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Karasuba (鴉翅)
CV: Kakihara Tetsuya (柿原 徹也)

(Much like Kagiha’s CD please make sure you’ve read most of the Psychedelica posts, especially the ones related to Karasuba, because there are SPOILERS in his character song and in the following drama tracks. Enjoy!)

Song translation first then mini-drama, good morning, and good night tracks.


“Thank you”
笑顔で キミは言うけど
You said this with a smile, but
“I’m sorry”
そんなにオレ イイヤツじゃない
I’m not that good of a person

強がり 泣きむし それでも真っ直ぐだね
Bluffing // Crybaby // But even so straightforwardly
幼いあの日の キミを見たよ
On that young day, I looked at you

Is this my second first love?
今のオレを見つめて 知って欲しい
Look at the present me // I want you to know me
Say that I’m cool
新しいこの世界が リアル!
Freshly, in this world I’m REAL!

Let’s start!
このままふたり 恋になる速度で
Staying like this, just the two of us // At the speed of falling in love
Come to my side!
もどかしい距離 触れたらきっと
This tantalizing distance, surely if I touch it
I feel like it’ll be good enough for happiness
I don’t have the room to be telling a joke
Because I love you!

弱さを隠して イキがっても
Hiding my weakness // Even if I try to appear my best
I can’t fool myself

臆病なままじゃ また傷つけてしまう
If I remain a coward I’ll just hurt you again
今度は守りたい オレがキミを
This time I want to protect you

A chance given to me by God!
勇気の翅ひろげて 伝えたい
Spreading the wings of courage, I want to show you
that on the palm of your hand
乗っけるよ 希望のカケラを
a fragment of hope is placed

Let’s start!
涙の時は まぶしい空仰いで
Whenever you cry, look up at the dazzling sky
Come to my side!
ゆっくりでいい ふたりのペースで
Slowly is fine // At our own pace
As long as it’s good enough for that dream
いっしょならば 恐れることはないよ
If we’re together there’s nothing to be afraid of
Because I love you!

The weak young boy becomes your hero

The future from here!
Let’s start!
このままふたり 恋になる速度で
Staying like this, just the two of us // At the speed of falling in love
Come to my side!
もどかしい距離 触れたらきっと
This tantalizing distance, surely if I touch it
I feel like it’ll be good enough for happiness
I don’t have the room to be telling a joke
Because I love you!


Aki: Do you still remember that time in the mansion? Although I would like for you to just think about the fact that you’re together with me here like this… kidding, that might be too selfish to say. But I want to monopolize the girl that I like. *whispers* You understand my meaning, right?

*BGM starts*

Aki: Okay, I understand. Then I’ll go after school tomorrow! It’s fine, no need to thank me. It’s my job. Ah, I see… I’ll need to go tell Yuka-chan, huh. Eh? You’ll tell her? Thank you! Then I’ll see you tomorrow!


Aki: Sorry for making you wait!

Ai: Is your job as one of the class representatives going okay? You don’t have to force yourself to walk home with me…

Aki: No way, I’m definitely not forcing myself. For me you’re always my top priority.

Ai: Is that so…

Aki: Hm? What’s wrong?

Ai: Eh? It’s nothing in particular.

Aki: In that case, look over here.

Ai: … What?

Aki: I know! You’re jealous because I was talking to a girl! Lately, because of my job as one of the class representatives, I’ve been talking to just girls. We’ve only been dating for a week, so there are times like that, huh.

Ai: … Uh… stop that!

Aki: Hm? What do you mean by “that”?

Ai: I’m saying… that thing like acting as if you can see through me to my heart…

Aki: It hurts to hear you say I’m making this up! It’s a boyfriend’s job to understand his girlfriend’s feelings, isn’t it? I feel like I have that qualification.

Ai: … Qualification…

Aki: Mm, I’m qualified to peek at everything in your heart.

Ai: That’s a bit…

Aki: Why? Does it feel bad to get peeked on? Is it that you actually regret going out–

Ai: No way! That’s not it, but… lately… you’ve been surrounded by just girls. You’ve also been invited by the girls in your class to hang out, right? I feel like I’m getting in Aki-chan’s way…


Aki: “Getting in the way”…?

Ai: It’s Aki-chan’s specialty to understand the hearts of girls and you’re also good at entertaining people… so it’s fine to talk to more people, you know?

Aki: *sighs* What’s with that? I feel disappointed. I was so happy thinking you were jealous too. *takes a seat*

Ai: Y-You don’t have to go so far as to sit down.

Aki: I do! You don’t seem to know just how much I like you.

Ai: I…

Aki: Moreover, you have that dejected look on your face again. Are there other secrets? What are you hiding from me? Come on, say it.

Ai: To tell the truth… I’m still a bit confused by you and how different you are from the past. Sometimes I find you kind of dazzling…

Aki: That’s your reason? Do you hate how different I am from the past?

Ai: No way! The you right now and the you from the past… I know that fundamentally you haven’t changed…

Aki: What? In that case, that’s fine so long as you don’t hate me. If you hated me then I wouldn’t be able to live.

Ai: T-That’s an exaggeration.

Aki: I’m not exaggerating! Look, come here.

Ai: Eh!? Uh… we can’t… even if this is after school someone might pass by… like someone from our classes or a teacher…

Aki: It’s fine. No one will look under the stairs… besides, I’m saying it’s fine if we’re seen. Right? Since we’re dating.

Ai: But…!

*he pulls her into him*

Ai: Aki-chan…

Aki: Mm, you’re so soft and warm! *sniffs* Hah, you smell nice.

Ai: D-Don’t smell me!


Aki: Hehe, I’m happy that you, who used to be so far away, are at a distance where I can hug you at any time.

Ai: I wasn’t far away.

Aki: It was far to me. If, right now, I’m a dazzling being to you then… to me, you’ve always been a dazzling being. You’re always walking in front of me and smiling. The more I fell in love with you the more the distance to you felt far.

Ai: … Is that so…

Aki: Mhm. And yet even now you want to keep a distance between us… don’t you think that’s mean? It’s fine if we’re much closer. *whispers* Close enough to feel each other’s breath.

Ai: B-But… whatever you say there’s still a point of being too close…!

Aki: At one point the distance between our bodies will close… it’s not limited to just our hearts, right? This beautiful hair… those clear eyes… your constantly changing expressions… I love them this much and yet you won’t be mine.

Ai: Um… do you want me to belong to you?

Aki: I do… to the point where I want to hide you inside of me so no one can see you. Heh, but if I do that then I myself wouldn’t be able to see you. Ah, the world is so lame.

Ai: Ahaha, what’s that supposed to mean?

Aki: Anyway, at the very least, don’t you want to be pressed up against each other? I want our skin to be pressed together to the point where no one could tear us apart. Do you understand?

Ai: I understand but…

Aki: You understand, “but”…? Will you hide? I wonder what the best choice is for you and for me? I don’t dislike that though. But I want to be pressed up against you closer though. This might just be purely my desires though.

Ai: Y-You’re too close…

Aki: Heh… I thought I’d prove to you just how much I like you… how much I want you… how much I think about wanting to be together with you… I’ll prove it to you. For that reason, I have to be close to tell you… kidding.

Ai: … You weren’t joking at all though, right?

Aki: Ah, you knew? Mm! Today I was serious from beginning to end. If I don’t work hard at being serious from time to time then you’ll run away immediately. I want to be the closest to you… I want to use my most serious words to tell you this.

Ai: I get it! I also understand that Aki-chan really likes me! I also understand that you don’t have any reservations. So…

Aki: You want me to stop wrapping my arms around your waist? Haha, what should I do? Don’t you think it’s hard to believe in words only? Aren’t I using these actions to show it to you?


Ai: … What should I do?

Aki: You really don’t know? Even though I’m right in front of you?

Ai: … Okay. Is this good enough?

Aki: Hm… just hugging me tightly… that’s unfair, geez. Haha, but I’m happy. I’m so happy… I want to tell everyone, maybe.

Ai: Everyone!?

Aki: Of course I’ll tell it to Takuya and Kazuya. Ah, I might tell the people in my class that I was hugged by you for the first time.

Ai: … I-It’s okay to talk about it but… you can’t tell them about the things we haven’t done.

Aki: … I can talk about it?

Ai: … That’s because you’re my boyfriend, right? We should let everyone know properly… although it’s a bit embarrassing to go in detail… so it’s fine as long as it’s a little bit…

Aki: … Eh?! I see…

Ai: What’s wrong? Why did you turn your face away?

Aki: … Because… this is bad… Today is my happiest day…

Ai: Eh?

Aki: I thought you’d definitely hate that… that kind of thing… “It’s embarrassing so stop” is what I thought you’d say. I thought you’d get angry.

Ai: I’m not going to stay the same person as I was in the past.

Aki: … You’re right. That’s right. I might not have properly realized the parts where you’ve changed. I’m happy… thank you.

Ai: But… you haven’t told them yet.

Aki: Hearing that though makes me want to tell them more.

Ai: Ah!

Aki: … I love you. I really love you. Even just talking like this… probably doesn’t even convey ten percent of my love to you.

Ai: It’s conveyed. Don’t worry.

Aki: Noope! I haven’t conveyed it at all! There’s still a lot of unspeakable love that I haven’t said to you face-to-face yet.

Ai: … I’ll just act like I didn’t hear the “unspeakable” part.

Aki: Eh?! You’ll ignore it even though I said it on purpose? Oh well, that’s fine I guess…

Ai: … If we’re talking about un-conveyed love then I have a lot too. I’ll always receive Aki-chan’s feelings properly so… don’t leave and let’s stay together.

Aki: Eh? What? What’s with you today? Am I going to die today? I’m so happy I might die!

Ai: Ah! Aki-chan, crouch!


Ai: There’s a teacher here so stay quiet still.

Aki: Uh, you’re really bold today.

Ai: Eh… Ah?!

Aki: Is this what they call a “kabe-don“? But we’re crouched right now so is this a higher level?… I didn’t think I’d have this be done to me…

Ai: … Kabe-don?

Aki: Ah, no, I’m just talking to myself. Look, we’re supposed to be quiet, right?

Ai: … Y-Yeah… just a little bit more.

Aki: Hahaha… *blows air*.

Ai: What are you doing!?

Aki: Shh… be quiet, very quiet.

Ai: *whispers* Why did you blow air on my neck?!

Aki: I just thought this might be my only chance.

Ai: This isn’t the only time to do it!! Uu… *door closes in the background* It looks okay now.

Aki: … Aw, what, it’d have been nice to stay like this forever.

Ai: No it wouldn’t! If we’re found by the teachers then they’ll definitely get angry.

Aki: Why?

Ai: … It’s an illicit sexual… relationship… right? Probably.

Aki: … Hahaha! How interesting! You said that on purpose to break the atmosphere, right?

Ai: “Atmosphere”…

Aki: This kind of atmosphere… since you’re actually pinning me down it’d be a shame to separate immediately, right?

Ai: I’m not pinning you down–!

Aki: Mhm, I know, I know so… let’s just stay like this a while longer. Incidentally, I’d be happy if we kissed… a really hot and heavy one. Because you get embarrassed we haven’t done anything but light kisses.

Ai: … It’s embarrassing… normally.

Aki: Is that so? We’re dating so… let’s do that at least. It’s natural. Don’t worry, we’re both doing it so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Ai: We can’t do that at school.

Aki: Uwa, what a boring reply. Then… where can we do it?

Ai: Hm… I wonder where? Someone might see us in the park or on the road… there’s also people in the movie theater or amusement park… so it’d be impossible for me.

Aki: Then how about we go to your home? In that case we’ll be alone together. That’s fine, right?

Ai: Alone together… that might be a bit problematic.

Aki: Geez! In that case it’s not okay anywhere! It’s not a problem of place, definitely.

Ai: That’s not what I mean! Uu… Aki-chan says weird things.

Aki: Ah… that’s a bit… well, okay. Then I’ll just endure it for today.

Ai: …!

Aki: … *kisses her*.

Ai: … That was sudden…

Aki: It wasn’t sudden at all. I always want to kiss you. Well then, let’s head home. Hm? Hello? Your face is completely red.

Ai: Hah, Aki-chan is red too though?

Aki: Ah… ahaha… you noticed? I’m so happy it’s hard to hide it. Thank you for the treat.


Aki: Ah? You’re still sleeping!? Hello! Did you fall asleep again? Oi, it’s morning. Won’t you wake up? Ah, if you won’t wake up then I might prank you~! Haha, you’ve quickly woken up? Kidding, I was just kidding. Good morning! Being woken up by me must be a nice awakening, right? Eh? It wasn’t good? Then what should I do? Should I whisper into your ears and tickle you? Ah, as I thought, maybe a kiss would be the best? An awakening kiss filled with love! I got rejected!! Ah, but that can’t be helped.


A: Anyway, get up, get up! If you don’t wake up properly then the day will be wasted! Ah, your hair is disheveled. I’ll set it for you. It’s fine, I’ll do it carefully. Come on, sit. Mm… you really have pretty hair. Petting you on the head like this is so soothing. Ah, sorry, petting you might have messed up your hair more. Heh, to untangle the ends of your hair… I’ll do this carefully… There we go, I’m done! It felt good, right? Will you take a look in the mirror? Mhm, you’re pretty.


A: Now then, my lady, shall we select your clothing? What do you mean what am I doing? I thought I’d try acting like a butler. Ahem. Please tell me your desires, my lady. In other words, what color of clothing would you like? Um, we have a lavish formal dress of holy white, a lady-like and faint pink dress of short length, or a sexy black dress that hugs your curves. Hm? I don’t mean anything about the dresses, I’m just imagining them. I was thinking that a young lady would have dresses. Besides, I want to see you in a dress. Of course, you’re cute no matter what you wear!


A: You’re cute when you’re embarrassed too, to the point where I want to keep on looking at you. Oh, ahem. Well then, my lady, I shall use my own judgement to select the black dress and shall we partake in breakfast? We have fried bread in an English style, twin crispy fried bacon, lightly cooked poached egg and tea with milk added. Ah, waffles would be nice too, huh. A crunchy waffle with cheese and cured ham along with a salad. Heh, are you hungry? In that case, good! Yep, it was just my imagination!


A: Sorry! This was just my service to make breakfast more delicious by making you hungry. Aha, don’t make that face. If you want to eat those then I’ll make them next time. Who knows, I’m not sure if I can make it or not. But if I try then I might, unexpectedly, do it. Besides, if I practice then it’ll be fine. Of course I’ll go so far as to practice! In order to make my lady happy then I’ll do my best with all my strength. Because I’m your butler, haha. That’s just a joke but I’ll try to answer your desires as much as possible. So ask for anything.


A: If I say that you can’t think of anything immediately? I can immediately think of something I want though… Of course it’s being able to wake you up with a kiss and a refreshing wish to feed each other breakfast. Eeh?! To me those are already really held back wishes. In truth, I have more this and that desires that I’m firmly holding back. Well, I’ve only just thought about them so forgive me. You’ve given me permission? Incidentally, I wanted to tell you not to get woken up by other men but… I won’t I guess. I don’t like restrictions.


A: Ah, I know! Before anyone else wakes you… it’s best if I wake you. Eh?! I can’t wake you early in the morning? But if I come to wake you up early then I was thinking we’d have more time to spend alone together~… oh well, I’m a person who sleeps in too. Ah, you’re laughing at me?! Though it’s fine… At any rate, if we continue talking then we’re going to be late. Let’s go. Here, please give me your hand.


A: Now then, let’s be in high spirits for the whole day! If you’re ever troubled, please call out my name at any time, okay? I’ll run over to you immediately. Haha, I just wanted to try saying that. In truth, that’s impossible but… I’ll always be cheering you on. Let’s do our best today too!


Aki: Hm, you look like you’ve been trying really hard to endure it though you haven’t said a word. Hey… you’re sleepy, right? No, no, it’s become really obvious! I just saw you dozing off! You can’t trick me. Mm, don’t force yourself. It’s true I want to talk to you but I don’t want to strain you. So, when you’re at your limits let me know, okay? Ah, I’m not blaming you. It just means that you naturally want to be with me when we’re together. Then, how about we sleep?


A: Eh? I thought we’d sleep together though… is something strange about that? Hey, wait! Don’t force me out, I was joking. It was just a joke! Though I did mistakenly wonder if you’d let me sleep together with you… Ah, don’t ignore me! That hurts! Ah, I see, you’re acting like you can’t hear me. In that case… until you fall asleep… I’ll be right here though. Is that okay? That’s fine? Then, thank you for your trust in me. In that case, what should we talk about?


A: How about how you inadvertently burnt the food? Or how about how you stumbled over nothing? Ahah! I’m bullying you a bit, aren’t I? I’m sorry, but even those mistakes are precious memories to me. It gives me the real feeling that you’re here beside me… It’s something that wouldn’t happen if we weren’t spending time together, right? So, it’s something I’m happy about. I’m glad you understand. And so, because of that, let’s talk about how the tea slipped out of your hands today and spilled. Ah, I was refused… and here I thought we could talk about anything and everything like this…  what we can talk about tonight. Guess the world isn’t that nice, huh.


A: But it’s interesting to tease you! Ah, I’m not making fun of you! Besides, you’re listening to whatever I say seriously, right? That’s why I love that part about you. Even the parts of you that get tricked by my words, the times when you actually get angry, and the way you never get used to me and always become surprised. I love… everything about you. It’s not sudden! It’s something I’m always thinking. It’d be nice if I said it every day but I’m afraid the weight of it will lessen, which is why I said it now. Ah, are you embarrassed? You’re really embarrassed, aren’t you?! Cuuute.


A: As I thought, you really are embarrassed! Mm, I like that part about you too. Ah, by the way, did you know? The things you think about right before you sleep are easier to remember than normal. Because of that, it’s easier for them to appear in dreams too. In other words, before you sleep, if you talk to me a lot then I might appear in your dreams. Ah, you’re treating this as common knowledge… you’re honest… Yes, yes, it helps with memorization and it’s most suitable for just before you have a test. Wait, that’s not what I wanted to say– I was talking about how it’d be nice if I appeared in your dreams.


A: Ah, or are you saying you’ve already had some? Dreams about me, that is. What do you mean by “I wonder”?! You don’t know? Well, it’s true that people don’t usually remember their entire dream but… at any rate, I’ve had dreams… about you. Heh, it’s a secret about what kind of dreams they were. I’ll leave it to your imagination. Hm? You want to hear about it? Then, I’ll tell you when you’ve had a dream about me. It’ll be easier if we can both talk about it, right? Since that’s the case, I’ll be happy if you have a dream about me today.


A: Have we gone over your limit? Well, giving me your time right before sleeping… is more than enough. You must be really sleepy now, right? Sorry, for talking so much. Look, it’s okay to sleep now… good work today. You can close your eyes now. Just listen to my words in your dreams now… my beloved. I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night.

3 thoughts on “Kokuchou no Psychedelica ~ Karasuba CD ~

    Konoi said:
    October 15, 2018 at 18:33

    Thank you so much for translating these chara-songs! I’m playing the game right now as it was finally localized this year, and my god it’s such an emotional roller coaster! So far I did the Best, Bad, Happy, Kagiha and both Karasuba’s endings, and I love it. And the songs add so much to the feels – I’m listening to them as I do the related character’s endings. Kagiha’s made me cry so much – and he isn’t even my favorite character! But his story is so damn sad. Part of me wishes he had a better ending, but another part feels like his ending(s) was just right. Such good writing!
    I’m sad it’s very unlikely for Hikage to get a good ending – it makes me almost affraid to play his route. It’s weird – I could hate him because of what I’ve seen of him so far, but instead of feeling anger I mostly feel sorry for him. For someone to become like that, awful things must have happened to him…

    Considering the depressing mood of the game, Karasuba’s song feels so damn nice and good. It makes me happy to finally have well… a hopeful tune.

    Haha, sorry for commenting and fangirlizing here eons after you posted, but well, I guess it was to be expected with the localization and such.

      Ilinox responded:
      October 16, 2018 at 14:35

      You’re welcome and I’m glad you’re enjoying the game :D! Don’t apologize for commenting since I’m always excited to talk with people who play these games at any time, ehehe, and half the reason I write my posts is so I can always look back at them and spark my memories enough to talk about them again with people.

      Gods, so much about Kagiha and Hikage (though I won’t say any more than this on Hikage since you haven’t done him yet) but I really feel like they should have included Kagiha’s “another ending” drama track so you get that extra closure /o\ I’m always impressed whenever writers stand by their writing like this. Like you mentioned, it’s tempting to want something better for Kagiha but at the same time keeping what happened to him permanent just hammers home the game’s themes about dealing with death so hard.

      Ahaha, I feel like most of the songs have an upbeat tune compared to the lyrics of their song, but Karasuba is definitely up there in happy sounding. I think Monshiro’s is pretty peaceful too. My favorites are Kagiha, Yamato, and Hikage’s though… especially Hikage’s… :’))

        Konoi said:
        October 16, 2018 at 17:36

        Well, I’ll tell you what I think about the next routes and songs when I reach them – probably tomorrow since I didn’t have time to play today.
        The route order I do starts with the character I like the least and ends with the one I like the most (based on what I’ve seen in the common route), and that is Kagiha < Karasuba < Monshiro < Hikage < Yamato. So yeah, Monshiro's next.
        I'm tempted to say I'm one of the lucky people who like Kagiha the least (I mean, I still love him a lot, but not as much as the brothers and Hikage), but I feel like karma's going to bite me back with Hikage – and it'll probably be a nasty bite X'D

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