Hana Awase 「姫空木編」 ~ Karakurenai ~

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Karakurenai (唐紅)
CV: Hino Satoshi (日野 聡)

Karakurenai is one of the 5 Brights and a third year Kaei of the Oukagumi. He is known to be a genius at Hana Awase and also a distantly related to the chairmen of the school, Kaen. He treats all of his minamo equally and like possessions, but they all love to be played by him. He’s a playboy who normally doesn’t pursue girls who belong to other men, but he believes he’s made a claim on Mikoto and so he makes aggressive advances on Mikoto.

DAY 21. Mikoto decides to request the help of one of the 5 Brights to save Himeutsugi and the others in the auditorium.

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There are no more days left before the auditorium will be exploded. It’s like what Karakurenai said: even though she says such pretty things with her mouth, she can’t do anything. She said something arrogant when she can’t even choose a real partner. It’s embarrassing. Mikoto sighs.

And then Hiyoko pops up and says that she’s Mikoto, right? Mikoto glances over at her and nods. She vaguely recalls that this girl was with the Oukagumi… She pastes on a smile and asks if the girl needs anything from her? Hiyoko answers that she came to bring Mikoto along! Mikoto blinks in surprise. Huh? Hiyoko calls for her to come! Mikoto yelps and asks her not to pull her arm like that.

But she’s soon dragged to a room, which she has a sinking feeling about. They knock on the door and it opens to show a smirking Karakurenai. Mikoto stiffens. He greets her in a drawl. She stutters out his name before realizing that the girl who told her that she was to bring Mikoto along meant… She turns upon hearing a lock click and desperately tries the door. But it won’t open!

Karakurenai informs her that the door won’t open without a key; he won’t let her leave until this is over anyway though. He snickers. She repeats his words in terror. End? Kurenai points out that it’s obvious what they’re going to do when a man and a woman are alone together behind closed doors. He’s going to make her body show that she’s his possession. Mikoto gapes at him. He sighs and complains about how she’s become a woman of the Oukagumi and yet she doesn’t even change her group.

Mikoto snaps back that this is something he decided on his own. She’s still a minamo of the Gekkougumi…! Kurenai snarls out that his decisions are absolute! Mikoto snaps her mouth shut, scared. He narrows his eyes and tells her that she’s quite impertinent. She stutters out that she hasn’t done anything to him for him to think that! He growls out that she’s impertinent BECAUSE she hasn’t done anything. He kissed her and yet she isn’t pleased, to say nothing of how she avoids him. Did she think he wouldn’t notice?

She stares at him speechless. He doesn’t care if she’s the senki candidate or what; strip everything away and she’s just a woman, no different from the other minamo. He declares that she’s a woman of Ouka. She must obey him and listen to anything he says. If he desires her then she is to offer her body. She tries to protest. But Kurenai smirks and says that it’s easiest to train those customs of the woman of Ouka by engraving it into her body. His voice drops into a whisper as he tells her that he’ll make sure she is properly pleased. Now, come here!

Mikoto shrieks and dodges him. He laughs loudly and asks where she’s going to run in such a small place? He grabs her by the hand but she yelps in pain and begs him to release her. He tells her lowly that he won’t hurt her if she becomes obedient. Just be quiet and let him touch her. Mikoto refuses and yells at him to let her go! He clicks his tongue and snaps at her not to wriggle like that.

She continues to struggle though and yells out that she doesn’t like him! She hates him! Karakurenai flinches. And then he repeats her words dangerously. She hates him, Kurenai-sama? Mikoto stares at him with large eyes. He snickers and tells her that there’s no way that’s true. It’s impossible. He won’t say it twice or else he’ll teach that mouth of hers a lesson. Amply. She freezes and then shakes her head desperately.

But Karakurenai forces his mouth on hers and murmurs that it’s this tongue, right? This is what defies him. Mikoto is shocked when he bites her tongue. She pleads with him to stop. He speaks against her lips and asks where all her power went. Ah, or is it that she’s feeling aroused now? She tries to protest but his tongue starts to move. She doesn’t want this! Mikoto starts to hit him but Kurenai chuckles and tells her that it’s not affecting him at all.

He finally releases her lips and breathes heavily as he asks her how it was. Isn’t it the best to wrap their tongues together like that? She shakes her head. But Kurenai whispers that even if she dislikes it her eyes are glazing over. Heh, she’s slowly feeling it, right? She hits him some more. He chuckles and tells her that it’s irresistible to be kissing like this and have her body be caressed, right? Her mind must be blanking, right?

Mikoto denies it. Karakurenai ignores her and comments on how large her breasts are. As he thought, she has his preferred body type. Mikoto shrieks and yells at him not to touch her. He snorts and asks her what she’s saying when she’s aroused. It’s written on her face that she wants him to hurry and fuck her. Mikoto tells him he’s wrong. He hums at how dishonest she is. In that case…

Someone knocks on the door, causing Karakurenai to click his tongue. Mikoto realizes that someone is outside! She’s glad that someone came and tries to yell for help, but her mouth is captured by Karakurenai. He murmurs to her that their game is ending here. He’s going to make her into a woman. He notices the look on her face and asks if she doesn’t understand? He’s going to fuck her. He’ll make her understand that she’s a woman and, with that, she should finally become obedient.

Mikoto gapes at him. His voice drops as he tells her that he’s very skilled, unlike CERTAIN people. Mikoto screams when she feels his hand move and yells at him not to touch her. Kurenai grits his teeth before snarling at her to scream more if she hates it. He’ll make it so that she screams loud enough for people outside to hear! She tries to deny him. He’s delighted by her voice and tells her that it’s arousing him. Come on, he’ll make her scream louder! She screams.

She can’t move. She’s so scared she’s trembling. She begs for someone to save her. Her voice becomes weaker as she continues to beg. Kurenai’s breath hitches. Mikoto feels disgusted and her vision is darkening; she falls silent. Karakurenai realizes that she’s drying up and curses. This is bad. He curses because it’s happening again and then snaps at someone to hurry up! Mikoto blinks slowly in a daze.

A minamo of the Oukagumi stutters out that they have it here! And then they scream when the door is kicked open. Iroha appears, silent. Mikoto’s eyes widen. Iroha asks Karakurenai calmly what he’s doing. Kurenai smirks as he notes that Iroha has finally made his appearance. Iroha orders him to release the senki candidate. Any act that will steal the qualifications of the senki candidate are a target for elimination.

Kurenai snorts because that’s fine with him and he tells Iroha to just try it. He mockingly asks Iroha if he doesn’t remember the Katou they had a while ago where he lost? He tells Iroha that he can’t win against him when he’s serious. Iroha replies calmly that they had been doing Hana Utsushi. If they are doing Hana Awase, he’ll win. Mikoto is shocked. Kurenai raises an eyebrow at how Iroha is talking about killing him. So, he’s showing his true character, huh.

But it’s a shame because if they do Hana Awase then Iroha will be the one killed. From the start, Karakurenai has never liked him. And if they’re going to do this then he’ll really go all out. Kurenai claims that he won’t lose to Iroha; and along with killing him he’ll also fuck Mikoto in front of him. Mikoto splutters at that. Karakurenai remarks on how Iroha wants to protect Mikoto’s virginity no matter what, right? It’s written on his face.

Mikoto looks at Iroha in surprise. Iroha is silent. Karakurenai admits that he could care less about the awakening of the senki, and he just wants to fuck her. Because she has an irresistible body. Mikoto cringes away from him. Iroha is silent. Kurenai goes on to say that fucking her in front of Iroha will surely feel amazing! It’s not just Goto who is aiming for Mikoto. He starts to laugh loudly. Iroha is silent.

Mikoto wonders what they’re talking about. Right now, what Kurenai just said… Suddenly, Iroha states that he’ll listen to Karakurenai’s demands. Kurenai snickers at how they’ve cut to the chase. Kurenai demands for the auditorium’s explosion to be stopped. Mikoto’s eyes widen. Iroha immediately replies that he won’t allow that. Kurenai asks if their negotiations have broken down then? In that case, he’ll kill Iroha and fuck Mikoto senseless.

Iroha calmly asks if that is all he has to say? Kurenai narrows his eyes. Huh? Iroha reminds him 「勝つと言っただろう。貴様を殺すことはたやすい。」(I said I would win. Killing you would be simple). HOLY SHIT BABE CALM DOWN. ALSO FIRST TIME IROHA HAS USED “KISAMA”? HE’S PISSED. Karakurenai stiffens. Iroha continues to say, without emotion, that he won’t negotiate. He tells Karakurenai to release the senki candidate, immediately. If he doesn’t then Iroha will kill him. Karakurenai snarls at him.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO SIDE WITH IROHA. HAH DID YOU THINK I WOULD PASS THIS CHANCE UP? Basically, Kurenai’s minamo reveal that a large amount of Oukagumi girls remained in the auditorium because they were worried for Kurenai. Which is why he’s so opposed to blowing up the auditorium because then his minamo would be dead and he absolutely won’t allow that, to the point of assaulting Mikoto to use her for his plans.

Iroha doesn’t care though and rips Mikoto out of Kurenai’s arms and declares that the explosion will still proceed and he will eliminate anyone who tries to mess with the senki candidate, including helpers. Mikoto is dragged into the hall and then Iroha forbids her from further interaction with Kurenai or any of the minamo in the Oukagumi. He also admits in a low voice that if Kurenai hadn’t released her then, Iroha would have killed him. He grits his teeth and then walks away. Mikoto has to decide again on who to ask for help, excluding Kurenai this time.

CHOOSE TO SIDE WITH KURENAI. Mikoto realizes that there’s something strange going on with the conversation between the two men. Both Kurenai’s actions and proposal were… she calms herself down and recalls their words. His demands… could he mean!? If so, then his actions were…! She asks herself what she wants to do. Didn’t she want to save someone? In that case, there is only one thing to do here.

She stares straight at Iroha and tells him to wait. Iroha looks at her. She tells him that she came here… to Kurenai’s room, on her own. She says that she was just shocked at first but she’s a minamo of the Oukagumi, and so… she’s Karakurenai’s partner. Kurenai’s eyes widen and he says her name. I THINK THIS IS THE FIRST TIME HE’S SAID HER NAME IN THIS GAME LOL USUALLY HE’S LIKE “WOMAN” “YOU THERE”.

Mikoto declares that she’s made her choice. Not by the onifuda but by her own will. Iroha is absolutely silent. She apologizes for her rash actions but Karakurenai is her partner, and if Iroha will let Karakurenai live then she will act accordingly as a senki candidate should. Karakurenai gapes at her. Iroha calmly asks if these are her true feelings. She nods determinedly.

He tells them 「鬼札は導いていない。これは違えた運命・・・。それでも、泉姫候補が選んだのであれば、かまわない。」(The onifuda hasn’t shown the way. This is a mistaken fate… but if this is what the senki candidate chooses then it doesn’t matter). But if the senki candidate is about to lose her qualifications then he will immediately kill Karakurenai; he warns her to remember this. He leaves without another word.

Kurenai exhales before informing Mikoto that if the explosion happens then he’ll fuck her. Her condition for keeping him alive is the safety of her virginity. Meanwhile, Iroha did all of that for the sake of protecting her virginity. Kurenai admits that he’s impressed to have seen her threaten Iroha.

Mikoto startles and denies having that intention, but then she yelps when he draws her into his arms again and asks if that’s true? Because she threatened him too, about how if he valued his life then he can’t screw her. Mikoto stutters and tries to tell him that wasn’t her point before realizing what she just said and blurting out that it’d be a problem if he did that. He grumbles at her to shut up and that him, Kurenai-sama, will fuck someone when he wants to fuck them!

He kisses her again and then sighs at how she’s an irritating woman. Just when he had everything laid out too. Mikoto asks him in a stutter that he wants to protect the Oukagumi minamo in the auditorium, right? That’s why he was so violent towards her? Her words are cut off when he kisses her again and murmurs at her to shut up, because she’s being cheeky. And then he vows that he’ll definitely screw her, and she should remember that. Mikoto doesn’t respond.

Karakurenai wants to protect everyone in the auditorium, which is why she declared herself his partner on the spur of the moment. But with this everyone, including Himeutsugi, will be safe, right? This is good… right? She’s been kissed countless of times now by Karakurenai. Are kisses supposed to be like this? Is she really okay with this?

「思ふこと 言はでぞただに やみぬべき
我とひとしき 人しなければ」 – Karakurenai
(It will be best
to keep silent
and not say what I think
for there is no other
who shares my feelings.) – Narihira (The Tales of Ise #124)

Scene skip! At night, Karakurenai complains about Mikoto and how she looked like she had seen through him to his thoughts. Her eyes piss him off. Is it because she’s acting righteous after defending him? It’s not cute. She shouldn’t be conceited just because she’s the senki candidate. He addresses her, Mikoto, and declares that she isn’t “his woman”. He only has an interest in her body. Oh well, just ripping her off of that shitty princess might be good enough. He chuckles and vows to give her lots of his “love”. She should prepare.

Scene skip! Half Moon greets her and notes that she’s decided on a moon. Even he doesn’t know what will happen with this moon. He can only be here and protect her. The first time was a decision, the second time is confusion. Just like that time, she is lost. Mikoto tries to ask him what he means. And who he is. How come she can only hear his voice? What is the meaning of his words? Half Moon murmurs that the full moon is close. When the moon fills then fate will change, greatly. But this is her trial. What she should believe in… but there is only one answer. She needs to find it… her half moon.

DAY 22. Mikoto wakes up and realizes that she had that dream again about him. She’s seen that part multiple times but today was a little different. What does he mean by lost? She feels strangely caught. And then Momotose knocks on her door to enter and inform her that Kintokihana, the chairman, has awakened and they should go and see him together. Mikoto nods and heads out with Momotose.

Kintoki greets her sluggishly when she knocks on the door and enters. She notices that his pallor is terrible. He tells her that he heard from Iroha about how she chose Kurenai as her partner. Mikoto confirms this. Kintoki sighs because the onifuda didn’t decree this and her expulsion has already been decid– Karakurenai interrupts here and tells the chairman to shut up.

Mikoto was his woman to begin with and he could care less about her being expelled or the shitty onifuda. She only needs to concern herself with him. Onosada scolds him for speaking in such a way to the chairman. Kintoki tells Onosada not to bother, and he’s smiling as he notes that this is promising. He will revoke the senki candidate’s expulsion but, in exchange, they will have to agree to his plan.

Kintoki then gives a large yawn. Momotose notes with concern that he must be tired. Kintoki reassures them that he’s just sleepy; this trifling thing wouldn’t tire him. But he’s worried about Awa who collapsed yesterday and hasn’t come out of his room. Mikoto is shocked to hear this. Kintoki huffs because he knows Awa used too much power, even though he warned his twin not to overdo it.

Mizuchi comments on how Awahana seemed to have purified areas outside the school as well, and thus the burden on his body was large. Kintoki informs them that Awa’s life isn’t in danger, but he is greatly weakened and they need to suppress this current disturbance as early as possible.

Mikoto can’t believe Awahana went so far. Maybe it would be best to resolve it all by blowing up the auditorium…? But if they do that then everyone who is inside will get caught in it… moreover… She doesn’t finish her thought. Iroha is silent.

Suddenly, Karakurenai looks at Onosada and asks him if he has permission. Onosada grunts and tells him to do as he pleases. Mikoto looks at them questioningly. Kurenai then declares that he and the senki candidate will head to the auditorium to settle everything. Mikoto gapes at him. Kagami also asks him what he means, startled. Kurenai answers that he means exactly what he said; he’s going to show them that they can control the disturbance without resorting to explosions or other such things.

Momotose asks if only Karakurenai and her angel are going? Kurenai confirms this because Mikoto is his partner. Mikoto’s eyes widen. Kurenai chuckles and says that since everything has been decided, they’re just going to rush into it right now! Momotose thinks it’s too sudden and they should prepare for another day, no? Kurenai snaps back that if they take it easy then the chairmen are going to kick the bucket, since they already have both feet in a coffin.

Kintoki retorts that Kurenai is being rude because he’s still in service. Kurenai just smirks and tells the old man not to strain himself. He also needs the chairman to go ahead and remove the barrier around the auditorium. Iroha informs Kintoki that he and Mizuchi will cover them. If Kurenai falls then he and Mizuchi will protect the senki candidate. Kurenai snorts and tells them that they’ll be useless. If they really want to do something then they can just worship his ass. L M A O THIS MAN.

Mizuchi chokes at the blatant rudeness. Momotose just sighs before telling Kurenai that her angel has just become a minamo. She is still fumbling through Hana Utsushi, to say nothing of Hana Awase. Can he not take his usual Ouka minamo? Kurenai ignores her and just turns to Mikoto to sneer at how she’s unreliable, huh? Mikoto flinches. He goads her by saying that she hasn’t gotten cold feet, right?

Mikoto blurts out that she hasn’t and she’ll go! She freezes when she realizes what she’s said. But Kurenai is already chuckling in approval and declares that he, Kurenai-sama, has no intention of taking any minamo along apart from Mikoto! Onosada also thinks just him and the senki candidate is a bit… But Kurenai snaps at him to shut up because no one is allowed to speak against what he’s decided. He then states that Mikoto alone is enough for an Ouka woman.

And then he suddenly kisses her. In front of everyone. Momotose gasps. Iroha is silent. Mikoto struggles and tells him to stop. Kurenai points out that she doesn’t dislike it, right? Because she’s the one who said that she was his partner. He orders her to beg him for more and then kisses her again. With this, he can receive her power and he lets all the damn people in here know that she’s his woman. It’s two birds with one stone.

Iroha exhales. OH GOD HE’S MAKING NOISES. And then Kurenai asks everyone if they understand now? No one is to touch this woman. If they do, he’ll kill them. Mizuchi grits his teeth and excuses himself. Kurenai asks mockingly if this was too much stimulation for the virgin bastard? Haha! Kintoki tells him exasperatedly that they understand and so he can stop at that. He then grumbles about how hot-blooded Kurenai. Geez, just who is he similar too…?

At any rate, Kintoki doesn’t care what plan they decide to use so long as this disturbance can be suppressed as soon as possible. For Awa’s case. He tells them that he is going ahead to the auditorium now and leaves. Momotose tells Kurenai that she understands his feelings but, first, she wants to be allowed to talk to her angel alone. Mikoto looks at the ground and murmurs Momotose’s name. Kurenai exhales.

But Kagami tells him that it’s girls talk, so he can go on ahead. Kurenai huffs before telling Mikoto to come to him in 5 minutes; he has little patience. Mikoto stiffens. Kagami grins and decides that she’ll– Kurenai tells her not to touch him because he has no interest in manly women. Kagami gapes at how cruel that was. Iroha informs then that he will leave as well and he’ll be on standby in the greenhouse. Momotose smiles and leaves it to him.

Everyone leaves except for Mikoto and Momotose. Momotose informs her that she heard her angel’s decision from Iroha. Mikoto apologizes for her actions. Momotose tells her 「謝らなくてもよろしくてよ。わたくしは、どの運命を選んでもあなたの味方でございます。」(You don’t need to apologize. No matter what fate you choose, I will always be your supporter).

She is certain that whatever Kurenai does to Mikoto is because he’s thinking about the Ouka minamo in the auditorium, right? Mikoto is surprised Momotose knows. Momotose smiles and explains that there is no one else who treasures their minamo as much as Kurenai does; his problem is in showing it, but he loves deeply. Mikoto has nothing to say to that. But then Momotose admits that the only worry she has over Mikoto’s decision is… Himeutsugi.

Karakurenai is more possessive than anyone. Once a minamo has been decided into Ouka then he won’t allow her heart to remain with another gentleman. She warns Mikoto that if there is hesitation in her heart… if she has feelings for Himeutsugi then Karakurenai won’t forgive that. Mikoto knows that as well. But she’s decided on her own to be Karakurenai’s partner, and so she has no… hesitation.

Momotose smiles sadly but accepts Mikoto’s words. She does tell her not to overdo it though. And, if anything happens, Mikoto can always come to talk to her. Mikoto smiles gratefully. And then Momotose huffs in outrage at Karakurenai’s actions. He’s very gentle with the minamo of Ouka, so why did he have to kiss her angel so violently!?

Mikoto is surprised to hear Karakurenai is that gentle with his minamo. Momotose tells her that rumors say Karakurenai is sweet on them, to the point of melting. LOL I WANT TO SEE THIS. Mikoto gapes at that. She can’t see that at all from him. He’s always violent towards her, throws her around, and is forceful. Her entire body trembles with fear when she’s looked at by him… and when she’s touched she becomes cold.

But because she’s chosen to be his partner she needs to do this properly. Properly. Momotose warns her about how the taint of the auditorium is very strong. Karakurenai has the power of a Kaei, but Mikoto is a minamo who was just born. She must be careful. Mikoto nods.

Mikoto exits the room, but is surprised to see Iroha in the halls. He stares at her silently and Mikoto is taken aback by his cold eyes. He continues to remain silent. And then he leaves without saying anything. Mikoto realizes that she did just decide everything selfishly and didn’t listen to a single thing Iroha said. If she doesn’t save everyone in the auditorium then…

She shakes her head and tells herself that this isn’t the place to be troubled! She’s decided. For everyone in the auditorium’s sake… and for Himeutsugi. In her mind, she tells Himeutsugi that she’s going to save him!

Someone giggles. Mikoto looks around in surprise because she felt like she heard a voice? Like a young voice… or an old one. She feels like she’s heard it before but… maybe it’s just her imagination. OH MAN EVEN I COULDN’T TELL WHO IT WAS. And then she realizes that it’s been past 5 minutes and she needs to go!

Mikoto runs into the greenhouse and apologizes for making Karakurenai wait. He clucks his tongue and tells her that she’s late. Mikoto tries to apologize but then yelps when he pulls her into him and moves her along. She tells him not to hold her like that, but he tells her to shut up because she’s his. He can do whatever he wants. She repeats his words, troubled. And then Kurenai grins and remarks on how he needs to get his blood pumping before they rush in.

Mikoto yelps and asks him not to touch her breasts! Kurenai just tells her that this is effective and she should shut up and let him touch her. Mikoto turns red and squeaks. He’s really fondling her breasts! She pleads with him to stop because it’s embarrassing. But Kurenai just sighs at how soft she is and that boobs are the best. I’M SURE WE ALL KNEW THIS ALREADY BUT KURENAI IS TOTALLY A BOOBS MAN. Mikoto realizes that he’s not listening to her at all.

And then he sniffs her and comments on how she smells nice. Mikoto just yells at him to let her go now, for real. On the side, Kagami sighs at how Kurenai can do that with Mikoto; it’s impossible with her small breasts. Mizuchi has his eye closed and exhales tightly. Iroha is completely silent. AWKWAAAARD.

Kagami is terrified and quickly points out to Momo that Iroha seems to have a displeased aura going at full throttle. Mizuchi has been keeping his eye closed, even as he talks to Iroha. It’s extremely eerie in that corner. Momotose tells her that those two are gentlemen and so it can’t be helped. Kagami hums and wonders about that; she wouldn’t know though since she’s a girl.

But then Momotose sighs at Karakurenai’s actions. He’s doing it on purpose to show Mizuchi and Iroha, just like a kid. Kagami remarks on how Kurenai is making a declaration on how Mikoto belongs to him. Momotose complains about how her angel isn’t a thing! She hates it when gentlemen have no delicacy, hmph!

Onosada appears and tells Karakurenai to stop the sexual acts there. Geez, kids these days, the moment he’s not looking at them they’re all start flirting immediately. Mikoto turns even redder and denies that she was flirting! Onosada tells her not to make excuses, because she shouldn’t just let Karakurenai fondle her breasts. If she isn’t firm then a man will do whatever he wants.

Mikoto winces and apologizes. Onosada also lectures Karakurenai and tells him not to get so fired up. He only agreed to this plan because Karakurenai has said that he’ll save everyone with it. Mikoto’s eyes widen. Onosada adds that Karakurenai’s partner is also the emperor’s precious senki candidate. If she loses her life here… no, if she becomes even the slightest bit tainted then… he knows what will happen, right?

Karakurenai just snorts and says that he doesn’t need it repeated. He declares that he’s Kaen’s only genius; he doesn’t need a useless plan like Iroha’s explosion one. He’ll save everyone without leaving anyone behind. Mikoto notices how he’s overflowing with confidence, which makes her wonder just how much power he has. She did hear that he won against Iroha in the Katou though.

And then a noise rings out. Momotose announces to Karakurenai that the chairman has released the seal. Karakurenai tells them all to watch his greatest stage! He runs off towards the auditorium, making Mikoto startle before hurrying after him. Onosada sighs at how characteristic of Karakurenai this is. But he’ll see what they’ve got.

They open the doors and Mikoto is instantly taken aback by the dreadfully tainted atmosphere. It’s also pitch black and she can’t see anything. She tries to ask if anyone is around and where Karakurenai is before yelping when she’s shocked by an electric current. It paralyzes her when she touches it. And then utsurohi form in front of her, coming up from the ground.

She calls out for Karakurenai only to realize that he’s not around!? She takes a step back when the utsurohi advance and then yells out for Karakurenai again. She flinches though when the electric current coils about her.

Suddenly, Karakurenai clicks his tongue at her for causing him trouble. He moves to her and tells her to stay here because he’s set up a field and the taint won’t come close with this. She looks around and sees a light surrounding them. Is this a barrier!? The utsurohi are avoiding the barrier. She’s amazed that Karakurenai can do this. And then Kurenai grumbles about how she came here when he didn’t even call for her. If he didn’t remember how she smelled then she would have died!

Mikoto winces. He also lectures her about running into a place full of utsurohi nakedly. Mikoto protests that they’re partners and she’s troubled when he runs in first without saying anything! He tells her that women of Ouka wait until they receive orders from him. She flinches. He adds that she can’t say anything so arrogant since she’s someone who became terrified by these utsurohi. First, she needs to apologize.

She realizes that he has a point. She ran into a dangerous place without even looking. And then she lost her mind out of fear at the utsurohi… especially when she’s the only minamo here. Mikoto apologizes for going off on her own. He smirks at her expression; it’s irresistible. And then he adds that it was quite amusing to see her so afraid of the utsurohi. It aroused him. She stares at him in surprise.

Only to stiffen when he kisses her again. His tongue is curling around hers. Kurenai pants and remarks on how her tongue is trembling. And then he tells her that her kiss is awkward; isn’t the senki candidate someone who is supposed to please men more? He kisses her again and orders her to apologize to him with her tongue. Mikoto can’t believe this man and realizes that she needs to refuse him! Didn’t Onosada tell her that if she wasn’t firm with Karakurenai then she’ll just get dragged along?

Mikoto slaps Karakurenai soundly on the cheek, and then yells at him to stop. She is his partner but she has no intentions of doing that! She already apologized. So, she asks of him not to do anything more. He narrows his eyes and tells her that if she is his partner then kisses are natural. She blinks. He smirks and tells her that players and their minamo flirt to accumulate power; has she not learned about that?

She points out that by flirting he means touching, right? In that case, the books have said that just lightly brushing hands is enough! He snaps at her not to say things the idiot Mizuchi would say. Touching like that only generates dregs. He explains to her that the more they touch the more power is generated, which is why kisses are the quickest way. If she is going to Hana Awase then she better remember this; it is the most basic of basics.

Mikoto just stares at him. So, his kissing her and touching her breasts is all to gather a lot of water!? Is that… what minamo are to do!? He notes that she looks angry but she felt good too, right? Mikoto turns red at his smirk. He chuckles and his voice lowers as he muses on how it’s been said that it’s easy to open up the body of an inexperienced woman. She should just be obedient and flirt with him. If she does that then he’ll make her feel real good.

Mikoto stays firm though and reminds him that she’s told him she doesn’t want him to say that! Besides, it’s cruel for him to tell her to just flirt with him. Is that all he seeks out of his minamo? Karakurenai raises an eyebrow and tells her that’s obvious; what else is there? She looks away. And then he tells her that only she’s hit him before. She’s much too impertinent despite being an Ouka woman. Even that time…

She repeats his words in surprise. That time? Kurenai snorts. She wonders if he’s talking about that time with Iroha? And then she becomes distracted when she sees that the utsurohi have increased. They’ve even approached closer to the barrier. She tells Karakurenai that the utsurohi numbers are too much and they might even break the barrier at this rate. Karakurenai sighs.

Mikoto continues on to say that this taint is dangerous to everyone in the auditorium! They should call Iroha and Mizuchi too. Then they can safely– Karakurenai interrupts her to say that she’s looking down on him. He alone is more than enough for this amount. She gapes at him; the auditorium is teeming with utsurohi. For them to completely defeat all of these…

Kurenai tells her to shut up because he doesn’t repeat himself. And then he demands all the water in her body; he’s going to clear all their enemies out. Kurenai shouts out 「さあ、華アワセだ。五光・唐紅の力ってモンを、とくと見せてやる。フィールド、いくぜ!最高の花道、その体に焼き付けな!」(Now, let’s Hana Awase! I’ll show you the full power of Karakurenai, one of the 5 Brights. I’ll scorch the best stage passage into those bodies!).

Mikoto pants after they win the battle. So this is Hana Awase. She did it before but it really is different from Hana Utsushi. More importantly, Karakurenai is really strong; there was so much utsurohi but he wasn’t perturbed at all. He easily defeated them. Kurenai tells her they’re moving on. Mikoto startles but quickly nods.

But she finds her legs trembling and she can’t move well. Kurenai pauses. She also feels her body become cold. He asks if she’s already drying up? She repeats his words in confusion. He explains that minamo become something like anemic when they feel taint. But with all these utsurohi crawling around it’s not a surprise. She nods along with his explanation but finds that she can’t move at all because she’s shaking so hard. Is she really drying up?

Karakurenai complains about how the real work hasn’t even begun and she’s already drying up. Did she not put up protection? Mikoto repeats his words in confusion. Protection? He explains that it’s something to prevent her water from being tainted; this is also basic. Is she that much weaker than the other minamo? So much for the legendary senki candidate.

Mikoto flinches because players and minamo touching, and protection against drying up… all of these are things she doesn’t know. Karakurenai might have thought that because she was the senki candidate she had more power than other minamo, and so he said they were okay with just the two of them. It’s natural for him to be disgusted. Momotose had been worried too. And she even talked back to Karakurenai like that.

Because she’s inexperienced she didn’t properly say that she couldn’t do this alone. And because she’s a bluffer. Mikoto averts her eyes and tells him that he’s speaking the truth; she overestimated her own abilities. Karakurenai remarks amusedly on how it isn’t so bad to see her meek. Mikoto has no response. He tells her that this is fine, and he’ll cure her symptoms. She looks at him in surprise.

He smirks and tells her that it’s easy. And then orders her to strip naked here. Mikoto turns red and asks him what he means. He explains that to cure drying up, a player and a minamo need to embrace each other and circulate their water. He’s said before that flirting is the most effective way and if they hold each other while naked then she’ll be cured in one shot. Mikoto blurts out that it’s impossible to get naked in a place like this!

Kurenai continues to smirk and asks if she’ll just drop dead here then? She stares at him with wide eyes. He tells her that she doesn’t have enough loyalty to him and so they’re going to make it very clear here and now. Especially an impertinent woman like her, she needs to tear off everything to understand just who the one on top is. Mikoto grits her teeth because isn’t this just to embarrass her before treating her symptoms!?

She realizes that she’s being taken along and tells herself that she can’t strip here. She needs to be firm. And so she refuses to get naked but stumbles when her head starts to spin. Her vision is becoming dim and her body feels heavy. Kurenai tells her to hurry up and strip; he’s in the middle of cleaning out the utsurohi, and so he doesn’t have time to waste on her cheap pride when they’re in a life or death situation.

Mikoto is frozen because she can’t do it but… if she doesn’t then everyone and Himeutsugi will… Mikoto ends up telling him she understands. Karakurenai laughs and tells her to take off her undergarments too; she needs to be completely naked! Mikoto closes her eyes and, in her mind, wonders what to do and pleads for someone to save her. Himeutsugi!!

Suddenly, electricity sparks and then a voice states that they’ll give it to her. Power. STILL NO IDEA WHO THIS IS. In exchange, they want her body. Mikoto is startled to see electricity enter inside the barrier. And then it surges into her. Kurenai stiffens. Something is flowing into her from the current! This is…?

Mikoto screams as her entire body is electrified. Karakurenai shouts out something about her. Mikoto realizes that she’s becoming transparent. She tries to resist. Kurenai yells at them to stop. But then Mikoto’s vision turns black.

And then someone calls out to her to wake. This voice is… Kurenai demands for her to wake, calling her by her name. Mikoto opens her eyes and wonders where they are. Kurenai exhales when he realizes that she’s up and then complains about her costing him time. She sits up and then realizes that she can move her body. She asks him if he cured her drying up. Kurenai denies having done that and then asks what she did.

Mikoto blinks at him. He explains that there was a strange electric current around her and when he touched it he ended up here. Mikoto looks around and realizes that they’re at an amusement park. Kurenai grunts out that she can see for herself. Mikoto wonders how they got here from Kaen. That’s what he wants to know. Mikoto wonders, in her mind, why they’re here.

And then Awahana appears behind them and giggles. Kurenai stiffens. Mikoto exclaims his name in shock. She asks him why he’s here! Wasn’t he unconscious? Awa just continues to giggle, leaving Mikoto to stare at him in confusion. And then Awa asks them how they find it? The world that he created. Isn’t it great? Kidding. Kidding. Kidddiiiiing. He giggles some more.

Mikoto just continues staring at him, and then startles when utsurohi appear. And then the butterfly that the chairman has raised appears. Awa orders Ruri to come to him. He pouts when the butterfly floats away and grumbles about how it runs away immediately after he catches it; it’s not interesting at all. Mikoto asks him if something is the matter because he’s acting strange…

Karakurenai tells her to hold back and that something is wrong. Mikoto looks at him in surprise and then turns back to look at the chairman in shock. Could it be? Kurenai calls out to the thing wearing the chairman’s form and asks what it is. Awa looks at them curiously and tells them that they’re strange. He is Awahana. No matter how they look at him, he looks just like Awahana. Right, Kurenai-kun?

Kurenai stiffens. Awa says 「じゃあ、ぼくを、しってる?いっしょに、ぎしきをしたよね。ふふ。きみって、ひきょうだよね。むかしも、いまも。・・・よわむし。」(Now, do you know me? We did the ceremony together, right. Fufu. You’re a coward, aren’t you. Back then, and now… Crybaby). Kurenai snarls at him. Awa doesn’t care though because his world is going to begin now.

Electricity sparks and then suddenly Tamamushi appears. Mikoto recognizes him. Awa tells them not to interrupt or else they’ll die, because Tamamushi wants to kill them. Tamamushi giggles crazily before addressing “Hime-sama”. Mikoto startles in surprise. Tamamushi continues on to ask Hime to leave it to him because he’ll do everything as Hime says.

Awa then asks Mikoto to come to him. Mikoto just stares at him in shock. Awa tells her that he’ll save her, so she just needs to come here. OH SHIT HIME HAS GONE CRAZY AFTER TAKING IN EVERYBODY!? She tells the chairman that she doesn’t understand anything he’s saying. He tilts his head. She tells him that, like Karakurenai said, he’s acting like someone else. What happened!? Just who is he–

Suddenly, Awa opens his mouth but Himeutsugi’s voice comes out saying that he gave her the powers of the minamo, right? Kurenai jerks in surprise. Mikoto also freezes because this voice! Awa’s form suddenly wavers and is replaced by Himeutsugi, who frowns and addresses Mikoto, his princess, to tell her that he saved her from having embarrassing things done to her by Kurenai.

Mikoto blurts out his name. He smiles and points out that he was cool, wasn’t he? Because he’s a prince! OMG BABY TALKING HIME. He informs them that he gathered everyone here from the auditorium and tricked someone. He created a world just from him and he won’t return them back. He then asks Mikoto to come to him so that they can play. Mikoto just stares at him, stunned.

And then Karakurenai orders her to do Hana Awase with him. Mikoto tries to protest, but Kurenai points out that Himeutsugi has gone mad. He might even be an adabana. She doesn’t sense that at all from Hime though. But Kurenai tells her that Hime has clearly gone crazy; that strange utsurohi electric current must have destroyed his mind. Mikoto protests because Hime isn’t an adabana!

Kurenai snaps at her not to avert her eyes from reality though. Hime is even using the form of the chairman and warped this place into an amusement park. He is truly a shitty princess. Mikoto continues to protest though. Himeutsugi asks her if something is wrong and then calls her over to him again. Mikoto flinches. Kurenai points out rhetorically that she has no intention of going over there… right?

Mikoto doesn’t answer. Karakurenai snarls out that he won’t let her go. She is an Ouka woman. She is HIS PARTNER! Mikoto stays quiet. Tamamushi giggles and then points out that either is fine. He’ll kill them. He’ll kill theeeeeeeem!! Mikoto opens her mouth to say something, but Kurenai orders her to shut up. Mikoto winces.

Himeutsugi asks her innocently if she won’t come? In that case, that’s okay then. He’ll see her later! I THINK THE PREVIOUS VOICE ALL THOSE TIMES WAS HIME. INCLUDING HIM GIGGLING AT IROHA BEING ANGRY. Mikoto is shocked when Himeutsugi just disappears. And then Karakurenai orders her to come to him. He creates a field and does his field call without hesitation.

Mikoto and Karakurenai win against Tamamushi, who screams in pain and realizes that his field is breaking. Mikoto notices that the ground is shaking. But then Tamamushi cackles at how their chairman and the rest of the students are still here. This entire world is under Hime’s control and it’s being overtaken. Mikoto screams when the ground around her feet crumbles.

Kurenai shouts about how it’s dangerous and tells her to give him her hand. She does so quickly. He grits his teeth and swears as he wonders what’s happening. Their bodies are sinking into the ground and it feels like they’re being torn to pieces. He orders her not to separate from him. Absolutely. She screams out his name and then her vision flares white.

Mikoto winces in pain and then realizes that she’s back in the auditorium. Did they return? She notices Karakurenai beside her and calls out to him. But he’s unresponsive. She starts to repeatedly call out his name and begs for a response.

「狩り暮らし 七夕つめに 宿からむ
天の川原に 我は来にけり」 – Karakurenai
(Having hunted all day long,
let me pass the night
at the Weaver Maid’s!
[For] I have come
to the bank of the River of Heaven.) – Narihira (The Tales of Ise #82)


Scene skip! Karakurenai swears because he messed up. And it’s all because he was defending Mikoto. Shit, getting involved with her causes him nothing but trouble. He grunts in pain because it feels like his body will tear into pieces. It’s also hot like he’s been burned. And then he pauses because he feels something touching him. It’s cold… no, while it’s cool it is also warm… is this Mikoto’s body?

Kurenai pants heavily for a few seconds before admitting that it’s not bad. His pain is disappearing just from being touched. He wants her to touch him more. Forever. And to stay by his side. He’s going to borrow her body.

DAY 25. The dormitory leader informs Mikoto that she’ll leave hot water and towels here. She also adds some practical textbooks on minamo, which Mikoto asked for. Mikoto thanks her. And then the dormitory leader points out that the entrance is filled with girls from Oukagumi, crowding into a tight ball. What’s going on over there? Mikoto tells her that they’ve said they can’t enter Karakurenai’s room without his permission.

Apparently, they’ve been told that they’re not allowed in his rooms apart from the times when he explicitly tells them that it’s okay. The dormitory leader is surprised by their unexpected integrity. Mikoto smiles awkwardly and answers that Karakurenai is every one of those girls’ center. The dorm leader snorts because they’re waiting for Karakurenai to give them orders when he’s greatly injured… don’t they have their priorities backwards?

Karakurenai breathes evenly in his sleep. The dorm leader notes that Mikoto has been caring for Karakurenai ever since he collapsed. She’s even stayed in his room. Mikoto answers that she’s fine; it’s Iroha and Mizuchi who have been troubled. The dorm leader tells her that she heard from Momotose about how the taint in the auditorium disappeared but, in exchange, everyone in there disappeared.

Even Awahana has gone missing, which is terrifying. She’s heard that, in order to determine the chairman’s whereabouts, the 5 Brights have been ordered to do Kabatsu. Mikoto replies that she’s heard. The dorm leader lectures her on how Kabatsu is a dangerous responsibility where one can lose their lives. It’s different from the Hana Utsushi that they’ve been doing at school. Mikoto has heard that Iroha and the others have been cutting down the taint, regardless of day and night.

Compared to that, she has the dorm leader and Yoshino helping her. Moreover… Karakurenai breathes. Mikoto admits that Karakurenai was injured in defending her. And that’s why she can’t leave him. She’s his partner. And that’s why she’s doing everything that she can to make up for whatever she lacked. The dorm leader sighs because it’s troubling to hear Mikoto say that while the bags under her eyes deepen. Karakurenai isn’t in danger of losing his life, right? She wants Mikoto to rest too.

Moreover, how many books on minamo does Mikoto have now? She never knew Mikoto was so studious. But even the dorm leader can see that she’s pushing herself too hard. Mikoto thanks her for her concern. The dorm leader flushes and calls her an idiot; she’s just saying this because Mikoto is too softhearted. Besides, no matter how wounded Karakurenai is, it’s dangerous to be alone together in a room.

In the first place though, the dorm leader can’t accept that Mikoto chose to be Karakurenai’s partner. Why did she disregard Iroha, Mizuchi, and Himeutsugi, to choose Karakurenai of all people…

Suddenly, Karakurenai growls and asks her what she can’t accept? L O L OH SHIT. The dorm leader shrieks. Mikoto stiffens. Karakurenai remarks on how she’s talked how she pleased. Just whose group is she in? The dorm leader just screams, calls him filthy, and yells at him not to attack her as she runs away. Mikoto gapes at her disappearing back. Kurenai just grumbles about how cruel she was to call him filthy.

Mikoto tries to explain that the dorm leader is a bit too serious, so there’s a bit of a misunderstanding. Maybe. Kurenai snorts, and then winces in pain. She tells him not to get up yet because his wounds haven’t healed. He tells her to shut up and then complains about the bandages around him. Mikoto shouts at him to stop, because he mustn’t unwrap them.

Karakurenai swears because he was made fun of by that bastard, and he’s going to go and immediately crush him! And then– he winces again in pain. Mikoto hurriedly asks if he’s okay, and then informs him that he’s been unconscious for three days. He was bleeding heavily and it’s impossible for him to move around suddenly. She asks him to rest. He snarls at her not to order him, Kurenai-sama, around.

Mikoto tells him that it’s not an order. He asks if she’s feeling pity, then? She must be satisfied to see how lame he is, being unable to move and injured. She snaps out that he’s wrong! He grunts out that either one pisses him off and he wants to be alone. She should leave– He stiffens when he notices her just staring at him, and then asks angrily why she’s staring at his body.

She informs him that his gauze is stained in blood again and then asks that he doesn’t move. He hesitantly says her name, confused. She sees that his injuries have reopened and tells him that she’ll change his bandages and gauze after a sponge bath. Karakurenai gapes at her and then jerks when she unwraps his bandages. Mikoto smiles as she tells him that the dormitory leader just brought in hot water, so she’ll wipe him down with a warm towel.

Karakurenai asks if she’s even listening to him! To which Mikoto answers that she’s worried about his body. Moreover, his injuries were received from defending her, and so she wants to heal him. Kurenai falls silent at that. She asks him hesitantly if he can take off his clothes. He tells her rudely to remove it herself. She turns red, mouth open. He tells her that she’s the one who proposed this and so he isn’t going to do anything.

Mikoto is embarrassed but realizes that he’s being obedient, so she’ll take the opportunity now to do this. She turns to look at him, only to gulp. He asks her impatiently if there’s a problem. She shakes her head and tells him that she’ll undress him from his arms. He stays quiet. She reassures him that she won’t touch his wounds. He huffs and tells her that she’s being noisy, and she should just hurry up and do it.

She tries to look away as she does it, but she notices that Karakurenai’s skin is pale and his arm looks slender enough to break, though hard and firm. She couldn’t tell when he wore his clothes but it looks like his body is quite toned. More importantly, he has countless injuries carved into his skin. They look like cuts? And cover his entire front. The white scars stand out. Moreover, there’s a large gash near his heart… like–

Karakurenai comments on how she’s staring at him so intently; is she that thirsty for a man’s body? LMAO. Mikoto turns deep red and denies this! She then asks about the injury he has around his heart. He glances down and answers that it was a sword wound. She repeats his words with a stutter. Sword wound!? He tells her that he received a hit in the past from someone he angered. He inflicted a greater injury back at them though.

She is shocked at his words. Just what kind of person is Karakurenai!? He smirks and informs her that he has none on his back, by the way. They’re all frontal wounds. She blinks in confusion. He explains that he received all these wounds without having turned his back. In fights between men, the one who trembles out of fear loses. She asks if he gets into that many fights?

He closes his eyes in pleasure and tells her that “fights and fires are Edo’s flowers“. The moment he punches his opponent arouses him the same as what he feels when he embraces a woman. Like this. He grabs her arm. She stiffens. He smirks slowly and asks if she thought they would be finished just like this when she strips a man in a bed. Mikoto asks him to let her go because it hurts.

Kurenai comments on how, at that time, he told her to get naked but she didn’t strip. And now, this time, she’s stripped him out of social obligation. She really is an impertinent woman. Mikoto tells him that she didn’t have those intentions! He kisses her again. She pleads with him to stop. He huffs and tells her to get used to kisses, since she’s become his woman.

Mikoto glares at him and orders him to let her go. She’ll call someone if he continues to do more. His minamo are outside! He just smirks and tells her to call them; they won’t come in without his permission though, right? He informs her that he’s trained his minamo so they won’t stupidly interrupt him in the middle of things. That bastard Iroha is also not here due to Kabatsu and so no one will get in his way.

She realizes that he heard everything the dorm leader and her talked about! He continues to smirk and tells her that hearing a fussy woman talk wakes him better than a lame alarm. Mikoto wonders what to do because help won’t come when called. At this rate, Karakurenai will get to do as he pleases. And this is what’s going to be done to her while everyone is burdened. She also didn’t save Himeutsugi and the others…

Mikoto starts to sob at the thought of Himeutsugi. Karakurenai croons at how nice her expression is, and whispers for her to come closer. But then he pauses. Mikoto looks at him in confusion. Kurenai’s brows furrow as he notes that something is happening again. What is this? He sniffs her. She yelps his name. He wonders out loud where this smell is coming from. Haa, shit, where is it coming from? Her face? Her neck? Or… here?

She yelps when he bites her ear. He exhales heavily and murmurs that the smell from her body is unimaginably sweet. Mikoto realizes that he might be talking about her “seductive water”, which the chairmen had also mentioned. And then she feels him touch her ear with his tongue. She squirms and tells him that it feels gross.

But Karakurenai continues to mumble about how each time he licks her he feels strange. His blood boils. He’s never seen a woman like her before. Mikoto whimpers and feels his body heat up. He’s getting really aroused! And his eyes are glazing over. What’s going on!? Is this because of her seductive water? Is this because she’s the senki candidate…? Mikoto shrieks when she feels his hand near her legs, and then she snaps out that he can’t touch her there!

He’s amused at how she acts innocent but she really knows what’s going to happen, huh? She ignores that and reminds him that Iroha made him promised he wouldn’t do this, right? So, please stop! Karakurenai snarls at her to shut up and not to order him around! She’s aroused him to this point, there’s no way he can stop. She seduced him and now she needs to take responsibility.

Mikoto protests. She’s scared and she feels her body turning cold. She feels his hand shift and screams at him to stop. Suddenly, Onosada knocks on the door and tells them to stop right there. Mikoto is shocked to see him. Onosada just grins and asks Karakurenai if he was so engrossed in Mikoto that he didn’t even notice the door opening? Karakurenai snarls at him.

Onosada just rolls his eyes at how this isn’t the time or place to be doing this. He grumbles at how this is why he hates kids, and then orders them to get dressed. Mikoto calls out his name. He sighs at how she’s always in these situations. But then he lectures Karakurenai on how bad he looks. He promised Iroha that he wouldn’t lay a hand on Mikoto, right? Do men so easily break their promises?

Moreover, the people in the auditorium still haven’t been found. Karakurenai even boasted about saving them all; shouldn’t he concentrate on that first before making moves on a woman? Karakurenai huffs. Onosada also comments on how this isn’t like Karakurenai to be forceful either. He usually makes moves on those who consent, right? So, why is he only like this to the senki candidate?

Karakurenai just closes his eyes and tells him to shut up and leave. Mikoto tries to say his name, but Karakurenai snarls at her to leave too. She flinches. Onosada calmly tells her to come with him. She obeys in a stupor.

They step out into the hall, but Onosada orders her to accompany him. She follows him back to his lecture room in confusion. There, Me welcomes them back. Mikoto recognizes him. Onosada orders him to grab something for Mikoto to drink, which Me acknowledges before heading off with loud clanks. Mikoto notices that he’s making strange noises and tries to ask Onosada what Me really is.

But Onosada just answers that Me is like a pet. HEY ROBOTS HAVE FEELINGS TOO! Mikoto stares at him. Anyway, he tells her to sit since she must be tired from caring for Karakurenai for multiple days. She thanks him quietly. He goes on to say that he thought Karakurenai was finished for when he collapsed in the auditorium covered in blood, but if Karakurenai is acting like that now then he should be okay.

However, he is having a hard time believing that Karakurenai and Mikoto went to the amusement park. She confirms this, and that they met Awahana, Himeutsugi, and the adabana. Onosada wonders what kind of karma this is. He also heard from Mikoto that the students in the auditorium have been moved. She confirms this as well, though admits that she didn’t see them with her own eyes.

Onosada recalls that she also spoke with Awahana. Was she not able to take him back with them? Mikoto doesn’t answer. He narrows his eyes, since it’s strange, and asks if she’s hiding anything. Mikoto blurts out that she’s not and her and Karakurenai fought the adabana after that before returning. He hums.

Mikoto hasn’t told Onosada about how strange Awahana and Himeutsugi were acting. If the two of them have become adabana, then they’ll be purged. She won’t say anything until she has proof. Besides, she doesn’t want to believe it… that Himeutsugi became an adabana. Onosada finally sighs and then asks why she smells like that. Mikoto looks at him in surprise. He explains that she has an intensely sweet smell coming from her body; it wasn’t this strong before.

She asks if this is the so-called “seductive water”? Onosada confirms it, though he tells her to just think of it as pheromones. Moreover, he’s never seen another minamo release such sweet water before. Because it’s so strong, it’s why Karakurenai was acting like that. This just confirms it for Mikoto that he was acting strange because of the seductive water. And then Mikoto apologizes for causing him trouble since Onosada was the one who talked to her before about being firm.

Onosada shrugs because it’s impossible for him to control Karakurenai either. But he thinks Karakurenai is suffering too. She blinks in confusion. Onosada informs her that Karakurenai has said he wouldn’t lay a hand on a woman releasing pheromones. Mikoto’s eyes widen. And then he muses on how Karakurenai can’t move from his bed because of his injuries, but his Ouka minamo can’t enter either… he’s probably fainted from agony right now but this will be good medicine for him.

Mikoto winces and then wonders out loud if it would be best for her not to get close to Karakurenai from here on. He points out that it’ll be catastrophic if she avoids Karakurenai; she knows his personality, right? Onosada tells her that she needs to properly be by Karakurenai’s side since she herself decided on him as her partner. It just means she needs to take leadership. Mikoto exclaims that’s impossible!

He tells her that she doesn’t know until she tries. Plus, it’s clever to appease self-centered people like that. Mikoto just stares at him. And then Me returns to present to her juice. She yelps when the cold touches her ear though. Me chuckles and informs her that a kiss on the ear is a way of greeting in the world. She smiles awkwardly and thanks him. Onosada sighs and chides Me for surprising people; he’s too abrupt.

Suddenly, Me beeps before turning to Onosada and saying that they have a big problem. Mikoto has mistaken the moon. Mikoto’s eyes widen. Me goes on to say that everyone is going mad because of her. WELL YA DON’T HAVE TO SPELL IT OUT TO ME LIKE THAT SHEESH. Mikoto starts to look struck. Onosada tells him not to say such disreputable things.

Me just replies 「でもひめおこってる。きこえるいかりがふるえているおひめさまかえせっていってるでんぱのってさけんでる。」(But Hime is mad. I can hear it; his anger, trembling. He is demanding his princess to be returned to him. He is yelling from the electricity). Mikoto latches onto the name Hime and asks him what he means.

Me continues on 「どうしてぼくのほうへこなかったあいつをえらんだどうしてどうしてどう。」(Why did she not come to me? Why did she choose HIM? Why, why, wh–). Me falls silent and then suddenly speaks in Himeutsugi’s voice, growling out that he won’t forgive her. Mikoto freezes. And then Me reports that he has overheated before collapsing.

Mikoto quickly asks if he’s okay. Onosada just shrugs since that’s life. Looks like he’ll flip the switch and let Me cool down. Mikoto repeats his words in horror. Switch!? Onosada quickly tells her that he’s just talking to himself. And then Onosada warns her not to say anything of what she just heard to anyone. It’ll just cause unnecessary worry. Mikoto nods.

Onosada informs her that Iroha and the others are collecting information while doing Kabatsu at the amusement park that Karakurenai and her came from. Onosada will use that information to bring to light the perpetrator. They have to be discreet since Awahana is involved as well. He reminds her that she’s the senki candidate and so she can’t go off on her own. Mikoto tells him she understands.

Scene skip! At night, in her room, Yoshino welcomes her back. Mikoto returns the greeting. Yoshino asks if Karakurenai has regained consciousness. Mikoto smiles and nods. Yoshino is relieved because this means Mikoto can also get some rest. She was worried since she knew that Mikoto was staying the night in Karakurenai’s room… and so she remained underneath the bed. Constantly.

Mikoto gapes at her and then asks if she means Karakurenai’s bed!? Yoshino confirms this and says that if anything happened then she would deliver heaven’s punishment down on Karakurenai. L M A O. Mikoto startles when she sees Yoshino whip out a bamboo spear. Where did that come from!? Yoshino confesses that she heard their last exchange too and her heart was pounding, but she would have stabbed through Mikoto completely too so she was scared. Mikoto just continues staring at her, shocked.

But then Yoshino points out that Karakurenai showed an unexpected cute side too, huh. This surprises Mikoto. Yoshino tells her that after she and Onosada left, Karakurenai just continued to call out her name. OH MY GOD. Mikoto can’t believe Karakurenai did that. Yoshino confirms this and admits that she couldn’t see him since she was under the bed, but his voice was rugged and he sounded at his wit’s end. It’s her first time seeing Karakurenai so undone.

Mikoto is still stuck on the image of Karakurenai calling her name out. Yoshino doesn’t know if this is her place to say anything, but she thinks Karakurenai might like Mikoto. Mikoto gapes at her. She thinks Yoshino is mistaken! Karakurenai has anyone he wants from the Ouka minamo. Karakurenai has told her that he’s acting violent only because he wants her body.

Yoshino thinks he’s only like that to Mikoto though. Karakurenai is extremely gentle to his Ouka minamo. But he’s cold only to Mikoto. Mikoto thinks that this is because she doesn’t listen to him. Yoshino points out that she heard the two of them went alone into the auditorium; that never happens with the Ouka minamo. Mikoto counters by saying that Karakurenai said she was the senki candidate and so they were okay alone.

Yoshino doesn’t believe this. Because, up until now, Karakurenai has never had a specific partner. Mikoto is surprised to hear this. Yoshino heard that he didn’t want to create favorites, and so when he does Hana Utsushi he either does it alone or with multiple minamo. That’s why she was surprised to hear that Mikoto became his partner. Moreover, he treats her specially… much like Himeutsugi.

Even if she is the senki candidate, Karakurenai is someone who thinks of minamo as equal. He’s never taken any one of them alone with him. And that’s why she thinks he is treating Mikoto specially. Mikoto is stunned to hear that Karakurenai is treating her like that. But Yoshino is troubled because Mikoto has Himeutsugi, right? Mikoto’s expression collapses. S-She…

Suddenly, Himeutsugi’s voice rings out and agrees. She has him, right? Mikoto startles and looks around. Yoshino calls out her name in confusion. Himeutsugi goes on to complain about how THAT person is in his way; if they weren’t there then he could have called Mikoto to him. Mikoto mutters out loud that this voice is…!

Yoshino is confused though because she doesn’t hear a voice. Mikoto is surprised that she can’t hear it. Yoshino answers that she doesn’t hear anything. Himeutsugi growls out that if the barrier wasn’t in place then he’d kill that person immediately. Instantly. Mikoto is horrified to hear that.

Himeutsugi goes on to laugh and decide, oh well, he doesn’t have just one way of doing things. He’s already taken measures. Mikoto, don’t worry, he’ll protect her. He tells her to hurry and come to him because he’s always waiting for her. WHO IS CREEPIER IN THE WAITING RACE. HIME OR UTSUTSU. Mikoto is startled when the voice disappears. Yoshino asks her what the matter is. Mikoto doesn’t answer, but her chest feels tight. He’s taken measures? Could it be!? Yoshino blinks in surprise when Mikoto runs out.

Mikoto runs through the courtyard of the school and thinks on how that voice was the same as the one at the amusement park. A voice that sounds just like Himeutsugi. But the tone of speech is different. It’s certainly similar but Himeutsugi doesn’t talk childishly like that. So, it’s different. No, she just doesn’t want to believe it. That the voice could be Himeutsugi.

She runs through the halls. There’s no one around, but that’s because these rooms are dedicated to the 5 Brights. Iroha and Mizuchi are out doing Kabatsu. The only person who has remained is the one who can’t move due to his injuries… that one person!

Mikoto slams open his room and yells out Karakurenai’s name. She freezes when she sees a ton of utsurohi. Moreover, their coloring is different! It’s so dark she can’t see inside. She yells out Karakurenai’s name again and then screams when she’s zapped. This electric current is the same as the one in the auditorium! What should she do? Karakurenai is inside, but at this rate…

She grits her teeth and reminds herself that this isn’t the time to be scared! She’s a minamo! As Karakurenai’s partner, she has things she needs to do! She tells herself that it’ll be okay and not to be scared. She knows what to do. She yells out Karakurenai’s name and starts to run forward, but then Karakurenai shouts at her to stop. She freezes, shocked. He angrily asks her what she was doing. Did she plan to run into all those utsurohi!?

Mikoto blurts out that she thought he was there, so… He snarls at her idiocy and reminds her that she was terrified of utsurohi, remember? And did she forget how she dried up? She tells him that she didn’t forget and she remembers what to do! He blinks in confusion. She tells him that, because he told her she wasn’t prepared as a minamo, she read and studied textbooks and knows how to protect herself against the taint.

He has no idea how to respond. Mikoto admits that it’s still theoretical and she has no practice or experience. But she’s driven the fundamentals of a minamo into her mind. She did what she needed to do! And that’s why she can do this. She is a minamo! Karakurenai shakes his head, exasperated, and calls her an impertinent woman. She blinks.

Karakurenai smirks and tells her that experience is the most important thing for Hana Awase, and if she wants to be able to be proud then he’ll give her practice. Come, they’re doing Hana Awase. She nods determinedly. He sets up his field and does his field call.

They defeat the utsurohi, who disappear in screams. Mikoto grins as she realizes they’ve won. She’s still scared of them but she has an grasp on how to fight them. She also knows how to cope with the taint. Karakurenai, who has been smirking at her, comments on how she’s so confident; it’s completely different from before. She shakes her head and says that it’s thanks to his support. He’s injured and yet he fought to that extent. It’s amazing.

He snorts and asks if he’s receiving direct praise from the senki candidate? She asks him not to tease her and then blinks in surprise when she collapses. Karakurenai calls out her name in worry. She quickly apologizes and tells him that she’s not dried up, it’s just… she’s unable to stand. His mouth drops open. THE NOISE HE MAKES HERE IS SO CUTE LMAO. HE’S LIKE “… WHAAAAAAAT??”.

She turns red and apologizes again. It’s just that lately she hasn’t been getting enough sleep so when she relaxed she lost all her strength. Karakurenai laughs loudly at how lame that is. She turns even redder and yells at him not to laugh. He continues to chuckle and comments on how weak-kneed she is, and yet she still ran here when she thought he was in a pinch and was defiant.

Karakurenai tells her that she’s a goddamn impertinent woman. Really, the one who drives him mad. Mikoto is startled when he suddenly embraces her and tells him that this is troubling! Onosada will get angry again! He whispers for her to shut up. Mikoto closes her mouth immediately.

After saying that, he continues to hold her. Strongly, to the point of hurting. At that moment, she realized that the bandages wrapped around him were stained bright red. He’s in such a terrible condition and yet he didn’t let it show. He protected her so that she wouldn’t feel anxious. Is it because he’s the genius of Kaei? No, that’s not all.

Karakurenai exhales shakily. Mikoto thinks on how, whenever he used to do this, her body would become cold but now she can feel a warmth. She can feel his warm body heat and his slightly quick heart. It feels like this is the first time she’s actually touched Karakurenai. And that’s why, she doesn’t refuse his hands, stained with blood.

Out in the dark hall, someone sighs loudly. Electricity sparks. They giggle.

「寝ぬる夜の 夢をはかなみ まどろめば
いやはかなにも なりまさるかな」 – Karakurenai
(The night we slept together
Was but a fleeting dream;
In fitful doze
Its brevity
Seems all the greater.) – Narihira (Kokinshuu #644)

Scene skip! Karakurenai grunts in pain as he feels his body become hotter. Is it his injuries? No, it’s not coming from his wounds. There’s a blistering heat coming up from inside his body. What is this? What did that woman, Mikoto, do!? Did she use a strange drug on him? Yes, it’s unmistakable. If she didn’t then he wouldn’t be feeling this strange heat!

He breathes even more heavily and groans out that he wants to touch her. He wants to screw her. Shit. He told her to come to him, right!? He continues to gasp for air and asks to be allowed to sleep. He’s sleepy, so let him sleep!

An unknown voice tells him to return it though. IT’S HIME! Kurenai stiffens. The voice is protesting against something because they don’t want to become serious. At this rate, he’s– Karakurenai recognizes this voice! No, maybe it’s just his imagination? He curses because he’s losing his edge if he’s hearing auditory hallucinations now. Everything is that woman’s fault! He’s gonna make her take responsibility.

DAY 26. Me greets everyone at the school gates for Kabatsu. Iroha returns the greeting, emotionless. Me reports that Karakurenai has been healed thanks to the senki candidate’s care. He also adds that the two have been engrossed with kissing each other. LOL LIES!! Iroha doesn’t react or respond, except to walk off. Me tilts his head. WOW FUCKING RUDE. CAN EVERYONE STOP BULLYING IROHA!?

And then Mizuchi, Aoi, and Momotose come up to Me. Momotose greets him and remarks on how hard at work he is, cleaning in the morning. Me replies factually that sweat cannot come out of him and only smoke does. Momotose giggles at how he has a sense of humor. Mizuchi asks who this is. Momotose introduces Me as “Karakuri-san” and Onosada’s student-helper.


Mizuchi is surprised and then notes that Karakuri is quite young looking. Karakuri answers mechanically that his body doesn’t change and he just undergoes maintenance. Mizuchi blinks slowly and repeats his words in confusion. Maintenance? Momotose thinks he might be talking about training his body, and that’s very reliable of him. She then yawns and apologizes. Karakuri notes that they must be tired from Kabatsu, and that’s a problem.

Momotose agrees but when doing Kabatsu the players are the ones who exert the most energy and tire. Isn’t that right, Mizuchi? He shakes his head because Iroha and Momotose have cut down an overwhelming amount of enemies and so must be more tired. They were also all given the amusement park as a place to do Kabatsu and, because it’s a place where people gather, there are more utsurohi that spawn.

Aoi sighs because no matter how many fields they place down, the utsurohi are endless. Moreover, she is surprised to find that the amusement park was so tainted. Momotose notes that there are also an abnormal subspecies of utsurohi there. It’s unmistakable that there is something there. Aoi thinks it’s strange that they haven’t found the students or the chairman. Even though the amusement park is a large place, there’s no way they could miss a large amount of students.

Momotose reminds her that the only thing they can do is find the smallest of clues. The taint grows stronger by the day and so they need to hurry. Aoi understands Momotose’s feelings but she wants Momotose to rest for a little while. Iroha too has been continuously destroying adabana without a rest and must be expending a lot of water. Momotose thanks her but reassures her that she’s okay… Iroha is the same as always, though he has been having outbursts of anger.

Mizuchi is surprised to hear that. Momotose explains that it’s because her angel has become Karakurenai’s partner. Sheesh, children are troublesome. Karakuri comments on how Karakurenai doesn’t want to let go of the senki. Is it because they’re partners or because he wants to kiss her? Mizuchi closes his eye tightly. Aoi wonders if Mikoto’s continuous caring for Karakurenai while he had been injured influenced him in some way. Also, Karakurenai and Iroha don’t seem to get along.

She smiles awkwardly as she notes that Karakurenai is quick in forming relationships with women, huh. Iroha must be worried that something will happen to the precious senki candidate. Mizuchi suddenly excuses himself. Aoi is startled and calls for him to wait, before quickly following after him. Momotose sighs at how all the gentlemen are troubled. Karakuri asks if they’ve been struck mad by love? Momotose smiles enigmatically. Who knows.

Karakuri beeps and wonders as well. And then he says 「みんなあのこにこいするうんめいきまってるにげられない。とおいむかしにきまったやくそくあいするつきはひとつなのにおうじはごにんだからくるう。」(Everyone loves that girl. Their fates have been decided. They can’t escape. A long time ago, a promise was made. There is one beloved moon. And yet there are 5 princes. That is why everyone is going mad). HOLY SHIT??

Momotose stiffens and asks if Karakuri could possibly… Karakuri is unresponsive. And then he says 「”九十九折り、恋うる百歳に”。・・・ああももとせあわれわれ。」(“To this meandering, yearning love of a century”… Ah, Momotose, so pitiful, so sad). HOLY SHIIIIIT?? MOMOTOSE CAN ALSO BE READ AS “HUNDRED YEARS”. Momotose gasps sharply.

She asks him what he meant by his words right now. He replies 「せんきのでんしょうつきにちかったあるひとのさよならのことば。・・・きみもももとせふしぎなぐうぜん。」(From the legend of the senki, those are the words of goodbye from the person who pledged to the moon… You are also Momotose. What a strange coincidence). Momotose is frozen. And then Karakuri notices that he must leave. He says his goodbyes and clanks away. Momotose’s expression is pained.

Scene skip! Mikoto excuses herself and enters the chairmens’ room. Kintoki has his eyes closed and is breathing deeply. Mikoto calls out his name in concern. He blinks at her and greets her. She tells him that she came to report that Karakurenai’s injuries have mostly healed. Karakurenai scoffs at the depressed look on Kintoki’s face and asks him if he looks like that when he’s missing his other half.

Mikoto scolds Karakurenai because the chairman has been keeping a barrier up around the school by himself. He smirks and points out that, regardless of the barrier, utsurohi appeared in his rooms; so that must be a weak barrier. Mikoto snaps out his name. Kintoki stops her and admits that Karakurenai spoke the truth; his barrier is ineffective. At this point, the moment he puts up a barrier it is undone. It is as if someone is seeing through it.

Karakurenai thinks this is obvious. It is Awahana’s doing. Mikoto gapes at him. He explains that in order to challenge and undo the barrier then the other person needs to have more or an equal amount of power as Kintoki. And there’s no other person who has the same power as Kintoki other than Awa. Mikoto points out that it’s weird as to why Awahana would want to undo the barrier around the school though. Even more so, because it’s one that Kintoki has placed up.

Kurenai declares that it’s because he’s become an adabana. Mikoto stiffens. Kintoki’s eyes widen at the accusation. Awa, an adabana!? Kurenai’s eyes narrow and he asks Mikoto if she hasn’t spoken about the incident yet? Mikoto explains that they don’t know for sure whether those two are adabana or not. Karakurenai snarls at how idiotic she is; those two were obviously adabana and how could she not tell them this crucial thing!? Mikoto winces.

Kintoki orders Mikoto to explain. Mikoto obeys and tells him everything that happened. After everything, the Awa they met at the amusement park suddenly had a different voice. Kintoki concludes her sentence by recalling that Himeutsugi, who had turned into an adabana, came. Mikoto protests and says that they don’t know if he’s an adabana. Moreover, his tone of speech was very child-like. So she can’t affirm if that was Himeutsugi.

Karakurenai believes he’s an adabana, and has gone crazy from the utsurohi possessing him. Having so much taint in him for so many days, there’s no way he stayed unharmed. She replies angrily that they still don’t know whether that was Himeutsugi or– Kurenai snarls at her to shut up. Why is she so fixated on that shitty princess!? That person has certainly gone crazy! Mikoto flinches.

Kintoki tells them both to stop. But it’s obvious that Himeutsugi and Awa have been possessed by something. So that’s how it is… Karakurenai notes that, according the laws of this school, any players who are tainted become targets for elimination. This obviously applies to damn Hime but the bastard Awa isn’t an exception either, right? Kintoki closes his eyes and sighs. Mikoto stiffens and tells him that he can’t possibly–?!

Kintoki opens his eyes and states that Karakurenai is correct; Awa and Himeutsugi, who have both turned into adabana, will be cut down. He will give Iroha the orders. Mikoto exclaims her surprise. But Kintoki claims that the laws are absolute, and Awa and Himeutsugi know this too. He tells Mikoto that this is the fate of those who have become stained with taint. Even if Himeutsugi used to be her partner, she cannot show him mercy. Besides, the partner she chose is Karakurenai, right?

Mikoto tenses but agrees. Kurenai smirks and says that if they’ve decided this then he’s going to participate in Kabatsu too. Mikoto is shocked to hear this because although Karakurenai is healed he isn’t completely healed yet. He calls her an idiot and points out that he’s not going to hang back from these kind of wounds. It’s a festival and he’s going to enjoy himself. She glares at him and tells him that Kabatsu isn’t a game! She’s worried about him!

Kintoki rolls his eyes in exasperation because these two used to be… The moment he took his eyes off them they somehow became quite close. Mikoto turns to look at him with wide eyes and denies this furiously. Karakurenai grins though and agrees that she’s fallen madly in love with him. Mikoto turns red but glares at him.

Kintoki smiles and remarks on how, with this, the awakening of the senki must be close too. He encourages the two to continue being affectionate. Mikoto averts her eyes. Anyway, Kintoki announces that the two of them are to do Kabatsu too. Their objective is to eliminate Awahana and Himeutsugi, who have turned into adabana, and to search for the whereabouts of the missing students.

Karakurenai and Mikoto exit the room into the halls. In her mind, she thinks on how she is to participate in Kabatsu too. No, more importantly, she can’t purge Awahana and Himeutsugi. What should she do? She should have saved Himeutsugi by now, but instead it’s become like this.

Kurenai suddenly asks her what she’s thinking about? She startles before admitting that she’s thinking about if they really have to purge those two. She’s trying to think of a way to save them. He tells her that there is none; once a player is possessed then it’s the end, they can only be killed. Mikoto frowns. Kurenai states that minamo are different though; so long as they properly protect their bodies then they won’t become tainted and he’s taught them those methods.

Mikoto blinks in surprise and asks if he’s talking about the first year Ouka minamo in the auditorium. He grunts and tells her that Ouka’s women are different from the minamo of those other weak groups. He’s trained them very well. He blames Mikoto for making him late due to her constant noise about making him rest, so he wants to hurry and find them.

Mikoto realizes that Karakurenai has been constantly worrying over his minamo. Furthermore, he has such confidence in them… Like Momotose said, he really might be someone who loves his minamo deeply. Karakurenai eyes her and sighs. And then he steps closer and grins, asking why she has such a longing look on her face? Is she pleading for a kiss? He sneaks in a kiss and she startles.

His eyes narrow in pleasure as he remarks on how her lips are always so soft. Mikoto yelps and asks him not to bite her lips. He chuckles and tells her that this is just a deposit; this isn’t enough at all for when they go do Kabatsu. After school, she should come to him prepared for him to make love to her. Mikoto turns red and blurts out that he can’t do that! Moreover, she asks him not to kiss her so abruptly!

Karakurenai laughs some more and tells her that “people hate what they really love” before walking off. She realizes that he wasn’t listening to her at all. But, he’s become much gentler after their last event. He hasn’t done anything violent… though he still kisses her suddenly like what just happened. She’s sure he’s kissing her because she’s an Ouka minamo though. In Ouka, it’s like a greeting.

She should probably accept this as a minamo of Ouka, and as his partner, but… she really can’t get used to those kisses. Because she feels like kisses shouldn’t be done like this. It troubles her. Mikoto is brought out of her thoughts when Iroha appears. She greets him in surprise. Iroha is silent though and she notices that his face is scary looking. Is he angry? HE PROBABLY SAW THE KISS LMAO.

Iroha steps closer to her and she’s startled to feel his finger touch her lips, tracing it. He is still quiet. She hesitantly calls out his name. No response. He’s just continuing to trace her lips in silence. And then he murmurs that they are slightly red. Mikoto blinks before realizing that it might have been from being bitten! She startles when she feels him coat something on her lips.

Mikoto asks him what it is. He answers that it’s disinfection. L O L KARAKURENAI IS NOT DISEASE-RIDDEN. Mikoto repeats his words, confused. Disinfection?! But her words are garbled when his finger slips inside her mouth. But she’s surprised when his finger tastes sweet. He notices her confusion and explains that it’s honey; she can put it on her lips if they are dry.

She thanks him in a stupor, but then realizes that he’s already walked off. She looks in the bag he’s given her and is surprised to see a large bottle of honey. Furthermore, some of it seems to have been consumed already? Does Iroha like sweets? IS THE SKY BLUE. IS THE SUN HOT? HELL YEAH HE DOES GURL. Mikoto wonders what to do with such a large bottle of honey.

Scene skip! Momotose knocks on the chairmens’ door because she’s been called by Kintokihana. He sighs. She calls out his name again, concerned. He finally greets her and orders her to come closer. She approaches him and tells him that she’s heard of the extermination orders. She can’t believe those two are… and gives her condolences.

Kintoki asks what Momotose thinks about the events on this occasion. She answers that the amusement park is full of taint. Also, even as they Kabatsu they haven’t found a single clue on the whereabouts of the people in the auditorium and the other chairman. She’s spoken to Onosada too, but it’s like grasping at clouds. Could it be that they’ve all made a great mistake? Kintoki comments on how she thinks the same too, huh.

He tells her to look at something. Outside the window, he points out how Beni has been acting like that ever since losing its counterpart. Like it’s bringing attention to him that Ruri is “right here”. Momotose startles and asks him if he means here as in the school!? Kintoki explains that, to Beni, Ruri is like its other half. They have never been apart for an instant… and so if it was searching for Ruri then it should have headed to the amusement park.

But it is obvious that Ruri’s soul isn’t here. It’s here, and yet it’s not. And that’s why Beni can only fly around like that. How sad. Kintoki closes his eyes and admits that he’s the same; his other half is also here, and yet not here. He can’t hear Awa’s soul anymore. OH GOD FUCKING HIME. Momotose’s eyes widen. Does that mean–!?

Kintoki tells her slowly that if he is still here but just a husk, then it is the same as being exterminated. That’s why, he’s okay with it. Momotose stares at him, pained. And then she quotes 「”九十九折り、恋うる百歳に” 。」(“To this meandering, yearning love of a century”). Kintoki blinks, repeating her words. Century? REMEMBER MOMOTOSE = 100 YEARS.

Momotose smiles 「この言葉は、別れの言葉ではございません。これは、愛の言霊でございます。・・・幾星霜の愛を込めて。わたくしは、ずっと祈っておりますの。たとえ、その身を失っても・・・魂は幾度も巡り、いつかたどり着く。恋するあなたへと・・・。」(These words aren’t words of farewell. This is a kotodama of love… the love of years and months. I will always pray; that even if the body is lost… even if the soul goes around many times, one day it will finally arrive. To you, my beloved…).

Kintoki smiles and agrees. Awa might have allowed it in this case then. Momotose repeats his words in confusion. Allowed? Kintoki answers quietly that he might have allowed himself to become someone’s vessel; he is that type of person. Momotose echoes his words. Vessel?! Then, could it be that the perpetrator in these incidents is–!?

Kintoki comments 「いよいよ、真の儀式が近いのかもしれぬ。間に合うだろうか、あの娘は・・・。ただひとつの真実に、たどり着けるとよいのだが。」(At last, the true ceremony might be close. Will that girl be in time… It would be good if she can finally arrive at the one and only truth). I’M SCREAMING HERE. SO MANY PLOT STUFF.

Scene skip! In her class, Mikoto thinks on how the Kabatsu is after school. There’s still time… She trains a little at the Kasen lecture room and then heads to the third year classrooms, feeling nervous. The stares from the minamo around her are also painful. What the dorm leader said about lower years not being allowed to head to the floor of the upper years seems to be true.

She grumbles because Karakurenai told her to come get him when it was time for Kabatsu. More importantly though, which class is the Ouka one? This reminds her that she isn’t officially part of the Oukagumi since everything became jumbled, so she’s still part of Gekkougumi. And because the Gekkougumi members are nice, it has still remained that way. But because she’s an Ouka minamo she shouldn’t be with them still…

Suddenly, Mikoto hears two Ouka minamo giggle and coyly protest to Karakurenai coming from a classroom. One of the minamo pouts and complains to Karakurenai that they’re lonely because he hasn’t come around to play with them. Another one points out that he used to do it a lot! Kurenai chuckles and tells them he understands, so they don’t need to get grumpy. He kisses one of them.

Another one is jealous of that and asks for a kiss too. And another thinks it’s unfair and wants one too, as well as kisses for the week he’s been gone. Kurenai tells them to be patient and that he’ll kiss them in order. In exchange, they have to give him their water. All the minamo agree to give him all their water. Mikoto gapes at this scene of him being surrounded by Ouka minamo and kissing them all.

Could it be that this is why he usually does to receive water from them!? All the minamo croon out that they love him. Karakurenai closes his eyes in pleasure because they’re all obedient and honest, unlike a certain impertinent senki candidate. Mikoto’s eyes widen and then she bumps into a desk. He looks up and calls out her name, calm but surprised. She blurts out an apology for interrupting him and then tells him that she’ll go on ahead to the Kabatsu.

Karakurenai blinks in surprise before calling out for her to wait, but she runs off. In her mind, she wonders why she’s running. She knew, didn’t she? That she’s an Ouka minamo and so it’s natural for him to do that. But, in the end, just like she thought it’s impossible. She can’t act like that with Karakurenai! Because a real kiss is…

Mikoto manages to run all the way to a park before Karakurenai catches up to her and grabs her arm, snarling at her to stop. He can’t believe how far she ran and pants for air. Mikoto is surprised. He scolds her and asks what she was thinking to suddenly dash out of the school like that! He tells her not to do things that he doesn’t understand.

She stiffens before ripping her arm out of his grasp and yelling out that he couldn’t not understand! She doesn’t like him doing those things with the Ouka minamo! He blinks before asking if she was talking about those kisses. Was she temporarily jealous? Mikoto’s eyes widen, and then she denies it. She tells him that she can’t do this. Because kisses are something one does with the person they like!

Kurenai repeats her words. The person one likes? Mikoto points out that the Ouka minamo girls love Karakurenai and so they think it’s normal to kiss him. But that’s not true for Mikoto. She is his partner but he isn’t someone she likes, and so she doesn’t want to do that with him. Karakurenai exhales. She admits that this might be her failing as an Ouka minamo… or as an minamo, but if he can take her power from just touching her then they can use another method.

Karakurenai sighs again and then takes a step closer to her. She stiffens. He tells her to look at him. She hesitates, which only makes him snap at her to do it! Mikoto is stunned when he suddenly kisses her here, in a place like this. Even though she said she didn’t want to do this anymore! He kisses her deeply and she feels his grip tightening on her arm. It hurts. She asks him to stop and to let her go!

He whispers that he can’t possible let her go, because he wants to do this. Mikoto stiffens. He tells her not to misunderstand because he could care less about her feelings. He just wants her body. That womanly body releasing that sweet scent. THAT’S WHAT SHE /DOESN’T/ WANT OMFG KURENAI PLEASE. Mikoto repeats his words sadly and then confirms again if that’s all he wants? Is that really just it!?

Karakurenai tears at her clothes and answers coldly that she’s right. He has no interest in her apart from her erotic body. Mikoto thinks that’s terrible. He growls at the look on her face and tells her that it pisses him off the most! She’s impertinent and defiant and she’s always turning away from him, Kurenai-sama! When he thought she came to him, he thought that this is it. Which he doesn’t understand.

What does she see with those eyes? Who is her partner? She won’t become his possession? From the start, since she started being by his side he’s been feeling irritated. Shit! Mikoto blinks and says his name. He expels his breath loudly and then tells her to come with him to a hotel. She blinks at him in confusion.

Karakurenai decides that she really won’t understand until he fucks her once. He’ll teach that body of hers that she’s one of his women! Mikoto turns red at his language and gapes at him. And then she reminds him that he can’t because he promised their teachers, right!? He snaps out that could care less! He’ll do it when he wants to do it. He tries to grab her but she shouts at him to let her go!

Her struggle causes her to fall down and something shatters. Karakurenai jerks in surprise. Mikoto realizes that something stabbed her wrist. A knife!? Blood is coming out and she panics at what to do. Kurenai is frozen. She calls out his name in surprise. He remains still, staring at her blood. He mumbles that her blood is… no, that’s wrong… the smell of her blood is mixing with her sweet smell. Where is it coming from?

They are interrupted by a voice, who points out that Mikoto is bleeding. And then it continues on 「かわいそう。いたいよね。いたい・・・またおなじ。また、みことだけがいたい。みことだけ、きずついた。」(So sad. It hurts, right? It hurts… It’s the same as before. Once again, Mikoto is the only one who is in pain. Only Mikoto is hurt). Mikoto recognizes this voice! The voice goes on to accuse Karakurenai of being scum for hurting the princess.

Suddenly, Awa appears behind them. He declares that he won’t forgive this anymore. Kurenai has really angered him and now he’ll kill him. Mikoto is stunned to see Awahana. Awa repeats that he’ll kill them and then giggles. Kill, kill, kill! Utsurohi appear and then Awa declares that this place doesn’t have a barrier by that person; there is no one to interrupt. He won’t hurt the princess though and he tells Mikoto to come with him. He’ll create an entrance.

Mikoto repeats his words in confusion. Entrance? Awa nods and says he’ll take her along. Mikoto is stunned when a distortion appears in the air. Awa invites her to come with him to their castle. Mikoto screams and Karakurenai shouts at them to stop. Mikoto calls out his name. Kurenai addresses Hime and tells him that he knows already, and demands him to show his real body!

Awa frowns unhappily. Kurenai continues on to say that he knows Hime has possessed the chairman and he wants him to quit talking like a child. Is he a man or what!? Awa snaps out that Kurenai is annoying and he hates him; that’s why he should die. Electricity curls around Kurenai who grunts in pain. Mikoto screams out his name when he’s attacked by it. Awa is pleased by this feeling and tells Kurenai repeatedly to die!

Mikoto grits her teeth and then sends a tide of water out, surprising Karakurenai. She shouts at Awa to stop, who looks at her in confusion. She doesn’t want him to say things like “kill” or “die” so easily! Lives aren’t those kind of things! Karakurenai is stunned when Mikoto starts walking and her water swallows up the electric current. I DON’T THINK THAT’S HOW ELECTRICITY AND WATER WORK… UNLESS YOU HAVE ENOUGH WATER TO DISPERSE THE ELECTRICITY I GUESS LMFAO.

Kurenai realizes that this water isn’t normal! He asks Mikoto what she’s doing. OH OK. SPECIAL WATER, GOTCHA. Mikoto glares at Awa. Awa sighs and then murmurs 「みこと。きみは、むかしとかわらない。むかしも、そういってた。きみは、やさしい。そうやって、やさしすぎたから、ふこうになったのに。」(Mikoto, you haven’t changed from the past. Back then, you said the same thing. You are kind. But because you’re too kind, misfortune happened to you).

Mikoto is confused by these words. Awa narrows his eyes and declares 「ぼくは、ゆるさない。だから、あくまになった。ぼくは、むかしのぼくじゃない。ぼくは・・・そう、”ひめくん”じゃない。”ひめうつぎ”なんだ。」(I won’t forgive that. And that is why I became a demon. I’m not the me from the past. I am… yes, I’m not “Hime-kun” I am “Himeutsugi”).

More utsurohi appear and Mikoto screams at their overwhelming hate. Karakurenai calls for her to come to him and pulls her to his side. He grabbed her by her injured hand. He tells her that he’ll stop her bleeding and she needs to bear this. Mikoto nods. And then Kurenai pauses before apologizing. She blinks in surprise before reassuring him quickly that she’s fine! It doesn’t hurt as badly as it looks and it wasn’t his fault.

He looks distressed still. And then he declares that they’re going to Hana Awase. She’s stunned to hear that. Like this!? He explains that he’s going to use the blood that is running, her living blood. He can feel the beat of her life and it’s filling his body with unbearable power; he’s not going to lose another drop of this blood! She blinks at him. He tells her that her blood is more amazing than a kiss and he won’t let go of this hand no matter what happens! He sets up the field and does his field call.

They defeat the utsurohi and Mikoto wonders if they’ve won. But Awa is still standing there and then he asks in a broken voice as to why she refuses him? When he loves her so much. She says Himeutsugi’s name and then asks if he’s really Himeutsugi? Awa just sobs and then disappears.

「月やあらぬ 春や昔の 春ならぬ
我が身ひとつは もとの身にして」 – Karakurenai
(Is that not the moon?
And is the spring not the spring
Of a year ago?
This body of mine alone
Remains as it was before.) – Narihira (Kokinshuu #747)

Scene skip! Karakurenai thinks about Mikoto as a woman he really dislikes. How many times does he have to teach that body of hers that she is his woman? What does she feel that is lacking? She should know that she is his possession at the least. He should take her by force more violently. Yes, like that time in the auditorium… without caring about her consent or refusal, he’ll do her until the end.

Once he does that last step, she won’t ever give him the same water again though, huh. It hurts. What is this. Why does it hurt? He snarls and then quiets down before asking Mikoto if she’s looking at this moon. It’s not the same moon, huh. His and her moon.

Scene skip! Half Moon calls out to Mikoto. She greets him in surprise. It’s been a while and she hasn’t seen him lately. Half Moon just answers that he’s found it; the blue butterfly. I MEAN WE ALL KNOW THIS IS IROHA BUT SHIT MORE CONFIRMATION. She repeats his words, confused. Butterfly? Half Moon confirms that he found the other butterfly, the ones that mustn’t be apart. But were torn apart. That man caught the butterfly.

Mikoto asks him what he means. Half Moon tells her 「蝶々は、彼に羽をむしられて動けない。彼は、昔を思い出しすぎたんだ。あの日をきっかけに・・・無意識のうちに心を蝕んでいた。」(The butterfly has had its wings plucked by him and can’t move. He remembered too much of the past. Since that day… it has been subconsciously eating at his heart).

She asks him what day. He answers the day her lips were stolen. She is confused. Half Moon goes on to murmur 「トップオブトップさんが、壊してしまえばよかった。でも、できなかったのは怖かったから。君の初めてが・・・奪われることが嫌だったから・・・。」(Top of Top should have destroyed it. But they couldn’t because they were scared. Because they didn’t want to take away… your first…). BTW THERE’S NO IMPLIED “HER FIRST WHAT?” IT’S JUST LITERALLY “HER FIRST”.

Mikoto asks if by “destroy” he’s talking about the auditorium? But there’s no answer. Finally, Half Moon tells her that sadness and anger is that man’s everything. He, who chose to be a demon, intends to take everyone along with him. Half Moon falls silent and she calls out for him, only to wake up.

DAY 27. Her dream was different from usual. What did he mean by “take everyone along”?

Scene skip! In the chairmens’ room, Onosada reports that, according to Karakurenai and the senki candidate, Awahana appeared at the park near Goto-gai. Because there is a distance between the amusement park and park, he thinks the connection between the two parties is low. Also, the utsurohi subspecies are… uh… Kintoki asks him what he wants to say. Onosada winces and asks Mizuchi to continue for him.

Mizuchi inclines and says, with all due respect, he shall report now. The subspecies of utsurohi that they encountered while doing Kabatsu have electric currents running through them. He has confirmed that this subspecies has also appeared in large amounts in the business district of Goto-gai, close to the park. The common matter shared by these places is– Momotose concludes that it is electricity.

Aoi confirms that the amusement park has attractions and the business district has large electronic billboards. If these utsurohi are appearing only in areas where electricity is used in large amounts then– Mizuchi finishes by saying that, in other words, the electricity is acting as an intermediary for the utsurohi. He believes this subspecies is more corrosive than normal utsurohi. In conclusion, as their search widens this incident becomes ever more chaotic.

Momotose realizes that he means they can’t just do Kabatsu at the amusement park. Mizuchi closes his eye and confirms that they will need to make the entire city their target. Kagami sighs before saying that her water has become bubbles with how they’ve done Kabatsu at the amusement park without sleeping. On top of not finding the students, Hime has gone crazy, and it’s throwing her into a panic too.

Onosada apologizes for their bad results. If they had been quicker in their investigation into this subspecies then maybe the whereabouts of Awahana would have been– Kintoki tells him that it is fine, and then orders them all to work towards settling this incident. If this much utsurohi are roiling around then it means the perpetrator must be one of Goto’s people. If they don’t hurry then the taint will fill up the city.

He cannot allow this land, given to him by the emperor, to be tainted by the utsurohi. Onosada acknowledges this. Kintoki then orders Iroha and Mizuchi to purify the subspecies. Karakurenai is to search for the students and eliminate Awahana and Himeutsugi. Mizuchi chokes at hearing such an important mission to be given to Karakurenai. Iroha is silent. Kintoki points out that Awa and Himeutsugi only seem to appear in front of those two.

Iroha suddenly says that he opposes this, because Karakurenai and the girl are incompatible as partners. OOHHHHH. Momotose is surprised to hear this from him. Mikoto is stunned when Iroha takes her by hand. Iroha tells everyone to take a look, because the knife that Karakurenai owns had injured the senki candidate. Mikoto stiffens. Mizuchi cannot believe that a player would harm a minamo, and so he too is opposed.

Mikoto tries to explain that they’re mistaken and she was stabbed by accident when she was jostled. Iroha steps away and reports that he has also heard from minamo in every group that, in their absence, Karakurenai has done many actions that threatened the qualifications of the senki candidate. Mikoto’s eyes widen.

Iroha continues without emotion to say that Karakurenai has also been unable to rescue the students who were in the auditorium up to now. He has only made false promises. Moreover, a Bright that adds injury to the senki candidate is unneeded. Iroha is requesting Karakurenai be appropriately punished. Mikoto tries to protest. Karakurenai grits his teeth.

Mikoto turns to look at Karakurenai and points out that they’re mistaken, right? If they can just explain properly then– Karakurenai breathes in tightly and then walks off though, leaving her stunned. Kagami is also surprised and points out that Kaa-kun usually shouts at them not to screw around, huh. What’s the matter?

Kintoki states that his decision won’t change; the partners will remain as they are. He tells them all that Mikoto has made Karakurenai her partner, and so Kintoki won’t allow her to Hana Awase with another. Iroha calmly says that, no matter what the chairman says, he will not approve of Karakurenai. He is going to move to find the students and eliminate Himeutsugi and the other chairman as well. Mizuchi declares that he will as well and then excuses himself. Both men leave.

Mikoto just stares at their backs. Kintoki growls and complains about them ignoring what he just said. Onosada shrugs because he thinks it’s their long-standing grudges. He hurriedly cuts himself off before he says anything more. Mikoto looks at the ground, unhappily.

Everyone leaves the room. In the hall, Momotose complains about Iroha and Mizuchi and how they didn’t need to say it like that! Kagami shrugs and points out that Mikoto was injured though? And a knife isn’t anything to scoff at. It had been deep and if there had been the slightest misstep Mikoto could have died! Mikoto protests that it was an accident and Karakurenai wouldn’t hurt her!

Kagami points out that blades aren’t good though. And, because she’s a feminist, she agrees with Irohan and the others. This time Kaa-kun was in the wrong. She advises Mikoto to change her view. Momotose and Kagami walk off after this, leaving Mikoto to look sad. Karakurenai has been misunderstood by everyone. It really had been an accident… But she does realize that Karakurenai was acting weird when he saw her injured wrist. What’s going on there?

Ah, she also remembers that she’s still holding Karakurenai’s knife. She examines the knife and sees that though it’s small its decorations make it very pretty. It seems expensive. She needs to return it later, but she’ll carry it on her for now. OH GOD PLEASE DON’T TELL ME SHE’S GONNA HAVE TO STAB HIME (OR KURENAI) WITH IT LATER.

DAY 34. Mikoto walks through the halls, greenhouse, courtyard, and classrooms, but she can’t seem to find Karakurenai. Is it because he’s bothered by Iroha and the others, and the accident? What should she do? Suddenly, a girl notices her and points out that she’s the senki candidate and Karakurenai’s partner, right? Mikoto blinks and sees that it’s an Oukagumi minamo. The girl asks Mikoto to come with her.

She takes Mikoto into a classroom and asks for everyone else to come. Mikoto is surrounded in an instant. One of the minamo examines Mikoto and asks if this is Karakurenai’s nice person? She seems cute. Another minamo comments on how Mikoto’s hair is glossy and her legs are slender! But wouldn’t it be better for her skirt to be a little shorter? Mikoto turns red and yelps at them not to pull it.

One of the minamos tells her that they are third year “ladies” and so Mikoto has to listen to her seniors. Mikoto winces. Another minamo declares that they can now begin Operation: Capture Karakurenai! Mikoto repeats their words in confusion. But then a minamo exclaims at how her nails aren’t done; she needs to take more care with personal grooming or else she won’t be able to please Karakurenai! Mikoto just gapes at them.

Another minamo contemplates putting Mikoto’s hair up; they can put a wave in it and then let the rest trail down. It’ll look really sexy! Mikoto startles when she feels her hair tugged. One minamo advises her that while Karakurenai takes peeks at cleavages a pure look is surprisingly… she’s going to lend Mikoto her one-piece dress, and so orders her to strip. Mikoto turns red and tries to protest but it’s futile.

One of the minamo finds it easy to put mascara on Mikoto because her eyelashes are long. They’re definitely going to put baby pink gloss on her. Another minamo agrees and quotes Karakurenai about how bright red is for when they become women, and they should stay with their current good points. She squeals at her own memories. Mikoto protests that the lip gloss has gotten onto her cheeks. No, more importantly, what the heck is going on!?

The minamo finally explain that lately Karakurenai hasn’t been coming to school. So, they’re going to use Mikoto as bait to get him to return. Mikoto just stares. One of the minamo tells her that Karakurenai seems to really like her, so if she calls for him then he’ll surely return! Another minamo tells her that Karakurenai hasn’t come back for a week now. They are sure that he’s searching for the first years who have gone missing.

Another minamo tells her that Karakurenai always goes alone whenever it’s dangerous. He kissed everyone and told them that he’s received more than enough water. One of the minamo declares that Karakurenai absolutely doesn’t want to hurt his own minamo; he’s that kind of person. Mikoto looks at them sadly. The first minamo confesses that she was really surprised when she heard that Karakurenai had decided on a partner and took Mikoto alone with him to the auditorium. That he had chosen a particular person.

Mikoto points out that this is just because she’s the senki candidate though, right? The first minamo tells her that she’s wrong, and it’s because he wanted to take Mikoto along. Even if that place was dangerous. The second minamo recalls that this is how it’s been from the start, huh. It was her first time seeing Karakurenai that forceful, kissing Mikoto suddenly at the auditorium and declaring that she was his. He locked onto her.

Mikoto tells them that she doesn’t understand the reason as to why Karakurenai has gone that far. It was her first time meeting him and they hadn’t even spoken… that’s weird, isn’t it? Is it because she’s the senki candidate? The second minamo hums about how it seems like they just met, but they didn’t really just meet. The first confirms that Karakurenai has always been searching for “his woman” out there somewhere.

Mikoto is confused because she thought “Kurenai-sama’s woman” was everyone. The third minamo mumbles that it would have been nice if that was the case. A fourth minamo tells Mikoto that Karakurenai is too kind. Even if they were “his woman” she thinks they would never really become “his woman”. LMAO YOU GUYS MAKE NO SENSE YET PERFECT SENSE. Mikoto doesn’t understand what they mean though. Even if they are his woman, they aren’t?

The second minamo thinks Karakurenai has found something in Mikoto. She can’t say exactly what it is but it’s her womanly intuition. Mikoto protests because she doesn’t see that at all. The second minamo repeats that it’s her intuition; no one knows the truth. The rest of them just want to be loved by Karakurenai as close to “his woman” as they can.

Anyway, the fourth minamo tells Mikoto that they’ve picked out a proper outfit for Mikoto and so now they’re requesting that she find “their Karakurenai-sama”. Because Mikoto is an Ouka minamo, right? SOBS THIS WAS TOUCHING. GIRLS UNITE ;w;! Mikoto stares at them, stunned. They all giggle and send her off.

In the hall, Minamo thinks on their words. Even though she was the one who declared Karakurenai to be her partner… even though she’s not part of the Oukagumi and has remained with the Gekkougumi… Every Ouka minamo adores Karakurenai from their heart; their hearts face only towards Karakurenai. She recalls how Karakurenai said that she always turned away from him. Could it be that he noticed that, in her heart, she still has remaining feelings for Himeutsugi…

Suddenly, Momotose appears and exclaims in surprise at her angel. What is with those western clothes? She looks lovely! Mikoto blinks and then admits that it’d be a long story. She tells Momotose everything in the courtyard, and Momotose is surprised to hear the actions of the Ouka minamo. She tells Mikoto that there is no one who understands Karakurenai as much as they do, and they must have been giving Mikoto a push to her back.

Mikoto confesses that she can’t answer their expectations though. Karakurenai isn’t a bad person; he is forceful but she can’t hate him. However, saying she likes him would be another thing. And so she feels like she’s betraying them. Momotose looks at her sadly and asks if she can’t forget Himeutsugi? Mikoto cringes before answering that she doesn’t know. Ever since Himeutsugi disappeared her feelings have become lost. She hasn’t come to hate him.

But the current Himeutsugi is someone separate from the one she knows. His personality and his actions… she doesn’t want to believe that person is Himeutsugi. She wants to meet him but she’s scared to meet him. Whenever she thinks about the possibility of the real Himeutsugi having disappeared and been swallowed by the utsurohi she– Momotose tells Mikoto that she thinks her feelings are right. And suggests that she tell Karakurenai this honestly. Her lost heart is also a truth.

Momotose reveals that she’s often seen Karakurenai in the park at night. He is cutting down utsurohi by himself and hasn’t eaten anything, so he’s become haggard. Mikoto is shocked to hear this. Momotose tells her that Karakurenai usually fights alone without taking his minamo along whenever it’s dangerous. But the reason he’s alone now is different. Momotose smiles and tells her that the heart is an honest thing and so she should convey it honestly, in a way so that she has no regrets. Mikoto says her name, stunned.

Scene skip! As evening approaches, in her room, Mikoto thinks about Momotose’s words about conveying her feelings without regret. As far as Karakurenai is concerned, this might be the way not to betray her feelings. She then notices a bag in her room from something that happened a while ago, and remembers that Momotose said Karakurenai was gaunt. Has he really eaten nothing? Oh, she knows! She can use this and…

Scene skip! At night, Mikoto goes to the park and notices that it’s pitch dark. The park at night is a bit scary. Utsurohi might appear and so she needs to find Karakurenai quickly. It doesn’t seem like he’s carrying a cellphone and so she can’t contact him. She starts to walk around and then is startled when she sees Karakurenai… sleeping!? He’s breathing evenly. She realizes that he really has been fighting alone. He’s sitting on a chair and looking dead tired. This is her first time seeing him so exhausted.

Mikoto decides to wait by his side until he wakes. She takes a seat beside him but he continues sleeping. Upon closer look, she realizes that he’s really skinny; his hair is unkempt too when he usually takes great care with his looks. Is it because he’s been fighting without water from the Ouka minamo? Or is it…

Karakurenai groans in his sleep and Mikoto is startled when he tilts in her direction. Uwah, his face is close. He continues to breathe evenly and she’s surprised he still hasn’t woken up. She’s relieved though– Suddenly, Karakurenai opens his eyes and murmurs her name in confusion. Mikoto freezes and then starts to stutter.

But Kurenai just smiles wryly at how real she seems. Mikoto’s eyes widen. He mumbles that she even has a smell. This is a nice dream. Unbearable. Mikoto realizes that he’s still sleeping. She turns red and apologizes but she– Kurenai murmurs at her to stay like this though and to let him look at her. He chuckles softly and calls her cute. Mikoto is shocked at how different he is from usual! Shouldn’t she properly wake him up? But he’s tired and maybe she should leave him as he is.

He notes in a daze that she’s wearing pretty clothes, all his type. If she was like this all the time then she’d be really cute. Mikoto smiles awkwardly and tells him that the minamo of Oukagumi prepared this. And then she realizes that she might be able to get some answers like this! She asks him who “Kurenai-sama’s woman” is. But Kurenai just breathes evenly in his sleep.

Mikoto stutters on though and says that the Ouka minamo have said that such a person exists. He finally answers that it’s his bride. Mikoto echoes his words. Bride? He continues on quietly that it’s a story from when he was a kid though. Laughable, right? She shakes her head with a smile. He confesses that believed that “Kurenai-sama’s woman” existed somewhere out in the world. She repeats his words. Somewhere in the world?

He grins and admits that he’s already found her though. She blinks. He snorts to himself before returning to sleep. She stares at him and wonders what kind of person his bride is. GURL IT’S YOU HOLY SHIT.

An hour passes and Mikoto wonders what to do. The night wind is cold and he might catch the flu. She should wake him up… Mikoto starts to call out his name, but sneezes. Karakurenai groans and complains that he’s still sleepy. Mikoto stiffens when he plops his head on her breasts and sighs in pleasure at how soft they are; this is a nice pillow. She screams and slaps him.

He wakes up, startled, and says her name. She stares at him in surprise. Oops. Mikoto smiles awkwardly and greets him. And then explains everything that happened up to now. He narrows his eyes as he realizes that she came here to meet him then. She nods and explains that he was sleeping and wouldn’t wake. He smirks though and asks if she wasn’t trying to put moves on him while he was sleeping. She turns red and denies this.

Karakurenai laughs and tells her that she has no resourcefulness. She just turns even more red. It doesn’t seem like he remembers their conversation from before though. So, he was just half asleep. Kurenai then comments on how she’s a curious one; she could have stayed quiet at the school but she went out of her way to come here. Did she not think that she might get hurt again?

Mikoto protests that it was an accident! Besides, she doesn’t think he’s the type of person to do that. He narrows his eyes and scoffs at how he’s being looked at highly, or is she just putting on airs of being his partner? She glares and answers that they’re partners, so it’s obvious. He’s taken aback. He then smirks and calls her strange; but he’ll acknowledge that she has some guts.

She thinks he’s being a little more kind than usual; still not to the degree that he had been a few minutes ago though. And then she remembers something! She asks him if he isn’t hungry? She made some pancakes. He furrows his brows in confusion. Pancakes? She smiles and tells him that she used a lot of honey and butter. She also sliced them up so it’d be easy to eat. If he doesn’t mind, then she wants him to eat them.

Mikoto calls out his name in concern when he doesn’t move. But then he tells her to feed him. She turns red. Her!? He tells her that it’s obvious; there’s no one else here except her and him. She’s hesitant but realizes that she cannot avoid this situation. She presents him a piece and asks him about the taste. He chews before commenting that it’s damned sweet and sticky. She realizes that it might be too sweet since she used a lot of honey.

Karakurenai decides that it’s so sweet he feels like his tongue is burning. She winces and apologizes before asking if he’s bad with sweets? He tells her that it doesn’t matter if it’s sweet or not; he hates everything that enters his mouth. OH YEAH DIDN’T HE SAY THIS IN MIZUCHI’S GAME? Regarding food, he only chews gum really. He’s eating these because she made it. She asks him in concern if that means he usually doesn’t eat at all then?

Kurenai eyes her and asks what she’ll do when she hears his answer? Mikoto pauses. He sighs in exasperation and asks what she wants to do. She has no answer. He tells her calmly that his situation is getting hard, and he’s on the brink of pinning her, this thickheaded woman, down. He asks her if she understands? He wants to stick himself to her soft lips, countless times, until they grow tired.

Here… her chest… her hair, her eyes… her body, everything. Just being close to her makes him want her everything. Mikoto stutters out that his goal is still her body then. Kurenai sighs and says that this is why she’s thickheaded. She blinks. He sighs. And then he asks her to become “Kurenai-sama’s woman”. Her eyes widen.

He tells her that she is the woman that he’s been looking for. She realizes that he means… oh. Karakurenai asks her to look at him, using her name. He tells her to say it; that she’ll become his woman. Mikoto stiffens and opens her mouth–

A voice interrupts, saying they won’t allow this. Kurenai rears back to see Himeutsugi. Mikoto calls out Himeutsugi’s name in surprise. Himeutsugi tilts his head though and asks who that is. Mikoto stares at him. Hime giggles and says that he doesn’t know who Himeutsugi is. He’s Hime! Mikoto’s eyes widen. Hime tells them that Awahana won’t move at all anymore. He couldn’t use that vessel at all and so he has no need for it.

Mikoto repeats his words in confusion. Vessel? But Hime tells her to look because he’s created an entrance! Mikoto stiffens when a distortion appears in the air again. Hime asks her to come to him because the princess belongs to him. He won’t give her to Kurenai. Karakurenai screams when electricity attacks him. Mikoto yells out his name. But Hime calls for Mikoto to come to him again.

She’s shocked when she starts to float. She’s moving to the distortion; her body is being sucked in! Karakurenai shouts at them to wait and then swears before yelling at Mikoto to grab his hand. Mikoto reaches for him but Hime giggles and tells Kurenai that he’s not allowed. Electricity attacks Kurenai again. Mikoto screams his name. Hime laughs gleefully.

Scene skip! Mikoto wakes up in the darkness. She can’t see anything. Is this her usual dream? She calls out to the Half Moon and asks if he’s here. There is no answer. She thinks it’s strange because something is different from her usual dreams. It feels more real… and somehow… she feels really sluggish. Like she’s unbearably sleepy and like something is pulling at her body and guiding her to sleep like this. She’s sleepy.

Suddenly, a voice calls out to her and tells her that she mustn’t. She needs to wake up, quickly! IT’S HIME’S REAL VOICE! Mikoto pauses because the voice just now was…! Mikoto opens her eyes and is shocked to see ruins. It looks like a house but it’s terribly broken down. And then she realizes that she feels like she’s seen this place before. Somewhere.

The voice is glad that she’s awake. She turns and is shocked to see Himeutsugi! He greets her and notes that it’s been a while. Has she been well? She can only say his name though. In her mind she notes that his appearance seems different from the one at the park. She confirms that he is… Himeutsugi, right? He smiles and confirms this. She asks again if he’s really Himeutsugi? The one she knows. He nods.

Mikoto stares and then embraces him. She starts to cry and sobs out that she’s glad. S-She thought she’d never see him again. He apologizes for having made her worry. She shakes her head and smiles through her tears about how glad she is that he’s unharmed, and that he’s alive. The smile disappears from his face.

And then he tells her seriously that he’d like to continue holding her, but right now they don’t have time. She looks at him in confusion. He tells her that she’ll die here. She asks him what he means. Someone replies to her that it’s because this place is purgatory. Mikoto is shocked to see Awahana. Awa sighs in exasperation at how even she came to be here. Just what is that person thinking?

Mikoto realizes that the chairman has returned to normal too…? Awa notices that she seems curious about them. Well, it can’t be helped, since that person was doing whatever they wanted. He explains that purgatory is the interval between life and death, meaning that she is close to death. Mikoto gapes at him. Awa tells her that, if she continues to stare here, her life will slowly be drained until she finally falls to hell.

Mikoto quickly asks what she should do. Plus, these two are in such a dangerous place too! They need to hurry and leave. Himeutsugi tells her that he can’t leave because he doesn’t have a “vessel”. She stares at him. He tells her that his body has another soul in it. She realizes that he means– Himeutsugi confirms that it is “Hime”… another him. OKAY ALL THE TIMES I PREVIOUSLY WROTE HIME WAS BECAUSE I WAS LAZY AND SHORTENED HIS NAME. I HAD NO IDEA THIS WOULD HAPPEN LOL.

Awa huffs and tells her that “Hime” also used his body to undo the barrier around the school. In the end, it even made him do Hana Awase. If such an old body was spurred on, it is obvious that it would break. Mikoto realizes that this means Awahana too has– Himeutsugi confirms that “Hime” is in there too. Himeutsugi explains that Hime placed his and Awahana’s soul here, because they couldn’t be tainted, and created “vessels”.

All the students in the auditorium were taken by Hime to “another world” and stained with utsurohi. Mikoto stiffens before asking him what he means! Awa reminds her that Himeutsugi can absorb other people’s waters. It doesn’t matter if they are players, minamo, or adabana. While Himeutsugi was confined in the auditorium, he took in the water tainted by the utsurohi to protect everyone.

From the start, he should have become an adabana but he resisted; however, there is no way he wouldn’t become strange after that much taint. Himeutsugi, who couldn’t endure it, cut his soul in half and that is “Hime”. The taint, that is flowing incessantly, in “Hime” has turned him into a wicked thing. Hime also sucked in the thoughts of the students in the auditorium and invented a “mental world”, which is where the distortion leads.

Himeutsugi explains that the world “Hime” created is no different from their world. The only difference is that Hime is free and can become a “prince”. She repeats his words in confusion. Prince? Himeutsugi tells her that she has no time though and she needs to hurry and return to her “vessel” before she really has to remain here. Her mind and body haven’t completely separated yet and so she needs to hurry and return. If she doesn’t then “Hime” will…

Mikoto prompts him to continue. Awa points out a small distortion on the ground; it is “Hime’s world” and she can look into that. She looks down and can see a light. What is this?

Scene skip! A voice calls out to the princess, his dear princess. His one and only cute princess. HOLY SHIT PETITION TO RENAME THIS GAME “HANA AWASE: HIME’S FASHION SHOW”. HE GETS SO MANY WARDROBE CHANGES!! Hime goes on to say that the prince came to pick up his princess in a carriage that went clop, clop. Clop, clop. Isn’t the carriage pretty? Mikoto’s body is unresponsive.

Hime declares that he lied! The most prettiest is his princess. No response. Hime croons about how cute she is. Mikoto is finally his. And these are their friends! He’ll give her his precious friends who have always been with him. If she has them then they can all be together, because he won’t let her go anymore. No response.

Hime kisses her and tells her that they just kissed! A kiss of blessing! She’s not allowed to kiss other men. HE TALKS LIKE A KID BTW IF YOU GUYS DIDN’T KNOW BY NOW. He kisses her over and over and over again. There’s no response. He sighs in pleasure at how she’s his princess. He loves her. Hime kisses her again.

The real Mikoto is horrified by this scene. Is this person “Hime”!?

Hime remarks on how pitiful she is to have been hurt. Kurenai-kun is violent! He doesn’t like him! But, don’t worry, he’s already dealt with Kurenai. He dealt with him in the most painful way possible.

Mikoto is stunned to hear this. Could it be that after what happened to her, Karakurenai has…!? What will she do? If he went through something terrible again… but where is he? Awa informs her that the Mikoto she just saw has nothing inside of it and is a “vessel”. She can return to it. Once she returns, she can’t allow herself to be shaken by “Hime” and needs to determine where she is. Mikoto realizes that they’re asking her to remain hidden from “Hime”.

She tells him that she understands. She’ll work hard to find Karakurenai’s location. Right now, she’s Karakurenai’s partner and she’ll go and save him as a minamo. Himeutsugi calls out to her. She pauses and looks at him. He suddenly shakes his head and smiles, wishing her luck. She smiles back and nods.

Awa and Himeutsugi then disappear. Mikoto realizes that she doesn’t know how to return though. Maybe she can just think about wanting to return…? She cheers herself on and tells herself to concentrate. Nothing happens. She tells herself to concentrate more!

Scene skip! Mikoto wakes in the carriage. Hime tilts his head and calls out her name. Mikoto realizes that she really did return, wow! Hime asks her what the matter is, since she looks surprised. She stutters, not knowing how to respond. He’s glad she’s awake though. She blinks in confusion. Hime tells her that he was worried because she wouldn’t wake. Could it be that he doesn’t know her soul has returned to her “vessel”?

Hime giggles and calls her a sleepyhead before greeting her. She returns the greeting, but then he kisses her. She stiffens. Hime asks what the princess wants to eat? Anything is fine because he’ll do anything for the princess’ sake. Mikoto tells him that she’s fine. He pouts. She gives in and tells him that, actually, she does want to eat. He crows out that he’s happy! He can be of use to her!

He tells her to come with him and she obeys. In her mind, Mikoto thinks on how “Hime” is kind but his eyes are piercingly cold. She’ll try not to agitate him. “Hime” is a part of Himeutsugi’s soul that was cut loose. What kind of soul was it before it became tainted? From the feeling she gets when he talks, he gives off an impression of being very young. Furthermore, the clothes she’s wearing shows a lot of skin and is embarrassing.

Scene skip! They arrive at the amusement park where Hime gives her churros. It was just freshly made. She thanks him. He tells her to open her mouth and goes to feed her. Mikoto stiffens but realizes she should listen to him here. She lets him feed her. He asks her if it’s delicious? She nods. He’s happy and gives her one that is covered in a lot of honey. He also urges her to eat a lot.

Mikoto obeys and starts to eat. But, oddly, this churro has no taste. It’s like a piece of cloth… no, more like it disappears the moment she bites it. Moreover, this amusement park has no one in it even though it’s open at this time. Is it because this is “Hime’s world”? Hime asks her what she’s thinking about. She tells him it’s nothing. He tilts his head. And then she calls out his name. He smiles and asks her if she wants something?

She cautiously asks how he dealt with Kurenai. He asks if she’s curious? She nods quickly and tells him she’s really curious! He eyes her suspiciously. She stares back, determined. He smiles and tells her that he’ll show her! Mikoto stiffens when electricity sparks and then a distortion appears. He explains to her that this place is also “his world” and it looks like they arrived just in time to see him deal with everyone!

Mikoto freezes upon hearing that. Everyone? She can see something in the distortion… Goto-gai!?

In the distortion, an Oukagumi minamo is laughing at how someone is still breathing. They kick the person. Karakurenai grunts. H O L Y SHIT NO. OMG FUCKING GOD HIME THIS IS BEYOND AWFUL HOLY SHIT. Another Oukagumi minamo points out that she might just be lacking in strength? Do it some more! Mikoto stares on in horror. One other minamo cries out that it’s her turn! She punches Karakurenai.

Karakurenai chokes. But the minamo see that he’s not reacting. It’s so boring. Mikoto’s horror deepens as she sees that the people hitting him are Ouka minamo. All the people here are the ones who had gone missing! One of the minamo complains about how Karakurenai keeps silent no matter how they play with him. He doesn’t say anything and he doesn’t resist. It’s such a shame. Another one points out that they can kill him though, right? “Hime-sama” said they could!

Another minamo confirms that they can! Hime told them they can toy with him, boil him, set him on fire, or do with him as they please! One minamo suggests they should play with him and kill him then! They should make him unsightly as one of the 5 Brights. The other minamo agree to that, cackling. Mikoto stutters out that this is awful. Karakurenai, even as he’s being hit, isn’t resisting at all. She screams out his name.

Back at the amusement park, Hime laughs gleefully. Kurenai is betrayed by his precious things. Happy, happy! Mikoto stares at him before asking him if he’s causing that! Hime grins and confirms this. Isn’t it amusing? She angrily asks him how he can say that! Karakurenai is someone who treasures the minamo in his own group. And so to be treated terribly like that by those minamo…!

Hime loses the smile on his face as he looks at her. He points out that she seems to be acting like she’s Karakurenai’s supporter. She stiffens. He reminds her that she is his princess; it’s strange for her to be worried about another man. It’s weird. Her eyes widen in terror. She opens her mouth, realizing that if she disobeys him here then she doesn’t know what will happen. But she can’t just abandon Karakurenai like this… what can she do!?

Mikoto stares at Hime. No, this isn’t the place for her to hesitate. Right now, the time that she spends here is hurting Karakurenai. If she’s been found out then she needs to save him, because she’s his partner! Mikoto shoves Hime and yells at him to move. Hime gasps. Mikoto writhes when her body is electrified. Hime asks her lowly where she’s going. Mikoto tells herself that she has no choice but to jump into the distortion like this!

She leaps through, yelling Karakurenai’s name out, and then appears on the other side. She screams at the other minamo to stop. They ask her who she is. Another one tells her not to get in their way, because they’re going to kill Kurenai. Another one agrees though admits that it was boring because he didn’t resist but he was a nice toy! Mikoto stiffens before drawing in a breath and yelling at them all to stop again.

They freeze. Mikoto tells them that Ouka minamo wouldn’t say that! The Ouka minamo, who think of Karakurenai preciously… the minamo who love Karakurenai… they wouldn’t say that! Karakurenai stares at her in shock. She continues on to tell them that he didn’t resist because they are minamo of the Oukagumi. No matter how tainted they are, he wouldn’t raise a hand against them because they are precious.

The girls are silent. Mikoto tells them that they, as Oukagumi minamo, should understand Karakurenai’s feelings the best. He came to save them. For the sake of saving them… She begs them to accept Karakurenai’s feelings. The girls ask Mikoto brokenly what she’s going on about. His feelings aren’t their business. They were told to hate him and to want to kill him. J-Just that. Just that. Yes, because Hime-sama said so. Karakurenai stiffens.

Mikoto notices that they are acting strange. The girls start to writhe. They scream at someone to stop. But then they repeat their orders to kill this man. They scream in denial. It hurts. They hurt. Mikoto can see that they are in pain. Hime suddenly appears and tells Mikoto to stop, because she’s troubling everyone. She whips around to look at him.

The Ouka minamo beg Hime to save them because their heart hurts. Hime nods and tells them that they aren’t tainted enough; he’ll give them more. The girls start to scream. Mikoto asks them what’s wrong. Karakurenai realizes that Hime is pouring tainted water into the Ouka minamo. Her eyes widen. Kurenai calls Hime a monster for using that technique, something that only minamo can do, as a player.

Hime giggles and says he’ll dye them completely in darkness, and then they’ll become his friends! HEY HE HAS COLORS! They will become his minamo, who won’t listen to anyone but him! Mikoto turns to Karakurenai and points out that, at this rate, everyone will– The Ouka minamo asks to die. They want to die. Mikoto stares at them in shock. The Ouka minamo repeat that they want to die while they are still minamo. Please.

Mikoto’s expression collapses. Kurenai asks Mikoto in a pained voice to Hana Awase with him. She realizes that he means against the girls, but…! He tells her that all of those girls are his women. They are his women and so he’ll deal with them. That’s what it means to be a man. Mikoto’s eyes widen.

Meanwhile, the girls whimper out to Kurenai that they’re scared of disappearing. Kurenai closes his eyes and tells them that he’ll hold them all. He’ll send them off at the height of their climax. He snarls out his field call.

They win the battle and all the Ouka minamo start to disappear. They notice it too and start to ask where Karakurenai is. He walks up to them and says in a shaky voice that he’s right here. They sigh in relief at how he’s here. He sinks to his knees and thanks them because they remained in the auditorium until the very end for him, right? They answer that it was because they wanted to keep on being together with him. They apologize for not following his orders.

He has a broken smile on his face as he shakes his head in exasperation. It’s outrageous that they made him worry. He orders them never to leave his side anymore. Because they’re all “his women”, okay? They agree. Ah, they’re so happy. Because, from now on, they get to stay by his side. By his side, they will become water… and dissolve into the air… and love him eternally. They fall silent as they disappear. Mikoto watches on with wide eyes.

Karakurenai finally gets back to his feet and whispers that they were all the best of women. S O BS OH MY GOD. And then Hime complains about how boring it was because he lost. FUCK YOU HIME LMFAO HE CUT OFF THE SAD BGM. He looks at Mikoto and asks her to return with him. She glares at him. He tilts his head, confused. She tells him that she won’t return. She is Ouka’s… Karakurenai’s partner! Not his!

Hime’s eyes widen. He stutters and asks her what she’s saying. She’s weird! He doesn’t know her! It’s like she’s someone he doesn’t know. Who is she? Is she Mikoto? Hime suddenly cringes and wonders what’s happening because something is going into his head.

He screams 「あ、ああっ・・・やだ、なに、おまえしらない!おまえはおいだしただろ!おまえなんかいらないっていった!!でてけっ!・・・うつぎ!!!!」(Ah, ahh… no, what is this, I don’t know you! I drove you out, didn’t I!? I said I didn’t need someone like you!! GET OUT!!… UTSUGI!!). Mikoto shrieks when she notices the ground collapsing. Kurenai yells at her to come to him. Mikoto hurriedly obeys.

And then Hime cracks open his eyes and whispers for them to hurry and run. Mikoto pauses, eyes wide. Hime repeats for them to run again while he has the other inside of him. But she asks if he’s Himeutsugi!? Kurenai warns her that it’s dangerous! Electricity strikes.

A device is cranked.

Mikoto notices that she’s in the place where Awahana and Himeutsugi were. Someone murmurs that the wind is crying. It’s rumbling. Mikoto realizes that she knows this boy! He’s–

The boy tells her that he is Hime. And she is? Mikoto answers that she’s Mikoto. The boy hums and tells her that she has the same name as his princess. Mikoto blinks. The boy tells her that Mikoto, like him, has a strange power.

He tells her 「ぱぱとままは、ぼくをおうちからおいだしたの。おまえのちからがきもちわるいから、でてけって。」(Papa and Mama dismissed the power I have. They said that my power is gross and to leave). And then goes on to say that Mikoto told him they were the same because she had powers too! So he doesn’t need to be lonely anymore. And then she invited him to live together with her at their home.

Mikoto echoes his words. Home? The boy giggles and tells her that he’s happy. So happy! He has a home… it’s his first home. He falls silent though, and then tells her that monsters came. His precious princess was kidnapped. Mikoto stiffens. The boy tells her that, in order to save the princess, he cast a curse on himself. She repeats his words. Curse? He nods and says that, since that day, he became a “princess”.

And then the princess was eaten by the monsters and died. Mikoto repeats his words. Eaten by the monsters? She asks him if the princess he’s talking about is possibly…

IF YOU THINK IT’S HIME-KUN (ENDING 01). Mikoto asks if it was him, Hime-kun. He doesn’t respond. Mikoto is then blinded by a light. Someone growls at her to wake. She can see that someone is on the other side of the light!? She groans and then stiffens to find herself in Karakurenai’s arms. He tells her that he thought she kicked the bucket. Geez, don’t make him worry! WHY IS HE ALWAYS BLOOD-COVERED LMAO.

She murmurs his name in a daze. And then winces when her entire body throbs in pain. He explains that they fell from the distortion and were thrown into this weird house. Mikoto realizes in alarm that he’s covered in blood. His voice is amused as he tells her that this extent is nothing. More importantly, is she in pain? Does she hurt anywhere? She shakes her head and says that he looks to be more injured than she is!

He huffs and tells her that this is just a scratch. IT’S… NOT. IT REALLY ISN’T. In her mind, Mikoto disagrees completely. His blood keeps coming out and his face is pale white. She stutters out that they need to stop the bleeding. They need to hurry. The blood is… ah, what should she do!? He asks her lightly if she’s scared? She admits that she is! She really is!

Karakurenai kisses her. Mikoto startles. He murmurs that she’s trembling a lot. Geez, she’s a woman that he needs to spend a lot of time on. He tells her that, with this, women will calm down and she should just close her eyes and feel only him. Mikoto does so.

He points out that what he said was the truth, right? And then he tells her quietly that her lips are really sweet; they taste like those pancakes of hers. Let him taste them. More. Strongly. Mikoto lets him. He sighs and tells her that her lips are the best; he can feel his power overflowing. She asks if he’s talking about the water? And then tells him quickly to take more, if it’ll save him! She’ll give him all her water!

Kurenai laughs and tells her not to break the mood. She’s being a kill-joy. Mikoto pauses, confused. He sighs and tells her that this is why he called her thickheaded. What he wants isn’t that water. She repeats his words. Not that water? He decides that he can teach her about it slowly. They still have… lots of time. The time that he has with her… is more than he had with the others.

She murmurs his name, confused. He tells her that she’s bleeding from her hand. She realizes that their collision must have reopened her wound. He asks if it came from that time? The one where he hurt her. She reassures him that she’s okay. This extent isn’t– and then she remembers that she has his knife! She’ll return it to him. He asks her if she held onto it all this time? She smiles and nods, telling him that she could feel it was something precious.

Karakurenai informs her that it’s a dagger. He didn’t think that it would end up in her hands. How ironic. He asks her to give it to him. She does so and is shocked when he cuts himself. Kurenai then asks for her hand. She does so.

He grins and says 「血の誓いだ。これで・・・おめえに逢える。”いのち”の儀式。互いを愛おしいと想う血同士が呼び合う儀式だ。この血を頼りに、またおめえと逢うさ。」(It’s a promise of blood. With this… I’ll meet you. It’s a ceremony of “life”. A ceremony to call out to one another who shares the same blood and feelings. I’ll rely on this blood and meet you again). OH GOD IT’S BECAUSE HE’S NEXT IN LINE RIGHT?

Kurenai then swears to her that all of his blood belongs to her. Just as she’s about to respond, a shaking sound happens. Electricity sparks. Mikoto turns and sees Himeutsugi. He grunts out to her that now is her chance! She blinks in confusion. He tells her that right now, while he is shutting out Hime, she needs to Hana Awase and defeat him and make him wither. If there’s no vessel then Hime won’t be able to return. He’ll take Hime with him to purgatory.

Mikoto blurts out that he can’t do that! If he does that then he’ll die too! He just smiles weakly at her and says that it’s too late; Hime can’t be stopped. His hatred is overflowing and he’ll combine the worlds and destroy everything. He tells her that Hime’s sins are his sins. And she needs to release him. Now, they must fight.

She protests that Karakurenai’s body right now is…! But Kurenai staggers to his feet and agrees; he also compliments Himeutsugi for being able to do this. Mikoto turns around to gape at him. Kurenai declares that if Hime wins then he’ll give Mikoto to him. He, the shitty princess, wanted her, right? Mikoto stares at Kurenai, eyes wide. Kurenai then tells Hime, the man with delicate features, that he better not do something lame like lose on purpose.

Himeutsugi grins and agrees. They will fight fair and square and he will take Mikoto’s lips. Mikoto turns to stare at him with wide eyes. GODDAMN THESE MEN. Kurenai huffs and asks if this is payback for the time at the auditorium? How persistent. But he’s going to fight with all his strength! Karakurenai shouts out his field call. WHAT I HAVE TO FIGHT!? THIS IS BRUTAL.

They finish the battle. Mikoto wonders if they won the battle. They won but the water in her entire body has been exhausted… she can’t bring out any more power. And the damage that she’s received from the distortion fall is severe. Mikoto is shocked to still see Himeutsugi though. He didn’t wither? Then this battle is…

She calls out Karakurenai’s name but there’s no response. She does so again, worried. There is no response. N-No way. This can’t be true. She yells out Karakurenai’s name and asks him what’s wrong? Awahana murmurs that he must have used up all his strength. The moment he fell from the distortion he had sustained a fatal injury. Mikoto turns to see a faded Awahana.

He tells her that, due to the water she gave Karakurenai, he was able to accomplish what he wanted until the very end. She shakes her head in denial. Awahana tells her that she is the same; he, who has lost a vessel, can see it. She understands what he’s talking about, right? Mikoto falls silent, eyes wide.

Himeutsugi is horrified that Mikoto and Karakurenai are… but he is still here. Only he is here.

Mikoto turns to look at him in confusion. Awahana explains that, due to Karakurenai and her Hana Awase, the “Hime” in Himeutsugi has disappeared. Right now, in the real world there is only Himeutsugi– no, maybe he should be called “Utsugi”. Mikoto repeats that name.

In the real world, Himeutsugi asks why the two of them have collapsed and are bleeding out. Didn’t they defeat him? Hey, why… He didn’t… win.

Mikoto yells out his name but Awahana tells her that it’s useless. Himeutsugi can’t hear her anymore. She, Karakurenai, and him have had their lives completely separated from their vessels. Mikoto sobs. Awahana informs her that Karakurenai has already gone onto the palanquin of karma. AKA SAMSARA, REINCARNATION, AND ALL THAT JAZZ. He tells her that she too will soon… disappear…

Awahana disappears and Mikoto yelps out his name. In that case, she’s… dead?

Himeutsugi begs her not to go. Don’t leave him alone. He doesn’t want to be left behind.

She turns back to Himeutsugi and calls out to him. But her body is becoming transparent?! She sobs out Himeutsugi’s name.

Scene skip! Karakuri makes noises. Bump, crash, bang. Bump, crash, bang. Beep, beep. This is Kaen. Kaen. Kon, kon. Kon, kon. He’s knocking. He opens the door and Kintoki notes that he belongs to Onosada. Karakuri nods and then states that he brings a message from Sadakurou (that is Onosada). He beeps and loads it up.

Karakuri reports to Kintoki in Onosada’s voice that Himeutsugi, who had been missing, has been discovered as a corpse in the backyard of the senki candidate’s house, a few days ago. Cause of death was a loss of blood from a slit wrist with a sharp bladed object. From the traces on the knife he held in his hands, Onosada believes it was a suicide.

Miraculously, they discovered that the remains of the senki candidate were delivered to her house the next day. From the condition of the body, the estimated time of death was the early morning of the same day… He believes the possibility that Himeutsugi went to confirm that the senki candidate returned home is high. Furthermore, the wound on Himeutsugi’s wrist is cut in the same place as the senki candidate’s injury on her wrist. The relevance of that has not been made clear.

Just, according to the stories of the neighbors who discovered this, Himeutsugi was facing the window of the senki candidate’s house and died with his arm outstretched. Most likely– Kintoki says that he’s heard enough. Karakuri beeps and stops. He then asks the chairman if Awa has also become bones.

Kintoki sighs and then admits that he thinks so. Awa, Karakurenai, the senki candidate, and the students who had been missing… everyone has vanished from this world. In the end, no one returned. Karakuri asks if Kintoki is in pain. He only responds by saying 「・・・消え行く者を想うことは、そうたやすくはない。残された者が背負う業もある。」(… the feelings of those who have gone are not erased. The one who remain have the burden of bearing it).

Karakuri thinks this is difficult but acknowledges it. Suddenly, Iroha knocks on the door and enters. Kintoki greets him. Iroha reports that the subspecies that had spawned at the amusement park and Goto-gai have all been exterminated. He is reporting this for Mizuchi too. It is Onosada’s opinion that Himeutsugi participated in the creation of these subspecies. Kintoki hums.

Iroha then asks if the chairman won’t announce to the Oukagumi minamo that Karakurenai has died? Kintoki points out that Karakurenai told them to “wait like good girls” right? In that case, he thinks they should let them wait. At any rate, they won’t listen to anyone’s orders but Karakurenai’s. Karakurenai gave them hope over despair. It’s characteristic of him, huh.

Kintoki muses on how, if there is too much despair, then those who cannot bear it will follow after him… like Himeutsugi. He tells Iroha that Himeutsugi cut himself in the same place. Iroha replies that they don’t know if that was the case with Himeutsugi. His wrist could have been a coincidence. Kintoki hums and notes that Iroha hasn’t accepted it, huh. The loss of despair wasn’t just felt by Himeutsugi, huh? Iroha excuses himself without emotion and leaves.

Karakuri states that he also doesn’t understand; he is collecting information. He will search for Himeutsugi. He beeps before reporting that he found something and will now load it.

In Himeutsugi’s voice, Karakuri states that he lost. Not just at Hana Awase but as a partner who protects her and as a man who loves her. Kintoki blinks in surprise. Himeutsugi goes on to say that he watched Mikoto and Karakurenai’s exchange from purgatory. His senior clashed with her straight on. She was frantic to become Karakurenai’s minamo and through her whole self into it. Before he knew it, she matured as a minamo.

Just like the chairmen said, Karakurenai was much more splendid than him, who had surrendered the fight from the start. At this rate, she really will be taken away. He, who should have had given up, only had regrets. Why can’t he go to that place? Why can’t he be by her side?… Why. His feelings for her changed into pain and amplified his darkness. In that darkness, Hime changed. That’s right, Hime wasn’t stained by the utsurohi. It was him.

「空木は、空っぽの木。空っぽの心に闇が生まれ、わずかにつながっている”ひめ”へと注がれた。」(An utsugi is an empty tree. Darkness was born in that empty heart and poured into “Hime”, who was merely connected). FUCK LET ME GEEK OUT ON THIS WORDPLAY. OKAY, AS WE ALL KNOW UTSUGI MEANS A “DEUTZIA” FLOWER. BUT THE KANJI FOR UTSUGI IS LITERALLY “EMPTY” AND “TREE” HENCE HIS PLAY ON WORDS. TECHNICALLY DEUTZIAS AREN’T EMPTY BUT WHATEVER. SCREAMING AT THESE NAME PLAYS.

Even when he finally returned to his vessel, she wasn’t there. She died with Karakurenai. As an Ouka minamo. He, who remained, was a vessel for Gekkou that couldn’t have anything poured into it. There’s no water that could fill his heart. Has there ever been a misfortune like his? After he lost her, he kept on waiting at that spot. That spot where she took his hand.

「あの場所から、もう一度始めたい。次こそ、戦いを降りない。・・・後悔しない。だから・・・。」(I want to start once more from that place. Next time, I won’t surrender from the fight… I won’t have regrets. That’s why…).

Karakuri suddenly beeps and says there is an interruption. Terminating. He will now go home. Karakuri clanks out of the room, leaving Kintoki speechless. And then the chairman calls Ruri over to him. He tells the young soul to forgive. Let everything dissolve into the sky.

「おほぬさと 名にこそたてれ 流れても
つひによる瀬は ありてふものを」 – Karakurenai
(The Grand Staff
Is the name you give me;
It may drift away, yet
Finally, it comes to rest within the shallows-
That is how it is!) – Narihira (Kokinshuu #707)


IF YOU THINK IT’S MIKOTO (ENDING 02). Mikoto thinks on how, at the end, the princess was eaten by monsters. The fairy tale that Himeutsugi told her about at the hospital… was it this? If that’s the case then the princess is… The boy doesn’t respond. Mikoto is blinded by a light. She wakes up in the chairmen’s room. Why is she here? And what is with these clothes!?

Suddenly, Himeutsugi greets her. She’s shocked to see him. He welcomes her back, his princess. She’s glad he’s safe! But her voice trails off at his name. He smiles at her, quietly. She slowly becomes confused. He tells her that it’s him, Himeutsugi. Mikoto stiffens because he’s acting strange. Himeutsugi asks her what’s wrong, because she has a scared look.

She gives him a stiff smile and confirms again that he is really… Himeutsugi, right? He nods and says that, on the first day she came to Kaen, he is the person who became her partner here. Himeutsugi. Mikoto is shocked when he holds up the onifuda. Himeutsugi tells her that because the onifuda didn’t shine, everything went mad. Even though the prince gave the princess a kiss to her chest, promising eternal love, the continuation didn’t happen.

But it’s fine if they aren’t bound by this thing. Because he himself cut through his own fate. Mikoto watches in horror as he rips the onifuda. Himeutsugi tells her to do a ceremony with him; this time she will become his partner. Mikoto freezes. He tells her not to be afraid because he’s “dealt” with the monsters and everyone. She repeats his words, scared. Her feet knock into something. UMMM…

Mikoto looks down. Kintoki is unresponsive. She panics and calls out to him, asking him what’s wrong. She takes a step, only to freeze when she realizes the ground is covered in blood. UMMM!!! Mikoto realizes that he… she starts to scream out the chairman’s name. Kintoki doesn’t respond. He’s dead. Himeutsugi shakes his head, giggling, because he told her that he “dealt” with them. She realizes that he means he…

Himeutsugi whispers for her to come to him, his princess. Mikoto screams. She shoves him away and runs out the room. Himeutsugi asks why she’s running. She realizes he’s chasing her! She screams for someone to help. Hime just laughs. She continues to scream, and then sees that there’s a light in the greenhouse! She bursts through the doors and asks if anyone is here! Anyone!?

Something drips onto her face. This is… Mikoto is petrified. Himeutsugi catches up to her and comments on how the birds have perched on top of the trees, huh. Mizuchi and Iroha were large though so it was hard work. They wouldn’t stay up there and he had to stab them onto the branches so that they wouldn’t fall. He tells her to take a look because there are lots of birds that have stopped in the greenhouse.

Mikoto wheezes. He tells her that it’s not just this place. He’s absorbed every student in this school. They are all here… with him. They are inside of him. They have become his “water”. Of course, this includes Karakurenai. And then Himeutsugi asks for her water. She asks him why he did this. He repeats her words in amusement before answering that it’s because he loves her. He wants her. He wants her everything… her body, her life, her water… everything. And then he asks to become one with her. Him and Himeutsugi. Mikoto screams in denial.

Himeutsugi just smiles and embraces her. Her strength leaves her slowly… as if something is being sucked out of her body. Gradually, her vision fades and she loses consciousness. As if she was being pulled into the dark, dark darkness…

In the darkness, Himeutsugi chuckles. He starts to laugh. And then he tells Mikoto that they’ve arrived. Mikoto is unresponsive. He tells her that it is the same as that day, look. There is no response. He asks if she remembers. On that day… the day that he was to Katou with Iroha. When they came to the auditorium, Karakurenai was there. Karakurenai is unresponsive. Himeutsugi comments on how Karakurenai stole her lips. Kurenai stole his princess. Like this… he kisses Mikoto.

Himeutsugi kisses her deeply and groans at the feeling. It’s amazing. Mikoto is unresponsive. Hime croons about how this is the kiss of victory. Haa, it feels so good. It’s the best! Mikoto is unresponsive. Hime tells her not to worry because Karakurenai is being held down by the Ouka students and can’t move. Karakurenai is unresponsive. Hime notes that she was also touched… here, right? He sighs at how soft it is. Mikoto is unresponsive.

Himeutsugi confirms that Karakurenai didn’t go any further than this, right? From here, it’s HIS turn. Karakurenai is unresponsive. Hime crows about how he’ll give her a lot of love in front of Karakurenai. Everything of hers is his now. He snickers and starts to cackle. The door closes.

Outside, in the hall, Karakuri comments on how Himeutsugi became a monster. He’s dyed completely in darkness. Hime and Utsugi. He quotes that “the prince had a curse. He would never be able to make the princess happy. It was a very, very sad curse”. The princess was eaten by a monster. The end, the end.

6 thoughts on “Hana Awase 「姫空木編」 ~ Karakurenai ~

    Misko said:
    August 7, 2016 at 11:51

    Oh, Karakurenai… My favorite crazy wannabe rapist. I just find him to be tremendously entertaining. His attitude cracks me up every time. Also, love his battle cries during hana awase!

    Though I’ll admit, the beginning half of this route started to annoy me too. I think it was just overdone. I’m like, all right. We get it. He’s super horny and wants Mikoto and likes to be mean about it or whatever. Can we move on now?

    I thought the second half got quite a bit better. Especially towards the end when his minamo were attacking him. If I’m remembering correctly (since I sort of took a break in the middle of this route and came back to it) I think that was the first time we were actually SHOWN that he cares about his Minamo instead of just told about it.

    Also…Hime’s Fashion Show!!! There should be a side mini game for this. I would totally play it, haha!

      Ilinox responded:
      August 9, 2016 at 00:15

      LOL! He’s… very charming… in his own way… :’). I love how he actually turns out to be pretty level-headed and actually nice in the other guys’ routes but in his own route he’s a tad too aggressive. I love his battle cries too though they make me want to lose just to spite him, haha.

      SAME! I felt like they dragged it on too long too, especially when nothing new was added and it was always just Mikoto being like “No! Let me go! No!” which just made me feel angry at Kurenai. I mean, it does set up a greater contrast when he finally softens but my patience was being stretched thin.

      Kind of, yeah! We’re told a lot that Karakurenai treats his minamo equally and showers his love on them all, and IIRC we actually do see him kissing them all a few times and talking softly to them. But, you’re right, in that the one scene where his minamo were attacking him was SUCH a powerful scene because it really showed the lengths he was willing to go to for his girls. Gods, I hated Hime so much in that scene LMAO. I couldn’t believe how brutal he was there… like, I knew this ending was going to be bad but I didn’t expect them to be THIS BAD.

      Oh snap, I just realized I didn’t take a picture of Hime in his black outfit when you fight him because HOT DAMN!! Haha, yeah, we really need a collection of just the guys and their sprites and their clothes and dress them up–. (PS. Here’s Hime’s fighting sprite in those black clothes).

    Nope is here hello! said:
    July 27, 2016 at 01:30

    I’m going to admit something very shameful. I skimmed through most of this because Karakurenai is close to the bottom of the 5 brights for me.
    I just can’t get into him, he’s so forceful and most of the time when Mikoto’s being meek or ‘too kind’ i’m screaming at my screen “JUST PUNCH HIM!” because christ, stop grabbing at her. Honestly, everyone keeps grabbing at Mikoto, goddamn give her some personal space.
    But, Karakurenai cares about his Minamo, his girls. Or well, women. That’s something about him that I can like. And if they all love him too, he must have good points right?? I especially like how, they dolled up Mikoto to essentially act as bait to lure him back LOL
    There’s so much that happened, I’m not sure i understood any of it, i might have to reread.
    But honestly, why can’t we have a game about Momotose??? Why can’t we date the cotton candy haired babe that calls Mikoto her angel?? Momotose is my pearl, MY angel.
    Is every other ending just gonna be Hime being a creep because holy shit. How many outfits is he gonna put Mikoto in???

      Ilinox responded:
      July 27, 2016 at 15:26

      Hello hello! Haha, I don’t blame you because the beginning of Karakurenai’s route was dragging on me too and made me uncomfortable with how much Mikoto was always like “No, let me go! No! Stop it! No!” and he just kept on molesting her like that. LOL everyone grabbing Mikoto is so true though… STOP DRAGGING HER AROUND LIKE A RAG DOLL!! YOU TOO IROHA!!

      Oh man, I’m so glad that the Oukagumi minamo ended up being so supportive and willing to accept that Karakurenai has chosen Mikoto as his one and only partner, and is the girl that she likes. It’s much different from the sneakily catty Gekkougumi minamo (e_e dammit Hime control your girls). I wish we could have seen Karakurenai interacting more with his minamo because he really does treat them so softly and nicely; though I think you get a sense of that when Hime hit him where it hurt the most and Karakurenai just let his corrupted minamo beat the crap out of him without resisting (GODS THAT WILL NEVER NOT MAKE ME SAD).

      Haha! Did you know that before they released what the ???-hen was, my friends and I were guessing anything from Mikoto-hen to Goto-hen to a Momotose-hen. I’m sure she’ll make more of an appearance throughout the other games though (and especially in Iroha’s route). I’m so intrigued by her role too though because !!! it sounds like she’s also been stuck in the loop and has served or loved Mikoto for a long time too.

      L M A O. I have no idea how many wardrobe changes Hime will go through but rest assured that Iroha only has one end so… I don’t think Hime will go crazy. (There’s a common route bad end in Iroha’s route though so ;;; maybe that is the one where Hime goes crazy… again).

    AbsoluteMeowster said:
    July 24, 2016 at 11:22

    Holy crap, that was so good if not confusing. I have no idea what happened, even though I read I over a couple times. Dang it.

    Anyways, hope Karakurenai gets his super cute ending in the next game. I mean, he always does protecting her (but then so do all the guys). And Iroha, you make my heart hurt. You’ll get your chance with the girl soon. But you have to suffer a couple more times.

    Thank you so much for translating the story for is English people~ I look forward to the next (painful) route!

      Ilinox responded:
      July 27, 2016 at 15:12


      I used to think that only Iroha knew what was going on, while the rest maybe only had subconscious feelings that became apparent when they were going to die. BUT this game clearly shows that many people seem to have an idea that something odd is going on.

      Gosh, I can’t wait for Karakurenai to finally get a happy ending… even though it means that Hime and Mizuchi will get even more unhappy ends LOL. He always does seem to die though, huh, and all because he’s protecting Mikoto from crazy guys (first Mizuchi in his game and now Hime in this game).

      Iroha is making me so sad in every one’s route (except maybe Mizuchi in this game because he didn’t show much). He is SO obvious in his jealousy towards everyone ;;;; the robot facade is crumbling hard.

      You’re welcome! And thank you for always taking the time to comment and like these posts <3!

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