Period Cube ~ Astrum ~

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Astrum (アストラム)
CV: Sakurai Takahiro (櫻井 孝宏)

(Say hello to my second favorite character of this entire series and game. I almost wish the main focus of this game wasn’t about the heroine’s search for her brother but this conflict between angels and devils, because Astrum’s CD makes it sound so much more interesting. THE CONFLICT. IT’S SO GOOD. ALSO I GET SO EMOTIONAL OVER HIS LAST LINES.)

Background: Kazuha is the Divine Sword, Amadeus, which is one of the keys needed to clear the final dungeon that will free everyone from this game. However, the catch is that only the race of the party that clears the dungeon is allowed to leave and Astrum is the leader of the angels so… Astrum’s CD is about his loneliness and not being understood; he’s the one who finds Kazuha in this one.

RPG terms to be explained:

  • The Ark (Hakobune): It’s the end-game dungeon that needs to be cleared to release the players. It also needs the 3 key swords.
  • Jaws of Death (Shi no Agito): A black cloud that’s eating away at the edges of the world in Arcadia and instantly kills anyone who touches it, deleting their data.


A: What is it? It’s noisy. What? The Divine Sword has been found?! Just where–… No, it’s fine. Take me there immediately.

A: Good work. This place… why exactly… *opens menu* Yes, certainly, there is no mistake in the ID that was reported. *closes menu* Ah… the status of her race… Amadeus… is this young woman?

A: Are you awake? How are you feeling? This is the Palace of Legends. It is under the protection of us angels. You may be at ease. Nothing terrible will befall you. You don’t know of the Palace of Legends? Then… tell me what you know. Calmly, and slowly. Hm… mm…


A: Ah, then… you don’t know anything about yourself, huh. Not to mention this world or the role you play. I understand everything. There is nothing to fear. Leave everything to me.

A: Prepare a room for this girl immediately. Be hospitable to her as a guest. Understood? Also, send a preliminary announcement to the town: the Gods have delivered, to us, the last piece. With this, we can turn our thoughts towards driving away the demons.

A: I welcome you… the lovely Divine Sword, Amadeus. Right now, a room is being prepared for you posthaste. First, it would be best to rest your body. Here, put your arm around my neck. No need to be reserved. This is for your sake as well. If I show my sincerity to you in front of everyone like this then, in the future, everyone will treat you with politeness.

A: I will explain all the details later. For now, you just need to understand one thing. You are under the protection of me, the angel, Astrum.


(intro corrections by Rin)

A: Light and darkness. Yang and Yin. On one side, angels who reign the heavens. On the other, demons who forsook the heavens and became conquerors in the depths of the ground. Despite sharing the same origins, even now, an endless battle continues to unfold between the twins who will always be incompatible in nature. Both innocently believe in their victory alone.

A: The land that raised the heavens and held the ground keeps silent as it bathes in their blood. *static noise* People called the land “Arcadia”, the last paradise. At the end of the war, which side will obtain the golden land…? Is it the light, or the darkness? And what could possibly lie beyond this conquest…? *TV turn off noise*

*BGM starts*

A: Period Cube: Fourth Quest Astrum.


A: It is time to open your eyes, Amadeus. No, you can stay like that. I’ve been here for approximately thirty minutes. While reading my correspondence, the night passed into day before I knew it and suddenly I wanted to see you. You slept quite a while. You looked adorable while sleeping but it was time to wake. Look at me with those eyes.

A: Why do you look away? Since you arrived here I’ve been together with you during the day, night, and whenever time permits. You still aren’t accustomed to it? I’m not finding fault with you. Your embarrassment softens my heart and it feels nice. In that case, there is another way. It is a bit regrettable but since it is your wish… I will compromise.


A: For today, like this… I will sit behind you. Lean back slowly from there and relax your body. Like this, you won’t have to face me, right? Hm? Even though your wish is granted, why are you trembling? There is no need to be afraid. Have I ever done anything unpleasant to you? No need to be timid. Like that, entrust your body to me comfortably. Hah… you are soft everywhere. Smooth and warm… this will become a habit.

A: I am simply checking your injuries. Even though healing magic can heal injuries like this, the injuries can often still hurt or become infected. Ah… if I recall… your injuries were here? It looks less swollen than it did yesterday but, just in case, let’s put some medicine on it. *opens drawer* Hm, it’ll feel cold at first but… endure it. *pours it on you* That’s a nice sound. It doesn’t hurt, right? Besides, the place where the medicine has been applied should gradually become warmer.


A: This is an elixir; a healing item that acts as one of the best all-purpose medicines. Of course, it cures all sorts of status effects and any pain that remains should also abate. Lately, there have been people using it as an aphrodisiac but… well, at any rate, it won’t affect anything but your body. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I told you, didn’t I? To relax your body comfortably against me. All you need to do is be honest to your feelings. I swear to the gods that I won’t hurt you.

A: … If you’re still worried then shall I also test it? Mm, there’s a numbing sensation. It’s not unpleasant. There, now you know that this isn’t poison. Next, spread your legs. If your knees are pressed together like that then I can’t reach the inner part of your legs. It can’t be helped…

A: It’s because you didn’t listen to me obediently… Remember, once again, that right now you are in my city. Are you going to resist with those slender arms of yours? But it doesn’t look like there’s any strength in your hands. No matter how you push, you’re not going to get out like that. Haha… that strong spirit, rather than going along with the flow, is adorable. It makes me… want to make everything of you mine by all means possible.


A: To bring out the true nature of me, Astrum… only someone like you could do that, Amadeus. Forget about that already. I don’t know who your childhood friend or brother are but those people threw you out and have concealed their whereabouts… What is the point in worrying about them now? Those people haven’t strayed from you… they’ve abandoned you.

A: Why are you saying that I’m wrong? It has been a few days since you’ve appeared in Arcadia… and yet why haven’t those people come to you? It is a fact in the city that you are here in this Palace of Legends. If they are in Arcadia then they would know about this immediately.

A: Choose me, Amadeus. The one to protect you from everything… and to be able to bring out the great power that lies within you… only I can do that. *door knock* … What is it? Hm, it can’t be helped. Excuse me for a moment. I’ll come again. Please wait for a short period.


A: Heh. No, I was just thinking that it was quite a nice view. It’s a bit of a shame but you should fix your clothes. You’ll catch a cold like that. *clothes rustling* Here, the blanket also… to keep you warm, my beloved Amadeus. *kisses*

*exits the room*

A: What is it? Is there a problem?… This topic again, huh. Clear the Ark and free everyone from Arcadia. I am flattered that this is my duty as the master of the Holy Sword Lumen. In addition, the Divine Sword Amadeus is held on our side. Among the three items needed for the final dungeon, we have two in our city. The gods are favoring the victory of the angels. On the other hand, the demons, lacking a leader, are constantly challenging the Ark and I have heard that there are signs of people gone missing. What foolish people.


A: To think that even the master of the Demon Sword Grakius, Radius, is among them… but, right now, Amadeus’ health isn’t perfect. Moreover, the person herself has no awareness of being the Divine Sword, much less the way to manifest that power or call upon it.

A: Aa, that girl knows nothing of the Divine Sword and Arcadia. Right now she just barely seems to understand that she’s in a game. It sounds like she was invited by her male childhood friend and logged in for the first time. It’s that situation. I understand everyone’s impatience but… what? The Jaws of Death has expanded? How much of the land will it consume before it’s satisfied?! And…? What’s the amount of the things swallowed by the darkness?

A: … Hm. If it’s moving at that rate and speed… it doesn’t look like it’ll come to this palace or its surroundings. But… if the forest continues to shrink then, one day, our food and weapons will run out. Hm… I understand. Soon, accompanied by Amadeus, we will head to the battlefield. However! We will not be on one of the Ark’s floors but instead we will first clear a nearby special quest and see how she does.

A: Before the Divine Sword’s power has manifested I will not permit large movements or great risks. Not to mention if, in the worst case, we lose her… we will lose all hope at once. To be absolutely sure, we first need to ascertain Amadeus’ powers… *voice lowers* Do you object to my decision? If you have something to say… there’s no need to be reserved. Speak it, right here and now. Go and announce for preparations to be made immediately.


A: There’s a large amount. Destroy them. *monsters are killed* Good. Now, Amadeus, try taking care of that last bird. This holy item, that was made for you, will turn into a bow when fixed on an enemy. *bow transforms* Yes, like that. Now, shoot like how I taught you. *you get hit* AMADEUS! This bird…!! *he kills it* Hah… you aren’t injured are you, Amadeus? Ah, there are claw marks… Does it hurt?

A: Tch, this girl needs some healing magic! Quickly! It looks like those small fries were the last monsters in this area… we still have more than enough time to clear this before the time limit. While we wait for Amadeus’ MP to recover we’ll move back to the first area. Just to be sure, check for enemies in the area.


A: Is the healing finished? Come sit over here. There’s no need for you to apologize. Rushing things and dragging you forcibly into a battle was our mistake. We were insufficient in our testing of the enemies’ levels. Don’t say idiotic things. It is true that the Divine Sword holds the divine power to change the fate of the angels and can become a great power but… it’s not something that can be exchanged with your life.

A: Hm? *angry* Just who exactly said that… *to the others* Of course, this girl is unmistakable. In the system message the Divine Sword’s ID was stated and it is a fact that it is the same as this girl’s ID. For that Amadeus to be using the angels for gain and to be an unfaithful, manipulating, and foolish woman… and to possibly be controlling me… is impossible. But, whatever the facts are, by making this girl insecure and go through cruelty is a mistake from all of us. Each and every one of us needs to realize our shame!

A: And then, once again, each and every one of you needs to carve this into your heart. Amadeus is a guest of honor to all of us. The messenger of the gods! The light of a miracle!! To that light… to the gods… I, Astrum, will absolutely not permit any disgrace! Understood?! *everyone salutes*


A: I apologize, Amadeus. You don’t have to be so grateful. To me, the superior of the angels, it is only natural that everyone lowers their head. If it can soften the pain in your heart even a little then I, Astrum, will say it however many times.

A: Ah, why? How… are you able to smile so kindly like that? Even though you were hurt by an unjustified and undeserved reality… Do you not hate those who disgraced you? *monster roar* !! How can this be… the area those monsters appear in should have been deeper in… Is this World V altering the common knowledge? It doesn’t matter if it’s the Jaws of Death or monsters… it’s treating everything in this world with contempt!


A: The battle formation will be the same as it was last time. Leave only the boss and kill everything else. *everyone draws their blade* Stand, Amadeus. Be at ease. I won’t let you get a single injury. *opens menu* O, Gods, I offer this body of mine to your inspection. SACRED SPHERE! This chain, like its name, connects the two of us and is a chain of life. It makes it so that I receive all the damage done to you.

A: The amount of damage received from this level of an enemy is nothing to be concerned about. Now, nock an arrow. As a person blessed by the gods and I, the man who stands at the top of the angels in Arcadia, there is nothing to fear. Our victory is certain. Let’s go.


A: Amadeus! Watch out from above! *chain pulses* Kuh…! Don’t look over here! I’ve said it, haven’t I? That the damage I receive… this degree is nothing! Concentrate on the enemy in front of you! Do not hesitate and take revenge! *you shoot* Good, step back. I’ll do the rest. *he kills the boss*

A: World V: Special Quest, mission complete. Splendid, Amadeus. Ah, there’s no problem. The quest will accept that you’ve participated even if you just take a little damage. If I lift this link between us then, sooner or later, our statuses will– Hm? Ah, what… you were worried about my injury? Do you think this level of injury would make me give up? It just looks like that.

A: We should log out soon. That’s right, as a service for clearing the quest you’re able to return to reality for a short while. There’s no need to worry. The next time we log in, I will definitely come to you. Let us part for a short period, Amadeus.


A: Mm… this ceiling… *sighs* Ow… my shoulders hurt. What time is it now… since the last time I logged in… it seems like three days. So it’s like that… *opens fridge and gets a drink* Phew… *opens blinds* Of all things… if only I didn’t return in the morning. *sighs* I need to go to university… I’ll be late though it’s not like anyone would have noticed that I’ve been absent… that’s why it’s stupid to make an appeal to those complaining about my lack of participation. Hm…

A: It’s not like I’m dumb and have to repeat the same class… and me taking a break has been allowed… so there shouldn’t be a problem if I skip but… I do have time so I won’t be troubled. The quest this time was at an easy level, so I’ll be returning to Arcadia soon. There shouldn’t be a problem so long as I return by evening– woah! *falls* O-Ouch… what is that… my room is small… and I have to do everything myself… my body is harder to move than I thought… this is why I hate the real world.


A: (Classroom lectures are boring. I’ve mostly learned everything I need to know. Having to come out of my way to attend these lessons… what kind of meaning is there in that? I want to graduate as soon as possible and go into medical school already. Why do I have to be in this university for the following year? Like I thought I should have studied abroad… so then I could skip grades. At the very least, the universities in Japan aren’t at my level. It’s not too late right now… I’ll talk to my father again–)

A: Eh?! Yes! Um, I wasn’t feeling well the week before and so I was absent. I’m sorry, but… um… I’ve recovered. Really. *walks forward to solve the problem* Thank you. *returns to his seat*

A: (It’s obvious that professor pointed me out because he thought I couldn’t solve the problem. It’s obvious that I could answer the use of such a basic medicine. Moreover, once again… that group of people… they’re glancing over here and smirking with such vulgar faces. I know that you guys are secretly calling me “Toumei-kun”, a nickname with no sense.)

T/N: Toumei means “transparent” or “clean”.

A: (Being blind to one’s own intelligence and being jealous of someone as superior as I am… if they have that much time, they should spend it studying to death. So worthless. All the people in the real world are shit. No one recognizes my value. Worthless… worthless… this person and that person… worthless. *bell rings* I thought I’d suffocate… It’s no good I feel disgusted. I need to go somewhere without any people and take a breather.)

A: (I’ll do that. Before long it’ll become time to return to Arcadia too… Hm? What are those people doing? They’re still looking over here… laughing…)

*cleans up his stuff and leaves*


A: (At most I could have been studying abroad… but no doubt father will object. Even though he told me to go when I was taking the examination, he didn’t allow for anything else.)

A: Eh? W-What? Who are… you guys? Ah, the people in my required subject… I see. I’m sorry but I have no interest in other people’s faces. So, why are you here? EH?! G-Goukon!? Me?! I-Impossible! It’s absolutely impossible. It’s impossible so…

T/N: A goukon is a group blind dating event where guys can meet girls and vice versa.

A: (These guys… think it’s fun to bully me. I’m intelligent… well, of course. Don’t compare me to yourselves. Praising me with that forced look… who would accept something like that? After all, these guys just think of me as some shitty introvert.)

A: I’m sorry but it really is impossible. Also, I have something else to do so… *turns away and walks*

A: (Eh? That’s… could it be…!? The back of that woman walking in front of me… her height… her hair… Could it be!?)

*runs after her*


A: You! Amadeus!… As I thought! Why are you he–

A: (Shit… I just… Moreover, the others… heard!?)

A: U-Um… how do I say this… meeting here like this… y-your voice is a bit loud! Don’t call me by that name! Ah, no, sorry! Um… let’s go somewhere else! Here! *takes your hand and runs*

*in a cafe*

A: A-Ah, yes, the coffee is mine. Thank you.

A: (To think that I’d meet her in the real world… I got flustered and brought her here but… this is bad. Just what should we talk about? Moreover, if the people around us look here then this… looks like we’re having a date… right? No, I feel like I’m going to be sick from nerves. *gulps down coffee*)

A: S-So… um… ah… what were you doing before…? W-Wait! Don’t talk about things on the other side in a loud voice. W-What do you mean why? It’s because we can’t! Please don’t be mistaken but i-it’s not like I’m embarrassed or anything… It’s not that. If people, other than players, hear about things over there then… there are rumors that they’ll die. Really. So, you have to be carefu–

A: Eh? N-No… um… i-it’s not something you need to thank me for… it’s because you said you didn’t know anything about things over there; things about the game, things about World V… More importantly! Why were you at the university? You’re not a student there, right?


A: Eh? Your brother is… a student at my school!?

A: (Now that it’s mentioned, I recall her saying that her brother’s whereabouts were unknown. So, in order to search for a clue, she logged into World V… or something.)

A: By the way, I just want to ask one thing… What’s your brother’s name? What department is he in? What year?… EH?! N-No, it’s nothing. Um, un… un… o-of course I know. We’re not close… but we’re classmates and he’s… at the head of the class.

A: (I can’t believe it… she’s that person’s little sister… that man who’s always surrounded and waited upon and smiling thoughtlessly. It’s because of him that I’ve never been at the head of the class… It’s been like that since we entered the school. But… I wouldn’t have thought that person played Arcadia… moreover, his whereabouts are unknown. Is he in World V right now? Or is there another reason he’s gone missing…? By chance could he… have died?)

A: (Whatever the case is, he’s an idiot. If it were me I’d conduct myself better… in the first place, he’s made such a c-c-cute… little sister worry. It’s no good. If it were me then I wouldn’t put a sad look on her face… never.)


A: Eh? A-Ah, sorry! I was just thinking a little. Did you say something? HAH?! I-I’m reassuring…? T-That’s… i-it’s not like I’m really familiar with your brother… and I have no idea where he went. I haven’t helped at all. It’s just… we’re at the same university and players of the same game…

A: (That’s right. It’s one thing in the game but there’s… no reason for this girl to be so happy.)

A: Why don’t you stop already? I’m saying… don’t treat me like an idiot. I know it. Really, you’re making fun of me in your mind. Even if you hide it, I still know. In the first place, you’re overly familiar. We just played the game together a little bit. A while ago, in front of the people at my university, you called me by t-that name! Isn’t it embarrassing?!

A: The next time I meet them I’ll definitely be made fun of. You’re the same as them. You’re obviously all sneering at me. *shoves chair* Anyway, I would like for you not to be over-familiar with me ever again, because it’s a bother. That’s all I wanted to say. Goodbye. *runs off*

A: (Those eyes were definitely eyes that were making fun of me. Definitely! It’s obvious. That’s why I didn’t do anything wrong! I’m definitely not wrong!…)

A: That girl… how long does she plan to stay at that shop?… It’s almost time to be pulled back into Arcadia… I should have told her…


A: I returned here just as I calculated. Hm? Where is Amadeus? *opens menu* Her home point should have been set at the Palace of Legends… Wha-!? Right now she’s in the Ark!? What is the meaning of this!? It can’t be…!!

A: IS ANYONE PRESENT?! Who was it that took Amadeus? Is there anyone who knows?!… Why did the Holy Knights… I had told them that it was still too early to take her to the Ark! You all… knew that too so why didn’t you stop them!? What reckless words!

A: (I was the one who stopped the boss in the special quest, so that’s why I was the last one to return to Arcadia. Those people knew that and timed this on purpose… It’s my mistake. I should have set her ID to private so that no one could search for it. There wasn’t any danger so long as she was beside me… and it appealed to me and was convenient for the Divine Sword to be by my side… I didn’t think about her at all.)


A: Listen well, everyone. That girl isn’t a “thing”. Amadeus isn’t an item… think very carefully on using a player like that. To ignore her will and take her to the Ark… Do you all think a miracle will occur conveniently like that?! In actuality, during the special quest, the girl didn’t demonstrate the Divine Sword’s power. We are being tested by the gods. If the girl were to be lost… us angels… would lose the protection and victory of the gods. Carve that into your hearts!

A: (Shit! Those idiots without a brain… defying me…! Each and every one of these people are idiots! Why are they all getting in my way? Not just in reality… but even in World V… why did this happen!?)

A: (After all… everyone has an idiotic human inside of them and, in the end, I am no one but Asou Tooru. That’s why there’s no one who would truly follow me… is that how it is? Shit! Why… why?! In this world one can’t survive without power… being strong is everything! Because lives are on the line! And yet…! Levels and battling skills… there’s no one who can win against me yet… why?!)


A: It’s nothing. Gather the Holy Knights left in the city and obey me– Gugh!!… *opens menu* What is… this pain? This is… the continued effect of the Sacred Sphere that I put on Amadeus during the quest. Naturally, when a battle is ended this effect should have ended. *pulses* Urgh…!! This level of pain… is nothing. We will head to the Ark from here. Immediately!

A: We’ll go immediately and take back Amadeus. For me to take damage means… that right now Amadeus’ life is about to be in danger. Knowing that…  can we abandon her?! SHUT UP! I… WANT TO SAVE HER WITH MY OWN HANDS! DON’T GET IN MY WAY!

A: You all… have you even thought about that girl’s feelings? Being taken to a place that she doesn’t know… not having anyone to rely on… being treated as a heretic… being used as a thing… Do any of you understand the loneliness of being alone!? I do! The irritation of being alone… I understand it to a painful degree… That’s why I’m going to save her. Right now, I have that power!

A: What’s the point of my level!? SKILL!? IF I DON’T USE MY STRENGTH HERE… WHEN SHOULD I?! *runs to the doors and slams them open* My name is Astrum! I also have another name, as a person and angel… World V’s strongest player! I will fight together with the Divine Sword, Amadeus, and overcome this trial by the gods. Liberating all the angels from this twisted Arcadia… is my mission! I’ll save everyone! Without losing a single person… EVERYONE! I’ll even accomplish this alone. Absolutely.


A: Kugh… there’s no time to access the Ark with a frontal attack… Shit! If I could do something about this storm… grr… Oh, I know! If I use this rare item well…! *uses item* Good! Just as I thought the path has opened! Wait for me I’m coming, Amadeus!!

*lands in the Ark and gets hit by pain*

A: Ugh…! This is bad… if I don’t hurry I won’t have any HP. If I die here then Amadeus will… *chains clank* This is… I see! I’ve entered the range where I can see the effects of the Sacred Sphere… which means they haven’t gone too deep. Moreover, if I follow this chain then… I’ll definitely reach her!…

*stumbles forward and distant fighting can be heard*


A: You guys!! Why are you all having such trouble with those kinds of enemies!? *opens menu* Those impure beings who dwell in the dark… under the name of justice, prostrate yourselves under the light of the gods! SANCTUS!! *enemies are defeated* Circumventing me and, in addition, taking Amadeus into this predicament… know some shame! I don’t want your excuses. Return my Amadeus to me.

A: This late and you will still point your blades to me? What imprudence… But the more shameful thing is being in a rush because of World V’s state, kidnapping Amadeus, and using her as a tool! You’re all a disgrace to the angels! I will say this once more… remove your filthy hands and release Amadeus. A bastard like you of humble birth… even for a moment… has no right to use her! Also, the rest of you, apologize here. Put your foreheads to the floor and beg for forgiveness. *everyone attacks him*


A: Fools… with this level… do you think you can DEFEAT ME!? Unsightly… Do not do anything more pointless than this and brandish your swords at me! What meaning is there in players like us getting into a conflict?! Do you want to die meaninglessly?!

*monster bursts through wall*

A: What?! Undead!? On this floor!? This is bad! *chain pulses* ARGH… *spits blood* this is… Amadeus’ damage… is she safe? You’re not injured are you, Amadeus!? This undead… how dare it send an attack at Amadeus…! What are you all doing?! Don’t falter! Fix your formation! What idiotic thing are you saying… who would release the sacred sphere?!


A: Even you…! Are you telling me to release this chain, Amadeus?! Don’t joke around! I’m your owner! That body… that pain… everything is mine! *opens menu* Shine, Holy Sword Lumen! Expose those who live in the darkness… to the bright light of holiness! HAAH!!

A: Haa… haa… It’s no good… I can’t defeat them all… due to my low HP the effect of that skill has only that influence… this is bad… Those guys can’t win at their level. At this rate…! NO! Amadeus, don’t come here!


A: Even though it’s dangerous for you… why!? Are you an idiot!? No. I won’t let it go. I will protect you! Absolutely!… Ha, this light… where is it coming from? Huh! What?! What is with innumerable amount of swords?

*unlimited blade works*

A: Those infinite number of swords… destroyed all the undead…! This is… your… the Divine Sword Amadeus’… power…

*** TRACK 7: PARTING ***

A: Ugh…!! This is… the Palace of Legends! Amadeus!! Agh… I’m fine. I’m fine! More importantly, you… aren’t injured are you? I see… that’s good then. Haa… um, could you not look over here? I displayed a lot of disgraceful behavior towards you… it’s not that I’m going to justify it but even I can accept that I’ve done things. I don’t need comfort. It’ll make me feel even more pathetic. You can say it clearly… that you’re disillusioned.


A: What do you mean what? It’s that… my online and offline character are so different or… uh… You’re mistaken. Completely. I’m doing this on purpose and role-playing. When I play games I have that kind of play style… so I can’t change it now. It was c-cool!? Are you making fun of me?! No, you are. You definitely are. Obviously. You don’t have to go out of your way to compliment me like that. It’s because you didn’t know anything about Arcadia. It’s natural to look after a beginner in an online game. There’s no one who would say you’re being nosy and gross like the real world.

A: Ah, that’s right! We need to change your settings. Open your menu. On your right side there should be a cog-wheel mark. There should be a tab for sharing… in that there’s an ID search and check the private button. Everyone in World V knows your player ID. An ID is… on your main screen. Yes, that. It’s a unique number distributed to players. My subordinates, who found you in the garden and told me, saw your ID and realized you were the Divine Sword. What happened this time was also because your ID gave away your specific position.

A: In short, I was thoughtless. I didn’t think about the dangers to you. I’m really… sorry. Also, in the real world… um… being angry at you when you did nothing… I’m sorry for that. Being called Astrum by you was… embarrassing. But getting angry at you when I called you Amadeus isn’t fair.


A: Ah, as I thought, I’m not cool at all… It’s fine. I know. When I’m offline everyone is looking at me and laughing. Even though my grades are good and I cooperate with people… people laugh at my differences from others. No one approves at how I surpass them. But it’s different in the game… I’m the strongest one here. At the very least, there’s no one among the angels who can win against me.

A: Moreover, I don’t have to deal with the judgments of the real world like one’s atmosphere or something. The levels that I’ve gained untiringly, battle techniques, and skills… this real ability is something that people can see and praise. You’re listening to this like it’s someone else’s problem but your power as the Divine Sword is the same, you know. I don’t know what design the system has for giving you this but in this world you are a special and singular being. It’s natural to be valued.

A: That’s why you should be more angry at me and the other players. You’ve had to face injustice and, in addition, nearly lost your life!… No… you don’t have to compliment me. I said it at the beginning, but you’re under my protection and protecting you is my natural duty. Of course I would go to save you. There’s no need to thank me. Really.


A: Whenever I’m with you… I lose my composure. You’re always smiling… and each time you listen to me I’m starting to feel like I’m a small person. Even though I wanted to show my value to those people in the real world… I lose my confidence whenever I’m openly praised. It’s such a contradiction. Y-You’re mistaken! It’s not that I don’t like it! It’s feels really… fresh. I don’t think it’s… bad. So… um… from now on with Astrum… no, won’t you stay beside me?

A: For some reason your smile isn’t unpleasant. I can’t calm down because I feel all soft but… how do you say it… it’s… nice. Probably. S-So… I want to face these feelings properly. So… beside me in this Palace of Legends… That… You don’t need to thank me. I said it before didn’t I? You aren’t an item. You’re a player and a human. It’s natural not to treat you as a thing…


A: Eh?! N-No, but…! If you’re searching for your brother in World V then Astrum would surely be of help to you. There’s no need to leave this place, right?… Hiroya? A-Ah, your childhood friend… so that’s his name… Of course, if you wish, I can search for him… !! Could that person possibly be… a player on the demon side?

*leaves room and goes onto balcony*

A: Hm… ah, mm… It’s a nice view, isn’t it. Come to think of it, nothing has been explained to you, huh. Um, can you see that mountain right in the center? That’s the angels’ territory. The river on this side flows around the land and into a giant lake. The thing floating in the sky is… you should know, right? Yes, the dungeon you were taken to… the Ark. Right now, we’re trapped in Arcadia… the world of this game. If we clear special quests we can return to the real world but it’s only for a short while. We’re soon pulled back here.

A: But if we clear the Ark… then everything will be set free. The Holy Sword Lumen that I hold and you, the Divine Sword Amadeus, are advantageous and key items in clearing the Ark. However, the ones to return to the real world are only the players who belong to the race that clears the Ark. In other words, if an angel like me clears the Ark then angel players will be able to return to the real world, but all the demon players will be left behind. They’ll die.


A: If we don’t let the demon players die then we won’t be saved. To save your childhood friend means letting all the angel players die. No… there’s nothing that can be done. There’s no way to save… everyone.

*returns to room, crosses it, and opens the door*

A: Is anyone present? *people come* I need supplies for a journey; weapons that a woman can use, equipment, gather all the best things with no inadequacies. The destination is the demon camp, the Capital of Twilight. This is an order. If there are any objections I will listen to them later! Quickly! *they leave*

A: The Capital of Twilight is past the forest in the territory of the angels and deep within. I’ll also prepare a map so you won’t get lost. While you level use the Move Gates in your path and, at latest, it’ll take three days for you to reach it. Don’t worry. I’ll escort you halfway. But I… no… I, Astrum, as one who bears the name of an angel and one who stands above all the angels with the Holy Sword, have a duty to protect them and capture the Ark.

A: The countrymen in this world accepted me. I need to repay those feelings and must complete that which was assigned to me. So… the fact that I can’t be with you to the end… please, forgive me.


A: Right now… I finally understand… I… like you. Just now I’ve told you the truth… of how we can’t be together, the irrationality of this world, and my sadness at that. While being concerned about your precious childhood friend and brother, you’ve been shaken by feelings for me. Thank you. Just those feelings… are more than enough for me.

A: Though I’m still learning about you, even still the thing I find most precious is… in this world, the one and only… you. Just you. There’s not much I can do but, at the least, I want to offer you help and grant your wish.


A: Well then… if you will permit it… at the very end I have one… just one… request for you. If you have one drop of compassion then… won’t you tell me… Beloved Amadeus… your… real name?

6 thoughts on “Period Cube ~ Astrum ~

    Clementine said:
    May 17, 2017 at 10:39

    Omg thank you SO SO SO MUCH for doing this!<3 I just discovered your site and I just want you to know I really appreciate your translations and you're just… amazing!!!

      Ilinox responded:
      May 18, 2017 at 19:41

      Aw, you’re very welcome ♥~(‘▽‘人)!! I just have to ask out of curiosity too, but did you come here after the localization of Period Cube?

        Clementine said:
        June 1, 2017 at 09:56

        Yeah, after the localization. I don’t really keep track of the ones that aren’t localized yet cus it makes me sad to know that there are all great stories out there that I can’t read Q__Q I know I should learn Japanese but it takes a lot of time and sadly I don’t have the time to learn the language at the moment ><

        But now I can't help but also pay attention to the ones that aren't localized yet cus of your site :'D I'm just gonna pray that they will localize more of these games in the future ahhhhh

        Ilinox responded:
        June 1, 2017 at 10:41

        I totally get what you mean T_T I tend to read a lot of online novels but I can’t read Chinese so whenever I come across a good cnovel I can only sit there and cry and hope for translations, haha. (I’ve got my hands full with Japanese I don’t think I can pick up another intensive one like Chinese).

        Aw, I hope you enjoy the ones I’ve blogged about! I tend to uhh pretty much summarize everything so you could even try giving the latest ones a go by playing and reading along |D;;

        Also, not sure if you’re aware but the other 3 drama CDs for Period Cube have been translated too over at Rin’s site Love-colored Sky :>.

    Lilypadkero said:
    April 24, 2016 at 18:30

    Thanks you soooooo much!!!! I’ve been looking for translations of Period Cube drama cds for a long time!!!!
    P.D. sorry for my bad english

      Ilinox responded:
      April 25, 2016 at 20:29

      You’re welcome <3! I noticed there seemed to be few translations for Period Cube too, which is what made me pick it up (much to my backlog's despair, haha). Hopefully I can get the next volume out soon!

      Don't worry, your English is good and understandable!

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