Diabolik Lovers Versus II ~ Carla vs. Shin ~

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Tsukinami Carla (月浪 カルラ)
CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki (森川 智之)

Tsukinami Shin (月浪 シン)
CV: Morikubo Shoutarou (森久保 祥太郎)

(Requested by Yellow Apple for this blog’s 3rd Anniversary Giveaway. I wasn’t able to find any other interesting drama CD so I ended up coming back to your first request ;;; I’M SO SORRY FOR HOW LONG IT TOOK. Also, there’s some more background information about these guys and basically everything that is going on in Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate in these three CDs that were translated by Rin from Love-colored Sky).

Below are the track titles and timestamps.

NOTE: By the way, just wanted to mention that Carla refers to everyone with “kisama” which is a very derogatory way of saying “you”.


Shin: I had wondered where you were, but here you are. I was looking for you. On such a night like this, with a beautiful lunar eclipse, and you’ve shut yourself in this boring school… what an idiot. Ahaha, what is with that face? It’s an interesting expression. Especially when I, the great Tsukinami Shin, personally came to pick you up. Hmph.

[00:45] *teleportation sound*

S: *behind you* Try being a little happy about that, ne?… *you startle* Who am I? I gave my name a few minutes ago, unless you’re saying you want to ask about more? It’s not that I won’t tell you but… first, let’s hear your opinion. If you’re correct, I’ll give you a reward. Now… say it. What do you think I am? Hehe.


S: Vampire, you say? Why do you think that? Hmm… is it because of these fangs? I see. To be treated as an equal to those who do not have the First Blood… You’re making considerable fun of me, huh. I may have been imprisoned… *aggressive* for far too long!


S: Listen well… and remember. I am not a vampire. I am an ancestor, one of those who have the First Blood. Hah? You don’t know what a First Blood is? Heh, what a troublesome child. In that case I’ll personally tell you what a First Blood is, because being mistaken any more is unpleasant and I’ll throw up if I’m placed together with Karlheinz and his sons.


S: We are different from the Sakamakis and Mukamis. They are just one clan that has inherited blood from the original. Although, with your brain full of flowers, you may not be able to understand that. If you go back through their blood you will arrive at our blood. Strictly speaking, the Sakamakis and Mukamis would not exist if it were not for us. Do you understand?


S: In fact, all of the descendants of the night that sprung forth from our power – the snakes, bats, eagles, and wolves – hold our blood because of us, the ancestors or First Bloods one would say. Well? After I explained it so kindly even an idiot like you would understand, right? Do you understand?


S: Good. Now, if you call me a vampire next time… with these claws… I will slash your windpipe, yes? Ahaha, good girl. If you remain a good girl nothing bad will be done to you, though it would save me trouble if you are always like that. Woah, if I don’t get going it will be bad as the lunar eclipse will end.


S: Shall we go? Where, you say? Hah, obviously to where my older brother is. You’re asking who my older brother is? You’ll know the moment we leave. Now, let’s go meet my older brother. There’s no need for you to take time thinking about every little thing. *whispering* Isn’t it better to just do as you’re told? After all, what we need is only your blood and your body. *chuckles*

[04:55] *door slams open*

S: Look! The moon is so red and rapidly waning and being eaten by the darkness. If we are to outwit those filthy vampires then now would be the ideal opportunity! For them, the lunar eclipse throws their senses out of order but we ancestors are different. Our senses sharpen and our powers become even more. Everything becomes abundant and we become an overwhelming existence… now even more so! Hey, do you understand my meaning?


S: Heh… well, let’s end the conversation here. We need to hurry and leave. *you hesitate* Heh… Even in this last moment, you’re still hesitating? What a hopeless girl. It looks like, because you continued to be tainted by them, you’ve been poisoned with their bad influence. Oh well. The one who makes the final decision isn’t you it’s me. If you stay quiet and listen obediently then I’ll carry you while you’re still conscious. I’m saying that it’ll even be okay to ride on my back.


S: Tch, how irritating. Why do women lack decisiveness? Is it that you can’t form an honest expression without someone giving you a push to the back? In that case… I’ll give a push… to that back.

[06:40] *transformation sound* *wolf howling*

S: Haha, are you surprised by this appearance? Well, that’s not unreasonable since you were living with the bats. Us First Bloods also have the four other bloods and that’s why we can transform, like this, into the shape of a wolf. We can also turn into a bat, snake, or eagle. I only chose the shape of a wolf for the convenience of taking you along. Now, what are you going to do? Will you be obedient and come with me?


S: Tch, how bothersome. If even this shape is no good then… *pushes you down* *growling* It appears that taking you along with me while you’re still conscious will be difficult. It can’t be helped… *clamps down on your throat* Stop struggling. It’s your fault, you know, I thought you wouldn’t be afraid of this shape and would obediently follow me.

[07:55] *grunting*

S: Such a slender neck… it almost makes me want to bite it off like this. *faint voice* Did you lose consciousness? Oh well, just stay asleep like that. I don’t want this to take up any more time.


S: Have you finally awoken? Woah now, it’s not like I did anything. Don’t avoid me like that, it hurts. I even took off the appearance of a wolf so it’s not scary, right? *approaches you* Well, there’s no denying that I did bite you on the neck. But that was your fault. No? Someone like me is an irresistible force? I didn’t bite you because I wanted to bite you. Moreover, your smell…

[00:40] *sniffs you*

S: You might not have noticed it yourself but your entire body smells intensely of vampires. There is also the smell of the power that runs through your body. And yet… someone as noble as I still bit you. Even if you do not thank me I did not do anything reproachful.


S: Hey, there’s an awful taste in my mouth. What will you do?… Hah, who is the cruel one?! Without even knowing about the special power running through your body you let those filthy vampires do things to you. Of course those guys would desire your blood– Tch, it can’t be helped, what I’m saying to a brainless girl.


S: At any rate, first you have to apologize to me. “Sorry for making you drink awful blood”, like that. Go on. Hey, you’re listening to my words, right? Or are you ignoring me? Hmm… what courage.

[01:55] *tears clothes*

S: Don’t screw around with me. If you apologized obediently then we would have ended this without anything frightening happening… It’s because those vampires pampered and spoiled you that you’ve become arrogant, huh? *pushes you down* But that won’t pass with us. If you don’t want to apologize then… heh… then how about we wash clean the filth in you?


S: If you won’t apologize then there’s nothing to do but use force, right? Besides if I take you to my older brother while you smelt of vampires like this… what do you think will happen to you? Your life… will be very short! Haha, I’ll say it again but it’s best if you do not disobey my older brother. Even I wouldn’t be able to stop him.


S: Well, as expected of my older brother, he knows how essential you are though. *whispers* My older brother… has a quiet voice and won’t raise it but… because of that… it would be bad if you angered him. If you understand then come over here.

[03:25] *you follow him*

S: Because my older brother was forestalled by the vampires he has always had a quiet rage inside of him, though you may not think it from looking at him, that it’s to the point where just one spark and he will, all at once, flare up. When he’s like that, even with me, we may end up quarreling. First, we need to neaten your personal appearance. Come, I’ll take you there. *opens door*


S: Come in. Well, I know that the smell won’t disappear just from you taking a bath but it’s more preferable than you not taking one… *annoyed* Why are you standing still? Take your clothes off quickly and get in the bath. Come on! Strip and neaten your appearance and then I’ll take you to my older brother.


S: Tch, hurry up. If you’re slow then I’ll– Gah, how irritating! GO! *you’re pushed into the bath* Geez, you’re so stupid. If you can’t put up a decent fight then you might as well just listen to me obediently! You don’t know what I’ll do if I hate you… Look, your clothes are drenched. Isn’t it best like that?

[01:05] *throws water on you*

S: Shall I do it again? *throws water on you again* Now, how’s this… *sniffs* Ugh… tch, it hasn’t changed much. Is it because you’ve been with the vampires for so long that their scent is soaked into your body? It can’t be helped! Reluctantly… I’ll have to suck your blood.


S: Hah? What’s with that look? Can the smell be taken away with that, you say? It can come off with that~… *licks you* Ugh, disgusting. Ah, this is a punishment isn’t it. It tastes like I licked mud… *sniffs* and smells like it. *licks*


S: But if the thing that we have been looking for is shown like this, my older brother’s rage won’t be able to be suppressed. That’s bad… And that’s why I, even just a little bit, will need to purify you. Understand?


S: We have an interest in your actual blood without the taint from vampires. What do I mean by that, you say? Hm, that’s right… In other words, your blood is more special than you or the vampires think… maybe? And that’s why it is sinful for you to have given it to them.


S: I don’t know if you’ll understand but the vampires, who have been continuously sucking on your blood, have a poison-like pollution inside their body. In other words, the blood you have that is naturally special is now polluted and stagnated. That is something we ancestors can understand clearly. That is obviously the case though since we’re a different clan from them… and that’s why I’m saying that right now I have to purify your polluted blood.


S: Stop, you say? Heh, are you saying your real thoughts? I can’t see that in you at all though. You’re really… hoping for it, aren’t you? Like how my fangs would feel? I can see it from your expression. *chuckles* Moreover, anyone who gets one taste of these fangs won’t be able to escape… the memory of pleasure. You’re actually… aching for it, right? Look, the proof of that is… your heart is pounding, isn’t it? You’re a really lewd girl.


S: You’re scared? *amused* Isn’t it better that way? Although I couldn’t see that at all in your behavior from a while ago, so that’s not persuasive at all. It’s impossible try and deceive me with your words. It’s unmistakable that the pounding of your heart is because you wish for my fangs. You want this… to be done to you, right? *bites you*


S: It’s REALLY disgusting. Even if it is to purify your first-rate blood… I may not be able to endure it. *bites again* It looks like you feel good even though I’m making you suffer terribly like this. Ah, well, I’m understanding your character that way. I need to work very hard to bring out the raw element of your blood. *bites*


S: What’s the matter? You’re trembling. Are you experiencing shock from not having thought that your blood could be sucked like this and called disgusting? That looks to be the case… For vampires… *bites* this blood is in no way disgusting.


S: What do you mean, you say? Haha, I can’t just tell you, right? What’s the reward? You couldn’t possibly have thought about giving your blood, did you? Ah geez, I told you just a while ago, didn’t I, that this is a punishment. It can’t be helped that I have to suck your disgusting blood. That isn’t a reward at all!


S: Then what should you give, you say? Hm, that’s right… to put it simply, I want this body of yours… Hey, become mine. I won’t do anything bad to you. *bites* Sucking your impure blood like this… I’m such a nice guy, aren’t I? *bites*


S: Even though I said it was awful… it’s been a long time since I’ve had blood. *bites* My body is turning slightly hot… It’s like, even if your blood is unpleasant, any kind of blood isn’t bad in the first place. At any rate… *bites* my body is burning. *panting* It’s hot… at least, compared to how it was before, your blood is slightly different… It’s only a little bit better but how long has it been since this sensation?… Decades? No, centuries?


S: What’s wrong? Your face is red. Aha, as I thought, you really are a lewd girl. What are you imagining from seeing my bare skin? *grabs your arm* Here, give me your hand. I’m giving you special permission… to touch my body. You want to touch me, don’t you? That’s what your face is showing. Heh, or is it… that you want to do other things? Come on. How is it? It’s hot, right? *chuckles*


S: We hold some warmth ourselves, though not to the degree that humans do. Come on, try touching me more. You’re done, you say? That’s wasteful, isn’t it? You’re able to directly touch me, a high class noble. This chance is only available right now.


S: Ah, are you hesitating because you saw me transform into a wolf a while back? I can see why. Unlike the likes of those bats, wolves are creatures who are able to eat humans. In that case, you should be obeying my orders to touch me all the more then, shouldn’t you? If you don’t do as I say… I might bite off the flesh from that body of yours. Now… come closer and cling onto me more. You know what you should do, right? Or do you want things to be done forcibly to you by me? *chuckles*


S: I’m being seduced by you, who has such an awful scent, you know? Look, come here. Come to my side more. Face me… more. Yes… like that… spread yourself more… and nestle tightly into my chest. *grabs you* Haha… so you can do it, can’t you? Hey… do you want a reward? The reward you want… is naturally my fangs, right? Are you more pleased with the fangs of a First Blood rather than those vampires? *chuckles*


S: In that case, I’ll bite your finger this time. *bites* Does it hurt? Haha, in that case it would be your highest reward, wouldn’t it? Look… at the marks of these fangs. It looks like a ring. As a symbol of their vows humans put on rings… so you could say that this wound is our vows. Yes, it’s a vow. In other words, you’re not my older brother’s but–


Carla: Is that how it is… Shin?

S: Ah, brother?!

C: You really don’t learn from your lessons. You keep on trying, countless of times, to outwit me… and each time I respond with this… *pierces through Shin who chokes on blood* my hand through your body. Even though I’ve said I would kill you… *withdraws hand*

S: Ugh… *groans and collapses*

C: Hmph. Good gracious, you really are my cute little brother, Shin. Hahaha. *walks over to you* Now, stand up woman. Playtime ends here. The one who will consume you is me, Tsukinami Carla.


C: Are you overawed by me? *amused chuckle* What a nice reaction. Come with me. *walks away* Quickly, now. Hm? What? If it is about Shin then you can leave him as is. More importantly, do you understand? It’s not intelligent to anger me right now. You’ve heard from Shin, have you not? *chuckles* Hurry up. The moon is waning. Don’t dawdle.

[01:45] *grabs you*

C: Or is it that you also want to be pierced through the body like Shin? *lowers voice* If not then come with me obediently. Resistance is futile. You can’t defy me. Like Shin, I do not think of you as anything more than blood. Yes, obey the rules and complete your blood for me. If you do so, I will not act violently.


C: Only… don’t be mistaken. I will not show mercy if you defy me; I would completely erase your blood and your flesh, until you are but bones, from this world. I am different from the vampires you were with before, and your halfhearted sentiments will not apply to me. Do you understand?


C: The moon has already disappeared… We have no time. Come in. *walks off* Where is this place, you say? What will you do once you know? Will you run away? Or will you send out a call for help? For example, to those vampires… Will that even be granted? For them, they are only conscious of you being a delicious prey. I heard it all from Shin. Those vampires tormented you and made you suffer through utterly embarrassing acts.

[03:55] *tears your clothes*

C: The proof of that are these injuries all over your body, no? You may not think so but I can see everything… all the marks from their fangs. Here… and here… and even here… It’s quite unsightly. It seems like those vampires are quite attached to you… like ants swarming around sugar. And then they are fated to commit the sin of trampling the flower. In other words, it’s instinct.


C: Be that as it may though, I have no intention of forgiving them. I will definitely compensate them for laying a hand on what belongs to me. *pulls you closer* For that sake, a purification is needed first. I will return your blood to its original form. I will purify you… like this. *kisses* I will make your corrupted blood suitable for me. *kisses* Be grateful. It’s fine if you do not understand my meaning… there’s no need for you to think over every little thing. I have no time and if you continue to chatter pointlessly from here on… You understand, right?


C: You have no right to refuse. Be silent and… entrust that body of yours to me. Or… is that you still have wholehearted faith in those vampires? What a neaningless thing… you, of all people, should know that best. All of their words are lies… it is just superficial nonsense and there is no need to believe in it. You must look only at me. Do not think about useless things… nor will I permit you to think. Because you came to me like this, there is no other road for you but your submission to me.


C: Oh? Even now you are still giving me that look. Fine, if that is your intention… *chokes you* It looks like the mongrel needs discipline. If I show you your actual situation, I think even a human woman will understand but… it seems that you do not. It looks like I should have made this known to you from the start; that everything about you is ruled and you may move only if I say so. *tightens grip* Now, what will you do? If I apply a little more pressure, your neck will surely break. *chuckles*


C: You look as if you want to say something. It appears that you value your life. I will listen to your response… choose your words cautiously so that they do not wreck my mood. You will… obey me? Heh, you should have done that from the start. Listen well, this won’t happen again. If you disobey me once again I will gouge out your heart. I do not care anything about you, who is merely a container, if you were to cease existing. If something like you, the exception, were to appear with obedience to me and did not waste my time then I would gladly gouge out your heart. If you understand then be silent and give me your blood. If you do that, then I will hold you as you are currently.


C: It looks like you have finally thrown away your defiance. Now that it has appeared it is quite humorous. Heheh, a limited existence is such a wretched thing. No matter how much they struggle, they can do nothing if their life is to be taken. Now… let us begin… for the sake of us ancestors. Strip.


C: You’re quite wet… is this Shin’s work? It looks like he tried to use water to hide your scent but… heh, this smell can’t be erased with that. This smell has to be severed at its source. Now, strip more. That piece of cloth is only in the way. Remove everything. Yes… Originally, someone like you, a vulgar creature, would not be able to come close to me, the king of ancestors; understand that and conduct yourself properly.

[05:00] *chuckles*

C: What a nice appearance; think of it as proof that you have become someone who does as they are told to by me. From this point on, be like this when you are by my side. Every time I look at your body and confirm whether or not you have obeyed me… become smothered with pleasure. Do you understand? Then come here. Now.


C: For me to be touching this kind of woman… if it were not for the sake of the ancestors, it would be hard to endure. Do your utmost to remain quiet and accept my fangs. First, we’ll start from your neck. *bites* Once more… *bites*

[06:40] *chuckles*

C: This is quite an awful flavor… as if those vampires have blended in with your blood. I want to hurl. I couldn’t have thought it would be like this… *bites* *growls* It has been a long time since I have felt this welling up of rage… my hatred for them is inevitable.


C: Does it hurt? That is what my rage is…! Remember this… I will engrave the memory of that pain firmly on that body of yours. *bites* Haha, what’s wrong? Have you given up already? It won’t end yet with just this… If the poison spread in your body from those vampires is not extracted then you can’t become mine in its true meaning. *bites*


C: For that sake, accept my fangs more and more with your body. Like this… each time it pierces you. *bites* Quake with pleasure! *bites* Even if it hurts, it is a joyful occasion to be given something by your master. Rather, it would be proper to beg for more. It looks like you do not have this custom.


C: In this situation, I will have to re-discipline you. *tears clothes* Now, next is this place. I will erase all of those irritating vampires’ marks. *kisses* Even though it has been a while since I have had blood… to accept even this… My hatred for you and those vampires only accumulates. I will draw out every drop of blood, until none is left, and replace it. *bites*


C: Ah, this wound on your finger… it looks to be a considerably recent wound. Hmph, it belongs to Shin? He really is hopeless. He wanted to see his fangs in you before mine, huh. Knowing that he is not a match for me, he still bares his fangs. He’s pushing his luck only because he is one of the last remaining First Bloods, good gracious. He’s a troublesome one. Hold out your hand. Quickly.

[11:15] *grabs your hand*

C: I will erase this wound with the mark of my own fangs. Relax, you don’t want to lose your finger, right? Now… *bites* Heh.. hehe… were you enduring the pain? How charmless. If you had wanted to struggle due to what I was doing then you should have struggled. *bites* With this Shin’s fang marks have completely disappeared. His tricks do not work on me. Hm? Ah, your blood is on me, huh. Lick it. Lick it clean.


C: Yes, that’s right. Do it more thoroughly. Haha, now, clean it up more. Yes, lick it all. Do not take a break. Who granted you permission to stop?… Hm, well, this is good enough. Listen, if you offer up your blood to your master then you have to pay attention to the clean up of your own blood. One does not dirty their master, do you understand? If you understand then we will move on. Where next? You shall move to continue the purification. Come here above me.


C: Yes, that’s right. Straddle me. Hurry up. Come closer so that I can see you easily… I am looking for a place to purify you effectively; it would be best in a place where those vampires have bitten you the most. Where that is… I will search for it. Here? Or… here? Turn around, yes, like that.


C: I’ve found it; right here… there is an ugly mark lingering on your lower back. Heh, though I wanted you to bare all your marks, even I did not think it would be so unsightly. Now, stay like that and hold yourself up with your hands. Hurry up. If you do that then I will give you a reward. Bear with this just like that. *bites*


C: For someone like me to have no choice but to sink my fangs into those vampires’ half-eaten prey… *bites and growls* Someone like you would not understand this humiliation. *bites and growls* Tch! As I thought, this is unbearably disgusting. *bites*


C: Are you crying? Heh… what is there to cry about? *grabs you* Answer me. Oh? I wouldn’t understand? That is quite an impertinent claim. It looks like you haven’t had enough pain… *bites*


C: You still make such lovely expressions, unchanged even though you are crying. Hehe… could it be that you, like I’ve said, want a pain that makes you gasp? Hmph, I’m mistaken? But it is too late to keep up appearances. You know full well that ahead of the pain lies a deep pleasure. That corrupted blood of yours resulted from an agreement of those vampires’ instincts and your instincts, no? Your blood was dirtied through your selfishness… for the reward of pleasure!


C: Do not turn your head away. I will not permit you to avert your eyes. Look well at me, the person who is purifying your dirtied blood. *bites* What’s the matter? As I thought, are you in an ecstasy from my fangs?… *bites* Hahaha… now, woman, re-learn your body. Remember well with that body how my fangs are able to give you a pleasure greater than any others.


C: Now… more… Hm? *footsteps can be heard* Heh, you’ve finally come.

S: Brother.

C: Shin, you are quite late.

S: I’m sorry that I was in the middle of something. *turns to you* What’s wrong? Your eyes are all round.

C: Shin, she’s surprised by your appearance.

S: Hm? Ah, I’m covered in blood, huh. But this girl’s appearance is quite amazing. *goes to where you are* Eh? I died? Ah, you mean the playing around I did with my brother? What do you think I am? Even though I died I have immortal blood.

C: It looks like those vampire brothers do not play around like this.

S: Heh? Oh well, they can do whatever they want in this world. There are more enjoyable things then this kind of fooling around, huh, though you’ve said that we have no time…


C: Impatience is forbidden.

S: I know, brother.

C: Also, Shin… it won’t happen again.

S: Hmph, what are you talking about?

C: Don’t play innocent.

S: If you are talking about sucking this girl’s blood, I was thinking of you when I did it. It’s such an awful smell, you see.

C: Do you wish to anger me?

S: Woah, I have no intentions of doing that. Please don’t misunderstand. Moreover, it looks like that girl wants to say something. I wonder if we should hear her out for once?


C: What is it. You are just a human, you say? Heh, why are you saying this now?

S: If you were just a human, would those vampires really crowd around you like this? You really are an idiot.

C: You can think that if you wish, but the truth is the truth. It is impossible that you do not know about your own heart and what it is, right?

S: The heart of the daughter of the Demon Lord, Cordelia, has to be embedded within you.

C: Shin… that is the truth but the truth that is important to us is a bit different.

S: I know. *turns to you* And you know it too, right? That you aren’t normal. But even still you want to be a human?


C: Even still you are a human, you say… I see. It looks like an urgent purification is needed before it is too late. Shin, you–

S: I would help you even if you didn’t say it. This is our dearest wish as brothers, after all.

C: Don’t be mistaken. In the end, you are–

S: *sighs with annoyance* I get it, brother. The reason I gave you before about sucking this girl’s blood is not a lie. Also, I am like your servant, brother. Any feelings of it being unbearable do not exist.

C: Because you are a sibling who shares my blood… and one of the last remaining First Bloods… I will leave it at that as I do not want to show you the true meaning of those words. Nevertheless, treason is a grave sin. If you wish to oppose me, I will not show mercy. I will tear you to pieces and burn you as an offering to purgatory.

S: Brother, I would not think it so bad to be consigned to oblivion if that is what you, as an ancestor, are implying in the true meaning.


C: *growls* Shin…

S: Right now was just a joke.

C: Good, then. You are an ancestor therefore, even if that was a joke, do not speak so lightly.

S: I understand. Everything is at your discretion.

C: I see. In that case… I permit you to come onto this bed.

S: *amused* I’m filled with a thankful happiness. *gets on* Now then, let’s continue the purification.

C: Shin, do not reinforce her struggling. This woman is someone who should be succumbing into servitude to us.

S: Sorry, sorry! BE QUIET! Geez, shit… don’t make this difficult. Stop struggling! Cut it out and just give up. Everything is useless… You don’t want to be taken in by their blood and become a vampire, right?! Ugh, annoying… if my brother wasn’t here I would strike you. Look, stop struggling! Listen up, if you don’t let us purify your blood you will be trapped by the blood of those vampires. We’re… saving you by doing this! *tears cloth* When you’re only obedient if you’re restrained like this… just how did the vampires discipline you?!


C: By encouraging her defiance like this. It is said that prey taste better when they have spirit, no? That is why I said it before… not to reinforce her defiance. I cannot endure being placed together with those inferior vampires.

S: Heh, I see. Well, even if that is said, your blood is completely disgusting to me. Brother, in your centuries’ of drinking blood this is the worst, isn’t it? Hahaha!

C: It is no problem. It is for our family’s sake. If this could be said to be the work of an emperor… then I will accept it.

S: As expected of my brother, huh. Personally I think it’s so bad I want to die… to the point where I want to kill those vampires too, haha.

C: Shin… the talking ends here. You will use your fangs on her lower half… like this, I will continue the purification from her neck again.

S: Hah, another punishment again? It makes me feel like it’d be better to be killed by my brother.

C: Woman, we made you wait, huh. This time you will be assaulted with twice the pleasure; a great desire of yours, is it not? Rejoice, hehe.


S: I’m going to start with the foot. Be prepared. *bites*

C: I see… it hurts, does it? Then I will give you even more pain… from your breast. *bites*

S: *breathing deeply* It’s… a little better than it was since last time, huh. *bites*

C: It looks like the results of the purification are appearing. *bites*


S: But… it’s still not enough. *bites*

C: Don’t panic. We will make it in time for the lunar eclipse. Those vampires won’t be able to sense her presence. *bites*

S: Just thinking about them going into a frenzy searching for this girl makes me amused, haha. Brother, let’s change places.

C: Hmph, fine.

S: Thank you~! *bites*


C: What’s the matter? *amused* Your body is bouncing. *bites*

S: In that case, I will bite over here… on your waist. It’s not so bad to have both my brother’s fang marks and mine.

C: Heh, what are you joking around about. *drinking*

S: Brother, you like it too, don’t you? Playing around. *bites*


C: Hey, woman. Did you lose the will to resist? Haha, or is it… that you feel so good you could not care less? It looks like the latter is stronger… *bites*

S: Haha, she may have lost the will to resist but… this girl is still glaring at us.

C: Heh. Just how long can you maintain that look? Let us test it out. *bites*

S: You’re an interesting woman, hehe. *bites* By any chance, are you thinking of one of those vampires? Tch, there’s no way that could happen, right?

C: As if those vampires are things that could be understood; after all, they are lowly vampires.

S: That’s right. In the first place, you should think about who dragged you along here… and when you do, you’ll realize there’s no way for them, right?


C: *bites and sucks* The taste of her blood is changing little by little.

S: *bites* Finally, the end of the limitless darkness is close as well, right?

C: Yes. The time has come, the moon has waned, and the seal on the doors will open. Us brothers will be set free and then… we will see the bright future, haha. Finally, the moon is full. Any time now, those vampires will start to feel our existence.

S: Haha, I wonder what they will do.

C: They can’t do anything. It is already impossible for them to stop us. We have our trump card here.


S: I was the one who brought her here.

C: Hehe, your reward was being able to play with her earlier.

S: Hm, well whatever.

C: *turns to you* You are nothing to us but a tool.

S: Hm? What is our goal…? It is for your sake that you know nothing though, I would think.

C: That’s right. You should just think about your own blood. Unless you are saying that you want to know more about the pain of continuing to be a tool… in which case, I wouldn’t not teach you.

S: After all, you are extremely masochistic, haha. Well, while remaining quiet and carrying out the duties of your position, you should just watch what will happen. You can’t run away anymore. If you do end up running… before you return to where those people are… you’ll already be messed up from us.


C: It would be troublesome for someone like you to mistake that you can do anything. You should live as an existence that does nothing but breathe… you understand the meaning in my words, yes? Hehe. It looks like you’ve reached an understanding.

S: Woah, it looks like the moon has become full while we were talking unnecessarily. It looks like we will need to conceal this girl in our home soon.

C: You’re right. We will conceal our bodies for a little while and continue the purification again.

S: It’ll take some time, huh.

C: It’s nothing compared to the several hundreds of years we spent trapped at the edges of purgatory. Rushing is forbidden. Woman, you will be helpful for our sake. Now, Shin, it’s almost time. We will hide this mansion from their eyes.


S: Understood. *walks away*

C: Shin.

S: Hm? What, brother?

C: Do not make me kill you. We are the only First Bloods left after all…

S: Heh, this isn’t like you, brother. You’ve said the same thing multiple times before. What’s wrong? Are you affected by that girl’s blood?

C: It’s because today is a different night than usual.

S: Hmm… even an ancestor of the First Bloods can’t defy the moon, huh.

C: …….

S: Brother, I understand your feelings. I said it before. You know best that I can’t go against you.

C: Hmph…


S: Well then, time is really running out, so I’ll be going. I want to avoid being found by them.

C: Ah… *Shin walks away* Shin… you… No, am I just worrying over nothing? But… he let it slip about our desired purification… I cannot let it be the same as it has been up until now. Woman, sleep for a bit. *knocks you out* I will not forgive anyone who goes against me, no matter who they are… even if that person is my younger brother.

[17:35] *Shin walking*

S: I am no match for my brother; his overwhelming power is too much as the Emperor of the ancestors and a descendant of the First Bloods. That is why I thought it was natural for me, the younger brother, to serve him. But continuing to think like that is troublesome, huh. That girl… if I had her… I… to my brother*… Even if he is my older brother I will make you mine. If that is the fate of our blood then… I will tear off the chains of my reason. [NOTE*: Shin is implying that he’ll kill his brother]

*transformation sound* *wolf howling*

6 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers Versus II ~ Carla vs. Shin ~

    DuxRomanorumSum said:
    August 7, 2015 at 11:19

    Track 6- well, if their plan was to give me a nosebleed, mission accomplished.

    But seriously, thanks for doing this translation! I’m still wading through More Blood-related media and trying to get a handle on the Mukamis, and I haven’t even touched Dark Fate yet, so this was my first introduction to the Tsukinamis. Shin seems to be the more interesting of the two- and he sure doesn’t waste any time, does he? I am a little wary, though, of another older vs. younger brother conflict….

    Also, is it just me, or does the romanji for Carla’s name just not match up with the actual pronunciation?

      Ilinox responded:
      August 10, 2015 at 17:15

      Ahaha, their plan to double-team you is a bit… *wipes sweat*.

      And thank you as always for reading and commenting <3! I have to admit that I actually really like brother vs. brother conflicts (or family conflicts in general) so I didn't mind it this much. Hopefully it's different from Shu and Reiji because, in this case, Carla is so overwhelmingly powerful and ambitious.

      I think the romanji for his name is pretty close! They don't have a stand-alone "r" sound so "ru" is the closest in this way to get to Carla. At least it's not something like アルル for Arles LOL. I still scratch my head over that one.

    […] Tsukinami Carla VS Tsukinami Shin (C) […]

    Yellow Apple said:
    April 24, 2015 at 06:09

    Thank you for your translation! I’ve been pretty busy lately and I felt like opening your blog. I fully understand your lateness. Keep up with your own pace! ^^
    Shin is kinda hot…I guess. Although, both of them act all high and mighty that it pisses me off.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 26, 2015 at 00:52

      Ahaha, thank you so much for being so understanding <3! I think their arrogance is something we'll have to blindly accept for all Diabolik Lover vampires because they're so powerful… but yeah! I personally like Carla's design better but I've always been a sucker for men with scarves |D *cough Iroha cough*.

      DuxRomanorumSum said:
      August 7, 2015 at 11:05

      Carla is gorgeous, but I often see Shin drawn with this infectious grin I can’t help but love.

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