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(This is the Grand Finale ending which continues from the Summer Camp episodes, so please head on over to the Best End to read up about the Summer Camp episodes in detail.)

Quick summary of the Summer Camp episode for those who are lazy though.


The entire childhood gang is playing around in the park before they take a break and discuss a event called the summer camp. It’s an event where a few adults take a large group of children to the outskirts of the city and have outdoor activities and camp for a few nights. Ai, Natsuki, Aki, Takuya, and Kazuya are all going.

When they reach the summer camp, they all start having fun and decide to explore deep into the forest. Kazuya ends up tripping and scrapes his knee, so Ai uses her mother’s ribbon as a bandage for him. Takuya, who has been showing jealousy this entire trip, isn’t happy but says nothing.

Anyway, their exploration leads them to a lake and they spot a deserted mansion in the middle of that lake. Natsuki warns them not to go there because it’s dangerous, but everyone overrides him and so he goes with them to make sure nothing bad happens. They find some fragments in the mansion and split it up so that each one of them has a fragment, and then they go off to explore the rest of the mansion.

But the children are too caught up in their exploration and, before they know it, it is now growing dark and pouring rain. Natsuki suggests that they return to the camp before it gets any darker. Everyone agrees and starts to run out of the mansion.

Takuya, who is the first out of the mansion, lets out a shout and asks what the heck this is. The rain is pouring down harder than they had realized when they were in the mansion. The little path they came from is covered in water. It looks like the rain has raised the water level and the road is sinking into the lake.

  • We need to cross quickly!
  • It’s dangerous so let’s wait inside…

(First option leads to the past memory that is explained in detail in the Best End. It’s the memory Hikage uses to torture Beniyuri about how they all crossed the path, but Kazuya noticed the ribbon was gone so he heads back to the mansion with Ai and Natsuki. They find the ribbon but the road has completely sunk into the water now. Aki and Takuya tell them to wait while they go get adults but Ai doesn’t hear it and convinces Natsuki that they need to cross now before it’s too late.

Natsuki, Ai, and Kazuya cross the lake but Kazuya slips in and drags Ai with him when she tries to pull him out. Nastuki dives in to save Ai and then goes back into the water for Kazuya. Ai loses consciousness just as Aki and Takuya return with adults. It turns out that Natsuki died while saving Kazuya, who is now in a coma. Aki and Takuya end up moving away and Beniyuri becomes alone. She doesn’t really seem to grasp the concept of death and wonders where Natsuki and Kazuya went. It’d be nice if they could meet again.

She feels like she’s standing on top of water that is rising. It covers her head and she wonders who is drowning. Her? She doesn’t know. She just wants to drift in this water. And so she locks everything up in the water: all the fun memories, painful memories, and everything.)


Ai tells them all that it’d be dangerous if they leave now and they should wait inside. Everyone turns to look at her simultaneously. It might be better to cross the path before it sinks but what if the path becomes covered in water when they’re on it? Ai thinks that it would be better to wait in the mansion until the rain stops. But everyone is hesitant and they don’t know what to choose.

Kazuya is the one who breaks the silence and agrees with Ai. He looks at everyone without any uncertainty in his eyes. He points out that even if they manage to cross the path they may not be able to reach the camp in this rain. It’d be dangerous if it started thundering too and so he thinks it’s better to return to the mansion. Natsuki agrees and thinks that it might not be for the better even if they force themselves to return.

Aki is willing to follow what everyone else is going to do. Takuya doesn’t care either way but he’d rather not be soaked any more like this. Ai asks everyone if they’re okay with returning to the mansion then? Natsuki nods and encourages everyone to return to the mansion before the storm gets worse. Ai nods.

Everyone starts to run back to the mansion. The rain pounds mercilessly on them and it hurts. The ground has become muddy beneath their feet and it feels like they could slip at any time. But even so, Ai feels relieved. She wouldn’t have known what to do if everyone disagreed with her. Soon, while soaked to the skin, they all return back to the mansion.

Aki is relieved because the mansion can act as a shelter. Natsuki suggests heading inside and looking for blankets or something, because if they remain like this then they’ll catch a cold. The wind grows stronger and blows against them. They can’t stand being any more wet than this and so the five of them open the door and enter the mansion.

Ai comments on how strong the rain has become. All of them are huddled together and listening to the rain. It’s like the rain chose to pour down hard the moment the five of them entered the mansion. Like a waterfall, the pouring rain strikes at the windows and makes them shake. Ai thinks about how it feels like they’re at the bottom of the lake as she looks at the water streaming down the windows.

Just previously she had thought that they were saved from the rain but at this rate she starts to become uneasy and wonders if the mansion will also be swallowed up by the water. The wind is like a roaring voice and Aki covers both his ears with his hands and curls up his body. He blurts out that he’s scared and he wonders when the rain will stop. Takuya tells him sharply that he doesn’t know and it’ll have to stop some time.

But Ai can see that Takuya, who has always been energetic, has also curled his body up in uneasiness. Kazuya confesses that he feels safe being here. Takuya snaps back that he’s the only one who thinks that and they don’t actually know if they’re safe here or not. Aki agrees and starts to worry about how they might be trapped here until tomorrow morning and then the bus will leave and forget them here. And then they’ll have to live here forever! UH LOL.

Natsuki tells everyone to calm down; he believes the rain will definitely stop tomorrow and the adults won’t leave without them, they’ll come searching. Even though he said that though, the three of them swallow heavily with pale faces. Ai can see that everyone is insecure. For a second, she regrets what she said. If she didn’t suggest they return to the mansion then things wouldn’t have become like this.

What if the rain doesn’t stop? What if the adults don’t come looking for them? And if they did come, what if they can’t find them? Her insecurities are endless. Ai reprimands herself for becoming fainthearted. If she continues on with these dark feelings then she’ll just worsen the situation. At any rate, if she talks with everyone then time might pass faster. She asks everyone if they want to talk about something.

Takuya stares at her in disbelief and asks what she’s saying at a time like this. Aki agrees because there’s nothing to talk about. Ai disagrees and tries to search for something to talk about like… Ah! She brings up the time when Takuya stood in her way once when she was walking Koro, her dog. He was wearing his gym clothes and had his face covered before saying that he was the Kemu Ranger but she knew it was him. Besides, Kemu Ranger is a hero and so he shouldn’t be doing bad things.

Kazuya is surprised that Takuya did that again. He’s not very adult-like. OUCH BURN. Takuya tells him to shut up and retorts that they’re still children! Then he turns on Ai and tells her that she doesn’t need to bring that up now. Ai replies that she only just remembered it. She giggles as she also remembers how Koro barked at him, which surprised him into running away. Takuya chokes.

Natsuki chuckles before commenting on how Koro must have wanted to protect her and so he became a knight. WHAT IS YOUR OBSESSION WITH KNIGHTS. Aki is stifling his laughter as he admits that he didn’t know Takuya was bad with dogs. Takuya snaps at them to shut up and states that Koro was just so annoying with his barking that he became irritated. That’s all! Takuya’s face is bright red as he shouts this and everyone else snickers.

Ai is glad that everyone is laughing. Thanks to her story, it looks like everyone has returned to being themselves. Takuya proudly tells a story about this one soccer match he had. Kazuya interrupts with exasperated comments though, making Ai and Aki laugh. Natsuki followed up and soon their voices echoed lively through the mansion. And then, at one point, the rain stops and it becomes night. Before they knew it, the five of them have leaned up against one another and have fallen asleep.

Morning arrives and Ai wakes up to see the sunlight shine through the windows. As if yesterday’s storm was a lie, the sky is a clear blue. Natsuki is glad to see that the storm seems to have gone away. Aki is amazed at how clear the weather is. Kazuya states that he knew it would become like this. Takuya doesn’t know where Kazuya’s confidence about that comes from. Ai points out that they can return to the camp with this and if they don’t hurry then the roll-call will happen.

Natsuki agrees and suggests that they head out now. Takuya shouts out that he’s going to run and they should follow! While kicking up mud, Takuya runs towards the camp. Aki calls out to Takuya telling him not to run so fast before he trips. Everyone quickly follows after him though. Even though it felt like they went quite far from the camp they actually arrive back in no time.

One of the leading adults asks them where they all went; the adults had been searching for them all night. Natsuki and Ai apologize. When they arrived back to the camp they were greeted by the leading adult’s angry voice, who had been waiting for them. He’s glad that they returned safely but what would they have done if something happened!? Takuya bows his head reluctantly, Kazuya apologizes, and Aki promises to reflect on his actions.

Everyone’s head is lowered but out of the corner of their eyes they meet each other’s glances and smile. Ai whispers that it was interesting to have an adventure though, right? Takuya agrees and found it thrilling. The adult singles both of them out and asks them what they’re secretly talking about? Ai quickly tells him that it’s nothing and apologizes again, before bowing her head.

Even though they all received a good scolding to the very end, they forgot about it immediately when they boarded the bus. They secretly asked each other what they should do tomorrow.

Scene skip! Haruka tells her older sister that it’s almost time. Haruka, who is brushing her hair and munching on toast, peeks her head out of the bathroom to talk. Ai hurriedly swallows her food and replies exasperatedly that she knows! She’s just going to finish eating before heading out! Haruka comments on how it’s not good to make men wait before also pointing out how lucky her big sister is to always have handsome men coming to pick her up. Ah, she also wants good-looking men to take her to school every day.

Haruka gives an exaggerated sigh after her words. Ai scolds her for being cheeky and then finishes eating. She quickly downs her cup of tea before picking up her bag. She prepares to leave and her father sees her off, also telling her to be careful. Haruka waves her hand with their father and then she heads out through the foyer. The moment she opens the door she sees Aki and Takuya with impatient expressions.

Aki tells her that she’s late! Takuya asks how long she’s going to continue making them wait. Even though they came to pick her up, she still takes her time getting ready. Ai apologizes because she overslept. Takuya dismisses it all and then suggests they get going. Ai chases after him as he starts walking and then asks where Kazuya is. Takuya glances back and tells her that Kazuya was lazing around in bed after saying he was sleepy, so Takuya left him.

Ai giggles at how he’s as lethargic as usual. Aki recalls how Kazuya has always been like that and whenever Takuya wanted to play soccer, Kazuya would want to be the referee. Takuya comments on how Kazuya hasn’t changed at all from when they were children and he still doesn’t know if he has any friends or not. Ai points out that the two of them still get along well though. Aki grins and points out that Takuya loves Kazuya after all.

Both Aki and Ai exchange knowing looks, but this just makes Takuya frown. He retorts that it’s gross to talk about how well two men get along when they’re at this age. And then he tells them to stop dallying and to hurry up. Aki exclaims how he dodged the subject! Takuya snaps back that he’s not avoiding it! They’re going to be late! Ai realizes that he’s right and they might barely make it at this rate.

Aki thinks it doesn’t matter if they’re late by just a bit. Takuya tells him that Aki might be fine with that but he’s not. They’re going to have to run! Takuya, who has been training with the soccer club every day, is very fast. In a second he disappears from their sight. Ai calls out at him to wait because he’s too fast! Aki also shouts out that Takuya is being too serious and they can’t keep up! Aki and Ai chase after him as fast as they can so they don’t lose sight of him.

As they arrive at the place where they always split up, Takuya finally slows down his pace. He pants out that it looks like they made it somehow. Aki is breathing heavily as he complains about being sweaty in the morning. Ai points out that she’d hate it even more if she was late though. Anyway, Takuya tells them that he’s going this way now and he’ll see them later.

Ai calls out to his back though and asks him if he remembers the promise to study for a test today? He turns back and tells her that he remembers. He’s to come to her house at 5PM, right? He smiles wryly at her as if asking why she suddenly asked him that. She nods and reminds him not to forget that! He tells her in amusement that he won’t and then says his goodbyes again. He raises a hand and she waves at him.

And then Aki comments on how now he’s alone together with Ai-chan. He clenches his fist in front of him the instant Takuya’s form becomes distant. Ai asks if he’s that happy to be alone with her? He tells her that he is, naturally, and now they should talk about their future together! Ai rolls her eyes affectionately and asks him what he’s talking about. He always jokes around. Aki pouts and tells her that he’s not joking though.

She nods nonchalantly and then points out that they should get going to school. She starts to walk briskly and Aki has no choice but to follow after her. In her mind, she admits that she feels troubled because sometimes she doesn’t know how to respond to his jokes.

Evening arrives and class have ended so Ai goes to the gates where they always meet, but it doesn’t look like anyone is here yet. She might have been too quick and that’s why no one is here yet. It’s better than being late though. She continues to wait, thinking that someone would come soon. But ten minutes go by and no one shows up. Ai remarks quietly on how late they are…

Ai glances at her cellphone and tidies up her bangs. She wonders if she should also apply some lip balm. She recently bought some and so she should use it, but maybe it would be weird? She starts to become concerned about her appearance. Suddenly, Aki appears close-up and asks why she’s fidgeting. Ai screams before telling him not to surprise her like that.

Aki tells her that he was calling out to her but she didn’t notice at all. Does she think nothing of him? He sticks out his lower lip in a pout. Ai apologizes because she was spacing out. He tells her that rather than spacing out she seemed engrossed in something and a pink aura was floating around her. She stiffens and asks if it was that obvious? He nods and tells her that she was grinning a lot.

Ai feels extremely embarrassed to be told this with a serious face. She had intended to act normally too. Aki asks her who she was waiting for because Takuya is meeting her at her house, right? Ai nods and then hesitates because she doesn’t know how to answer… and then, as if to save her, her cellphone chimes with a call. She asks Aki to wait and apologizes while she checks her phone.

Pressing the call button on her phone, she hears a familiar and soft voice from the other side. The person on the other side gives her their name and then explains about their situation. Ai nods and tells them she understands before ending the call. It was a call to inform her that they were going to be late to the meeting place. She made sure not to sound disappointed but the moment she ends the call she releases a loud sigh.

Aki stares intently at her depressed state. He’s guessing from her appearance that the person she’s waiting for isn’t going to come…? Ai startles before telling him quietly that isn’t the case. He tells her that it’s impossible to hide it from him because he can see through her! Ai gasps when he suddenly grabs both her cheeks and squeezes them. She asks him what he’s doing and tells him to stop it.

He tells her that she was making a dejected face and she’s not allowed to make a dejected face unless it’s about him! She tries to protest but then decides to just tell him to stop it. He continues to pull and push at her cheeks like bread dough until finally he’s finally satisfied and releases her cheeks with a content look on his face. Aki tells her that her punishment is over and then points out that they should head out now before Takuya gets angry at them again.

Ai realizes that he’s right and comments on how even though Takuya looks the way he does, he’s surprisingly anal about his time. Aki agrees, especially when Takuya gives off a rough feeling. He grins widely and then continues to joke as usual. In her mind though Ai admits that she was surprised to hear those words from Aki earlier, about not being able to make a dejected face unless it’s about him. He will occasionally say things like this and she feels like he’s been doing it more lately. But maybe she’s imagining them?

As they approach the station, they see Takuya and Kazuya walking together. Ai calls out to them and the two of them stop before coming over to them. Kazuya greets her and comments on how it’s been a while. Ai repeats his words in amusement and points out that it was only three days. Kazuya tells her that three days is enough for it to be a long time. As he talks, he comes up right against her.

He’s always done this even when they were children; whenever they spoke, he would get very close to her. He told her that his eyesight was bad and it’s easier to talk when he’s closer to her but… as the years passed, he came closer and closer until his face could brush hers as they spoke. It might be a little too close. Suddenly, Aki tells Kazuya to stop and interjects himself between Ai and Kazuya. He’s standing in front of Ai as if to keep Kazuya away.

Kazuya asks him what he’s doing. Aki retorts that he’s too close! Kazuya replies that his eyesight is bad and so he needs to be close or he won’t be able to make proper eye contact as they speak. Aki tells him that he can talk without making eye contact and besides he can just get glasses! Takuya agrees and then asks him if his eyes are really that bad, because he seems to be able to see the television just fine at home. Kazuya smiles and simply says that he wants to be able to see Ai well when he’s talking to her.

At Kazuya’s blunt words, Aki and Takuya become speechless. She feels bad for the two of them but she bursts out laughing because the two of them seem like a comedy act. Takuya quickly asks her why she’s being weird. She’s giggling as she tells them that when the three of them talk it’s like a sketch comedy. Aki can’t believe she’s laughing just at that and thinks she laughs too easily. Kazuya asks her if he did something weird? Takuya snaps out that he’s the weirdest one here!

Ai giggles again and points out that they’re like a comedy act! The three of them look at her with shocked expressions. She ends up being unable to stop laughing at their reactions and continues to laugh alone. Takuya sighs and asks how long she’s going to continue laughing for before he points out that they should hurry up and go to her house to study for the test. Ai realizes that he’s right and if they don’t hurry then it’ll be late by the time they go home.

Aki tells her that he doesn’t mind staying the night!… alone with her. Kazuya says that he’d like to stay the night too then. Takuya asks what they’re all saying. Are they idiotic? Ai blinks in confusion and tells Takuya that it’d be okay; Haruka and her father would welcome them. Takuya starts to turn red as he mutters that she needs to be more… he scrubs at his hair before letting out a loud sigh.

Ai tilts her head and asks him what the matter is. Takuya snaps out that it’s nothing and they should get going now! He readjusts his grip on his bag and then starts to walk briskly. Ai doesn’t understand why he’s so angry. Did she say something weird…?

Everyone continues to talk enthusiastically as they walk and soon they are about to reach Ai’s house. Aki suddenly comments on how they’re almost there and he’s nervous. He has to properly greet her father! He slowly brings out a hair brush from his bag and strokes it through his bangs. L M A O WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Ai asks him why he’s suddenly tidying up his appearance?

Aki replies that it’s because her father might become his father-in-law in the future. Takuya asks him what he’s talking about. Kazuya admits that he’s looking forward to going to Ai’s house because he couldn’t go in the morning. Takuya tells him that it’s because he sleeps in too much and he heads over every day, so it’s lost its sense of freshness. Aki remarks on how it’s annoying to see Takuya try to assume his kind of easygoing appeal.

Takuya snarls out that Aki is with him too when they come! Suddenly, Ai’s phone rings and she hurriedly takes it out of her bag. She looks at the screen to see who it is and her face unintentionally softens. Aki quickly asks her why she’s grinning like that. Is it the person who called her at the school gates? Ai startles before nodding hesitantly. Takuya’s eyes widen and he asks her if she has a boyfriend.

Ai denies it but… as she thinks on how to explain, she can’t stop her smile, and everyone becomes even more suspicious. She stutters for an explanation and her eyes dart around but then she sees someone in front of her and everything is brushed away.

Natsuki! He came!? Natsuki tells her that he’s home and apologizes for being late. Ai runs up to Natsuki, who is standing in front of her home, and Natsuki’s eyes soften as he smiles gently at her. OH MY GOD THIS IS ACTUALLY SO TOUCHING?!?!

Takuya asks Natsuki if he went on ahead. Natsuki nods and then admits that they had arranged their meeting to be at the school gates though. At his words, Aki has a moment of realization. Kazuya, who didn’t know about this, innocently asks Natsuki a question. Why is he standing in front of the house? He could have come with them from school.

Natsuki chuckles and explains that he changed his plans and thought it’d be nice for him to come over here to meet them sometimes. Aki comments on how his words sound like they have another meaning. Natsuki hums before explaining that it’s like newly-weds and isn’t this exciting? It’s kind of like a surprise.

Takuya… blinks. Aki asks what that means. Kazuya also doesn’t get it. All of them have frozen up and have their mouths open but Natsuki continues on unashamedly. He points out that he and Ai made a promise to marry. Ai exclaims in surprise and this time it’s her turn to freeze. Why did he say that at this time?! She hurriedly reminds him that this happened when they were really small so…

Natsuki tilts his head and tells her that he still thinks the promise is valid though. She opens her mouth to say something but Aki interrupts and asks them why they’re continuing on with this conversation! A promise they made during childhood has long past its time to be kept. Natsuki thinks it depends on the feelings of both parties though and then turns to Ai with a worried look and asks if the promise is bothering her? He apologizes for going ahead and thinking that on his own.

Ai hurriedly tells him that she doesn’t dislike it but, uh… Natsuki echoes her words and then asks her if she’s going to tell him her feelings. Ai hesitates and then Aki interrupts again telling them both to hold on! Even if it’s Natsuki, he won’t allow this! They can’t just create their own world! Kazuya comes up beside Aki and shakes his head too with all his might. He also doesn’t think this is allowed.

Off to the side, Takuya comments on how he thinks the person in question is free to do as they wish but it’s a bit unfair to use a childhood promise. Aki is almost angry enough for steam to come out of his head. Kazuya has a large frown on his face. Takuya has a troubled look on his face. Ai winces at how, in one moment, the atmosphere has become strange and she can’t stand it anymore.

She blurts out that they’re going to end this conversation right here, and then invites everyone inside to cold drinks and sweets. Ai turns around to hide her embarrassed face and starts to walk briskly to her house. Kazuya states that he’d like to eat some sweets and asks what today’s snack is. He chases after Ai and starts to ask questions like he normally does. Thanks to that, everyone else’s attention seems to shift towards snacks.

In succession, the people behind her start to talk about sweets too. Natsuki would like a shortcake full of cream. Takuya gags at how sweet that sounds and says he’d like some potage or rice crackers; something salty would be nice. Aki comments on how Takuya’s food will increase his blood pressure and he needs to eat more girl-like sweets or he won’t be popular. Takuya retorts that he thinks someone as talkative as Aki will be the unpopular one.

Somehow, hearing these idle conversation topics, makes her extremely happy. Ai comments on how it’s such a happy thing to be able to be together with everyone. Takuya blinks and asks her what she’s saying now at this point in time. They’ve always been together, no? He looks at her doubtfully and she thinks on how they’ve always been together since childhood. It’s something she takes for granted but… sometimes she’s so happy she feels like she wants to cry. Why?

Natsuki admits that he’s really happy too to be able to spend time together with everyone like this. Kazuya agrees. Aki remarks on how everyone’s become sentimental; more importantly, it looks like Haruka has come to greet them. Following his gaze, they see Haruka grinning and waving at them. It looks like she saw them from the window and came out. Of course she wants to see all of them.

Ai sighs at her sister’s actions. It’s the same scene with all the usual members. It’s something that’s always held true since they were children. Will they continue to be like this every day from here on? It’s such a common thing but to her it’s an irreplaceable ordinary day. That’s why she wants to treasure every instant she has with everyone… as if they’ll continue to be together from here on.

Natsuki suddenly turns around and asks her if something is wrong? Ai shakes her head and tells him brightly that it’s nothing. She smiles again and runs towards everyone.

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    aseriaa said:
    May 11, 2017 at 20:25

    I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for these Psychedelica posts! I just finished the game and I would never have been able to experience it without you. I literally printed out your posts and played the game on my vita side by side ^_^ I wrote up my thoughts/critiques about the game in a post on my own wordpress today, so it’d be silly of me to write it all here again – don’t worry, I gave you full credit at the top of my post for giving me the opportunity to understand the game and expressed my eternal gratitude! <3 (oops I'm getting mushy again).

    Hmm well TL;DR I loved the game, but I still have some questions and critiques that I wish it had addressed (for instance, among other things – while Hikage and Usagi essentially die and pass onto the afterlife, how is it possible for them to be their ages again in Hikage's end scene? Shouldn’t they have been reborn as babies at the point Beniyuri sees them?, etc). But after all is said and done, I'm forever bitter about Hikage's end and I HAVE A NEED FOR CLOSURE. His character song makes me wanna cry ;_;

      Ilinox responded:
      May 11, 2017 at 21:29

      OH GOSH I was wondering why I suddenly got like 15 emails notifying me about someone liking my posts LMAO hjkfgjhkgfh I’m glad you were able to play this game like that! Out of curiosity, how many pages was it when you printed them all out? |D;;

      (I’m definitely gonna pop on over to comment and read your impressions! Derp, it took me this long to realize you had a wordpress up ///// I remember reading your Fata Morgana and HA thoughts on tumblr!).

      Hmm, good point about the ending for Hikage. For some reason I thought of it as time flowing weirdly in the interspace and something like maybe the Hikage-lookalike and Usagi-lookalike were just living as empty shells until the souls fully passed on and kind of ??? returned to their bodies? OKAY I KNOW THAT’S A HUGE STRETCH BUT CONSIDERING THEY DON’T HAVE THEIR MEMORIES ANYWAY… SOBS. But yes, oh god, I’m so torn between how it ended and wishing they subbed in his alternate drama CD ending because HOW DARE HE LEAVE BENIYURI WITH THOSE CUT OFF WORDS. AH.

      I still get teary-eyed every time I hear his song. The line “Ah, was I mistaken from the start” gets me every time. To be honest though I actually like Kagiha’s song most (woops, I never knew Toriumi could sing so well) and Monshiro’s comes in at a second because I love the melody.

        aseriaa said:
        May 12, 2017 at 09:23

        …OMG I’m so sorry for the spam OTL I’ll try to restrain myself in the future ;;;; (also I hope this comment didn’t send twice, my wifi’s acting a little finnicky)

        It was a ton of pages! It’s seriously jaw-droppingly awe-worthy. I wish I numbered them so I could tell you. Hmm I just tweeted at you to show a picture of the amount since I don’t think it’s possible to link pics in comments.

        Woah you read those!? And oh man, I’m starting to regret mentioning my psychedelica thoughts post, because I don’t think I wrote anything noteworthy in there tbh. But yea, I recently started using wordpress more and it’s kinda neat to organize a sort of archive of everything that you can easily find again for reference (vs tumblr where things can get lost in a whirlpool of reblogs).

        LOL I can half-buy that plausibility. The only way I’d argue against it would be that despite being in that interspace, they still had not been able to enter the cycle of reincarnation. So technically I don’t think they could have been born and grew up to be that age in time for that scene AHHH IDK

        Agreed, I really liked his drama CD ending. But call me a masochist, I think I’m almost glad they used the other HIkage ending? As much as it frustrates me, I think I wouldn’t have cried as much if it had been the drama CD one (because it’s too convenient and gives us more time to adjust to what’s going on – aka more closure). Whereas the game ending was really fast, so it was harder for our emotions to keep up (hence more pain and tears). AND YES would it have killed the guy (pun not intended) to just finish his sentence before shooting himself SHEESH XD I guess it correlates with how (again) there’s no closure in his end either. Everything’s half done with this guy, so double the pain W HY

        I found it kinda weird how the tracks are called “another-ending” cause I found Yamato, Karasuba and Monshiro’s another ending tracks to act more like epilogues to their endings. So that’s how I took them (well Natsuki and Hikage’s are a different story of course).

        Ilinox responded:
        May 14, 2017 at 14:37

        OH NO! I don’t mind at all ;w;/ it’s always a great feeling to see what people are looking at on my blog, haha. I was actually thinking that this rapid liking of all the posts might have meant that you played it too |D and I got all excited because Psychedelica is a good game.

        Hearing people’s thoughts is always exciting! You brought up some really good points and, like you mentioned on your post, it’s neat to see people getting attracted to other characters and seeing things you might have missed because of that! (Will you be doing some Hana Awase reviews then? :D I love reading people’s thoughts on that game).

        That’s true! Hikage’s drama CD was definitely “another ending” and a part of me wished Psychedelica took the darker route, like how it did with Kagiha’s end, and made Hikage’s drama CD ending have the two of them bound to this dark mansion LMAO. LOOK, THE MOMENT HIKAGE WAS LIKE “I’m worried my desires will keep you here” I was like 👀👀.

        But you’re right, one of my favorite things in stories is when things are left resolved but unfinished (if that makes sense omg). For example, you pretty much know what Hikage was going to say to Beniyuri with his last words T_T something full of feeling and love, etc etc, we just don’t have the exact words which makes it more poignant because some things can’t be put into words but also bittersweet because it ended without absolute closure. (THIS REMINDS ME OF THE SHINPACHI’S WASURENAGUSA CD WHICH DID THAT TO DEVASTATING EFFECT TOO).

        “Everything’s half-done with this guy” OMFG. SO TRUE LMAO. OUCH THANKS FOR THAT.

        They probably decided they didn’t want to re-name the tracks and confuse everybody so left it like that. But yeah you’re right |D the alive people get extended endings and the dead people get… dead-er endings //bricked.

    Allison said:
    August 27, 2016 at 01:53

    Finally finished reading all the game posts! ✿*,ヽ(´ω`)ノ+✿.*. It’s hard to rank my final order…I guess I’d say it’s Kagiha>Monshiro>Karasuba>Hikage>Yamato, but?? I like Kagiha the best as a character, and Monshiro the best as a love interest, and Hikage’s route is my favorite. (Karasuba…was worrying for pretty much exactly the reasons I thought he would be…)

    I really like the Love Makes You Evil trope (+ variations where it’s a family member), or characters who are struggling between what they want and what would be the “right” choice. (I…actually liked Kagiha’s terrible timing for his words in Monshiro’s route…it’s not the kind of thing you should be saying, but I guess that kind of bitterness feels very…human….) I guess that’s kind of why I liked Kagiha and Hikage, but…in the end, Kagiha is too shifty to trust, and Hikage made me mad several times. I like him more than I did at first, but I’m sensitive about some of the things he was saying to provoke the others, so :’) I just want to be like, “FIGHT ME!!” instead of forgiving him.

    Monshiro feels so sincere and sweet though…I definitely like certain types of teasing characters, but I’d also be really happy with a boyfriend like Monshiro /o\;; I have absolutely zero experience, so if it’s someone who’s more carnivorous/experienced I would probably feel a bit pressured/anxious :’D Reading Monshiro’s character song post actually made me cry because I was like, “This is so nice.” (つω;`)

    I feel like it’s hard to say what I think of the endings though……part of me likes this ending because everyone is (presumably…….) happy, but then at the same time, Kagiha being alive kind of ruins a lot of the impact the other endings had. It’d be one thing if they were just like, “SURPRISE, he was actually living overseas with amnesia.” or something in his route (since the body was never found) but when it’s just changed like this ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ

      Ilinox responded:
      September 1, 2016 at 11:01

      お疲れ様!!And thank you for leaving comments n_n it’s great to be able to talk to people about this game and their impressions of it. Haha, I like the way you ranked them (poor Yamato ;;; I guess no tsunderes for you?).

      Same same! I love that trope and Kagiha was a great character with how he had to struggle past his own selfishness. I… I’m much like you with how Hikage made you mad and so that dropped him down in the ranking, Kagiha made me FURIOUS for his ending because I couldn’t believe he succumbed. I guess I shouldn’t be though since everyone else’s bad end had them giving into their issue as well ;;; like Yamato with his guilt and Karasuba with his lack of empathy of how some people can’t change as fast as he did.

      Aw, that’s so cute. I admit I never really liked how slow Monshiro talked so he was never high on my list of characters (I even ended up playing his route last and did Hikage before him, oops).

      Oh, yeah, I had mixed feelings about this too because it kind of feels like it defeated the purpose of the game’s themes which was grieving death, accepting it, and then moving on. The Best End is probably still my favorite in that aspect ;;;; since this one came from like left field.

      This game makes me feel endlessly sad for Hikage though T_T he’s the poster boy and yet, technically, he’s not part of the story at all because it revolves so much around Beniyuri and her group of friends. FOREVER ALONE HIKAGE. But his route was so heart-wrenching, ahhh.

    Nope is here hello! said:
    March 19, 2016 at 22:22

    Holy s hit????? Wh- how- I-
    How??? Wow??? That’s not what I expected??? Wait wait…so, theory time!
    Say there’s a choice you make. You can either chose to go left or go right. But those choices aren’t entirely unrelated. It’s all connected on a branch that leads to leaves. Those leaves are little universes made up of the right or left path.
    This is a different Ai from the rest of the game. This is an Ai that chose not to leave, therefore not leading to the rest of the events of Psychedelica.
    Somewhere, someplace, a world exists where Natsuki never died and none of the sad tragic things that happened, actually happened! So yay!
    So technically your best ending could very well be a true ending, somewhere, someplace too. Don’t worry, I liked the ‘best end’ best too.
    I’m glad for this ending too? Natsuki deserved better. Then yanno….’Kagihas’ ending. -stares at-
    ….WAIT BUT
    I’m mad!!! What about Hikage?!
    And Usagi!?
    Wait wait wait, i’m gonna make myself feel better, Hikage and Usagi, rather than the whole interspace bit, actually got reincarnated and are probably around somewhere being cute siblings together like how they should’ve.
    And then eventually they’ll meet the whole group and joine their posse and everyone can be actual friends together.
    There. I feel better now.
    I’m glad for this game and I’m sad to see it go!
    Can’t wait for what else you’re gonna review next~ <3

      Ilinox responded:
      March 22, 2016 at 23:29

      Yeah! I just consider this an “alternate universe” (AU) ending but I’m not sure how I feel about it being included at all because it feels like it detracts from the game’s themes on death and moving on. But, like you said, I’m really happy for Natsuki getting a better ending (THOUGH I STILL THINK THEY SHOULD HAVE JUST SWITCHED HIS “ANOTHER ENDING” ONE FROM THE DRAMA CD WITH THE IN-GAME ONE!).

      Haha, yeah!! I’m so sad over the lack of mention of Hikage ANYWHERE. I mean, technically, the story wasn’t ever about him because it’s about Ai and her group of friends. But still… any kind of mention would have been nice or passing by him in school like what HIS another ending drama CD implied.

      In the end it was a really great game though <3 and thank you for keeping me company along this journey! I'll be tackling Hime-hen next, heehee!

    Reare Noella said:
    March 19, 2016 at 08:09

    Guess whose here again, spamming your comment section (muahahaha!!) ;) you did a really good job convincing me to play the game, eh. When I thought about the title, I thought about Aki, le twins (MONSHIRO!!) and Ai (with her family) but when le creeper joins in, the feels and emotion were bursting all over the place XD. Seriously, when you describe the touching moment I was really like “no shit man, Natsuki!!!” Miracles in otome game never fails to amuse me (except Rejet from time to time)

    By the way I never met a guy (especially a guy) brings his comb around XP that was funny

      Ilinox responded:
      March 19, 2016 at 17:51

      Hello hello <3 your comments are always welcome! It certainly made me feel less alone while I was blogging all these Psychedelica things, haha. At times I was seriously going like "where the heck is everyone :( does no one like this game but me!?" so I'm glad I've convinced you to get this game. The BGMs and voice acting certainly adds another factor to the whole setting (ESPECIALLY ISHIKAWA AND TORIUMI'S VOICE. DAMMIT. I CRIED).

      Funny enough, even though I knew there was a 0% chance that it was Hikage I was still hoping for a mention of him in this ending… especially after you listen to his "Another Ending" drama CD. I have mixed feelings about this ending honestly. It's really happy but I still consider the Best End to be the best ending because ??? it's a story about moving on. I love the uplifting theme of cherishing the people you have with you right now but *whispers* Natsuki should be dead.

      LOL Aki is a fantastic mood maker. I've actually met a guy who brought a comb around! I think my friend had an important meeting that day though (some kind of interview?) so I could understand why he'd want to tidy up his hair, but I have to admit I was still amused. It's a good idea to carry a brush around on windy days though because your hair becomes a mess |D;;

        Reare Noella said:
        March 20, 2016 at 02:16

        Eh, really? I always jumped around otome bloggers so I must annoyed them in a certain way XD. When I heard Ishikawa’s CD, it really almost bought me to tears too, but in the end I still hold it in.

        Well Hikage is at least happy with Usagi sooooo :P but I was REALLY REALLY SUPRISE WITH NATSUKI!!!!! I’m happy even he had a good ending!

        I actually ask my bro’s friend who have a sling bag aka “man bag” (that’s the legit line they gave me) to show me whats inside soooo…. Wallet and phone aside, they have tissues, baby wipes, pens, small bottle of perfume (colone?), small lotion and small container of soap. Some had small mirrors and small bottle of hair spray. Don’t even ask me why LMAO

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