Amnesia Later ~ Waka ~

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Waka (ワカ)
CV: Takahashi Hidenori (高橋 英則)

Waka has different personalities depending on the world the heroine is in and so we get to explore some scenes with all of them. In Shin’s world, Waka is very effeminate. In Kent’s world, he barely speaks. In Ikki’s world, he’s a war general. And in Ukyo’s world, he’s an assassin. I’m not sure why Toma’s world isn’t represented here… maybe Waka was just too normal there? It’s also neat that he uses a slightly different voice for all versions of Waka but these routes were also a bit weird since they were half-romantic but set in the same universe that the heroine ends up with the main characters.

In the New World, Lin has lost her memories and the only thing she remembers is promising someone to see the fireflies again. She is childhood friend with Shin and Toma, and works at the Maid and Butler Cafe with her four co-workers; Ikki, Kent, Mine, and Sawa. Ukyo, who is a known photographer, enters the shop one day and shows everyone the pictures he took of fireflies.

Waka, the owner of the Maid and Butler Cafe, decides to make this a company trip and everyone ends up having to buy a yukata for themselves. Unfortunately, on the night of the trip, they cannot seem to find any fireflies and so everyone splits up to either hang out or look for them together.

Lin chooses to look for Ukyo and Waka; specifically Waka. Orion spots him out and they head over there. Waka looks momentarily surprised to see her before explaining that he didn’t recognize her for a moment. It is said that the impression of a woman can change due to cosmetics and clothing but her transformation is stunning. Normally, her clothes are also western-styled but he thinks she looks like an adult tonight. He was just reminded right now of how she’s still a blooming lady.

He narrows his eyes and then adds that the group of boys over there have been chatting to themselves and glancing at her too. I DON’T KNOW IF WAKA IS GOING TO COME OFF AS A ROMANTIC INTEREST OR FATHER-FIGURE HERE SO I’M KIND OF LIKE “UHH…”. He smiles when he turns back to her and chuckles at how they all want to call out to her but they’re also keeping themselves in check. She’s quite popular; Orion agrees with this.

Suddenly, Waka’s expression becomes troubled as he notes that they haven’t seen any fireflies tonight, which is a shame. He also wanted to show her the fireflies but it looks like they’ll have to wait for another opportunity. He informs her that the large outbreak of Japanese fireflies, also known as Heike fireflies, have long activity periods. Orion perks up in interest at that and so Lin tries to ask Waka why the fireflies are…

He interrupts and asks her if she wants to know the reason. Orion blinks at the abrupt change in tone and expression. Waka tells Lin that he will tell her the truth, but… she must not tell any others on pain of death. Orion balks and asks her what just happened and if she raised some sort of flag. Waka explains to her gravely that it all started 156 years ago with “Operation: Infinite Orbit”. Orion shouts out that it’s fine and he doesn’t really want to hear!

But 20 minutes later, Waka concludes his story by saying that his family are descendants from that. And the fireflies of this time are still influenced slightly from the results of that research. But this unusual phenomenon has been passed down and next year the fireflies will return to their normal spawning activities. It never affected any other ecosystem and it probably won’t this time either; the research will end as a failure. His family’s dearest wish will not be fulfilled… but that is probably for the best.

Waka closes his eyes and states that if the research had come to fruition, they would not be standing here right now as humans. Orion stares at him blankly before turning to Lin and asking her if she really lives in a world with this kind of setting. L M F A O I’M PRETTY MUCH LIKE “… WHAT?” AS WELL. They hear a splash in the water below them and Waka glances down before noting that the boys have started playing in the river… even though they’re in yukatas; how troublesome.

But then he smiles because he’s glad that everyone is good friends. He suggests for Lin to join them and he’s sure that if she calls out they will all come out of the water. And all in all, that might be the objective with her. Orion blinks in surprise and confusion. And then Waka suddenly asks her 「で。君は一体誰に一番惹かれているのだ?」(Well, just who exactly are you drawn to?).

Orion freezes and then splutters out that being asked this is troubling… Waka chuckles and apologizes for asking such a rude question because he can see her brooding over it. From her response, it looks like there’s no one special yet. He continues on with 「現時点は、全員平等にチャンスがあるということか。・・・私も含め、な」(At the present, it looks like everyone has an equal chance… myself included, huh). WAIT WHAT. HOLD. SO YOU /ARE/ A ROMANTIC INTEREST?!

At this, Orion just stares blankly and makes a weak noise of confusion. Waka shakes his head though and comments wryly on how he can’t continue to monopolize her like this. He would like to talk to her more if possible, but he’ll leave that to another opportunity. Waka suggests to her 「行こうか姫君。皆が君を待っている」(Let us go, my lady. Everyone is waiting for you). HIMEGIMI ACTUALLY MEANS DAUGHTER OF NOBILITY KIND OF LIKE PRINCESS.


This takes place 3 months before Lin loses her memories in August.

5月1日. Lin finishes repairing the wallpaper of the Maid and Butler Cafe which was just suffering a small tear. She’s glad that it could be so easily fixed. She ponders for a moment on anything else she can fix and then recalls how one of the menus has a torn page. She decides to fix that too since she’s already doing repairs. Waka suddenly appears beside her and congratulates her for her hard work. She replies the same to him.

He suggests for them to take a break since he’s finished with his own tasks. Lin replies that she’s decided to fix one of the menus and so she’s just in the middle of that. He asks her if it was the one that had the corner torn? If so, he’s already fixed that. He takes her in her surprised expression and waves his hand dismissively; it didn’t take too much time and that’s supposed to be his job.

Waka then smiles brightly and explains that he would like to take a break and there’s no way he can rest while she’s still working, right? He’s made them a cup of tea and he would appreciate it if she joined him. She nods and takes him up on his offer but he merely smiles and tells her not to be so formal. What would she like for her tea? She decides to leave the choice up to him.

Instead, he brings her a special blend for today’s coffee. He placed the leftover mocha, Brazilian, and Colombian coffee they had all together. They could only make half a cup but he thought it would be a waste to throw it out and so he decided to drink it. And that’s why it’s called a special blend. Lin starts to giggle and refuses to drink it, which just makes him pout and tell her not to laugh. He’s going to be drinking the same thing.

Besides, he actually tasted some for himself earlier and, surprisingly, it doesn’t taste that bad. She laughs again but decides to go ahead and try it. He recalls that she uses milk though and offers her the fat-free one. She thanks him for that while he muses on how lots of women choose fat-free milk. Is she watching her calories? She answers hesitantly that she is and he quickly points out that she’s not fat. She tells him that she’ll gain weight if she isn’t careful…

He smiles at her carefulness but he can’t say he dislikes how hardworking women are at that. Anyway, he urges her to drink her coffee before it becomes cold. She takes a sip and expresses her surprise in how delicious it is. He agrees with her at how even a random blend like this can taste good. Coffee is something not to be trifled with. She asks him if this applies just to coffee? He ponders that and thinks that tea falls into this category as well. They can’t be unprepared.

But, and this is just his individual opinion, the distinction in the flavor of tea is easier to discern. He has a feeling that making tea blends is much more difficult. Lin agrees with him. They drink some more of their coffee and Waka sighs in pleasure at how delicious this random blend is. Lin thinks they might even be able to use it in their cafe. He thinks so too but unfortunately they won’t be able to because he doesn’t remember the amount he placed in.

Lin asks if he just dumped all of the leftover powder in? He nods. She points out how this really is a special blend that is only in this moment then. He laughs softly at how it really is a special blend… just for him and her. And then he comments on how she’s helped out a lot around here before telling her that she doesn’t need to do so much. Moreover, the equipment, repairs, and miscellaneous things are things that he’s supposed to do himself.

He’s thankful for the extra help but for her to shamelessly help him like that… he doesn’t want her to push herself. She reassures him that she’s not forcing herself to do it because she doesn’t dislike it. He jokingly asks if this includes repairing the wallpaper. She answers seriously that it does and that, at first, it wasn’t repaired because she didn’t have the pin. But now she’s made it beautiful again and it doesn’t even look like it was torn; she enjoyed doing it.

Waka compliments her for being amazing. He knows that all the girls working for him are all great, but she stands out amongst them. Lin turns red and tries to demur that fact but Waka tells her not to be humble. He was complimenting her honestly and sometimes that’s needed. She nods and thanks him sincerely. And then she notes that he called the staff “his children”. He points out that they’re all smaller than him and so it makes him want to call them that.

She asks him if he’s talking about his height or age; he answers both. And then he sighs and muses on how all his children are so cute. In fact, he’s also thinks they’re accomplished to the point where he wants to reward himself. She blinks at him before asking if she can ask something. He asks her to go on and so she asks him why he decided to hire her. He tilts his head and asks if it isn’t obvious? It is because she is adorable and her smile is lovely.

It sells especially well with his concept cafe; there is no problem if there are plenty of cute girls. Moreover, she’s his type. LMFAO WHAT. She stares at him with wide eyes, but he just continues on nonchalantly. He only listed half of the reasons. The other was his own intuition; he decided that she was a good girl. He doesn’t think he’s wrong on that point but who knows. She echoes his jest weakly.

Waka changes the conversation though because he noticed just now that her earrings are different. She’s surprised by the change in topic but explains that the one she used before fell out. He comments on how her previous ones were cute but this one suits her too. She thanks him before telling him that the fastener on this one was broken and so she couldn’t use it, but yesterday she managed to fix it.

He asks her curiously where it is broken and she asks him to wait a moment while she unfastens it. She takes it off and shows him where it’s broken. He asks if he can touch it. She tells him to go ahead and to even take it. He excuses himself before examining and noting the repair that she did. She explains that the fastener pin looks like it loosened and so she managed to tighten it and use it again.

Waka hums in thought and touches pin, only to freeze when it makes a cracking noise. She blinks in surprise. He apologizes deeply to her because he bent the pin. She echoes his words before asking to take a look at it. He explains that he tried to open it only to hear it snap. She takes it back and sees the bent pin but tells him not to worry since it was broken from the start. He points out that she managed to fix it though… and now she won’t be able to use it again.

Lin nods at that but reassures him again not to worry since it wasn’t important. He protests and then falls silent before suddenly asking her if she’s free tomorrow at noon. She blinks in confusion and so he asks her to come with him to the department store tomorrow. As an apology for breaking her earring, he wants to gift her with a new one.

5月2日. Waka explains to someone the situation and how he’s leaving things in their care. Toma protests and tells him that he didn’t hear a thing about this! Waka admits that he kept quiet or else they would have stopped him. Toma pauses in surprise at how their manager has that kind of attitude in him. Waka just tells him dismissively not to obsess over details like that. He thanks Toma for his hard work and tells him that he’ll see him tomorrow before leaving.

He exits the door and apologizes for making Lin wait before suggesting they go. Lin hesitantly asks him if the cafe will be okay. Waka is grinning from ear to ear as he tells her that it will be fine because there are a lot of people today and even without him there they will still continue to come. Lin has… no response to that. Waka continues to smile and urges her to head to the department store.

Anyway, they end up at the store and he starts looking for the accessory floor. Lin tries to talk him out of it because it really is fine, but he just asks her what she’s saying when they’re already here. He also tells her that if there’s something else she wants then he can buy that for her instead. She’s taken aback by tells him that there isn’t and earrings are fine. He points out that there’s no problem then, so they can keep going! He also giggles in anticipation at a cute girl picking out something cute.

Twenty minutes later, Lin thanks him for the gift. He returns her thanks and is just happy that it suits her. She apologizes for accepting his offer but admits that she’s happy to have something cute. He noticed that she liked flower motifs and so he picked that out. He’s happy that she likes it. She’s impressed by his skill in picking out accessories because she hadn’t thought about matching her skin color.

He tells her seriously that skin and hair color are important! Well, the most important thing is metal allergies. She agrees and then comments on how all accessories would be bad if one had metal allergies. Waka admits that he has a bit of an allergy and he experiences itchiness when he wears rings. Obviously, earrings and piercings are completely out. What about her? He confesses that he had thought she might have an allergy.

Lin tilts her head questioningly and answers that she doesn’t have an allergy. Why did he think that? He points out that she doesn’t have a piercing and just has clip-on earrings. There are more types and designs for piercings and so he wondered why, which is what led him to thinking she had an allergy. But it looks like he was wrong. She agrees with his words and how there are much more types of accessories for piercings but… they’re somewhat scary.

He blinks in surprise at her words. She explains that she can’t take pain and so she can’t have a hole pierced in her ear. Does he find that funny? He tells her that it’s not humorous, although he can’t help but smile. He thinks that kind of simplicity is great though there’s a lot of girls who don’t mind that. Lin understands intellectually that it’s not a terrible pain but… she’ll probably get a piercing when she gathers her courage.

Waka shakes his head and tells her to just remain herself. She doesn’t need to force herself and she’s cute as she is. At any rate, they’ve achieved what they set out to do but it looks like they still have quite a lot of time. He invites her to get some drinks and couches it in terms of observing the enemy. She repeats his words questioningly and so he explains that there’s a shop that opened that he’s been curious about! He doesn’t believe that they’ll become competition for him but it doesn’t hurt to investigate it.

He wanted to go to it before but it isn’t the type of shop that a single man would go to alone, and so he hasn’t been to it yet. It looks like an Italian restaurant and a garden cafe. He suddenly frowns and admits that he wanted to do a garden, but because their shop is underground he couldn’t do it. How frustrating! Lin points out that being underground makes it quiet and nice though… at least in her judgment. He pouts and says that he knows but a frustrating thing is still frustrating. Anyway, he suggests that they go and if they serve worthless things then he’s going to lodge a complaint. Lin has… nothing to say to that.

They head to the shop and a male employee takes them to their seats. He asks if they’ve decided on their orders. Waka asks her in a quiet voice if he can order for her, to which she tells him to go ahead. His voice abruptly changes into a more masculine tone and style as he tells their server that he wants an Italian roast coffee and tea. He’ll take the biscotti while she’ll have the catalana. I’M… SO HUNGRY…

The server takes those orders and then explains that they have milk tea, lemon tea, and straight tea. Waka recalls that she always puts milk in her tea and double-checks with her. It takes her a second to respond since she was distracted. Waka nods in confirmation and then repeats that to the server before also asking them what they suggest. The server has to take a second before suggesting their pizza, but he pronounces it wrong.

Waka uses the correct pronunciation as he asks the server what pizza he recommends. The server suggests their margherita pizza. Waka also orders one of that then and then requests the server come around again later for a dessert order. The server records all of this down and then asks them to wait as their order is prepared. Lin has remained silent throughout the conversation.

When their server is finally gone, Waka muses on how the cleanliness of the store barely passes but the service is minus 10 points. He disliked how the server had to pause and think on their store’s recommendation. He giggles in delight as he thinks on how, in terms of service, his store is always at the top. His children are excellent. And then he asks Lin if she’s eaten a catalana before. It resembles the dessert, crème brûlée, quite a bit.

He would like her to try it out and tell him her thoughts. She likes sweet things, right? She answers that she does and then hesitantly asks him a question. At his encouraging look, she points out that he wasn’t using his feminine way of talking just a few minutes ago. He answers lightly that using feminine speech would stand out and leave an impression. It isn’t suitable when they’re observing the enemy. She realizes he has a point and says that she was just surprised.

Waka is surprised to find out that this was the first time she’s heard him talk in a masculine way. She nods and he frowns immediately and apologizes for surprising her. He can’t believe he failed though when he was being careful as to not trouble others as an okama. She hurriedly protests to that but he just continues on with a shrug about how he’s not really an okama anyway. She gapes at him.

He’s amused and asks her what her reactions is. Just because he uses feminine speech doesn’t make him what people call an okama. He tells her lightly that, amongst other things, speaking this way is calming. She asks him bluntly if that means he’s attracted to women then. WOAH THERE GIRL. He smiles coyly and asks her what would make her happier? She splutters at that.

Waka continues on to say that if he were to be attracted to women then… the two of them going out like this wouldn’t just be a shopping trip, and that it would turn into a date. He’s switched back to a masculine way of speech. Is she fine with that? She hurriedly searches for an answer, but then he just grins and puts it aside as a joke. He apologizes for breaching manners by returning a question with a question. He returns to his feminine speech and giggles at how cute she is when she’s red.

GOSH IT’S SO HARD TO EXPLAIN TO YOU GUYS WHEN HE’S SPEAKING FEMININELY AND MASCULINELY. JAPANESE IS CRAZY. Lin doesn’t know how to respond to that… But, anyway, the answer to her question is that he’s attracted to women. It might be a misunderstanding but he likes cute girls… like her. And that’s why he found today very enjoyable and it would be great if she enjoyed it too. He frowns though and hopes he didn’t forcibly invite her with him.

Lin hurriedly reassures him that it wasn’t a trouble and she enjoyed herself too, especially when they picked out earrings. She liked how they discussed which one was cuter and how to wear them. It was a very fresh experience for her when normally her same-sex friends would provide counterpoints or discuss things their way. She’s never heard a man’s opinion before on these. He laughs softly at how she called him a “man”. He had thought that she thought of him as an okama, but it turns out that she’s treated him as a man all along. He admits that, because of his way of speech, he’s often treated as an old lady by others.

He starts to ask her if she feels anything for him… but they’re interrupted by the server who apologizes for making them wait and presents their coffee, tea, and margherita. Waka is surprised by the speed and then instantly switches his speech again to thank the server. The coffee is for him and the tea for Lin. The server sets the drink and food down before warning them of how hot they are. He informs them that he will come back later for their dessert order. When he leaves, Waka urges her to dig in. He hopes it isn’t tastier than their food.

By the time Lin returns home it is evening. She thanks Waka for today and apologizes for having him buy her earrings. He reminds her that it was an apology gift and she really doesn’t need to talk like that. He’s happy that she likes it and is using it though. She promises him that she’ll treasure it. She would also like to thank him for the dinner. Waka has to admit that the food ended up being delicious, especially the pizza. He’ll have to admit defeat there since their shop can’t create pizza.

She’s puzzled by that and so he explains that to make pizza one would need a furnace. An oven would work but it would lose to the furnace. But the tea and coffee in their shop is still the best. She thinks so too as well as the dessert. He doesn’t think the catalana was bad but it doesn’t come off as being something original. But they can’t relax their guard and he’ll have to come up with something new to oppose them.

Lin giggles at that before vowing to work hard at her service too, even more than usual. Waka suggests that they visit different shops in order to come up with something new. Will she accompany him? She answers quickly that she’d be pleased to and she had a lot of fun today! Waka shakes his head lightly at her energetic response before reminding her that he’s a man. She only has time to give him a look of confusion before he steps into her space and lowers his voice 「男として誘ってるんだ、考えておいで」(I’m asking as a man, so think about it). WARNING VOICE DROP.

She flinches back, but he’s already stepped away. He tells her that he wasn’t joking but he knows that she’s troubled with him suddenly asking like this and so he’ll give her time. He’ll wait for her answer for… a year. WOAH WHAT?! LMFAO HOLY CRAP. THIS GUY. He’ll look forward to seeing what kind of important position he’ll have with respect to her in an year. She… doesn’t know what to say.

He puts all that aside and suggests that they head out to a new shop next week. He still wants to head out to cafes together. It’s hard for a large man like him to go around to cake cafes and so he’s requesting that she come with him. She hesitates before agreeing. He thanks her before also saying that he’d be pleased if she wore the earrings they bought today on that day too. Anyway, he says his goodbyes and how he’ll see her again tomorrow at the Maid and Butler Cafe.


This takes place 3 months before Lin loses her memories in August.

5月1日. It is evening out in the city and Sawa thanks Waka for the meal; her stomach is bursting. Mine also thanks him and thinks these informal social gatherings are nice. Sawa agrees although she’s a bit sad that none of the boys could make it. There will be another opportunity though! Mine suggests they have a membership fee and volunteers to be the coordinator of that. Sawa thinks that’s a good idea and then they could have these gatherings once a month. What does Waka think?

He says nothing. She scrutinizes his expression and wonders if that’s an affirmation or a rejection. Mine confirms that it is an affirmation and that once a month is OK. She teases Sawa for being unable to read the meaning into their manager’s silence still. Sawa shrugs and points out that it’s impossible. Lin has a hard time too, right? She nods and admits that she doesn’t understand it completely yet and she’s still quite new; interpreting it like how Mine does is impossible.

Mine waves off their compliments and explains that she’s just been at the Maid and Butler Cafe longer than them. Sawa comments on how she’s become reliable. Anyway, she finds her throat dry and wonders if there’s a vending machine nearby because the karaage was salty. Mine chides her for eating too much, especially of the fried chicken; asking for yakitori, chicken sashimi, and then fried chicken… is going overboard. Sawa protests and says that the yakitori was salty, the chicken sashimi was in soy sauce, and the fried chicken had sweet chili sauce so she didn’t go overboard with the salt.

Sawa is only given an unimpressed look by Mine who declares that the main ingredient is all the same! Sawa admits reluctantly that she did think it was starting to taste the same… but this was all for the sake of coming up with a new dish! Mine asks for an explanation and so Sawa tells her that there is a merchant who wants to form a contract with Waka about their chicken, but he’ll only agree to the contract if they can make chicken recipes popular in their own shop.

And so Sawa has been helping their chefs out by researching different chicken recipes. Mine turns to Waka and asks if this is true. He doesn’t say anytihng. She nods in realization and thinks that she should have been told. Sawa recalls that the merchant came on a day when Mine wasn’t working but Lin was, right? Lin confirms that she was and heard the conversation, which made Waka want to find a more interesting recipe apart from salad and fried chicken. HEY DON’T DISS THE FRIED CHICKEN… NOW I WANT SOME.

Waka continues to remain silent, but Mine nods in agreement at how they already have fried chicken on the menu. She tries to come up with something and thinks stir-fry, steamed chicken, or… soup? Nothing else is coming to her. Waka says nothing but Mine hurriedly asks him not to become depressed; she’ll also help out! Mine grabs Sawa and decides to go for another try and points out another restaurant. They’re going to look at all sorts of ways to cook chicken!

Sawa hesitates because she’s a little… tired of chicken now. Mine states that it’s for Waka’s sake! Sawa only stares in confusion. Mine invites Waka and Lin to come along too. Waka agrees with actual words, which makes Sawa gape in shock at how they’re actually going to go. DIDN’T THEY JUST EAT?! LMFAO. She ends up sighing though since it can’t be helped for the development of their new menu.

However, Lin excuses herself from this. Mine pouts and asks her why. Lin answers that she would like to help but she has an early shift tomorrow. She wants to rest since her feet are tired from working the floor today. Sawa recalls that Lin had to work the entire day since Toma didn’t come in today. She tells Lin to take it easy for the rest of the day. Mine continues to pout but also wishes Lin a nice rest and keeps the offer open for her to join them next time. Waka gives her a small smile and asks her to be careful. She wishes them all a good night.

As she heads home she shivers at the cold wind. It’s alright nine o’clock at night, which isn’t an extremely late time but neither is it early. She’s also alone today and so she should head home immediately. She also wants to buy tomorrow’s breakfast at a convenience store on her way home. She yelps when she’s suddenly bumped into and turns around to see a drunk man laughing apologetically for crashing into her.

His friend calls him an idiot before asking her if she’s alright? He’s also drunk though. But then the first drunkard takes another look at her and comments on how cute she is. He can’t believe he bumped into such a cute girl. RUH ROH. His drunk friend also can’t believe his luck and then declares that it’s fate. He should ask her out! The first drunkard agrees and so asks Lin out for a drink.

Lin is startled but then hurriedly declines because she’s heading home… But the second one asks her what she’s going to do at home; the night is still young. The first one pleads with her to share just one drink as an apology for him bumping into her. Lin tells them that she’s still underage and so she can’t drink. The first one mocks her words before asking his friend if he heard that. The second one finds that even cuter and it makes him want to take her home.

The first drunkard asks her out for one drink again. Just one drink! They won’t do anything scary. The second one chides his friend and tells him that if he says it like that then no one can believe him. Look, she’s scared! The first one denies that and claims that he’s a gentleman; he’s an extremely nice guy, you know, which is why they should go. He’ll treat her and it’s decided. Lin tries to refuse but then freezes when he grabs her arm. What should she do!?

Suddenly, a man snarls out at them to release their hand. She jolts in recognition at the voice but is still surprised to see Waka appear. The first drunkard looks surprised at this new person. Waka only repeats coldly that he told him to release his hand. If he doesn’t let her go in three seconds then Waka is going to break his hand. The second drunkard flinches at that and then asks him what he’s saying… he’s disturbed, man. The first one agrees and then tries to explain that they were apologizing for bumping into her.

Waka asks them if they’re apologizing by adding on another impolite act. It’s obvious that she doesn’t like what they’re doing and anyone can see it. He asks them if they can’t understand with their drunken minds what they were just doing. The first drunkard flinches at his harsh words. Waka’s voice becomes chilled as he orders the first drunkard to release Lin and not to anger him further. The second man grits his teeth and asks his friend to go since this guy’s noisy. The first one spits on the ground and grumbles at how lame this is.

The drunkards run off and Waka releases the tension in his form before he turns to her and asks her if she’s alright. She thanks him for saving her. She was in trouble since they weren’t accepting her rejection and forcibly invited her like that. Waka frowns a little and comments on how glad he is that he decided to check on her. She asks him about what happened to Sawa and Mine, which makes him explain that he walked them to the restaurant and then came back here.

She tells him to head back to them then since she’s sure the two of them are waiting on him. She thanks him again for rescuing her though. He falls silent before finally stating that he’s not allowing that. She blinks at him in confusion but he just tells her that he’ll contact the two girls while she comes with him. She startles at that and tries to protest, but he interrupts and points out that her knees are shaking.

Lin closes her mouth at that before she shakes her head and reassures him that she’s fine. But he insists on her coming with him to the store and that he’ll stay with her until she calms down. She caves to his insistence and they head to the Maid and Butler Cafe. He orders her to sit down and as she does so he disappears into the back. Lin can still feel her heart pounding; that scene a little while ago was terrifying… and it’s the first time that’s happened to her. She’s really glad that Waka came when he did. If they had continued…

Waka reappears and sets down a cup in front of her in silence. She notes that it’s coffee and thanks him before commenting on how nice it smells. She takes a sip and comments on its tastiness. He’s glad for that. She takes another sip before confessing that she was surprised from before. He doesn’t say anything. She asks him why he was there when he was. He remains silent for a few seconds before admitting that he was worried about her; is that not reason enough?

In the first place she shouldn’t have been going home alone in that kind of situation. Today was a Friday and they were also downtown, which meant that there would be a lot of drunk people about. He reprimands himself and says that he should have been more careful. He apologizes for making her experience something scary. She protests to that and tries to say that he doesn’t need to… but he interrupts her.

He raised his voice when he saw the man grab her like that because the blood rushed to his head but the one person he should blame the most is himself. If he was concerned about her then he should have walked her home or called a taxi for her… but his forethought was not enough. He’s glad that she’s unharmed. She comments on how kind he is. She’s actually not too sure how to say this but she thought of him as a cold person, since he doesn’t talk… and he’s expressionless… She realizes that she’s saying something rude and apologizes.

Waka is silent for a beat before telling her that the master of a teahouse needs to have an attitude that doesn’t say unnecessary things and is sensitive enough to anticipate the needs of another. For the sake, as much as he is able to, he has killed any presence that he has. She asks him what that means and so he explains that he shunned his feelings and opinions. He overwrote his feelings with the feelings of others.

And so in doing so he killed his own personality, his feelings, and devoted himself to sensing the feelings of others. And in doing so, he became the ideal manager. RIGHT… She realizes that this is why he usually doesn’t speak. That’s… a little sad. Waka appears confused at her words. She thinks she might be saying something insensitive but, because of what he’s done, there aren’t any times when he can talk naturally and she thinks that’s kind of lonely and sad.

Waka disagrees because while he does have a reason for doing so because of work… from the start he’s never been a talkative person. He doesn’t feel any pain from not saying anything and he likes it when he listens to other people talk. He smiles softly at her and admits that her voice is especially gentle, to the point where he doesn’t want to say anything just to hear her speak. She repeats his words with embarrassment and tells him that she thinks her voice is pretty normal.

He explains that it’s a personal preference for him and so it has nothing to do with what she thinks her own voice is like. He finds her words and voice nice and that’s not a lie. By nature, he likes to listen to other people’s stories rather than talk about himself. And that’s why it’s not necessary for her to think that it’s sad. Especially in times like this, when he’s able to be alone together with someone and share a cup. It is happiness just being able to do it, but if it’s her then he has even less of a complaint.

She stares at him in surprise but he doesn’t say anything more. Did he just… laugh right now? They’re interrupted by the sound of his phone going off. He asks her to wait while he checks the mail. She continues to drink her coffee until he returns to the table commenting on how the opposite side was a success. She repeats his words questioningly and so he explains that he sent a message to Shin and Toma before they arrived here.

He told them that there were two girls left at a shop and he wanted the boys to escort them. It looks like Shin just confirmed that he made it there. Toma will be arriving later and Waka thinks that everything will be okay with this. What happened to her won’t be happening to them. And that’s why he would like it… if they remained like this a while longer until she’s completely calm. He’ll walk her home too so she doesn’t need to be worried.

Lin lowers her head and apologizes for having him go so far just because of her. He replies simply 「君のせいで、ではない。君のために、だ。」(It’s not “because” of you. It’s for your sake). Besides it’s not something he dislikes doing either, so she doesn’t need to worry. She can only thank him. He suddenly asks her if she would like another cup, to which she agrees.

Waka brings her another cup and then asks her if she enjoys table games. At her look of confusion, he asks her if she prefers sleight of hands instead, which she’s remarks with surprise on him knowing some tricks. He doesn’t answer but she takes his silence for an affirmation. She admits to being interested in the table game. He departs silently and comes back to set something on the table. This board is…

He asks her if she understands how to play. She takes a look at the balls that are situated on holes in the board. Waka explains that it’s peg solitaire. The balls are placed in the holes. Lin recalls that the center ball is the only one that has to remain. Waka nods before saying that there are various ways to play this but they’ll do this version. The rules are simple: any ball can jump over any other balls. But there are two conditions for that: the space that one ball is jumping into has to be empty and that the balls have to be beside each other. And then the ball that was jumped over has to be removed from the board.

The balls are removed one by one like this until finally just one remains. That’s how this game is played. He starts the first game off with a large number of balls and asks her to try it. She leans over and starts to ponder the game while he watches on with a smile. She follows the rules until suddenly she realizes that she has no more moves left. She confirms with him that it’s doable and realizes that she must have made a mistake somewhere.

Lin asks him to reset the board to its original state and let her try again. He does so without a word. She thanks him and then begins again, only to stop. She’s stuck even earlier than before! What is she doing wrong? Hm… He asks her to show him the board and he takes it before telling her to keep a few things in mind before moving. First, where will the ball end up and if there’s another ball beside it. She needs to connect her moves and then she’ll see the end.

She takes the board and follows his advice until she finishes the game with a delighted smile. He confirms that she did and she laughs at herself for not understanding it at the beginning. He sets up another problem for her to solve. She agrees and promises to try hard on this one too.

Thirty minutes later, she tells him that she cleared it. He congratulates her and compliments her mind since he thought this second one was much harder, but she still managed to clear it. She admits that it was really hard on her… hard, but fun. She thanks him but he’s just glad that he changed her mood. At any rate, remembering games like this also helps him make things enjoyable for the customers. TO BE HONEST MY EYES ARE GLAZING OVER HERE.

He notes that she probably doesn’t need to know these though since she’s not the shopkeeper. She shakes her head though because she wants to remember this since being helpful makes her happy and, above all, this was fun. He makes a comment about her positive forward-looking attitude. He also admits that his own judgment of her from before wasn’t mistaken and her optimistic attitude is what made him hire her.

At her look of confusion he reminds her how, at the interview, her photo came unstuck from her resume and dropped. Most people would become flustered at that but she didn’t. Instead, she asked him to wait and brought out a clip from her bag to clip the photo back on. She also apologized for it having occurred and promised to fix it later, but that she would still like the interview to continue.

Lin remembers that moment vividly and apologizes for it again since the double-sided tape she was using wasn’t stuck on properly. It was by chance that she had a clip in her bag that is sometimes used for class reports. She winces at the ugly memory. Waka admits bluntly that it is rare to see a person whose resume photo wasn’t properly stuck on. But it was her calm way of dealing with it that made his regard for her increase dramatically.

His impression of her was her unperturbed smiling face as they continued on with the interview, as if the incident with the photo never occurred. He felt that she was strong and optimistic. She’s skeptical about the word “optimistic” and thinks that it would be more apt to call her “thickheaded”. Waka believes “thickheaded” is just another way of saying “strong”. He would like to repeat again that he wasn’t mistaken in hiring her.

Lin can do nothing but thank him sincerely because that is an amazing compliment. For him, it’s just a simple fact. At any rate, it’s now 10:00 PM and he’ll escort her home. She’s surprised by how quickly the time passed. NOT FOR ME OH MY GOD WHEN WILL THIS END. He merely smiles at that and then says that he’ll call for a taxi and accompany her home.

They both end up in front of her house and Waka is silent as Lin thanks him for the various things he did tonight. She was saved by him coming when he did. Waka says nothing. She thanks him for the coffee too, as well as the way he brought her to the store and helped her calm down. She was… very happy. Waka is silent for a beat before hesitantly asking her if they could have coffee again… with just the two of them. She smiles brightly and agrees. He inclines his head and says that he’ll see her tomorrow at the Maid and Butler Cafe.


This takes place 3 months before Lin loses her memories in August.

5月1日. Lin arrives at the Maid and Butler Cafe and greets everyone. Mine returns her greeting and notes how early she is today. Lin admits that she did arrive earlier than normal but it looks like Mine is here early as normal, which is quite amazing. Mine brushes it aside and explains that her house is just close, so it’s not too amazing. Lin points out that there’s quite a lot of people who become careless since they live so close and end up being late, and that’s why she thinks Mine is amazing for not being like that. She’ll respect Mine’s record of having never been late, not even once.

Mine averts her eyes with a blush, which makes Lin ask if there is something wrong. She shakes her head before admitting that she is a bit troubled. It’s rare for her to be complimented by someone of the same gender but older than her so… she’s not sure how to respond. Lin tells her that it’s not flattery or anything so she doesn’t have to think so hard on a response. It’s a fact that Mine is just someone who is always on time. She’s going to try her best to follow Mine’s example. RIGHT RIGHT MINE IS AWESOME. I GET IT.

In response Mine frowns before finally huffing in frustration. She finds Lin too cute when she’s like that! Of course, she’s still the absolute cutest but she doesn’t know if she lost to Lin here or… if she should feel irritated by the difference in their upbringing and Lin’s natural nature. But she can’t deny that she doesn’t feel happy to be praised. Ugh, she can’t accepted this! Lin just stares at her in confusion as Mine pouts and finally declares that she lost today but she won’t lose next time! UH…

Lin doesn’t understand what Mine is talking about so she just nods her head and changes the subject. Where is the manager? Mine answers that he’s in the back of the store and on the phone, probably with the newcomer. Lin recalls someone coming in yesterday. Mine nods and explains that he’s a boy from the university and seemed like a in-the-moment person. Has Lin not met him yet? Lin answers that she didn’t work yesterday and then she wonders if the newcomer will be working today.

Mine answers that he has a shift scheduled today; she also suggests that they hold a welcome for him. At Lin’s questioning look, she confirms that the welcome party would be for the newcomer although she would be happy if they held a group blind date too. Lin rejects that idea but she wouldn’t mind having a welcome party. Unfortunately, the two girls are interrupted by Waka shouting profanities into the phone.

Both girls exchange shocked looks before confirming that the voice was from the manager. Mine wonders what happened and Lin suggests that they head to the back to see what is going on. She pushes the door open and raises her voice to catch Waka’s attention, but he doesn’t notice because he’s too busy shouting into the phone. He asks the other person what they were thinking and if they know that they can be under court-martial for deserting under enemy fire and the punishment for that is the death penalty.

Mine looks over at Lin exasperatedly and asks if the court-martial is even in effect in this age. Lin isn’t sure about it being used in Japan… Waka berates the other person and asks if they think they can survive after this with such a pathetic attitude. He raises his eyebrow at the response from the other side and asks if they will reconsider. If that is the case then he will instantly–

The other person hangs up the call, leaving Waka to splutter in surprise and rage. He curses under his breath and states that if they were not so close to opening then he would stage an attack on that person’s house. UH… RAISE YOUR HANDS IF YOU THINK YOU’D DIE WORKING FOR THIS GUY LMFAO. Lin is brave enough to ask him what the problem is. Waka replies curtly that they have a deserter.

At her confused look, he explains that they have another deserter from this shop and that makes a total of 28 people now. Mine asks slowly if the most recent was the newcomer who came in yesterday. Waka confirms in a growl that it was that youngster; he called to quit after having worked for two days. He asks out loud why the boy did not remain as part of the staff in this shop. Mine exchanges looks with Lin and doesn’t answer.

Lin hesitantly answers that maybe the boy didn’t have the resolve, which only leads Waka into yelling about how young people lately do not have any resolve to enter a battlefield. Lin points out that the people who are applying for the staff position probably do not see this teahouse as a battlefield. Mine hushes her because she’s just throwing oil on the fire. Lin winces at that and falls silent immediately.

Waka grumbles about how, in the instance before, he was able to leave and deal out punishment on the person who suddenly didn’t come without any contact. But this time the person gave a call right before the shop opened and so today is unavoidable. Finally, he addresses Mine and Lin and states that they do not have enough people to handle the load of people coming in for the store’s fare and so they must be exceedingly resolved for today’s battle. He wants them to follow behind him without their will being even partly overthrown. UH… THIS GUY’S SPEECH IS RIDICULOUSLY HARD.

Anyway, Mine and Lin change into their uniforms and head out onto the floor. Mine sighs at how it’ll just be the two of them on the floor even though there will be a lot of customers because of the fare. Lin agrees that it’ll be a little hard on them but it can’t be helped and so they need to work hard. Mine promises to work hard unenthusiastically but she also notes that the fair for today is…

Lin finishes the sentence by saying “Heart-pounding ★ Lovely Cherry Fair”?. WHAT KIND OF NAME IS THAT LMFAO. Mine asks if she doesn’t wonder about that name. Lin disagrees and weakly points out that she thinks it’s kind of cute. Besides, Waka tried his hardest to come up with that name it seems. Mine thinks he tried his hardest in the wrong direction. The opening of the door cuts their conversation short and Lin heads off to greet the customer.

Many hours later. Mine finishes servicing Table 5 and sighs at how exhausted she is. Lin praises her hard work and tells her that she can take a break in five minutes. She’ll handle the rest. Mine thanks her gratefully because her feet were starting to hurt. But, before she does, she warns Lin about the man at Table 2. At Lin’s questioningly look, Mine explains that he’s kind of pigheaded and she may get caught up…

For example, just a few minutes ago, the man asked to take a photo and upload it on the net. She dealt with it herself but she winces at how he was really obstinate though normally no one would care to have their photos anywhere on the net. Mine reassures Lin that he just needs the bill to be taken to him but she wants Lin to be careful since she’s weak to being pushed around. Lin nods shakily.

Twenty minutes later. Mine has gone for her break already, leaving Lin to handle the rest. She’s finding it hard but she just needs to last ten more minutes. Suddenly, a customer calls for her and she heads over there. He requests a photo of one of the maids and Lin realizes that this is the customer at Table 2 that Mine had warned her about. He tells her that the last maid refused a photo but he’s sure that Lin would agree, right?

Lin politely refuses and explains about how it would be a bother to the other customers. The customer asks her to take one with him outside then. Lin replies that she is an employee and unable to leave the floor. The customer complains about the poor service here because the other maid cafe allowed their customers to take photos. They would also play games like rock, paper, scissors.

Afterward, if the customer won, they would shout out their congratulations and kiss the customer’s cheek. UHH… And the winner also had the option of hugging their favorite maid. He complains again about what kind of maid cafe this is, since it’s strange to not have those things. Lin explains politely that this shop doesn’t have that kind of concept. The guest points out that this is a maid cafe. He also threatens to post a review on how terrible the service is here on the net.

The customer also adds that he has a research site for his specialty in maid cafes and it is quite popular. He comments lightly on how it would be a minus to this shop if he wrote something bad about their store on his site. Lin stutters as she tries to find some way to soothe this man, but he just asks her again to come outside with him for a photo. Suddenly, Waka shouts at the man to release his staff.

Waka appears beside them and snarls out that he heard all that worthless stuff from a while ago. The customer just looks confused. Waka snaps out that if he wishes for kisses and hugs then he could go to a brothel. I CAN’T BREATHE I’M LAUGHING SO HARD. This store only sells the taste of coffee and tea. They do not entertain this man’s disgusting fantasies. The customer blusters about what kind of attitude Waka is treating his customers with if he is the manager.

But Waka merely narrows his eyes and fixates on the word “customer”. He doesn’t call men who take hidden photographs customers! Lin startles upon hearing that the man was taking hidden photos. The customer denies it. Waka asks coolly what the thing poking out of the bag at his feet was then. It looks like a camera lens to him, or is the man going to deny that? The man has no response to that. Waka shouts at him to get out and to never appear again at their threshold.

If he ever comes to this shop again, Waka will turn him into the rust on his sabre. The man leaves the shop at a run, making Waka sneer in disgust at that man. Lin hesitantly calls out to Waka but he just turns to the rest of the customers and addresses them. He apologizes for exposing them to such a disturbance and for interrupting their conversation. An apology is one thing, but he would also like to extend to them a free cup of any drink as service. He concludes by thanking them for their patronage as usual.

Mine comes onto the floor at this point and asks what happened since she heard an angry voice. Waka apologizes to Mine but he would like her to be on the floor, despite it being early since she is still on her break. Mine is startled but agrees since she doesn’t mind. But then he orders Lin to follow him. At her look of confusion, he tells her to just come with him into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Waka is dreadfully silent. Lin apologizes for the scene from before. She thinks it all could have gone better if she refused the customer properly, but instead she had to have the manager save her and cause that big disturbance. She apologizes again for the trouble. He agrees completely, which makes her flinch. He questions her as to why she couldn’t refuse by herself and why, if she couldn’t refuse, she did not call for him.

At her lack of a response, he reminds her angrily that he is this shop’s manager. Anything that happens in this store is his responsibility; which includes protecting his staff. What kind of manager doesn’t protect their staff?! And yet… why didn’t she call for him? He asks her lowly if he is someone who she has no trust in? She hurriedly tells him that she didn’t want to trouble him. At his perplexed expression, she explains that she wanted to take care of it herself rather than trouble him.

But it just resulted in an even greater disturbance. She apologizes deeply again for that. Waka closes his eyes in frustration and admits that she is someone who he doesn’t understand. He shakes his head though and realizes that, in general, it is hard for a manager to understand their employees. He falls silent for a beat before suddenly asking her for some time at night. She stares at him in surprise. Waka explains that he just needs an hour of her time. Is that okay?

And so the day finishes without any further disturbances. Lin is beside Waka as they finish closing up the teahouse and then she asks him where they will be going. He answers that they are going to the park and the short walk shouldn’t be a problem, right? He will escort her home too so she doesn’t need to worry about that. She blinks in confusion and asks him if they will be taking a walk. He shakes his head and answers that they will be training. She will understand when they get there.

At the park, Waka starts explaining self-defense moves to her. First, she needs to grab the wrist of the person who strikes out. She obeys him hesitantly. He then tells her to pull with that hand. At this point, she can use the other person’s strength against themselves and it should be an easy thing to do when they’re grabbed like this. And then she can twist the person’s wrist at this point to break it. Her opponent will stop moving with this. UHHH…!!

And then, she can use her open left hand to strike a blow against her opponent’s chin. She should be using the palm of her hand for this move. If she uses her fist, it will be hard to land a blow and it will injure her own hand. Once she lands a blow against their chin they will suffer from cerebral concussion, and then the fight will be over. There won’t be any problem if she uses this technique against one person. If she is in a fight with multiple people then–…

Lin interrupts at this point and asks him if this is self-defense and why he is suddenly teaching her… He answers that it is to allow her to defend herself next time. At her confused look, he explains that it is the undeniable truth that she is a beautiful girl, no, it would be more apt to call her a beautiful woman since she has more than enough allure for that. She gapes at him in confusion.

He coolly continues on to say that even his eyes can see that and, later on, he is sure there will be people aiming to ask her out. However, in addition, there will also be an increase in dangerous people like that guest. He would like it if she looked for help in moments like those but… if that will damage her pride then he wishes to teach her how to control a situation herself. From the start, he acknowledged the strength in her heart.

Waka admits that he hired her on the basis of that, and he cannot let his desires for wanting to relied on by her to taint her heart. She blinks at him before finally asking if that was the reason he hired her. He replies with a smile that there were other factors but that was the one which sealed the decision. At first glance, she looks like a calm person but he can see that there is a strength in her that can pierce through a person.

That strength of heart can be seen in her eyes and that is why he hired her. She’s unsure how to take that since she doesn’t quite agree with him… Waka states that she is merely unaware of it but it will show it’s real worth one day. HEY WAIT A MINUTE… THIS IS IKKI’S ROUTE, SO DOES THAT MEAN…? Anyway, he orders her to return back to training and to try the moves he showed her again. He states that, no matter what situation she is in, if she has faith in herself to open up a path with her own hands then she will become stronger! She hesitantly asks if he is referring to her offensive abilities. He snaps out that he’s talking about her spiritual ones. She nods her head and promises to work hard.

When they finally finish training, Waka walks her back to her home. He takes a note of her house and then asks her if she is alright. She replies weakly that she’s fine but Waka still apologizes for pushing her fighting spirit too hard. He didn’t plan to train her for two hours. She reassures him that she’s okay and her body is only sore from performing unfamiliar actions. He gives a small smile as he asks if it hurts. She admits that it does a little.

He averts his eyes and apologizes again for that but he also wishes to express his respect for her spirit in keeping up with it until the very end. He notes that she doesn’t need to work tomorrow and urges her to rest her body. He also admits to it being a shame that he won’t be able to see her face though. Lin hesitates before telling him that she will come to the cafe tomorrow.

At his look of surprise, she tells him that she’ll come to drink some tea and then she would like to request more training. He doesn’t mind, does he? He huffs in amusement at how she doesn’t learn but agrees to challenge her tomorrow when she comes. She nods enthusiastically and he wishes her goodnight and that he’ll see her tomorrow at the cafe.


This takes place 3 months before Lin loses her memories in August.

5月1日. She sees the last customers of the day off and then sighs with exhaustion. Is the day over with this? Waka appears beside her and notes that those seemed to be the last customers. She nods and does the usual thanks for the hard work. He suggests that they close the shop now since it’s a good time. He thanks her for her own hard work since it must have been hard being the only staff on the floor during the second half of the day.

Lin hurriedly shakes her head and tells him that it was no trouble at all and that the amount of customers was the usual large amount. She offers to place the closed sign outside, but Waka asks her to stay inside and does it himself. Lin decides to clear the cups away then and wipe the tables. She also decides to get started on mopping the floor, while leaving the rest of the kitchen to Waka.

She recalls that their janitor came to deliver them a new mop. As she is thinking this, Waka returns and she welcomes him back. He returns the greeting and then notes that it is raining outside. She’s surprised to hear that. He thinks that it is just a shower but it is quite strong. Did she bring an umbrella? She answers that she didn’t since the weather network said that it would be clear.

He offers for her to stay here until the rain stops then. As a reward for working so hard today, he wants her to try their new tea. She refuses politely since she is just doing her job as expected. Moreover, she hasn’t finished cleaning yet. Waka waves her off and says that he will complete those later. It is something that he can do himself and so she doesn’t need to lend her hands. Right now he wants to thank her for her work.

Waka smiles softly and admits that he also wants her to sample the new tea too. He urges her to take a seat and she has no choice but to obey. Of course, she tells him that she’ll take a break but only for a little bit. He’s smiling as he corrects her to say that she’ll rest until the rain stops. He disappears to prepare the tea and then comes back to set it in front of her. She compliments how delicious it is when she takes a sip; it has a very strong taste but also a sweet undertone… is it Earl Grey?

He confirms her suspicions but adds that there are herbs and honey added into it too. Hot Earl Grey tea tends to have a strong taste and many keep away from it but thinks it’s a shame when it tastes delicious after having been brewed. He thinks that with these additions the taste will be more or less the same but not as strong. How is it? She thinks it’s extremely delicious although there’s a strange taste… kind of like fruits.

She thinks most people would just suspect it to be plain tea if they don’t say anything. She thinks it’s a great idea though and it’s delicious while being fresh. It should be very popular among the ladies. Waka is happy to hear that and decides to put it on the menu for next week as a new item. But he also has one more question. If this tea were to be part of a set, he wants to know if she would prefer the pie or pound cake.

Lin deliberates over this for a moment before telling him that the pie would be nice if it had custard or cream inside but, if not, then the cake would win. The flavor of the tea is quite strong, if fruity, and so she thinks a gentle flavor would go well with it. She asks for his opinion on that and Waka agrees. He decides to test it the tea along with cream cheese pie on everyone tomorrow. He thanks her for her suggestion.

She hurriedly denies that and replies that she is happy to simply be of help. Waka comments with a smile on how she’s always such a polite person; it makes him like her all the more when she responds immediately like that. Waka immediately falls silent after this, making her call his name out questioningly. He shakes his head and tells her that it’s nothing but there’s still a conflicted expression on his face. Finally, he tells her that he’ll walk her home when the rain stops, if that is okay with her. She’s confused at the change in topic but he elaborates and tells her that he suddenly wanted to take a walk and would like to accompany her. She’s still puzzled but agrees.

It is dark by the time the rain stops and Waka closes the teahouse. He notes that he was correct in his assessment at it being a shower and stopping soon. Lin comments on how it’s still a bit damp but the sky is beautiful. Waka tells her that he likes the sky the best after it has rained and he enjoys taking a walk the moment the rain stops. Today is the first time he has taken a stroll with another person though.

Lin is surprised to hear that and immediately asks if it is okay for her to be here. Waka replies that she is welcome of course since he was the one to ask her. He is content to have her be the first person he’s taken a stroll with after a rain shower. UHHHH… Lin isn’t too sure how to respond but answers that it is an honor. Anyway, he suggests that they head out and asks her to guide the way since he doesn’t know the streets to her home.

She starts to lead the way and, as they walk, Waka brings up how difficult it must have been today since she was the only staff member. He apologizes for not managing the shifts better. She reassures him that it was fine and, besides, she was rewarded with delicious tea. He smiles at that and says that he’ll have to make it for her again if she’s pleased with just that much. He’s thinking of making the next blend some kind of latte and would appreciate her sampling it. She agrees eagerly.

Waka comments on how lately they have been short of people though. He would like it if they could increase their staff but at the same time that’s a bit… She asks him if it is difficult. Waka informs her that there are plenty of applications to work at the teahouse but he is very particular about people and there are few that are actually hired. Lin realizes that she hasn’t seen any newcomers ever since she’s been hired.

He nods and tells her that there have been many interviews but… He would be happy if another person like her applied. He is sure the energy in the store will increase if he can increase the amount of staff that are energetic and young. Lin gathers up the courage to ask him why he hired her. He informs her that his way of assessing others is extremely simple. He classifies everyone into either tending towards bad things when something happens and being able to preserve good things.

Waka elaborates more on this. He is not saying that people who tend towards bad things are terrible people, since at times that way is a strong way. It’s just that trying to manage those kinds of people and use them is difficult. He has a preference for staff members who try to improve on things whenever there’s an emergency. She is one of those people and his intuition told him that from the start, which is why he hired her.

She’s skeptical of that since she doesn’t notice it in herself. He confirms it and then adds that many of their staff members are the same. But, at the same time, that would create a bad balance and so he also has quite a few people who tend to the other side. AKA TOMA RIGHT? LMFAO. She asks if he means people who tend towards unappealing actions whenever anything happens. He adds that these people also prioritize themselves over any others and use their reason.

He’s not sure if he should say this plainly but… Ikki, Mine, and Toma are these types of people. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. I WAS RIGHT. Waka explains that whenever these people are troubled they are able to think simple steps to achieve their goals. These kinds of people are very strong during emergencies. A simpler way to explain these types of people are those who would do anything for the sake of their goal. YEAH THAT’S TOMA… AND IKKI…

On the opposite side, there is Kent, Shin, Sawa, and her who do not waver from their chosen path in times of emergencies. These people are also necessary in a group and it is a very valuable characteristic. Amongst these people she has the strongest disposition towards this… to put it simply, she’s a very good person. She doesn’t know how to respond to that but he just tells her that his assessment of people is correct, so she should believe in him.

They reach an intersection where Lin stops and tells Waka that this is it; she just has to cross this road and a railway before she reaches her home. Waka, who has remained silent for this part of the walk, suddenly apologizes but asks if she can come closer to him. At her questioning look, he reassures her that he won’t do anything improper but he would like her to come a bit closer. LIKE THAT’S NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL…

She takes a couple steps closer and then starts to flush when she realizes that she’s right beside him. Waka calmly notes that this is perfect although, if possible, he would like it if she were close enough for her to head to brush his chest. UMMMM… She doesn’t know how to respond to that but he just brushes it aside since he can see that it is impossible. He’ll settle on this compromise. But he doesn’t want her to separate from him.

He urges her to continue leading the way which she tries to do but she’s finding out that she can’t walk well when he’s so close to her, since she’s never been so close to him before. Waka notices this and reassures her that it’ll be okay and she doesn’t need to shrink away like that. They can take their time walking. THIS IS MAKING ME SO UNCOMFORTABLE. As they cross the railway, Waka comments on how the area around her house is quiet.

It’s not that there isn’t any presence of others but there is a drastic decrease in the amount of people walking around at night. Lin confirms that this is true and Waka notes that it is bad to keep her working so late then. If she does have to go home late then she should endeavor so that she is returning home alone. Lin nods her head at that. And then Waka points out a puddle for them to avoid. It doesn’t look deep enough to trip her but it’ll get her shoes wet. She nods again.

Finally he pauses and sighs before telling her that it is troubling when she’s so nervous. If she continues to act so conscious of him then he’s unable to brush it aside. He tells her to just be normal. Lin gathers up her courage and tells him that she’s curious though as to why he’s suddenly doing this… Waka says that he’ll tell her the reason later after the other person has made their intentions clear.

She blinks in confusion and asks him who he means by “other person” but Waka only tells her that he’ll explain that later as well. Right now, he just wants her to continue walking. She nods in bewilderment which just makes him smile and comment on how she looks adorable like that and reminds him of a small animal when she shrinks away like that. He can understand Ikki’s feelings now of being concerned about her. Of course, Ikki isn’t the only one.

He goes on to tell her how Toma and Shin have always felt this way and that even the stubborn Kent cares about her. She would be some kind of witch if she just attracted men but even the female staff members trust her deeply. Even Mine, who has few female friends, has allowed Lin to be close to her. He comments on how she has a natural talent for drawing people towards her.

She echoes the word “natural talent” and he points out that she must have been born with it. Lin doesn’t think that she has that ability but Waka instantly denies her words; she does, which is why someone like him, who tries not to get close to others, is walking together with her like this. BLOOD MAGIC! She tilts her head at the words “unapproachable” which he confirms before explaining that even though he may act familiarly with others he keeps them at a distance from coming any closer.

No one knows anything about what he does in his private time. Lin realizes that this is true since no one knows his full name or where he lives. But because she knows that he’s a nice person and they are able to talk normally at the shop, she never even noticed the lack of those other things. She doesn’t know anything about him other than the fact that he is the manager of the Maid and Butler Cafe. She says it out loud; that she knows nothing about him.

And then she asks him if he would tell her if she asked. Waka simply asks her what she wants to know. She hesitates and replies truthfully that being asked like that puts her on the spot. He’s smiling as he notes that her question to him did not carry the goal of wanting to know something about him then. It was a question of just whether or not he would accept or deny her and whether he would let her get to the core of him to the parts that he doesn’t allow anyone else, right?

Lin apologizes immediately and tells him that she didn’t mean to say something so impudent, but she realizes that she was aiming for that unconsciously. She apologizes for her rudeness. Waka brushes her apology aside and tells her that it is fine. It’s not an unpleasant question. He takes a minute to ponder her question and admits that he can tell her anything but right now he thinks that he’ll still answer with a “no” for now.

She immediately catches onto his indication of the present time. Waka explains that if he were to talk about himself right now to her then she would have to bear the burden of knowing him as a person. He believes that she would not wish for that burden yet… the possibility is not zero either, which is why he is answering “for now”. But he would be happy if there comes a day when she wants to hear his story.

They continue walking to her home and Lin finds herself growing even more nervous since Waka has been silent since the railway. What should she do? Should she say something? And then Waka notes that the problem seems to be gone now. She blinks at him in confusion and so he tells her that he had been wondering whether the other person would make their move or not but it looks okay now.

When she continues to look confused, he asks her not to be surprised. Or more like, even if she is surprised, not to show it. He wants her to continue looking calm and composed as if they were a couple. And then he tells her that they are being stalked and it looks to be around two people or more. She startles at that but Waka asks her to be quiet and to continue walking without changing her pace.

Right before they closed the teahouse, Waka felt a suspicious glance and sensed someone’s presence around the store. He doesn’t know who the other people are but they aren’t targeting him because if they were then they would wait for the moment when he was alone after closing the shop. But to show up around closing time just when she was finishing her shift and then to stalk them like this up until now… means that their target is her.

Her eyes widen but Waka reassures her and tells her not to be afraid. At first, he thought it was someone interested in her and was stalking her but… he doesn’t sense any bad intentions from them. He can sense some hostility from them towards him though for walking beside her but that falls into the category of being common knowledge. Moreover, he is pretty sure these people are–

He shakes his head and tells her that it’s nothing. And then smiles and tells her that she doesn’t need to be so stiff since that’s the situation. Up to this point, they’re finally blocked from their pursuers’ line of sight but… it doesn’t look like they’re dangerous. He still won’t let her return home alone but he doesn’t think it is a problem for them to have more distance between them now.

Waka gives her a glance and asks her calmly what she wants to do; does she want to separate from him or continue walking close together like this until her home? Lin hesitates before continuing on as she was before. Waka’s eyes widen as he asks her if she doesn’t mind continuing like this. She nods quietly and he smiles softly at her before agreeing to walk like this until they reach her home. It’s not often that he gets the opportunity to escort such a cute lady.

His smile turns sly as he also adds that it doesn’t hurt to continue letting the two people behind them see this too. If those two want to be bodyguards then it would be troubling if they weren’t more proactive, especially since there are a lot of people who have her as their target and so there are quite a few dangers. She has no idea what he’s talking about with “bodyguards” and being “targeted”.

He’s surprised that she isn’t aware of this especially when their entire male staff falls under this category. She opens and closes her mouth before hesitantly pointing out that he said the male staff… does that mean he’s different? He only smiles blankly and asks her what she thinks. She doesn’t know how to respond to that and so he asks 「・・・私があなたに、本気になっていたとしたら?」(… What if I were to become serious with respect to you?).

She can only murmur his title in confusion, which makes him muse on how he would like to hear his name from her. She startles at that and asks him not to make such strange jokes. He apologizes since he can see that she’s troubled by that. And then he smiles again before deciding to agree with her and treat those words of his as a joke. Anyway, he suggests that they continue on since her house is just a little farther.

They arrive and he comments on how they made it here without harm. She thanks him for escorting her and then apologizes for having him come all the way to her home. He tells her that it is fine and he enjoyed the walk. He then tells her to enter the house while he remains here since he wants to confirm that she’s in the house. He also wants her to check her phone immediately for any messages when she’s in her room. He knows that she turned her phone off and so she probably has text messages.

Lin is bewildered by his words but agrees to do so. Before she enters her home though she excuses herself and wishes him a good night. He returns the farewell and then smiles as he hopes that it rains again tomorrow. At any rate, she enters her home with a quiet greeting and then wonders what Waka meant by checking her phone. She can see that she missed some calls from Toma and Shin… which makes her wonder why they’re sending her messages at this time of the night.

She returns their call and Shin answers immediately by asking her what she is doing. She makes a questioning noise and so he asks her haltingly why she was… a while ago… walking with the manager like that… so close together. Her mouth drops as she asks him loudly if he saw that. He snaps back that it wasn’t like he wanted to see such a thing; the two of them were the ones who decided to walk like that.

Anyway, he presses her for more information and asks when she and Waka had that kind of a relationship. She echoes his words in confusion and then Toma, who is in the background, chides Shin for talking like that since she won’t understand. He asks for the phone. Shin bites back his words and tells her that he’s switching the phone to Toma. Toma greets her before explaining that he and Shin were shopping when it suddenly started raining.

He thought that she might not have an umbrella and so they headed over to the teahouse to see her just when she came out with the manager. Just as they wondered what to do, the two of them started walking and so he and Shin missed their chance to call out to her. He thought that he missed the chance to call out to her but then, at the same time, it wasn’t like they were able to do with the atmosphere. And so, in the end, they ended up following her and Waka to her house.

Toma also asks her what that was about and for an explanation. Shin bluntly asks her if she and the manager are dating, since he hasn’t heard anything about that. L M F A O THESE TWO IDIOTS. Toma hisses at Shin to calm down and that he hadn’t heard anything either, before he returns to Lin and asks her what the situation is. Lin tells them angrily that she isn’t dating him and that he escorted her here out of worry.

Shin asks her what he was worried about since she left work at her normal time. Toma comments on how, while the manager is a nice person, he’s never seen him go through that much trouble. What is the meaning of that? Lin hesitates as she thinks of what to say. She realizes that the two people who had been following her, from what Waka said, must have been Toma and Shin. But she feels like the two of them would get angry to have been treated like suspicious people. On the other hand, she can’t not say anything–…

She continues to stutter as she tries to come up with something. And then she just tells them that she’ll explain tomorrow. Shin makes a questioning noise, but she repeats that she’ll tell them tomorrow and they can wait until then. Toma asks her what her reason is for not telling them right now. Did something happen? Lin replies exasperatedly that nothing happened but it’ll just be troublesome if they misunderstand her words.

Toma asks her lowly what this is and if she isn’t just trying to wheedle her way out of an explanation. It’s Shin’s turn to reprimand Toma for his tone of voice. HOLY CRAP YEAH YOU GUY’S CAN’T HEAR IT BUT TOMA JUST DID A DANGEROUS VOICE DROP. HE SOUNDS LIKE HE’S GOING TO MURDER SOMEONE. Toma hurriedly apologizes for it just having slipped out. Lin repeats again that she’ll tell them tomorrow at the teahouse. Shin asks her to wait but she cuts him off and wishes them good night and that she’ll see them tomorrow before ending the call.

12 thoughts on “Amnesia Later ~ Waka ~

    CatMuto said:
    July 16, 2018 at 06:53

    I completely misread the kanji and thought the order of the worlds for Waka was Shin/Effeminate, Ikki/Warlord, Kent/Quiet, and Ukyo/Assassin… I was right with the last one, picked the first option and realized it was the Warlord. (I hate his warlord personality! Aside from difficult kanji, he also yells too much. The type of person I avoid in real life because they just drain my energy, and I can’t have that…)

    I really don’t know what to think of Waka getting his own route… considering, you know, he doesn’t even have any proper CGs to unlock or really… anything. When I heard Waka had his own route, I thought it’d end up as a romance option in yet another world…

    Though it’s a bit difficult to care, now that I completed the After Stories… I don’t mind the girls, but I really don’t care enough for them to have their own routes; even if they end up being short. I was more there for the After Stories (because who doesn’t like to know what happens after a Happy End in a relationship?), and I just want to unlock Orion already. He’s such a sweetheart~ <3

      Ilinox responded:
      July 16, 2018 at 10:46

      I’m pretty confused as to why they gave Waka such a halfhearted route but at least it was short, right? :’D I completely agree with being tired from Warlord Waka… he’s kinda hilarious but I flinch whenever anyone raises their voice so I’d probably die working for him or just quit after having a dramatic breakdown where I bawl my eyes out LOL.

      Gated routes are the worst :”D look at all the things they force you through just so you can get to the best boy (though I understand why they’d want to do that).

        CatMuto said:
        July 17, 2018 at 06:57

        Honestly, I probably would snap and punch Warlord Waka… I do not take well with loud noises, and if you push me past the ‘cowering with hands over ears’ stage, I get aggressive. Course, if I punched Warlord Waka, I might not survive the aftermath…

        With Amnesia, it at least made sense because Ukyo’s route was the ‘true’ path. …does this mean Orion’s path is the ‘true’ one in this game? =)

        Ilinox responded:
        July 17, 2018 at 11:21

        Haha, I think it’s more their attempt to be like “PLEASE ENJOY EVERYTHING WE PUT IN THIS GAME!!” since not everyone’s a completionist and so they don’t want people to just do one route and call it quits there :’)).

    ochaforrest said:
    July 6, 2017 at 18:39

    Reblogged this on TRASH Forest ▶.

    ainak said:
    March 6, 2015 at 13:09

    i love waka so much!! (〃▽〃)キャー♪ thank you for posting this!!!!

      Ilinox responded:
      March 7, 2015 at 15:16

      Aww, I’m glad you love him! You’re very welcome <3 I was actually wondering if anyone even cared about these side filler routes ;;; so thank you for enjoying it!

    Sena said:
    March 4, 2015 at 00:38

    I’m going to be honest that it’s been so long since I played Later that I completely forgot about the Waka worlds thing. Shame on me, hahaha. I recall finding it interesting at the time, but it’s pretty embarrassing that I just forgot about them.

    Nice to see that you seem to be getting along the way to finishing up Later…or actually, are you done with Later? I don’t even remember the other content besides the main routes…

    I’m excited for you to start Hime-hen. Even though it’s been a year since I played it, it would be fun to talk about…and reading your reviews would be a nice refresher before the third game comes out in August.

      Ilinox responded:
      March 4, 2015 at 21:22

      I don’t blame you and, to be frank, there isn’t anything of interest in his route. I didn’t want to go on a huge rant but I find it odd that they wouldn’t just create another alternate universe for him. Because all of this is set 3 months before she loses her memories for her chosen guy I’m kind of like “But.. she’s never going to go for you…” and instead of making it tragic it just feels really weird that he’s kind of attracted to her.

      I’m still finishing up Later! There’s still the girls to get through and Orion, but since none of these are “true” routes they should be pretty quick ;;; I don’t see them taking me more than a week maybe.

      Ah, yes, me too! I’m excited to jump back into that world too and before the third game comes out. I also have the feeling that there are a lot of people who would appreciate posts on that game, ahaha.

        Sena said:
        March 11, 2015 at 05:26

        I agree that an alternate universe would’ve been nice for him since he’s not going to end up with her. I can also agree on it being more strange than tragic because I can’t honestly see how he fell for her…although I get that feeling with a lot of otome games so I guess that’s not really a new thing, hahaha.

        I saw that you got more posts out! I didn’t get a chance to look over them since I’m trying to minimize the amount of time I’m online while on my trip, but it seems like you’re making good progress!

        I had some downtime today so I played a little Mizuchi-hen on my friend’s computer…probably not the best idea since I got sucked into having to play a million Hans Awase/Utsushis, but it was kind of fun. I was hoping to replay at least Hime’s game before the third one comes out, but that’s definitely not an effective use of time since…well, the backlog. Hope you have fun with that one once you finish up Orion!

        Ilinox responded:
        March 13, 2015 at 16:24

        Thank you! I hope you’re enjoying your trip |D the rest of the posts for Amnesia Later aren’t that interesting (except for Orion’s because he’s an angel) so there’s no rush in checking them out!

        Replaying Hime-hen would be a great refresher for Karakurenai but… yeah… the endless backlog is a curse on us all. A lot of great games are coming up in the next few months too (I’m so pumped for Reine des Fleurs when they finally give it a release date).

      CatMuto said:
      July 18, 2018 at 07:45

      It feels odd that Waka wasn’t given a proper route… I mean, I thought that him getting a whole ‘Waka-san World’ section would mean an honest, full-romance route like with the boyfriends. I thought it was made because Waka was a fan-favorite and players might have expressed a disappointment that he’s not an actually dateable option.

      Instead of that, we get… these scenes. They aren’t bad, but they aren’t good. They’re… nothing. Nothing full, nothing half; it’s a half of a half-assed attempt at ‘something’. The only thing it did was imply that Waka has a crush on her in all routes, but steps aside because she ends up dating one of the guys. Which doesn’t mean much, since Ukyo’s route implied that EVERY guy has a crush on her.

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