Kokuchou no Psychedelica ~ Yamato Interlude ~

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(I’m developing an aneurysm trying to come up with a nice way to present these short episodes. Okay, so the majority of these are going to be Yamato’s short episodes but they will feature some other ones because we need to have cleared 17 of these to advance to the end of the game. All of these seem to be happening around Chapter 4, or are flashbacks).

Also, until I cover the BEST END, it’s best to read all the posts I have about Psychedelica since it covers the main story (it just has a focus on Yamato, since he’s the first character I decided to pick).

*** ABOUT SIBLINGS (兄弟について)***

Being able to go to bed is nice, but she’s unable to sleep, and so she gets out of bed and heads to the living room. She brews some tea, sits on the sofa, and takes a gulp to slowly calm and order her feelings. But in the end, because she’s alone, she starts to think about her precious family. The memories revived by the photo is something her heart finds support in but also, at the same time, leaves her feeling lonely.

Haruka… her father… Koro… she wants to hurry and see them all. Before she realizes it, she’s looking at the photo that was sent to her the moment they placed the fragment on the kaleidoscope. Remembering is actually painful. In the small screen, she sees herself smiling happily and beside her is her younger sister, Haruka, who also has a wide smile. She is sure her father and Haruka are worrying because she’s gone.

Beniyuri remembers that Haruka had substituted their mother with her and wonders if she’s lonely. She sighs to herself and murmurs about how it can’t be helped that she’s thinking these things. Even though she’s said that her memories have returned, they haven’t completely returned. There are still things she doesn’t know. But, because of that, she can only think about the one memory she has with her family.

Her thoughts are suddenly interrupted by Yamato who asks her what she’s doing here in the middle of the night. She turns around from the phone she was looking at and greets him in surprise. She explains that she couldn’t sleep so she was just staring into space. Yamato comments on how it’s the same for him; he lifts up the coffee cup in his hand to show her. Beniyuri mentions how they have a lot of things to think about, huh.

He smiles back in agreement and then asks if he can sit beside her. She tells him to go ahead and shifts over to create space for him. He leaves his cup behind and sits down next to her. Both of them are quiet and, in the space between them sitting on the sofa, a silence descends. Beniyuri wonders what to do because she doesn’t mind sitting together but she also doesn’t know what to talk about.

As if he couldn’t stand the awkward atmosphere, Yamato opens his mouth and tells her seriously to say something. Beniyuri points out that even if he says that she doesn’t have any ideas… what about him? He shakes his head and their conversation ends. Once again, silence visits them. She winces inwardly and wonders why it’s become like this. She grips her phone in her hesitation.

She does have things she wants to talk to him about but she’s nervous. Yamato is curt and gives off the impression of always being angry. And even if he doesn’t get angry, if she doesn’t talk well, she’s afraid of him calling her annoying and then getting angry. Yamato suddenly calls out her name and she startles so much in surprise that she drops her phone. He tells her amusedly not to be so afraid; it’s not like he’s going to eat her or anything.

Beniyuri apologizes. He continues on to say that he wants to ask her something… he wants to ask if she wants to return to the place she belongs to outside this mansion. She answers that she does, of course, and then asks if he is the same? Yamato nods in agreement and reveals that he wants to leave this mansion even a minute earlier. His brows have furrowed and he’s biting his lip. She can feel his firm decision.

She asks if there is someone waiting for him. Yamato stares distantly into the air and murmurs that he doesn’t know, but he feels like there is someone. Beniyuri repeats the phrase about someone waiting for them and then thinks that Haruka might be constantly looking for her. Yamato repeats the name and then asks who that is. Beniyuri explains that Haruka is her younger sister. He’s surprised that she has a younger sister.

Beniyuri laughs and points out that, even though she looks like this, she’s the eldest. He smirks and tells her that he understands now why she’s so meddlesome. She doesn’t know whether to take that as a compliment or not. At any rate, she adds that her sister Haruka might be more adult-like than her. She recalls a time when her sister told her to keep this a secret from their father, but that there was someone in her class who liked her.

She continues on to explain that their mother died immediately after Haruka was born and so she’s a mother-like figure for Haruka. When Haruka was small, she used to follow Beniyuri around all the time. She notices Yamato look away and wonders if she spoke too much. Did she make him angry? She apologizes for going on and on. Yamato gives her a small smile and replies that he doesn’t mind.

Beniyuri is a bit surprised but then points out that he must not have any interest in her stories about her younger sister. She laughs awkwardly. But he tells her firmly that she’s mistaken. He picks up his coffee cup and, while holding it in both hands, tells her lowly that he thinks she’s conveyed how important her little sister is to her. Beniyuri thinks that the tone of his voice is curt and he almost sounds angry but there seems to be a bit of gentleness mixed in, just a little bit more so than usual. She wonders if this is just her imagination.

Yamato scowls and wonders what he’s saying; it sounds idiotic. She blurts out that it doesn’t sound stupid! It makes her… happy. Yamato retorts that it wasn’t like he was saying that to make her happy. But she can see him scratching at his cheeks. Is he… embarrassed? It’s kind of cute. He asks her why she’s grinning like that because it looks creepy. She apologizes and says she just did it unintentionally.

He frowns even more at that and asks what it was about. But Beniyuri just tells him quickly that it’s nothing and tries to cover her smile with her hands. She’s sure he’d get angry if she said that it was because he was being cute. She then decides to ask him if he has any siblings. Yamato answers that he doesn’t know; he can’t remember anything related to his family. He pokes his head with a finger before telling her that it almost feels like something is stuck in his mind. But he can’t grasp onto what it is and it irritates him.

Beniyuri apologizes for asking something bad. He shrugs and tells her that he doesn’t care but it feels awful not knowing anything about themselves. She agrees because, even now, all she knows is her family. She doesn’t remember anything else like her real name or why she’s here. She tells him that he seems to have the air of an older brother though. He narrows his eyes and asks her what she’s saying all of a sudden upon hearing the words that slipped out of her mouth.

She apologizes again and says that it just felt like something to say. She explains that, even though he’s curt, he also seems to be good at taking care of people. Those words weren’t a lie. At this time of night, he’s sitting beside her and talking to her. Even though his words are blunt, she thinks they’re actually trying to encourage her… but this is just her guess. He snorts and says that he’d pass on having a irritating little sister like her.

Beniyuri laughs and agrees with that but then realizes out loud that this means he’s thought about her being like a little sister to him? He stutters before saying that’s not what he meant at all. He thinks she spaces out a lot for being the oldest daughter. She laughs sheepishly and thinks she should be more reliable. He quietly murmurs that he thinks she works quite hard though. Beniyuri makes a noise of confusion because she didn’t catch that, but he suddenly tells her that it’s nothing.

He’s going to pour another cup of coffee and asks if she would like some. She tells him that she would like some and then asks if he’ll be fine without help. He tells her with amusement not to be dumb and that he can pour coffee by himself. Saying that, he disappears into the kitchen. Beniyuri had thought he would return to his room and so it makes her happy that he wants to be together with her still. After that, they quietly and clumsily, continued their small talk.

Because he’s always so curt, he has an image of being hard to approach but… in the end, she thinks that Yamato is truly a kind person. Although he may just be clumsy at expressing it. The nights are long and she wishes to continue being able to talk to him.

*** I HATE THE RAIN (雨が嫌い)***

Unexpectedly, the smell of something revives her memory, a memory of seeing someone’s back but them turning out to be another person. She has the feeling that this happened in the real world. Ingredients that bring back a memory. These unexpected things might be around them.

Beniyuri murmurs that the rain is still falling. She recalls that Usagi said it always rains when it’s night around this mansion. When she hears the rain, she feels as if she’s slowly sinking into the ground. Karasuba also complains about how the rain is falling again and it’s irritating. Kagiha adds that, even though they aren’t outside, when it rains they can feel a sense of melancholy. Hikage also notes that he doesn’t hate the rain but constantly hearing it lowers the spirits.

As everyone talks about the rain, Yamato is sullenly silent beside them. Beniyuri asks him if something is the matter, but he tells her that it’s nothing and excuses himself to his room. Kagiha is surprised and points out that they were going to eat dessert after this. The apples left in the kitchen are ripe and look delicious so he thinks Yamato should also…

Yamato interrupts him and says curtly that he doesn’t want any. They can eat them all. He throws those words out before excusing himself again and then immediately standing up and leaving. Karasuba whistles lowly at how he’s in a terrible mood. Kagiha thinks it can’t be helped and Yamato is a person who does things at his own convenience. Beniyuri notes that he’s not as energetic as he usually is and maybe he’s sick?

Karasuba is skeptical since Yamato seems like someone who can get up after being hit with a hammer. He also ate a lot. Hikage agrees with Beniyuri though and how Yamato looked a bit pale; it’d be nice if he didn’t catch a cold. Beniyuri murmurs that she’s worried. Karasuba pounces on those words in surprise and can’t believe she’s concerned about Yamato so much. Could it be that she and him…!?

Beniyuri immediately denies that and explains that it’d be a problem if he caught a cold. Karasuba jokes about how she should worry about him more than Yamato and, if he can be nursed by her, he’ll immediately come down with a cold. She can only laugh awkwardly at his overreaction but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s concerned about Yamato. Is he really okay? It’d be nice if it wasn’t anything serious.

After eating dessert and returning to her room, she is still concerned about Yamato. He actually looked to be in pain and wasn’t simply just in a bad mood. Hikage also mentioned that he looked pale and so Yamato might actually be sick. Should she check in on him? He might get angry at her and tell her not to do such unnecessary things though. She thinks it’s natural to be worried about companions and it might be possible to treat his illness before it becomes serious… at least, whatever she can do. She resolves herself to go visit him.

Beniyuri gets up and leaves her room to knock on his door. She introduces herself and asks if he’s awake. She knocks on his door timidly. And then Yamato’s irritated voice calls out to her and says that it isn’t locked, she can come in. She pauses and asks to confirm if he’s really okay with that. He only becomes more irritated and tells her to hurry up and get in. She excuses herself for intruding and then enters to find him sitting on his bed and leaning his upper body against the wall.

He asks her curtly what her business is. She tells him that she was wondering if he was feeling okay. He lowers his head and grunts out that it’s not anything important and she doesn’t need to worry. But she can see that his pallor is pale and almost transparent. She feels a sense of danger like he may fade away at any moment. She presses on and tells him that he doesn’t look well and maybe he caught a cold?

Yamato snaps out that he’s fine and asks her to leave him alone. But Beniyuri refuses to and wants to check to see if he has a fever; they may be able to find medicine as well. He snarls out that she’s being annoying and he already told her to leave him alone! Upon seeing Beniyuri’s shocked face at being yelled at, Yamato closes his mouth and apologizes for yelling. She shakes her head and apologizes on her side for being unnecessarily worried.

He shakes his head and explains that he’s just a bit irritable. She suggests that he drink some herb tea to calm down. He averts his eyes and tells her that he would like some. She tells him to wait then, leaves his room, and heads to the kitchen to brew some. After a short while, she carries a tray with two cups and visits Yamato’s room again. Beniyuri apologizes for making him wait but it took a while to brew. It’d be nice if they had tea bags.

Yamato apologizes for making her do this but she just dismisses his words and informs him that it’s chamomile tea, and it should be good at relaxing someone. He takes one of the cups from the tray and mutters a low thanks. She tells him that she’ll return to her room now but he stops her by saying there’s one more. At her look of confusion, he points out that there’s one more cup; it’s her portion, right?

Beniyuri nods and says that she thought to drink it in her room. He averts his eyes and points out that since she’s here she might as well drink it here. She asks him if that’s okay, to which he replies curtly that he doesn’t care. She quietly excuses herself for intruding then and takes a seat a little ways away from him. The two of them drink their chamomile tea. Yamato takes a sip and then stares into his cup deeply.

He suddenly comments on how delicious it is. Beniyuri is glad to hear that and tells him that she found it in the kitchen earlier. He hums before admitting that she was right and this has a comforting smell. After saying that, he lifts the cup up to his mouth again and she feels like his expression has softened. Is it due to the chamomile tea? Then he apologizes for his previous actions while staring into his cup.

She asks him what he means by previously. He reminds her about how he yelled. She reassures him not to worry about that at all. But he continues on about how he suddenly got irritated and took it out on her. She asks him if anything happened but he shakes his head and explains that it’s because of the rain. He looks up at the ceiling as he says this but the rain continues to strike the ground without stopping.

Beniyuri asks if he dislikes the rain, to which he answers that he really hates the sound of water but he doesn’t know why. He goes on to say that it rains whenever it’s night here and so he gets excessively irritated. She wonders if there is a reason but he has no answer to that. All he knows is that he falls into a temper and it feels like a bad memory is being called forth. He bites his lip after that and she realizes that “rain” might be an important clue to him. Is the rain connected to his past?

Yamato frowns and grumbles about how, if his headphones had audio, then he’d be able to silence the sound of rain. Once again, he looks up at the ceiling. Beniyuri notes that it seems impossible for them to listen to their phones but has he tried searching for a record player? She feels like this mansion might have that. He tells her that he doesn’t need that and he doesn’t want her to do unnecessary things.

She apologizes for how she’s always meddling. Yamato tells her that, more importantly, she should come closer. With his usual sullen expression he pats the space beside him. She stutters and asks him why. He explains that he’s distracted when she talks and if her voice is closer then it can replace his headphones. She hesitates but he just narrows his eyes and orders her to be quick about it. She continues to hesitate though and starts to turn red.

Beniyuri knows that he doesn’t mean for his words to sound like they do but… when he suddenly says “come closer” it makes her heart pound. Yamato pauses and then asks her hurriedly why she’s turning red. He tells her not to imagine anything weird. His own voice has grown loud and he’s also turned red when he notices her fidgeting. She apologizes for unintentionally turning red. He averts his eyes and calls her an idiot before telling her not to misunderstand.

He turns his back on her after saying that but she has the feeling his cheeks are still red. She laughs awkwardly and then comments on how he’s spontaneous. She also tells him that, if he says something like that, any girl would misunderstand. He snorts at how nonsensical that is. She doesn’t have anything to say to that and decides that it’s time for her to return to her own room. He sounds flustered when he calls out her name to stop her though.

She pauses and then looks back at him questioningly. He’s not looking at her as he asks her with a red face to pour him tea again some day, because it was delicious. She nods and smiles as she says that they’ll drink it together again some day. He wishes her a good night and she returns those words along with another smile, before stepping out. She’s glad that he seems to be happier, although she was startled to hear about her voice being a substitute for his headphones. But it makes her happy to know that he can feel distracted by listening to her talk.

The rain continues to fall. This sound, like the way it rises into importance in his mind, seems to call out to her memories as well. She looks up at the ceiling like he did and listens to the rain echo as if striking a deep lake. But she isn’t able to remember anything.

*** FAVORITE FOOD (好きな食べ物)***

How many days has it been since they’ve been imprisoned in this mansion? Everyone is discussing defeating the monsters and the future they can’t see. In truth, nothing about these topics were fun. She didn’t realize that not having a bright prospect could be such a painful thing. But still she’s able to put a smile on her face and think about trying her best today as well with her precious companions. It might be due to the delicious food.

Beniyuri excitedly points out that they even have this! She pulls out a black mass from the storeroom and shows it to Hikage and Yamato. Though, in the moment she raised her voice in delight, they immediately had questions. Hikage asks what that is. Yamato sees that it’s black and round… is it some kind of living thing? She tells them that it’s dried shiitake mushrooms. She opens the lid and looks inside and, although they are oddly shaped, it is unmistakably dried shiitake mushrooms.

Hikage responds in a shaky voice that he’s glad it isn’t anything dangerous. Yamato can’t believe it’s shiitake and was unnecessarily scared. Beniyuri points out that with these mushrooms she can make some delicious soup stock and other edible things. She’ll have to think about what kind of food they can make. Hikage smiles at that; he doesn’t like the texture of the mushrooms but it’s essential to Japanese-style food.

Beniyuri nods excitedly and asks if he likes Japanese-style food. He says that he does, especially simple food and nothing that has been frozen. Yamato points out amusedly that he sounds like a old man. Hikage asks him grumpily what he likes, to which Yamato explains that he likes normal meat and filling food. He can’t move if he has no calories. Hikage retorts that it sounds exactly like someone who has muscles for a brain. Yamato immediately asks him to repeat what he said.

She interrupts the two of them and asks them not to fight when they’re just talking about breakfast. Yamato tells her that they aren’t and they’re just talking. She doesn’t get that cheery feeling from them but, at any rate, it looks like they’re calm. But she thinks she should change the topic.

Beniyuri asks them what they would like to eat right now, because maybe they can make it. Hikage repeats her words and then asks if she’s going to make it? She replies promptly that if she can she will. Hikage says her answer makes him uneasy and so he’ll request miso soup for security. She tells him loudly that his request is too simple! Everyone can create something as simple as miso soup.

Hikage smirks and warns her that she said it; he’ll request grilled fish, ohitashi, and stewed daikon. She asks him if he purposefully asked for something simple. Hikage’s voice is faint as he asks if that was simple. She’s surprised he didn’t know. At any rate, she says she’ll make those for him although she’s not sure if they have fresh fish. Hikage also realizes that getting fresh fish here may be hard.

Meanwhile, Yamato wants a thick slice of steak. Hikage isn’t surprised by how Yamato suddenly interrupted them. Yamato replies that he was thinking all this time about what he wanted to eat. Beniyuri is unsure if steak could be called a cooked food and answers that she can grill meat if they have it but… Yamato jumps in on her hesitation and asks her what she means by that. She just answers that she can do it if they have the ingredients, but only if they have ingredients.

Yamato realizes that she means the slaughter of a cow. Hikage points out that this mansion won’t have any, no matter how they think about it. Yamato jerks before suggesting they use pork instead. Hikage replies again that there aren’t any pigs here, no matter how they think about it. Yamato sinks to the ground and asks if there’s nothing that can be done. OH MY GOD LMFAO THE BGM CHANGED TO THE SAD DEPRESSING TRACK.

Beniyuri reassures him that she can use frozen pork and grill it but the freshness will drop. Yamato gets back up and asks her excitedly that she can still make it though, right? She informs them with amusement that they both requested simple food. She thinks about asking everyone else since if they eat the food they like then their motivation will go up. Hikage asks about her then. At her look of confusion, he elaborates and points out that they haven’t heard her favorite food yet.

She takes a moment to think and answers that she likes sweets; she hasn’t eaten much since coming here. Hikage is surprised to hear that and asks for a specific thing. She replies that she likes clafoutis. Hikage repeats the beginning of the word and Yamato finishes it for him. Both of them have looks of confusion. Beniyuri excitedly tells them that clafoutis combines sweetness and sourness splendidly and when one eats it, the taste of fruit spreads throughout one’s mouth. Ones with cherry taste delicious but strawberry ones are also good. It’s also nice if they look cute.

Hikage asks Yamato quietly what a clafoutis is. Yamato also wonders if it’s English. L M FA O I HAD TO GOOGLE THIS TOO GUYS. Hikage hisses back that he’s never heard of such English and maybe it’s a type of spell? Yamato retorts that he hasn’t heard of a spell like that. Beniyuri continues on about how it tastes best when one uses a proper tart and bakes it with a lot of butter. She finds that after talking about it she now wants to eat it really badly.

But then she realizes something. Hikage thinks it’s a new type of tea. Yamato thinks it’s too simple to be tea just because it has a “ti” sound. It’s sweet so it must be a fruit. Beniyuri slowly asks them if they don’t know what a clafoutis is. Hikage jerks violently and Yamato also jumps upon being called out. Beniyuri tells them that they could have just told her they didn’t know what it was and it’s embarrassing to talk all alone like that.

Hikage loudly asks her what she’s saying because there’s no way he doesn’t know what it is. Aha, yes, clafoutis. It’s so good. Yamato gapes at Hikage and points out that he’s completely off! But then he hurriedly tells Beniyuri that he thinks it’s great too. It’s delicious, yep. Beniyuri tilts her head and asks if they actually knew what it was. THESE TWO DORKS. Hikage continues to bluff and say that of course he does. It’s that thing which smells the best during springtime. She repeats his words slowly.

Yamato shakes his head and says that it’s that thing that moves people emotionally when it’s skin is peeled. And it’s great to eat it when it’s round. She repeats his words as well in the same slow tone. But then Hikage tells her to disregard that idiot’s words as he’s just making things up. Yamato also approaches her and tells Hikage that he’s the one who is mistaken. He tells Beniyuri to ignore Hikage.

She slowly points out that both of them really don’t know what it is, huh. She’s figured it out. Both of them are speechless. Beniyuri points out that there are plenty of things that she doesn’t know but they do, and so it’s not embarrassing if they don’t know. Don’t they think it’s more embarrassing to act like they know about it when they don’t? Both of them flinch. L M F A O THERE IS THE SOUND OF GLASS SHATTERING HERE. Yamato whispers that it was a critical hit.

At any rate, Beniyuri explains that clafoutis is what can be considered a cake with fruit pudding in a tart. It’s delicious eating when one eats it with both sweetness and sourness. She’d like to make some and have them try it but… in her mind, she goes over the ingredients and realizes that they don’t have any fruits or an oven. She informs them that it might be impossible right now, although she can try hard to recreate the shape. But she would like them to eat it as a delicious thing. She apologizes to them.

Hikage averts his eyes and thanks her for explaining. His face is red. Yamato tells her with a strained smile that he could understand it was a tasty thing. She’s glad. But Hikage mutters about what this feeling of defeat is… Yamato also mutters that he lost to Beniyuri. Beniyuri confusedly asks them if they had been in a contest.

Anyway, after talking to the two of them, she arranged for the three of them to make dinner. What was created was miso soup, pork steak, and stewed daikon. She’s a bit embarrassed that Hikage and Yamato ended up being more skillful at her in cooking but she saw different sides to them and today was an interesting day.

*** BATHING (水浴び)***

Her heart, which had sunk to the depths of the water, finally revives. There’s no nice announcements here and so she compels herself to continue her days cheerily. She passes her days like that without noticing. Right now, she’s finally noticed that she’s able to breathe naturally. When Yamato had disappeared, that was more of a shock on her then she would have thought. She’s always like that when she loses things. The first time she lost something, she noticed it in a large way. Always? Always meaning this is something that happens frequently…

It’s night and she and Monshiro are walking in the hallway. She can hear the far away rain but, no matter how many times she turns around, there are no monsters. She thanks him for escorting her here today as well. He doesn’t respond but she knows that he’s registering her words. Monshiro doesn’t talk a lot but she but she strangely doesn’t feel scared. And then they arrive at the greenhouse. In the end, she comes here every day.

She wonders how Yamato is doing. She parts from Monshiro, who stops at the entrance, and she steps into the overflowing green space. She calls out to Yamato when she enters but there’s no response. He is usually in a place where she can immediately see him but not tonight. Did he go somewhere? She doesn’t think he would though since he’d know that she was coming. She calls out again and asks where he is.

Suddenly, she’s struck by helplessness. She can’t say that the greenhouse is absolutely safe. What should she do? She suddenly notices the sound of water, not the falling of rain, but a flowing sound. There are canals here. It’s a beautifully made creation and it surrounds the fountain in the middle, which she looks towards to with no prudence but then–

Beniyuri inhales sharply! Yamato greets her. O-O-OH… THE TAINT LOOKS LIKE TATTOOS NOW. She apologizes immediately but he just asks her what for. She blurts out that it feels like she’s peeking on him. LM FAO. He shakes his head and says that he’s the one who just randomly decided to wash. Coolly, he says this and brushes his damp hair back with one hand. Water droplets slide down his skin and they make his defined muscles glitter. That upper body is… naked. I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP LMAO.

She panics over what to do but since he doesn’t care then she’d look weird if she averted her eyes suddenly, right?! Yamato sighs and comments on how he feels refreshed. Meanwhile, Beniyuri chants to herself to act normal and unaffected. She stutters and asks him if the water isn’t cold. He replies that it obviously is. She laughs awkwardly. He also tells her that he normally wouldn’t do this but he wanted to clear his mind.

Beniyuri nods and tells him that that makes complete sense, yep. She is inwardly flustered and thinks she asked something weird because she’s too aware of him! But he’s half-naked! Half-naked!! He asks her if something is wrong because she’s strange today. She loudly asks him if that’s true and then tells him that she doesn’t think so. He inquires about her health. Because he’s concerned, he looks over to stare at the pallor of her face. But it has the opposite effect.

She blurts out that she’s fine! Absolutely fine! Yamato skeptically points out that even if she says that she seems to be sweating and her face is… He suddenly pauses, which makes her blink in surprise. He notes that if he approaches her in this state then he’ll get her wet too. He tells her to wait and he’ll dry off first. She shakes her head in response and then wonders if being half-naked is nothing to a guy.

But even just partially glancing at Yamato makes her heart race. He’s definitely more muscled than most people and so it makes her overly conscious of how he’s a male… Yamato apologizes for making her wait and then asks her what she’s looking at. L O L THE SCREEN AIMS IT SO THAT HE’S LIKE AT THE VERY EDGE. She tells him that it’s nothing! And then changes the subject to how she brought sandwiches that she made. Will he eat?

Yamato thanks her for always doing this. She glances at him and then looks away and tells him that it’s nothing since she was doing it already. He laughs and tells her that he wasn’t referring to the food! He’s thanking her for always coming. She notices that he’s smiling and thought that he was in pain because of this form, but it looks like he’s more at ease. She shakes her head and tells him that it’s not dangerous because Monshiro takes her here. And she’s also helped by feeling better when she comes here.

He’s glad Monshiro does that. She nods before confessing quietly that she’s glad he looks well. He wonders about that since there’s a lot of things to think about and so it’s not that he’s calm either… it’s a strange feeling. She informs him that she’s always open to listen, if he wants to talk, and she’ll also bring food. He narrows his eyes and admits that he had thought she was nothing but a meddlesome burden… but now he thinks differently.

Even though that’s the case now, she tells him that it’s a bit of a shock having that said to her face. He grins and tells her that he said it was different now so she doesn’t need to get depressed. Her being meddlesome hasn’t changed but she’s more tough than he thought… and cheeky. She gapes and repeats the word “cheeky” in an offended tone. He laughs and tells her that he’s praising her; her ability to take action in coming here and her strength in not being afraid of his appearance.

She quiets and then tells him that he’s not scary. He thinks that people would normally be scared of him like this. She points out that his core personality hasn’t changed and he might be in shock to hear this said but… He eyes her suspiciously. She finishes by saying that it’s easier talking to him now than before. He laughs lightly and then smiles lopsidedly before thanking her for that. This action is relaxed and so much like a friend that she’s relieved to see it. HIS VOICE WAS SO SOFT OH GOD. HOSOYAN DESERVES AWARDS.

He also thinks it’s easier to talk to her and, it wasn’t her problem, it was probably his. At her look of confusion he explains that he was recklessly impatient back at the refuge and trusted in no one. Now that he thinks about it, it was abnormal… He also had a cold attitude towards her and he feels apologetic for that. She doesn’t think it’s his fault. All of them are in a position that they can’t help.

Yamato points out that since it’s passed he can’t do anything but apologize. She can see that he looks downhearted and it was novel seeing him like this, much different from the past. She confesses that she’s glad he’s not like that now. He comments on how positive she is and that’s why he said she was strong. She playfully tells him that she really is happy! At any rate, she’s also relieved to have someone she can talk to honestly. She points out that having heightened nerves and thinking that anyone could be an enemy… it hurts her heart. He agrees softly.

Their conversation stops there and only the sound of running water echoes through the place. But it’s not an awkward silence; it’s a reflective one. Beniyuri thinks on how Yamato thanked her for coming here but she may be the one who has to thank him. Here, she can have silence and security.

Suddenly, Yamato tells her not to overexert herself and that, even with Monshiro, it’s not absolutely safe. She reassures him that she’s fine but thanks him for his concern. He repeats the word “concern” and then admits that he is feeling that, though he’s not used to it. She asks him if that’s true because she’s always thought of him as a kind person who worries after others. He gapes at her and then asks her how she could misunderstand him like that!

Beniyuri doesn’t think she misunderstood him! He glares at her and mumbles that she took being called positive a little too far and then tells her not to say such strange things. Honestly… She realizes that he’s embarrassed and giggles inwardly before deciding not to say anything further on this. But, on the topic of saying weird things, she wants to know if she can ask him one question?

He sharply asks her what it is. She asks him if he trains his body. He replies that he doesn’t do anything special. She winces inwardly and realizes that she asked something unnecessary. Yamato admits that he thought she’d ask something weird but– oh, he realizes why she had such a strange look when she saw him half-naked. OH YOU’RE DONE FOR GIRL! She hurriedly tells him that it wasn’t her intention… Yamato tells her to be careful because there are some people who might not like being seen half-naked. She laughs awkwardly and thinks that she should be glad he only mentioned this. OH COME ON YAMATO YOU CAN’T BE THAT DENSE.

After that, they talked about various things; random things, the future, etc. But just being able to have a gentle conversation soothed her more than she thought possible. But, even while she exchanged smiles, she still feels a shock when she sees his appearance as a partial monster. And then she would avert her eyes and continue the conversation.

*** AT THE GREENHOUSE (温室にて)***

She has the feeling that, because they’ve been imprisoned in this mansion, the sound of rain has remained in her ears. She was starting to hate the sound of it but she’s realized that this hasn’t been the case lately. Because it isn’t possible to have night without the sound of rain echoing and there’s a person she can only meet when it’s night–

Beniyuri thanks Monshiro today as well for escorting her. Monshiro inclines his head, as if saying that this was nothing, and then assumes his regular position. And then like usual, until she comes out from the greenhouse, he waits here. She asks him if he won’t occasionally talk with them as well? He tells her slowly that he’s fine and he’ll keep an eye out here. Once she hears his words she realizes that it would be troubling if a monster came… but it’s also be bad if Hikage came. She realizes that she might have been too careless.

And so, while she thanks Monshiro sincerely again, she opens the door to the greenhouse. She greets Yamato and he returns the greeting before noting that she’s late today. She explains that Hikage was investigating something in the living room and so she had to leave the refuge late at night. He grunts and realizes that these things happen too. After this quiet response, he looks up at the sky and she watches him do that unusual action before meeting his eyes when they return to her again.

He asks her what the matter is and so she inquires if there’s something with the sky. He tells her that it’s nothing important. She asks if it’s something to be concerned about. He thinks on it before telling her that the sky, or more like rain, seems awfully close. She repeats his words questioningly because she doesn’t think the weather is getting rougher. Or more like, she thinks that the same weather can do nothing but continue every day.

It’s clear during the afternoon and then rains at night. It’s always be like that and the state of the weather is always the same. It’s never been cloudy or stormy. Yamato comments on how if she says that then it must be the case. Beniyuri apologizes and tells him that she’s not trying to refute him or anything. He tells her not to apologize and that he doesn’t have evidence either, but he’s just concerned about the noise…

As they talk, he glances up at the sky again, and then rubs at his eyes despondently. She notices that he doesn’t look well and wonders if it could be that he… She asks if he hasn’t been able to sleep? He gapes at her and expresses his surprise in her guess. She points out that he just rubbed his eyes. He laughs sheepishly at that and admits that he spaced out. She tells him that it would be better if he slept then, no? She can come again at another time.

Yamato points out that she went through the trouble to come here so… but he must not be aware that she can hear the loneliness in his voice. He must treasure his time with her, huh. It makes her happy. He continues on to say that even without her here though he wouldn’t be able to sleep. He can’t calm down during the night. TRAUMATIC MEMORIES FROM HIS YAMATO END ARE COMING BACK.

Beniyuri doesn’t know what to say to that. She is happy but, on the other hand, she’s worried about his problem. If he’s telling the truth then, once it’s night, he can’t calm down and becomes conscious of the rain. She asks him if he’s worried about the sound of rain even when she’s here. He denies that and says he doesn’t notice it when they talk. More like, he feels at ease when she’s here. LET HIM SLEEP IN YOUR LAP–

Beniyuri suggests that they sleep together then. (゚Д゚ )ハァ? Yamato immediately turns red and gapes at her before asking her loudly what she’s saying. Upon seeing him become flustered and turn red, she suddenly realizes how extreme she sounded. She stutters out that he’s mistaken before pointing out that people are able to feel more at ease when they feel the warmth of another person when they sleep together, right? That’s why she was thinking of staying close to him and letting him sleep. NOT. HELPING.

Yamato finally understands her and heaves a large sigh. She realizes that he must have been greatly shocked. He grumpily advises her to choose her words next time. She hunches her shoulders at his anger and offers him a small smile as she apologizes. He knows that she was thinking about him though and so he’s thankful of that but really…

Beniyuri suggests letting him sleep with his head in her lap. He gapes at her again. She continues on to say that she thinks he could calm down and sleep if he put his head in her lap. He asks loudly how the conversation jumped to that! He’d be really close to her if he was sleeping in her lap. She points out that if she’s used as a pillow then he’d be able to know that she’s here even with his eyes closed.

He stutters out that he knows but… but… Beniyuri notes that at this rate he won’t be able to sleep. Maybe she should force him to sleep? HE KEEPS ON INCHING OFF THE SCREEN LMAO. She tells him that she’s saying this out of concern! He looks worse than he thinks. Even if he’s embarrassed, his health takes priority! Partially desperate, she chooses a random place to sit and calls him over. If he feels asleep they’ll still be together and it’s the same as a pillow. He grumbles out that there’s no way it can be one.

But then Beniyuri points out that he’s rubbing his eyes again! That won’t do and he needs to sleep. Even while he’s disheveled, he places his head on her thighs with an expression of it being inevitable. But, at that moment, she’s the one who is flustered. C-Close. He’s closer than she thought! His face is tens of centimeters away from her and she can feel his warmth on her thighs.

Once again, she can’t disperse the feeling of having been audacious because this is something that lovers do, right?! She didn’t know. Yamato suddenly tells her not to look at him and to look somewhere else. She stiffens before pointing out that he should close his eyes too! He retorts that he’ll do that when he falls asleep! But he doesn’t want her to look at his sleeping face. She tells him that she understands and then he huffs and asks how it came to this.

Beniyuri tells him not to sigh like that. He replies that normally people don’t suggest lap pillows! She’s surprised by that since she thinks it’s softer than the ground and thus better. He notes that she doesn’t get it at all… She takes a look at his face to see what he’s talking about, but he’s averted his eyes out of embarrassment. She agrees in her mind that it’s embarrassing but she’s also the one who suggested it!

She suddenly asks if he wants to hear a lullaby. He angrily asks if he’s a child. She suggests a fairy tale then. He points out that there’s no difference there before saying that just being normal is fine. He just wants to talk normally. She repeats the word “normal” and thinks on how, since they’re both embarrassed, if they talk normally then maybe they can relax. What should they talk about? The type of design they like on umbrellas?

He asks her why that topic. She points out that the rain is depressing, right? One can’t play outside and one becomes all wet. She doesn’t think there’s many people who like it. HEY THERE! I DO! But if one has prepared a cute umbrella then their feelings will lighten up a bit. It feels like they can go out even if it’s raining. And what’s why she has a number of umbrellas that she likes and has prepared.

Yamato hums thoughtfully at that before admitting that he doesn’t care about that. She asks if he just has a black vinyl one. He points out that guys have that kind, no? She asks him how he gets excited then. He laughs before saying he doesn’t know. She’s relieved to see that his expression has softened and even though they’re having the usual meaningless conversations he hasn’t responded negatively at all.

Anyway, Yamato admits that it’s not a bad plan to hold onto something she likes to counteract her depressed feelings. Like now… and how talking to her makes him feel like the rain at night isn’t so bad. She notices that his speech has grown softer and slower before stopping midway. She quietly says his name and checks on him, since it was strange, only to see that he’s breathing lightly in sleep.

Ah! He’s sleeping! His wide shoulders are quietly moving up and down and his eyes are completely closed. And, defenselessly, his mouth is also parted slightly. It looks like he really fell asleep. At the same time, she’s grateful at how he thinks that she’s safe. If it were someone that he couldn’t let his guard down around, then he wouldn’t fall asleep. In her heart she murmurs at him to sleep deeply and well, while sneaking forbidden looks at his sleeping face.

Alone, she hears the sound of rain. It should be a melancholic sound and, occasionally, this mansion echoes with loneliness. As if it doesn’t want to be unpleasant, as if it wants her to turn around, and is imploring her… she can hear that.

*** LONG HAIR (ロングヘア)***

It has been quite a few days since she started meeting Yamato in the greenhouse after his transformation. But, unrelated to the amount of days, she can see that right now he’s back to his old self and relaxed. At the same time that she wonders if this is the real Yamato or not, she feels embarrassed at herself for feeling like she knows him so well.

She walks together with Monshiro down the hallway filled with the smell of rain. It’s an atmosphere that wouldn’t be strange if a monster suddenly appeared, but soon they arrive at where the greenhouse is. Today they have arrived safely as well. Beniyuri comments out loud on how glad she is that a monster didn’t appear. Monshiro replies that even if one appeared it would be fine. She giggles and praises him for being strong but also tells him not to overexert himself.

He tells her he understands and nods, while still wearing his expressionless mask, and then takes a step closer to her. She asks him what the matter is. He asks what that smell is. She realizes that he might be talking about these pastries she’s carrying. It’s extremely aromatic and she found it in the kitchen; it’s not very sweet. He murmurs that it smells delicious. She agrees and explains that she thought this non-sweet one would suit Yamato better than the others, but looking at it makes one want to eat it.

Monshiro agrees to wanting to eat it. Beniyuri suggests that he eat with them then, and surely Yamato would be pleased too. This makes her realize that Yamato, after having started to live in the greenhouse, must not have eaten any meals together with anyone apart from her. She’s sure he’ll be pleased and, while thinking this, she opens the door. The moment she enters the greenhouse she meets eyes with Yamato; it looks like he was waiting.

Yamato notes that she’s together with Monshiro today. She nods and explains that she brought pastries which she thought they could all share. He doesn’t mind that but… Beniyuri asks if there’s a problem. He points out that Monshiro ran off to chase the butterflies. Beniyuri turns around at that and sees that where Monshiro, who should have been behind her, is gone. She is surprised at his lack of sound and presence.

Eh!? She thought Monshiro was going to eat the pastries she brought together with them! Yamato is grinning as he tells her that Monshiro will return. He may occasionally wander off but he’ll return once he notices them. Beniyuri is still a bit hesitant because even though suggested they eat together they… may actually eat it all first. At any rate, Yamato asks about the pastries and if it’s sweet.

Beniyuri tells him that it’s not very sweet, which is why she thought he could eat it too. He smiles at that and agrees that it sounds edible then. Beniyuri hesitates again before blurting out that she’s going to search for Monshiro! Yamato startles as she leaves the pastries with him and then runs off into the darkness. She parts the vegetation to her right and left and starts to realize that the greenhouse is large. If he’s chasing the butterflies she wonders which way he went…

White butterflies enter her field of vision, but she doesn’t see Monshiro. Like a white mist they scatter before her. As she stops in surprise, she feels something strike her head. Looking down, she sees that it’s a flower bud. When she looks up, she sees Yamato who had chased after her. He grumbles at how she was too impatient and to listen to him before running off.

Beniyuri asks if he was the one who threw this at her. He answers that he did because she didn’t turn around even after he called out to her. She pouts and then asks why he threw it at her because he could have just called. He scowls. She realizes that she didn’t need to say it like that, but she feels caught in something. Yamato continues on to say that it’s her fault for spacing out and, besides, she came here to see him, right? He’s lightly smiling though even with his complaint.

Her mouth softens into a sulk; what he said was true but it shouldn’t be bad to care about Monshiro. He retorts 「俺に会い来たんだから俺のことを気にしろよ。違うか?」(You came to see me though so you should concern yourself with me, no?). She hesitantly says that’s not true and continues to feel something pulling on her. Her head hurts. Yamato takes a step closer and asks her what’s wrong. She replies that she has the feeling that this has happened before.

There is a sharp pain in her head and it feels like deja vu, but she can’t remember what happened. She has the feeling that something happened and it left a memory, but she can’t remember. He asks her in concern if her head hurts. She nods and gasps out that she can’t remember though. Yamato tells her not to force herself and, even without memories, she’s still herself. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea to think too much on it.

Beniyuri agrees and, before she notices it, Yamato has started to stroke her head as if to comfort her. His hand is large and he’s silent as he continues to pet her head. And even though she’s received this comfort she only lowers her head and stiffens instead of telling him that it’s enough. What should she do? It’s not that she dislikes it but it’s embarrassing to continue being like this.

Her eyes, having fallen to the ground, land on the flower bud from before. This large bud had fallen before the flower could bloom. She wonders out loud if this white flower is a gardenia. At her question, Yamato’s hand finally falls away from her head. He doesn’t know what this flower is but points out that there are a lot blooming over there. She follows his pointing finger to see a large amount of them blooming.

Beniyuri confirms that the flowers are gardenias and they’re beautiful in these large amounts. He repeats their name thoughtfully and then admits that they are beautiful, though he hadn’t thought much on it. As they look at the flowers, she realizes something abnormal. It’s almost strange that she hadn’t thought about this until now but there’s no one tending these plants, right? And yet, every time she comes the plants are alive and the flowers are blooming.

Yamato makes a noise of agreement but she notices that, even though he looks thoughtful, he’s still staring directly at her. Does he think she changed the topic? She asks him if something is wrong but he shakes his head before commenting on how her hair has grown long. She blinks and then points out that nothing has changed. Ever since they arrived at this mansion, it’s like time has stopped and their bodies have stopped changing too.

And so it should be impossible for her hair to have grown longer. He tells her that right now a ribbon would suit her. She echoes his words in confusion but he just steps closer and raises his hand. She thinks he’s going to pet her head again but he gathers up her hair in one hand, as if checking something. She blurts out his name in shock but he only smiles. She wonders what’s going on with him because he’s being so serious and kinder than usual.

Once again she asks him what he’s doing, but he shakes his head before releasing her hair and then lightly rapping her on the head. She yelps out and tells him that it hurts before complaining about his violence. He points out that it doesn’t hurt that bad, right? She grumbles out that it does; it hurts her heart. His voice is amused as he recalls that she does hate this, huh. He warns her to be careful, which confuses her but she nods anyway.

And then he tells her that Monshiro should be over here. He tells her to come and she agrees, all the while being confused at how he seems different today. She wonders why. And, while thinking these strange thoughts, she follows him. He’s returned back to normal but she feels like his mind is far away.

At any rate, they find Monshiro and Yamato complains about him taking up their time. Monshiro asks Beniyuri if she was looking for him. She reminds him that they promised to eat together. Monshiro calls her kind. Yamato doesn’t think it’s kindness and then chides Monshiro for disappearing after making a promise. Now they have less time to talk! Monshiro asks Yamato if he’s jealous.

Yamato gapes and then yells at Monshiro not to use strange words at this time. Monshiro confirms that he’s jealous. Yamato snaps at him to stop and just eat his pastries. Beniyuri is glad that Yamato has returned to his usual self and, while complaining to Monshiro, he continues to eat the pastries. She thinks that it’s a more lively night than usual.

She’s seen various sides of him now, including pleasure, but there are times when she can’t read his heart. Yamato is always direct in his talk but he couldn’t hide his dishevelment at that time. It’s impossible for other people to fully understand him but, at the least, towards his “companions” like them– she wants to understand him and share everything. But this may just be a selfish thought of hers.

*** MOTHER’S RIBBON (母のリボン)***

This is from when she was a child. Finally, the coldness of winter has softened and it is the season where new buds are blooming. Her mother is sitting in a chair beside a window, soaking in the sun, and knitting. She’s knitting tiny socks. It is for the baby that will be born. Her little sister will soon be born. She’s looking forward to that. But it looks like, in order to give birth, her mother will have to be hospitalized starting next month. Of course she feels sad about that but, for her little sister’s sake, she’ll endure it. But that is also why, in the small amount of time that she has left with her mother, she wants to be together with her. She always stayed by her mother’s side.

Ai (Beniyuri) points out that her mama’s stomach is large. She stares at her mother’s stomach and her mother stops her knitting to rub at her stomach. Her mother tells her that her little sister is inside here. Ai is ecstatic about getting a little sister and looks forward to it. She asks if a name has been decided. Her mother tells her that it’s “Haruka”. Ai thinks that’s a cute name and then tells Haruka to hurry and come out; her big sister is waiting. She presses her cheek to her mother’s stomach.

Her mother’s stomach moves and Ai exclaims in surprise. Did it just move?! Her mother smiles warmly and tells her that Haruka is probably happy to be touched by her big sister. Ai giggles at that. And then her mother asks her how nursery school was. Is it fun? Ai tells her happily that it’s very fun, but there’s a kid who always bullies her there. Her mother asks her in amusement if this is true. Ai nods and tells her that she’s always being called an idiot or retarded. The other kid also hid her doll before this… is she hated?

But her mother only laughs softly and explains that the child probably wants to be her friend. Ai is in disbelief because they fight the moment they are beside each other. Her mother thinks this is because that child is drawn to her. At Ai’s skeptical look, her mother tells her that the next time they meet she should ask the child if they want to play together. She’s sure they’ll become friends like that.

Ai rests her chin on her hands and thinks hard on that. Will they? But then she points out that, if they wanted to be friends, wouldn’t they be more kind? Ai says that she wouldn’t bully her friends and she’d want to make them happy! Her mother thinks that’s a lovely way of thinking, to put a smile on their loved one’s face. Ai is happy that her mother thinks so too. Her mother points out that Ai will probably have a lot of friends in the future. Ai excitedly asks if she really believes so.

Her mother is positive and she believes that, among the reliable people she’ll meet, there may even be a lover in there. Ai repeats the word “lover” questioningly. Her mother laughs and thinks that it might be too early. And then she reaches out to hold both of Ai’s hands. She asks Ai if she knows what a lot of friends gathered together are called. Ai says sadly that she doesn’t know. Her mother tells her that they’re called “companions”.

Ai repeats the word. Her mother continues on to impress upon her that they’re extremely important; they’ll share sad and happy times with her and she’s sure that Ai will be able to make these amazing companions. Ai asks how she can get them. Her mother tells her that as long as she becomes a lovely girl then she’ll naturally make friends. Ai beams at that and declares that she wants a lot of companions! She wants to become a lovely girl!

Her mother giggles and then tells her that she’ll give her a magic spell then. A spell to help her become a lovely girl… so saying that, her mother removes her violet ribbon and wraps it around her wrist. Ai asks what this is and so her mother explains that it was a present from her father, a long time ago. Ai finds it beautiful but asks if it’s really okay for her to have it. Her mother reassures her that it is because both her and Ai’s father want her to become a lovely girl. She suggests Ai use it when her hair is longer; it’ll surely look well on her.

Ai thanks her mother brightly as her mother smiles. She’ll protect this ribbon and won’t ever remove it; she’ll become a lovely girl! And then maybe she’ll be able to make companions? Her mother tells her that it may not happen immediately but she’ll naturally get close to people. Ai isn’t bothered by that and then tells her mother that she wants to be like her when she grows up.

Her mother is surprised to hear that and asks why she’s saying that suddenly. Ai tells her that it isn’t sudden and it’s because she loves her mom! And so that’s why she wants to be like her mother, gentle and warm. Her mother is happy to hear that and tells Ai that she will definitely become someone like her and this ribbon will lead her to that.

Ai feels her mother gently petting her hair and her mother’s hand, warmed by the sun, is pleasant. Ai falls into a doze like that. And in her nap, the pale violet ribbon enters her dreams. Carefully joined to the ribbon were butterflies and, looking at them, she herself became a beautiful butterfly and felt like she was dancing lightly in the air.

*** ARGUING FRIENDS (ケンカ友達)***

Her childhood friend, Takuya, is always a bully. She has the feeling that she used to play well with him when they were smaller but… lately for some reason it feels like his attitude has changed. He would yank on her hair and call her a mannish girl. He doesn’t do that to other girls. Why does he only bully her like that? But whenever she asks him why he bullies her, he’d reply that he isn’t bullying her. She wants to be good friends with Takuya like she used to be. What can she do to return to how they were before? She was a bit troubled.

On her way home, Ai (Beniyuri) separates from her friends and starts to walk on the road home but is hit on the back of her head from something. She yelps and then looks around, only to see a soccer ball fall to her feet. Takuya calls out to her and says that she’s really stupid, being unable to dodge even a single ball. Takuya comes closer to her and draws the ball back to him with his foot.

Ai angrily asks him why he would hit her like that and it’s dangerous! Takuya only laughs and says she’s at fault for not paying attention. Even though she protested, he has a smirk on his face. She glares at him for saying the same thing as usual and then tells him firmly that she doesn’t know him. She starts to walk away by herself but Takuya follows her. He calls out for her to wait and then asks why she started walking alone like that.

She replies that it’s because he’s bullying her. Takuya blurts out that he’s not bullying her! What is she saying? Ai only hums thoughtfully and says that she thinks it’s bullying. Takuya stutters as he tells her to shut up; it’s just her delusions of being a victim! She repeats his words and asks what they mean. He explains that it’s to describe someone like her who is not being bullied but thinks she is!

Ai denies that because it’s not a victim delusion! He really is a bully. Takuya snaps out that he’s already said she’s wrong and then kicks the ball up angrily. She asks him why he’s so angry, but he just says that it’s her fault. She blinks, hurt at that. But then he tells her that he doesn’t know her anymore, since she’s so selfish. Ai retorts that those are her lines and she’s going home now! Takuya just grunts and tells her to go home already.

And yet… Ai asks him why he’s still following her. Takuya only asks her why she’s walking on the same road as him. LOL THESE KIDS. Ai points out that her house is this way. Takuya stutters out that his house is this way too. Ai recalls that his house is in the opposite direction though. Takuya tells her that she’s annoying and he has business this way today! She wonders why he has to yell like that.

He is always rearing for a fight and whenever she says anything he immediately has to retort. She’d like to be able to talk to him normally though. Could it be that he really hates her? She remains silent and they continue to walk until Takuya, in a bad mood, mutters lowly at her not to be silent and to say something. Ai tells him that she can’t think of anything to say when he asks so suddenly like that. Takuya doesn’t have a response to that.

Both of them fall silent again and continue to walk. Ai winces at the bad atmosphere around them. She wants to talk about something too but she thinks he doesn’t want to talk anymore on the topic of bullying and so she can’t think of anything else. Once again, Takuya asks her why she’s so silent and to talk about something. Ai reminds him that she can’t think of anything to say, and so asks him to say something.

Takuya tells her that he can’t think of anything, which is why he’s asking her! Ai protests to that and thinks on how he’s asking her to talk about something when he himself can’t think of anything to say… that’s high-handed. But could it be that he wants to talk about something with her? Ugh, it looks like she doesn’t understand him anymore. She continues to think about these things in her mind.

But suddenly Takuya yells out that it’s a shooting star and points into the sky. Ai can’t believe it and hurriedly looks at where he’s pointing. It’s still evening though and there’s no way they should be able to see a shooting star. And so, as she’s thinking about making a wish, she isn’t able to react fast enough when Takuya shouts out that she’s open and grabs her bag before running away.

Ai yells at him to wait and to return it. Takuya only snickers and asks her to come get it herself. Ai shouts at him to wait and then desperately runs after him but she doesn’t see the juice box on the ground and trips over it. She winces at the pain and Takuya, who noticed her fall, comes closer hesitantly. He hesitantly asks her if she’s okay. She only glares at him silently from her seated position.

He has a guilty look on his face as if he realized that he took it too far, but… Ai isn’t prepared to forgive him because it’s too late to make that face. Takuya notes that she doesn’t seem to be bleeding anywhere. He’s crouched down beside her and looking at her knees. It looks like he’s relieved that she’s uninjured. He apologizes for overdoing it and returns her bag.

She accepts it silently when he holds it out beneath her nose. But in her mind she wonders why she has to go through this when she hasn’t done anything bad? Thinking about this makes her irritated and so that’s why she’s glaring at him. Takuya stutters at her not to glare at him like that. His attitude has done a complete turn and he seems to be looking her over. She can understand that he’s worried.

But she doesn’t want to forgive him immediately and so she bites down on her lip and lets him see her anger. Takuya apologizes. She growls. Takuya asks her to say something. She turns her head away and huffs. He asks her not to ignore him. Ai curtly states that she doesn’t want to talk to him. She’s turned away from him but she can still hear him sigh lowly. It makes her almost feel sorry for him. It makes it hard for her to say that she’s done here.

Takuya finally sighs and mutters about how it can’t be helped. He stands up and then throws the ball that he’s carrying up. Ai gasps. In the next instant, the ball comes back down and bounces off of his knee. The ball continues to bounce up into the air before returning to its original position, like it’s being sucked there. Takuya is amazing! Ai forgets about her anger and becomes absorbed in watching him.

He asks her how she finds it and grins when he sees her looking at him before bouncing the ball some more. Ai asks if this is a soccer skill. He can’t believe she doesn’t even know about lifting and calls her an idiot. She points out that she doesn’t know much about soccer! So, is this a lifting technique? He answers that it is and she should remember it for when he becomes a famous professional soccer player. He’s confident about his lifting skills.

Takuya suddenly launches the ball high up and then catches it with his head splendidly. Ai praises him for being amazing. He really can be a professional! He reminds her that he’s already said he’ll become famous. Ai nods excitedly and says she’ll look forward to it; she wonders if he’ll appear on television. Takuya says that he would, obviously, since he’ll be famous. He stops the ball with his foot and then rubs his nose. He decides that he’ll dribble the ball as they go home and calls out for her to keep up. She yelps at him to wait for her!

He dashes away while dribbling the ball and she chases after him, flustered. Both of them aren’t able to be honest to each other. She doesn’t know how to get along with him. For them, who are that clumsy, the soccer ball helped them get closer to each other. It’d be nice if she can talk like this with Takuya tomorrow too. As she thinks this, she continues to chase after him while swinging her arms greatly.

*** SHOUJO MANGA (少女漫画)***

On this day, because they need to rest occasionally, they spent their time as they pleased in the refuge. After eating breakfast, she brought a book into her room. Her book today was recommended to her by Karasuba. As she drinks her tea and reads her book, she finds herself surprisingly immersed in the world. And so that’s why she doesn’t know how everyone else spent their time but–

Karasuba complains in the living room that always exterminating the monsters is trouble some, but when they’re resting it’s so boring. Hikage suggests that he head out on his own then. Karasuba pouts though and asks why everyone else gets to rest but he has to go out? Kagiha interrupts the two and points out that resting is necessary and it’s only when they get proper rest that they can properly move. Karasuba instantly points out that Kagiha says they need to rest! Hikage only crosses his arms and glares.

The three of them continue their light conversation as they drink their coffee. In this mansion with no amusements, it’s easy to grow tired of the books and food. Karasuba complains about the master of the mansion not being sensible and not leaving them a television along with the books. Kagiha muses on a television show that’ll only broadcast how the weather is clear today, and how that’d be weird.

Hikage also points out that it’s a mystery as to whether time flows the same here as it does in the natural world. Karasuba tells him not to think on the details and that all he’s saying is that they need more entertainment. Kagiha suggests that they can search the storeroom and there may be something there. Karasuba thinks it’s not a bad idea and then recalls seeing Monshiro head into there. What’s he doing there?

Kagiha is surprised to hear that because he hasn’t heard anything from the storeroom. Just as the topic turns to him, said person appears and says that he found something interesting. He’s carrying a book under his arm and looks happy. Hikage looks puzzled while Karasuba excitedly asks what it is, since he’s bored. Kagiha notes that it’s a manga. The four of them take a look at the manga that is placed on the table and, in the end, they’re all interested in this thing.

Karasuba points out that it’s shoujo manga and the drawings are sparkly. Hikage repeats the word “shoujo manga” and Monshiro asks what that is. Karasuba explains that it’s manga for girls and normally guys don’t read it. Monshiro quietly asks if he can’t read it. Karasuba shrugs and says that it’s not that he can’t and there are males who read these. There are also manga out there that are unrelated to gender.

Kagiha notes that this book is tattered though and pages here and there are folded. Hikage points out that someone must have liked it and these creases were intentionally done. Kagiha realizes that it’s true and notices that these particular pages are folded– he gasps. The pages that he opened the book to are displaying a kiss scene. Upon seeing the abnormally shocked look on Kagiha’s face, the other three take a look.

Karasuba is grinning as he notes that it’s a kiss scene. He asks why Kagiha is so flustered because it’s just a kiss. Kagiha is surprised that shoujo mangas have these scenes… Karasuba’s grin widens as he says that it’s natural since they’re about love. There are even more amazing scenes than just kisses. Monshiro tilts his head at that and asks what he means. Karasuba flips through the pages and asks in a sing song to see if they can find some drawn.

In contrast to Karasuba’s joyful page flipping, Hikage’s reaction is cold as he tells them not to search. He also tells Monshiro not to pursue this. Karasuba suddenly declares that he found one! Last time it was a kiss in a classroom, now they’re kissing behind the school while embracing… Kagiha protests to Karasuba, but this just makes Karasuba ask him why he’s being so flustered around a manga. Could he unexpectedly be a late bloomer?

Kagiha tells him that he doesn’t think an explanation on whether he is or not is needed. Karasuba switches tracks and points out that Monshiro wants to know though, right? Monshiro replies that he does. Hikage, who is still standing far away, points out that it just sounds like he doesn’t know the meaning.

Suddenly, Monshiro turns to face Hikage and asks him if he’ll teach him… about kisses. L O L. Hikage gapes and then asks why he has to be the one to teach him; also, he’d like Monshiro not to talk in such a misunderstanding way. Monshiro tilts his head and asks what is a misunderstanding? Kissing? Hikage scowls and tells him that he doesn’t need to repeat it.

Back to Karasuba, he’s still flipping through the pages and he comments on how this one is good; the girl is pressed against the wall and forcibly assaulted. He notes that the girl doesn’t seem wholly displeased either… could it be that she likes this force? Kagiha cautiously asks if this manga is honestly directed to women. Karasuba answers confidently that it’s unmistakable with this drawing.

He notes that it seems okay for the girl to be kissed even by guys she doesn’t like. Hm, or is it just this girl? Monshiro joins this conversation and asks if even hated people can kiss? Karasuba doesn’t think that’s very popular but, at the least, he doesn’t think a kiss is heavily reflected upon by both girls and guys. Kagiha disagrees though and thinks girls regard their bodies as something more sacred than they, as men, do.

Hikage repeats his words flatly and then thinks Kagiha’s exaggerating it when it’s just contact of one part of the body. Karasuba asks if Hikage is the type to kiss anyone then? He replies that he didn’t say that. Karasuba declares excitedly that he gets it! Hikage is a tsundere and will say that this isn’t anything special… while getting all embarrassed at a kiss! Hikage snaps at him to stop and not to say anything weird.

Monshiro asks what a tsundere is. Karasuba explains that it’s someone like Hikage; he acts like he doesn’t care about Beniyuri but underneath he is full of worry. Hikage stiffens in surprise while Kagiha nods in understanding. Hikage roars back that he doesn’t agree!

Suddenly, Monshiro asks what this is because an ear is being eaten. He’s flipped to a new page and seems moved with interest. Karasuba takes a look and explains that it’s not being eaten and that this is play-biting! Monshiro asks if it’s delicious. Karasuba explains that it’s neither delicious nor disgusting but a feeling of being closer to the other person. It’s an expression of love.

Kagiha asks if Karasuba really needs to describe it so thoroughly. Karasuba retorts that if he’s going to say that then he can explain it himself! Kagiha freezes at that. Karasuba points out that Monshiro looks like he wants to know. Kagiha stutters out that if Monshiro doesn’t know then that means he’s too young for it. Monshiro repeats his words and then asks if he’s done these things. Kagiha stutters and says that this is private and not something he’d talk about with other people…

Monshiro decides that he’ll ask Beniyuri then. Kagiha calls at him to stop. Hikage blames Karasuba for saying unnecessary things. Karasuba jokes about how scared he is now that Hikage is angry.

And then, in the midst of this disturbance, a door opens and then footsteps can be heard. Beniyuri comes downstairs and notes that everyone has gathered. What’re they talking about? Karasuba looks excited and invites her closer. Hikage tells her that she doesn’t need to come. Kagiha thinks they should just end this here then. Monshiro points out that Beniyuri hasn’t seen it yet and he wants to show her. Hikage growls out that it’s fine if she doesn’t see it. L O L.

Karasuba is torn on what he wants to do because he wants to see her reaction. Beniyuri looks at all their reactions and admits that she’s curious now. Karasuba teasingly asks them what they’re going to do. Monshiro tells her that it’s interesting. Hikage retorts that it isn’t and orders Monshiro to put it away. Kagiha blurts out that he’ll clean it up and disappears.

In the end, without telling her what they were so rowdy about, they have lunch. Because she’s the only girl, they might have been having a male talk or something. And so she doesn’t pursue it any deeper. But, during lunch, Monshiro suddenly asks if he can eat an earlobe. She’s bewildered. Honestly, what were they talking about…?

3 thoughts on “Kokuchou no Psychedelica ~ Yamato Interlude ~

    Wow said:
    January 19, 2016 at 08:38

    Yeah, you’re right. When I played Yamato’s bad end first I had an idea about the true identity of Monshiro. But more I continued more I was lost haha. Finally I played in the same order as you and after having finished I’m so curious about the story of Monshiro and even more all the mystery that surrounds Hikage. This game is just wonderful, so fantastic !

    Thank you but YOU ARE AMAZING because at school we learn english so it’s normal. Japanese is a difficult language maybe less than chinese but to be able to read character is just awesome !

    Wow said:
    January 16, 2016 at 10:22

    Haha the “clafoutis” scene made me laugh so hard ! I knew what she meant because I’m french ^^ It’s reminds me that it’s been years I haven’t eaten it. But I prefer with chocolate rather than fruits.
    I totally understand why it’s better to do Higake at the end, I didn’t expect that waahh…

    I wanted to say thank you sincerely for everything. Thanks to you I can fully enjoy the game . Even though I don’t understand 100%. I don’t know what I would have done without you ! I can not thank you enough.

    Ps : Sorry for my poor english I know I made some mistakes, it’s terrible. I’m ashamed. I try to improve my level. But for writing Google translation doesn’t really help :/

      Ilinox responded:
      January 17, 2016 at 19:07

      Haha, that was one of my favorite scenes too, especially when there’s that glass shattering noise when Beniyuri innocently destroys their pride. This game is the best when you go in completely blind, imo, because that reveal with Hikage is fantastic.

      Aw, thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment! Your English is perfectly fine by the way, I have no problems understanding you! And it’s amazing that you can speak French and English :).

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