is a selfish request and that if she does not accept then it is as it is.

Sins need to be punished, even if that includes breaking up the fan club. She will respect whatever decision Lin makes. YOU SAY THAT AFTER GUILTING ME. Once again, she asks Lin what she would like to do.

Lin decides… to forgive them and tells Rika that she doesn’t mind if Rika doesn’t report this to Ikki. The three girls are shocked beyond words at Lin’s actions. Rika points out that having Ikki know their actions is their greatest punishment; is she sure of this? Lin answers that she doesn’t have her memories but then she shakes her head and says that, even if she had her memories, she is unharmed and so it is fine.

They also seem to have reflected deeply on their own actions and Rika will be supervising them so… she will believe in Rika. Rika is moved by her trust. Lin continues on to add that she also has Ukyo and so she will be fine no matter what happens. But… she does have one request. Rika is briefly surprised before she asks what it is and states that she will do whatever she can.

Lin tells her that she wants to quit the fan club because she doesn’t seem to be a good influence inside it. The first girl is shocked and hurriedly tells Lin that it won’t be necessary. The second girl thinks that they should be the ones to quit. Lin shakes her head and answers that it is fine for her to quit and that they should stay. She also thinks it’s strange to be in a fan club for someone else when she has a boyfriend, which is why she is quitting.

She also adds that she thinks Ikki will be lonely and so, while she can be excused, if the three of them leave then he’ll be saddened. YOU KNOW YOU’RE JUST MAKING HIS LIFE EVEN MORE HELLISH… RIGHT? LMFAO. The third girl smiles wryly and answers that Ikki could care less if the three of them quit. Lin scolds them for looking down on themselves a bit too much now. She understands that they are thinking that Ikki never looks at them but that is not the case. She knows that Ikki treasures them when they love themselves.

Lin knows that he wants to be friends with them like he is with Lin and Rika, but he hesitates when it comes to them because he doesn’t know if it will just make them act triumphant. And that is why she is telling them to just try talking normally to him as friends would. She knows it might be difficult when he’s looking at them but… there are ways to get around it like looking away when they get self-conscious or wearing sunglasses. She believes that they will be able to become his friends like that.

She thinks they should aim for that before becoming his girlfriend and she’s cheering them on. They seemed shocked by her words and wonder if it is even possible. Lin tells them firmly that it is because she became one. The first girl cracks a small smile and promises to try hard. Rika is greatly moved by Lin’s generosity, but Lin isn’t finished yet. She knows that if she quits the fan club then her connection to Rika will disappear but that’s too lonely, and that is why she still wants to be friends even after she quits the fan club.

Lin admits that she likes Rika and it is fun to be around her. She doesn’t want to lose a precious friend like this. She bows and asks Rika if she will consider being her friend from here on out as well? Rika gives a large teary smile before agreeing and admitting that she also likes Lin. They will continue to be friends from here on and she’s thankful… very and deeply thankful.

The second girl wonders where they went wrong. The third girl agrees and wonders how they ever thought that what they did was a good idea. The first girl thinks that if they spoke to Lin earlier or understood this much sooner then… The second girl wonders if they would have became friends as well. The second girl apologizes again.

Scene skip! Anyway, evening falls and Ukyo and Lin are walking home together. He apologizes all of a sudden, which makes her ask him what the matter is. He explains he should be more angered at harm having been caused onto her, his girlfriend. But if he didn’t say anything to those girls then they simply would have been punished by someone else in another place, which is why he wasn’t more angry… even though he is her boyfriend.

She reassures him that it is fine not to be angry because she doesn’t remember that day and so can’t even be angry. He points out that even if she can’t remember it, it doesn’t erase what they’ve done. She agrees but thinks that she would have forgiven them anyway even if she remembered. She thinks it is painful to continue a cycle of anger. It is much more difficult to meet people after reflections. He asks her if that applies for people who tried to kill her as well?

Lin hesitantly states that she may be too innocent but after seeing them apologize from the bottom of their hearts, she couldn’t be angry. She is sure that those girls will be okay and will not stray from their paths again. She will believe that they won’t. Ukyo repeats her words quietly and averts his eyes. He recalls that she was like that when he first met her too; always willing to believe in other people’s hearts.

She understands that people will people and that they can’t all be friends but isn’t it nice to try and look for even a little of that? He cracks a smile at that and thinks this is just like her to do. He deeply loves this part of her. He loves her more than anyone else and to the point of uncaring if everything in this world reincarnates.

Lin eyes him curiously and then asks him if something is the matter. He hesitantly tells her that, while she may not remember it, he did some awful things to her. He did things to her much like those three… no, even crueler things. She asks him if he is talking about the event on the 25th of August? He shakes his head and confesses that there are others and more. He notes that she forgave him though just like she forgave those girls. This kindness of hers… kind of hurts.

He’s uneasy because he doesn’t know if he should be happy that she forgave him… or that she will come to regret it one day. Lin is silent before finally telling him that she doesn’t understand what he is saying and that it may be something she forgot because of the explosion accident but… if she forgave him of something… it would be because she loves him.

Ukyo’s eyes widen and he’s struck speechless. Lin continues on to say that she may believe in people too easily and she may be too optimistic but even she has things that she cannot forgive, but if it were Ukyo who did it… then she thinks he would forgive him. She has that much confidence. He whispers her name tenderly before asking her if she can tell him what she loves about him. She blinks at him in confusion.

A tender expression crosses his face as he repeats again that he loves her to the point of death, or even actually dying, and that even if the world changes he will still love her. He murmurs 「君の笑顔や穏やかに話す声、些細な仕草とか大人しそうに見えて意外に芯の強い性格、全部ね」(I love your smile and the peaceful way you talk; every little action and that quiet but unexpectedly strong core of you. I love everything).

He notes that while there hasn’t been anything overly dramatic when they’re together, but the simple days they spend together and enjoyable to him and he can feel a certain warmth overflowing in him. HAHA ARE YOU KIDDING?? NOT DRAMATIC? JUST LOTS OF DYING. He confesses that he feels like this is “happiness” and this is why he loves her; he is sure that he can’t find this natural happiness with anyone but her.

But this makes him curious as to what she finds good about him. He averts his eyes before suddenly blurting out 「ほら俺、馬鹿だし天然だし落着きないし乙女だし神出鬼没だし不審者だし死神だし!」(Look, I’m an idiot an airhead. I can’t calm down and I’m a girl, and a phantom, and a suspicious person, and death!). She repeats the last word “death” in confusion.

Ukyo just continues on though 「髪長いし二桁の計算できないし常識知らないし友達いないし自称写真家で胡散臭いし!」(My hair is long and I can’t do double-digit calculations. I have no common sense and no friends and I suck as a self-styled photographer!). He also adds that, even though he’s different, to her she is just someone who she hasn’t known very long.

Lin only blinks in surprise and tries to tell him that she doesn’t understand what he means, but he interrupts and shouts out that he doesn’t even know why but she’s also surrounded by highly beautiful men. L M FAO. He is adamant about how while they may have faults they certainly aren’t to his level! He is slightly distracted when he realizes that “that man” may not have any faults in one area but even still!

Anyway, putting that aside, he doesn’t understand why she chose him no matter how hard he thinks on it. He suddenly realizes that even though he said he was just curious, his curiosity levels are more like him being a young girl… he shakes his head at himself in rebuke. Lin calls out his name and then tells him firmly that she loves all that about him. WOW YOU GO GIRL. THAT WAS AN EXCELLENT ANSWER.

She repeats again that she loves all the points he brought up. His mouth slackens in surprise. She recalls that he said he found a natural happiness when he was with her, right? Well, she feels the same way whenever she walks together with him like this, talks together with him, laughs together, gets mad together, and feels their hearts pounding. She confesses to him that all those little things are slowly becoming precious.

Lin can find herself laughing and smiling a lot when she’s with him. He is the one who brings out her brightest smile. She can’t easily answer his question about what she likes about him, because she loves everything about him. Her heart overflows when she looks at him; it makes her wonder if this is the meaning of the word “beloved”. His expression softens and he whispers her name.

But then he turns serious which makes her ask him what the matter is. He asks her to wait a moment because he’s suppressing a lot of things right now. At her look of confusion, he explains in a strained voice that he’s suppressing things like the want to cry… or the want to hold her and kiss her. She turns bright red at his bold words. He explains that he would pull her into his arms if they weren’t in a place with so much people, but it looks like he can’t do that here.

It wouldn’t be a problem in a different country, but it’d be problematic in Japan if he suddenly pulled her to him and kissed her and then pinned her to the ground. WOAH THERE TIGER WOAH LMAO. She answers in embarrassment that she thinks it would be a problem not just in Japan. Ukyo smiles sheepishly and is glad for his own drilling in fortitude or they would be in a bad situation right now.

He tells her that, while she may not know it, she is so cute that it causes a lot of problems for him. He thought that with time his soaring feelings would settle, but it doesn’t look like they will. Every day he wants to see her and hear her voice, which is why he always goes to her shop. Even though he can now look at her for as long as he wants, it doesn’t feel like it’s enough. There won’t be a day where he will be satisfied. His eyes crease in amusement as he realizes that he’s completely lost.

Anyway, somehow Lin finally returns home. She’s taken a shower and finished her preparations for tomorrow, but it’s still 9:00 and a little early to sleep. She doesn’t have anything she wants to watch on the television… what should she do until she can sleep? She wonders what Ukyo is doing right now. Suddenly, her phone starts ringing and she startles upon seeing that it’s Ukyo!

She answers the phone and he asks if she’s still awake. She reassures him that she is and he explains that he thought so, since she told him that she sleeps around 11:00. Anyway, the reason why he called her is because he forgot to ask about her shift tomorrow. She’s going to work tomorrow, right? What time? She takes a look at her schedule and answers that she’ll be there from opening until noon.

Ukyo decides that he’ll go there at noon then and they can go home together after that. She asks him if he would like her to make a copy of her schedule to give him? She feels bad for having him phone her every day like this. He’s quiet before telling her to leave him a reason to call her. He confesses softly that he felt lonely when he returned to his home alone and so he searched for a reason to call her. He would like to hear her voice a while longer.

She murmurs his name and then confesses that she also wants to hear his voice. Right now, she had been wondering what he was doing. He laughs delightedly and says that they’re sharing feelings then and this must be mutual love. He answers that he’s taking a walk because he can’t sleep; in fact, he’s walking in front of the cemetery right now. She repeats his words worriedly. He’s walking alone… in front of the cemetery… at night?

He makes a noise of affirmation before asking her if she wanted to walk with him. She hesitates and answers that it sounds a little scary. He sounds confused as he asks her what is scary. She answers that walking alone in front of graves at night sounds scary, which must make her a child. He muses out loud on how she has a point and he must have lost his feelings of fear for these kinds of things.

In his life he has been harmed by other living beings and a spirit hasn’t done anything to him yet. Or more like, there is nothing that can harm a spirit. She’s a bit surprised that he’s such a realist. He laughs at that title and says that he’s probably just more out of sync. But he finds the fact that she’s scared of spirits to be adorable. Is she okay with horror houses? They should go to one next time.

She asks him with a pout if he intends to have fun at her fright. Ukyo responds in an offended voice that he wouldn’t! His voice softens as he tells her that he would hold her when she’s scared. She turns red in embarrassment and his voice softens even further as he asks her if she doesn’t want that. She grudgingly tells him that she’ll consider it. There’s a grin in his voice as he tells her that he’s taking that as an OK. He’ll look up some horror houses then!

Lin sighs in exasperation, which makes him confess that he enjoys hearing that kind yet irritated voice of hers. He’s happy that he got to hear that before sleeping. He tells her that he loves her before saying that he’ll see her tomorrow. She says the same before wishing him a good night.

9月12日. Ikki comments on how there are a lot of customers today. It must be because of the height of the festival. Toma wonders if girls really love chestnuts, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes that much. Lin thinks he may have struck the reason there and then admits that she loves chestnuts. Ikki also notes that the men in the shop seem to be holding a mega katsudon fair because overall they’ve increased their sales by three times.

Lin informs him that Sawa and Waka, the manager, posted fliers in front of the station and so they might get even more customers. Ikki’s eyes widen before he sighs at how hard today is. Toma notes that, in the kitchen, Shin and Kent haven’t said a thing as they make the food because they don’t even have that much time. Ikki points out that those two are always like that though.

Toma grins and tells them that it looks like they’ve just ended the first battle though since they’ve passed lunch. But the doorbell rings and Ikki notes that they have another customer. Lin tells them that she’ll take care of it and goes to greet the customer only to pause. Ukyo greets her with a grin and says he came as promised. She smiles brightly at him which causes him to pause and turn red as he asks her why she’s smiling while looking at him like that. She’s so cute it’s troubling! He wants to take her home.

She turns red and starts to say his name but then she changes it to her usual address for customers and chides him for saying things like that. He apologizes as he realizes that she’s in the middle of working and then whispers to her that he’ll tell her how much he loves her and how cute she is later then. He’d like a window seat and for his order – since it’s noon – he’ll take the daily special pasta set with roasted green tea. She acknowledges his order and leads him to his seat.

Meanwhile, Toma is staring at them with wide eyes and asks Ikki if he saw that. Ikki, who also has wide eyes, answers that he did. He doubted his ears at first when he heard that those two were going out but… Toma realizes that they’re serious. Ikki asks Toma in surprise if he didn’t confirm it with them. Toma answers that he didn’t because he was waiting for Lin to introduce Ukyo to him. Ikki narrows his eyes and asks Toma if he is fine with this.

Suddenly, Shin interrupts and explains that Toma’s dream is to hold Lin’s hand and walk her down the aisle. Ikki startles and asks him when he was standing there. But even Kent appears and notes that it is a point of curiosity as to where Ukyo is suitable for her. Ikki asks what the two of them are doing away from the kitchen. Toma tells them that he won’t let anything out of his mouth about her choice… but only his mouth. Isn’t everyone else the same?

Ikki reluctantly agrees on how it wouldn’t be nice for them to intrude on someone’s romance, but then he immediately follows up by asking if they should but habanero sauce into his green tea. Kent points out that it would be seen immediately if they put it into the green tea, they should hide it in the pasta instead. Shin recalls that the daily special pasta’s name was called the “Pasta of Despair”. WH… AT… YOU GUYS… Kent has a sadistic grin on his face as he promises to deliver the taste of despair, just like its name “Pasta Aglio Olio e Peperoncino“.

Seven minutes later, Lin brings out the pasta and tea to Ukyo. Ukyo thanks her gratefully and comments on how it looks delicious as always. As he eats he tells her that he saw Waka and Sawa in front of the station handing out leaflets. She answers that he is advertising while the festival is going on. Ukyo recalls that Waka enjoys these types of events… or more like he is trying to be strategic. Waka also said he wanted to do cafe weddings; he is skilled at making sure his customers aren’t bored.

Suddenly, Ukyo apologizes and asks her if she has any tabasco. He noticed that he had forgotten to place some in when he started eating. She apologizes and hurriedly brings it out to him. In the back, Toma and Shin are watching with wide eyes and Shin is in disbelief at how Ukyo can add more tabasco. Toma can’t believe that Ukyo is actually eating it either.

Kent added enough habanero sauce to cause a sharp pain and yet he is still adding tabasco. He has to grudgingly admire that. Ikki hums in thought and declares that they cannot lose here. What should they do tomorrow? Serve him horse mackerel or fermented herring? Kent chides him for getting his priorities backwards because those will affect the entire shop and they can’t stop business.

Anyway, Lin finishes her shift and says her goodbyes to the rest of the staff. Ukyo praises her hard work when they meet in front of the shop. He also informs her that he noticed the rest of her coworkers had been glancing at them from time to time and he wonders why. She tilts her head and asks if that is true because she didn’t notice at all. He answers that it looks like they were doing it when she wouldn’t catch them.

He’s very sensitive to that kind of thing but he had wondered if he was mistaken. If she had to guess she would think it was because she made small talk with Ukyo and wasn’t doing her work seriously. Ukyo reassures her that he didn’t think it was that; to put it simply, he thinks it might have been jealousy since she’s very popular. She looks at him doubtfully but this just makes him state seriously that everyone loves her and he stole her away, so it would be reasonable for them to be jealous.

But, in the end, he has no intentions of handing her over again to another man. She blinks in confusion at the word “again”. He smiles and tells her that it’s nothing before asking her what she is carrying. Does she want him to carry it instead? She reassures him that it is light and it’s just her work clothes. She is bringing it home to air it. He blinks in surprise and asks her if she doesn’t mean to wash it.

She explains that their work clothes can’t be washed so easily. She washes the undershirt everyday but the kimono itself normally has the dust knocked off and then is left to dry in the shade. Ukyo recalls his grandmother airing out her kimonos like that. So, that’s what she was doing. He suddenly realizes that they shouldn’t be standing in front of the cafe like this talking. He would like her to come to his house, but is she fine with that?

He tells her excitedly that the furniture arrived in the middle of noon and now his room looks like someone is living in it. He wants to show her that. She tells him that she’ll happily come see it and is looking forward to seeing how it is. They head to his house immediately and upon entering he asks her what she thinks about his arrangement. She gasps in amazement and exclaims on how different it is from the day before yesterday.

It looks like the sofa and drawers fit perfectly but… where is the table? He smiles sheepishly and admits that he only noticed he forgot to get one after they finished. At any rate, he’s using his trunk as a table for now. Is it strange? She shakes her head and thinks that it doesn’t look that bad; however, it would be a bit troubling if he doesn’t buy a table and then decides to go on a trip.

She is also wondering when he bought all these plants because they didn’t buy any yesterday. He explains that it was given to him by an acquaintance at a flower shop who had leftovers. He doesn’t mind them but he frowns as he realizes that it’ll be a problem as he leaves often due to work. It looks like they are fine with being watered once a week but what will he do when he leaves for a longer period of time?

Lin asks him if he is usually absent for long times… He smiles sheepishly again and answers that sometimes he does. It usually takes him two to three weeks to do photo shoots overseas. She repeats the words “two to three weeks” faintly and Ukyo hurriedly asks her not to look like that. He is only saying that he used to do those up until now. He’ll try his best to refuse those from now on because he doesn’t want to be separated from her.

She shakes her head and points out that this is his job and he should leave and return as needed. During that time, she’ll take care of his plants for him. She also reassures him about how she’ll be fine and she’ll wait for him. He averts his eyes and tries to protest, but she tells him firmly that she likes his photographs and she’ll look forward to whatever photos he takes in far away locations.

He’s still looking away as he wonders why she’s a university student. She asks him what he means by that, and so he explains that if she weren’t a student then he could take her with him and travel overseas. But he realizes that her duty is to her schoolwork and he can’t interrupt that. She points out that it wouldn’t work out even if she weren’t a student because then she’d be job hunting or she would have a job. He frowns at those facts.

Ukyo realizes out loud that in order to take her along with him she’ll have to become his partner then, huh. She turns bright red at that and he chuckles before calling her cute. She tells him with a pout that he calls her cute too often. He shrugs and tells her that it isn’t enough because he’s always wanted to say that to her and hadn’t been able to. He turns around at that and tells her over his shoulder to relax while he grabs some tea, which is more like iced tea in a bottle. He wants to use the matching mugs they bought.

While he’s gone, Lin ponders over the words “partner” and what it could possibly mean… There can only be one meaning… right? But then she remembers that Ukyo spent a lot of time overseas and so maybe he meant something else. She finds her face turning red again. At this point, Ukyo returns with the drinks and apologizes for making her wait but then he trips and spills the drinks.

He quickly asks her if she’s alright but she asks him if he is okay and unhurt. His eyes widen at her concern before he reassures her that he is fine and he only tripped because he wasn’t watching where he was walking. He isn’t hurt. Unfortunately, she’s completely covered by the drinks and he tries to find something to wipe her down with. She shakes her head and says that she’s the one who needs to apologize because he tripped over her bag which she placed in the walking space.

His expression softens as he brushes aside her apology. He’s happy to receive her concern though. More importantly, she’s going to catch a cold in her wet clothes like that and he asks her if she could wait 15 minutes. He’ll dash out and buy something. She blinks and asks him if he means to buy her clothes. He nods and warns her that it’ll be his selection but it’s preferable to catching a cold, right?

She reassures him that she’s fine. He shakes his head though because she’ll be chilled with wet clothes. He has a dryer and they can dry her clothes with that. He suggests for her to borrow his clothes until her own dries, although the size may not fit… they could try his pajamas though. WAS THIS YOUR PLAN ALL ALONG? He realizes abruptly that her wearing his sleeping clothes may not be a good idea because he doesn’t have confidence in being able to remain calm when looking at her in those clothes.

Lin reassures him again that she doesn’t need to borrow from him because she has a change of clothes. He catches on to what she’s saying as she finishes telling him that she has her work clothes and she’ll just wear that until her clothes dry. Ten minutes later she’s just finishing up changing into them when Ukyo, from another room, asks her if she is done and if he can return to the room.

He excuses himself as he enters only to freeze in stunned surprise when he sees her. She asks him if she can use his dryer and he stutters out a yes as a blush appears on his face. She continues on without noticing and lets him know that she wiped the carpet. It is still a little damp but she doesn’t believe that it’ll stain. He’s startled out of his daze at her words and hurriedly nods his head.

Lin tells him that she’ll pour the tea this time and he can just sit down. Ukyo averts his eyes and mumbles that she can leave the tea alone… and before that… She tilts her head in confusion. He asks her in a shy whisper if he can hold her. She only has time to gasp in surprise before he tugs her down into him. He apologizes for the suddenness of it and explains that it isn’t because he likes maid uniforms or has a fetish for Japanese clothing.

It’s because, for the longest time, he could only stare at her from far away as she worked in these clothes. He could only be some stranger to her that she didn’t know the name of and a person that she only met in the cafe by coincidence. He didn’t think a day would come where he could touch her like this. His voice starts to shake as he admits that right now he’s just suddenly remembering a lot.

He tries to confirm that this isn’t a dream. He’s really holding her in his arms, right? She tells him softly that she’s here and that she’s real. He nods weakly and murmurs 「うん・・・現実だって自分に言い聞かせてるんだけど、やっぱり、信じられないな・・・」(Un… I tell myself that this is reality but… as I thought… I can’t believe it). What if this were just a waking dream…? If that is the truth… and he was still stuck in that place without having escaped it then… If that is the case then he would…

She whispers his name when she feels him trembling. What is he so afraid of? OH WOW STAB MY HEART RIGHT NOW. Why doesn’t she know the reason? And does it have something to do with the memories that she cannot remember in August? She asks him what is wrong and if something frightening happened. She returns his embrace tightly and reassures him that she is here; she is here and he no longer needs to be afraid.

He murmurs her name and then she confesses that she loves him. He freezes before suddenly blurting out that he forgot that it was just the two of them in his room here. It’s going to be a problem if they embrace each other in this situation… his instincts are awful. He laughs awkwardly and she tries to think of something to say, but then he hurriedly tells her that he’s going to run out to the convenience store to cool his head and get them some new tea.

Ukyo exits the house while yelling back for her to wait because he’ll return quickly. ??? YOU GUYS ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP THOUGH… SO FEEL FREE TO DO THE DO… She blinks in surprise at his hasty departure and tries to remember if there was a convenience store nearby. He should return in ten minutes or so… She’s a bit nervous being in his room when he’s not here. She notices that this room doesn’t have a television and then wonders if his bedroom has one.

She ponders if his bedroom would be the loft… and then realizes that Ukyo doesn’t seem like the person to watch television. She decides to just remain sitting here since there’s nothing to do. But then she realizes that there’s something crammed under the carpet. Is it a memo? She realizes that it’s a note but that it is soaked from the tea. She doesn’t want to peek at it but it’ll become sodden if she leaves it alone. She decides to place a handkerchief below the note.

Lin can’t help but read the note though. First, there is a sentence about not deciding the bed size on their own. Then it complains about how a table would have been nice. The next line complains about not having a bed. Lin is completely confused and continues to read. The next lines complain about how a table would be too big and would narrow their sleeping space. A semi is enough. But then the next line states that a bed is out of the question.

It continues on to say that a washing machine is the worst; the drying section is too small. The next line states that they can just dry things outside. But then the next lines ask what the other person is saying because they don’t even wash. The one who does the housework is them! The next lines are a response apologizing but pointing out that when they said they would wash, the other person refused to let them. Besides, they also have something to say. They accuse the other person of throwing away food without consideration.

The other party asks if the person still wants to eat their eggs after ten days have passed. Lin has noticed that the writing is different on the note and that this is a conversation between two people. One side is Ukyo but the other is…? It looks like a conversation about furniture and responsibilities around the house. From the contents of the letter, it looks like another person lives here that is hard to meet.

Who is Ukyo living with in here? She feels a growing sense of dread as she realizes that she can’t ask him about this. But she can come to her own conclusions as she thinks about this. Ukyo’s extreme avoidance of meeting her at night… is it because the other person who lives here is present? In that case, that means he needs to return to the person at night which means… It couldn’t be… Could it…?

She feels faint as she comes to the possibility that the other person who lives here is a woman. She recalls how Ukyo said that he did something horrible to her. She doesn’t remember it but maybe it has something to do with this note? She doesn’t know and she can’t remember. She decides to return the note to its place because it was something that she wasn’t supposed to see. She doesn’t care if it is still wet. Lin murmurs his name and wonders what this all means.

Anyway, Ukyo ends up walking her home in the evening and tells her that he’ll see her at the cafe tomorrow. Her house is just right there but he still warns her to be careful. She nods quietly and thanks him. He pauses before noting that she hasn’t been energetic since he returned. Did something happen? She tells him that it’s nothing before saying that she’ll see him tomorrow at the cafe. He doesn’t look convinced but he leaves it alone and summons up a smile.

She watches him leave and thinks back on how she couldn’t look him in the face after having seen that note. She wonders if it would have been better to have just asked him about that note. But… she decides to just enter her home.

9月13日. Morning dawns and the birds are chirping, but Lin was unable to get any sleep. It’s not like she doesn’t believe in Ukyo but she was so preoccupied over the note that she couldn’t sleep… She lectures herself about how she should just ask him since she is curious, and if she asks then he will answer. But… in the end, she’s afraid. She suddenly realizes that she’s crying and then scolds herself for being so weak.

She shouldn’t be doubting him when he treats her so preciously. She knows that yet… she wishes she could remember what happened in August. She doesn’t really understand it but lately she thinks the reason she easily becomes uneasy is because of her lack of memories. She feels like she would be able to better understand Ukyo if she were to remember everything. She shakes her head and remembers that she needs to go to work.

Lin enters the back room of the cafe and greets everyone. Kent takes one look at her though and then asks her loudly what happened and why her eyes are like that. She blinks at him in confusion and Toma comes over because of Kent’s loud voice, but then he pauses too upon seeing her. Shin walks by to tell Toma that he hasn’t entered his time card in yet but then he freezes upon sight of Lin. Ikki asks what everyone is doing gathered around there.

His eyes widen upon sight of Lin though and he hurriedly asks her if something happened because her eyes are red. Did she cry?! She apologizes and asks them if it is that obvious. She doesn’t believe she cried that much but since she didn’t get any sleep that may be why her eyes are more puffy. She tells them not to worry and that she’s fine. Shin frowns and calls her an idiot for saying that she’s fine with that look.

Shin forbids her from being on the floor today and confines her to the kitchen. Ikki agrees because she’ll just draw unnecessary attention. Lin protests though and explains that the swelling will go down instantly. Besides, the floor is going to be busy and so she needs to be on it. Kent has to reluctantly agree on that. Ikki frowns but decides to ask the manager for his opinion. Moreover, he wants to know what happened because she looks miserable.

She shakes her head and tells them that it was nothing. Toma narrows his eyes and tells her that he doesn’t like being deceived like this. If she won’t tell him the reason then he’s going to search it out himself. She quickly shakes her head again and tells him that it is fine. She thanks him for his concern though. Kent finally tells her that if she is determined to go out onto the floor then she should cool her eyes first.

He asks for her to wait and leaves to retrieve an ice pack from the freezer and wrapped in a towel. Suddenly, Waka asks them what they are being so noisy about and comes to see Lin. He notes that there is evidence of her having cried and so he asks her what happened. She tells him that it is nothing. She just didn’t get enough sleep and then cried before leaving the house, which is why the swelling hasn’t gone down yet. She firmly states that it is nothing serious. Waka closes his eyes in thought before telling her that he wouldn’t mind if she didn’t work today. Well?

She answers that she will work. In her mind, she finishes by saying that if she doesn’t appear today then Ukyo will worry. Waka nods in acknowledgment before ordering Ikki and Toma to keep their eyes on the floor more than usual and to watch over her. He will ask Sawa and Mine to hand out the leaflets today. He believes that the number of customers will have increased from yesterday and so he will be on the floor as well. He finishes his speech by telling them to open the cafe.

Anyway, as they start to work, Toma tells her not to push herself too hard. Actually, if he decides that she is pushing herself then he will take her into the office. She thanks him but reassures him again that she is fine. The bell rings at this point and Lin uses the excuse of customers to leave him. She starts to greet them only to pause when she notices that it’s Ikki’s fan girls.

They hesitate too as they hadn’t realized that she was working today. Lin asks them politely if they are here for Ikki and, if they are, then they need to wait a minute because he is in the middle of servicing others. The first girl shakes her head and stutters out that she’s mistaken. They came here as regular customers. Lin nods in understanding and guides them to their seats. But the second girl pauses and asks her if something is wrong.

Lin glances at them in confusion and she hurriedly shakes her head and obediently follows Lin to their seats. The bell rings again and Waka greets the customer only to notice in surprise that it’s Ukyo. Ukyo greets him cheerfully and comments on how the cafe is a success, as always. Waka thanks him. Ukyo looks around for Lin and sees her helping other customers which makes him mumble out that he’ll apologize to her after then.

Waka raises an eyebrow at those words and asks him what he means by apologizing. Ukyo explains that he made a mistake yesterday and troubled Lin, which is why he would like to apologize again. He noticed that she was depressed after that which makes him apologetic if he was the cause. Both of Waka’s eyebrows raise at that and he asks him casually what the mistake was. UHHH THIS IS GOING TO BE AN AWKWARD MISUNDERSTANDING.

Ukyo averts his eyes and states that it’s a bit embarrassing so he can’t say… He does mumble out that he’s glad she brought her work clothes because if she didn’t then…. Waka slowly repeats the word “uniform” and Ukyo startles before stating that he was just mumbling to himself. Ikki has noticed that Ukyo is the culprit and so he asks everyone else what they want to do. Toma is going to seek direction from her attitude. He respects her intentions but he’s going punish Ukyo within what he thinks are acceptable limits. Shin shares similar limits as Toma’s and so he’s on board for any plan. He asks Kent was he is going to do. Kent merely replies that he’s going to mix oyster sauce into Ukyo’s coffee.

Meanwhile, Lin has noticed that Ukyo came in as always but she’s finding it hard to go to him. Waka swings by to bring Ukyo his coffee, which Ukyo thanks him for and asks him to leave it on the side, but then Waka suddenly tells Ukyo that Lin is a popular female staff of his. Ukyo blinks at him in confusion and asks him why he is saying that all of a sudden. Waka only continues on to say that a lot of customers come here for her.

Waka’s voice is still eerily calm and soft as he tells her that anyone who clouds her smile or makes her cry then… he will place a gasoline-smeared tire around that person’s neck and light it on fire. ….. I’M FRIGHTENED. THAT IS CREATIVELY SCARY. In the background, Shin blinks in surprise at the word “tire”. Kent is sure that this a type of punishment from guerrila tactics. Ukyo’s eyes widen at that as he asks if there is someone here who made Lin cry? Because he certainly wouldn’t forgive that either.

Ukyo thinks that a tire necklace wouldn’t cause sudden death though and he suggests a simpler but larger and more preventative act. For example, and this happened in his past, but there was a time when To-… TOMA?? YOU WERE GOING TO SAY TOMA WEREN’T YOU LMFAO. He’s interrupted when the door slams open and Rika calls out Lin’s name. Lin blinks in surprise and calls out a greeting. Rika orders her to come closer and show her face.

But then Ukyo finally notices Lin and tries to ask her what is wrong; he’s interrupted by Rika again though who demands him to quit it. She knocks him out of the way and he yelps as he’s send careening to the side. Rika ignores him though and peers at Lin’s eyes before clucking in sympathy at how swollen they are. Lin tries to ask her why she is here and so Rika explains that she received mail from the girls about how Lin looked as if she had cried.

She had her doubts about the message but she now realizes that they were telling the truth. Lin is surprised to hear that the fan girls did that. They didn’t say anything at the time but they must have worried about her to contact Rika. At any rate, Rika asks her what happened. Ikki calls out Rika’s name before telling the two of them that he will speak with the manager and they can use the office. Lin tries to protest but Ikki reassures her that the manager is worried about her and won’t be angry.

He’s sure that she will have an easier time talking to Rika since they are both girls. He tells Rika directly that he’ll leave this to her. Rika acknowledges the order and then calls for Lin to come with her; she won’t protest, right? Which is how Lin finds herself dragged into the back room to speak with Rika.

Fifteen minutes later, after she explains everything, Rika asks if the writing on the note looked feminine. Lin admits that she doesn’t know but she did find it beautiful. Rika asks about the tone of voice. Lin answers that it was very blunt… for example, it wouldn’t be strange to see that kind of writing from Sawa. Rika asks her if there were any other traces of someone else living there.

Lin answers that there were none that she could see but… she’s never been above to the loft and looked into the sleeping bedroom. Rika comments on how this means she doesn’t know… then. Lin nods her head glumly. She honestly thinks that Ukyo hasn’t done anything horrible though. She’s just strangely curious and she is sure there is a reason for that note.

She takes the blame for thinking so hard on it that she made herself depressed. It is also because she doesn’t have the courage to ask him outright. Moreover, she doesn’t have her memories so… she has no conviction in her belief in him. Rika declares that making his beloved cry is more than enough reason for Ukyo to be at fault. Lin murmurs her name and suddenly Rika states that she understands and Lin can leave this to her.

Meanwhile, Ukyo is wondering about what just happened. He wasn’t able to get a good look at Lin’s face today. From what Waka was talking about it sounds like there was someone who made her cry… but what was with that? He’s worried but he’ll finish this coffee before leaving. Before he takes a drink though, Rika appears and asks him if he has a second. He blinks in surprise upon seeing her and also upon seeing Lin who is hiding behind Rika.

Rika tells him that she’ll get right to the point; is he two-timing? HOLY CRAP GO RIKA. THAT IS BLUNT. Ukyo spits out his coffee and asks loudly what she means by that. Two-timing!? He declares that for him she is the only one and there is no one else. Rika snaps back that it doesn’t sound like it from what she heard. Lin tries to get Rika to stop, but she blurts out that he is always returning home at night and even though he lives alone he has a lot of things in his house.

In addition, he also hid a note that sounded like two people were living there! Is there a girl in this world who wouldn’t be wrapped in doubts from this?! She yells at him to answer her right now! Ukyo exhales loudly as he realizes that this is the reason as to why Lin was depressed. She doesn’t answer him. Ukyo calls out to Waka to get his attention. Waka comes over and asks him if he would like a replacement for his coffee. Ukyo shakes his head and asks if they are busy today.

Waka hums in thought and notes that the customers will not decrease because they are in the middle of a festival, but he thinks that this period of time is the quietest. Ukyo apologizes because he understands that she is in the middle of working, but could he possibly have her leave early? Waka and Lin’s eyes widen at his words. Ukyo states that he wants to clear this misunderstanding.

Lin tells him that she’s happy he will explain but she can’t leave in the middle of work. Ukyo sighs as he realizes that she wouldn’t. However, Waka tells him that he understands and that in an hour they will have more staff members and so, until then, the rest of the staff will have to work hard. He tells Lin directly to go home today. Lin stares at him with wide eyes before nodding and apologizing.

Rika is still eying Ukyo though and asks him what he intends to do. Ukyo defends himself by saying that he isn’t going to do anything! He’s just going to properly explain away the misunderstanding. If he can explain it well then he’ll tell it to her next time. He also thanks Rika for her concern when he should have been the first one to notice. It looks like he’s been so happy that he’s lost his awareness to some things.

He foolishly thought it was a trivial thing after they had such a huge problem. He also thought that these were his circumstances and so it had nothing to do with Lin. He realizes that he didn’t explain things well enough though and so everything looks suspicious. He apologizes directly to Lin. Rika doesn’t understand what he’s talking about but she can see that he’s speaking with sincerity, and so she’ll believe in him and hand over Lin.

Her eyes narrow though and she tells him that if Lin arrives tomorrow also looking like she cried then… Ukyo promises that he’ll prostrate himself in front of her and submit himself to punishment 666 without running or hiding. He tells Lin that he’ll wait outside until she finishes changing. He praises her for her hard work when they meet up and then he suggests that they take a walk.

They walk around the city until evening starts to descend. He asks her if she is cold and she tells him that she is fine before trying to breach the subject. He interrupts though and apologizes for taking her around like this but he chose a location where other people won’t hear them. First of all, he would like to say that he would never two-time her. She nods. He admits that, upon reflection, his actions were suspicious and so he apologizes for that.

But, even if something happened, he wants her to know that his heart cannot be stolen by another woman. He can say that with confidence. He can say with reliability that even if everything in this world were to become his enemy he would still continue to love her. She nods and thanks him for saying that. An uncertain look appears on his face as he brings up the topic of the note…

He confesses that, before they reached this point, he had agonized over an explanation but was unable to come to a decision. He thought it would be best to deceive her but he isn’t very skilled at that… in truth, he doesn’t want to lie to her above all else. He breathes in before telling her firmly that he has split personality. She gasps out loud. He rushes into his explanation about how right now she’s talking to the main personality, him. He’s the one who normally appears on the surface. This is the original him.

But, aside from this, there is another him that appears when he’s tired or sleeping or lacks energy. That version of him rarely appears and is basically suppressed. He mostly appears at times in the night though. Ukyo admits that the other him used to appear frequently compared to now but Ukyo is able to suppress him so that he doesn’t come out as often. In the past, the other him used to be much more aggressive but it looks like his offensive capabilities have faded.

He admits that he doesn’t know what the other version of him would do if he was in front of her, which explains why he avoided meeting her at night, just in case so that she wouldn’t meet the other him. She’s still stuck on the fact that he has split personality. Ukyo smiles wryly and asks her if she is going to laugh because this kind of conversation is ridiculous, right? She shakes her head and says that she won’t laugh because she believes that he tells the truth.

But… if that is the case… then which Ukyo did she meet and fall in love with? Ukyo’s expression softens as he tells her that it would have been him. He reassures her that the person she is speaking to was the one she fell in love with. Moreover, he didn’t have split personality in the past. He looks away as he thinks that this started… last month or so and up until then there was no one else but him. She realizes that last month would have been August.

Ukyo confesses that she’s actually met the other him a number of times, though she doesn’t remember. He tells her that the other him has withdrawn completely but lately he has been acting up again. The reason for that is… because the other him finds him sloppy. She gives him a blank look which makes him smile sheepishly and tell her that he used to be much more serious and punctual! But, because of various things, he’s become careless with trivial details. YEAH I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. WHO CARES ABOUT DISHES WHEN YOU GOTTA SAVE THE GIRL YOU LOVE 12541950 TIMES.

His criteria has fallen to a level that so long as he doesn’t die then it is okay, but the other him seems to possess the disposition that he used to have. He gives examples like using fabric softener with the laundry machine or wiping the dust from the vacuum, leaving milk in the refrigerator for two weeks, or using the same shoes and bags. It looks like the other him can’t stand for those things and comes out at night to do housework.

Lin is taken aback by this explanation. Ukyo declares that this bothers him though! He’s completely exhausted even though he went to sleep properly and then the milk he wants to use for his cornflakes is thrown out. Lin thinks it is a good thing that the milk, which was two weeks old, was thrown out. He generally forgets what happens when the other him acts and so he always wakes up the next morning in a panic. And so, because he wanted to communicate, he started a diary for them both to use.

This explains the note that she saw. They use that whenever they have something they want to say to the other. He explains that there isn’t any deeper meaning into all the stuff in his room. Besides, he actually has two rooms. Compared to how he lived when he was university then it does seem needlessly large but now he’s a working adult! He doesn’t live close to his parents either and so he wanted a larger room. He thinks it would be nice to increase the things he has too.

But… he didn’t realize that would actually create doubts. He must have become complacent in the harmony. He’ll tell this to Waka and the others tomorrow because he knows they must have worried. He’ll tell them before the cafe opens. He actually isn’t bothered by telling them… and in fact thinks that it may be better if they know. But he realizes that this all might be unbelievable. Lin has to hesitantly agree.

Ukyo realizes with a strained smile that she doesn’t believe him either, huh. She tells him that it isn’t that she doesn’t believe him but… she believes him but… to think that he has another person in him. Ukyo’s expression crumbles as he realizes that she doesn’t like it. It must be disturbing, huh. Lin tells him that she wants to meet that person. Ukyo’s eyes widen in shock as she tells him that she wants to try talking to the other him. No?

He yells out that he can’t let her do that. He absolutely won’t let her! He already said it, didn’t he? That he didn’t know what the other him would do to her! She doesn’t know what kind of things he did… and was done…! Lin sways on her feet when she’s hit by the flash of a memory; Ukyo was choking her. Back in the present, Ukyo closes his eyes and declares that this is why he won’t see her at night. He also wants her to be cautious, okay?

9月14日. At the shop, Ukyo explains everything an apologizes for causing a commotion. Waka accepts this calmly though in surprise that Ukyo has a hidden layer like that. Ukyo asks them if they believe him. Rika thinks that it would be easy to believe but notes that Lin believes in him, right? Lin answers firmly that she does and so Rika states that she will follow her lead then.

She thanks him for explaining something so personal to someone like her who is outside of this group; however, he should have told Lin this sooner. Ukyo admits that he will reflect on that though he didn’t know what to say. He was worried that telling her this would act as a connection and resurrect painful memories. And so he lost his initiative and he apologizes again for that. Lin tells him not to worry about that and that is enough he finally explained it all to her.

Waka muses on the split personality part and Ukyo asks him if he doesn’t believe it. Waka shakes his head and explains that it isn’t strange at all for humans who are left in cruel conditions to develop these kind of symptoms. He is under the impression that Ukyo has traveled through many battlefields and being a cameraman involves that. Ukyo is taken aback and hastily tells him that he isn’t a battlefield cameraman.

At any rate, Waka asks him if he would like to hide this conversation. It looks like the other staff members are suspicious of him now though because of this incident. Ukyo isn’t surprised and gives Waka permission to tell them the story. Ukyo requests that they stop him immediately if he does anything suspicious. He doesn’t think the other him will come out in the afternoon but it isn’t bad to have a safety in place.

Rika decides that she’ll explain it then because she also has a promise to meet with Ikki after this, so it’s perfect. Waka will leave it in Rika’s hands then. Ukyo and Lin both thank her and bow their heads. Rika excuses herself after promising to be responsible. She’ll keep in contact with Lin through mail. Lin thanks her and says that she’ll wait for the mail. Rika smiles in delight but then advises Lin to talk to her before crying alone next time. She likes Lin and sees her as a precious friend, so she doesn’t want to see her in sadness.

Lin is touched but Ukyo states that her worry is unnecessary because he won’t make Lin cry. Rika tells him that she will wish for that and then leaves. Ukyo apologizes again to Waka for making him worry as well as intruding on their time before they open. He also took over this space to say some crazy things. Waka reassures him that he doesn’t mind and the actual business doesn’t start until after noon.

Ukyo blinks in confusion and then realizes that the other staff are not here. Is it a half holiday? Waka explains that contractors are going to come in and give an estimate for the remodeling of the shop’s interior. He wants to know how much it would take to decorate a cafe wedding. Ukyo recalls the conversation and that he was asked to take photographs; when was that going to happen? He’ll need to know the date for his schedule.

Waka estimates that the examination will take ten days or so. Will Ukyo be busy then? Ukyo tells him that he is fine so long as it is not this week. Lin asks him if he has work this week, which he nods before realizing that he hasn’t spoken to her about it yet. A job in a distance place was suddenly dropped on him and he might be gone for a few days. Lin is surprised and asks if this will be a business trip.

Ukyo explains that it will be three nights and four days. He tried to refuse but they needed him. He was told to photograph some flowers that bloomed only in a span of a few days in some small village with a declining population in the mountain valleys. That village was the birthplace of his grandmother and so, because of that connection, he was asked to take photographs for sightseeing areas.

He confesses that he doesn’t want to leave her though, especially when he’s been making her cry. He wanted to refuse but he knows that she’ll just get angry at him when she found out so… he was troubled. Lin tells him sternly to go and that she’ll be waiting for him to take some good photos. He gives her a tender smile since he knew she would say that and that she wouldn’t ask him to choose which one was more precious, his work or her.

Lin tells him that she wouldn’t say that since she looks forward to seeing his photographs. Ukyo is happy to hear that but… Waka interrupts and tells Ukyo not to worry so much; Lin is blessed with so many good friends and the staff here are heartening. He wants Ukyo to do his professional duties without any regrets. Ukyo comments wryly on how Waka is making it sound like he’s on the verge of death and he won’t be returning. But if this is the case… he’ll be leaving Lin in their care. Ukyo confesses that he really doesn’t want to leave her here and go but… it looks like it can’t be helped. He wants her to mail him if anything happens, he’ll immediately fly back.

9月15日. Lin is shopping with Sawa and tells her that Ukyo isn’t in town right now. She explains that he’s gone on a photography trip and will be back in three days. Sawa hums in thought and then comments on how the two of them seem to see each other every day. Will she be lonely with three days to herself? Lin admits that she’s a bit lonely but she’ll be fine. Sawa tells her that she should have gone with Ukyo since she has free time. Lin points out that she has work and was entrusted to take care of his houseplants.

At Sawa’s confused look, Lin explains that he was given his houseplants by an acquaintance, and he has a lot. She was also given a key and so she’s going to water the plants the day after tomorrow. Sawa gives her an exasperated look and comments on Ukyo’s inability to read the atmosphere since he accepted all these plants despite having a job that takes him out. Lin argues that the plants are fine being given water once a week, so they’re not that bothersome.

Ukyo also told her that he wouldn’t be given these long photo shoots frequently, so she’ll manage. Sawa says in an incredulous voice that she’s amazed Ukyo is treating his work seriously. Lin gives her a dry look, which makes Sawa defend herself by pointing out that he comes into the shop every day looking groggy. It’s hard to see his hardworking side! LMFAO SAWA HAS A POINT… UKYO DOESN’T REALLY GIVE OFF A ‘RELIABLE’ VIBE.

Lin explains the contents of his job and how there aren’t things being published all the time. He fulfills company requests or commissions and shows them the photos that he took personally, and then the royalties come in. It’s that kind of lifestyle. Sawa is impressed on how it sounds like the way celebrities live and it must make working easy. Anyway, she asks Lin what they came to buy since she was told that Lin wanted to get something. Lin wants to get a small watering can because Ukyo’s house doesn’t have one.

Sawa nods in understanding at how she needs it for the houseplants, but why can’t she use a cup? Lin admits that she could but it would be inconvenient. She apologizes for dragging Sawa with her. Sawa smiles widely at her and tells her that it’s not a problem since she’s free anyway. Moreover, because Ukyo isn’t here, she thinks they should go somewhere tomorrow and invite Mine! Lin agrees and suggests meeting up after work to have a girl’s night. Sawa cheers and decides that they should bake a cake.

9月16日. The day passes without any notable event.

9月17日. Lin heads over to Ukyo’s house early in the morning and uses the key he gave her. She feels a bit nervous entering Ukyo’s room by herself like this. The things she needs to do is to water the plants and to open the windows a bit for fresh air. That should be enough since he was only gone for three days. She takes a moment to center herself and then goes in to complete her tasks.

After she finishes, she looks around to make sure there’s nothing else for her to do. This time it was only a short trip but if, in the future, Ukyo is gone for longer then… she thinks it’d be best for her to check the fridge and clean the rooms… although she doesn’t know if she should be going that far. GOSH THIS HEROINE IS ADORABLE AND CONSIDERATE. She suddenly pauses when she hears something moving.

But Ukyo shouldn’t be home. There were no shoes, so he shouldn’t be… there’s more shuffling and she confirms that she was not hearing things. It’s coming from the bedroom! Could it be a burglar?! She sneaks into the bedroom and notices that there’s someone sleeping in Ukyo’s bed. HOLY CRAP HIS ROOM IS EMPTY. IT LITERALLY JUST HAS A FUTON AND A SIDE TABLE. The person groans softly and she recognizes Ukyo’s voice.

She’s relieved that it’s him and he came back… though she wonders where his shoes are. Now that he’s back, she kind of wants to welcome him back warmly with words. But she doesn’t want to wake him up since he’ll be surprised and she recalls how Ukyo warned her that another him appears when he’s tired or sleeping, though he’s sound asleep right now. She wonders if the other Ukyo will show himself if he’s woken up.

It seems like she’s met the other him somewhere, but Ukyo was firm in telling her not to ever meet that version of him. And she’ll keep that promise to him. She decides to quietly leave the room and go outside. Once she’s outside, she’ll just mail him a “welcome back” message. But as she tries to slip out, Ukyo mumbles questioningly. Did he wake up!? Lin hurriedly apologizes to him and tells him that she didn’t realize he came back.

Ukyo’s voice is low as he asks her if she’s real. She stares back at him in surprise. WARNING WARNING!! She yelps when he suddenly moves to pin her to the ground. His laugh is sharp as he notes that she really is here! Ukyo muses on how it’s been a long time since he’s seen her face so close. He muses on how she still has a face that can deceive men… though he admits that he has a mouth for lying.

She asks him what he’s talking about in a stutter, but he just tells her softly not to be afraid. He’s not going to kill her because there’s no meaning now. He tilts his head in consideration though 「あぁ、でも・・・ちょっとくらい泣かしてもいいよな」(Aa, but… it should be fine if I make you cry a bit, right?). I SHOULDN’T SAY THIS BUT DARK!UKYO IS REALLY HOT. He tells her that it was because of her that he had to go through awful things.

Lin tries to struggle and yelps out his name, but he only calls her an idiot for trying to escape. He laughs in delight as he realizes that “he’s” actually touching her. Up until now, he’s only been able to either look at her from afar or kill her. He leans in to whisper to her 「なぁ、信じるか?オレはウキョウと同じ感情を共有してる」(Hey, will you believe this? That Ukyo and I share the same feelings). In other words, he’s always wanted her!

She tries to scream for help but then they’re both interrupted by the doorbell. Ukyo freezes and then winces as if in pain. Lin realizes that someone is here, while Ukyo grunts in displeasure at an interruption happening at this time. He hisses and closes his eyes, before opening them in confusion and looking around. Lin gasps out his name as she realizes that he’s come back to himself and he stares down at her in shock.

Did he…!? He apologizes profusely and then tells her quickly that he’ll apologize more properly later but right now she has to leave. She tries to say his name, but he explains to her that he is unsure if the other him will come out again and so she needs to leave quickly! She winces but obeys his words and runs out of Ukyo’s home. Outside, she catches her breath and wonders if she had just met the other Ukyo. His presence is completely different from the usual Ukyo.

Moreover, what did he mean by no longer killing her?! Has that person been trying to kill her up until now? Why? What for!? Ukyo told her that he had a split personality starting since August. She also lost her memories starting in August. Is there some kind of connection!? What is she forgetting…?! Suddenly, a young boy calls out to her and asks her if she’s alright. Her face is pale and she doesn’t look so good.

She turns to look at the young boy and gets a flash of Orion. She stumbles and asks him weakly who he is, to which he answers that he’s a flower shop delivery person! He came to deliver fertilizer for flowers but it doesn’t look like the recipient is home. He pressed the chime but no one came out, which makes it a problem for him. He asks her if she knows the person living here, an Ukyo-san.

Lin realizes that the chime they heard a few minutes ago was this boy pressing the bell. She suggests for him to press it again because she believes it’ll work this time. He pouts and tells her that it sounds troublesome though… can’t she substitute for him and take it to Ukyo? She hesitates for a second, making the boy narrow his eyes and ask her if she’s scared of Ukyo. She stares at him in confusion as he nods to himself at how she must be scared, especially because she doesn’t remember anything.

He tells her seriously that she cannot run away or release her hand. He is sure that she will regret it if she does. She needs to save Ukyo. He reassures her that she’s a strong woman and he knows this better than anyone else. OH MY GOD ORION ;w; TEARS ARE COMING OUT. She continues to stare at him in confusion and tries to ask who he is, but he just thrusts the fertilizer into her hands and concludes that he’s done talking. He tells her that he’s leaving this in her hands and says his farewells before running off.

Lin is left there gaping at the young boy’s disappearing back. Who was he? And what was that all about? He told her to “save Ukyo”… Lin is silent for a beat before deciding on returning to Ukyo’s house. Ukyo had told her to leave but, like that young boy said, she is sure that she can do something.

She uses the key to open the door and enters while calling out Ukyo’s name. Ukyo is startled to see her before he asks her angrily why she’s returned. He told her that she shouldn’t and she needs to leave now! He blames himself for dropping his guard since he came back a day early. He washed his shoes since they were dirty, and so that’s why she must not have realized that he was here. Although, he had sent her a mail about how he returned today… she must not have seen it.

Lin apologizes because she hadn’t noticed. Ukyo sighs heavily and reassures her that it was his oversight for not phoning her. Besides, this isn’t her responsibility. He apologizes again for what happened earlier but now she knows about the existence of the other him. And now she is also aware of the increase in danger to her and why she can’t be here. His voice is soft but flat as he tells her to get out.

She tries to protest, which just makes Ukyo shake his head and tell her that if she is not going to leave then he will. He’s going to find someplace outside to sleep for today. She calls out his name but he only smiles weakly and wishes her goodbye. But she says his name more firmly and tells him that it is fine because that person did nothing to her, and so he doesn’t need to worry. If Ukyo leaves then she is going to follow him! She absolutely won’t let him go.

He closes his eyes in pain as she continues on to ask him what happened in August. What was the cause for his split personality? And what connection does it have with her? What is she forgetting? She… Lin is suddenly thrown into a flashback where she’s embracing Ukyo and promising that together they will… She comes back to the present and asks him weakly what she promised him.

Ukyo averts his eyes and asks her if she remembered something. She shakes her head and tells him that it was just a fragment, but she understands that it was something important. She knows that the promise had to be something extremely special but she doesn’t know what it was. It’s extremely frustrating and she pleads with him to tell her. He looks back at her with a strained expression as he admits that he really didn’t want to tell her… but that was his selfishness speaking.

He doesn’t want her to know his sins and so he was defeated by his own selfishness. But… at this rate she may remember it herself or the other him may start to become more violent and he can’t let this fear continue. In the end, he tells her that it’s a long story and asks her if she will listen to it. He tells her everything and concludes the story well into the night. He tells her that this is the truth of what happened on the 25th of August.

She repeats the date and then is struck by a flash of memories. Lin tells him that she will not let go of his hand. No matter what happens, or what occurs, she will be by his side. Ukyo’s eyes widen as he realizes that she’s regained all her memories. She confirms it by saying that those words earlier were what she promised him and she apologizes for forgetting it. But now it’s okay and she definitely won’t forget them. She won’t give him any more painful memories.

Lin finishes by telling him that she loves him. He closes his eyes at the return of her memories. She remembers him, Orion, August, and everything. Ukyo’s expression crumbles as he apologizes for only causing her pain. She returns his words by pointing out that he was the one in pain, no? And, despite that, she forgot it all and lived with him without knowing anything about her past. She’s really sorry about that. It must have been painful for him.

He shakes his head. The past few days that he’s spent with her have made him so happy that he could die, despite his feelings of crushing guilt. She tries to protest and say that the person who should be feeling guilt is… But Ukyo interrupts and tells her that she has nothing to be guilty for and that he was the one who did awful things, like today. And then he notes that it is night, which is a time when the other him has more power than the current him.

Ukyo stares at her seriously as he says that it would be well if he could suppress the other but he won’t let what happened a while ago occur again. The time for her to go home is now. Lin tells him firmly that she won’t go home and that she wants to talk to the other him. Ukyo frowns and tries to protest, but Lin states that the other him is still him. They will be together from now on and so she wants to reach a resolution with the other him. T-THREESOME? I’M SO SORRY.

She shakes her head as she realizes that she might be getting ahead of herself and it is fine even if they don’t reach a resolution. She just wants to have a proper talk. Ukyo mentions hesitantly 「・・・また、襲うかもしれないよ。ヤツは君に・・・執着してるから」(… You might, get attacked again. “He”… is obsessed with you). She reassures him that it’ll be fine and even if that happens… that person is still Ukyo. DID SHE JUST IMPLY SHE WOULDN’T MIND DOING THE HORIZONTAL TANGO WITH DARK!UKYO. OH MY GOD.

Ukyo scrutinizes her resolve before sighing at how this is the same as that time; that time when the two of them eagerly risked their life to survive the night. But then she shakes his head, since there was Orion and Niiru (Neil?) that night but tonight it is just the two of them. Once again, she reassures him that it will be fine and no matter what happens… she won’t regret it. He closes his eyes and nods curtly. He understands and he’s also steeled himself for this. But before that–

He doesn’t know what kind of conversation she will have with the other him, but he wants to tell her this much 「俺と同じように・・・オレも、君を愛してるよ」(Just like I do… “I” also love you). BEHOLD THE AMAZING JAPANESE LANGUAGE. HE’S DIFFERENTIATING THE CURRENT HIM WITH THE OTHER HIM WITH THOSE TWO DIFFERENT SPELLING OF “I”.

Some time later, Ukyo sets down tea and warns her that it’s hot so she needs to be careful. She thanks him and then falls silent. Ukyo tilts his head and asks her if something is the matter. She points out that he’s still the normal Ukyo. He shrugs and tells her that the other is fickle and, by knowing that they are waiting on him, he has withdrawn on purpose. But his bag and shoes are still dirty, so he’s pretty sure the other him will come out because of that.

On another note… why is she using polite language still? She startles guiltily as he points out that, ever since her memory returned, she’s been referring to him with a “-san” attached. She explains in a stutter that she regained her memories of August along with her feelings and at that time she was still referring to him as “Ukyo-san”, so it’s just happening by habit. Ukyo tells her firmly that he won’t allow that, especially when he worked so hard to stop her from that, including suffering an injury to his nose. He doesn’t want her to return to how it was at the beginning. There’s no such thing as a “reload” button!

Lin winces and apologizes, but he shakes his head and tells her to use the less polite form. Ukyo growls before blaming it all on “that idiot”. He wants Lin to give him a good punch, a full swing without reservation, the next time he comes out. Lin hesitates at that but Ukyo reassures her that he’s okay with it and it’s his body. Ukyo goes on to blame the other him for everything, but his words are interrupted as he clutches his head in pain.

She stares at him in alarm and calls out his name hesitantly, but then Ukyo looks up with a wide grin and comments on how “that guy” loves to say whatever he wants. Lin flinches back when she realizes that he’s–! The other Ukyo’s grin transforms into a smirk as he says slowly 「どうした、そんな驚くなよ。オレが出てくんの待ってたんだろ?」(What? Don’t look so surprised. After all, you were waiting for me, weren’t you?). HOLY SHIT HIS VOICE HERE IS SO GOOD.

Lin calls him the “other Ukyo” and he confirms that she is correct. And now he wants to know why she is still here despite the way he attacked her at noon. Was what he did not enough to send her running home? Or is it that she was looking forward to continuing from there? I’M… ACTUALLY BLUSHING. His smirk widens again as he admits that either answer doesn’t matter since he’s going to do the same thing.

She tells him firmly that she wants to talk, which actually surprises him. But then the other Ukyo shakes his head in derision at that nonsense. What does a killer and his victim have to talk about? Or does she want to complain? She stares at him in silence before finally apologizing for causing him countless deaths. She also apologizes deeply for forgetting his existence, even though he was right there… even though he exists beside Ukyo. She apologizes for forgetting all that and letting it pass by until now.

The other Ukyo returns her stare before asking if it isn’t strange for her to apologize to him. He is the one who killed her, countless of times with these hands. She replies that she knows that and was told it, despite not having experienced it personally. But… right now she is alive. She doesn’t have any memories of the times that she died and that is why she holds no grudge against him. The other Ukyo sneers and confirms that she’s saying it’s okay because she has no memories? What a naive conversation.

Lin tells him that she isn’t done yet. She also wants to say that if, in another world, she had properly met him and fell in love with him… she thinks he might have killed her in order to prolong his own life. And she forgives him for that. She doesn’t want him to feel pain anymore for having killed her. He glares at her and calls her an idiot before explaining that he was born from Ukyo’s madness.

He laughs sharply at her ridiculous statement about him being in pain. There is only an intent to kill and evilness in him. He also finds the rest of her words to be lip service; talking about how she accepted death in his place. That’s just bullshit. His cruel expression fades as he scrutinizes her and realizes that he’s mistaken. To her, those words were not lip service or nonsense. On that night, she wanted to take their place and die.

She murmurs his name quietly as he falls silent. The other Ukyo suddenly admits to her that he realized the truth; that even if he killed her in another world, he was unable to continue living there. If the world has the function of removing irregulars then there was nothing but death for him as well. The original Ukyo and Niiru didn’t realize that. He confesses that there was no meaning to continuing to kill her.

But still… even then… he couldn’t do anything but that. He was born from madness and so he wasn’t able to stop himself, because from the start he was insane. His laugh is brittle as he comments on how funny it all was; having no goal or meaning and just dying or letting himself die and killing or being killed. He shrugs and tells her that this talk is just him wondering about the point of a human life. Really, there’s no meaning… especially his existence.

Lin stares at him in silence before finally saying that, even though he said he is nothing but the intent to kill and evilness, she thinks he is wrong. Because he has a mournful expression on his face. His eyes widen as she continues on to say that he really is Ukyo, because they’re both crybabies. The other Ukyo snarls at her not to joke around. She reassures him that she won’t look and she’ll act as if she didn’t see it.

He inhales sharply as she embraces him tightly and whispers that she loves him. He reminds her weakly that he tried to kill her. She nods and tells him that she heard. He reminds her that he did kill her, countless and countless of times. She nods and says that she knows. His voice starts to crumble as he asks her if she really wants that kind of a person by her side. She tells him that she promised him to be by his side from now on no matter what happens. If he is feeling hurt then she also wants to be in pain with him… so… she won’t let him go.

The other Ukyo’s voice softens as he calls her an idiotic woman… and then, just before they kiss, he whispers that he’s sorry. But he’s also glad that they were able to get through that night without him killing her and that he’s able to be like this with her… She murmurs his name against his lips. And then he smirks and tells her that he’s done for tonight. He’ll come back and switch with the other Ukyo later but he wants the other to panic as much as possible. AIJHFGKJHKJ *SHRIEKS* I LOVE THIS ROUTE. OH MY GOD. YES.

Lin only has time to blink in confusion as the other Ukyo grins before fading away. The original Ukyo blinks in surprise before realizing what position he’s in. His eyes widen as he realizes how close they are and flings himself backward. Lin startles at his abrupt reaction and calls out his name worriedly. He only points at her and asks her loudly why he was kissing her. Moreover, he was holding her so tightly! And he wasn’t kissing her on the forehead or cheeks but the lips!!

She tries to explain but Ukyo jumps to conclusions and realizes that it must have been the other him. He must have forced her into a kiss, right?! He tells her sternly to wait a minute but he’s going to punish the other him by climbing to the roof and jumping off. He has the feeling that he’s going to be hurt as well but doing it is better than not doing anything! LMFAO WOAH THERE. CONSENT WAS GIVEN I ASSURE YOU.

Lin hurriedly tells him to wait and that he’s mistaken. Ukyo pauses at that and so she explains that, while the kiss was from the other him, she was the one who embraced him. His eyes widen at that but she just reassures him that there’s nothing to worry about anymore. From now on, she is going to love him along with the other him. She has that confidence.

10月1日. Lin is in the break room at the Maid and Butler Cafe and Sawa is asking Lin if she’s done all her preparations. Mine asks if she can open the door. Rika, who is in the room with Lin, asks them to come in. Sawa excuses herself in cheerily, only to pause in surprise. Mine is excited at how beautiful Lin is. Rika cackles in glee and asks them what they think about Lin’s appearance in this wedding dress. She was also the one who did Lin’s hair and makeup.

Mine claps in admiration and tells Rika that it’s amazing and has the feeling that even a professional would lose. Sawa is also in awe at how amazing Lin’s hair is, because that kind of hairstyle would normally be left to hairdressers. But then she starts to tear up since it feels like Lin is going to be leaving them as a bride. Lin tells her exasperatedly that a wedding would be far in the future still. Besides, next is Sawa and Mine’s turn.

Rika nods and tells the two girls that she also has dresses for them. They have to take turns though. Mine is reminded of a message that Waka gave her to tell Rika. Rika looks at her questioningly and asks what it is. Mine relates that a dress has been prepared for Rika and Waka wishes her to wear it. Rika smiles in pleasure at this. Mine continues on though to say that Ikki is also wearing a tuxedo and Waka wants to know if Rika would like photos of the two of them. Rika’s eyes widen greatly at the thought of photos of Ikki and her… in a tuxedo and wedding dress. She can’t believe she’s experiencing such good fortune.

She suddenly faints to the ground, leaving Sawa and Mine to stare in shock. Lin calls out Rika’s name worriedly and repeatedly, but Rika just starts muttering to herself that she’s going to enlarge the photo for a life-sized panel, and then she’ll need a body pillow of it, and also change the background for her computer. Sawa inches away at how Rika is muttering to herself while lying on the ground. Mine shrugs and thinks she’s fine.

Lin asks Rika to get a hold of herself, but Sawa just shakes her head and tells Lin that they’ll bring her back to sanity. Lin should be heading out onto the floor now. Mine nods and tells her that the boys should be ready and so they just need to take photos now. Sawa smirks teasingly and tells her that there’s also a person who has been fidgety and restlessly waiting for her. Mine also smirks at that. Lin starts to turn red at their implications. Sawa’s smile becomes genuine as she tells Lin not to make that person wait, because he looks too pitiful. Lin nods and wishes them goodbye.

When she exits onto the floor, Ukyo freezes. She looks back at him shyly and then asks him if the dress is weird. He looks up at her in a daze before hurriedly shaking his head. He averts his eyes with a blush before finally groaning out loud and wondering why he’s the cameraman instead of the groom. He doesn’t want her to be lined up beside another man while she’s looking so pretty like that.

He’s never cursed his job as much as today, or more like he’s never cursed his job until today. She only turns red and he realizes that his words are probably troubling her. He confesses to her that he was surprised because she was so beautiful. He even prepared himself for her appearance but it looks like it wasn’t of any help. He gives her a soft and warm smile before telling her that, amongst all the girls that he’s photographed, she is the most beautiful one with the way she looks today.

Ukyo admits that he’s probably biased but it’s his true feelings. He’s never seen such a beautiful bride before. He groans again before confessing that he really doesn’t want to see her walk with another guy. He closes his eyes before asking her quietly if she’ll wear a wedding dress for him one day. Her eyes widen in surprise and she turns red but nods. One day, she will definitely wear one for him. He smiles and tells her that he’ll ask her one more time after she graduates university. Next time, he’ll have a ring and he’ll get on his knee and then he’ll ask her to marry him.

Lin smiles and tells him that she’ll wait. Ukyo’s brows furrow though and he tells her that he doesn’t want the other him to ask before he does and without him noticing. He doesn’t want the other him to exceed him. Lin giggles at that and he smiles back before telling her that Waka and the rest of them are outside waiting. The photos are going to be taken outside the shop, so they should head out.

When they step out, Waka’s eyebrows raise as he compliments her for transforming into a beautiful bride. She thanks him as he continues on to say that the men, who have been waiting over there, must also be pleased with this. Ukyo asks Waka who the groom will be. Waka smiles without emotion and says that right now everyone is fighting for it. Ukyo laughs awkwardly and asks if they’re fist fighting. Waka shakes his head and says that they’re doing rock, paper, scissors.

Waka notes that it’s about time for a winner to be decided and he’ll call them over. Waka leaves to find out who the winner is and Ukyo wonders who it’ll be… but still even if that person was the winner, he… Lin tilts her head questioningly when he falls silent. Suddenly, he opens his eyes and apologizes but in the end he can’t abide by this. She shrieks when he suddenly lifts her up in his arms.

Shin rounds the corner to them and asks them if they’ve prepared themselves, only to gape in surprise. Toma can’t believe Ukyo just took Lin and ran away. Kent also can’t believe that the bride was kidnapped. Ikki thinks this is like a movie but he can’t allow them to do that! Waka admits that he thought this might happen… what a troublesome person. He even prepared a tuxedo for Ukyo. Shin calls out to Toma to help him rescue the bride. Toma nods and tells Shin that he’ll loop around the other way.

Ikki sighs but decides that he’ll participate in this war as well, after all, Ukyo will be able to have the real thing. Kent sighs and wishes that Ukyo could have conceded her to them for today. Ikki is amused that even Kent can say those kinds of things. Kent chokes before telling Ikki that he just got caught up in this and it’s not his true intent. Toma gives the ready signal and Shin shouts at them to go. All the boys end up dashing off after Ukyo.

Lin points out that they’re being chased. Ukyo shouts back that he knows and he wants her to hold on because he’s going to run away with all his strength. As they continue running, he suddenly calls out her name. She looks up at him in surprise and he kisses her before declaring that he loves her, as well as “him”. For all the times up to now that he was unable to accomplish, he will make her happy for the rest of her life.

Until the very last second, until the moment his heart stops, he’ll continue loving her. She murmurs his name and he whispers solemnly that he loves. Only for them both to look back at the sound of pounding footsteps. Ukyo sprints away again and groans out loud at how he can’t even say it slowly. He’ll say his vows properly in front of God. No matter who the opponent is, he’s decided never to hand her over to another man again! He hurriedly asks her to come with him and she nods before ordering him to take her.


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    Yoko Mano said:
    October 10, 2018 at 04:01

    Hey hey :3

    Thank you so much for your awesome work! I’m so glad to be able to read the after stories!!! You saved me!!! And I really liked all of them :)
    … And your comments.. just hilarious!!! Loved them sooo much!!!

    This story was especially good and Ikki was as hot as it was promised in the original story ;) But guess what? … Toma it is for me all the way!!! He became my husbando No1 somehow right when I started to play my first route (Shin). Now I feel like a creep myself but i guess it’s ok since its fiction LOL

    Well.. anyways. Thank you so much for your work! You are making (us) non japanese fans happy :3

      Ilinox responded:
      October 10, 2018 at 10:54

      Hello hello!!

      Aw, thank you so much for saying that! I feel a bit bad because it’s been a while since I tackled a full on otome game (fell down into a light novel and mobage hell) but I’m so happy you enjoyed these posts! It’s a shame they only localized the first Amnesia game, but I suppose the sequels have been stuck on console instead of ported to a bajillion places like the first game.

      Ehehe, there’s no shame or judging here for liking morally deficient characters here! My bias list is full of them |D and I’ve grown to really like Toma too. Hi-fiving you for your taste with Ikki and Toma too.

      Wah, thank you again for such a lovely comment ;3;/

        CatMuto A said:
        October 10, 2018 at 11:29

        I wonder if the sequels/fandiscs will ever get a localization. I’ve read that people considered the boyfriends in Memories to be pretty horrible (Uh, I can agree when they mention Toma, and maybe Shin to an extent, but… hello? Did these people not PLAY the games? The whole point of Ikki and Kent was to prove that they were not shallow playboy and stoic, emotionless guy, respectively! Ikki proved to be so much more… *goes off on rant about the awesomeness that is Ikki*)

        I would love for the games to get localized, even if it’s ‘just’ on the PS Vita, as unpopular as that console is. But I doubt that would happen; Steam is much more likely… although if I knew how to do it, I’d totally be willing to do fan translations of the games. =P

    danielle said:
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    thank you so much for posting this D: it must be the closest to actually being able to play it! I loved your side commentary too lmao, I have a similar sense of humor. Bless you!!

      Ilinox responded:
      July 31, 2018 at 12:52

      Aw, you’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it and got to experience some part of the game through this :’D and oh gosh, thank you, sometimes I think I’m a little TOO chatty when playing through these games, haha.

    CatMuto said:
    July 14, 2018 at 07:40

    “It makes changing clothes a bit troublesome.”
    Yeah… thanks for making the heroine (and me) imagine you naked in a window, Ukyo… you said that on purpose, didn’t you?! XD

    The furniture store scene had me laughing so much.He’s so awkward. A different kind of awkward than Kent, but still sweet. And his self-deprecation is kinda funny. But, unlike Toma, I feel like Ukyo has a good reason to be self-depricating… I mean, not many people can say they bear the burden of multiple murders of their girlfriend on their shoulders. Also, dying themselves and stuff like that.

    I hated how the guys tampered with Ukyo’s food! I just thought, “What? Are you guys high?!” That’s illegal and can cause a ton of problems! Thank goodness Ukyo is used to spice… And then he tripped and spilled tea on her. I’ve heard worse excuses to strip! Take it off, heroine! =D (Though why did she proceed to put on even the apron and headdress? Why not just the black kimono for work? …unless she was trying to entice Ukyo with a maid fetish? Sneaky girl~ =P) The notes… were kinda funny. I mean, not that she worried Ukyo was cheating on her (though why immediately think he’s living with another woman? Why not a guy?), but hey. Split personalities gotta communicate somehow.

    And how everyone kept making mention of her having cried and looking all puffy-eyed! Argh, sheesh, just ignore it. The more attention you put on it, the more likely she’ll start crying again. (And I’m speaking from experience…) Though I have the feeling Rika overdid it a bit… I know she means well, but… (Also, LOL at the idea of the other Ukyo having beautiful handwriting~) And then Ukyo’s confession about the other Ukyo. And heroine, brilliant genius that she is, immediately say,
    “I wanna meet this other Ukyo!”
    “What? No! I don’t know what he’ll do to you!”
    Stabbed to the chest, thrown off a hospital roof, stabbed again, choked to death, almost stabbed again… man, Ukyo really likes using a knife…

    “comes out at night to do housework.”
    Dahahahaahaa! I just love the idea of the other Ukyo, with his MEAN FACE >( doing laundry and washing dishes. Grrrrrrrr, I hate these dirty dishes! TAKE THAT, DISHES! >(

    I know! This is what I like about split personality/yandere characters! This odd sense of stepping on eggshells around them because you don’t know what sets them off. (Ok, wouldn’t want it in real life, but… eh, fantasy. Games. You know. It’s okay… and a reason why I didn’t like Toma; he’s not a very well-written yandere…)

    AND ORION IN THAT HOODIE, ZOMG, SO KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~!! I squeed when I saw it because, d’awwwwwww! I want a hoodie like that! <3

    Why not? Although, this begs the braincandy question: is she considered dating both Ukyos? If she sleeps with one, but the other personality takes over midway, is that cheating? Or a threesome? Ah, so many questions~ =)

    Official English version went for Nhil… *shrug*

    "Or is it that she was looking forward to continuing from there?"
    I honestly wouldn't have minded, had he kept going… but this isn't an 18+ Otome game.

    And Ukyo's reaction when he returns and full-on kiss mode going on. W-w-w-w-w-why were they kissing? (Um, you guys are dating…) And not on the forehead or cheek, but the lips! (Again… you guys are dating…) Ukyo is ruining the mood! Now, get back there and kiss her on the lips again.

    "and then she’ll need a body pillow of it"
    Rika… only if you share copies of that Ikki body pillow. D=
    Though the last CG of the heroine in that wedding dress just makes me realize how big her breasts are. Her usual clothes (especially the one in the first game; that turquoise dress) do a REALLY good job at hiding their… volume. (And, of course, everyone has a crush on the heroine in this route.

    By the way, did you notice some audio issues in Ukyo's route? Particularly towards the end, when he runs away with her? When I recorded that part, it felt like the audio balance was off and he was practically yelling into my ear! Even my microphone picked it up from the earphones…

    Off to Waka! …not sure what to think of him having a route, though.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 16, 2018 at 10:51

      Hahahaha, Ukyo’s such an adorable person and – because of everything he went through – you know he can take whatever ridiculousness that happens to him because of the other guys so it just made his entire route so comical.

      I LOVE the idea of dark!Ukyo just being so angry and grumpy but being the best at housework. And yes so much to appreciating these dark characters and terrifying trash biases in fiction only :”D Half my bias list is pretty much covered with problematic people.

      HAHA I think it’s straight up a threesome at this rate. Cause they both love her and she loves both of them.

      Wasn’t it a point in the game about how large her breasts were? Like, she actually really does have large breasts LOL. I can’t remember who mentioned it or where it popped up though, hmmm.

      Hmm, it’s been a very long time since I played this game but I don’t recall any audio issues ;;;; or I think I would have noted it (since I’m anal like that and I always note if the audio deviates from the text, etc etc).

        CatMuto said:
        July 16, 2018 at 13:19

        It was mentioned by the employee in Toma’s After Story.
        “This bra is really popular, and with its front-hook, it really emphasizes the breasts!”
        “S-sh-she doesn’t need that…!”
        “That’s true, her breasts are pretty big~”
        Problem is, whenever I try to draw her with such large boobs, it looks odd… gotta practice! Especially if I want to make that manga about Ikki’s route. (Like how would the route play out, and how would the heroine and Ikki interact, if she admits her amnesia on the first day?)

        You know, I am kind of wondering… say the heroine and either Ukyo are getting it on, things are going well, and then, Boom! Personality switch. And then the other Ukyo is disoriented, has no idea what’s going on, trying to figure out, huh, why is his girlfriend half-naked? And the heroine is just all frustrated at this point and screams, “Just keep moving your fingers, dammit!” >////<
        Ah, the comedic value those three could bring. =D

        Well… I lost my save data… so, I get to redo everything. (Horray, I get to redo Ikki's After Story~~~~<3!! …oh no, I have to redo Shin's After Story…. D=) Maybe it was my settings for the game. And I love Eien no Ichibyou as the ending song~ It's done so well.

        Ilinox responded:
        July 17, 2018 at 11:23

        OH MAN LOL that’d be hilarious but I also feel like dark!Ukyo would be super chill about it and isn’t as disoriented since he seems to snap into action immediately. If dark!Ukyo started anything and normal!Ukyo woke up midway though… he’d probably throw himself out the window the first time LOL.

        Oh no ;;;; at least you can just turn on “skip everything” and then power through? Since you’ve read everything and you just need Orion’s route.

        CatMuto said:
        July 17, 2018 at 13:11

        Actually, I still have to go through the Girls Party thing. If it’s anything like Waka, it’s not gonna take long, but I do have to record it. And yeah, I already skipped through all of New World, and through Shin’s route… but I won’t skip through Ikki’s route because… come on, it’s IKKI. I’m not gonna quickly skip through that hot mess of a route! =P (Especially not the lovely image of him falling asleep mid-dressing… or when he whispers sweet nothings to the heroine… or the wedding CG… though, seriously, WHY can’t Ikki just sleep NEXT to the heroine? Just makes me want to write a scene where the heroine wakes up from a scary dream and ‘sneaks’ into Ikki’s futon for comfort… Why must sharing the bed mean sexytimes? Urgh, something that bugs me in a lot of romance games! You can sleep next to someone you are attracted to without doing it.)

        Shadow_Wind801 said:
        July 24, 2018 at 23:25

        I laughed out loud at the thought of dark Ukyo grumbling in annoyance about the cleanliness of the room. I imagined him doing laundry, folding the clothes, cleaning the bathroom with a disgruntled expression. 😂😂😂 Oh dear! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Ukyo is too adorable.

    ochaforrest said:
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    Reblogged this on TRASH Forest ▶.

    Emma said:
    March 27, 2017 at 19:42

    Before this game, I am a Kent type of person, I love big guy, who is a realist, stubborn, smart but kinda emotionless and awkward on the outset.

    to be honest, I am troubled at the fact that I absolutely LOVE Ukyo even though he is the last type I normally go for (shouta, air-headed, very emotional, a bit feminine and being a kluzt). I think it was because he is like a puppy, happy at almost everything the MC does for him and appreciate it to the greatest extent.

    And I mean, who would refuse a guy who die a hundred time just to see you again. I have to admit that I like the heavy feeling weighing my heart in his route, it made the small happy moments so precious. There is something really special about feeling sad that I need a dose once in awhile (it’s not like I want to feel sad all the time)

    Lastly, I like his route the most also because of the relationship with the girl. They are all very cute and supportive, friendly relationship even in rivalry is a triple YES for me. I hate it when game design for girls to be cruel to other girls, it’s bullshit.

    it’s turn out to be a bit long for a comment. I want to say thank you for translating the whole story here. Since I started to study Japanese, it’s nice to know the content when trying to get through the game. :*

      Ilinox responded:
      April 4, 2017 at 20:46

      Haha, yeah my ultimate bias in this series is Ikki (I love the teasing flirty playboys that actually have high EQ and aren’t playing around just because they’re raging misogynists). But I think we’ve probably both fallen for Ukyo’s main character aura :’D with the way the plot unfolds he really comes off as being the canon man for the heroine, overall.

      Yes, exactly! Sadness to make the happiness all that more precious and exquisite. I love it when girls in otome games support each other too T_T and I’m happy to say that I think it’s becoming more of a trend, phew.

      Haha, no worries, I love long comments <3 and I'm glad these posts are able to provide help in any way! I remember starting off learning Japanese and other otome bloggers really helped me understand what was going on and assuring me that I was on the right track of reading the story.

      TeA said:
      November 5, 2017 at 05:49

      @Emma, I whole-heartedly agree with everything you just said. Down to the girls part and the Kent part.

    Shun~shun said:
    March 12, 2015 at 14:24

    OMGAADD!! Could Ukyo’s route be any more epic?? O(≧∇≦)O He’s so adorable and kyyaaaa!!!!! ヾ( >﹏<。)ノ゛hahahaha. When he said "he doesn’t even know why but she’s also surrounded by highly beautiful men" I laughed so much at that (*^▽^*) Thank you so much for translating all of this and the rest of the routes♤♡♢♧!! Ikki is still at the top but Ukyo is close second if not tied at the top, none of the other routes come close to this xD hahaha thanks again (~ ̄︶ ̄)~ ☆

      Ilinox responded:
      March 13, 2015 at 16:38

      YEAH! He’s such a sweetie and I love how this just ties up all the loose ends (including the one with dark!Ukyo) and gives us a happily ever after. You’re very welcome and thank you for reading them and taking the time to leave a comment <3! I see what you did there with the four suits.

      I’m afraid Ikki is the eternal husbando |D but the heroine can have Ukyo.

    Yoshiko said:
    March 5, 2015 at 22:57

    Really thanks you for this <3 I really love Ukyo and has long wanted to know was going on in amnesia later <3 My english is not than good for write a longer comment, but thank you again <3

      Ilinox responded:
      March 7, 2015 at 00:07

      You’re very welcome <3 thank you for putting up with my very slow updates and I'm sorry his route took so long! Your English is perfectly fine and thank you again for leaving me a comment!

    Rita said:
    February 24, 2015 at 07:53

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYY It’s out! I was holding off til all the routes were posted, so now I can’t wait to play amnesia later now and play all the routes ^_^ Part of my happiness is also that you’ll also be going back to Hana Awase Hime Hen which makes me the happiest girl in the world! ANGST AND PAIN? OH GOSH YES. I’m Do-M for angsty games hahaha and HA stole my heart completely. Anyways, we missed your posts ili! We understand that life gets busy, and these take a lot of time too, so we really really appreciate it ^_^

    Thanks so much, you’re simply amazing <3

      Ilinox responded:
      February 26, 2015 at 17:22

      OH GOSH I’M SO SORRY IF YOU WERE WAITING ALL THIS TIME FOR ME TO FINISH ALL THE ROUTES. asdfjkhfjlkfh if I had known that I would have kicked my butt into gear way earlier than this. Just as a note though, Amnesia Later has some more routes in the form of Waka, the girls, and lastly Orion, so we’re not quite done yet!

      Haha, Amnesia Later was definitely a nice break before I jump back into despair land with Hana Awase and after Diabolik Lovers.

      Aww, thank you so much. I’ve missed getting to comment with you guys over all the new games too ;w; thank you so much for your support. Nuu, you commenters are the amazing ones.

        Rita said:
        February 26, 2015 at 20:53

        NOOOO DON’T BE SORRY!! There’s nothing to apologize for!! I replayed Amnesia during the time I waited, wobbled through some Shinigami to Shoujo but got lost at some parts lol im so fail at Japanese, and fully played Hana Awase too. In fact, I was able to experience all these games, as well as the wonderful world of Hana Awase solely thanks to you, so thank you for making me cry buckets (im actually serious). Hana Awase is actually one of my ultimate fave games, so thank you so so much. I sound like a broken record, but you are seriously the sweetest person ever from all your replies I’ve read on your blog. Your translations are absolutely fabulous and aksdjfakjsdf you’re just the best :3 I can’t even write any more, or else it’ll all turn into keysmashing hahaha

    msyunni said:
    February 23, 2015 at 17:41

    Finished !! As always love I love your reviews and will be reading them over and over ^^

    msyunni said:
    February 23, 2015 at 16:07

    Yay Thank you for the update.
    I love the amnesia series.
    I haven’t read it yet but I’m just so excited and wanted to thank you first lol
    Especially since you mentioned you’re also going to do Hime next Yay
    Thank you so much
    *Hugs <3

      Ilinox responded:
      February 23, 2015 at 16:27

      ACK, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU REFRESH YOUR PAGE THEN! I was in the middle of making this post private and editing it, so I’m surprised you managed to ninja a comment into here |D;;

      Thank you for commenting so quickly though <3! I do hope you enjoy this and thank you again for your patience too!

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