Kokuchou no Psychedelica ~ Kagiha CD ~

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Kagiha (鉤翅)
CV: Toriumi Kousuke (鳥海 浩輔)

(Much like Yamato’s CD please make sure you’ve read most of the Psychedelica posts, especially the ones related to Kagiha, because there are SPOILERS in his character song and in the following drama tracks. Enjoy!)

We’re going to start off with the song translation first before moving onto the mini-drama, good morning, and good night tracks.


Don’t blame yourself like that
It wasn’t anyone’s fault
悲しい顔は似合わない ほら笑って
A sad face doesn’t suit you // Come on, smile

叶えたい願いなら 小さな花に
If there’s a wish I want granted then, to that small flower,
幼い日の約束を委(ゆだ)ねて その指に
Entrust your finger to that promise of our childhood days

泣かないで 泣かないで 僕のために
Don’t cry // Don’t cry // For my sake
Because we’re able to meet like this
嘘ついて 傷つけた 過ちなら
Lying // Being hurt // If there was a fault
I will be responsible for it all

終わりない闇間で 再び出逢うとき
In that unending darkness, during our second meeting,
君が愛しすぎて 僕は震えていた
You were so lovely, I trembled

探せなかった 四つ葉(クローバー)
I couldn’t find it, a clover
Let’s go look for it again
手のひら「きゅっ」とつないだら 連れてゆくよ
Linking and squeezing the palm of your hand, I’ll take you with me

想いより 大人びた君の仕種に
More than I thought, to your grown-up actions,
初恋の面影を重ねては 戸惑う
On top of that face of first love, I was bewildered

守りたい 守れない 密かな罪
I want to protect you // I can’t protect you // A secret crime
迷い 囚(とら)われてく
Indecision // I’m trapped
やわらかな やさしさで 縛るような
With this soft kindness, like a bind
愛し方だね 許して
It’s a way of love, forgive me

失われた時に 隔たれた世界で
In that lost time and distant world
まどろみの記憶が ふたり引き裂いても
Even if those slumbering memories tear up the two of us

泣かないで 泣かないで 忘れないで
Don’t cry // Don’t cry // Don’t forget
君が だいすきだった
That I loved you
この歌が終わるまで 抱いてていい?
Until this song ends, can I hold you?
It’s my last selfish request

泣かないで 泣かないで 僕のために
Don’t cry // Don’t cry // For my sake
Now show me a smiling face
泣かないで 泣かないで 迎えに行くよ
Don’t cry // Don’t cry // I’ll go to meet you
If I were to be born again

A matching ring of white clover is
僕が生きた証 最初で最後の恋
Proof that I lived // From the start, my last love


Natsuki: Do you remember everything that happened in the mansion? We collected all the fragments of the kaleidoscope… do you remember that too? I see, in that case… I’ll give to you my last memory. So, please don’t forget it… ever… no matter how much time passes.

*BGM starts*

Beniyuri: Takuya-kun! Aki-chan! Kazuya-kun! Where did everyone go?! Did they return to the real world first? The light is enveloping me… it’s so pretty… I’m finally freed from this mansion. But… the things that were lost… won’t come back.

N: Don’t cry.

B: !! Nacchan?

N: It’s okay, because everything is over.

B:  Nacchan!! *runs at him and embraces him*

N: Ah…! I didn’t think I’d be able to be held by you like this again… I… wasn’t even able to do anything for you. I’m sorry.


B: That’s… That’s not true! We’re able to return to the real world thanks to you! I’m the one… who is so sorry. Even though I loved you so much I let you die… and hurt you with everything–

N: You’re wrong. I’ve said it, haven’t I? I’m thankful to you. Come, look at our surroundings.

*birds chirping*

B: This place is… the park? It’s the park that Nacchan and I played at often, isn’t it?

N: You even remember that. I’m glad.

B: Nacchan was always teaching me about a lot of things, huh, the names of weeds and flowers and careless games.

N: In that case, do you remember this as well? *he picks some flowers*

B: White clover… Mm, I remember. We looked for a four-leaf clover, didn’t we? And then…

N: And then I presented you with a white clover ring… along together with my eternal love as a child.

B: Eternal… love…

N: My feelings haven’t changed at all from that time. No matter if anything happens or what happens… I swore in my heart that I’d continue to protect you. I was always desperate to protect that vow.

B: Nacchan…


N: But I lied to you. Even though I lied to you I wanted to save you. Because of that I made you suffer unnecessarily, huh… that’s why the one who should be apologizing is me.

B: Nacchan really hasn’t changed, huh… you’re still the kind Nacchan of old, without any change. It’s only your appearance that’s changed to a cool-looking older brother… it’s a weird feeling.

N: Is it weird? Would it have been better if I had a different hairstyle and clothes?

B: *amused* That’s not it. When I first met Kagiha-san I thought “Ah, he’s a nice person. I can believe in this person”. As I thought, I wasn’t mistaken in that, huh.

N: … I lied at that time too.

B: Even so… you told me before, didn’t you? If you were only continuing to think about protecting me then… I believe in you… even now… and from here on.

N: … mm… thank you. I’m glad I met you… when I was a child and presently. I’m glad that I’ve only had feelings for you. Even though I wanted to save you… the one who was saved was me, huh.

B: That’s not… true.


N: Until the time this world breaks… can I have you to myself?

B: Mm, of course.

N: Thank you. Actually, after I presented that white clover ring to you I had a dream where we lived together. It was a dream filled with complete happiness. You and I ate our favorite stew and laughed happily. Aha, it was a child-like dream, huh.

B: In that case, I’ve thought of that kind of thing too. If Nacchan was family then I’d make you a hot stew. We’d eat our meals together, we’d watch television together, and we’d sleep together. I’ve thought about those things.

N: Really? Then we’re the same. It was a modest and small dream but, if I was with you, it’d surely be bliss.

B: Mm…

N: There are a lot of other things I want to do together with you. “If we became family, we’d do this and we’d do that” is something I thought about eagerly with my entire being as a child.

B: Aha, is that true?

N: Mhm… If you married me… would you grant those wishes?

B: Of course!


N: I’m glad. Truly, I dreamed about a lot of futures. Just about all of them, when I think about them now, were small things. Ah, yes, I wanted to try getting into an argument with you. Of course, we’d end up resolving our differences.

B: I can’t imagine getting into a fight with Nacchan. It’s possible that I’d be the one getting angry though–

N: I can’t imagine that either. I can’t see you getting angry. Ah, but if you pushed yourself and got sick or was careless and got into an accident then I might get angry.

B: You wouldn’t get angry, you’d just give a warning, right?

N: Aha, that’s right. I don’t want to see you in dangerous situations so I’d caution you.

B: … Thank you. Nacchan is kind and strong… no matter how much time passes… you’re always someone I admire.

N: No I’m not… Hikage spoke the truth. I’m weak, a coward… and buried under a lot of shadows that I wouldn’t let you see. I just didn’t want you to see how pathetic I was. When you spoke about the real world with Aki-chan and the others… I was frustrated at myself for being unable to follow along. I was jealous of the people who were alive at the same time as I was. I even thought about how it would be preferable if you continued to be without any memories…


N: Because of that, I couldn’t care less about the others so long as you were saved. That ugly part of me… was called to that end. That’s why I’m glad I returned to who I should be… given this little amount of time must be a fortunate miscalculation, huh.

B: Nacchan…

N: Ah yes, I want to protect this one promise… will you listen to it?

B: W-What is it?… What are you doing getting down on your knee?

N: I want to tell you this in the same position as I had at that time. Listen to the end without crying, okay?

B: … that’s impossible… I don’t have the confidence.

N: Then it’s okay to cry. I want you to receive all of my words, okay? Listen. No matter where you are or how much time passes… the important feelings I have for you haven’t changed at all. You’re always sustaining my heart and whenever I see your smile I feel at peace. I want to treasure you more than anyone else. I want to be by your side more than anyone else. This eternal love I will swear right now… and so… will you please marry me?

B: …!!


N: It’s mortifying but… I’ve forgotten how to make a ring. I wonder why… I can’t remember. That’s why, please let me use this to tie around your finger. This white clover will take the place of the engagement ring. Even though I said I was going to give you a real ring once I was an adult… I’m sorry. I’ve broken another promise.

B: … it’s more than enough…

N: I see… if you say so then I’m glad… It doesn’t look like we have much time left. Hey, I’d like a response… Will you marry me? *she embraces him* … Are you crying?… Thank you.

B: *crying* … me too… thank you… I’ll treasure this ring even once it disappears… I’ll treasure it…

N: Mm, I’m not going to say that it’s okay if you ever forget this. You know well that I’m not that tolerant. This is my selfish request that I’ve done on my own. I would like you to treasure it forever and always.

B: … Oh! *starts to pick flowers*

N: What’s the matter? You’re picking white clovers too… oh, I see…

B: Here… this is matching ring, isn’t it?

N: … Thank you. I won’t forget this. I’ll definitely treasure it. *embraces her* Even the feeling of you in my arms… your voice… your scent… I won’t forget any of it. I’ll take all the feelings you’ve given me when I go.

B: Un…


N: I want to see a smile, because I love your smile.

B: I want to smile but I can’t… these feelings are…

N: In that case, can I kiss you? A kiss of oath.

B: !! *he kisses her*

N: Haha. Are you surprised?

B: … I’m surprised because it was so sudden.

N: Because you were surprised your tears have stopped though, no?

B: … you’re right… Could that be the reason why you–

N: Mm! Though I’ve always waited for a day when I could kiss you like this… one of my dreams has been granted.

B: Smiling at each other face-to-face is a bit embarrassing… but I’m happy.

N: I’m glad to have seen your smile. I’m going to etch this into my memory… I want to… kiss you while you’re smiling… I love you… forever. *kisses*

B: Nacchan–

N: No, don’t move. I don’t want you to see this shameful expression I have… I just want to hold you like this… until the last moment.

B: Then I’ll… remember the you with a smile, because… I also love your smile.

N: I’m happy to hear you say that. If I were to be born again… I’ll definitely go to meet you… At that time, I’ll definitely be smiling. *world shatters*


Natsuki: *knocks on the door* Are you awake? Is it okay if I enter? *opens door* Good morning. Aha, are you still sleepy? Would you like to doze some more?… I see, okay then, breakfast is done. Won’t you eat with me? Ah, I went ahead and cooked though… so I’m not sure if you had something you wanted to eat? Tea? I asked about what you’d like to eat. If it’s tea then I’ll brew some for you at any time. Ah, but the breakfast today is Japanese-style, is that okay? I see, in that case, let’s eat together. Once you’re done preparing, come here. *closes door*


N: Western-style meals have their own achievements but a Japanese one has a calm taste, which is nice, right? Some miso soup, brightly cooked rice, and properly salted fish… Mm! Delicious! Ah, this is “singing one’s own praises”, huh. Thank you. Hearing you say that it’s delicious makes this all the more delicious. I haven’t cooked these often before so I’m glad I decided to challenge a Japanese-style meal.


N: It looks the same as its described, right? Although I confess that I failed a bit. The underside of my fish is… Look, it’s completely black, right? I looked away for a second and then it burned. Next time I’ll be careful not to make a mistake. Ah, that’s right, I’m thinking about making breakfast again tomorrow… What do you want to eat? Aha, though it must be hard to think of something when you’re currently eating, huh. That wasn’t a thoughtful question.


N: You’re kind to cover for me. In that case, I’ll ask you next time. I’ll be happy if you think on it. Thank you for the meal. Oh, you’re done too? You don’t want another helping? I see, it’s good if you’re full. Ah, I’ll clean up the tableware so you can sit down! Right now, I’ll pour you some tea. *clanking dishes and pouring tea* Today’s tea has a nice color. Here we go. *takes a drink* Mm, it has a nice smell, huh. Being able to spend time leisurely together like this in the morning is bliss, isn’t it.


N: It’d be nice if it could always be just us two… if I said that everyone else will get angry, huh. I think they’ll get angry. There are more people who like you than you think. If I kept you for myself then they’ll get angry, though I have no intentions of being reserved. Eh? You’ll wash the dishes? In that case, will you let me help? If the two of us do it then we’ll finish sooner. *dishes start to be washed*


N: With this we just need to rinse these under water, right. I’ll do the drying. *clanking dishes and running water* Being beside each other side by side like this makes us seem like a married couple. It’s nice, huh? *you drop a dish into the water* Ah, are you okay? Be careful not to break the plates. Look, there’s only three more. Thank you. With this we’re done. Great job! Maybe it would have been better to drink our tea after finishing this.


N: *he embraces you* Your hands are so cold… Were you surprised? The water was cold so I thought your hands might be cold too. Let me warm you up… kidding. Really, I just wanted to hold your hands. Haha, your face is red. Ah, I’m sorry for teasing you. But it’s true that I wanted to hold your hands. I intended on showing you that I’ll work hard to make a delicious meal every day but… I’m the one being cheered on by you. In that case, once again, let’s work hard today. If you feel a lack of energy then come to me. I’ll always cheer you on, okay?


Natsuki: *muffled* I’m sorry for bothering you while you’re tired. Did you go to sleep already?… *opens door* I found some chamomile herbal tea to brew, would you like to drink some? *closes door* If you don’t dislike it then I’m glad. Chamomile has relaxing effects and so I think you’ll sleep well if you drink it before sleeping. I’m not well-informed, it was written on the back of the tea leaf package that chamomile has a relaxing effect. Aha, sneaky, right? Here you go.


N: I don’t need any thanks, so long as you’re healthy then that’s what’s most important to me. You look a bit tired today, did anything happen?… I see. If it’s nothing then that’s good. I just thought it might be something I could help listen to… if you have anything you want to talk about, you’re always free to talk about it, okay? You’re tired but you can’t sleep?… I guess that happens from time to time, huh. It’d be nice if the herbal effects worked but I guess it isn’t anything with a dramatic effect. I’ve heard that it isn’t good to force yourself to sleep at times like these…


N: How about the two of us chat for a bit? I was thinking about wanting to look at your face for a while longer too. When I go to sleep after seeing your face… I sleep well… I must have said something strange, sorry. Hm? What do I do when I can’t sleep? Ah hm… I read books, I guess. Like right now, while drinking something warm, I slowly read. Then, doing that, the print makes me feel sleepy. Although there are times when the story is interesting and then I won’t feel sleepy.


N: My recommended book? Let’s see… if you really can’t sleep then a book like the dictionary would be good but then that’d be boring, huh. On the other hand, if it’s too interesting then you’ll be awake… hmm… Haha, sorry, I might have been thinking too deeply on this. But right now I can’t think of a book to recommend if you want to sleep. It was my intention to stock a lot of recommended books though…


N: Unrelated to wanting to sleep or not, a book I would recommend to read in the bed would be the story of “The Little Prince Who Traveled through Space”… Yes, that one. It’s famous so there are a lot of people who’ll recognize it from its title. It’s cute, sad, not that long, but it remains in your heart. [T/N: I think this might be a reference to “The Little Prince” which is a pretty good book. I recommend it!]


N: After reading this book and imagining the wide space that the prince traveled through, you might be able to sleep well. Or you might possibly start thinking about a lot of things… It’s that kind of book. I’d like for you to read it some time. Besides, a journey through space kind of resembles a journey through dreams, huh. Both are places that you don’t really understand. A sensation where the interval between light and dark is knocked around.


N: It makes you feel uneasy? I see… there are people who feel that, huh. It’s true that wandering around a place with no landmarks may make people uneasy… but… the reason why I don’t feel uneasy is because I have you as a guide, maybe. You’re like the light of the sun where I’ll know my place exactly no matter where I am, so I won’t get lost and I won’t feel uneasy. If you have an important person in your heart then the uneasiness softens. It’d be nice if I can be that person for you.


N: Ah, are you feel sleepy? In that case… can I make a bold request? Until you fall asleep… I want to stay here. I want to feel your warmth. Mm, thank you. Your hand feels warm and nice… I can think that it’s the same feeling being in the bed. What’s wrong? Can’t sleep? Did I have the opposite effect, I wonder? But, I’m sorry, right now I don’t want to let go of this hand… Close your eyes, that way you might start to feel sleepy. I’ll wish for you to have a peaceful sleep. So, right now, forget whose hand this is and sleep. Good night.

8 thoughts on “Kokuchou no Psychedelica ~ Kagiha CD ~

    Scarlett said:
    May 1, 2019 at 17:27

    I’m not sobbing…
    Im sooooo thankful to you for this! Kagiha’s route RUINED me. Left such an impression, his last lines smile for me… ugh kills me
    I have to get this now for my collection! This is just wonderful! Thank you again for the translations. BB is one of my favorites

      Ilinox responded:
      May 2, 2019 at 09:35

      You’re welcome!! I feel like they should have made this drama track another ending for Kagiha in the game, because as it stands his personal ending is… uhhhh LOL. But I guess the best ending sort of gives him a conclusion and stuff even if it breaks my heart ;w; Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you enjoyed this!

    ochaforrest said:
    October 30, 2018 at 07:52

    Reblogged this on TRASH Forest ▶.

    Lehst said:
    May 5, 2018 at 11:16

    *crying crying can’t stop tears*
    I just finished my first path of Psychedelica of the BB and darnit, I chose Kagiha. I mean c’mon he was so nice!

    I like picking the “wrong choice” first sometimes (like that evil book thing), so I saw his end within the dream, then the supposed Best End in the real world, on that path. Darnit lol, x’D why did I pick the guy that was already long passed? I love you Na-chan….

    Anyways I just read the song lyrics and the first part there, the mini drama that could’ve happened in game. (I’ll have to read the rest later.) Ugh I am crying again. Thanks so much for posting this. I wish they had done some stupid thing where 20 yrs later you marry his reincarnation or smth. So what if I’d be like 36 by then, whatever. Pull a freaking Bad Apple Wars end on me. But no it had to be all dramatic and “move on to the future.”
    To heck with it. Personal headcanon is gonna be some supernatural bullshit happy end. :p

    Sorry, bit of a rant, especially for something you played years ago already lol. I really really really enjoyed the story though. I was seriously moved when we were at the end, starting from entering the freaky kaleidoscope room. I was really shocked. What a good game. Now I just need the will to try another path. I just can’t imagine following anyone but Kagiha tho. Thanks again for posting! (^o^)/

      Ilinox responded:
      May 5, 2018 at 12:29


      Congratulations on finishing your first path and seeing the Best End!! I suppose if you weren’t spoiled then you wouldn’t have known when you picked him that he was… :’)) Nacchan… and your welcome <33. I actually wish they put that drama track into the game so he could get /something/ ;w; this poor boy went through so much (same with Kazuya).

      Ahaha, I'd like to come up with supernatural happy ends too for this game because some characters are just way too tragic *coughs Hikage coughs*. You probably hate him after seeing the Best End and Kagiha's route LOL and now when you go down a new route you'll be side-eyeing this dude, but please!! give him a chance!! |D

      Also, omg, PLEASE DON'T APOLOGIZE FOR COMMENTING ON THIS. I'm so excited to see more people get into Psychedelica now that it's localized so !! the more people to scream about these characters the better. Especially because I consider it one of my top games with how evocative its themes were. I mean, if you think about it, they really went there with Kagiha LMAO. He doesn't get a happy end dedicated to himself and, like Beniyuri, we're going to have to learn to accept his passing and move on.

        Lehst said:
        May 6, 2018 at 15:30

        So not fair tho. Beniyuri had waaay more time to accept /run away from reality than the players do tho lol, since narrative condenses the actual time. xD but I have kind of sort of accepted it?

        Actually not really this game has me crying at like every turn.

        Well, when I started, I wanted to focus on the red guy, Hikage. But when it came to the first choice I went to see Kagiha instead. Couldn’t help it. So on my second playthru I tried hanging out with Hikage despite uh… you know. I almost missed his path tho, didn’t know it’d just offshoot like that. I am guessing the conversation choice wasn’t originally there until you see an epilogue? I am not entirely sure how this game works lol. but, I REALLY KNOW HOW TO PICK THEM, DON’T I? x’D

        I am getting a grasp on this flowchart tho. So like… does this game have only one good ending then? xD Silly me, I thought this would have paths like a normal otome. But I do like how the main facts are set in stone, instead of paths having completely random things happen and completely different antagonists.

        Kind of feels more like a general VN to be honest. I know at least one guy that bought it recently since he likes VN and some otome. Like the ones with a scripted heroine, instead of a blank slate. I am so glad she has a voice cuz I like hearing what she is literally saying. Sometimes I wonder what the original text is, and it’s harder when the girl doesn’t speak.

        Anyways, I’m glad I went for Kagiha and had the full impact lol. I am working on Karasuba’s scenes rn. But I just ended up at the same end. I went back to do his (obviously bad) ending around chapter 4 and OMG LIKE MORE CRYING. The whole concept of “[almost] blissful ignorance and stagnation” really gets me. Like I can’t breathe. (I get really into fiction lol.) …he was really sexy tho. >////<

        It is super weird picking up on little things the next time around. Like "ah… so that's why they said this, or did that." Well. gonna take another crack at it. (what the hell are the other areas of the flowchart? I MUST KNOW.)

        Lehst said:
        May 16, 2018 at 03:45

        Whelp just to follow up, I 100% the game pretty fast compared to how slow I usually am. Like… leaving routes for months later…

        Wow the game was great!
        After seeing the “real world” prologue route, I was like “ooooooh, I am interested in the other boys, can I get good ends now?” I played Karasuba, or rather, Akira at the very end. Yay, I am happy for you Ai-chan!
        I am a bit more over Natsuki now since seeing all the other details and perspectives. I’m glad he was able to stop working with Hikage and pass on.
        Still. I keep thinking maybe 12 years later Ai will meet Natsuki’s reincarnation, like maybe he is a new hire at her workplace or smth. 22 and 28 not so bad right? Assuming this reality’s Ai didn’t date anyone seriously, depsite moving on and stuff.

        Whatever, I am happy with this game. <3 I hope other people stick with it and like it. I'm glad that even though it has that whole "souls in limbo" thing, it is quite different from Bad Apple Wars and Re:Birthday song.

        Ilinox responded:
        May 16, 2018 at 11:27

        Haha, this game tends to hook you in with its mysteries and so you end up playing it all instead of dragging out the routes. I’m glad you ended up playing it to the end |D (though I’d understand if you needed some time after every route to mourn the guys). It’s nice to hear that a guy ended up getting the game too because it’s more story-heavy than romance (although I believe it’s totally possible to have a strong focus in both. Heck, Fata Morgana was basically like that, you can’t convince me otherwise).

        Ehehe, did Karasuba end up being your favorite? I’ve been enjoying seeing the English/Western fandom’s reactions to this game and the characters because there tends to be different fan favorites, what with cultural attitudes and stuff |D.

        If you believe in the Grand Finale then they never fell in the water! They stayed at the mansion and left when it was safe :’D so then Natsuki goes off to college/university and comes back to visit Ai, haha.

        This is a really good series :) and if you like Natsuki so much you might enjoy his cameo in Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk, heehee.

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