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(Each of these short stories cost 150 points ;w; I’m going to need to shoot more butterflies in this game to earn points for the rest of these, haha. At any rate, these episodes show some small and cute events with the cast before we go back to the doom and gloom. By the way, according to the flowchart, it looks like all of these are happening around the end of Chapter 1.)

By the way, feel free to chat in any of these posts about your predictions on what will happen. Favorite characters? Least favorite? I hope you guys find these posts exciting since it’s literally like reading beside me. We also get to learn more about our hilarious cast.

*** COOKING WITH EVERYONE (みんなでお料理)***

After they made their base in this hiding place, they had to solve a number of problems. One of these was food. They had no Internet recipes, rice cookers, or anything convenient like that but there were ingredients so that everyone could make what they liked to eat. In the middle of being nervous about fighting the monsters, gathering together to eat was a way to ease their minds.

Karasuba, who is lying on the sofa, sighs and complains about being hungry. Yamato points out that they just ate a while ago; was it not enough? Karasuba shakes his head and explains that, since they’ve been trapped here, he hasn’t had much of an appetite and so hasn’t eaten much. It’s that kind of reaction. No matter how much he eats, he still feels like it’s not enough.

Beniyuri laughs before awkwardly admitting that she feels the same… emptiness in her stomach? Karasuba grins widely upon hearing her words because he knew she’d understand! He leaps up from the sofa and grabs her hands tightly. Beniyuri gasps while Yamato snaps at Karasuba not to touch her so nonchalantly. Karasuba backs up and asks Yamato why he’s so angry; could he be jealous?

Yamato chokes before retorting that he’s mistaken; it’s just that he can’t believe Karasuba can be so overly familiar with a girl that he hasn’t even known for a while. Karasuba smirks and declares that he is jealous then! He’s jealous because he wants to get along well with Beniyuri too. Yamato snarls at him to shut up and asks if he wants that impudent mouth to be taped shut.

Hikage appears and tells them both to be quiet before asking why they’re so loud. In the commotion, Hikage had gotten close to Karasuba before they noticed him. Kagiha asks the two of them to stop fighting because, starting from here, they are to be companions that need to move together so they should try to get along, yeah? Karasuba immediately states that he didn’t do anything! Yamato was the one who turned on him. Yamato turns on him with a glare; he’s still saying that stuff?!

Beniyuri interrupts and reminds them that they can’t fight! At her yell, both Karasuba and Yamato immediately stop moving. She stutters in the silence before deciding that everyone must be irritable because they’re hungry, right? Hikage notes that she lumped them all together under “everyone” but the ones who are quarreling are Yamato and Karasuba. Beniyuri awkwardly admits that but says that she’s hungry too though.

Kagiha enters the conversation by commenting on how strange it is to want to eat something once people start talking about being hungry like this, right? Beniyuri decides to make something and she’ll take requests from people. Karasuba immediately says that he wants to eat curry. Kagiha likes that idea because they can store the extra; he’ll help with the cooking. Beniyuri thanks him. Karasuba also volunteers to help because he’ll do anything in order to eat Beniyuri’s curry.

Beniyuri starts to say the three of them will cook it then… but Yamato interrupts and asks if they can even do it. Beniyuri hesitates but points out it’s curry so it should be okay. He gapes at her words and points out that if she cooks it irresponsibly and it turns out bad then the entire thing will be bad. Karasuba raises an eyebrow and asks if Yamato is going to eat it, since he spoke like he wasn’t hungry.

Kagiha asks with a kind smile if Yamato likes curry. Yamato blurts out that his preferences have nothing to do with this! At any rate, he can’t leave it to them. Karasuba starts to smirk and says that, even though he’s saying that, he just wants to be with Beniyuri, right? Yamato retorts that he’s not someone who only has girls in their mind, unlike someone. Beniyuri groans at how they’re fighting again and turns to Hikage instead to ask what he’s going to do. Does he want to make curry with them?

Hikage has a serious expression on his face and seems to be thinking of something. She asks him if there’s something he’s concerned about. He shakes his head after a second and points out that, putting aside the fact that they have plenty of ingredients, they don’t know how long it’ll take until they can get out… and so he’s wondering if it’s okay for them to eat things freely like this. MM I LOVE SENSIBLE MEN.

Beniyuri realizes that he has a good point. But Hikage agrees with Kagiha and, if they make a lot, they can save on the use of ingredients. He’ll join them. Beniyuri asks him confusedly if that means she can count on him to help them…? Hikage turns around and asks over his shoulder if she didn’t hear what he just said; everyone is sharing ingredients and so he can’t not participate in this situation. And he doesn’t know what will happen if anyone is alone, so it’s safer for everyone to be together.

Karasuba tells Hikage not to have such an air of superiority and if he wanted to join them then he should just say so. Hikage raises an eyebrow and points out that he just declared in the most easiest and understandable way that he does wish to join them. Karasuba leans in to whisper to Beniyuri that Hikage has a troublesome attitude. DON’T DISS MY MAN. Beniyuri can only laugh awkwardly. For her, Hikage is reliable but he also seems hard to please. Kagiha suggests they all move to the kitchen.

And so everyone moves into the kitchen and checks for ingredients to use in the curry. Kagiha notes that there’s vegetables and dried meat but no curry roux. Karasuba gasps and asks if this means they can’t eat curry. Beniyuri also notes that there doesn’t seem to be curry powder… should they try some other food? Kagiha agrees and thinks they should just make something they have the ingredients for; he asks Yamato for his opinion.

Yamato gruffly questions why he’s being asked. He’s fine with eating anything. Karasuba grins and says that, so long as Beniyuri makes it, he’ll eat anything as if it were delicious. Beniyuri looks at the ingredients and wonders about boiling them or making a stew; there’s soy sauce but… Karasuba likes the idea of a stew! It has the taste of family. They continue to talk but soon it comes time to cook.

Hikage suddenly orders everyone to stop and the mood in the kitchen turns urgent. Yamato is taken aback and asks if there’s something else. Hikage points out that they can make curry by mixing these spices. Karasuba informs him that he knows that too but how is he going to mix them? Hikage says that he wouldn’t know such a thing but it’s written here. As he says that, he pulls out a memo from the spice rack.

Beniyuri blinks and asks if Hikage wrote that. He shakes his head and explains that he found it by coincidence in the opening of a bottle. Kagiha wonders if this was prepared by this mansion’s “master”. Hikage doesn’t know but the memo does detail how to make vegetable curry. It looks like if they mix these spices they’ll be able to create curry; he points towards the spice rack. On the rack are many small bottles lined up in a row with labels on it that are written in an unknown language.

She reads them out: cumin, turmeric, cardamom, coriander, ginger, red pepper… they are all things she hasn’t heard of. Yamato points out that they just need to mix it according to what is written, right? They have spoons and can mix the measured amount on a plate. It’s not difficult. Karasuba teases him about saying such an intelligent thing. He must really want to eat curry. Yamato snaps back that Karasuba is the one who wants to eat it the most, isn’t he?!

Beniyuri asks Yamato if he enjoys cooking. Yamato averts his eyes and starts to turn red as he stutters out that it’s not that… he just feels like… he can remember it. Upon hearing his words, Hikage place a hand on his chin and gives a small nod. He agrees with Yamato’s method and how they’ll be able to mix it like that. Karasuba decides that Hikage should be the one to mix the spices then! Hikage frowns and asks why it’s him. Karasuba points out that his specialty is details, right?

Kagiha agrees and thinks everyone will be at ease if it’s Hikage. Hikage doesn’t really care but… he shakes his head and suggests that the rest of them continue down the instructions then. He hands the recipe over to Beniyuri who notes that there are detailed instructions on what to do after gathering the ingredients too. She’s amazed at how it looks like a genuine recipe.

Karasuba agrees and even sees that the recipe calls for canned tomatoes. But won’t it be too thick with this recipe? Kagiha thinks it’s fine since they wouldn’t have been able to eat curry without it. Yamato reminds them that he did say he’d eat anything. Kagiha suggests that they decide on whose doing what for the rest of the tasks. At his urging, everyone heads towards the sink.

They followed the vegetable curry recipe that Hikage discovered and were able to continue to make their curry. Beside her, as she grates the ginger, Yamato suddenly grimaces. She asks him if something is wrong but he tells her curtly that it’s nothing and looks away. He’s acting strange. Kagiha asks him worriedly if he cut his finger. Beniyuri gasps and then asks him to show her. Yamato tries to avoid her though and tells her not to touch him.

As he turns away though she can see tears welling up in his eyes. She hesitantly asks him if it hurts that much. Yamato growls out that she’s wrong and then mutters out that the onions are just getting to his eyes. She doesn’t catch his words. Karasuba tells her to leave Yamato alone and that he’s just of no use if he has no strength and cries at a cut. He sighs loudly to tease Yamato as he washes the rice.

Yamato whirls back angrily and yells out that the onions just stung his eyes and then covers his eyes with the palm of his hands. Karasuba laughs at how uncool he is and also calls him a bully for getting angry at him, the victim. Kagiha smiles warmly and tells Karasuba to leave it at that. Meanwhile, Beniyuri apologizes for being mistaken and reassures him that it can’t be helped if he cries while cutting onions; they’re quite strong.

But this only causes Yamato to drop his head and wonder what kind of follow up that was… he changes the topic to ask how her progress is doing. Beniyuri reports that she’s grated the garlic and ginger. Kagiha recalls that the next step is frying the onions, garlic, and ginger. He goes to get a pot. Beniyuri thanks him. Yamato also finishes cutting the onions and then asks Hikage whether the spices are ready.

Hikage snaps at him to be silent though and not to talk to him. OH MY GOD THIS GROUP OF WEIRDOS IN THE KITCHEN. He raises his eyes and glares at Yamato. Yamato is completely taken aback and tells him that he doesn’t need to be so angry. Hikage only states tensely that he’s making sure of the amount for the last spice and he can’t have his concentration interrupted. Karasuba tells Hikage that they don’t have to be that exact. If they add a little bit too much it won’t change the taste.

But Hikage only retorts that a moment of inattentiveness will invite failure on the entire thing. Now he wants them all to just shut up and BE QUIET! In the face of his angry look, everyone can only quietly step back and nod. Beniyuri thinks that rather than being meticulous Hikage is more neurotic; she’s a bit surprised.

At any rate, in the end, Beniyuri declares that they’ve completed it. She stops the fire on the stove and then turns around to face everyone. Yamato cheers loudly with a grin. Karasuba also cheers for the completion of Beniyuri’s curry! Yamato and Karasuba, who had been watching over her while holding their breath, accidentally meet each other’s faces with a grin. But then they instantly frown and turn away as if their mood soured.

Hikage comments on the nice smell and Kagiha agrees. It makes one want to eat it immediately and it looks like the rice is done too. He opens the lid and the sweet smell of cooked rice spreads across the room. Karasuba loves the smell. Hikage also smiles and can’t help but feel like it’ll all be delicious. Beniyuri suggests that everyone takes a plate and decides on their own amount, as much as they like. Karasuba agrees and also wants to go first.

Yamato orders him not to take all the meat because there’s little of it! Kagiha tells them to calm down because the curry won’t disappear on them. Hikage rolls his eyes at how they’re like children. Beniyuri giggles but thinks that it’s very characteristic of them… and it looks like they get along. Both Yamato and Karasuba yell at the same time and ask her who she’s saying is similar to that guy! Beniyuri only thinks that even their breathing is on time; they really get along well.

At any rate, after they eat, Yamato is grinning in delight as he comments on how he can’t fit anymore in. Karasuba complains that Yamato ate too much and he’ll get fat. Yamato tells him to shut up because Karasuba ate three servings, so he can’t say anything. Kagiha steps in between them and laughs awkwardly before agreeing that it really was delicious. He thanks Beniyuri for making it.

Hikage grins and also compliments her on it being quite good; it was a good performance. Beniyuri only smiles and shakes her head before saying that it was made with everyone working together. She doesn’t think they’d have been able to make it if Hikage didn’t find the memo. Karasuba admits that he’s surprised to have seen how fussy Hikage was about the spices. He’s looking out of the corner of his eyes at Hikage as he says this.

But Hikage looks unconcerned and crosses his arms. He believes that if one isn’t thorough then they’ll fail and the same goes for cooking. Yamato mutters that he thinks Hikage takes that a bit too far though. Beniyuri laughs awkwardly before saying that she thinks the careful mixing of the spices was what made the curry delicious though. Karasuba exaggeratedly points out how Beniyuri is so kind to follow up with Hikage and he’s moved; he covers his face jokingly and acts as if he’s crying.

Beniyuri tells him that if he’s so moved then he should clean up together with her. Karasuba nods before saying that he’ll let Yamato do it. Yamato immediately glares and angrily asks why it’s him. Hikage states that cleaning up after eating is the obvious thing to do. Kagiha points out that it’ll be over soon if everyone does it.

Everyone is tense because they haven’t found a clue to leave this mansion yet. But, for today, a gentle mood envelops them. Even though it started as just a suggestion, they ended up making curry. It might be good for everyone to be frank with one another.


There are guest rooms in their hiding place and it’s a convenient place to live. The conversation room also has a strange objects stacked in it. But, in a mansion where anything might happen, even if their interest is grabbed, they have no intentions of touching anything. In the middle of this, Hikage said one thing.

In the morning, when everyone has gathered together, Hikage suddenly tells them that he wants to explore this room today. Karasuba points out that it was already searched, wasn’t it? Hikage states that the previous search was for things in the mansion and they haven’t yet investigated every little thing in this room. Kagiha agrees with Hikage and thinks it’s a good idea to search this room.

Beniyuri also agrees and thinks they might find a clue on how to escape this place; she asks what Yamato and Karasuba think. Yamato shrugs and says he doesn’t care either way and they can do whatever they like. Karasuba decides to join them since he has nothing else to do anyway. Hikage suggests assigning roles to everyone to split the labor of the search up. Yamato scoffs because he doesn’t think they need to do something that grand. Can’t they just search whatever interests them?

Hikage reminds him that they aren’t doing this to pass the time. They are trying to find clues on how to escape this place. Karasuba comments on how Hikage really is serious unlike the sloppy Yamato. Yamato tells him to shut up and that he doesn’t want to hear it from him. Beniyuri tells the two of them not to fight and then asks on how they should assign roles. Hikage starts to think on that…

But then Karasuba states that he wants to be with Beniyuri and he wants to search a small and easy place. L M F A O. Yamato tells him that no one asked for his opinion. Karasuba’s eyes widen as he points out that this kind of thing is decided by whoever is fastest. Kagiha frowns and points out that deciding by the fastest isn’t fair and prone to dispute. Beniyuri suggests drawing lots.

Hikage likes that suggestion because it’s impartial; he also comments on how she can say clever things from time to time. She laughs sheepishly. Karasuba gapes at her and tells her that those words weren’t a compliment! Kagiha smiles awkwardly and says that he’ll make the lots then. He grabs a memo pad in the room, rips out 5 pieces of paper, and writes numbers on them. It looks like they would draw lots and then the number they draw dictates the area they search.

Kagiha murmurs on how it seems kind of fun to have it like a game. He finishes it and then Hikage suggests placing them face down and mixing them so that no one can claim unfairness. Karasuba is surprised because he didn’t think Hikage would be so cunning and he was going to meddle with the lots. But, as expected of the neurotic. Yamato rolls his eyes in exasperation and says that Karasuba is just too insensitive. He should learn from Hikage.

At any rate, Hikage mixes the papers together as Karasuba jokes around and then he orders Beniyuri to pull one out. She draws the number 5. Yamato draws the number 3. Karasuba draws the number 1 and he pouts at being separated from Beniyuri. Kagiha draws the number 4 and notes that he’ll be close to Beniyuri. He asks her to take care of him. Hikage notes that he has the last one, which is number 2. He tells everyone to go to their assigned places and search. If they find anything important then they should report it immediately. Everyone nods and then scatters to their assigned places.

Beniyuri, who is in the kitchen, crouches down and becomes eager to find anything. But they’re always using the kitchen and so she doesn’t think she’d find anything new. She opens the cupboard under the sink and peers into it but only finds spare dish cloths. She thinks she should just abort her search and starts to close the door when… deep in the cupboard she finds two tin cans with rose patterns on their lids.

She thinks it looks pretty and wonders what’s inside. Maybe there is an important clue hidden inside? Although she knows that it shouldn’t be that easy. But, no matter what trivial thing she finds, discovering something new makes her heart leap in anticipation. She goes to open it but… no matter how hard she twists either one of the lids she can’t open it. It looks like she has no choice but to carry these.

However, sitting in front of the cupboard, she hears a voice call out from behind her. Kagiha asks if she found something. When she turns around she sees Kagiha looking over at her over the kitchen counter. She informs him that she found a can but she can’t open the lid. He tilts his head before smiling and asking her to lend it to him. She passes it over but warns him that it might be difficult since they’re stuck.

He smiles as he receives both cans and tells her not to worry. He places his hand on the lid… but he can’t get it open either. He frowns as he notes that it really is stuck. Beniyuri hesitantly tells him not to overexert himself and that it’d be bad if he broke a nail. LMFAO IT’S GOING TO HURT HIS PRIDE AS A MAN THOUGH. He tells her not to worry because just a bit more and it’ll open. He pops the lid off with a smile.

Beniyuri is in complete awe since she couldn’t open it at all. He chuckles before pointing out that he’s a male and so he has more strength than her. CUE ME ROLLING MY EYES. I ALSO WANTED TO SEE HIKAGE FLEX HIS MUSCLES–. She thanks him before peeking inside the tin to see what’s inside. A sweet smell floats up. There’s tea leaves in here! Kagiha guesses from the smell that it’s orange and roses.

She thinks it does smell like that… but is he familiar with tea? He narrows his eyes in thought and answers that he’s not too sure but he does know that he likes it. Beniyuri takes a look into the other tin and notes that it has cookies! Although, she’s not sure if they can eat them. Kagiha tells her that he’ll test them for poison. Without any hesitation, he picks one up and takes a bit out of it.

Beniyuri gasps and then asks him worriedly if he’s okay. Does it taste strange!? He grins and tells her that it’s sweet and delicious. Would she like one? She accepts it cautiously and then takes a bite. It’s as he says, soft and sweet with vanilla, and it makes her feel good. She blurts out that it’s delicious. He tells her that he likes sweet things so this is a happy discovery; it also looks like it’d go well with that tea.

He also tells her that she doesn’t have to be shy and, if he can do it, then she should rely on him. He smiles widely and closes his eyes. Beniyuri is taken aback by how calm he is and realizes that he’s right in that she doesn’t need to be shy and afraid. But for him to like sweets… it’s kind of cute. After her discovery of cookies and tea, she doesn’t find anything else. After she searches through the shelves, she heads to the conversation room where the three men are.

She pauses when she sees Karasuba in front of the bookshelves alone and absorbed in reading a book. It’s rare to see him with such a serious face. She thinks it would be bad to interrupt him if he found an important clue but he’s completely absorbed and she finds herself curious as to what he’s reading. She takes a peek from behind him.

But Karasuba yelps and exclaims his surprise upon seeing Beniyuri. She apologizes for surprising him and explains that she was curious about what he was reading. He rubs at the back of his neck in awkwardness and admits that he found this and became engrossed in it. And then he turns it around so she can see the front. It’s “The Setting Sun” by Dazai Osamu. Is it fiction? Karasuba nods before revealing that he feels like he read this a lot… in his past.

Beniyuri also seems to recall the name but it’s complicated. She takes the book from him and flips through some pages. It’s an old book in a writing style that she isn’t used to and with many difficult words; it looks like it’d take her a lot of time to read it. Karasuba thinks it’s strange but he found it nostalgic and so he started reading it. Beniyuri hums in thought and asks him if he likes books.

Karasuba has a conflicted expression as he answers that he thinks… he might? But doesn’t this suit him more over books? He pulls out a plushie and holds it out to her. Beniyuri gasps because she’s seen this before! In the instant that she looks at the charming bear’s face, she recalls the name of the character. She thinks it’s the “Ponta Bear”. It’s a bit strange since it’s somewhere in the middle between a bear and a raccoon dog but the more she looks at it the more it gets cuter.

He tells her that it was hidden deep in the bookshelves; he also recalls that the name was Ponta, right? She nods excitedly and then tries to remember where she’s seen it from… Karasuba can’t remember where it came from either but he can remember its name. Beniyuri notes that even though they can’t remember anything about themselves they seem to remember other characters.

Karasuba realizes she has a point and then winks at her as he says that he’s kind of happy, since he found a common point that he and she share. She can’t help but smile back and nod. He thinks he’ll take it with him to his room, so that the nights won’t be lonely. Beniyuri thinks that’s a good idea. Karasuba then grins slyly and asks if he can bring it next time with him to play in Beniyuri’s room.

Beniyuri is fine with that and now she wants some kind of plushie too. He tells her to call for Ponta whenever she’s lonely and he’ll bring it to her. HE’S LIKE… KISE FROM KUROKO NO BASKETBALL OMG. He spins Ponta around. Beniyuri is extremely uneasy with not being able to remember anything about herself but having something in common is reassuring. It feels like they’re connected to the outside world.

At any rate, she moves to the sofas next and sees Yamato rolling a soccer ball with his foot. Yamato grunts when sees that it’s her and then answers that he’s finished searching this place and found a ball to pass the time with. He pushes it away and pulls it to him repeatedly. As she watches him, even someone like her can tell that those movements are from someone who is experienced.

She compliments him for being really skilled at it and asks if he played soccer. Yamato isn’t sure but he gets along well with it and if only there was larger place so that he could kick it as hard as he wanted. Yamato, who is usually in a bad mood and glaring, is eagerly playing with the ball. Beside him on the sofa is an old sports magazine. It’s open to a page about soccer and she can tell that Yamato had been reading it. She thinks he likes soccer since he seems happy after finding the ball.

Yamato suddenly looks at her and frowns before telling her not to stare at him. Beniyuri blinks before apologizing. It was just that he was so happy so… Yamato turns away and tells her that he’s doing fine here so she should go to someone else. She’s taken aback by his words and nods before apologizing again for interrupting him. She was glared at… but it looks like he found something that he personally likes. It’d be nice if it became a clue to return his memories.

Beniyuri finds Hikage in front of the table and staring at something intently with a contemplative expression. Hikage replies that he found and gathered things they’d need to live here, but he’s thinking about when to use them. She can see that he’s gathered a lot o things into a basket; from sideboards, to can openers, to rope, to metal fittings. Beniyuri is impressed and asks if he found all of this in this short time.

Hikage tells her that would be impossible and that, up to now, he’s been gathering necessary looking things whenever they explore. Beniyuri gapes when she realizes that by “up to now” he means ever since they arrived here. He’s very level-headed. He raises and eyebrow and points out that isn’t she just too relaxed? She winces but can’t refute that. At any rate, he points out that it’s not a problem to prepare themselves and the don’t know when they’ll be able to escape this place. She can only agree.

He repeats her words incredulously and then asks if she hadn’t thought about what would happen if their stay here lengthened or the probability of something unexpected happening? She laughs nervously and then explains that she was concentrated entirely on the matter of their memories and so hadn’t had time to think about that…?

Karasuba suddenly calls out to Hikage and Beniyuri and asks what they’re doing. WAIT WHAT? DON’T INTERRUPT MY TIME WITH HIKAGE!! Karasuba comes over to Hikage and Beniyuri while swinging Ponta and breaks the heavy atmosphere that was falling over them. Hikage narrows his eyes and tells Karasuba not to run in here because he’ll kick up the dust. He apologizes insincerely and then explains that it looked like Beniyuri and Hikage were having an intimate conversation. He adds that he’s bursting into flames from jealousy.

He sticks Ponta between Hikage and Beniyuri and she snickers unintentionally before addressing Ponta and telling it that Karasuba is always joking around. As the two of them play around with Ponta, Hikage stares at it suspiciously. He asks what that creepy plushie is. Karasuba explains that it’s the Ponta Bear! Has Hikage not seen it before? Hikage tries to confirm if they’re talking about this plushie with the empty eyes that is neither a raccoon dog or bear…

Hikage’s brows furrow as he takes a long and hard look at Ponta. It doesn’t look like he recognizes it. Yamato calls out and asks them what they’re doing since he’s been finished here a long time ago. This time, Yamato and Kagiha come over. And then Yamato sees the bear and states that he’s seen it before! Beniyuri asks him if he knows Ponta too? Yamato recalls that this character used its tail as a weapon. Karasuba is surprised to hear that it had that kind of setting.

He asks Kagiha if he knew that and looks to him for confirmation, but Kagiha is staring at Ponta with a curious look. He answers that he doesn’t remember it… but it’s cute. Gonta, was it? Karasuba hurriedly tells him that he’s wrong and it’s Ponta! If he had that name then he wouldn’t be a raccoon dog at all! Kagiha laughs and apologizes as he pets Ponta’s head, who is being held in Karasuba’s arms.

Beniyuri notes that there are people who have no interest in characters like this and, since they can’t remember where they’ve seen it, it can’t be helped. Hikage sighs and states that he has absolutely no interested in any and all plushies.

Karasuba teasingly says 「緋影っちがぬいぐるみ集めてニヤニヤしてたら、逆に気持ち悪いもんねー。なんか変態ぽいっていうか。」(On the contrary, if Hikagecchi collected plushies and started grinning, it’d feel creepy, huh. Like some kind of pervert). I CAN’T BREATHE. HELP. Beniyuri is flustered and hurriedly scolds Karasuba for being rude to Hikage, but he feigns ignorance and plays with Ponta.

She thinks that he’s a good person but from time to time she gets fearful of the cruel things he says. At any rate, Hikage notes that their search has ended. Did anyone find any clues? Kagiha reports that he found delicious cookies and tea. Karasuba reports that he found a partner he could take to bed. Yamato is disgusted at how Karasuba, as a man, is going to sleep with a plushie.

Karasuba retorts that Yamato is holding onto his soccer ball like it’s precious; he’s not a child. Hikage huffs and sees that everyone’s harvest amounts to nothing, but it can’t be helped. Kagiha asks Beniyuri if she found anything. Beniyuri is startled and then says slowly that she’s found… a surprising side to everyone? Upon saying this, she notices that everyone is looking at her with a weird expression. But she thinks from the bottom of her heart that her find was today’s best harvest.

She explains to them that she wants to get to know everyone better. Karasuba smiles and is bouncing as he agrees. He also wants to know a lot about her! Hikage can agree that it’s necessary to know more about the people they’re living together with. Kagiha smiles warmly and agrees that it’d be nice to know more about each other from here, and about themselves.

Yes, there are still a lot of things that they do not know. About everyone… about themselves… She wants to return her memories. On the other hand, knowing about her own thoughts and the type of people around her, gives her a small amount of… fear.

*** HIKAGE’S PISTOL LESSONS (俳影の拳銃指南)***

In the common room Hikage notes that everyone has assembled. Karasuba yawns and asks Hikage why he called them here in the middle of the night; he’s sleepy. Hikage explains that he wanted to train with their pistols. Yamato can’t believe he wants to do it now though; tomorrow works too, right? Karasuba suddenly notices that Beniyuri isn’t here. Why is that? Hikage explains that she’s already drawn out her pistol once before. But he wants to teach them about the things he’s noticed, since they haven’t drawn their guns out yet.

Kagiha also notes that Beniyuri seemed extremely tired today and it’d be awful if they woke her up. Karasuba’s eyes widen though and he asks if Hikage intends to be alone with Beniyuri and teach her by being hands-on with their hands, legs, and waist. Hikage calmly replies that he might do some training alone with her. Yamato slowly points out that he can’t tell when Hikage is being serious or joking.

At any rate, Kagiha thinks their training is necessary since they aren’t in a situation where they can rely on coincidence to draw out their pistols. They all recall Usagi’s words about how their weapons are formed with the power of their thoughts and born through strong emotions. If they use those weapons then they can put up a fight. Hikage believes that, if Usagi’s words are right, then their guns can be freely manipulated and it’s possible to draw it out here.

He’ll bring out his first and he wants everyone to watch his hands. He holds his hands together and points it toward the door, as if he were aiming a gun. Suddenly, light shines from his left hand and in an inexplicable flash a silver gun appears. Karasuba is impressed that it manifested in one shot. Kagiha is also in awe at how it appeared in such a short time. Hikage gives them a small smile and says that they just have to get used to it. He wants them to try now.

Yamato scoffs at his words though because it’s not that simple for them. Hikage continues on with his instructions to them though to imagine its shape, color, weight, and the sensation of just holding a gun in their hands. Karasuba doesn’t have that kind of memory though. Yamato doesn’t recall ever holding a gun either. Hikage is undeterred though and tells them to imagine it then; Karasuba, what kind of gun does he want?

Karasuba takes a moment to think and replies that he wants a sharp-looking cool gun? Hikage thinks that’s vague but they can work with it. He instructs Karasuba to strongly wish and desire for that gun. Karasuba closes his eyes and tries to imagine a gun but the image is vague and nothing appears. He whines out that it’s impossible. Hikage isn’t surprised since it’s not enough to just think of the shape. Karasuba thinks Hikage has a mean personality for making him do that when he already knew it wouldn’t work.

Kagiha steps in to mediate and points out that Hikage must have a reason for doing that. Hikage nods at Kagiha’s words and then turns to Karasuba to continue speaking. He asks Karasuba what he wants and what he wants to protect. If he knows that then he should be able to bring forth the gun. Hikage believes that the guns are just a symbol and they embody the feelings that they have in their hearts.

At Hikage’s confident words, Karasuba’s expression becomes faintly serious. He repeats the word “feelings” quietly and then thinks on what he wants to protect… and what he wants. He closes his eyes, inhales deeply, and then imagines. What he wants. What he wants to protect. He gathers his indistinct feelings and concentrates his awareness into his right hand. And then… a light wraps around his right hand before a silver gun appears.

Karasuba is shocked to see it appear and stares at the gun in his hands with wide eyes. The silver gun is heavy and shines coldly. Kagiha praises him and Karasuba smirks before saying that it was surprisingly easy, kind of. He urges Kagiha to try.

Kagiha nods and then regulates his breathing before closing his eyes. He becomes calm as if his surroundings were water and he was sinking down. What he wants… what he wants to protect, huh. The thing he wants is… He wishes. Hard. Very hard. And concentrates his awareness into his right hand. In the instant the air around him seems to tremble– a gun appears! Kagiha grins and Karasuba praises him for accomplishing it before turning to ask Yamato.

But Yamato, who has a sour face, is looking at his empty left hand. Karasuba nettles him about how, looking at his appearance, it seems that he hasn’t been able to draw out the gun yet. Yamato tells Karasuba that he’s being noisy and to be quiet because he’s concentrating right now. But Karasuba teases him more about how his brain is filled with muscles so he can’t form an image, huh. Yamato snaps at him to shut up because he can’t do it well if there’s noise.

Karasuba opens his mouth to say something again but Hikage brings his hand down sharply between them. He tells Karasuba that this isn’t a game and he needs to be quiet. Karasuba obeys but leaves a parting comment about how he doesn’t think it matters whether he’s being quiet or noisy. Yamato turns away with a scowl and declares that he’ll bring it out his gun immediately.

He clicks his tongue and assumes the stance for holding a gun again. But, because he’s irritated, his mind is filled with random thoughts and he can’t imagine the shape of the gun. Hikage advises him not to try to imagine it all at once but to slowly paint the image. What’s the color? The weight? Yamato murmurs that the color is silver… and the weight… He continues to imagine a gun in his hand; the weight, the sensation, the color, the shape.

As he thinks about this, and lets his mind wander, the image of a gun draws sharply into relief. Kagiha shouts out that he’s glowing and Yamato opens his eyes in anticipation and as if to draw his gun into his hand in one go. But the light breaks and disappears immediately from his hand. He swears and then tries again. Like last time, he slowly draws the image of the gun in his head. But no matter how many times he does it the result is the same.

He can draw the outline of the gun and he can get it up to the stage of appearing in his hand, but then it becomes blurred and disappears. Even though he can imagine it even to the point of feeling resistance on the trigger with his finger, he can’t achieve the crucial step of having the gun appear. Yamato finally snaps and angrily asks why it won’t come out. Karasuba shrugs points out that he just might not have the ability.

Yamato turns to snarl out that he doesn’t seem to know when he’s about to get hurt. Yamato goes to punch Karasuba but is held back by Kagiha who stops him hurriedly. Kagiha asks Yamato to calm down and tells Karasuba not to provoke him. Karasuba only grins and says that he was just speaking the truth. THAT’S SUCH A LOW BLOW KARASUBA. NOT REALLY LIKING YOU HERE… Yamato struggles violently upon hearing that.

But then Hikage orders them both to be quiet. He turns to Yamato and points out that he’s just one step away from achieve it; he just needs a bit more. Yamato replies sullenly that even if Hikage says that, he’s not sure what do do from here. Hikage sighs and then murmurs that it can’t be helped before he goes around behind Yamato and places his own hand on top of Yamato’s right hand. C R Y ING THIS SCENE.

Yamato stutters and asks him where he’s touching; it’s disgusting! Hikage calmly tells him that he’ll be able to imagine the weight easier like this. In the back, Karasuba comments on how this isn’t a scene he wanted to see; it makes him feel disgusted. Kagiha reminds Karasuba that he’s not supposed to say things like that.

Hikage tells them irritatedly that he’s not doing this because he wants to either but it’ll be difficult for them to collect the fragments if Yamato can’t bring out his gun. And that’s why, even though it’s disagreeable to him, he’s doing it because it can’t be helped. Yamato snaps out that he doesn’t want to be pressed up against Hikage either! Hikage orders him to just concentrate on bringing out his gun.

He urges Yamato to remember the time he was attacked by the monsters… the fear, the confusion, the sadness. In that instant, what did he wish for? What did he want to protect? Yamato repeats his words about the thing he wants… the thing he wants to protect… Hikage tells him that it’s fine if he can’t remember it clearly but what is the thing in his heart? Yamato’s brows furrow as he tries to find the thing in his heart. Hikage tells him lowly that there has to be something there.

Yamato thinks on Hikage’s words. He… wants to leave this place. He needs to return home. Hikage tells him to grab onto those feelings. Yamato nods curtly and goes to try it once more. He closes his eyes slowly, clenches his hand, and draw the shape of the gun while gripping his desires strongly. He creates an image of a silver gun. In that instant, Hikage senses something and calls out for Yamato to do it right now. Yamato opens his eyes and opens his clenched hand. Come!

Karasuba’s eyes widen while Kagiha praises him loudly. He did it! Yamato is shocked to see that he brought out his gun. It’s held firmly in his hand. Hikage huffs and comments on how he can do it after all; he’s a guy who causes trouble though. He steps away and removes his hand from Yamato’s which is holding the gun. Yamato smirks and tells Hikage that he talks too much and it was unnecessary help.

Hikage retorts that it’d be nice if Yamato knew how to say grateful words. But even though they’re insulting each other with their mouths, their faces are showing pleasure. Hikage is pleased that with this everyone has been able to bring out their gun. Karasuba winks as he says that, if they’re attacked by monsters, they’ll be able to hit them back with these. Yamato snorts at how easy he makes it sound; it took them quite a bit of time to bring it out.

Karasuba isn’t surprised by Yamato’s words and asks him if he’s worried about being unable to bring it out when he needs to since he was the last one to do it here. Yamato snaps at him to shut up and says that someone like Karasuba is the one to fail at the crucial time. Kagiha thinks Yamato has a point though since they’re bringing out their guns in a place where they have the time to concentrate.

Hikage believes they need to practice this repeatedly but it’s late today. He’ll allow people who want to return to their rooms to return, while those who want to continue to practice can do that. After saying this, he looks around the room. But none of them head back to their rooms. Everyone is looking at Hikage with nervous expressions. Hikage smirks and asks if he can take this to mean that everyone is staying?

Karasuba averts his eyes and says sullenly that he doesn’t want to be eaten by a monster. Yamato wants to be able to bring it out himself before he forgets the previous sensation. Kagiha is the same and he thinks it’s better to overdo it when the time comes rather than not. Hikage is of the same opinion and nods, his eyes crinkling. But then Yamato calls out to Hikage and asks him what he was thinking at the time he was fighting the monsters? Why did he think of a gun?

Hikage frowns and answers that he doesn’t know; it may have something to do with his memories. Yamato hums thoughtfully but asks nothing else and then makes a fist. He shakes his head and recalls that they’re practicing right now. Kagiha agrees and thinks they should all try it again but to bring it out faster. Karasuba wants to get this down and then teach it to Beniyuri! Hikage confirms that everyone here knows how to draw out their guns, right? Everyone nods and assumes the stance of holding a gun.

*** PETTY PRIDE (ちょっとしたプライド)***

A small conflict occurred because no one was used to living with each other’s habits yet. Usually, Kagiha was able to mediate the conflicts but this time neither side would concede and it was troublesome.

Hikage states that he is going to return to his room. He’s standing up after he finished eating dinner and stacked his plate away. Yamato, who is watching him, scowls and tells him not to stack his plate when it has oil on it; the bottom will get dirty. OH MY GOD I HAVE THE SAME PET PEEVE. DON’T PUT DISHES ON TOP OF EACH OTHER. Hikage raises an eyebrow and says that it’s not a big deal.

Yamato snaps back that it is a concern because who does he think washes the dishes? In truth, Kagiha suggested they implement a system where the person on duty to wash the dishes is rotated. At the beginning, everyone thought it was troublesome and complained but Kagiha just said that there needed to be rules if they were to live together with a smile on his face, and no one ended up being able to say anything.

Kagiha notes that today is Yamato’s turn to wash the dishes. Yamato nods before complaining that he thought this before but Hikage stacks his plates tightly on top of each other. It’s irritating to have them all piled up like that. No matter whether there are many dishes or few, Hikage always methodically stacks them so that they balance. Beniyuri admits that it may be easier to carry them like that but it makes washing them difficult.

Karasuba interrupts and says that this is all pointless; it doesn’t matter which way. Yamato snaps back that he hates the way Karasuba eats because he pushes the bones of his fish to the edge of the plate. Karasuba blinks at how picky he is and then asks him if he’s their mother. Hikage explains to Yamato that he stacks them so that they’re easy to carry and, because they didn’t find many dishes in the room, it would be troublesome if they broke any… like how Beniyuri did. Hikage gives her a sidelong glance.

Before, when it was her turn to wash the dishes, she broke a dish due to her carelessness. Hikage is picking on her for that. Beniyuri lowers her head and apologizes but Kagiha steps in to say that it was because he suddenly called out to her. It’s not her fault at all. Hikage huffs and then declares that he believes stacking the plates are correct. An accident may occur at any moment and he’s just preparing for that.

Yamato points out that not stacking and carrying them is all the more safer. He also thinks Hikage is effeminate for always bringing up the past like that. Hikage’s voice is cold when he repeats Yamato’s insult and his shoulders have stiffened. He orders Yamato to amend his words and, in that case, Yamato is the one who is more effeminate. He wants to carry the plates one by one? How long would that take?!

He also says 「第一、女々しいという言葉は男性にとって最大の侮辱だ。僕のどこが女々しいんだ。この僕の。」(For one, the word effeminate is the greatest insult you can say to a man. Just where am I effeminate? Me?!). I CAN’T BELIEVE HE’S SO ANGRY ABOUT THIS LMAO. Karasuba whispers to Beniyuri that it seems like they hit a land mine for Hikage. Beniyuri agrees because Hikage is angrier than she thought he’d be…

Yamato calls him annoying and says that he’s calling Hikage effeminate for caring about such small details. Hikage snaps out that he wants Yamato to take back his words of calling him effeminate. Everyone else, who has been cleaning up, stops what they’re doing in light of this fight that’s started. Beniyuri notes that they can’t clean up at this rate. Karasuba asks Kagiha if he shouldn’t stop them? He’s always stepping in at times like these.

Kagiha is hesitant because he can understand both sides. He’s raised his face up as he thinks. He finally turns to Beniyuri and asks her what she thinks. She blinks in surprise but, upon hearing those words, both Hikage and Yamato have turned to them. Hikage asks her 「紅百合。ここにいる女性の代表として、僕が女々しいと思うか聞こうじゃないか。」(Beniyuri. As the only female representative here, let me ask if you would think of me as effeminate?).

But Yamato points out 「お前だってこんな神経質な男、嫌だろ!?」(You wouldn’t want a neurotic man like this, right!?). UH. THE STACKING DISHES PISSES ME OFF BUT HIKAGE IS REALLY ATTRACTIVE SO… HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE COLLARBONES!? Beniyuri asks for the two of them to calm down and reminds them that they were talking about the way to clean up dishes, right?

Karasuba is grinning though as he says that, for him, both would be a mother-in-law or sister-in-law type that he’d hate to have as a bride. Kagiha is smiling as well as he tells Karasuba to be silent. Hikage and Yamato both ask Beniyuri sternly to answer and step away from the table to corner her; it looks like they’ve both forgotten themselves. At this rate, they won’t be able to put things in order. They press on her again to answer, both in sync.

But Beniyuri just breathes in deeply and shouts at both of them to get a hold of themselves. At her loud yell, Hikage and Yamato are startled and take a step back. She snaps out that honestly both of them are being picky and they can’t argue over something like this! Karasuba is looking at her with wide eyes as he declares that she struck a critical hit! Kagiha is also surprised and in awe at how both of them have stopped moving.

All at once, the dangerous mood has settled down, but it looks like Hikage and Yamato are uncomfortable. Yamato mumbles out that he may have gotten a bit too heated. Hikage looks away and scoffs at the waste of time he spent; he’s returning to his room. He turns his back on them and starts to head to his room, but Beniyuri calls out for him to stop. Hikage stops suddenly and turns around. She thinks that leaving things like this will create a strained atmosphere and so she wants both of them to apologize.

Hikage averts his eyes with a strained look and Karasuba whistles lowly at how he looks really unhappy. Kagiha adds in that he also thinks it’s a good idea that they properly apologize to each other, including Yamato. Yamato, with an uncomfortable look, averts his eyes and mumbles out that he’s wrong for saying so much. Karasuba congratulates Yamato excessively for actually saying it. Yamato immediately snarls out that he’ll kill him!

Beniyuri focuses her attention on Hikage and urges him to do it too. Hikage says very quickly 「これからは問題が起きないように善処しよう。それじゃ。」(From now on I’ll act accordingly so as to not cause any problems. Well then…). Yamato points out loudly that he said that in a monotone! And it’s not even an apology! Beniyuri repeats Hikage’s name sternly.

As she continues to look at the stubborn Hikage, he finally sighs and turns to face Yamato. He addresses him and then starts to say that he’s sorry… but his words get stuck in his throat and he starts to stutter before breaking into a coughing fit. He presses his hand to his mouth, turns away as he curls his back, and coughs. Beniyuri asks him worriedly if he’s okay but Karasuba exclaims that it’s a huge problem! Hikage’s body is refusing to apologize to Yamato! THIS FUCKING NERD.

Yamato just gapes at Hikage while Kagiha says his name in a scolding tone. Under everyone’s gaze, Hikage turns to Beniyuri looking like a scolded child. Beniyuri feels herself weaken at the look but she knows that he needs to apologize so… work hard, Hikage! She maintains eye contact with him before giving him a short nod. And, as if he understood the idea, Hikage opens his mouth… and apologizes quietly. He runs off to his room after saying that. Yamato pauses before yelling at Hikage to come back because he didn’t hear that, and then chases after him.

Both of them soon disappear from the room. Karasuba sighs and comments on how Hikage has an annoying predisposition… or should it be said that his personality is troublesome? Kagiha laughs before noting that there are a lot of problems. Beniyuri agrees. Karasuba points out that, in the end, a decision hasn’t been made on the way to clean up. Both Kagiha and Beniyuri’s eyes widen.

Normally, the two who were the most reliable, suddenly became children. Beniyuri is a bit worried about whether or not Hikage and Yamato can get along well with each other from here.

*** LIKE CATS AND DOGS? (犬猿の仲)***

They’ve searched the mansion from start to end and weren’t able to find anything. And so, because it couldn’t be helped, everyone gathered together, drank tea, and read books. Their entertainment consisted only of that. If one grew bored of that there was nothing to do; it felt like time was infinite.

Karasuba whines that there’s nothing to do and he’s so bored. He collapses onto the sofa and kicks out with his hands and feet. Hikage tells him to stop it because he’s kicking up the dust. He suggests for Karasuba to search his room. Karasuba replies that he’s done that before and didn’t find anything important. Kagiha suggests playing cards; he found it on a previous exploration. He reaches into his trouser pockets and pulls out an old deck of cards.

Beniyuri exclaims that playing cards might be good! It’s been a while and she wants to play. Hikage doesn’t have anything to say since they’re killing time. Kagiha talks about how there are various types of games but Old Maid might be the easiest to understand. Karasuba thinks Old Maid is a great and thrilling idea. Beniyuri calls out to Yamato and asks if he won’t join them; he’s sitting a small distance away. Yamato gets up and heads towards them as if in agreement. He shrugs and says he doesn’t really care.

Karasuba winces at how those words cut the tension and excitement. He tells Beniyuri that she didn’t need to force herself to invite Yamato. Beniyuri answers that it’s more fun with everyone. Kagiha agrees and also adds that he thinks it’s good if Karasuba and Yamato learn about each other more. Hikage agrees it’s unsightly to see them argue over the smallest of things. UH… SHOULD YOU BE SAYING THAT?

Yamato retorts that it’s Karasuba’s fault for saying unnecessary things. Karasuba replies that Yamato’s mere existence is annoying. Yamato snarls and asks him to repeat that. Kagiha interrupts and reminds them that they aren’t allowed to do that. Anyway, he’s going to deal the cards. He cuts the cards skillfully and then deals them. He thinks everyone should know the rules but he’ll explain it for good measure.

Everyone goes in order from the first person, who picks a card from the person beside them. If they have a pair in their hand then they can throw those two cards out. And then they repeat this until all the cards are gone. The Joker can’t be thrown away so whoever has the Joker at the end is the loser. Kagiha smiles warmly and suggests that Hikage go first. Going clockwise from Hikage is Kagiha, Yamato, Beniyuri, and then Karasuba.

Hikage slowly takes a card from Karasuba. He smirks and declares that he has a pair before throwing out the 2 of Hearts and 2 of Spades onto the center of the table. Beniyuri is impressed with him for coming up with a pair at the beginning. UH MORE LIKE ISN’T THAT SUPER EASY? THERE’S SO MANY CARDS AT THE BEGINNING. Kagiha notes that it’s his turn now. He takes a card from Hikage and then places a pair down as well. He points out that Yamato is next.

Yamato takes a card from Kagiha and then, for an instant, his face twists faintly. Karasuba grins and asks if Yamato picked up the Joker right now. Yamato denies it flatly. Karasuba isn’t deterred and comments on how Yamato had a frank “oh shit” face. Yamato snaps out that he didn’t before he orders Beniyuri to hurry up and pick from his card. As she goes to pick from his extended cards…

In the back, Karasuba says in a singsong voice that he has the feeling the third card from the right is the Joker. Yamato shouts out that it’s unfair for him to give advice! Karasuba smile slyly and denies giving advice; he’s just talking to himself. Yamato thinks that’s exactly the problem! Karasuba laughingly wonders if he was on the mark? In that case, he apologizes and he’ll zip his lips. He mimes the motion of zipping up his lips.

Yamato starts to growl lowly but Beniyuri interrupts and asks cautiously if she can pick a card. But just as she once again starts to pick a card, Karasuba opens his mouth without a delay. He thinks that for a weak dog… Yamato’s nickname should be “Wan-chan”. Beniyuri tilts her head and asks why he would give that name. Karasuba explains that weak dogs always bark and so “Wan-chan” fits Yamato perfectly.


Beniyuri doesn’t know how to respond to that. Yamato snaps out that he’ll hit Karasuba! He also turns to Beniyuri and tells her not to nod in understanding. She startles and apologizes. Hikage calmly tells Karasuba not to play with Yamato as he looks at his own cards. Kagiha agrees and tells Karasuba that this is a serious game. Beniyuri tells Yamato that she’ll pick his card now and selects one before throwing out a pair.

After that, they continue on with the game with some light conversation. The pile of cards in the center of the table becomes a mountain and, as the cards in their hands decrease by half, Karasuba opens his mouth. Even if they call this a serious game, they’re just passing the time and so there’s no thrill. He distractedly announces that he has a pair. Yamato angrily notes that he’s saying the exact opposite from what he said before.

Kagiha announces he has a pair as well and then wonders out loud if they should create a prize. At his suggestion, Karasuba’s eyes start to twinkle. He likes this idea! In that case, the prize should be getting a kiss with Beniyuri. I’M NOT SURPRISED LMFAO. Beniyuri gapes at him while Hikage coolly and immediately rejects it. Kagiha also rejects it. Karasuba protests and asks why since an erotic prize is more arousing.

Yamato asks if he’s mental. Beniyuri hurriedly says that she doesn’t think the prize should be that either. Karasuba pouts and then asks what they should do then? Sleeping privileges with Beniyuri? Lap pillow privileges? What will they consider as acceptable? NONE OF THIS?? LMAO. Yamato snaps out that he’s really annoying. Hikage explains that anything related to Beniyuri will lead to trouble so they need to use something else.

Kagiha suggests a pass on cleaning duties. Beniyuri agrees to that and thinks it’s a great idea. Karasuba is still a bit unhappy but if Beniyuri wants that then he’ll agree. Beniyuri asks for Yamato’s opinion but he doesn’t care. Kagiha smiles as they all come to an agreement and, at the moment he says the words to continue, Hikage draws a card from Kagiha’s hands and breaks into a smile. He has a pair and he’s done. Kagiha gapes at him.

Karasuba also gapes before shouting at him to read the atmosphere! Hikage continues grinning as he tells them that, while they were engrossed in talking, he calculated the probability of the remaining cards and so his win is natural. Beniyuri repeats his words in amazement. Probability calculation? Yamato asks him why he was so serious. Hikage comments on how, while it is a simple game, it still tests people’s brains. He thinks they should use their brains more.

Beniyuri realizes slowly that this means the loser is the person with the worst brain… In one go, the atmosphere becomes nervous. And, from everyone else’s expression, they seem to have come to the same understanding. No one wants to be the last person… probably.

As they continue on, Beniyuri shouts out that she’s done! Her last remaining card found its pair and she has nothing in her hand now. Kagiha smiles and shares in her joy. Hikage notes that this means the remaining ones are Karasuba and Yamato. Karasuba can’t believe that, of all things, he and Yamato are the only ones left. Yamato retorts that those are his words. Sparks seem to be shooting out from their eyes.

After Hikage had finished, due to diversions and feints, those two ended up being the remainders. Hikage comments on how it feels almost like fate for it to come to this point. He wonders if Karasuba and Yamato used to be mutual enemies in the past. Kagiha asks him if he means as far back as the Warring States period. Karasuba shudders and says that he doesn’t even want to think about having met Yamato in another age.

Yamato snorts and thinks there’s no mistake that someone as weak as Karasuba was probably killed by him. Karasuba smirks back and points out that Yamato is all brawn and maybe Yamato got caught in one of his schemes and died all too soon. Beniyuri notes that they’re assuming the two were warriors. Kagiha tells them to stop fighting with their mouth and to use their hands. This is the end.

At Kagiha’s words, everyone’s eyes shift to the pairs’ cards. Karasuba has two cards while Yamato has one; Karasuba has the Joker. Hikage says that the victor will be determined in this instant. Karasuba laughs exaggeratedly and tells Yamato not to pick this one. He runs his finger up and down one of the cards. Hikage whispers that this might be a feint.

At Beniyuri’s look of confusion Hikage explains that Karasuba is concentrating his attention on the opposite card of the one he wants drawn to get his Joker chosen. It’s a standard ploy but it’s effective against someone as simple as Yamato. Beniyuri points out that he inadvertently said something mean. Kagiha, who has been watching Yamato and Karasuba glare at each other, lets out a small sigh.

He’s becoming nervous just from watching them. He informs them that he’s going to pour some tea and wait while drinking it. Beniyuri volunteers to help. But Kagiha refuses nicely and tells her to remain sitting. He disappears into the kitchen after saying this. Yamato, who is making a sour expression, stares at Karasuba’s cards. Yamato himself probably doesn’t know which one the fake is either.

Karasuba, in order to provoke Yamato, is smirking and wriggling his cards. He urges Yamato to hurry up, or is it that it’s hard for someone with soup for brains to pick a card? Yamato tells him that he’s annoying before saying that he sees through Karasuba’s thoughts. Karasuba tells him to hurry up and pick then. Look, everyone is being forced to wait due to how stupid Yamato is.

Yamato snorts and says that he’ll enjoy seeing Karasuba become the idiot at the end with the Joker that he can’t throw away. Yamato slowly reaches out his hand and at the very moment that he picks a card… Kagiha appears and announces that he’s poured some tea; today is ice tea and…

Kagiha, who is carrying a tray with five glasses, staggers over something and everything slides off. The tray, which slipped out of Kagiha’s hand, directly hits Karasuba and Yamato. Everything in the glasses splash directly into Karasuba and Yamato’s faces; they became completely soaked. Their hair, their clothes, and the cards. Everything is wet. Yamato and Karasuba are speechless. Kagiha is flustered as he apologizes and asks them if they’re okay.

Beniyuri stares in shock before hurriedly telling them that she’ll get towels! She retrieves them and hands it over to the two, who start to wipe their faces without a word. Karasuba finally states that he’s lost his will for the game and they can just call this match invalid. Yamato snaps out that he’s holding the Joker! If they end like this then Karasuba is the loser! Karasuba shakes his head and thinks out loud that they don’t need to be so serious over a game of cards. Wan-chan really is like a child.

Yamato shouts at him and asks him who he’s calling Wan-chan. Karasuba is the one acting like a child by not recognizing that he lost! The two of them come face to face again and begin exchanging words. Hikage, who is watching this, sighs loudly. It looks like they’ll argue about anything. Kagiha thinks he can see them having fun too though so they’re getting along well… through arguing. Yamato and Karasuba turn around and shout loudly that they’re not getting along!

The rest of them, seeing Yamato and Karasuba shout together like that with towels gripped in their hand, unintentionally start to snicker. Honestly these two, no matter what they say, seem to be getting along.

*** BAD AT THINGS (苦手な物)***

They have no memories. What they did in the past. How they spent their lives. Only fragments of outlines float up and then disappear. This makes them all uneasy. But it’s not like they don’t know anything. They know about society and how to use daily necessities. What they like and what they hate. These memories often became the topic of their conversations as they continue living with each other.

Out of the blue, Karasuba asks Hikage if there is anything he is unskilled at. Hikage answers curtly and concretely that there’s nothing. Karasuba is amused that he declared that; he has amazing confidence. Hikage replies that it can’t be helped if there’s nothing. Beniyuri giggles and admits that she’s jealous of Hikage because he’s always calm while she gets flustered very quickly.

Hikage smirks and suggests for her to try harder to have composure instead of being jealous. Beniyuri laughs sheepishly. Karasuba scolds Hikage and tells him not to talk to a girl like that; he thinks Beniyuri’s habit of getting flustered is cute. Hikage coolly says 「理解できない。」(I can’t comprehend that). OH MY GOD IROHA DEJA VU! Yamato interrupts to ask them to let him through.

While they were having their lively conversation, Yamato is fiddling with his phone beside them and then passes them. Beniyuri asks him what he’s doing. He replies that he’s searching for reception. Karasuba asks if this is why he’s been wandering around aimlessly like a bear searching for a place to hibernate? He’s surprisingly diligent. Yamato curtly tells him to shut up and leave him alone. THAT ANALOGY THOUGH??

Hikage informs Yamato that it’s useless; he already tried it before but this room is out of any reception range. Yamato blinks and turns to Hikage before groaning and slumping his shoulders. This prompts Karasuba to complain about how it’d be nice if these phones were more useful. There’s no apps for them to pass the time with and no instant messaging. It’s meaningless to just have it as it is right now.

Yamato agrees and, because their phones have no reception, they can’t access the map function. There’s also no message log. Beniyuri also tried out different things but they can’t access anything but the photo album. Everyone pulls out their phones to stare at them. Beniyuri is a bit disappointed since they all have smart phones… Beniyuri raises her head when she realizes that Hikage has been quiet. She asks him what the matter is.

Hikage looks startled before hurriedly telling her that it’s nothing. COULD IT BE… THAT HE SUCKS WITH TECHNOLOGY? Beniyuri blinks in surprise. Karasuba continues on to wish that they could have, at least, had LIME. I THINK THIS IS A REFERENCE TO THE APP LINE. He continues on to say that he could have become friends with Beniyuri and then send her tons of lovey-dovey stickers!

Beniyuri smiles awkwardly and tells him that they don’t need that… Karasuba adds that he’d block Yamato though. Yamato snaps back that he doesn’t want to be connected with him anyway. Beniyuri thinks that Hikage wouldn’t be the type to use stickers. Hikage repeats her word. She nods and then explains that they’re talking about LIME stickers. Hikage replies with unusual hesitation. This time Beniyuri tilts her head.

Karasuba asks if Hikage hasn’t used LIME. Hikage pastes on a smile and replies that he’s sent a lot of LIME stamps… Yamato starts to grin as he realizes that, no, it’s clear that Hikage hasn’t used it. When they look at the phone in Hikage’s hand they realize that it’s a different model from the ones known as feature phones. Beniyuri notes that he doesn’t have a smart phone so he wouldn’t have used LIME.

Yamato identifies the phone as being a considerably old type. Hikage retorts that it doesn’t matter so long as he can use it, right? Karasuba, who watches as Hikage pockets his phone, hits his palm with a fist. He knows what Hikage isn’t good at now! It’s phones! Upon seeing Hikage’s shoulders stiffen, Karasuba looks closely at Hikage’s face with an amused expression. Could it be that he knows nothing about instant messaging and apps? Yamato also steps closer as he asks if Hikage is bad with technology.

Beniyuri thinks all of this is surprising. Hikage grits his teeth as he answers that he wouldn’t say he’s bad at it. Karasuba hums speculatively and then says that Hikage should be able to master the use of a smart phone instantly then, right? Hikage states confidently that there would be no problems, of course. Beniyuri hurriedly reassures him that it’s not strange to not be able to use a smart phone… he doesn’t need to force himself. Hikage curtly says he’s not forcing himself. She is doubtful.

Frankly, she can feel that they’re teasing Hikage and she tried to stop it but she can only withdraw at his words. Karasuba offers to lend his phone to Hikage then and he wants Hikage to send an email to them. He partially forces Hikage to take his phone. Karasuba tells Hikage that, in order to access the mail screen, he can just use his finger to touch the envelope icon. Hikage, with clumsy movements, follows Karasuba’s instructions and touches the screen to bring up the mail screen.

He mutters out loud that this phone doesn’t have any buttons… how does he write an email!? Yamato has laughter in his voice as he tells Hikage that smart phones don’t have buttons and he really shouldn’t overdo it. Hikage snaps back that he’s not overdoing it. I’M CRYING THIS IS SO CUTE. Beniyuri can only think that he’s an obstinate person.

Kagiha suddenly enters the room and asks everyone what they’re doing when his gaze lands on their gathered group. Karasuba instantly replies that they’re giving Hikage his first experience with a smart phone! Kagiha can only blink in confusion. Karasuba continues on to talk about how surprising this is and how Hikage is using it with an expression that looks like “What is this science?”. Beniyuri hurriedly interrupts to get Karasuba to stop talking.

But as Karasuba says this in a gleeful voice, Kagiha only stares at him blankly. Beniyuri asks him if something is the matter and he just asks them what a “smart phone” is. LMAO WHILE THIS IS GOING ON HIKAGE IS IN THE BACKGROUND WITH A ??? FACE AND PERIODICALLY MOVING. At these unexpected words, she unintentionally freezes. Eh? Karasuba also pauses and then slowly asks if Kagiha doesn’t even know what a smart phone is…

Kagiha continues to look surprised and nods. Yamato’s mouth drops open and he declares that someone has appeared who is even worse off than Hikage. Beniyuri laughs awkwardly and tries to point out that there are lots of people who aren’t good with smart phones like Hikage. Karasuba smiles as he explains to Beniyuri that “not being good at it” and “not knowing about it” are completely different.

Hikage sullenly tells them that he’s said he’s not bad at it! Yamato shoots him an exasperated look and tells him to just give up and admit it. Kagiha, who has a contemplative expression, suddenly looks up. Could it be that this “smart phone” is an important clue for them to use to escape this mansion? Beniyuri doesn’t know what to say to him.

Suddenly, Hikage appears beside him and declares that this is a smart phone before presenting it to Kagiha, as Beniyuri tries to think on how to explain it. Kagiha smiles as he realizes that they were talking about everyone’s phone, oh. He had thought that the shape has changed. He takes the phone from Hikage and looks at it curiously. He also asks if this phone doesn’t have any buttons? Hikage explains with a smile that it doesn’t have buttons but he can create emails by pushing here.

Hikage touches the icon that he just remembered and brings up the mail screen. Kagiha exclaims in surprise and also thinks it’s a bit cool since the screen is pretty. Hikage nods. Yamato, in the background, asks why Hikage is so proud. Karasuba adds that the smart phone belongs to him too. And then Kagiha turns to Beniyuri and asks her if she can teach him how to use a smart phone too? Beniyuri is a bit taken aback but nods and starts to show him.

After that, a course on how to use a smart phone happened. It’s surprising that Hikage and Kagiha, both who looked like they could do anything, had things they weren’t good at. At this, it feels like they’ve gotten a bit closer… is what she wants to say, but Hikage remains petulant.


In this mansion there are antique board games, character figurines, and other amusement supplies. Often, whenever a new game was found, everyone would play it to pass the time. But the toys were left around disordered and broken and often out of pieces.

Beniyuri sighs as she looks into the open door of the shelves. Nothing is here. Yesterday, she found a sugoroku and, in the middle of thinking to play it, she realized that it’s missing a dice. She thought that it might be in the room somewhere and so started searching the shelves alone. How long has it been? Its appearance looks old but she thinks everyone would have fun playing it… Hm, next is…

She realizes that she hasn’t looked into the box on the top shelf. She thinks it’s doubtful that she can reach the box with her height, but she thinks she may be able to do it if she stretches as hard as she can. She stretches as hard as she can to take the box but her fingers don’t even brush it. E-Eh? It’s higher than she thought. She stretches even harder but she doesn’t reach it at all. It looks like she has no choice but to give up.

Beniyuri comments to herself that it’s useless but maybe she can reach it with a chair. In her hard struggle with the box, Karasuba, who is passing through, calls out to her. He asks her what she’s doing. She greets him and then explains that she’s trying to get the box on the shelf there but she can’t reach it. Karasuba smiles and tells her that he’ll get it! She is surprised to hear that and he winks at her before telling her to rely on him at times like these. She thanks him and leaves it to him.

Karasuba thinks that he’ll take it down easily. He stretches up as hard as he can but he can’t reach the box. He manages to touch it barely and it makes a noise. Yamato, who is passing beside them, stops and looks at them before asking what they’re doing. Karasuba turns to glare at him and says that it’s none of his business; he can leave. He makes a shooing motion with his hands.

But Beniyuri explains that she can’t get the box on the shelf and so Karasuba said he would do it. Karasuba gapes at Beniyuri before telling her hurriedly that she can’t talk to Yamato! Yamato starts to smirk though and points out that it looks like Karasuba’s height isn’t enough. Karasuba snaps at him to shut up and then asks him to take it down then. Yamato snorts and then orders him to move.

Yamato cuts in beside Beniyuri and then reaches up towards the box. He also grunts and comments on how it’s taller than he thought. His fingers can touch the box but it keeps slipping off the corner over and over again. It looks like even Yamato has difficulties getting the box down. Beniyuri tells him that it’s okay and she’ll bring a chair. He retorts that he hasn’t said he couldn’t get it… just a bit more! He stands on his tiptoes but his hand starts to tremble.

Beniyuri thinks it looks painful and wonders if he’ll be okay. Karasuba bursts into snickers and points out how Yamato is on his tiptoes; it’s impossible. Yamato snaps back that Karasuba couldn’t even reach it! Karasuba replies that there isn’t much of a difference between their heights and Yamato would know that just from thinking about it. Yamato says hotly that it’s clear that he’s the taller one and so Karasuba doesn’t need to make excuses. Beniyuri asks the two of them to calm down.

And then Kagiha, who was passing by, appears and asks them what they’re doing. Beniyuri greets him as he comes closer. He asks them if there is something being sought? Karasuba only watches with wide eyes as Beniyuri explains that she couldn’t get this box on the shelf down and Yamato and Karasuba were helping. And then it became a conversation about their heights…

Yamato stiffens and whispers at her not to say unnecessary things. She blinks in surprise upon receiving an angry glare from him. Did she say something that bad? Kagiha comments on how that’s a problem; he’ll help out too. He approaches the shelf where they are standing while smiling. He just needs to get the box on the top of this shelf, right? Beniyuri nods and says that it might be hard to get since it’s deep inside but…

Kagiha stands in front of the shelf– and casually grabs the box. Karasuba and Yamato gape. He calmly presents it to Beniyuri. She thanks him brightly. He chuckles at her response and says that this is the only merit of him being tall; she should leave these things to him, okay? Beniyuri admits that she’s jealous of tall people and it’d be useful if she was a bit more taller. Kagiha replies that she’s perfect the way she is and if one is too tall they’d hit their head on things.

Beniyuri is surprised to hear that because it’s never happened to her so… Kagiha goes on to say that he can be cautious once he knows the place, though it was a problem when he just arrived here. Isn’t that right? He directs his comments to the two silent men. Karasuba can only make a noise of confusion, which Yamato echoes. Beniyuri asks them if that happened to them too?

Karasuba laughs exaggeratedly and agrees that that kind of thing is really problematic for men. Yamato also answers hesitantly that they’ve… hit their heads… yeah. Beniyuri looks at them in pity for their struggles. Kagiha, who is looking at the two of them, has a relieved smile. He’s glad that he’s not the only one. Yamato nods quickly while Karasuba remains silent. Kagiha tells Beniyuri to call on him whenever if this happens again, and then he excuses himself and leaves the room with a fresh smile.

Beniyuri is happy that the box was gotten but then she wonders if there’s even dice inside. As she sets the box that Kagiha took down on the ground and looks inside, she realizes that Karasuba and Yamato have an unhappy expression. She asks the two of them what’s wrong. Karasuba replies sullenly that it’s nothing. Yamato also snaps back that it has nothing to do with her. Beniyuri tilts her head but Yamato just declares that he’s returning to his room. Goodbye.

Yamato, with his usual sour expression, turns his back on them and exits the room. Even though he said that it has nothing to do with her, it’s made her extra curious. But she doesn’t think it’d be good to persist in asking him and so she says nothing. Instead she asks Karasuba what is going on with Yamato. He shrugs and replies that it’s his usual temper, isn’t it? Beniyuri wonders if she did something to anger him…?

Karasuba is grinning as he says that, to put it simply, she may have wounded his pride as a man? Beniyuri blinks in confusion. But Karasuba continues on to say that he’ll also look for a dice but he’ll start from his room. He quickly heads up to the second floor. Beniyuri feels like the atmosphere suddenly became sensitive… what happened? She feels like Yamato is the same as always but it’s unusual for Karasuba to disappear in haste like that. Did she do something bad? But the two of them have an air that makes it hard to ask questions. Hm, she’s troubled.

Later, she asked Hikage if he also hit his head. He answered that the only person who hits their head in such a large house is Kagiha. He also told her that Yamato and Karasuba were trying to put on airs, and she can finally understand their attitude. But she still doesn’t know why they were trying to put on airs. AW SO HOW TALL IS HIKAGE?? HE’S SHORTER THAN KAGIHA…


10 thoughts on “Kokuchou no Psychedelica ~ Daily Life Episodes ~

    Allison said:
    August 19, 2016 at 02:32

    Thank you so much for writing these! I actually started reading them while you were first posting them (everyone talks so much about it; I feel like I should know SOMETHING) but my, “Maybe I should stop playing otoge…” period (when I deleted my blog) happened around the same time, so I didn’t come back to them until now T__T;

    I don’t think I have any predictions, exactly (I usually don’t…) but I do feel a little anxious about Karasuba…(´・ω・`) It feels silly to say with this game, but I hope he’ll be okay ;; He’s a bit rude (tends to say a bit more than was necessary?) sometimes, but his general attitude and enthusiasm about The Setting Sun worry me… (Though I’m pretty…enthusiastic…about Dazai’s stuff myself…) I’m side-eyeing Kagiha a bit too…he kind of gives off the impression of being TOO nice, I think.

    We’ll see how it goes, but for right now my order is Monshiro>>Karasuba>Kagiha>Hikage>Yamato. Karasuba was my #1 at first, but Monshiro is too cute ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ He reminds me a little of another character I really liked, and I think in general that list is kind of…what you might expect from me, lol. (Shady guy you don’t know much about? Guy who flirts with you constantly? MY TYPES.) If nothing else changes though, I hope Hikage grows on me…I’m not that interested right now, but since he’s the “canon” character (…right?) I feel kind of bad for not liking him _(:3」∠)_

      Ilinox responded:
      August 19, 2016 at 14:13

      You’re very welcome! I’m just trying to remember right now but you don’t have a PSVita, do you? ;w; I’m happy that you’re interested enough in this series to want to take a look through these posts though because I do think it’s a great game (not to mention Haitaka is coming out). Aw, it’s nice to take some time off when you feel like you need it though!! And these posts will still be here waiting for whenever you want to read them!

      You know, I never took a look at what “The Setting Sun” was about but now that I look at it… let’s just say there’s a reason Karasuba really likes it (which you’ve picked upon, haha). I love how this game gives you so many mysteries and I’m secretly hoping you’re going to be just as shocked as I was at some of the reveals :). KAGIHA IS… yeah, I think everyone gets tipped off with how creepily nice he is. There’s no way someone can maintain that pleasantry without SOMETHING, is how I always feel.

      LOL I’m surprised at that list because it’s reversed for me (and we share a few similar biases like Mejojo |D). Hikage is the poster boy but I don’t think I would call him “canon”. There’s someone else in this game that suits the “canon” position more and shares reciprocal love with Beniyuri :’D.

    Wow said:
    September 17, 2015 at 09:12

    Finally I have the game ! I have just finished the daily life episodes. I like a lot Hikage and Yamato ^^ I also think I’ll like Monshiro too, he makes me think of Akatsuki no Yona’s Shin-Ah. Perhaps they have the same personality ? I find Shin-Ah so cute !
    I think I’ll play Hikage first so I’m waiting your translation ;-)
    But which character will you play after Yamato ? I guess you’re trying to do the others Yamato’s endings.
    In any case thank you for everything !

      Ilinox responded:
      September 18, 2015 at 05:08

      Congratulations!! It’s been kind of hard blogging this game because of the jumping around in doing the main route and short episodes, so kudos for keeping up with my posts, aha. Hikage and Yamato are my favorites too right now! IIRC Shin-Ah also has a mask too, huh.

      I’ve been advised by my friends to keep Hikage near the end and after reaching some, uh, major revelations around chapter five I can see why they’ve recommended that to me. I haven’t decided who I’m doing after Yamato yet but even his ending is a bit far off since I have to clear a general “Best End” first |D;; so I’m afraid Hikage’s route won’t be up for a while.

        Wow said:
        September 18, 2015 at 12:49

        Ah really ? It’s the same for me because I read a review that recommends to play Hikage first haha. It’s True that advices really help. So I’m thinking about it ^^ Perhaps I’ll do Hikage later ?
        The review said “whenever you reach Chapter 2 & 4, check if any Short Episodes have been ‘released’, and do them immediately or you won’t get to the character’s end.” Have you translated these short episodes in your posts of Yamato’s route or the end ? I’m afraid to look because of spoil.

        Wow said:
        September 18, 2015 at 18:04

        Oh, uh, can you write the title of the short episodes in japanese beside the translation ? It’s easier to find them. Thank you :-)

        Ilinox responded:
        September 18, 2015 at 22:48

        Oh, I can definitely see arguments for either or after the big reveal in Chapter Five that I hope I’ll be able to get out soon! Hm, I don’t think you need to do the short episodes immediately or else you won’t get to the character’s end, it’s more like you’re locked from progressing until you clear a certain number of short episodes. I have translated a lot of Yamato’s short episodes (and childhood ones) but I’m saving them until I have the majority of them so I don’t keep spamming everyone with periodic short episodes ;;;

        TL;DR I haven’t posted any more short episodes apart from these Daily Life ones so that once I get a character’s ending I can group all their short stories in one post. It just makes more organizational sense to me that way, aha.

        Oh, that’s a good idea by the way! I’ll edit this post to add the Japanese titles :)

    Leafさんの夢が。。。 said:
    August 23, 2015 at 23:50

    I love how you go indepth with these. Keep up the amazing work! You deserve more views on your site!

      Ilinox responded:
      August 24, 2015 at 12:28

      At this point they’re basically line-by-line translations but just written in 3rd person exposition, aha. WHY DID I GET IN THE HABIT OF DOING THAT. But aw, thank you so much for your kind words! Views aren’t a big deal to me so long as someone out there is enjoying these stories <3 I mean I can't blame anyone who isn't interested in Psychedelica yet has to see me go through it, aha.

        Leafさんの夢が。。。 said:
        August 24, 2015 at 13:03

        Well I definitely appreciate what you do and lol well it seems like you are most comfortable with 3rd person then :D

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