Period Cube ~ Hiroya ~

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Hiroya (ヒロヤ)
CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko (岡本 信彦)

(I’m a terrible person who starts too many projects, but Period Cube is coming out in May and I want people to join me in this Sword Art Online-type hell. THERE IS ONLY ONE CD I REALLY WANT TO SHARE WITH YOU GUYS (volume 6) but I might as well do the entire series. My order is going to be Vol1, Vol4, and Vol6 though before filling in the rest because 1) we need backstory and 2) I have clear biases).

Background: The heroine, Kazuha, and her childhood friend, Hiroya, are searching for Kazuha’s brother, who has seemed to disappear. Their only clue is a cryptic message from her brother telling her not to come to this game server. But they do and end up getting trapped inside! Hiroya’s CD is about his relationship with the heroine and his jealousy of her brother.

Most of the RPG terms are explained in the CD as they come up, but I’ll explain the ones that they don’t.

  • Request Time: The cooldown on a skill (physical or magical) that a player uses, so they have to wait before they can use the same one again.
  • World V: It’s one of the game’s servers. It’s also the one that is trapping everyone inside.
  • Move Gate: A point that allows people to warp between two gates. Fast travel basically.
  • Hate: Pretty sure they mean the aggro bar, or basically who the monster is focused on.


(intro corrections by Rin)

H: Light and darkness. Yang and Yin. On one side, angels who reign the heavens. On the other, demons who forsook the heavens and became conquerors in the depths of the ground. Despite sharing the same origins, even now, an endless battle continues to unfold between the twins who will always be incompatible in nature. Both innocently believe in their victory alone.

H: The land that raised the heavens and held the ground keeps silent as it bathes in their blood. *static noise* People called the land “Arcadia”, the last paradise. At the end of the war, which side will obtain the golden land…? Is it the light, or the darkness? And what could possibly lie beyond this conquest…? *TV turn off noise*

*BGM starts*

H: Period Cube: First Quest Hiroya.


H: *panting* Hurry up and stand! Step back! Idiot, not there! *fire ball explosion* Get down! Ow… I’m okay! Shit… suddenly using a huge spell like that… if they’re going to do that then… while you guys are in the middle of your request time I’ll settle this! *opens menu* The targets are two angels and one demon… I’ll make you regret picking a fight with me! *attacks* And… how about this!!

H: Hey, stand! We’ll take this chance to run! *panting* What was that… suddenly coming at us like that… and they just keep coming one after another. Eh? I’m fine I don’t need to be treated. Besides, you’re not carrying anything anyway, right? No matter how you look at it, those clothes are Arcadia’s beginner’s equipment. Ouch… shit… this isn’t a dream? Ah? I’m fine! This kind of injury will heal on its own. Hah? Fine…

H: *opens menu* Not only are there offensive systems but recovery systems too, huh. Hm? That wasn’t magic right now. It’s a Fighter skill. They don’t have many recovery skills and can only use them on themselves. More importantly, are you in the position to worry about others? Those guys were unmistakably targeting you with their markers. You’re being targeted! Do you get that?!


H: There’s no way you’d understand. Even I don’t have a clue as to what’s happening… we should have logged into an online game but we were thrown into its world. But it’s too real to be a dream… Hm? Idiot! Don’t make that face. It’s not like it’s your fault… I’m the one who suggested logging in get a clue on Shiki-san, your missing brother. At any rate, this is one of Arcadia’s plain fields. This scenery is unmistakable. I have a map of the continent in my head and there’s also a technique to use it. Whether this is a dream or reality… I’ll do something about it. I’ll show you.

*flapping wings*

H: Hm? What is that? The sound of wings? Could it be… people chasing after you again?! Just what is going on. Coming one after another like this… the guys from before called for their allies… but they’re finding our location too fast! Ah! I know! An ID search! Hey, open your settings! On the right side, there’s a cog-wheel marker, right? It should be the sharing settings… uh… yes, that! Turn your ID to private immediately! Hurry! We’re going to leave this place now. I’ll explain later, just come!


H: (If you were to use an ID search then you’d be given a player’s specific location immediately… but why? What’s the reason for targeting an anonymous player who logged in for their first time?… It’s no good. I can’t think of a reason. At any rate, we need to move to another place as fast as possible.)


H: Eh? What is that? A system message? *opens menu* “Welcome to Arcadia, World V”… V… Could it be that we’re in the V server right now? It was written in the message that Shiki-san sent to us before… “Don’t come close to V”… and then that was the last message and we weren’t able to get in contact with him. Ah, that’s right… Shiki-san might also be here. In that case, there’s nothing to worry about. That person is one of Arcadia’s high level players. Even if it’s a little dangerous, he’ll be able to cut his way through by himself.

H: More importantly, worry about yourself! You’re different from Shiki-san and just the level of a beginner. It’s not just the players after you who are dangerous but there might also be monsters. I’m not telling you to be nervous I’m just telling you to be careful! At any rate, there’s nothing we can do but get some information and an understanding of the current situation. Let’s see if there are any other clues…


H: *closing menus* “Restricted to World V… learn about the special quests… there have been various quests created… once players clear a quest it will be possible for them to log out temporarily…!? Wait a second. Is that… could it be… if we don’t clear the quests then we can’t exit the game!?


H: Tch, what is it now!? “World V…  information about the three swords necessary for the end… a high level quest… these are the keys to clear it… the Holy Sword Lumen, the Demon Sword Grakius, and the last item… is the creation of the Divine Sword Amadeus, furthermore the Divine Sword’s ID is the following…”… this is your ID! This thing has been sent by the system… ah, that’s why you’re being targeted! I thought it was strange! Angels and demons that couldn’t be in a party attacking us at the same time.


H: Ah… you don’t know anything about Arcadia, huh. You should have seen commercials at least, right? Arcadia is a game where angels and demons are separate and fight. And that’s why angels and demons don’t play together often, apart from special quests. I’m sure those people back there read this system message and so attacked you. For the sake of clearing the quest… for the sake of logging out of the game…

H: (Even so… what does it mean for her to be the Divine Sword? A divine sword is a weapon, right? How is it connected to her? Is it a bug…? Or… is there some other meaning?)

H: Hm? One more message came. What’s in this one?… “In the case of a character’s HP becoming zero when in a battle in Arcadia… the character data will be lost and the player themselves… will die…”… die?! Does it mean that if you die in the game then you’ll die in real life!? Aha… ha… that’s absurd. Whatever the circumstances are, there’s no way that can happen…

H: (Ah, but those last attacks hurt… there was also blood…)

H: This is a nasty joke… just who would plan such a thing?!

H: (The warning not to come close to V server… Shiki-san who hasn’t come back… that person is a high level player in Arcadia… If this system message isn’t some kind of prank and was real then…)

H: Ah, my bad, it’s nothing. This is obviously a lie. Don’t worry about it.

H: (This isn’t good… calm down. If I look scared and uneasy then she’ll get scared…)

H: I’m pretty sure there’s a cave up ahead. If we go to the Move Gate at the entrance then we can move to the town in an instant. Let’s go!


H: Over there! On the other side of that fire pit is the Move Gate… Huh? Wait! Don’t go on ahead alone! *bats fly out* Idiot, get back! I’m pretty sure these guys are weak against fire! *picks up and swings a torch* Get away! Shit, there’s too many… we can’t open up a hole like this. *opens menu* Eat this!

H: Hey, are you okay? Are you injured? Idiot, don’t hide it!… You… swung out your hand automatically, huh. Those monsters back there are poisonous. Shit… there’s no medicine we can use. It can’t be helped… endure this for a bit… *sucks on injury and spits* Hm? I’m sucking out the poison, so stay still. *spits again* You… stop making those strange noises. Eh? Does it hurt that much to make your eyes water? But that’s why we can’t leave it… hey, don’t pull back your hand. Hey!


H: I said stop it. You’re not a child so stay still! *sucks out poison*… Ah, this place was scraped pretty bad… it’ll tear like this… Look, the place you swung out with is bleeding from your wrist to your arm. *licks at it* Hm? Don’t move! It’s hard to do this. Endure the ticklish feeling. What will you do if the poison spreads? Hah? What do you mean by it’s embarrassing? I’m just treating your wound. Ah… I-I don’t get what you mean. Is this the time to be saying that!? Idiot. Geez, you’re so relaxed at this time.


H: No buts! *goes back to sucking the poison* It’s fine just stay still until I say I’m done. *sucks*

H: (The underside of her arm is so soft… Gah, no that’s not it! Shit. What kind of stupid things am I thinking about!? It’s all her fault because she said something weird all of a sudden. Now I’m weirdly nervous and my head feels dizzy…)

H: Hm? Uwah! D-Did that hurt? I’m sorry! There’s just a bit more… Huh? I’m not lying. It’s true. Mm, if it hurts then grab onto me with your other hand. *sucks the poison* Good, and then just to be sure we’ll bind it with this. *ties cloth* And then… ah… once again… *licks the blood* Hm, it looks like we’ll need to tie it firmly around the back of your hand. If left alone, it just keeps bleeding. *sucks on it* It might hurt a bit but I’ll be tightening it. Hold on. Uh… like this…?

H: Don’t laugh, idiot! Just shut up and watch. You’re so noisy. I can do this much at least. Uh… hey, stop staring at me like that because it’ll make it hard to do. *sighs* This is fine, right? Are there any other injuries? Really… I won’t just be angry if you’re hiding it. Hm, good then. Once we get through this, don’t ever go ahead of me, okay?


H: I’m going to check out what’s ahead. You just sit in front of the fire. Don’t look so miserable. I’ll come back immediately.

H: (I’ve never treated someone for poison in reality… she’ll be okay like that… right? Probably. But she was bleeding so much– no, it’ll be okay. It’ll be okay. Change your train of thoughts. More importantly, this Move Gate… if we find it then we can exit into a town immediately. There’s a fire pit, but why isn’t there a Gate? Shit! In other words, if we don’t get through this cave then we won’t be able to make it to a town. But if that girl, with her low level and beginner’s gear, builds up damage then… she’ll be out for the count immediately.)


H: (That message back there… If a character dies then the player themselves will also die… If that’s true then… Grr, calm down! I’ll take all the enemy attacks and it’ll be fine so long as I don’t let her get touched at all. *sighs*)

H: How are you doing? Are your clothes a little dryer? Hm? There’s nothing wrong with me. There aren’t any monsters around here. Ah? You really are relaxed… to be worrying about others. *sits down* The small fries around here aren’t a big deal. You’re worrying unnecessarily. More importantly, do you have some time? I want to talk about something. Once we rest a bit we’ll leave this cave and head to the town nearby.

H: A town is a place where fighting is prohibited. It’ll be safer than a field and, just to be sure, we should get some equipment from town too. Besides, do you remember the message from a while ago? The one about being able to log out once we complete a quest… Right now we have no information, so we should head on over to the beginners people and check it out. If we search around I’m sure there’ll be one which you can clear as well.

H: Of course, I’ll be with you. It’s natural. I’m not so shameless as to throw a careless person like you into doing a quest alone. What? I’m just saying the truth. In general, you just have beginner’s gear and you’re at the lowest level. In that circumstance, you’ll be made into paper scraps in any beginner’s dungeon. Get it?…


H: Anyway, after we rest we’ll be walking to the town, okay?

H: (I’m such an idiot. I didn’t need to mention paper scraps… Besides, there’s no way I can say that the enemies in this cave are at a dangerously high level to you…)

H: Eh? Ah, originally, for the sake of travelers walking to the town this fire pit was created with magic– you’re… trembling a lot! Are you cold!? Idiot, the color of your face shows that you’re not just a little cold! Even your lips are blue! *goes over to you* Here, come closer to me. It’s fine. Besides, you should have said something earlier! I’m not in the position to notice. Rest a bit. We’ll be walking quite a bit after this…

H: Ah, yes, let me see your settings. *opens menu* Okay… first we’ll register a party and then set the skills you can use… I don’t really know about Bard skills… the help button… ah, there it is! Um… your level is low so there’s only this skill, huh… Hm, ah, you don’t need to know any minor details about the settings. During battle, just stand behind me and wait for orders. At my sign, just touch this marker.


H: It’s fine just learning like this. If you’re thinking about too many things then you’ll be lost during the moment. In the past, whenever you got angry you’d be the type to move both your right arm and right leg at the same time, right? Nope, I’m saying it as your childhood friend so there’s no way I’m wrong… though lately we haven’t been talking… but you haven’t changed much. Hm? Me? I… haven’t really changed. Anyway, you’re being noisy! Be quiet until I’m done setting everything. *returns to menu*

H: (What’s the most effective way… First, I’ll set the Enchant Critical… Hah, shit… If we’re going to be in this situation then we could have at least had the same jobs, no, close-range fighting is too dangerous. At this level she might take too much damage and die…)

H: Hm?… Uh, did you fall asleep or something?… Geez, when you were talking so much just a while ago too… What a careless look. You have absolutely no sense of tension. Ah… wait a second, being sound asleep and snuggled up to me in your wet clothes… you’re too at ease! Idiot! I’m still a man… don’t you know?!

H: (The color of her face is much better than before… Let’s see if she has a fever… there’s none. It’ll be okay. Once she rests, she’ll surely feel better. Ever since you were a child you were shameless, huh. But even then you were scared easily… cried like a baby… and because of that Shiki-san and I were frantic to be around you. You’get into dangerous situations and we couldn’t take our eyes off of you. That part of you hasn’t changed at all. But… the person beside you… is just me right now.)

H: There’s no one this girl can rely on except for me.

*** TRACK 4: TO THE TOWN ***

H: *fighting monsters* And then… all in one! It’ll be over… with this! HAAAH! *heavy breathing* You’re making it into a big deal… I’m just a bit tired. More importantly, here. This necklace is a spoil of war. You can have it, so take it. Wait, before you put it on you have to look at its effectiveness, idiot. It’s not a case of whether its pretty or its shape is cute. There are items that can decrease your abilities.

H: *opens menu* Ah, it’s an unidentified item. Your parameters… haven’t really changed. It’s not an important item, huh. Hm? You like it that much? In that case, it should be fine. Eh? I told you I was fine. I don’t need to rest here. The exit is just right there.


H: Ah… *stretches* Look! That’s the town! The scale of it isn’t very big but it’s a place where people pass by and there’ll be an inn too. Let’s go. Also, by the way… um… just before… thanks for that support skill during battle. It helped. You learn things quite fast. I’ve changed my thoughts about you… a bit. Hm? Guh… you don’t have to look so surprised… Shit, I’m not going to compliment you ever again! *stomps off*

H: (As I expected, no one recognizes her by face. There are other players apart from us but the ones who were involved with us aren’t here… We’re saved at how the information sent was just the ID. But I can’t be unprepared. It’s probably best to gather what we need from the shops and then hide ourselves in the inn as soon as possible.)

H: Hm? What’s wrong? You’ve suddenly stopped. W-What? There’s no need to hold hands, right? We’re not kids.


H: Hah? I’m not tense! Normally we don’t hold hands while we’re walking around town either. What times are you talking about, idiot. That happened way back when we were kids. H-Hey, let go! Why are you so happy? Geez… anyway, your hand is small. It’s also really warm. Really, you’re always like a kid.

H: (But was her hand always this soft?… It’s so small it fits snugly into mine. She’s much shorter than me and her body is also delicate… What was I saying when I said she hasn’t changed at all from the past? There’s no way that’s true…)

H: Hey, um… we’ve walked quite a bit. You must be tired, right? How about we rest at the inn first? It’s fine we can go shopping later. No, I’m fine but you… I’ve told you that I’m not pushing myself! Don’t make me say it again and again. Come on, over here! Let’s go.


H: It looks okay… *closes window and draws the blinds* Okay, you can come in now. *sits on a chair* Hm? Ah, it feels like it’s been a while since we were in a place with a roof. There were trees and stumps and cliffs… the only places we rested in were hard places. If you’re sleepy you can take a nap. I’ll keep watch on the door.

*your stomach growls*

H: You’re more hungry than you are sleepy? Hm? I’m not making fun of you! It looks like being hungry and having your HP decrease are different things. Here, take this. It’s some bread and apples that the kitchen gave us… and also drinks. *pours some* It looks like juice. They said it’d take away your exhaustion though. *claps hands* Thank you for the food!


H: Eh? Why are you laughing? Hah?! I’m cute?! Are you an idiot!? It’s normal when we’re eating food! You said it too! Come on, just eat. *bites into his food* Mm… hm? What the… it tastes exactly like an apple, even though we’re in a game. Ah? Haha, you’ll eat anything happily, huh. No, it’s a compliment! It’s important to have an appetite no matter what kind of situation you’re in, right? That optimism is so much like you that… I’m relieved.

H: Ah… nevermind! Come on, eat! *bites into food* Mm.. mm! This bread is delicious! Oh this is bad… I’m hungrier than I thought… *takes a large bite and starts to choke and cough*… ah… *guzzles drink* Pwah! That surprised me! You’re making everything into a big deal! You don’t have to pat my back! I just ate a little too fast that’s all…

H: Stop worrying about me and eat! C’mon chow down! Hah?! What do you mean that I’ve jusht been telling you to eat… don’t make me shay it again… Whether my face ish red or not *hiccups* has nothing to do with eating, right? *takes another drink* Thish juice ish delicioush but kind of shweet… *drinks more* By the way, ish it just me or ish the room hot? Eh? Sake? They didn’t shay that… eh, whatever, shince we’re in a game. There’sh no adultsh to get angry *hiccups*.


H: Mm… thinking about it… we can fight, make money, the food is delicious and we can get full. Once we get used to this we can live. Ah, we don’t need to go to school either… the two of us can go from town to town and look around! Eh? Ahaha! Isn’t it okay to just imagine? It’s no good to be too serious about this kind of silly talk… In general, saying that our lives can be in danger isn’t extreme. No matter where we are we could die, right? You can die from being run over by a car.

H: If you think about all these little things, get scared, and can’t live then fighting here and dying isn’t any diff– *you shove your chair away from the table*… Ah? What’s wrong? Don’t get angry! You’re wrong, idiot. Calm down! I didn’t say that I wouldn’t care if I died! I’m saying that no matter where we are I’ll protect you! *grabs you* I’ll protect you. Absolutely. No matter where this place is or, in the worst case scenario, we can’t return. I will always protect you. So… when you’re in pain, say it. Am I that unreliable?


H: Eh?… Shiki-san…? Ah… of course, we’ll search for him and save him. We’ll save him but… that person… even if I don’t save him he’s much higher level than me… No, no matter where I stand that person is always better than me… I didn’t say I’d abandon anyone!! First of all, what’s wrong with you? Every time you open your mouth it’s always “Brother… Brother!”. If you have time to be worried about your older brother then worry more about yourself!! You don’t even understand others!!


H: Huh, it hurts? All you do is lie! No, you’re a liar! When those players attacked you… when we fought in the cave… Whenever I asked about you, you would just reply that you’re fine! You didn’t make one complaint! You hid your injuries. You’ve never really shown anything to me… Are you saying that you’re hurting more than you were before? Is that so… I understand. Then let me check it.


H: Let me check… your body. Yes, right here… if it’s nothing then you shouldn’t care, right? It’s because it’s something you don’t want to show me that you’re struggling… no? I’m not wrong. Look, you were lying after all. I’ve said these things, haven’t I? Like whether you had any other injuries. That if you hid it I wasn’t going to just be angry. You replied saying you understood. But your elbow here is scraped… and it’s so swollen…

H: Hey. What is this? You’ve kept silent up to now… endured it… *starts to suck on it* No, I won’t stop. If I leave it alone it’ll just swell more. Besides, what’s with that loud voice right now? Hm? It didn’t sound like nothing to me. Well, it’d be fine if it was nothing… because I’m going to continue anyway. *resumes sucking* If it hurts then say it properly! It hurts, right?! It hurts. You’re in pain. SAY IT CLEARLY. Why do you have to pretend to endure it? Why won’t you tell me the truth!?


H: What do you mean… am I not allowed to worry about you?! Why… am I too weak!? That’s right… I get it. If the person beside you wasn’t me and was your brother… if it was Shiki-san then you would tell him everything and anything honestly. In the past… at that time… that’s what happened.

H: I said I wasn’t going to stop, right? I’m going to check your entire body. Show me everything. I’m sorry but I can’t believe in the things you say. There’s no way I can… believe you. Haha… I thought so! Your knees… and your thighs… even these places… *sucks on them* Thinking I wouldn’t notice so long as you were silent… and if you did tell me then it was because you couldn’t help it… THAT’S HOW IT IS, RIGHT? Even though you can’t even protect yourself satisfactorily… How are you going to save your big brother? Don’t make me laugh!!


H: Stop asking me to let you go. Do you think I’ll be okay with anything you say? Because I’m your childhood friend? Because you say halfhearted things like that… and each time I’m left shaken and tricked… doesn’t that make me an idiot? If there’s no one you can believe in apart from me and you really think that then don’t hide it! Don’t… reject me. Ah! What is… this… on your chest here…

H: A bruise? Even more it looks like a pattern… this is…!! *opens menu* As I thought, this shape with a sword and a stone is the logo mark for Arcadia! This kind of thing being placed on you… everyone in the world targeting you… SHIT! Why… why do you have to suffer through this?! Even though all you did was come with me… Why isn’t it me!? Why…


H: What… Don’t touch me. Don’t look over here, idiot. You should be more angry. Being targeted by everyone in the world… having this forcibly done to you by me… why are you… able to smile like that? Even though you should be in pain… hurting… and scared. Why?

H: That’s why I’m telling you to stop saying those things! Or else I’ll believe you again like an idiot… that you’ll rely on me. I’ll imagine things like that at my convenience. Why are you apologizing at this timing? Because it’s unreasonable… so you won’t say anything selfish…? GET ANGRY! I know you treasure your brother over everyone else… I also know you’re worried about him but… you have to make sure to take care of yourself. Even if you’re okay with it, I’m not. Understand that… I’m begging you. Don’t… say anything more like that. *kisses you*


H: Sorry. I’m going out for a bit… to cool my head. *leaves and closes the door*

H: (What am I doing!? Her being silent about her injuries… is her concern for me. Even though I know that much I still said a lot of horrible things. I’m terrible. Even while saying I want to protect her I’m just thinking about myself… I’m not worried about her I just want her to look at me… not Shiki-san… me. I want her to look only at me which is why I said those things when they came into my head. Even more… I kissed her. I didn’t even think of her feelings… it was because I wanted to do it.)

H: … Shit!

*** TRACK 6: QUEST ***

 H: … Uh, good morning. Did you manage to get some sleep? Ah, I see. That’s good then. Eh? I’m okay… I intended to sleep in the corridor from the start… though my back does kind of hurt… Because I’ve told you to tell me the truth about how you feel… it doesn’t seem fair if I try to lie about how I feel. That’s why I’m going to tell you everything. There were things I also didn’t say to anyone: like every since we came here I’ve been insecure, scared, and wasn’t composed enough to choose my words.

H: I’m sorry about yesterday… I went too far with my words. I’m apologizing… though it’s true that I don’t like you hiding things from me… Sake? Oh, now that you mention it I did feel strange after drinking it… and I do remember saying a lot of things… but that’s still not an excuse for the things I did forcefully yesterday.


H: You… really are softhearted. What do you mean we were both wrong? No matter how you look at it I was the one in the wrong. W-Why are you getting angry at that? No, I’ve said it. I’m the one who was wrong! Eh? No, me! I was absolutely wrong!…

H: *laughs* What is this? We’re like idiots. That’s right… we were both wrong. Let’s just leave it at that. And, uh, thank you. How are you feeling? I see, then that’s good! Ah, I’m going to believe in what you say… though I can tell just by looking at you. You have some color in your face now. I’m relieved. Hm? You have a request… for me? Why are you being so formal?

H: Quest? Uh, of course, I was thinking of accepting one nearby but… what’s wrong? Why are you bringing this up all of a sudden?… Oh, what, you were worried about that? It’s natural for you not to be able to do anything since it’s your first time logging in. There’s nothing to feel bad about. Besides, when we were fighting in the cave you used your skills and backed me up, didn’t you?


H: As long as you remember the foundations and actions, we can gather equipment in this town, and if it’s a beginner’s quest then we can do battle without a problem. I’m speaking the truth! Alright, I get it. I was thinking of resting here some more but let’s go try a quest out! It’ll build your confidence too and we have nothing to go on but that for now, right? Above all else, you won’t listen to anything else I say. But in exchange, you have to promise me: that you definitely won’t push yourself, that you won’t go out in front of me, that you won’t attack before I do, and that you absolutely won’t leave my side. Can you keep those?

*stomach growls*

H: … *laughs* You… Even though we were having a serious conversation. Ah, geez, let’s talk about the minor details later. Yes, yes, I heard. I believe you! It’s true! Here, stick out your pinky. We’re doing a pinky promise. I’ll promise as well… that no matter what happens I’ll protect you. Absolutely.


H: It should be around this area… *opens menu* I’m not mistaken; this is the quest that was given to us by the NPC in the town. Yep, by that silver-haired person… Zain, I think? He said the starting point was around here. We’re going to start. Are you prepared? You don’t have to be so worried, I told you that it’ll be fine. I’m just going to mention it but that cave we passed through at the start was a much higher level than this place.

H: Really. I kept quiet about it because I didn’t want to frighten you. Now you’re at ease, right? Well then, let’s get started! *opens menu* Special Quest: Start! Come on, let’s go. Ooh, you’re looking more appropriate now with that newly bought bow. When you have time you can provide support and that’ll help me–

*monster roar*

H: What was that… Let’s go and check it out!

*monster roar*

H: No way… why are there so many high-level monsters… at this place!? Did they run into this place from another area? Che… shit, this isn’t the quest area! Ha?! What are you saying, idiot! You’re not at a level where you can save them! There’s a huge difference! Those people who are fighting are also at a class higher than you! I’ll go! You just stand back!


H: Hey, you guys! You’ll be caught like that– *blood explosion*…!! Right now… they just died… disappeared… they disappeared…

H: (During a battle in Arcadia, if a character’s HP becomes zero then the character data will be lost… and the player themselves will die… No way… but just now… they’re not appearing from the town again. In the first place, the battle hasn’t ended… so there’s no way they could disappear from the field… then that means… if we really die…)

H: This is bad! We’re running! Come!! No, we won’t be able to make it to those people. Moreover, if we attack from here we won’t be able to reach the people on the other side. Getting involved now will just be meaningless. Even I don’t want to abandon them! But… are you okay with dying here!? You want to find Shiki-san and return to our world, right?! COME!


H: You remember what to do in a fight, right? First, I’ll take the hate and draw the enemy away. You stand far back and provide support! Come on… I’ll return all of you guys to where you belong… HRAGH!! *attacks* As expected… they’re tough… *takes one down* Oh… nice support. Good, let’s do one more! *attacks* Great! And now with one shot… *gets hit* Argh!! IDIOT! Don’t come here!!

H: I told you didn’t I…? I’ll… protect you!! *attacks desperately* I won’t let you die… never! I’ll take them all down, finish the quest, and go home!! *another monster is defeated* I’ll definitely…!! *gets hit* GRAH!… Shit… get up… move… my legs!! I… have to… protect her!! *monster roar* SHIIIT!!


H: What…?! This light… Wha… there are swords… in the sky!? There’s so many… *unlimited blade works* All the enemies… are gone… Those blades of light just now… you called them? Then… is that… the special power you can use? Haha… haha… are you serious? Amazing… Hey, don’t push yourself. You did such a crazy thing of course you’re tired. I’ll come to you… Ow ow… aha, I’m fine. It’s fine so just stay there. I’ll be there soon.

*warning sound*

H: This sound… It can’t be…!! The quest boss… no way… all the enemies were defeated! *boss arrives* Run away from there! HURRY!! GET AWAAAAY!!

*monster attacks  you*

H: THIS SMALL FRY!! Hraaaaaagh!! *attacks* DIE DIE! HURRY UP AND DIE! *boss dies* Hey!! Get a hold of yourself… HEY!! This… blood… no way… there’s so much. It won’t stop. What do I do about this?! Hey… talk to me! HEY!! What… you can’t hear me? What?? IDIOT, why are you apologizing!? You didn’t do anything wrong!!


H: Wha… Special Quest: Mission Complete…? What about it… there’s no meaning to this… BEING THE ONLY ONE TO CLEAR IT. If you die… there’s no point at all… *static noise* wait… don’t disappear!! No way! WAIT!! DON’T DIEEEEEEE!!

*something breaks*

H: This… it’s the necklace… we took from the cave…


H: Are you awake? Do you know who I am? Yeah… it’s Hiroya… I’m so glad. I was wondering what I would do if you didn’t wake… *hugs you* just for a little bit… just a little bit is fine. I just want to hold you like this. That you’re safe… that you’re alive… I want to feel it with my entire body. At that time… I thought you had really died. I… thought everything was over… ah, yeah, you’re not dead… you’re alive. You’re so warm… warm and soft…

H: Being this close to you… I can feel your breaths and I can see myself in your eyes. You’re alive!… It smells like you… like the smell of blood was just a lie… I was scared. I was so scared. At that time, you were also hugging me back but your strength left you slowly… and whenever I shook you there was no response. I thought it might have been all over.


H: The necklace that we took from the cave… broke in place of your life. It was an item with that effect… probably. No, I’m the one who should be apologizing. All I can do is just say that I’m going to protect you… before I know it, I’m being saved by you. It’s always like that. Even though I’m taller than you and stronger than you… but no matter where I stand it’s no use. For being so disappointing… so pathetic… I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

H: Ah, don’t strain yourself! This place is safe. Lie down for a while longer. Yes, it’s Shiki-san’s room. We cleared the quest and returned! Even though we spent roughly around a day on the other side, when I woke up here it didn’t seem like much time had passed. Nothing changed. But it’s impossible to think we both had the same dream… it doesn’t seem like Shiki-san has returned here either. Nothing has been solved… is what I feel.


H: Of course I’m scared! If the same thing happened again there’s no guarantee we’ll come out safely. Hah? What are you saying, idiot. Me being beside you… it’s the opposite, and I’m no help. I only know a bit about the game… Well, yeah… if I didn’t know anything then I wouldn’t be able to fight but… I get it. I’ll stop bringing myself down. But… ah, stop!

H: Just be silent for a second. You were going to say something before I could, right? No, it’s clear that you were. I know you and I’m someone whose been looking at you closer than anyone else. I… know you. I have confidence that I won’t even lose to Shiki-san. So… I’m going to say something important and I want you to listen.


H: Thank you. For being there with me. In the past, I wanted you to rely on me… not your big brother whenever you were troubled. I wanted you to say Hiroya. I’ve always thought that. And yet… no matter what I did or where I stood I couldn’t go beyond Shiki-san. I stumbled and fell after the back of that person with a calm face… trying with all my might not to lose sight of that back. It made me angry… and I said a lot of hurtful things to you too…

H: I even did hateful things in Arcadia… but you forgave me and stayed by my side. You laughed as always… I… was really happy, and so… *static* What is this? The game screen… this is the same as that time we were thrown into Arcadia…!! It can’t be… when it meant we could log out for a short time… it’s this short?!

H: *grabs you* Of course! No matter what happens, I’m not going to let go of your hand! Never!


H: … We’ve returned, huh. If we clear quests then we can log out once but… in the end we’re returned to this place. Why did it become like this… as long as we don’t find out the source then we’ll surely continue to be trapped in this game. Aa, we’ll search for Shiki-san and a way to escape this world. There’s still a lot of things I’m not strong at and you might get caught in dangerous situations again… but I want to protect you. I’ll become a man who can protect you. This I swear. So… please let me be by your side.


H: What? It’s fine, right? To look cool at least. Don’t stare at me like that. What do you mean why? Shut up. Besides, you better believe that right now. I won’t let you forget that you said you’re happy. Huh? H-Hey! *takes your hand* I told you not to go ahead of me, remember? Mm, it’s a promise. Let’s go together.

H: Performance: Hiroya. Okamoto Nobuhiko.

8 thoughts on “Period Cube ~ Hiroya ~

    Nope is here hello! said:
    June 10, 2016 at 01:05

    Oh wow, this is the same artist as BWS? They’ve really improved since then, holy shit. Not that it wasn’t a good art style or that it wasn’t suitable to the game, but I can see lots of differences.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 15, 2016 at 22:16

      Yep! Her sprites and CGs still have weird angles sometimes but overall it does look like she’s improved a lot! I like the way she does her coloring (the coloring for Astrum is gorgeous, haha).

    Reare Noella said:
    April 2, 2016 at 07:53

    This seems really interesting so I might KIV for a while and see how it goes (really? After Psychedelica you making me wanting to buy this…. I’m really broke for sure lol) and the design really reminds me of Rath from BWS hahaha, it must be one of my badhabits, huh. To recall old games to a new ones.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 4, 2016 at 23:04

      I’m sorry not sorry because that was precisely the reason why I wanted to translate this series. IF I’M GOING DOWN IN SAO HELL YOU’RE ALL COMING WITH ME!! Haha, it’s the same artist actually which is why you’re probably getting so many BWS vibes.

    hnatasia said:
    April 1, 2016 at 07:44

    I saw you rambling about this series in Twitter on the other day, you’re so funny. But so far, I haven’t consider listening to this series (currently listening to Wasurenagusa lol). Seiyuu list-wise… *cough* *cough*

      Ilinox responded:
      April 4, 2016 at 23:03

      Ahaha, then I guess you already know what’s going to happen in a few of these CDs ;D especially the one with the big brother! Oh gosh, thank you for finding me funny though when I tend to rant about strange things on my twitter and have inside jokes everywhere.

      You can never go wrong with Wasurenagusa! I’m still trying to finish that series myself, oops.

    Harem Reverse said:
    March 31, 2016 at 09:54

    Thanks for this. You’re the best. And Nobuhiko-san too XDD. I’m waiting for the others

      Ilinox responded:
      April 4, 2016 at 23:01

      You’re very welcome <3 I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm already working on the others, so hopefully they'll be up soon!

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