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I wrote an introductory post about this game on Otome Jikan but the gist of this game is that the heroine has to cross-dress to attend an all-boy’s school full of delinquents and she ends up having to beat ’em up (and perhaps fall in love). Who can resist a premise like that? :D

(I couldn’t resist – which seems to be a common theme with me – when this game arrived, so I decided to give in and just get an introductory post out before returning back to Hime-hen. I just wanted to tease you all about my next project).

EDIT: I didn’t realize the common route was actually longer than I thought so I added in the new parts. Sorry ’bout that! I’m also going to write everything with Hinako’s real gender but, uh, keep in mind all the guys think Hinako is a male. BTW, you can open the images to a new tab to view them in bigger resolution!

The game starts immediately with a date shown.

4月4日 MORNING. Nakayama Hinako, the heroine, looks at the cherry blossoms and can’t believe that she’s never realized they were so beautiful. She has a feeling that she’s never properly looked at cherry blossoms until now. It might be because she’s always walked with her head down. Or because she’s always felt lonely in her heart somewhere. But today is different because she feels like she’s going to become a different person from now. Yes, today she will become a high school student.

She’s terrible at socializing with people so she hasn’t been able to make many friends up until now, but she’s going to change today. If she does that then, without a doubt, there will be tons of new friends just waiting for her at this new high school life beyond these cherry blossoms.

Suddenly, Hinako hears someone yelling at her to move and sees a male high school student running quickly towards her from the opposite direction. He looks to be in a hurry so she should step aside for him… The boy yells at her to move again, but then crashes into her and falls. He winces in pain and Hinako quickly apologizes and then asks if he’s alright. A passing man asks the boy if he’s alright since he fell to the ground with great force. What did he hit?

The boy answers that he hit his foot. The passerby asks to look at it and then yelps out that this is terrible because it’s a compound fracture! Hinako exclaims in shock at that! A compound fracture!? That’s quite a serious injury… what should she do!? The passerby informs her that he’s a doctor so he can tell at a glance, but this is bad and they need to head to the hospital immediately. Hinako agrees because this is a disaster! THIS SOUNDS LIKE A SCAM LMFAO.

The passerby notes slowly that Hinako was the one who crashed into the boy… and Hinako agrees that it’s her fault before apologizing again. The male asks them to wait because he needs to go to the entrance ceremony for his high school so he can’t go to the hospital! The passerby asks him what he’s saying because if he doesn’t head to the hospital then he won’t be able to recover from this. Here, get in the car! Hinako too!

Hinako agrees even though she also has her own entrance ceremony… but this isn’t the time to mention that! But the boy protests because he really needs to go to the entrance ceremony, because… he attends Shishiku Academy. THEIR ACADEMY LITERALLY MEANS “LION’S ROAR” I’M LAUGHING. The passerby chokes upon hearing that name. Hinako doesn’t understand why the man is so surprised. But she points out to them that a compound fracture is a serious injury so the boy can’t go to his high school’s entrance ceremony!

The boy snaps at her that she doesn’t know what Shishiku Academy is, which is why she’s saying that– HUH!? Hinako startles and asks him what the matter is because he’s taking a long, hard look at her. The boy starts to say that she… she… Hinako blinks in confusion. Yes? The boy looks at her face for a while before suddenly taking off his glasses and mask roughly. That face was–

Hinako gasps in surprise. The boy is startled too. They look the same!? The passerby asks what the meaning of this is. Do they know each other? The boy shakes his head and says that they don’t; they just met here by accident. Hinako nods. The passerby points out that to meet someone who is so similiar… is a miracle, the boy finishes. And then a crafty look appears on his face as he realizes that if this is a miracle then he needs to use it! Hinako narrows her eyes suspiciously at his words.

The boy informs her that he’s in this situation right now but he needs to show at the entrance ceremony. Won’t she appear at the entrance ceremony for him? Hinako gapes at him. The boy tells her that his high school is a special school and anyone who is absent from the entrance ceremony will be expelled immediately, so he needs to show no matter what. Hinako tells him to wait because she’s never heard of a school that expels people if they don’t appear at the entrance ceremony…

But the passerby interrupts and says that there is. He was surprised to hear that this boy attends Shishiku Academy but Shishiku really is that kind of school. So he can understand the feelings of this boy who has to go no matter what. Hinako thinks that is absurd. The boy reassures her that it’ll be okay because they look exactly the same! Anyway, she just needs to replace him for one day and he’s relying on her!

Hinako is reluctant though because she doesn’t know this school at all… the boy suddenly groans loudly in pain and collapses. Hinako hurriedly asks him what’s wrong. The passerby exclaims loudly that this is bad! It looks like his condition has deteriorated! Hinako gapes. The passerby tells her that this is a time-sensitive situation and there’s no time for hesitation! He has to take this boy to the hospital immediately!!

Hinako is still hesitant though. The passerby mentions that he won’t say anything bad but he thinks she should go to school in the boy’s place. When Hinako asks why, he tells her that he didn’t want to say this but it’s because the boy crashed into her that he can’t go to the entrance ceremony now, right? Hinako nods weakly. Then if the boy becomes expelled because he didn’t show at the entrance ceremony…

The tuition that was paid to enroll at this school will become money used as compensation for psychological damage due to being expelled from that school. In other words, she’ll have to pay the boy to compensate for her actions! Hinako’s mouth drops open. The boy confirms that this is true and, even though he’s reluctant, he’ll have no choice but to demand a large amount of compensation money from her at this rate. A very large amount.

Hinako can’t believe he repeated the word large amount twice. The boy notes that it’s more like her parents will have to repay him since she’s a student. Hinako tells him that’s impossible because her parents… The boy tilts his head. Hinako shakes her head and tells him it’s nothing, and she understands. She’ll go to his entrance ceremony in his place. The passerby cheers and the boy thanks her gratefully.

The boy tells her that his name is “Onigashima Hikaru” and so, for today, she’ll go to school as Onigashima Hikaru. Hinako repeats his name and is surprised by how… grand it sounds. Hikaru tells her that, as he said before, his school is the Shishiku Academy and his class is with the first year Sumiregumi. THEIR CLASSES ARE NAMED AFTER FLOWERS AND SUMIRE IS A VIOLET. It’s a strange school but… as long as it’s her he’s sure that she’ll be okay!

Hinako blinks in surprise. As long as it’s her? What does that mean? Suddenly, a gust of wind blows and her eyes are caught by the dancing cherry blossoms that are lifted up. As she thought, the cherry blossoms haven’t changed and are beautiful. And that’s why she didn’t think anything further of this moment. That this gust of wind would become the storm of spring. OPENING MOVIE PLAYS AFTER THIS.

Scene skip! The principal of Shishiku Academy notes that it’s already the season of cherry blossoms and the spring wind feels nice. The vice principal agrees and comments on how the winter wind was cold but they’re saved in spring. The principal points out that it’s because the windows keep breaking, no matter how often they replace them. The vice principal notes that even their specially ordered reinforced bulletproof glass had zero effect too. LOL THIS IS SO OVER THE TOP I LOVE IT.

The principal sighs at how they had just come up with a way to counteract their rising expenses but now he’s going to get yelled at by the Board of Education again. The vice principal comforts him by telling him that the Board has already abandoned this school. FJHDLKHJSH. This is their Shishiku Academy, the delinquent high school that even got abandoned by the Board of Education. The principal sighs loudly again and then asks for this year’s lineup.

The vice principal unrolls a list and says that the first is: first year Sumiregumi, Minowa Totomaru, 15 years old. He’s 174 cm and 63 kg. He came from Samejima middle school. Next is first year Fujigumi (Wisteria), Konparu Takayuki, 15 years old. He’s 163 cm and 56 kg. He came from Hiyodori middle school. Both of them are boys who had a gang in their middle school. The principal comments on how, as usual, they have these students again… HE SOUNDS SO TIRED I’M CRYING.

The vice principal tells him that the most eye-catching though is Onigashima Hikaru, also 15 years old. The principal knows already that this is the Onigashima’s second son… will the teaching staff be okay? The vice principal recalls that the year before last they had 5 teachers quit, last year had 6 teachers quit, and most likely this year will have the same amount. The principal heaves another sigh.

The vice principal tells him that, at any rate, the only thing they can do is to try and get through today’s entrance ceremony. The principal dismisses those words because he knows the teaching staff is going to be absent. The vice principal nods because, last year, the teaching staff who were careless and attended were sent to the hospital. This year, everyone on staff said that they would be absent. With this, their teaching staff won’t get dragged into the riot of the entrance ceremony.

The principal sighs because an entrance ceremony in which there are no teachers is… The vice principal points out that there’s nothing they can do because this is a tradition among their school. Once tomorrow comes then things will calm down. After the top is decided then naturally things will fall under control and it’s what usually happens every year. Well, the only thing they can do as teachers is to just “watch over” the students. The principal sighs.

Scene skip! Hinako arrives at Shishiku Academy and confirms that she’s with the first year Sumiregumi. Just when she thought she’d be at an all-girl’s school today she is wearing a Japanese school uniform for boys and attending an all-boy’s school. She had thought she’d be able to make a lot of friends at high school… Haa, she’ll try hard tomorrow. Moreover… she looks over and sees two first year delinquents talking to each other.

One asks the other what he’s looking at. The second one asks who would look at someone like him. He thinks nothing of the first guy! The first one snarls and asks if he wants a fight! The second one was just waiting for that and yells at the other to come at him. Hinako is completely unimpressed. Is this the so-called delinquent high school… Of all things, it just had to be this school. What will she do if her true identity is found out?

She recalls how Hikaru had told her that, so long as it was her, she’d be okay. Why did he say that? Could it be that he knew…!? No, wait, that was the first time she met Hikaru. At any rate, for just today, she’s Onigashima Hikaru at this all-boy’s school and she just has to get through without being found out. Now, where should she go?

Hinako decides to go to the ROOFTOP first, where she overhears a second year delinquent commenting on how the hot stock of the first years must be Minowa Totomaru and Konparu Takayuki, those two. Another second year delinquent thinks it’d be worth seeing who takes the top. Right, Kira? Kira sighs.

The first delinquent snickers at how Kira has no interest, as usual. The second delinquent points out that it doesn’t matter who takes top anyway. The first agrees because Kira, so long as he’s around, is incomparable to the first years. The first years aren’t any match for them second years. Kira continues to remain silent. Hinako eyes the two talking delinquents and notes that they’re second years. Somehow, they feel scary.

She heads to the SCHOOL ENTRANCE next. A first year delinquent calls out to someone to stop to confirm if they are Konparu Takayuki from Hiyodori middle school. A second year delinquent snickers and thinks this is excellent timing because if they beat him up right here then they can save themselves some time. Konparu eyes them and asks if they want to pick a fight with him? Boring. He doesn’t want to use his energy on useless things.

The first delinquent snarls and asks him if he’s running away when Konparu just walks off. The second shouts out that even if he runs now he’ll have to fight them one day, and if he’s aiming for the top then he should know that! Konparu looks over his shoulder and declares that he has no interest in that. Hinako wonders if those people are first years as well? Especially, Konparu because he’s small and yet his attitude seems so big. SMALL PEOPLE ARE ANGRIEST LMAO.

Hinako goes to the HALLWAY. One first year delinquent is frightened upon seeing Minowa Totomaru. Another one asks if they mean the person who became the head of Samejima middle school? Totomaru asks them casually if they’re performing an ambush on him? They sure have guts to pick a fight with him. The first delinquent stutters out that he doesn’t feel like it right now… The second delinquent agrees and says that if they’re going to fight they’ll fight at the official place.

Totomaru grins and points out that it’s the same no matter where they go though? Because the person who’ll take the top is him. He walks off, leaving the other delinquents to grit their teeth. Hinako realizes that Minowa Totomaru is also a first year. More importantly though, everyone in this school really is a delinquent…

Hinako finally goes to the GYMNASIUM and sees that it’s written that the entrance ceremony is being held here. Moreover, it’s really loud. Are the teachers not going to warn them? Suddenly, all the students yell and Hinako startles. What’s going on!? A delinquent suddenly exclaims that Shibuki of Kawakita was done in with just one punch! A second delinquent is shocked and then asked who did it? Konparu? The first replies that it was Minowa of Samejima.

Totomaru remarks on what an easy victory that was; it’s reckless for someone like this to aim for the top. Hinako recognizes him from before and wonders what he’s doing. Totomaru challenges the next person to come at him if they want to get beaten. Hinako is bewildered by his words. Come at him? What about the entrance ceremony!?

She hesitantly asks someone what everyone is doing. One delinquent asks her what she’s saying. Another delinquent explains that they’re obviously having one-to-one matches to determine who’s the top of the first years. Hinako gapes at them and asks if this isn’t the entrance ceremony… The first delinquent tells her that this is the entrance ceremony. Didn’t they just say? Hinako’s mouth continues to hang open. T-This is the entrance ceremony!?

Hinako closes her eyes and, in her mind, groans at how this isn’t the entrance ceremony that she knows… Suddenly, a third delinquent yells out Totomaru’s name and tells him that he was under Totomaru’s care during middle school but he’s going to make it clear right now as to who’s going to be the head at Shishiku!

Totomaru apologizes and then asks who this person is. LOL. He doesn’t remember people who don’t give him their names. The delinquent becomes furious. Totomaru smirks and comments on how there are tons of lame people making their debuts at high school and the weaker they are the louder they bark. The delinquent angrily asks him who he’s accusing of making their debut at high school! Since middle school, he’s always been called the “Mad Dog”! L O L.

Hinako stares at them, stunned. M-Mad Dog… Said Mad Dog yells at Totomaru to test whether his battle really is a high school debut! Totomaru huffs because there’s nothing to test but he’ll end this quick, so the other might as well come at him. Mad Dog snarls out that this is perfect and he’ll kill him! Everyone gasps when Totomaru knocks Mad Dog out in an instant.

Hinako notes that he used one straight punch. He must do karate. Totomaru is disappointed and doesn’t find any of this worth doing because the people aiming for the top of the first years at Shishiku are just a bunch of nobodies. Oh well, he knew from the start that there are only two people who could possibly be his opponent. Hinako has a bad feeling about his words. Two people?

Totomaru calls out to his first opponent: Konparu Takayuki of the Hiyo place. It’s his turn! Stop hiding and come on out! Hinako is startled to hear that name because that was– Konparu crosses his arms and sighs. One delinquent tells him that he’s been called. Konparu just replies that it’s a worthless custom to decide the top of the first years at the entrance ceremony. The delinquent asks him where he’s going. Konparu tells him that he’s wasting his time here, so he’s going home.

Totomaru angrily asks if Konparu is scared? He clicks his tongue since, just like the rumors, it looks like Konparu doesn’t rise to challenges. Oh well, he still has one more opponent to drag out! Hinako eyes him warily. One more person?

And then Totomaru yells for Onigashima Hikaru to come out! It’s his turn next! Hinako’s mouth drops open. WHAT!? Did he just call out Onigashima Hikaru? That’s her!? No, not her, but… Totomaru repeats his call for Onigashima Hikaru to come out. Hinako hesitates because even if she’s being called out she’s just a substitute, so she can’t possibly go out. She decides to disappear before she’s found.

She didn’t sense a delinquent vibe from Hikaru, but it looks like he’s strong enough to be called out by name. Totomaru yells out for him again and exclaims that he doesn’t care if Onigashima Hikaru is the son of a distinguished yakuza family or what. They’re going to settle a match right here.

Hinako pauses in shock. Son of a distinguished yakuza family!? Hikaru is the son of a yakuza!? She hurt someone like that? Isn’t that really bad for her– The surrounding delinquents start to complain about how even Onigashima won’t come out. One delinquent yells out to Totomaru that they won’t accept him being the top if both Konparu and Onigashima don’t show. Another one agrees that if he wants to take the top then he has to defeat the other two.

Totomaru curses and wonders if they’re hungover or something. Hinako sees everyone leave the gymnasium and assumes that this means the entrance ceremony is over…? The entrance ceremony is done, right? Can she go home now?

According to Hikaru, if he didn’t show at the entrance ceremony then he would be expelled. Ah, but there might be orientation in the classes after this, which means she might have to show up there too. If Hikaru really is the son of a yakuza then Hinako needs to do this properly or else it’ll get scary later on. Oh no, just what should she do?

Suddenly, Totomaru calls out to her. Hinako startles and blurts out his name, Minowa Totomaru!? He narrows his eyes. She realizes that she’s been found. What to do!? Totomaru remarks on how she had a vacant look on her face a while ago. Is she okay? And, she’s a first year student too, right?

Hinako is confused before she realizes that Totomaru hasn’t realized that she’s Onigashima Hikaru. He doesn’t know her face? She stutters out an apology and admits that she was just surprised upon seeing the fights earlier. He grunts and then asks again if she’s okay. She repeats his words in confusion. Okay? He sighs before saying that, if she saw what happened earlier, then she knows what kind of school this place is, right?

Someone who is vacant and weak-looking like her will become a target. She gapes at him and asks if he went out of his way to call out to her because of that? He tilts his head and confirms this. Hinako is surprised and thinks in her mind that he might not be a bad guy… but remembers that he wants to fight “Onigashima Hikaru”. He seems like a nice guy but it’d be best not to get overly involved.

Hinako smiles brightly and thanks him for his concern but she’ll be okay! And then she says her goodbyes before running off. Totomaru stares after her in surprise. What’s with that kid?

4月4日 NOONHinako sighs at what a crazy entrance ceremony that was. She’s glad she somehow finished it. But she can’t believe she injured the son of a yakuza. What will she do if they seriously demand outrageous compensation money? But, just as she said, she’ll finish being a substitute for today! She finished the entrance ceremony but she should head to class just in case.

More importantly though, this place really is a delinquent high school. There’s graffiti everywhere. Suddenly, a first year delinquent asks her rudely what she’s glaring at. Hinako startles and tries to tell them that she wasn’t intentionally doing that– A second year delinquent (with the first year) snorts and calls her a boring nerd.

They walk off, leaving Hinako to stare after them with wide eyes. Nerd? W-Well, she’s only going to be here for today so she tries not to be bothered by that. Hinako finds the first year Sumiregumi class and pep talks herself about just being careful so as to not reveal her true nature.

She opens the door and then gasps. Totomaru is also surprised before he greets her. Looks like they have the same class. He’s also surprised to have arrived here before her. She’s too slow. Hinako can’t believe that she has Minowa Totomaru, of all people, in the same class. At any rate, she just has to avoid being discovered as “Onigashima Hikaru”.

Totomaru straightens when he realizes that she must have been shaken down for money along the way! Is she okay!? Hinako gapes at him before reassuring him that she wasn’t and she’s fine. She then grins and tells him that she’ll see him later before she makes a u-turn to place some distance between them without hearing his response, but in that instant–

Hinoka bumps into some delinquents who complain about where she’s looking as she’s walking. Hinako apologizes because she had no ill intentions– But the first delinquent tells her that it hurts a lot and she crashed into him with so much force he might have broken a bone. Hinako gapes at him. The delinquent’s buddy agrees that it looks terrible and it’s definitely a broken bone; they’ll need compensation money now.

Hinako protests and says she just bumped into him lightly so she doesn’t think he’d break a bone… The first delinquent snarls out that he’s the one who was crashed into and he’s saying he broke a bone! Unless she wants her own bones to be broken!? Hinako stiffens.

And then the second delinquent mocks her physique. The first delinquent joins in laughing about how weak she looks. It’s amazing that she came to Shishiku like that. Hinako tries to protest, but then the second delinquent points out that it’s good to have these people here, no? The first agrees since it’ll just make their lives convenient.

The second delinquent returns to business and demands Hinako to buy them bread as compensation money for breaking his friend’s bones. Hinako parrots his words in surprise. The first delinquent repeats his friend’s demands impatiently and asks if she’s hard of hearing. Hurry up and go buy it!

Suddenly, Totomaru appears and punches the first delinquent. Hinako is shocked to see fists fly so abruptly. The delinquents angrily look at the one who punched them only to stutter Totomaru’s name. Totomaru tilts his head and asks the first delinquent if his bone was broken? Because, oops, he forgot to pull his punches. The first delinquent weakly asks him why he did that.

Totomaru narrows his eyes and asks if he doesn’t understand yet? If they do stupid things like this then he’ll kick their ass, that’s all. The second delinquent repeats his words in confusion. Stupid things? Totomaru points out that they’re being uncool to make people who are weaker than them their gofers.

The first delinquent tries to defend himself saying that gofers are useful for things though and they’re necessary to lead a fulfilling high school life from here on… Totomaru hums before he tells them that he understands now. In that case, they should go buy him bread. L M F A O SHIT THAT WAS TOO COOL. The first delinquent stares at him with wide eyes. What?

Totomaru repeats his words. Bread. It’s his recommendation for a gofer, right? In that case, he wants them to buy him bread. Totomaru reminds them that at the entrance ceremony no one’s name here appeared, right? In other words, he’s the top of this class. He’s learning from them and enriching his high school life by having people like them, weaker than him, be his gofer. In other words… Totomaru’s voice drops as he orders them to buy him bread.

The first delinquent stutters in hesitation. And then Totomaru drops his scary face and points out lightly that they don’t want to, right? No one wants to be a gofer and so they shouldn’t force others to do things that they wouldn’t want to do themselves. Totomaru then raises his voice and lets everyone else know in the classroom that as long as he holds this class then gofers are forbidden. Everyone quickly obeys.

Totomaru tells them to get going now that they understand. The delinquents quickly apologize and then run off. Hinako is surprised to see everyone obeying Totomaru. She then thanks him deeply. He nods and then asks her if she’s okay? She didn’t get hurt, did she? Hinako reassures him that she’s fine and, in her mind, thinks again on how this person’s a nice guy. But why is he so fixated on being the top?

And then Totomaru comments on how she always looks vacant but it looks like she truly is scatterbrained inside too, huh. She apologizes. He shrugs and decides to explain to her that Shishiku is the only delinquent high school in the prefecture where delinquents gather. Everyone who comes here are from infamous gangs, or people with bad attitudes like those earlier. There’s a lot of people who used to be the head of their middle school and so everyone is aiming to be the top at this school.

In other words, occupying and dominating this school is status to everyone who attends this place. Hinako realizes that this is why everyone keeps going on about the top. She wonders if Totomaru also wants to become the top for the status. And then Totomaru eyes her and comments on how she looks like she hasn’t fought before and it seems like she’ll get caught up with weird people again.

Hinako opens her mouth but realizes can’t say that she’ll be okay since she’s only here today as a substitute. Totomaru suddenly declares that he knows what to do! From here on, she can hang out with him. Hinako blinks in surprise. He admits that he can’t watch someone like her get caught up by other people and so he’ll save her whenever bad things happen! Hinako stutters out her thanks.

And then he asks for her name. She startles. He repeats his words and asks to know her name. Hinako hesitates and tries to think of something. But then Totomaru notices her student card from where it fell on the ground after she crashed into those delinquents earlier. Hinako tries to stop him but he freezes when he reads the name “Onigashima Hikaru”.

Totomaru looks at her with wide eyes. She’s Onigashima Hikaru?! Hinako quickly denies it and tries to explain that there are circumstances but he asks her what he’s wrong about? The person in the student card is her, no? She opens her mouth uselessly. What can she do!? She’s not the real person!

Totomaru narrows his eyes and accuses her of having a terrible personality to deceive others into thinking she’s weak. Well, he was the one who misunderstood. But she wasn’t going to tell him the truth, right? Hah, he’s worried that he could have been thoroughly tricked. Hinako has no words. He realizes that she planned to continue keeping silent.

Now that she’s made a fool out of him to this degree, they have no choice but to fight. Hinako yelps at him to wait because she– she corrects her pronoun to use a more masculine one. But he snaps at her to shut up and they’ll decide here and now who is suited to be the top of Shishiku. Hinako wonders what to do. Is the only option to fight!? Totomaru gives her no choice and attacks!

Totomaru loses and is flung back and is shocked at the strength of Onigashima Hikaru. Hinako winces as she realizes that she really did it now. Totomaru’s eyes are wide as he realizes that she’s done martial arts before! Hinako apologizes and then runs off with Totomaru calling after her to wait!

4月4日 EVENINGHinako sighs at how she’s finally finished this one day. After the fight, she ended up running away from the school. She had appeared at the entrance ceremony but, strictly speaking, she might not have fulfilled her promise to Hikaru. What should she do?

Someone welcomes her back and is glad to see that she’s unhurt. Hinako stares at the “girl” in front of her and asks who they are. Said person tells her that he’s Hikaru! Hinako gapes at him and asks why he’s in those clothes, and what happened to his broken bone?! Wait, that uniform is…!

Hikaru confirms that it’s her uniform and asks if it doesn’t suit him? Hinako asks when he managed to get her uniform and to return it! Hikaru refuses because it fits him so perfectly! Hinako tells him impatiently that she doesn’t understand what’s going on. Hikaru points out that he looks like a female student no matter how one looks at him, right? No one will find out!

Hinako echoes his words in confusion. Find out? Hikaru informs her that today, when he spoke in a falsetto, everyone believed he was a girl. There won’t be a problem if he commutes like this! Hinako stares at him. He looks back. Hinako asks him slowly what he means by commuting. Did he…?

Hikaru confirms that he went to Hinako’s all-girl’s school in her place. Hinako gapes at him. Hikaru tells her that he lied about his broken bone so there wasn’t a need to go to the hospital and he had nothing to do. Hinako repeats his words in shock. His broken bone was a lie!? Hikaru winks and tells her that it’s a long story so he suggests they go inside instead of standing around.

Hinako narrows her eyes at him. Hikaru looks at the building behind him and notes that this is the place she lives in, right? The Suzukaze Orphanage. Hinako asks him how he knows that she lives here. Hikaru answers that he had her investigated and he knows everything. He wanted to know if she had the qualifications to “become him”.

Hinako asks him what he means. Hikaru comments seriously on how she was separated from her parents ever since she was young, and was raised in this orphanage. And to have them prepared against unjust bullying, following the orphanage’s policies, she learned various martial arts. Hinako is surprised at how he really did investigate her. Hikaru winks; didn’t he say so?

But it’s not that unusual to learn martial arts from a young age. What’s amazing is what she did after this. Not very good at socializing, Hinako wasn’t able to make friends with people in her elementary or middle school and so she spent a lot of time alone. So she stimulated herself by training in her own room day after day until she became strong enough to put men to shame.

In other words, in the 9 years of her elementary and middle school she’s become stoic and strong. Hinako can’t deny this. Hikaru declares that this is evidence of her qualifications to “become him”. Hinako asks him to hold up and says that she doesn’t understand the meaning of becoming him!

Does he mean being his substitute like what she did today for him at the entrance ceremony? Is that why he had her investigated? Hikaru calls her naive and says that he prepared everything so that she can go to Shishiku for him. Hinako cautiously asks him what he means by that since the entrance ceremony is over.

Hikaru pouts and points out that just the entrance ceremony is done. Hinako gapes at him before asking if he means for her to go, not just today, but from here on?! To an all-boy’s school!? To that delinquent school!? Hikaru points out that he said it before, didn’t he? That she had the qualifications and if she’s that strong then she can survive at that high school.

More importantly, as his “twin sibling” she looks exactly like him! No one will notice that they’ve replaced each other! Hinako stares at him in shock. He looks back. What? Hikaru tilts his head. Hinako asks him what he meant just now. Hikaru is confused. Hinako points out that he just said “twin sibling” right now…

Hikaru grins and informs her that they are twins, and thus family related by blood. Hinako exclaims in shock that he must be lying because she was raised in an orphanage and doesn’t have a single family member! Hikaru doesn’t blame her for being surprised since she grew up for 15 years believing in that. But it’s the truth that they’re twins.

And that’s why they have the same face. Because they’re family! Hinako stares at him, stunned, because she had thought that she didn’t have any relatives in this world as she was raised by the orphanage since she was a baby. Really? Even she has family?… A person that is wearing female clothing though.

Hikaru admits that this story is complicated though and they’ll have to talk about it sooner or later. But at present they have a pressing problem! His talk about wanting her to attend Shishiku from now on! Hikaru tells her how he is burdened with having to stand on his own due to his name. People believe he’s strong at fighting because he’s a yakuza’s son and so all the other delinquents have their eye on him.

Hinako remarks on how his words are an understatement. Hikaru points out that she is here for him to survive unharmed through this though. In other words, she has more than enough potential to continue attending Shishiku from here on out. Hinako will attend Shishiku while he attends her all-girl’s school and, with this, everything is settled!

Hinako asks how everything is settled with this! It’s too strange! Suddenly, a man comes up and addresses Hikaru as the young master. Hinako asks him who he is. He greets her but notes that this isn’t their first time meeting either, huh. Hinako recognizes him as the passerby and realizes that he’s an accomplice to Hikaru!

Hikaru introduces him as Sakaguchi Haruo, his attendant and manager. Hinako gapes at him before realizing that, wait a second, he’s the son of a yakuza family… her twin… and has an attendant. There’s too much information for her to deal with right now.

Hikaru apologizes since he said everything in one go so things must be getting complicated. Hinako tells Sakaguchi that, if he is Hikaru’s attendant, then he should stop this! Sakaguchi confesses that there’s a lot he wants to stop but the young master won’t listen to him when he speaks.

Hikaru grins and tells Hinako that it’s useless to say anything because Sakaguchi has been minding him since he was young, and listens to anything he says. It’s like he’s an advisor to the shogun in the Edo era. He won’t listen to anyone apart from Hikaru. Hinako can’t believe this.

Sakaguchi then compliments his young master for looking so nice in a sailor uniform! Hikaru winks and praises Sakaguchi for having a discerning eye. Sakaguchi compliments his young master for his plan. Hinako complains about how both of them are no good. No, more like these people definitely aren’t her family!

Hikaru ignores her grumbling and tells her that he’s counting on her for tomorrow too! If she doesn’t go then he’ll reveal himself to be a boy at her all-girl’s school. And then her name will removed from the school and she won’t be able to return… Hinako has no response. Hikaru tells her lightly that, in any case, if she does well then he’ll do well. He tells her to work hard tomorrow, teehee!

4月5日 MORNINGAnd this is how Hinako finds herself at Shishiku once again. She can’t believe that she came to this school again; she also recalls how she ran home during the middle of the school day after getting into a fight. Haa, no doubt Totomaru is angry and what’ll she do if he wants to fight today as well?

Suddenly, someone calls out the name “Onigashima Hikaru” and Hinako startles when she sees Totomaru appear. She can’t believe they met again this fast! He asks to borrow her and Hinako cautiously wonders if they’re going to fight again. She already feels mentally fatigued.

They head to the field where Totomaru asks her where she learned her martial arts. She blinks at him. Martial arts? He snaps out that he’s obviously talking about yesterday’s fight! She answers that she learnt it for self-defense. He scoffs. Not at that level. She hesitantly asks him if he’s okay.

Only for Totomaru to yell out that this is too lame! She startles. He mumbles to himself about how he kept on thinking about it so that he could accept it… but he really can’t be honest, huh. He’s bad at these things. He huffs before confessing that it’s a fact that he’s no match for her, and so he recognizes that. He’s properly accepting that he lost to her.

She asks him what he means. He explains that yesterday, at the entrance ceremony, he was the temporary top of the first years. But from today on, she’s the temporary top. He’ll follow her as her number 2. Hinako gapes at him and repeats his words in a shock. S-She’s the temporary top of the first years!? She doesn’t have the slightest intention of occupying the school.

Totomaru tells her that it’s too late; rumors have already spread about her beating him. And so everyone recognizes her as the temporary top. Hinako can’t believe this. Totomaru goes on to say that he really believed he could take the top at Shishiku, but he understands now after losing to her that there are people higher than the top. And now he’s going to cheer her on with all his power! He looks forward to her dominating Shishiku.

The bell rings and Totomaru notes that it’s time for them to head to classes. He advises her to just hold herself and act as the top in the meantime! Hinako tries to protest but he walks off, leaving her wondering how things became like this.

4月5日 LUNCHAccording to Totomaru, Hinako has become the temporary top of the first years due to their fight from yesterday. Just what should she do about this development? Now that it’s become like this maybe she should reveal herself to be a girl and drop out of school. But if she does that then Hikaru will get revenge… Ah, what should she do?

Suddenly, a group of delinquents come up to her to ask if she’s Onigashima Hikaru. One of them remarks on how he’s heard rumors about her since yesterday. Did she really beat Totomaru? Hinako realizes that Totomaru spoke the truth about rumors already being spread. Just when it had been an accidental fight too…

The first delinquent asks his friend what bullshit he’s speaking about because Onigashima Hikaru looks like a girl! Hinako startles. The second delinquent adds that her eyes look delicate like a girl’s too. Is she really a man? Miss~!

Hinako is afraid that she’s been found out! But she declares that she can’t be a girl. She’s clearly a boy. LOL. The first delinquent mocks her words and says they can’t believe her when she speaks in such a high voice! Hinako realizes that this is bad unless she shows them something masculine!

But then the first delinquent cracks his knuckles and muses on how, since Totomaru has fallen, if they beat her down then they’ll become the top. The second delinquent thinks they won’t have a better chance and so, miss, they’re going to make her quietly drop out of Shishiku. Hinako realizes that she has no choice but to fight to show them that she’s a man! The delinquents attack her and yell out that they want to see her manly willpower!

The delinquents are defeated and shocked at her strength. Even if she looks like a girl… inside a man is a man. Hinako pants as she watches them collapse and wonders if this is good enough. Totomaru suddenly pops up and compliments her. As expected, these small fry weren’t opponents for her!

Hinako is surprised to see him. But then Totomaru remarks on how it ended up like this; he predicted it but it’s happening faster than he thought. She asks him what he means. Totomaru reminds her that these delinquents already said it. That, now that Totomaru has fallen, they’ll beat her and take the top. In other words, everyone is going to target her.

Hinako is unhappy by that. Totomaru explains that, even though she beat him, people are going to be tricked by her appearance and easily provoked people will come out. Hinako is shocked when she realizes that this means more people will come looking for a fight!

Totomaru averts his eyes and tells her that she’s strong but, like these guys said, she looks a bit feminine. Hinako stiffens. He then tells her that to not be looked down on she might have no choice but to officially take the top, rather than be a temporary one. Hinako asks him how she’d go about doing that.

Totomaru smirks and tells her that the quick and easy way would be to defeat Konparu. Hinako realizes he’s talking about that person from the entrance ceremony. Totomaru says that there’s no one around here who doesn’t know of “Konparu Takayuki” of Hiyodori.

Since middle school, there have been lots of delinquents who picked fights with him but were all defeated. He’s been undefeated for 153 battles and is said to be unrivaled. Hinako asks if he’s really that strong. But she becomes determined and confirms that if she beats that person then everyone else will accept it and these situations will no longer–

But Totomaru interrupts and tells her that, unfortunately, Konparu stopped fighting around his second year of middle school. Since then, he hasn’t ever seriously fought. Hinako realizes that this means even if she wants to have a match she can’t.

In her mind, she asks herself if she’ll really fight with Konparu too? But like Totomaru said, fights like the one just previously will keep happening. There will also be people suspicious of how girly she looks. Is there no other way but to take the top of the first years to silence those people?

Totomaru shrugs though and then admits that he doesn’t know yet how Konparu and the other delinquents will react in this situation. So, for today, she can just check it out.

4月5日 EVENINGSomehow, she manages to get through the day. Hinako wants to hurry and go home, and wonders how long this situation will continue.

4月6日 MORNINGCompetition for the top of the first years. A dispute of delinquents. She’s been completely sucked into this whirlpool. Just what should she do about her school life from here on? And, since then, she hasn’t received any contact from Hikaru. What’s the meaning of that? Is she supposed to continue attending this school for him?

As she passes a convenience store, she overhears a delinquent asking a kid for his allowance. A second delinquent orders the kid to hand it over like a good boy to his elders. The elementary school student protests and says that this is for his school’s lunch and he needs to give it to the school. The first delinquent could care less about that. The second one demands the money now.

Hinako is startled to see them extorting the kid. The second delinquent whistles at the money they receive; 10,000 yen. THAT’S ABOUT 100$ US. The first delinquent comments on how lucky they are. The elementary kid demands they return it. He has to give that to his school today! The second delinquent snaps at him to shut up and kicks him.

The first delinquent tells the kid that this is what happens when he defies his elders. The second delinquent tells him to go to sleep there like a good baby. Hinako steps in and asks them angrily what they’re doing. They turn to glare and ask what she wants. Hinako demands them to return the money they ripped away to the kid.

The first delinquent tells her that it’s none of her business. The second asks if she’s trying to act all righteous. If she keeps talking they’ll beat her up. Suddenly, the little kid yells at the delinquents to give his money back and kicks one. He takes his money back and runs off. The first delinquent snarls at how his game center money is gone; now he has nothing to do for today! The second delinquent demands compensation from Hinako.

Hinako exhales and realizes that she has no choice but to fight them here. She has two opponents so… Suddenly, another delinquent appears and asks them what’s going on. The first greets the newcomer as “Tacchan” and explains that Hinako took away their allowance money. The second one adds that they got extorted.

Hinako splutters and points out that they were the ones who were taking people’s money! But Tacchan sneers at how she has guts to bully one of his own. Which school does she go to? Another delinquent appears and answers that she goes to Shishiku. More delinquents appear and are surprised by that, but they recognize the school badge. Tacchan is amused by how Shishiku has such girly looking students.

They snicker at how she looks so weak; a disgrace to how infamy of Shishiku. But now that it’s come to this they should beat her up and earn back their allowance. The other delinquents agree on this great idea and now it’s time to collect their money! Maybe they should make her pay it all in one go. It was 10,000 yen and there’s ten of them so… 120,000 yen? UHH THAT’S NOT HOW YOU MATH.

Hinako realizes that this is bad because there’s no way she can take on this many of them by herself. Just as they charge her though, one of them is kicked down. Hinako is startled to see Konparu Takayuki appear. Everyone else is too. Konparu tells them calmly that they’re in his way and he can’t pass. One of the delinquents blinks in surprise.

Konparu repeats himself lowly that he said he couldn’t pass. The delinquent hurriedly makes way and apologizes. Suddenly, Konparu’s eyes widen at the sight of Hinako. Hinako looks back. He asks her if she’s gotten herself caught up with these guys. She opens her mouth and stumbles over what to say.

And then Konparu asks the delinquents what business they have with someone of his school. One of the delinquents quickly says that they didn’t have anything. The others chime in saying that they just lost their way! They were asking about which road to take! But now they know! Yep, they are all clear now! Bye!

Everyone runs off and Hinako blinks in surprise before thanking Konparu. He shrugs and tells her that he made them leave because they were in his way; he didn’t save her. Hinako watches him leave in silence.

4月6日 NOON. Totomaru is stunned to hear that Konparu saved her. Hinako is grinning as she explains that she got caught up with other delinquents but Konparu settled everything. She’s also amazed at how all Konparu needs to do is just glare and then everyone runs away. He really is a famously strong person, huh.

Totomaru asks her what she’s saying. At her look of confusion, he reminds her that she needs to fight Konparu and yet she was saved by him. At this rate, they can’t talk about fighting him! Doesn’t she understand? In order to be accepted here she has no choice but to beat Konparu. Hinako nods weakly, but she still feels unsettled at having to fight someone who saved her.

And then Hinako admits to Totomaru that, in the first place, it’s hard for her to fight someone who she has no grudge against. Is there really no choice but to fight? Totomaru asks her what she’s talking about because it’s the only thing to do if she doesn’t want to be looked down on! Hinako gapes at him.

Totomaru tells her that he doesn’t know if Konparu is a good or bad guy. He doesn’t have a grudge against him either. But if she doesn’t fight Konparu then she won’t get accepted. If she doesn’t win then she’ll get looked down on. In that case, there’s no choice but to fight, right? Why is she hesitating over something so obvious at this point?

Hinako blinks. Obvious? He explains to her that this is the pride of a delinquent, no, a man! She should understand since she’s one too, right? Hinako stares at him. He’s talking about this as if it’s an extremely obvious thing but maybe it’s just obvious to men. What should she do? She can’t comprehend this.

Totomaru crosses his arms and muses on how Konparu still doesn’t want to fight though. In which case, it looks like he has no choice but to force Konparu with “that”. Hinako gives him a wary look. Totomaru smirks and tells him that they’ll have to use the secret technique of fighting; a surprise attack! Hinako has an unsettling feeling about this.

In the halls, Hinako wants to ask Totomaru something. He grunts. She asks him what a surprise attack is. But Totomaru ignores her and comments on how this is the place. He tells her to fire herself up too. Hinako realizes that they’re in front of Konparu’s class and asks him what he means by that.

Totomaru tells her that it’s obvious and they only have two people with them; they have no idea how many people their opponent has and so they need to psych themselves up. Hinako realizes that by surprise attack he means… he’s just going to make a raid. BOOOOOOOOY.

Totomaru slams open the door and yells at Konparu that he, Minowa Totomaru, has come to raid his class! A delinquent asks him with irritation what he’s doing. Totomaru tells him to move because he doesn’t have any business with small fry. And then he grins when he spots Konparu.

He walks up to Konparu and tells him that he doesn’t know how long Konparu is going to run for but they should hurry up and settle who the top of the first years are. Konparu narrows his eyes and asks Totomaru what he’s doing with his magazine. Hinako hurriedly comes up to them and apologizes before hissing at Totomaru that this is a bit tyrannic.

Konparu blinks in surprise and recognizes her as this morning’s person. Is she Totomaru’s companion? Hinako grins and thanks him again for this morning. Totomaru interrupts and reminds her that she can’t be so friendly with him! Konparu narrows his eyes and remarks on how boring this is.

Does Totomaru want to fight him that badly? Totomaru smirks and declares that he does. Konparu asks if this is so he won’t be looked down on? Totomaru confirms this. Konparu tells him that he should stop this then. Totomaru narrows his eyes. What? Konparu states that Totomaru’s physical abilities won’t win against him and, if they fight, he’ll have Totomaru kicked to the ground and eating it within 3 seconds.

Konparu smirks. In other words, he’ll have a lifetime of shame. Totomaru is taken aback. Hinako is surprised by Konparu’s confidence too. And then someone interrupts them all and comments on how Totomaru is as energetic as always. Totomaru greets the newcomer in surprise as Hebio. Hinako looks between them.

Totomaru asks if Hebio is in the same class as Konparu. He laughs and asks if Totomaru is surprised, because it’s unexpected that Hiyodori’s number one and two are in the same class. Hinako is surprise to hear this and that Hebio came from Konparu’s middle school.

Hebio continues on to say that it looks like Totomaru wants to fight Konparu, but that’s impossible. Totomaru growls. He’s also told Konparu that he’ll be troubled if he doesn’t dominate the first years and become the top as Fujigumi’s top. But he had no response, just like now. Konparu scoffs.

Hebio admits that he got all fired up and asked to do it in Konparu’s place, only to be told to do whatever he wants. More importantly, he heard that Totomaru lost to this girly looking person. Konparu’s eyes widen and he asks Hinako if she won against Totomaru. Hinako startles and then confirms this. He stares at her.

Meanwhile, Hebio is still insulting Totomaru about how unprecedentedly quick Totomaru’s fall was from being the temporary top after saying he’d take it at the entrance ceremony. Besides, things are changing too. Totomaru angrily asks him what he means. Hebio explains that the fight for being the top of first years is still to come. Everyone else who is the top of their class is getting ready to fight.

Hinako is startled to hear that each class will participate. Hebio snickers and says that, essentially, everyone is going to participate and fight to be the top of the first years. Apparently, everyone is going to fight for ten days and the remaining winners after those ten days will fight for the top and control the first years. It’ll be a battle royal! Each top of each class will participate!

Totomaru realizes that this means his and Hinako’s group, Sumiregumi, and Konparu’s group, Fujigumi. Then there’s also Umegumi, Momogumi, and Tsubakigumi. The top of those five groups, depending on who remains, will fight. Hebio confirms this and says that, as one of the Fujigumi’s tops, he’ll be participating too.

First, he’ll start by beating this shrimp who defeated Totomaru. He’s going to crush the top of Sumiregumi. Hinako stiffens. Totomaru growls at him.

They head to the roof and Hinako whispers to Totomaru that it looks like everyone is aiming to be her opponent!? He apologizes because he didn’t think that it would become a mob like this. It was his complete miscalculation. Hebio suggests they end this quickly and asks the little lady if she’s prepared? Hinako can’t believe she’s being called a girl again.

It can’t be helped. Now that it’s come to this she has to give it her all! So that she won’t be found out as a girl and like Totomaru said– she can’t let herself be looked down on! Hebio tells her to come at him and not to pee her pants.

Hinako beats him and Hebio is stunned by her strength. Totomaru grins and compliments her; as expected of the guy he’s recognized! Hebio wants to know what middle school she came from because for someone like this to be at Shishiku…!

Totomaru scoffs and tells him that her middle school doesn’t matter. At any rate, Hikaru is a man who is going to keep going above him. That’s all. Hebio snarls. Totomaru then asks Hinako if she’s hurt. She reassures him that she’s fine. He grins and suggests they go back then.

Before they leave though, he turns back to tell Hebio that he’s dropped out of the battle royal with this. He expects him to keep quiet from now on. Hebio is frustrated because he thought he was finally going to be the top! Onigashima Hikaru… he won’t forgive him!

Back at their classroom, Totomaru apologizes because it was his fault that he wanted to fight Konparu and tried to surprise attack him. Hinako hurriedly tells him that it wasn’t his fault. It’s just like Hebio said and the battle royal to be the top of the first years has started. It was going to become like this sooner or later. Even if they didn’t go to Konparu’s class today, a fight would have come to them one day.

Totomaru stares at her and then declares that he’s going to support her with all his might! No matter what happens he’ll help her and be a strength. So, she doesn’t need to worry about that! Hinako is taken aback by his support but thanks him. And then Totomaru admits that he was curious about this before but why does she add a suffix to his name? She can just call him Totomaru.

Hinako is shocked by his offer. It’s kind of bold and sounds overly familiar. He just grins at her and says it’s fine because they are familiar with one another! They’re buddies, right? Hinako tilts her head at his slang and asks him if he means friends? He wants to be friends… with her?

Totomaru blinks at her and is confused by her words about becoming friends, because he already thought they were. Hinako stares at him with wide eyes before thanking him brightly. Totomaru looks back at her in confusion.

In her mind, Hinako thinks on how she hasn’t been able to make any friends at school up to now. To think that someone like her made a friend…! She tells him that she’s really happy and thanks him again, this time dropping the suffix on his name. Totomaru turns red. He stutters out that she’s overreacting.

And then he averts his eyes 「??な、なんでオレ今ドキッとした??」(?? W-Why did my heart just skip a beat??). HAHA IT BEGINS. WHAT I LOVE ABOUT CROSSDRESSING STORIES. Hinako asks him if something is wrong. He stutters out that it’s nothing!

MISSION: In order to become the top, within ten days, you must beat each of the tops from Umegumi, Momogumi, and Tsubakigumi!

5 thoughts on “Kenka Banchou Otome ~ Introduction ~

    Nope is here hello! said:
    July 23, 2016 at 16:48

    Poor Hinako! As silly as this otome seems to be I feel bad and a little angry for this girl to suddenly be dragged into her weird twin’s machinations, all because he couldn’t deal with the pressure so he decides to replace himself with his biological sister, who he’s never met before and make her his scapegoat?
    And protesting won’t work, because he’ll just reveal himself and she can’t ever show her face again at her school again. Although, if she’s his twin, she’s also a daughter of a Yakuza family so shouldn’t she also have leverage? Why was she brought to an orphanage? Was she just abandoned because of her gender?
    Honestly, Hinako is a better person than I am, I’d just fight everyone. Beat everyone. I’d beat up her brother too for good measure just because he got her into this mess in the first place. If he couldn’t handle the pressure how could he assume she would? She may have training in self-defense but she’s otherwise a normal civilian girl, right? And since he’s a Yakuza son, shouldn’t he be having the same sort of training and mannerisms taught to him?? Why’s it such a problem?

    Maybe Hinako should establish her position of power. Both from the school and the apparent family that, until more information is given seemingly abandoned her.

    At the very least, I’m glad she seems to have one ally and friend. Totomaru seems like a good guy but that’s weird. Isn’t he a delinquent? Why did he single her out from everyone? Because she was small and girly? Did she look like a weak target? He seems to have a protective streak.

    I like how in an all boys delinquent school, someone of small figure and feminine physique obviously must be a weak individual, clearly bad qualities for a specimen of a man //sarcasm, so much sarcasm

    Omg and then there’s Konparu…there’s not much about him yet, but the little there was of him didn’t impress me very much. What’s with the whole “Don’t thank me, I wasn’t doing it for you” line, honestly like…why can’t you just take an expression of gratitude…and be on your way. Why is that a thing. Why do you have to vocalize you’re a tool, like get out of here.

    Hinako is such a good person, I’d just beat them all up, lol I have no patience for alpha men and their one-upmanship

      Ilinox responded:
      July 23, 2016 at 17:25

      I’m really curious as to the story behind her whole “actually having a family but was sent to the orphanage instead” background. They better have a really good reason :( and LMAO I shouldn’t have laughed but omg yes Hinako is better than me too because (if I was her) I would have beaten the crap out of any of those delinquents the moment they tried picking on me.

      IIRC from their character bios Hikaru doesn’t want to be involved in this lifestyle and, if he did receive training, I have a feeling he isn’t very good or doesn’t have the talent for fighting (which is why he wants to escape). I do agree that it’s a pretty selfish and douche move to push the twin he just found into this situation but hopefully they’ll get some more family bonding time and he’ll actually feel sorry.

      LOL I think Totomaru is one of those justice-type characters. He’s a delinquent because he probably likes fighting and proving himself to be the top dog, but I think he does it to protect those weaker than him and that’s why he singled Hinako out.

      It does suck that being feminine is seen as being weak in this school but that’s what makes it all the more satisfying to beat the crap out of everyone :’)) I kind of wish you guys could see the fighting in action but it’s randomized so I can’t exactly record it down. But in the screen when you’re given 4 faces to choose from which generates a phrase for you to say during the fight to give you a boost, and some of the things you can say are hilarious like “You’ll be sorry when you’re dead” LOL (that was what I said to Hebio during the fight and his reaction was like “;;;; aren’t you taking this a little too seriously”).

      Haha, I’m surprised Konparu bothered you that much from the little he appeared! He seems a little like the tsundere/kuudere character (I think the real kuudere lone-wolf would be Kira, the Hosoyan character) and so he probably saved her because of his little brother (c’mon that kid shares TOO much resemblance to him) but he doesn’t want to let her know it ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ that’s where my money is at. But, you’re right, he could also just be an angry tool. At least he’s not demeaning… yet LOL.

        Nope is here hello! said:
        July 23, 2016 at 22:51

        Ooh!! That fighting system sounds really interesting! Now i kinda want to know the results you get from all of them! That sounds hilarious

        It’s nothing against Konparu personally, at least not yet! I’ve just seen that sort of line used so many times, it gets old fast. I’ll just have to wait and see what he’s really like just like the others, right?

        And even if Hinako doesn’t take enjoyment out of fighting, i can feel vindictive enough for her when someone decides to mess with her

    suri said:
    July 10, 2016 at 14:23

    Ohh, I’m kind of interested in this after seeing the sales figures… the delinquents set up sounds a lot like the Vitamin series which I loved. :) Can’t wait to read how you like it!

      Ilinox responded:
      July 11, 2016 at 13:48

      IIRC it did pretty good, right? I thought this game had an interesting premise and the fact that it allows itself to be silly like this is a good sign. Let’s just go all out with how over-the-top these delinquents are ;) I can’t wait to start insulting them and beating them up.

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