Amnesia Later ~ Mine ~

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Mine (ミネ)
CV: Akutsu Kana (阿久津 加奈)

Mine is younger than the heroine and it seems like they met while working at the Maid and Butler Cafe. She comes off as being a bit blunt and full of confidence in herself, but she has her cute points too. The girls party ends up talking about Shin and Waka.

In the New World, Lin has lost her memories and the only thing she remembers is promising someone to see the fireflies again. She is childhood friend with Shin and Toma, and works at the Maid and Butler Cafe with her four co-workers; Ikki, Kent, Mine, and Sawa. Ukyo, who is a known photographer, enters the shop one day and shows everyone the pictures he took of fireflies.

Waka, the owner of the Maid and Butler Cafe, decides to make this a company trip and everyone ends up having to buy a yukata for themselves. Unfortunately, on the night of the trip, they cannot seem to find any fireflies and so everyone splits up to either hang out or look for them together.

Lin decides to look for the three girls, specifically Mine, who is standing off to the side. She greets Lin and asks her if she’s looking for the fireflies still. It’s sad though since there aren’t any. Mine actually confesses that she’s never seen a real firefly before and she wanted to see one. Fundamentally, she hates bugs but she’ll forgive fireflies because they’re pretty, though she wouldn’t like to touch one.

But then her expression becomes serious and she asks Lin why she came over here. She points out that Lin doesn’t like her all that much, right? And it’s not like they’re friends. Orion is startled to hear that. Mine calls her a liar and says that girls don’t like her; she’s selfish, bad-tempered, loves cute boys, and is very cute on the outside. Orion awkwardly wonders if someone can say that about themselves.

She frowns sadly as she tells Lin not to push herself since she ends up being hated by the same gender. But… she’ll admit that she feels a little happy to be called a friend. She thinks it may be selfish of her to say this, and even though it’s guaranteed that she’ll be disliked, she does feel lonely at not having friends. She thanks Lin for that and then admits that Lin and Sawa are different from other girls in that respect.

Mine tells Lin happily that Sawa concerns herself a lot with Mine and calls her out when she’s being dishonest. She averts her eyes and states that Sawa’s words are foolish though since she has no friends because she’s honest. She’ll admit that it was really annoying at first but now she’s gotten used to it. She even admits that it’s to the point where she feels lonely if she doesn’t meet Lin and the others for days. Only a little though!

Orion is stunned to find out that she’s one of those tsundere like in a script and that these people actually exist; he thought they didn’t. Mine sighs and thinks today is a shame though because she really wanted to see the fireflies. And then they’re interrupted by Sawa who asks what the two of them are doing having sneaked away and tucked themselves in this corner. Mine protests loudly that they didn’t sneak away before asking Sawa why she’s here so suddenly.

Sawa shrugs and answers that she has nothing else to do since the rest of the men are playing. Mine asks her what they’re doing. Rika appears beside them and answers that they are creating a bridge out of stone to get down onto the river bed. At Mine’s questioning look, Sawa explains that Ikki was the one who suggested that someone head down to see if there are fireflies there. But there wasn’t any place to place their feet and so he suggested they make a bridge out of rocks.

He plans to use large rocks to create a thin bridge and they all look like they’re having fun. Mine can’t believe it because they’re acting the same as the little brothers she has at home. Although, if one calls it cute… then it is kind of cute. Suddenly, they hear Ukyo yelp and then a splash. Shin calls out that Ukyo fell! Toma winces and then points out that he’s being washed downstream. Ikki shouts at Kent to head around to the other side. I FACEPALMED SO HARD AT THESE GUYS.

Kent tells them to wait though because Ukyo is waving his hand… and he’s trying to decipher the gesture. Waka conveys that Ukyo has said he is fine now that he’s used to the water but… he’s still heading downstream. Sawa and Rika have nothing to say to the men. Mine comments on how Ukyo seems to have bad luck… or he’s a natural at being thrown into risky situations. At any rate, Rika states that they can’t do anything and so they should leave the rescue up to the boys.

Sawa agrees and decides that they can just laze around here together and have a girls meeting, which isn’t so bad. Mine states that she wants to drink tea then… a girls meeting should be held at a cafe. Rika doesn’t think it’s limited to that but… it is certainly common. Sawa suggests that the next time they can talk while eating cake. Mine tells Sawa that she would like a shop with delicious tea and she’ll leave it to Sawa.

But Sawa is shocked that she has to be the one to search up a place for them. She gives in but not before calling Mine spoiled in a teasing voice. Rika giggles at how well they get along. Mine suggests that they decide on a date right now then since they’re all free. Sawa agrees and suggests that they plan it now and set the girls party for next week. Mine says she’s looking forward to it, despite there not being any hot guys.


Lin enters the Maid and Butler Cafe and Waka welcomes her warmly before thanking her for the honor of choosing this store as their girls party. He invites her to come to the back where the rest have already gathered. Orion can’t believe they’re the last and winces at how they were too relaxed. Waka directs them to the second table and tells her to take their time. Orion thanks him happily.

He looks around for the girls only for Mine to chide Lin for being late; the girls party has already started! Sawa finds it unusual for Lin to be late and then asks if she overslept. Rika soothes everyone and points out that she’s only late by 2-3 minutes, which she doesn’t count as being late. Mine hums at that and points out that if they’re late by one second at their work then they’re out.

Sawa quotes their model on how a samurai must adhere to a strict time!… but they aren’t samurai. Mine recalls Sawa being asked to commit suicide since she was late three times. Sawa shivers at that memory and agrees that it was bad. Rika thinks that the samurai back in the Edo period were actually quite loose with their time. Mine is surprised to hear because she got the sense of a strict time adherence when watching dramas in the imperial palace.

Rika points out that those were probably for public morals and whatnot, but there weren’t any rules for the samurai. After all, they had no timepieces back then and the way they told the time was probably from the height of the sun. Sawa thinks Rika has a point and claims that she shouldn’t have to acknowledge the whole “suicide” thing then. Mine giggles and thinks that it was a good thing Shin was able to stop the manager at that time.

Orion hesitantly points out that normally this would be murder, right? At any rate, it can’t be helped that they’re listening to miscellaneous stuff… but she should try asking about the men before the real girls party starts! He points out that they’re right in time to ask about Shin and the manager, Waka. If she just asks offhandedly what kind of person Waka is then the conversation should switch to that. He also notes that they should be careful since Waka is just at the opposite side of the room. Anyway, who will she ask about?

ASK ABOUT WAKA. Mine admits that she doesn’t know much. Sawa agrees that he gives off the impression of being a puzzle. Rika states that he tends to stand out though with his height and way of speech. Sawa wonders how tall he is… like 190 cm? Mine points out that he’s taller than Kent actually, so that would make him around 195 cm. They can only infer by measuring them with their eyes but Rika thinks he’d be around that height.

Sawa admits that she asked him about his blood type once but he answered that there is a high possibility he is an A. Rika wonders why it’s uncertain. Mine points out that he could very well not know it himself… and some people are like that surprisingly. Sawa states that she doesn’t know anything about his birth date or what he does privately. Rika wonders if his hobbies include reading since she asked him about his subscription to monthly management magazines.

Mine wonders about that and if it could be called a hobby since it just sounds like he’s studying for his work. Sawa adds that she heard from Kent that he saw Waka practice-swinging a sword. Mine heard from Shin that he practiced shooting. Rika adds that she heard from Ikki that Waka is adept at sleight of hand tricks. Sawa concludes that no one seems to know the truth about his hobbies.

But Mine states that she might know his favorite food; he can be seen eating vanilla ice cream a lot. Sawa agrees but she isn’t sure if he actually has any strong likes or dislikes for food. Rika thinks that makes sense given the contents of the Maid and Butler Cafe menu. Mine asks them if they know of any likes excluding food. Sawa hums in thought and recalls Waka and Shin having a passionate discussion about dogs.

Shin talked about the good points of dogs while Waka talked more about the advantages of a dog… so it doesn’t look like he has any preference for animals. Mine echoes the word “advantage” questioningly and so Sawa elaborates on how he talked about the advantages of having a watchdog, etc. Rika points out hesitantly that Shin and Waka’s conversation must not have meshed well.

Mine sighs and concludes that, while he’s not secretive, it is very hard to get a grip on his character. Suddenly, Waka asks them who they’re talking about. Sawa shrieks in surprise upon turning and seeing him. Waka explains that he came to take their order. Sawa hurriedly blurts out that they haven’t decided yet and they would like some more time. Waka informs them that he’ll come by in 5 minutes then, if that is okay. Rika calmly thanks him.

They exchange looks with each other as he walks away and then Mine whispers that she was startled. Sawa blurts out that his appearance was bad for her heart. Orion wonders if this is the extent to their information. They learned quite a few things though and she should write it on a memo later so that she doesn’t forget. But now they can leisurely enjoy the rest of the girls party!


ASK ABOUT SHIN. Mine is surprised to be asked that and points out that Lin should know more about him than she does… Sawa also agrees with this and says that they don’t know much. Rika asks if Shin is the youngest-looking guy here because he gives off a wild atmosphere. Mine smiles and tells her that it’s just his atmosphere though because he’s actually quite serious. He also, like a person who can’t stand being alone, tends to like places with a lot of people.

Mine recalls Toma telling her that when Shin reads books he ends up purposefully going over to Toma’s house to read it. THAT’S REALLY ADORABLE, HAHA! Rika is surprised to hear that and asks to confirm that she doesn’t mean going to Toma’s house to read his books. Mine admits that she thought the same but was mistaken; Shin would buy books from somewhere else and then go over to Toma’s house where he would just lie down selfishly and read it.

It doesn’t seem to be something that happens often but Mine thinks it’d be the same still as reading at one’s own house. Also, when he’s not reading he’ll drag Toma into a card game with him. Sawa hums in thought as she concludes that Shin is a person who hates being alone. This reminds Sawa that Lin used to make Shin lunches to bring to his track-and-field events. She thinks it’s amusing because Shin is a person who looks like he’d dislike that but he didn’t.

Rika isn’t surprised to hear that Shin is in the track and field club because he looks fast. He is also quite tall and it would be fitting for other sports. Mine agrees and tells them that Shin is 178 cm tall. Sawa says that Shin comes off as being small compared to the other guys who are very tall, but he’s actually quite tall himself. Rika asks what club Shin was in particularly since there are various things in the track and field club.

Mine heard that he was in the middle-distance relays but it was because school demanded that he be in a club. Rika points out that he ended up going to a tournament so he must have treated it seriously. Mine is smiling as she agrees that he seemed to do it reluctantly but seriously. Sawa admits that she can’t imagine it. Mine takes a moment to think about what else she knows… and recalls that she knows his birth date!

She asked him about it once while they were on break and he was looking at horoscopes. He was born on November 30th and a Sagittarius with an A blood type. Sawa is surprised to hear that Shin has an interest in horoscopes. Mine admits that he doesn’t seem like the person who cares about horoscopes at all but when she asked him about it he told her various things. Rika concludes that he doesn’t seem to be an unsociable person then.

Rika hasn’t had many chances to speak with him so she doesn’t know him as well… Sawa thinks his unsociability comes out when he’s hiding his embarrassment. Also, when he’s calm she thinks he can be quite childish… he’s a person with a gap. UH… BASICALLY THEY MEAN GAP MOE. HE LOOKS ONE WAY BUT ACTS ANOTHER, ETC. Rika asks for examples and so Sawa informs them that he loves sweet tamagoyaki, he hates celery, and he loves being knocked over by dogs.

Mine tells them that she knew the last one! Once before, there was a customer who came to their shop with a dog and Shin spent a lot of time petting it. Rika starts laughing at that and Mine admits that it was so cute she unintentionally laughed as well. And then Shin had a “oh crap” expression on his face when he saw her and went into the teahouse as if nothing had happened.

Sawa laughs out loud at that because she can see it in her mind. She wonders if he’s trying to act older than he is. Rika thinks that he is since he’s at the age where he’s straddling the line between being a child and an adult. Suddenly, Shin asks them what they’re talking about. Sawa chokes as she turns around to see him. Mine yelps in fright as well.

Shin explains that he came to take their orders, which makes Sawa ask him why he’s here since he’s usually in the kitchen. Shin tells them that they’re short on people today and if they haven’t decided yet he’ll come back in 2-3 minutes. Rika apologizes and asks him to do that since they were so caught up in their talk that they haven’t decided yet. Shin inclines his head and then departs.

Sawa is gasping for breath as she admits that she was flustered. If he had heard what they were talking about then it would have been bad! Mine adds that he would definitely sulk if he heard them talk about how child-like he is. Rika is also glad that it doesn’t seem like he heard them… Orion notes that they seemed to have gotten as much information as they could. They learned quite a bit and she should write it on a memo later so she doesn’t forget. Now they can leisurely enjoy the rest of the girls party.


4 thoughts on “Amnesia Later ~ Mine ~

    CatMuto said:
    July 20, 2018 at 07:39

    Don’t lie, Shin! I’m pretty sure you are not 178 tall! 170, at most.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 20, 2018 at 10:56

      He’s taller than the heroine for sure though– |D;; I find that there are rarely ever any short guys in otome games, even people you would have placed all your money on being short. LOOKING AT YOU KANATO FROM DIABOLIK LOVERS.

    ochaforrest said:
    July 6, 2017 at 18:39

    Reblogged this on TRASH Forest ▶.

      CatMuto said:
      August 15, 2018 at 14:27

      I don’t mind if the guy is taller than the woman (guess I’m old-fashioned in that way?), but ALL the guys are a good 180, at least? In my head, Kent is over 2 meters tall, Toma and Ikki can keep their 181/182 cms, and Shin is the shortest at 170 cms. *nod nod* Oh, and Ukyo at 185… yeah, okay. I wouldn’t have guessed him that tall, but okay. He’s two guys, he can be tall. XD

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