Day: March 30, 2016

Period Cube ~ Hiroya ~

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Hiroya (ヒロヤ)
CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko (岡本 信彦)

(I’m a terrible person who starts too many projects, but Period Cube is coming out in May and I want people to join me in this Sword Art Online-type hell. THERE IS ONLY ONE CD I REALLY WANT TO SHARE WITH YOU GUYS (volume 6) but I might as well do the entire series. My order is going to be Vol1, Vol4, and Vol6 though before filling in the rest because 1) we need backstory and 2) I have clear biases).

Background: The heroine, Kazuha, and her childhood friend, Hiroya, are searching for Kazuha’s brother, who has seemed to disappear. Their only clue is a cryptic message from her brother telling her not to come to this game server. But they do and end up getting trapped inside! Hiroya’s CD is about his relationship with the heroine and his jealousy of her brother.

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