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Yamato (山都)
CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa (細谷 佳正)

(Because I made the mistake of listening to the character songs for this game and realized “OH GOD. I REALLY LIKE THEM”. Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly’s character songs are very good at summarizing the themes and my feelings for each character route and so I decided I would translate these for everyone else to enjoy too, kind of like what I did for Hana Awase. SPOILERS ALERT.)

I am going to start by translating the song first but these CDs also come with a mini-drama, good morning, and good night track which I’ll be translating too. I shouldn’t have to say that there will be spoilers in this entire thing and I highly recommend that you read all of my Psychedelica posts up to, and including, Takuya.


うざってぇんだ あっち行けよ
You’re so annoying // Go away
怒ってないさ こっち来いよ
I’m not angry // Come here
意地っ張りって 知ってるだろ?
I’m “obstinate” // You know that, right?
今だけは 側にいろよ
Just for now, stay by my side

諦められたら 楽になるなんて
If you had given up then everything would be easier
放っといてくれなんて バカだぜ・・・
I’m an idiot to think that you’d leave me alone

お前が微笑(わら)う 俺は目を伏せる
You smile // I lower my eyes
If the night comes then once again the rain will fall
青く突き刺す 絶叫の果てに 迷い堕ちる
Stabbed pale, at the end of my scream, I fall into doubt
そう お前が泣けば 俺は闇になる
Yes, if you cry, I’ll become darkness
この姿じゃ 抱きしめられねえ
With this appearance, I can’t be held
後悔という 激しい痛み
This violent pain called regret
This is my… sin

焦ってるんだ どうかしてる
I’m impatient // I’m going mad
わかってるんだ 俺のせいさ
I understand // It’s my fault
涙なんか 拭いてやるよ
I’ll wipe those things like tears away
だから もっと 側に来いよ
That’s why come closer to my side

赦されるなんて 思わない決して
Being forgiven, I’ve never thought that
ずっと隠してたこと ごめんな・・・
The thing that I’ve always hidden // I’m sorry…

瞳閉じれば 呼びかける声が
If I close my eyes, the voice that calls out
懐かしい日 想い出させる
Makes me remember the nostalgic days
無邪気なままで じゃれつくお前が 愛しすぎて
Remaining innocent, the you who I teased is too lovely
そう 一緒に居れば 強くなれそうだ
Yes, if I’m together with you, I think I can be strong
夢が夢に 間に合うように
A dream within a dream, as if it would be enough,
触れた温もり 目覚めのようなヒカリになれ
The warmth I touched becomes LIGHT like waking

お前が微笑(わら)う 俺は応える
You smile // I respond
その場所まで きっと連れてゆく
Until we reach that place, I’ll surely be going with you
後悔という ココロの狭間ぶっ壊して
I’ll destroy that ravine in my HEART called regret
そう お前が泣けば 俺は闇になる
Yes, if you cry, I’ll become darkness
守りたくて 打ち明けたくて
I want to protect you // I want to hold nothing back
傷だらけでも 立ち止まるのはもうやめたんだ
Even if we’re covered in wounds I’m done with standing still

ああ! お前が居れば きっと強くなる
Aa! If you’re here I’ll surely be strong
ほどけた夢 結び直して
The dream that came apart, I’ve repaired the ties
触れた温もり 目覚めのようなヒカリになれ
The warmth I touched becomes LIGHT like waking


Takuya: Thinking back upon it… is a strange feeling. Do you remember? About that mansion. If you don’t remember then remember it all and listen to my story. If you don’t do that then I know I won’t be able to convey my words well.

*BGM starts*

Ai: Strange… Takuya-kun said he’d be around here too. Hm? *ringing* A message from Takuya-kun. *beep* Eh? “I’m behind you”? AH!

T: Shh! Your voice is loud!

A: Takuya-kun! What are you doing by this old tree?

T: I was waiting for you!

A: Waiting… wasn’t the meeting in front of the store?

T: It was but… why did you bring that guy along?! If you look at that meeting place, is it a place to bring a guy!?

A: “That guy”…? Ah, you mean Aki-chan? He was with me when I was going home and he said he’d like to come, so I thought it’d be nice to watch a movie with the three of us.

T: Hah?! It’s NOT okay… we don’t need Aki today, in fact, he’s in the way.

A: “He’s in the way” is a bit… *ringing* Oh, it’s a message from Aki-chan. *beeping* “Where are you?”… is what he’s asking.

T: Persistent bugger…

A: Don’t say things like that. Let’s see… *button pressing* “Next to the shop there’s an old tree”.


T: Grgh… that’s why you… Give me that!

A: Eh?! Takuya-kun, that’s my phone!

T: *button pressing* I sent off the words “Go home”. This is enough, right?

A: Isn’t it a bit cold?

T: Is that a problem? That guy’s plan was to get in the way.

A: But… I suddenly disappeared and then to receive a message saying “Go home”… isn’t that shocking?

A: Look… even I know that he’s important to you. It’s not like I’m telling you not to meet him or anything… it’s not that…

A: What is it?

T: *sighs* I’m bad at this, shit…

*knocked over can*

A: Hm?

T: Ah! *pulls her into him*

A: Eh?! Takuya-kun?! *heartbeats*

T: Hide a little. Because right now Aki is passing close by…

A: B-But… um… this is a bit like being held…

T: Hah?

A: U-Um… uh…

T: I’ll let you go the moment that guy leaves so shut up.

A: …

T: … he left… *releases her* Dammit, troublesome…

A: Even though we’re so close… his expression didn’t change at all.

T: Eh?

A: It’s nothing! The movie is starting so let’s go.

T: H-Hey!


T: Why are you angry?!

A: I’m not angry! The one who’s angry is Takuya-kun, isn’t it?

T: Hah? I don’t get what you mean.

A: … Takuya-kun is always angry, huh… if I wanted to have a fun time it would have been better to have Aki-chan with us.

T: I’ve already said–

A: If we’re going to fight then we don’t have to force ourselves to be together with just the two of us…

T: … you don’t get it AT ALL, do you? Urgh. *grabs her*

A: Let me go! Where are we going!?

T: I can’t talk to you in a crowd of women. We’re changing locations.


A: This place is…

T: There’s not a lot of people in the park… so we’ll be able to talk calmly.

A: …

T: … Do you want to be friends with me?

A: Eh?

T: If you just want to have a fun time together then we could do that as just friends.

A: That’s…

T: I don’t want to be friends with you. You don’t even know that?

A: … I–

T: “We don’t have to force ourselves to be together”? If you’re forcing yourself then… I don’t want to be together with you either!

A: Ah…!

T: Ah…

A: I’m sorry… I don’t know what to do when dating.

T: Uh… no… *sighs* I can’t be composed…

A: Eh?

T: My bad. I said too much. I feel like I’m slowly becoming useless. I might have been better over there with no memories…

A: “Over there”… you mean the interval [of life and death]?

T: Yeah. Although, I was out of sorts in that mansion too… I became a monster… but I didn’t say useless things like this right now.

A: “Useless things”…


T: …

A: Takuya-kun, if you have something you want to say then say it. I’ll listen properly.

T: *sighs* In that mansion, even without memories, you treasured your friends, huh.

A: Eh?

Y: Risking your life here and there… honestly I thought it was impressive.

A: … but that was because I was anxious and couldn’t do anything alone. I think I relied on everybody.

Y: But that wasn’t all, right? You…

A: What do you mean?

T: Relying on someone… it wasn’t just for yourself but you were thinking about others too! It’s that personality of yours… that I find amazing. But…

A: …

T: Right now I could still care less about what you or others think… it’s a contradiction… and I must seem like an idiot.

A: No way!

T: When I became a monster in the interval [of life and death]… it felt like black mud was piling up in my heart. Even now the things I don’t know how to manage… resemble that mud… I really hate that.

A: Takuya-kun…

T: In the end I’m… just saying selfish things like I did as a child! Like me wanting to be the only important person…

A: Takuya-kun… IS important.

T: *sighs* It’s fine… I’m sorry for troubling you. Ah… I didn’t even plan on saying this. Pathetic…

A: Somehow it doesn’t feel like you agree with me.

T: I didn’t say that…

A: On Takuya-kun’s part too… I’ve been wondering whether you find me important or not…

T: Hah?

A: Because, just a while ago, even though it was like you were holding me you weren’t flustered at all! You were fine… even though I was shocked and happy…

T: !!… Hey, don’t just say that without hesitation!

A: I was a bit irritated, you know? My heart was pounding really hard and I wondered if you could hear my heartbeat–

T: I get it, I get it!!

A: Just like Takuya-kun… I’m insecure too. Usually we don’t talk about our feelings…

T: “Talk”…

A: I want to hear it properly!


T: *sighs* Okay… I probably love you many times more than you can imagine… I think about wanting you all to myself… if I didn’t then I wouldn’t do those kind of things.

A: … um…

T: … What about you?!

A: Eh?

T: Just letting someone else speak… you won’t run away, right?

A: Um…! I haven’t shown Takuya-kun how important he is?

T: Yeah… not at all.

A: … Takuya-kun, close your eyes.

T: Eh? Why?

A: Just do it!

T: *huffs* Is this fine? … !!

A: *leans in and kisses him* D-Does this show it?

T: Y-You…!!

A: Because Takuya-kun is important, if he wasn’t… then I wouldn’t be able to kiss you… right?

T: H-Hey… aren’t you a bit too red?! And your voice is high!

A: Takuya-kun is also bright red!

T: S-Shut up! I didn’t think you’d do that out of nowhere! It’s too much of a surprise attack!

A: B-But if I wasn’t showing it through words then I thought there was no other way but this…

T: N-Normally don’t you first say something like “I love you”?

A: Eh? I-Is that so?

T: Geez… you… *hugs her*


A: Ah! Um… Takuya-kun?

T: Just like I thought… you’re really amazing. My impatience and insecurity… you’re able to brush it all away.

A: Did I convey my feelings?

T: Yeah… you really conveyed them. Thank you.

A: … um… in that case we should… we’re outside right now so continuing to hold me is a bit…

T: These aren’t the words of someone who just suddenly kissed someone.

A: That may be true but…

T: Then… can I do the same thing?

A: W-Wait a minute. Eh? Again?!

T: What? You did it so I should be able to do it too, right?

A: I-I’m not prepared yet…

T: You’re saying that now?

A: Ah…

T: Well, we have a lot of time, huh… I’ll hold back for now. But… I won’t let you run away next time.


Takuya: Hey… hey… hey!! Are you still sleeping? By the way, leaving the door open like that… there’s a limit to how careless you can be, geez. Come on, get up. Don’t fall asleep again! You… do you think nothing about being seen like this? Learn to have some shame… your clothes are like that… and even your hair is messy! Come on. Hah, such terrible bed hair. If you’re getting up then be quick about it. Come on, hurry up and chang– idiot! Don’t start stripping! Are you still sleeping!? I’m going to get out of the room now, so change after that!


T: Oh, now you look better. Your hair is the same as always though. You still have bed hair. Did you not notice? Geez, sit over there. I’ll comb it out for you right now… Your hair has grown really long, huh. Are you going to continue leaving it long like this? “What’s better?” you ask… Am I the one to ask? Let’s see… I might prefer it long. But whichever is fine, isn’t it? You are you.


T: Don’t fall quiet all of a sudden. Did I really say something embarrassing? It’s been a long time since I fiddled with someone’s hair… but a woman’s hair is really different from a man’s, huh. It’s somewhat soft, heh, though it was in a horrible state just a while ago. Come to think of it, that person also went outside with messy hair. I’m just saying there are a lot of troublesome people. You too, don’t trouble me for every little thing. Leaving your clothes like that… your hair… don’t make me point it out.


T: “You’re like an older brother” you say… what is that? I’m not happy about that at all. There should be something else. “Like what” you say? Like… a lover or boyfriend… Okay, I’m done. This is fine, right? Do the rest yourself. You’re so easygoing. Even though you were seen in such an untidy way… are you like that because you aren’t conscious about men? Being an older brother is like being a caretaker and that’s not interesting. Hm… somehow I feel like messing up your hair again.


T: That’s because you’re dense, idiot! You’ll be late if you sleep in so much in the morning. How many times have I said it? I’m joking, obviously. Come on, hurry up and finish or else you’ll be late like I sai– you’re still doing that? It’s more than enough, isn’t it? Okay, okay. You’re going to use that ribbon? It’ll be crooked like that. No, it’s too much to the back. Ah, geez, give me that! In the end, I’m the one doing it. Are you going to be okay like this? Around here is good, right? It’s fine. Having it like this isn’t too bad once in a while, right?… like this? Look in the mirror.


T: Mm, looks fine, right? What? I’m complimenting you… saying it’s out of character… Or do you want me to say “It suits you” or “Cute”? What’s with that expectant look in your eyes… ah, well… it suits you… and I think it’s cute. Shut up! You’re too happy! Geez, I shouldn’t have said it. We’re done now, right? There’s barely any time to eat… Being so happy over this kind of thing… Ah, because of you I nearly forgot… even though I wanted to say it so much. How did things become like this?


T: Good morning. Let’s do our best together today too.


Takuya: Hah… today was especially tiring, although studying carefully at your house is still much better. Mm, you worked hard too. You weren’t overwhelmed today? Because I need a break from listening to your complaints and mistakes recently. No, it’s not like you need to apologize… complaints are normal to hear and I’d rather see that then you being depressed… The way you are today is better than those times. Did something good happen? I see… that’s good.


T: Ah… I might be really sleepy. I was up early today too… I’m crashing… if I say anything weird don’t mind me… “Kind”? Did I say something? Whatever… You aren’t sleepy? Weren’t you staring off into space just a while ago? You’re wide awake because I’m sleepy…? What’s with that? Are you going to draw on my face while I’m asleep or something? No, really, don’t. If you do then I’ll have to get back at you. I’ll mercilessly draw a beard and eyebrows in permanent marker on you… be prepared for that if you still want to do it.


T: Well I’m sorry if I’m acting like a kid… no, but I’m really sleepy. I feel like I’m gonna fall asleep now that I’m lying down. Oh well… let me borrow your floor for a bit… But your bed is a bit… ah, sorry… then I’ll borrow it. What’s with that huge yawn? As I thought you’re sleepy too, aren’t you? Do you want to use this? There’s space beside me.


T: Idiot, I’m kidding. Before, when it was night the rain was so noisy that even with my eyes closed I didn’t feel like sleeping but… being able to dream made me feel like I wouldn’t mind sleeping. I don’t remember it well but… I feel like you were there in my dream. We didn’t talk about anything important… and we didn’t do anything either. But I could hear your voice and feel at ease.


T: So, well… come closer. At least to the side of the bed. When you talk with me… I’m able to sleep peacefully. When you laugh… I especially feel like I’ll have a nice dream. That’s why… I think everything was thanks to you. Thank you. How about you? Do you dream about me? Lame… I wanted to ask about what kind of dreams you have… sometimes…? Hmm… that counts as having one about me. And? What did I do in that dream? Did I say anything?


T: I just played soccer? What’s with that… do better dream-me… Don’t laugh! If it’s in a dream then we should do whatever we want… like playing in an overseas league… or sleeping together with you… Don’t say that it’s impossible. I’ll wait until you feel like you want that.


T: That was surprisingly quick. As I thought, you really were sleepy, huh. Or… am I already dreaming? Your face… is close… to the point were I can feel your breaths. Ah, I want to keep on looking at you like this but I can’t anymore. Hm? That expression right now… do it again. That smiling face… I want to remember it so… do it again… please. You’re getting embarrassed now? Oh well, I like that face too. Let’s sleep together like this. I feel like I’ll have nice dreams. Good night.

2 thoughts on “Kokuchou no Psychedelica ~ Yamato CD ~

    Myskae said:
    October 28, 2015 at 15:48

    Thank you for your translation ! I like the character song too but I have only listen Hikage’s and now Yamato’s. And the another ending was sweet ! Not like Hikage but I was expected this with the game’s endings.

      Ilinox responded:
      November 5, 2015 at 21:52

      I’ll confess that it was Hikage’s song that made me realize I really wanted to translate these character songs BECAUSE IT’S SO SAD. I’m so tempted to finish up with his route earlier than planned just so I can translate his character CD, woops.

      Yamato (or should I say Takuya) grew on me more than I thought he would! I don’t tend to like these prickly kind of characters but he’s surprisingly sweet, huh. I agree that his “another ending” was really cute and I love the way most of his kiss scenes go, heehee. I’m looking forward to Hikage’s!

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