Kokuchou no Psychedelica ~ Monshiro CD ~

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Monshiro (紋白)
CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (松岡 禎丞)

(Spoilers as usual in the character song and following drama CD tracks, so beware! It is recommended to read the route posts before looking at their CDs!)

Below are the translations for the song, mini-drama, good morning, and good night tracks.


結んで つながって 離れないように
Bound / Connected / So that I wouldn’t be separated
I held on
わらって 触れ合って 懐かしい日々に
Laughing / Touching / Those nostalgic days
I want to meet you…

それは長くて深い眠り はぐれた世界で
I was in a long and deep sleep there at that lost world
話す人もない ヒカリもない
No one to talk to / No LIGHT
All… alo… ne…

やさしいお前 白いちょうちょ
The kind you / A white butterfly
俺の心にとまった ちょうちょ
A butterfly that alighted on my heart
重なるように 触れた翅が
As if accumulating, these wings that touched me
あたたかすぎて 戸惑ってる
were too warm and I was at a loss

I want to return this to you
I waited in this place
Now, take it
with that palm of yours

塞いで とじこめて 臆病だったね
Closed up / Trapped / I was a coward, huh
At that time and now
リボンと 初恋を 俺にくれたね
You gave me a ribbon and my first love
I want to meet you…

ここは寒くて 見失って 痛みさえ忘れ
This place is cold / I’ve lost sight / Forgotten everything but pain
A doll that’s lost its face
All… alo… ne…

I hear a kind voice
It calls a name I should have forgotten
もしかして これが奇跡なの?
Could this be a miracle?
Are my feelings still connected to you?

This time I’ll protect you
You continued to hold out a hand to me
I’m no longer afraid
I feel like I can fly away

やさしいお前 白いちょうちょ
The kind you / A white butterfly
俺の心にとまった ちょうちょ
A butterfly that alighted on my heart
重なるように 触れた翅が
As if accumulating, these wings that touched me
あたたかすぎて 戸惑ってる
were too warm and I was at a loss

きれいだな 白いちょうちょ
Beautiful, this white butterfly
生きて 笑って 遊んでいる
It’s living, laughing, and playing
One day I’ll become a white butterfly
and I’ll hold onto HAPPINESS tightly and give it to you

そして もし目が覚めたら
And if I should wake
What should I say at first
おはよう 「ただいま」
Hello “I’m home”
Ah, it’s dazzling


K: From time to time I remember when I met you at that mansion. I’m sure that no matter how many years pass I won’t forget the time I spent in that mansion. All the sad things and the happy things… are our past.

*BGM starts*

A: Kazuya-kun! Oh? You’re leaving the hospital today, right?

K: Un. You came today, Ai.

A: Of course! I heard that Takuya-kun was coming too but… he’s not with you, huh.

K: Takuya… went ahead and took my things home. He told me to come home with you.

A: Oh, I see. It’d have been nice to have all three of us together though.

K: I told him to go home and that I want to be alone with you.

A: Eh?!

K: That was a joke. But Takuya said those things and I was fine with that… because it’s been a long time since I walked around outside with just you. It makes me happy.

A: … that’s right. It’s been… ten years.

K: Mm. Let’s go.

A: Ah, we’re going to hold hands? You don’t need a wheelchair or crutches or anything like that?


K: I’m fine enough. I can walk on my own now. I worked hard during my rehabilitation… in order to walk together with you. So, I want to walk while holding hands.

A: Okay. Let me know whenever you’re tired though.

*they leave the hospital*

A: This is Kazuya-kun’s room, huh… The furniture has been arranged and everything has been tidied up.

K: This is my first time entering it too.

A: Oh, I see. This is the house you moved into after that accident, huh. *exhales* But furniture was still arranged like this… Hm? Are your father and mother not home today? They’re as busy as always, huh.

K: They said they couldn’t get away from work no matter what. But Takuya and you are here so… Besides…

A: Besides…?

K: When I woke up and we had our first conversation… they cried. That’s enough for me.

A: Your father and mother and Takuya-kun… everyone kept on waiting, huh… for Kazuya-kun to wake.

K: Mm. I thought I was always alone in that interspace but… I really wasn’t alone. I had a place within everyone. Even though I slept for ten years… no one forgot me.

*rain falls*

A: Kazuya-kun… I… In these ten years, I didn’t know about your si–

K: Don’t.


A: Eh?!

K: You’re about to apologize again. I can tell just from your face. That wasn’t my reason for saying that.

A: That may be but…

K: Let’s stop apologizing for the past. I want to talk about the future with you.

A: The future?

K: Ai… you came to see me a lot at the hospital but… we didn’t really get to speak alone. So, today… I’d be happy if we could talk with just the two of us.

A: Now that you mention it, that’s true… What should we talk about in regard to the future? Should we decide on when to meet each other next?

K: That’s not what I meant. You don’t understand. What I want to talk about is… the future between us… Look, come sit here.

A: … Un… Um, aren’t we… close?

K: We’re still far. You could be closer. I’ve… always held myself back. “Until I could properly walk”… “Until I leave the hospital”… “Until I can stand where everyone else is standing”… I held back from holding you tightly.

A: …

K: Before I hug you… I need to tell you this properly… I…… love you. You’re precious to me… and important… I love you.


A: Un, thank you. You’re also very precious to me and I feel safe when I’m with you.

K: Safe…

A: You don’t seem pleased with that, huh… Kazuya-kun.

K: Are we… lovers?

A: Eh!? You’re going to ask that!?

K: We’re not?

A: … ah… No, you’re not… wrong I think. Because you said that you love me and I also return those feelings… and, even though we were in that situation, we… kissed too… When we returned, I thought we naturally became something like that…

K: But it’s said that when you’re together with your lover naturally your heart starts to pound… and not feeling safe and at ease.

A: Is that… something Aki-chan said?

K: Mm.

A: I thought so.

K: I feel like I’m missing something. Even though we’re lovers… nothing has really changed up to now. But, while I was holding myself back from hugging you, the things I like changed a bit.

A: Kazuya-kun’s… likes?

K: To me, you’re special. I love a lot of things… but my love for you is completely different. I feel warm when you’re just here. I can’t be without you. I feel at ease when you’re with me… but also uneasy. Whenever I see you alone with someone else… it hurts. Could this… not be love?


A: No… I think it is.

K: I don’t want to be loved like everyone else. I want the love for me to be special… to be for me alone. The love that Ai feels for me… is it that kind of love?

A: It’s special… just for you alone… a love between lovers.

K: Look into my eyes, Ai. The love that you spoke about… can it become the same as mine? Can you feel the same way as I do?

A: … ah… um…

K: No?

A: I’m not saying no but… I haven’t thought about you like that… Whenever we hug, Kazuya-kun always seems so calm… I thought that I might be the only one who is shaken…

K: Did your heart pound?

A: Of course! It’s true I felt safe but… it’s true my heart was also pounding. But telling you all that is… embarrassing… right?

K: Oh… I’m glad.

A: Ah!

K: Then… can I hug you now? Can I hug you and kiss you a lot like a lover too?

A: … ah… Eh?! Right now?!

K: Un. I can’t?

A: Right now is a bit… how about doing it more in like steps?


K: Steps? How do I follow the steps?

A: Um… we become even closer than we are now! Feel our hearts pound… and then do it then… or something…

K: Then let’s make our hearts pound. How can I do that?

A: EH!? You ask how but my heart is already pounding more than enough now!

K: Why?

A: … thinking that Kazuya-kun might kiss me… that makes my heart pound.

K: Then how about I act like I will?

A: AH!… w-what…

K: I’ll push you down onto the bed like this… and pretend like I’ll kiss you…

A: You’re skipping steps!

K: I skipped? Then what should I do?

A: … how about holding hands?

K: Like this?

A: Holding hands in this position is a little…!

K: Not like this? Then what should I do?

A: … how about looking straight at each other…

K: Straight at each other…?

A: …

K: …

A: …

K: Your face… is bright red.

A: … NATURALLY! My heart feels like it’s going to burst.

K: Then… can I kiss you?

A: … at least… do it on the cheeks?

K: Un. *kisses*… Your cheeks are soft.

A: Really? That’s good, um… can we sit normally?

K: Why? I can see your face well from here. Right now it feels like I’m the closest one to you in the world.


A: That’s… You’ll always be that one from now on… because we’re lovers…

K: … I love you. I really really love you. I wonder why… it hurts but I’m happy too. It’s been a while since I hugged you but it feels completely different now… What is this? Even though we’re right up against each other… I want to be closer and closer to you. I want to hold you tightly.

A: Geez… when you say that I can’t get angry…

K: I can’t hug you?

A: No, you can. Then this will be a… lover’s hug, okay?

K: Ah, I see. So this is a lover’s hug… It hurts but I’m happy. It’s so strange.

A: Mm… I’m happy too, Kazuya-kun.

K: … Ai.

A: What is it?

K: … What do I do after this?

A: After this!? What do you do… we’ve held hands, you’ve kissed my cheek, and hugged so… next is…

K: … Can I do it?

A: … Mm. You can.

K: *kisses*

A: Eh? My forehead?


K: It’s payback for how long I’ve been unable to stay calm. Right now, did you think I was going to kiss you on the lips? You had that look on your face.

A: … I did think so!

K: And I wanted to do it a lot too but… I held back. Did your heart skip a beat?

A: … Geez!!

K: Sorry, but I want to make your heart pound a lot. I want you to love me more. I want to kiss you lots and lots.

A: If I feel like this every time we kiss then my heart won’t be able to hold on.

K: Ahaha. My heart is beating fast too. You’re cute, Ai. I love you. I really love you. Let’s talk a lot and kiss a lot, so that even when we’re apart I can still feel you close. I won’t ever forget that I’m not alone… so let’s make our hearts beat fast together.


K: … ngh… nn… I don’t like bell peppers… I want dessert… mm?… but I’m still sleepy… ah…! It’s you…… it’s already morning?… seeing your face the moment I wake up makes me happy… and you’re this close. Let’s sleep together some more… sleeping in feels nice… when I’m with you it feels even better… Ah… why’d you take the blanket? It’s cold… come here… I’ll freeze if you don’t keep close to me… so I’ll hug you tightly… Your body is warm. It’s warm so it feels good. I want to stay close to you like this forever.


K: I can’t? I think it’s okay for me to take a break occasionally… I want to take it easy today and stay stuck to you. The bed is warm and I’m here with you… talking… let’s sleep… *breathing*… ngh… you won’t let me…? I really need to get up? I want to sleep together with you. Look, come here… nn… with this we’re together… Eh, just one minute? That’s short… but if you say that then it can’t be helped. I’ll try my best to get up after one minute then.


K: I’d like a reward at night. A reward for doing my best today. For example… a promise to listen to one thing I ask. What will it be? I wonder… ngh… I’m still sleepy… my mind isn’t clear. Hm? I wonder what would be nice… an omelette?… milk maybe… mm… anything is fine. I’m happy just being together here like this…


K: I wasn’t sleeping!! I’m up… I’m really up… I was just thinking about what to ask as a reward. Eh? I can’t have a reward? I just thought of a good thing too… If you were to give me a reward then I’ll do my best to wake up. Is that still not okay? Ah, I know! If you were to give me a reward at night then I’ll give you one too. A reward for doing your best today. Why are you laughing? I think it’s a good idea to give each other rewards… then we would both work hard today. Is that okay?…


K: Yay! Then after I do my best today and listen to you… I’d like to sleep with you tonight. If that’s the case then I can work really hard. I feel like I’d be able to do anything. I’m even awake now… Ah, you don’t want to sleep together…? You don’t like being in the same bed like this?… I’m glad I was mistaken. Then… it’s a promise to sleep together.


K: What do you want as a reward? I’ll do anything… though I might not be able to do many things… Really? As long as I work hard and be fine then that’ll be your reward?… ah… I see. Okay, then I’ll work hard. Even though it was only for a little while you were in my bed… you don’t have to be in such a hurry… take your time. Although a minute has passed already… I’d like to wake up with one more hug from you…. mm… I feel like I can work hard. Thank you for waking me, and also good morning.


K: Ah, I found you! When I came to this room, you weren’t here… so I went ahead and slipped into bed first. We promised to sleep together so… I’m happy you came. I feel sleepy when I’m in bed… *yawns*… Come here. It’s cold being alone. Come to bed. It’s your bed so you don’t have to be reserved… I’m too unreserved? Hm… but since we’re going to sleep together anyway… I think slipping into bed first is the same thing.


K: Ah! That’s my pencil… so that’s where it was. Thank you for picking it up. This? This is the paper for the pencil… I found it by chance. While I was waiting for you I thought about drawing and so I brought it over. I had time so… If I fell asleep while waiting for you then I wouldn’t be able to see your sleeping face. Mm, I’m always the one to fall asleep first… so I’ve never seen your sleeping face. I’m going to try my hardest to stay awake and see it.


K: Come on, over here. Let’s sleep… as I thought, being with you is warm and makes me feel at ease… Hm? The drawing? I thought about drawing… but I didn’t know what to draw. I feel like I used to draw like this in the past but… what did I draw? Then how about I mimic what you draw. I might be able to draw with that.

*you draw something*

K: Is that a bear? Eh? Ah, it’s a cat… *laughs* Your cat drawing is interesting… A cat would be like… *draws* hm… Here. Eh? I’m good? Is that so… I don’t really know myself so hearing you say that makes me happy. I’ll become better and I’d like to be able to draw your portrait. And then no matter where I was I’d be able to see your face…


K: … sleepy… but I need to do my best to wait for you to sleep… Anyway, I think that’s enough drawing for now… Let’s draw together some time again. *puts away materials* You aren’t sleepy? Even though a while ago you said you wanted to sleep… You still seem fine… even though it’s so warm… and feels good… then… I’ll have to look at your sleeping face another time… It’s a shame but it can’t be helped. Next time I’ll definitely try my best so…


K: … ah… I just thought of something I wanted to say before sleeping. Come closer. I want to say it to you when you’re close… I… was happy to be able to be together with you today. The breakfast we ate together… was delicious… and the time we spent together felt so short. I want to talk to you more and more… and be close to you… but thinking that also makes me happy… even now I’m really happy…


K: You too? If you feel that way too… I’d be even happier… forever… I’d like to stay together… forever… It makes me happy to have my head stroked. Me too… I’ll pet you too… I’m glad. I didn’t get to see your sleeping face but I saw your embarrassed face. Can I… hug you? Squeeeeze… even if you say no, I can’t hold back. No, I won’t let you go. I’m a tease? But I won’t… It’s nice to be the closest one to you… let’s go to sleep together like this… Good night… I love you.

2 thoughts on “Kokuchou no Psychedelica ~ Monshiro CD ~

    Reare Noella said:
    March 17, 2016 at 21:12

    Ehehehe (´∀`*) this drama CD really made me grin like a pervert watching porn~ LMAO Monshiro somehow reminds me of Ukyou from Amnesia, an innocent-pervert-air headed guy, yep Monshiro is just like him, but in an innocent and pure way, I just wanna hug him tight (っ˘ω˘ς )

      Ilinox responded:
      March 18, 2016 at 17:48

      Oh man, I never thought about that! Now I won’t be able to un-see the similarities between Monshiro and Ukyo LOL. It’s funny how all the other good morning and good night tracks for the other characters involved them waking you up or waiting for you to sleep, but it’s the opposite here. Poor Monshiro keeps falling asleep first and doesn’t want to wake up.

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