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Poyopoyo (ポヨポヨ)
CV: Toriumi Kousuke (鳥海 浩輔)

(MY FAVORITE ONE IN THE SERIES. It’s not a spoiler because they’ve revealed it in the scans and character page, which is that Poyopoyo’s true form is Kazuha’s brother. Also, this is the first time I’m doing this but TRIGGER WARNING: there is a torture scene in this CD and lots of bloody sound effects. His brotherly affection is on par with Wabisuke from Gekka Ryouran Romance.)

Background: Kazuha wakes up in a dungeon and has this mysterious informant monster thing that floats around and helps her figure out how to play the game. It’s soon revealed that he’s her brother in disguise and he seems to have some knowledge of the things that are going around in World V.

No RPG terms this time!


(intro corrections by Rin)

P: Light and darkness. Yang and Yin. On one side, angels who reign the heavens. On the other, demons who forsook the heavens and became conquerors in the depths of the ground. Despite sharing the same origins, even now, an endless battle continues to unfold between the twins who will always be incompatible in nature. Both innocently believe in their victory alone.

P: The land that raised the heavens and held the ground keeps silent as it bathes in their blood. *static noise* People called the land “Arcadia”, the last paradise. At the end of the war, which side will obtain the golden land…? Is it the light, or the darkness? And what could possibly lie beyond this conquest…? *TV turn off noise*

P: … A true and eternal paradise.

*BGM starts*

P: Period Cube: Sixth Quest Poyopoyo.


P: You!! You over there!! Not there, poyo! Poyopoyo is above you, poyo! Shh!! Be quiet, poyo! Poyopoyo will help you run away from here, poyo! So you need to cooperate with me, poyo! Right… left… NOW, POYO!

P: You went through something terrible, huh, poyo. You don’t need to worry anymore, poyo. You can trust me, poyo! Poyopoyo is a very kind monster, poyo. *removes rope* You can stand now, poyo. I’m glad, poyo. Yes, poyo, Poyopoyo’s name is Poyopoyo, poyo! It’s nice to meet you, poyo! The guys who caught you and locked you up are sleeping right now, poyo. You can run away right now, poyo.

*floats up*

P: This lock is a piece of cake, poyo! Poyoyo! *lock opens* Now, hurry, the door is open, poyo. Poyopoyo will lead the way, poyo. Let’s go far away so you won’t be found, poyo. Run, poyo!

[1:30] *thunder*

P: What’s wrong, poyo? I know, poyo, you’re scared of thunder, huh? There, there. Don’t worry, poyo, this area is a place where it’s always thundering, poyo. This is Arcadia, poyo. Yes, poyo, it’s the online game Arcadia, poyo. Why, you say… that’s what Poyopoyo would like to ask in detail, poyo. Why did you come here to Arcadia, poyo?


P: This is bad, poyo. Those guys have chased us here, poyo! We’ll talk more later but first we need to lose them, poyo! Ugh… it’s a bit hard to lose them, poyo. Calm down, poyo. Poyopoyo will come up with a good plan, poyo! Mumumumu…!! I know, poyo!! That castle over there… let’s run into it, poyo!

[2:35] *runs into castle*

P: Hurry! Run faster, poyo! Monsters are chasing you, poyo! *monster groans* It’s not good to stand still, poyo! They have you locked on target and are coming to you all at once, poyo! At your level you won’t be able to win against that armored monster– *gets grabbed* mmMMGHCK! This hurts, poyo! It’s hard to breathe, poyo! Haa… haa… that surprised me, poyo… Calm down, poyo. I know you’re scared, poyo, but you can’t be too surprised after coming this far, poyo.

P: This castle is a dungeon, poyo. It’s natural for monsters to appear, poyo. Anyway, right now, you need to run as fast as you can, poyo! Don’t say such impossible things, poyo. There’s no way Poyopoyo, who is weak, can defeat these monsters, poyo. As long as you do what Poyopoyo says then it’ll be alright, poyo! Even though I look like this, Poyopoyo is Arcadia’s number one informant, poyo! I know this castle better than anyone, poyo. Believe in Poyopoyo, poyo!


P: It couldn’t have been helped, poyo. If we didn’t run into this dungeon then you would have been taken by the players and facing a worser situation, poyo. You’re the Divine Sword, poyo. In order to clear a high level dungeon, there are a lot of people who want to use the power you hold, poyo! Ah, you need to turn right here, poyo. I’ll tell you everything in detail later, poyo. First you need to head to the room in front of us with the iron bars, poyo. And then pick up the key that’s fallen on the floor there, poyo!

*opens door*

P: It’s that key, poyo! Holding that head immediately to the next room– AHH! Whew, that was a close call, poyo. The floor over there is a different color from the rest, poyo. When you step on it spikes come out of the wall to skewer you, poyo. Don’t be so angry at me, poyo. It was just a little mischievous miss, poyo! Poyopoyo doesn’t have even a drop of ill will, poyo!

*clanking armor sounds*

P: This is bad, poyo, enemies are approaching, poyo. Run away, poyo! To that large door, poyo! Use the key from earlier to open the second door, poyo!! *opens door and closes door* It’s still too early to relax, poyo! *skeleton sounds* These guys are a much lower level than the armored ones from before, poyo! You should be able to defeat them somehow, poyo! That’s why I said so earlier, poyo… Poyopoyo is weak so it’s impossible to fight, poyo. I’d like you not to count on me, poyo.


P: An attack is coming, poyo! Dodge, poyo! Use the beginner’s knife and aim for the neck, poyo! Calm down and you can do it, poyo! *you attack* You did it, poyo! You’re quite good with this being your first time, poyo! Just like that one more hit and you’ll end it, poyo!! *you attack* Now then… *he starts doing chalk on ground* hmhm… like this… Un, I’m done, poyo! Come over here quickly with those monsters, poyo!

P: Now come over here just like that, poyo… EAT THIS, POYO! *magic is cast* With this they won’t be able to move, poyo! Now set your heart and defeat them quickly, poyo! Heh heh heh… look at Poyopoyo’s technique. Undead monsters can’t move when they see holy light, poyo! *you finish them off*


P: Phew… well, now… we somehow managed to defeat them, poyo. Oh, an item dropped, poyo! You have quite the luck, poyo! This appears only rarely on this floor, poyo! First let’s put it in your pouch, poyo. Once we reach a safe place we can confirm the contents, poyo. *you stash it* It might be a rare item, poyo! I’m looking forward to it, poyo! This is also thanks to Poyopoyo’s great efforts, poyo!

P: That’s impossible, poyo. It takes time to draw a magic square, poyo. If you didn’t fight first then I wouldn’t have been able to prepare, poyo. Besides the more you fight the more you’ll level up too, poyo! *opens menu* Look, poyo, the number written in green has gone up in its parameter with this recent battle, poyo! This time the enemies were higher level than you so it’s risen a lot, poyo!!

P: Of course, poyo! Poyopoyo supported you so that you could level without straining yourself, poyo! All according to plan, poyo!! You fight and Poyopoyo will support! It’s a good thing for both of us and is basically a win-win relationship, poyo! *you yank his cheeks* GAH! KRRR! My bad, poyo. I won’t do anything scary after this, poyo! *you release him* Haa… haa… really, poyo! Believe in Poyopoyo, poyo! On the other side of this hall is a big door that’ll open to a safe place, poyo!

P: If you open that door, poyo– AH! *you both fall down*… It wasn’t this way, poyo.


P: Are you okay, poyo? Don’t strain yourself, poyo, your HP has decreased a lot and your status bar is completely red, poyo. Guu… this castle has a lot of similar hallways, poyo, mistakes are easy to be made, poyo! It’s not all that bad, poyo! Thanks to your fall into the pit you’ve managed to shake off the monsters in one go, poyo! One needs to have positive thinking in this situation, poyo! Relax, poyo, if you’re hurt then Poyopoyo will heal you immediately, poyo! POYOYO! *casts heal*

P: Ahem, just like that~! Poyopoyo is amazing, poyo! Praise me more, poyo! *you squeeze his cheeks* MGUU! KHHH! This hurts, poyo! I-I know you’re happy but… I’d like you to be gentler, poyo! *you release him* HUFF HUFF… You’re very emotional, huh… you’re so honest it makes Poyopoyo worried, poyo. Hmm… from the start a girl like you being the Divine Sword is like a bolt out of the blue, poyo.

P: When I followed your ID and found you I was so surprised that I was taken aback, poyo! Haa… in the first place you’re not even a gamer, so why’d you come here, poyo. Anyone would know that just from seeing you fight, poyo! Online games have rules, poyo, but you don’t know any of those details, poyo! Now, listen, you have to tell Poyopoyo everything about your circumstances in detail, poyo!


P: Hm hm, I see I see… Huh… In short, you created a new character on your brother’s account and logged into Arcadia, poyo? Geez… you and your childhood friend, Hiroya, did such a reckless thing, poyo! Be careful, poyo, there are tons of people in this world who will trick you and use you, poyo! Yes, because you’re the Divine Sword, poyo! Hm… that’s right, poyo, where should I start to explain it, poyo…

P: First, this is the world of the online game, Arcadia, poyo. And to end it requires three swords, of which there are only three in existence in Arcadia due to being rare items, which are key items to clear the last dungeon, the Ark, poyo. You are one of them… the Divine Sword, Amadeus, poyo! Mm, that is… just like you’ve said, normally it’s impossible for a player character to be assigned an item status, poyo.

P: Proof of that is that the other two swords are proper swords with wielders, poyo. The demon player, Radius, has the Demon Sword, Grakius. The angel player, Astrum, has the Holy Sword, Lumen. In other words, you are an extremely special sword which has just appeared, poyo. That’s why everyone wants you, poyo. In order to return to reality all the players are frantic to clear the Ark, poyo!


P: There’s no way for everyone to be friends, poyo. If demon players clear the Ark then only demons will return to reality; if angel players clear the Ark then only angels will return to reality, poyo. The race that is left behind won’t be able to leave the game and will die, poyo! In addition, read this, poyo. SYSTEM MESSAGE!

*opens menu*

P: Read here, poyo! During a battle in Arcadia, if a character’s HP becomes zero then the character data will be lost and the player themselves will die. To put it simply, if you die in the game then you’ll die in real life too, poyo! You’re asking me why but that’s just the way it is, poyo. That’s why demons and angels desperately want items to their advantage, poyo! That’s what Poyopoyo meant when I said to be careful, poyo! From here on you’ll be targeted by players throughout Arcadia, poyo!


P: Ah… don’t be so sad, poyo! I’m sorry, poyo! I said too much, poyo! It’ll be okay, poyo. Don’t be scared, poyo. Poyopoyo will guide you to a safe place, poyo! You can trust me, poyo! Poyopoyo supports neither demons or angels, poyo! I’m not someone who’ll trick you and hand you over to players, poyo!! So you can relax and leave it to Poyopoyo, poyo. Of course, Poyopoyo will swear on anything, poyo!

P: Moreover, even though I look like this, Poyopoyo is a famous informant in Arcadia, poyo. I’m not just all talk, poyo! Hehe, you’re finally smiling, poyo. You’re happier now, poyo, right? Good girl, good girl, poyo. Having a smile is the best, poyo! If you follow Poyopoyo’s advice through this castle then you’ll be able to get out, poyo! And then we’ll find your childhood friend, Hiroya, poyo! Now that we’ve decided on that we should make preparations, poyo!

[5:40] *opens menu*

P: You should be looking at what Poyopoyo is doing and remembering it, poyo! First, at the very least, the ID search… we’re making it private, poyo! Like this, strangers who would come after you will decrease, poyo! Yes, exactly, poyo! If you meet Hiroya then you must set Hiroya’s ID in your own list, poyo! Then, no matter where he is in Arcadia, you’ll know his location, poyo!

P: You’re quite obedient, poyo. You learn fast so your teachers must have an easy time teaching, poyo! Next is… here, poyo! *pushes buttons* How to change your equipment, poyo! As your level goes up check this screen and you might be able to use new weapons or armor, poyo! When you’re at low levels, especially, the higher grade your weapons are the more battles will be easier, poyo! Ah! I forgot, poyo!! We should check the item we picked up in that last fight, poyo!

[6:45] *rummages through pouch*

P: Ahh, this is… *opens menu* CLASSICAL MAID SET! It’s supeeeer cute, poyo!! It’s not just cute but this white limited rare equipment is effective against undead, poyo!! OH, that’s right, poyo! I just remembered the enemies ahead here drop the maid set’s weapon, the feather duster, poyo!! Alriiiight! Let’s go get it, poyo!! Yay, yay, poyo!


P: You did it, poyo!! Good job, poyo! You’ve cleared all the monsters on this floor so enemies won’t appear for a while, poyo! As I thought this feather duster used exclusively by the classical maid set has improved this set’s effectiveness explosively, poyo!! Compared to the start, clearing things out has become so much simpler, poyo! There’s no problem even if Poyopoyo doesn’t help, poyo!! Ahh, it feels so nice to be able to relax, poyo.

P: Moreover… IT REALLY IS SUPER CUTE, POYO! THE MAID SET IS RIGHT AND THE BEST, POYO! Um… Poyopoyo has just one request for you, poyo… just for a little bit, poyo… I’d like you to do a little spin there, poyo! *you twirl* GYAPOOOOOO!! *steam comes from him* IT’S SUPER CUTE, POYO!! MY LEVEL OF TENSION JUST ROSE CRAZILY, POYO!! With this I can keep on going forward, poyo!

P: Oh, what’s wrong, poyo? Ah, you’re tired aren’t you, poyo. There’s no need to apologize, poyo, you fought a lot, poyo. And in order not to fight strong enemies you’ve had to run around a lot too just a while ago, poyo. It’s natural to be tired, poyo! Rather Poyopoyo is sorry for not noticing, poyo. Oh… are you patting me on the head, poyo? Hyoh hyoh hyoh… why are you such a kind girl, poyo~… Poyopoyo will work even harder just for you now, poyo!! Hm, there was certainly… a bedroom ahead of us, poyo. If we go there we can get some rest, poyo!


P: It’s this room, poyo! Now, let’s go in, poyo! *door opens and closes* Ta dah! It’s a princess-styled bedroom, poyo! It’s a bedroom that suits exactly how cute you are, poyo! Ahh… it’s soft and fluffy, poyo… it’s paradise, poyo. Now, there’s no need to be shy, poyo, you can relax to your heart’s content, poyo! You really worked hard, poyo. You’ve become skilled compared to the start, poyo. No, no, Poyopoyo doesn’t do flattery, poyo. At this rate, we’ll definitely be able to clear this plac–bffgkk *you squeeze him*

P: Stop it, poyo… you’ve mistaken something, poyo… Poyopoyo isn’t a plushie, poyo!! Grk, Poyopoyo is Poyopoyo… moreover… with the way you’re holding me closely to you… in other words… I’m close to your chest, ehehe… *you roll onto him* ARRRGGGHH! It’s painful, poyo… are you listening to me, poyo!!… let me out, poyo… I know you’re tired, poyo… but… at this rate Poyopoyo is going to be crushed, poyo… gckkk…

[3:35] *frees himself*

P: Haa… haa… Ah, I thought I was going to die, poyo! Geez, doing something so innocently bold, poyo… *sighs* Hello? Are you listening to me, poyo? Hm… you won’t wake, poyo… you’re not feigning sleep… either, poyo. Just to test it I’m going to poke you elsewhere too, poyo! *poke poke* Huh huh… you’re unmistakably sleeping, poyo. In that case I’LL DO THIS, POYO!

*game glitch / data noise*

T/N: Shiki is the heroine’s brother and his voice is MUCH LOWER than how he sounds as Poyopoyo.

Shiki: *stretches* Ahh… it’s been a long time since I’ve been in this form. But for some reason my body feels heavy… Ugh, it seems like being smaller is easier. However… I can’t believe you would come here… I thought you’d never play an online game and yet… I was careless. I’m happy you were worried but… what a terrible calculation. That guy, Hiroya… even though I went out of my way to warn him about not coming closer to Arcadia. Of all things he even logged in with this girl… doing such unnecessary things, geez… He should hurry up and get here to save you.

S: It’s great that I got here in time by rushing but… if I was slower by even a little bit… she would have been taken by those small fries, wouldn’t she? Geez, he’s useless. Even if that’s the case though, it’s not like I can act directly… It can’t be helped I need to hurry and help her find Hiroya and then leave her to him. But that’s not reliable enough, huh… just to be sure I should have one NPC guard her too…


S: Don’t worry… I’m with you. I definitely won’t let you die. No matter what I have to do… Moreover… HEY! I’ve said this before many times haven’t I!? You’re cute so you have to be more careful!! Okay!? It’s not good to show your defenselessness like this in front of a man! It’ll make them… want to tease you… right? Ahem… ah… at any rate, how about we get you into bed properly. Here, I’ll take off your shoes. Ah, and your socks…

S: … your small and cute foot… your toe and your ankle… honestly, from here to there, everything about you is cute… Ah! Your heel’s been rubbed raw… You worked hard and fought a lot, huh… Good work. Ah… no, this is bad. I’ll stop now. Stop touching her! It’ll be bad if she wakes. Haa… Come on, get right into the bed and here’s the pillow… geez, you haven’t changed from when you were small, huh. Once you fall asleep you really don’t wake.


S: Hm… you really are cute. If it’s for a little bit… it should be fine. Mm, it should be… fine, right? *he lies down too* You smell nice. It’s been a long time since I’ve smelt this… Ah! What the… you were just mumbling in your sleep? Idiot… what are you doing, saying my name so suddenly… Geez, what am I to do… I’ve been holding myself back so much. My heart is really pounding, you know. Hey… can I remove this apron? It’s fine, right?

*takes it off*

S: Next… can I remove this ribbon? *removes it* Ah… these small buttons too… I want to undo them all. The petticoat too… I want to remove everything and then… please, let me touch you. I want to touch every soft part of you and taste it… *heavier breathing* then I want to gnaw on your bones… it’s not enough to just be by your side… the front, the back, the external, the internal… to the point where there’s nowhere I don’t know… I want to touch everything. Kiss everything. Place a mark. A mark just for me… and then surely… I’ll be able to hear your cute voice lots… *kisses*


S: Hey, did you know? “A woman dresses up for a man to undress her”… I don’t know who said that but it sure is convenient for men. It makes one laugh, huh. However… even though I’m a man I won’t touch you. Even though I’m closest to you and treasure you more than anyone else… I don’t have the right to touch you. If I do then everything will be over. What is with that, shit… it’s so unreasonable…

S: Ah… Uh oh, I woke you. Mm, good morning. *kisses* Yes, this is the world of dreams. Because if it wasn’t a dream then there’s no way I would do this, right? *kisses again* Oh? You sound pleased… What’s with that… if it pleased you then I should have done this sooner. Nn… *kisses* That’s right. I wanted to do this with you. I’ve always held myself back.


S: My love is different from yours. I’m kindest to you in the whole world but at the same time, to that same degree of kindness, I want to mess you up. I want to expose you to the point where there’s nothing I don’t know… I want to please you with my hands… make you cry… I want to make it so that you can’t live one minute or one second without me. Those are the feelings of the real me…

S: … Hey, why are you letting me touch you? Resist me properly. It’s true this is a dream but… it’s troubling… because then I’ll want to misunderstand, you see? I’ll wonder if you might love me the same way I do you. Even though I know that’s impossible… I’ve been quite conflicted, you know. I’ve persuaded myself that these feelings are just my imagination and tried so hard to restrain myself. But… it’s no good… in the end I couldn’t be who you wished for me to be. I’m really sorry.


S: Do you… scorn me? Am I disgusting? Hey… tell me your true feelings. *kisses* I see… because it’s a dream you could have thrust me away with all your strength… You really are kind… kind and good… I’m the most unfortunate person. The only person who can hurt me like this… the only person in the world… it’s just you. I really like you. I love you. *kisses* It’s fine, right? Because this is a dream… let me have this happy delusion just for a little bit… hey, please… allow me… just for now. Let me kiss you a lot. Because this is Arcadia… the ideal paradise. Just for a little bit… *kisses*


P: Are you awake, poyo? You slept really well, poyo! Your sleeping face was super cute, poyo! Oh? What’s wrong, poyo? There’s no one here but Poyopoyo and you, poyo! More importantly, are you rested, poyo? Hyoh hyoh hyoh, you’re saying such nice things, poyo. No need to worry, poyo! Poyopoyo is super energetic, poyo!! Ah, your shoes and apron are right here, poyo! Before you went to sleep you took them off and folded the apron, poyo! You don’t remember, poyo? It’s probably because you were half-asleep and tired, poyo! Don’t worry about the small details, poyo! Well then, we should set off now, poyo!


P: Now, poyo!! *you defeat the enemies* Your fighting has become even more skilled, poyo! You’ve fought more than enough of these small fries, poyo! Heh, I’ll get embarrassed if you praise me so much, poyo. Of course Poyopoyo is a gentleman that is good at everything but you’re a real honors student, poyo. Now, the next room is the long-awaited last fight, poyo! Focus your mind and let’s go, poyo!

P: This is the last boss’ room, poyo. Ah, wait, poyo! Before you enter inside… *rummages in his pouch* Use this, poyo!! This is holy water, poyo. For a short time the damage from monsters is weakened, poyo. Relax, poyo, you’re not alone, poyo! Poyopoyo is with you, poyo!

*opens door* *boss giggling*

P: There she is, poyo! She’s the last boss of this castle, poyo! Leave the recovery spells to Poyopoyo, poyo! Believe in Poyopoyo while you face the boss, poyo! *you attack but the boss dodges* COVER YOUR EARS, POYO! *boss screams* Be careful, poyo! If you hear her screams then your MP will slowly be cut down, poyo. *you attack* Soon Poyopoyo’s special certain shot magic will be complete, poyo! Just wait a bit more, poyo!! *draws with his chalk*


P: Alright! *boss attacks him* It’s now– AHHHH!! Gah… right now, as one would expect, Poyopoyo is a bit hurt, poyo… *you run over* Don’t, poyo!! You mustn’t turn your back to your enemy during a battle, poyo!! *boss giggles* It’s dangerous, poyo!! *he takes the hit* Poyoooooo~

P: This level of damage is nothing, poyo… More importantly, you must defeat the boss, poyo! *boss screams* Hurry up and let go of Poyopoyo and shoot your next attack, poyo!! Do it quickly, poyo! If you don’t then you’ll get done in too, poyo! *you squeeze him* GAHHH… it hurts, poyo… hurry– hurry up and release me, poyo… It feels like I’m going to die from something else, poyoooo…

[4:10] *he’s released*

P: Phoo… oh, it’s finally been invoked, poyo. Look at that, poyo! All those swords floating in the air. That’s the Divine Sword Amadeus’ power, poyo! Now, use as much power as you want, poyo, and show me your splendid victory over the boss, poyo! Concentrate, poyo. Like I mentioned earlier, if you die in Arcadia then you’ll die in the real world too, poyo. You won’t be able to return to reality again if that happens, poyo! You won’t be able to meet Hiroya or your brother either, poyo. This is that kind of world, poyo!

P: Of course, poyo! It’s because Poyopoyo knew that which is why I took you here, poyo. In order to survive in this world, sooner or later there would come a time where you would have to use the Divine Sword’s power, poyo!! If there was a chance to awaken your power then betting Poyopoyo’s life on it is nothing, poyo!! Poyopoyo believes in you, poyo. It’ll be okay, poyo! If it’s you then you can definitely do it, poyo! Believe in Poyopoyo’s words and in your own power, poyo! You have the ability to manipulate those glittering golden swords at will, poyo!!

P: Now… show that boss what you can do, poyo! *unlimited blade works* *boss screams and dies* You did it, poyo! *you collapse* Ah! Are you okay, poyo?! Ah… hm hm, you must be tired from using the Divine Sword’s power huh, poyo… But there’s no more need to worry, poyo! You’ve annihilated all the enemies, poyo! This is all thanks to you, poyo. You worked very hard, poyo. Now we just need to get out of here, poyo. You’ll recover from your exhaustion with time, poyo. You can rest easy as long as you want, poyo!

[6:05] *rapid footsteps*

P: Ah! You guys are the demon players who were trying to capture this girl, poyo! Mu mu… they hadn’t given up yet, poyo. Stubborn, poyo! *they draw their weapons* It’s useless to threaten me, poyo. I absolutely won’t hand over this girl, poyo! People like you aren’t suitable to use the Divine Sword’s pow– AHHH!! What are you doing, poyo!? Let me go, poyo!! AHHH!

P: You…!! It’s cowardly to outnumber us, poyo!! Don’t flatter yourself, poyo! If you get carried away you’ll regret it, poyo! If you value your life then leave this place, poyo! Poyoyooooo!! *gets thrown and hits the ground hard* … Poyopoyo is fine, poyo, but you should hurry and run away, poyo!! *you get caught and hit* MUGYAAAAAAH! You!! Get a hold of yourself, poyo!!

P: She’s fainted, poyo… What have you done, poyo!! You’re the worst to be violent to a woman, poyo!! *gets kicked* KEBOHHHH!! Stop it, poyo, my face is my life, poyo! You can’t step on it, poyo… mugaahmumu… I’m only going to say this once more, poyo… If you value your life then hurry up and leave this place, poyo!! *gets hit again* …… I warned you, poyo…

*game data noise*


S: Ahh… that hurt, geez… even though I said you couldn’t go for the face… it’s my pride. But I see… it’s true that with your guys’ levels it would have been simple to take the shortest route to the boss’ room and be here first, huh. Over here we took detours and leveled up throughout the map. And so, you guys were waiting for us to defeat the last boss, huh. Incidentally, you guys enjoyed the power of the Divine Sword… and then came to take her away after she exhausted herself, huh.

S: That’s quite cunning, isn’t it. Even someone as gentle as me can’t really forgive this… Now then, first, could you release that girl?… Oh my? Did you not hear what I said? *they gesture* Hostage? Ah… Is it fine if I raise both hands and stand here then? Ah, I see, okay. *raises arms* And now? What are you planning to do here? *they point their weapons at him* Uwah, you plan to fight… against me? Really? Ha… hahaha!

S: Aha, sorry, sorry for laughing… I didn’t mean it with malice, forgive me. I don’t have a hobby in whips though… the unknown sure is scary… Haa, I understand. You don’t have to yell like that. I’ll be your guys’ opponent even without the impatience. In exchange… *data noise* don’t complain about dying. *ropes fly out and tie the enemies* I’ll say it one more time. Release that filthy hand from her.


S: Are your ears bad? Or are you stupid? Which one? Ah, it doesn’t matter which… *data noise* *enemy’s arm gets sliced off* *Shiki comes over to catch you* Woah. Injuries… doesn’t look like there’s any. I’m glad. I’m sorry you have to experience so many scary things. I’ll clean up the rest, so sleep well. *kisses*

S: Even if you struggle it won’t come untied, you know… It’s best not to move so much. If you don’t– *ropes tighten; blood drips* Ah, that’s why I said it was best not to move. Well, I’ve warned you guys a lot so I’m in the most terrible of moods. It can’t be helped, right?… Magic? Ah, I see… to you guys this might seem like magic too, huh.

S: Do you know Clarke’s law? According to him, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. That’s what this is. In general, in the world of the internet… it’s a nonsensical saying. In this world, there’s only a minuscule amount of people who haven’t received the benefit of the internet, right? The internet and reality are just one part of this world. And so to the brain too, there isn’t a distinction between the material world and the electronic world.

S: Being caught by insults on bulletin boards on the internet or eavesdropping on insults in a school hallway… which one would hurt you? Either one would hurt, right? They’re the same. In short, you guys here will be dealt with by me and die.


S: You read the system message, right? There were two messages that were sent. The first was about the three swords for endgame. The one that said a new Divine Sword has been added. And then the other one was… *opens menu* During battle in Arcadia if a character’s HP becomes zero then the character data will be lost and the player themselves will die. Of course you know about this, right? *they struggle; more blood* It’s not fake.

S: I said it, didn’t I? To the brain, there’s no distinction between an electronic world and the material world. The reality to you yourself is, in other words, the thing your brain responds to. Pain, suffering, despair, and happiness are only things our brain creates. Ah, you still don’t understand? Then I’ll say it in a way so that even idiots like you can understand… being over-damaged by 5000 with the complete destruction of your right side parts *rope tightens and slices off enemy’s limbs* *limbs fall onto ground*

S: When you receive an action and damage occurs then your HP decreases. *he walks over the blood* Whether that action is real or virtual means nothing. Whether your brain feels pain or not… that is everything. Simple, right? Right about now, in the real world, your arm and leg must not be able to move. It’s natural because right now they’ve been cut off. Right? Nooooothing about this is difficult.


S: … You’re so noisy. Don’t scream so much or you’ll wake her. Haa… if she were to wake what would she say?… Even if she knew that everything became like this because of me, would she still say she loved me? Ahaha… idiot. That’d be too convenient. I said you guys were being noisy, didn’t I? From the start I mentioned it didn’t I? Don’t flatter yourself, you’ll regret getting carried away, and that if you valued your lives then you would hurry up and leave this place.

S: You guys ignored all of my warnings. You brought this result on yourselves. You understand, right? Because this is all part of the game… *lightning zaps them* Does it hurt? I see. But that’s just a lie. Because didn’t you say it earlier? It’s a game after all so it’s just make-believe. Did you forget that already? Oh my… that person over there is already foaming. How dirty… *steps through the blood* Don’t skip this. Wake up. Come on… wake… up!! *kicks him*


S: You don’t have to be so worried. Until your HP becomes zero you won’t die, so relax. *enemy struggles; blood spills* Huh? Ha… hahaha!! Killing you guys instantly… there’s no way I could do that. Not after you thoroughly hurt that which I care about. Didn’t you not listen to me when I asked you to stop? Huh… is it that you’re okay with hurting others but not getting hurt yourself?

S: … You guys are asking for too much. This pain and despair… taste it more! *sets them on fire* Does it hurt? Is it painful? Of course it is. Anyone would feel pain from being hurt. If you can’t take the pain then you’ll die. All of this are just obvious things. *a spell is cast* Ah… now you cast some protection against magic. What’s worse is that, at that level, it’s bound to fail. Moreover, doing unnecessary actions is just increasing your damage more and more.

[8:45] *Shiki opens menu*

S: Come on, look. Your HP is steadily decreasing… *enemy strains against rope; blood spills* Ah, how pitiful. You don’t even have a flesh and blood body yet you’re feeling pain… Hey, did you know? What’s unreasonable isn’t the rules of World V. It’s the world’s rules that are unreasonable. People are born holding everything and yet as they continue to live they lose a lot of things. For example, even if I didn’t raise my hand, you would hurt others and be hurt and then, in the end, soon die.

S: At most you’re just being forced to die by conflagration. No matter how you live or how much you struggle, when you die it’s all the same. It’s a complete end. That’s what death is… I couldn’t bear that… *tightens ropes; blood drips* Hm? Demon? Me? Ahaha, no, you’re wrong. Sorry, but I have a principle not to support either the angels or the demons.

S: After all what’s just and evil are things that depend on the viewing angle. Besides, I’m the one saying this but I don’t think there’s anyone around who loves humanity more than I do. Because I’m someone who believes in the possibility of humans more than anyone else. *fire blazes and turns them into goop* Ah… uh oh, they died. Humans end all too soon. It can’t be helped. Later, I’ll have to kill some angels too. It’s not fair if just one side decreases.


S: … Really… this was beyond my calculation. For me to be so emotional… it surely must be a system error… Haa… If only you didn’t come here then my plans would have been perfect. This is why humans are uncontrollable… I don’t want to admit it but… I suppose this means I’m one of those imperfect humans, huh… But it’ll be okay… No matter what happens in the future, you don’t need to worry about aaaanything. Arcadia will become a true paradise. I’ll make it so with these hands. *kisses you*


P: Ah! You’ve come to, poyo! Poyopoyo sees that, poyo! I’m so glad, poyo!! Hyoh hyoh hyoh, I was so worried, poyo, Poyopoyo is okay if you were wondering, poyo! That level of damage was a piece of cake to heal, poyo, and it was nothing, poyo! Ah! Ow ow ow ow… you can’t touch there, poyo! I-It’s not an injury, poyo, it’s just a little scratch, poyo! You really worry about others, poyo. I’m really okay, poyo, because you’re patting me on the head so gently so the pain has already flown away, poyo!

P: More importantly, you’re the one who had to fight a lot and went through such terrible situations, poyo! Are you hurt anywhere, poyo? Hm? Who are you looking for, poyo? Ah, if you’re wondering about those players then they’ve already returned to the town, poyo. They told me to take care of you, poyo! After you collapsed, Poyopoyo managed to convince them from the bottom of my heart, poyo! Once I tried talking to them they were all nice people who talked it out, poyo!

P: They spoke about how you should be the one to decide how to use the Divine Sword’s power… and that they were really sorry for trying to take you away by force, poyo! That’s why Poyopoyo too looked over all the various rude things they did, poyo! Of course, poyo! Poyopoyo is an adult, poyo! Besides, everyone in World V is in an emergency situation, poyo. That’s why conflicts happen, poyo. But that’s exactly why we can’t forget to help each other, poyo!


P: Now, we should start heading out, poyo! I’ll guide you through the dungeon to the outside, poyo! Bananas don’t count as snacks, poyo!! Oh, but before that… *grabs crystals* the rewards for defeating the boss, poyo! These crystals, in short, have magic in them, poyo, and we can exchange it for money in the town, poyo! Listen, poyo, there’s a hazard in completing battles, poyo, and moments are decided by money sometimes, poyo! Keep it tight in your pouch, poyo. *you zip up your pouch* Now then, once again, let’s get out of the dungeon, poyo!

T/N: That banana thing is a Japanese joke.

[2:40] *you teleport out*

P: We did it, poyo! With this we’ve completed it, poyo! Now then, now then, check out your status screen, poyo! *open menu* Hm hm, ooh, you’ve leveled up quite a bit, poyo! Once we return to town you can change your equipment immediately, poyo! Don’t worry, poyo, a town is different from the field and it’s safe, poyo! If you get exclusive equipment for bards then you’ll be able to use new abilities, poyo. If you become stronger then the places you can go to will increase too, poyo. It’ll become easier to search for Hiroya too, poyo.

P: Of course I remembered, poyo. There’s no way I could forget that, poyo! Poyopoyo will support you with all my strength, poyo! Now, leeeeet’s gooooooo, poyo!!

2 thoughts on “Period Cube ~ Poyopoyo ~

    Hanatan said:
    May 27, 2016 at 17:07

    Now that I think about it, games that Kuroyuki-sama made the art… Black Wolves Saga, Gekka Ryouran Romance and now Period:cube… all have crazy brothers? Nesso, Wabisuke and Shiki… oh well
    But I don’t dislike it hehehe

      Ilinox responded:
      May 29, 2016 at 18:55

      Ahaha, that is very true! I’m not surprised with the first two of Black Wolves Saga and Gekka Ryouran Romance because they’re Rejet games and Rejet has pretty dark games, especially for the brothers. Otomate surprised me with how detailed they were willing to go into with Shiki torturing the men… UGH GIVE ME THIS BROTHER. I LOVE HIM. Hahaha.

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