Hana Awase 「姫空木編」 ~ Iroha ~

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Iroha (いろは)
CV: Terashima Takuma (寺島 拓篤)

Iroha is Rank 1 among the 5 Brights and a third year Kaei of the Chisengumi. He is emotionless and seems to care only about fulfilling his duties and protecting the senki candidate’s virtue (which he does, to an obsessive degree). He also possesses the rare characteristic of having full moons in both his eyes, which grants him a large amount of power and a mysterious magnetism. He seems to have a mysterious connection to Mikoto and an awareness of the state of this world.

DAY 21. Mikoto decides to request the help of one of the 5 Brights to save Himeutsugi and the others in the auditorium.

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She thinks she should talk to Iroha properly, to plead with him to think up another method that isn’t blowing up the auditorium. Is Iroha in his room? Which one was it? Suddenly, Mikoto hears a Chisengumi minamo yell at her to move. She yelps when she’s shoved to the side. And then another Chisen minamo shouts out that they must hurry because this is their chance to be of use to Iroha!

Momotose appears then and tells Mikoto that they’re heading to the auditorium to give Iroha their water. Mikoto turns to her in surprise. Momotose goes on to explain that blowing up the auditorium relies on the power of Kasen, which means a large amount of water is required. Iroha has mobilized his entire Chisengumi minamo. Mikoto blinks and points out that Iroha’s partner is Momotose though.

Momotose just smiles and replies that she won’t participate; she has boycotted it. Mikoto looks at her sadly. Momotose declares that the current Iroha is not qualified to be one of the 5 Brights; he is saying that he is doing this in order to protect the chairmen who have put up the barrier, and to save the remaining people in the school. How expedient. Momotose adds that Iroha sees Himeutsugi as being in his way, and that is why he wants to purge him as soon as possible.

Mikoto gapes and then asks, in horror, why Himeutsugi is in his way!? There’s no reason for Iroha to think that about him! Momotose is quiet. She finally says 「いろはは、とても幼いの。考え方も行動も。まるで、心だけずっと時が止まっているかのよう。」(Iroha is very young. In his way of thought, and actions. It’s like time has stopped only for his heart). She is sure that he isn’t even aware of his own feelings about disliking Himeutsugi; he only knows that he wants him to disappear.

Momotose goes on to say that minamo, in order to save their player, offer up their water – full of their feelings – to them; the player must not use their minamo for their own personal ego. Mikoto murmurs her name. And then Momotose admits that Iroha might hold a small hope. The onifuda hasn’t officially chosen a partner yet. If her angel… Momotose becomes quiet again and then whispers that she is also sinful. She asks Mikoto to act like she didn’t hear what Momotose said just now and then excuses herself.

Mikoto can only watch her leave, speechless. What did she mean? Suddenly, the ground shakes and Mikoto screams. And then she hears a loud explosion from the auditorium. It can’t be!?

She runs into the greenhouse and finds Iroha chanting 「ひとふたみよいつむななやここのたりふるべゆらゆらとふるべ」(One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, furube, yurayura to, furube). Another explosion happens and Mikoto is stunned by what she sees.

The auditorium has…!? Onosada appears and whistles at how showy Iroha is. Mikoto asks him what this is about because there was still three more days! Onosada tells her that Awahana collapsed from keeping the barrier up without rest or sleep. It’s not unreasonable. Mikoto is shocked to hear that.

Onosada goes on to say that it became a problem of time for Kintokihana. But burying the auditorium underground required more water than was on hand from the minamo here. And that’s why Iroha used his own power. For the people who are to be buried, he will eliminate them all with his own hands, without leaving even a single one. Mikoto doesn’t want to believe that this means what she thinks it means.

Another explosion happens, and Mikoto screams. And then she sees an electric current; it’s slipping out from the auditorium. Onosada winces when it sparks at him and informs Mikoto that this electricity will sting badly. She needs to be careful not to touch them because they’re covered in taint and– eh? Mikoto has run off towards Iroha. Onosada yells at her to wait because it’s dangerous!

Mikoto flinches as she sees Iroha cut down students who have turned into adabana. They are screaming in pain and for help as they die. One even gurgles out Iroha’s name before it collapses. Mikoto whimpers and then yells out Iroha’s name when she finally catches up to him. He is silent. She is stunned by the cold look in his eyes; it is like he has no feelings… like he is frozen.

Onosada catches up to them too and comments on how awful this is. The entire surface is like a sea of blood, almost like the time of the first ceremony. Mikoto’s eyes widen. Iroha then reports that over half of the students have disappeared. He goes on to say that the ones remaining here are just players who have become adabana; the minamo, Himeutsugi, and the adabana called Tamamushi are not here.

There was a barrier sealing the auditorium though, in other words it was a sealed room. They shouldn’t have been able to escape. Onosada asks him what that means. Mikoto screams when electricity sparks and then a distortion appears in the air. Mikoto is shocked to see a hand… Himeutsugi’s hand! Himeutsugi is silent. She shouts out his name but is stopped by Iroha.

When she looks up at him, Iroha tells her that she has no permission to act. He will be the one to dispose of Himeutsugi. Mikoto repeats his words, horrified, and then watches him disappear through the distortion. Onosada snaps out his name, annoyed. He can’t believe Iroha just did that because it was reckless. Mikoto shouts at Iroha to wait, but Onosada steps in her way and asks that she’s not planning on jumping into the strange distortion either, right? She might die. He tells her not to do it.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO GIVE UP (BAD END). Mikoto wonders if she’ll even be able to save Himeutsugi if she jumps through that distortion. She flinches when the electric currents grow stronger. Onosada shouts out that it’s dangerous. But then all the electricity suddenly disappears after a static noise. Mikoto and Onosada’s eyes widen. And then Iroha appears silently, walking towards them.

Onosada hesitantly asks about the cloth he has in his hands. It can’t be… Iroha replies that it belonged to Himeutsugi. And then he reports that he purged the adabana that was Himeutsugi. Mikoto echoes his words, faint. Iroha explains that his body was fallen in the middle of the distortion and Iroha wasn’t able to bring him back; in exchange, he took this scarf as proof. Mikoto’s eyes widen and she asks weakly if Himeutsugi is dead.

S-She can’t believe that. And then Iroha addresses her as the senki candidate and states that he will be her partner from now on. Mikoto just stares at him. Onosada interrupts because it was already decided that she was to be expelled. Iroha replies that he won’t allow that. HOLY SHIT. Onosada’s eyes widen. What!? Iroha says 「泉姫の覚醒こそが私の望み。それを絶やすことは誰であろうと許しません。」(It is my wish for the awakening of the senki. I will not allow that to be stopped, be it anyone).

Onosada angrily asks him what he’s saying. And then Iroha takes Mikoto by the arm and tells her that everything, and how it turned out, is her responsibility. He also tells her that, without exception, her freedom is forbidden now. If anyone approaches her, he will eliminate them.

Mikoto stutters out his name, scared. He tells her quietly that he won’t release her; if she rejects this hand then he’ll kill her. Mikoto averts her eyes. He then orders her to come with him.Mikoto starts to protest and resist, but Iroha looks at her with terrifying eyes. She flinches and then screams.

After that, Mikoto was locked in his room. She was told that she couldn’t be let out until she awakened. Looking outside through the window, she feels like the amount of people in the school has decreased. Somehow, she feels like she can see the surrounding atmosphere become dark and heavy. Because she couldn’t interact with anyone except for Iroha, she doesn’t know what happened.

Even now, she hasn’t awoken. And the onifuda, unnoticed to her, seemed to disappear off to somewhere. Just like Iroha said, it was because she was indecisive. It was because she had doubts about choosing her partner… it became like this. But now it’s different. She wants to work hard and awaken but she just doesn’t know what to do.

No, she doesn’t need to decide. If she doesn’t know then she can just ask Iroha. That’s what he said. Iroha teaches her everything. And that’s why she doesn’t need to think about anything. Yes, it’s fine like this. Suddenly, there are footsteps. Ah, her partner has returned! Mikoto calls out his name, happy. Iroha! W T F THIS ENDING.

CHOOSE TO GO. Mikoto knows that what Onosada has said is right, but if she doesn’t go now then Himeutsugi and the others will… She shouts out that she’s going to go! Onosada gasps. And then Mikoto shoves him to the side and jumps in. Onosada is shocked to see the distortion disappear. Not only is Iroha gone, but also the senki candidate. Geez, those guys…

Scene skip! Mikoto yells out Iroha’s name and then yelps when electricity snaps at her. She then opens her eyes to see that she’s inside a train. Why is she here!? Just a while ago, she leaped into the distortion and then…

Mikoto winces because her body stings; she must have touched the taint directly when she entered the distortion. Her body is cold but she tells herself that she can’t collapse here! She needs to stay strong! No one is here as she walks. But what is it about this place… she feels like she has a recollection of this place. Where was it?

A device is cranked.

Mikoto is surprised because she also feels like she’s heard this noise somewhere before. Suddenly, Himeutsugi croons out Mikoto’s name. OH MAN THAT WAS CREEPY. Mikoto whips around and shouts out his name in surprise. He gives her a strained smile. Mikoto smiles tremulously and tells him that she’s glad that he’s safe. But Himeutsugi just calls out her name again and asks if she’ll come together with him?

She pauses and asks him hesitantly where they’re going to go. He whispers that they’ll go to a good place. She echoes his words, confused. He tells her to hurry before the water comes. She blinks. Water? He nods and then smiles wider, asking her to come to him. Mikoto turns red but nods. She’ll go to him right now–

Himeutsugi suddenly gets cut and collapses, bleeding. Mikoto screams out his name. Himeutsugi is unresponsive. She sobs out his name and then shakes in denial. Iroha then appears and declares that the purge has been completed. He orders her to come with him and they’ll look for an exit. Mikoto stares at him and then slaps his hand away angrily, asking him why he did that! Himeutsugi wasn’t an adabana! This is cruel!

Iroha just replies that, regardless of whether he was an adabana or not, Himeutsugi was a target for elimination. He addresses her as the senki candidate and tells her that everything became like this due to her. She continues to glare at him. He points out that Himeutsugi was, in the end, her temporary partner. He even withdrew from the second ceremony, so why is she so fixated on him?

Mikoto averts her eyes, not having an answer. Iroha walks towards her and notes that he told her not to come. What can she now that she’s here? She doesn’t even have the power of a minamo. And yet she’s a senki candidate? Mikoto has no reply. He tells her that her doubts are the sources of her actions. What killed Himeutsugi was her, and her lack of self-awareness. DAMN MAN THAT’S HARSH.

Mikoto’s eyes widen and she stares at him. He narrows his eyes and murmurs 「君の意思がある限り、運命は狂っていく。」(As long as you have a will, fate heads into madness). She yelps out his name when he suddenly pins her against the train wall. HOLY SHIT KABEDON?? He tells her that the ceremony is restarting. And the senki candidate, from today, will become his partner.

She stares at him, shocked. And then she protests because the chairmen told her that her partner is chosen by the onifuda and her! He just replies that there is no more need for the onifuda or her opinion. He reminds her that the chairmen have decided to expel her; in other words, she’s an unneeded existence. Mikoto winces.

But then Iroha says 「だが、私の使命は泉姫候補を覚醒させること。正しき運命を導くこと。退学などさせない。」(But my mission is to awaken the senki candidate. To guide her onto the right fate. I won’t allow you to be expelled). He tells her that, from now on, she just needs to act under his will. If she does then she will be protected and can awaken as the senki. Mikoto’s eyes widen.

And then she tells him no. That’s like… He narrows his eyes and tells her that he hasn’t given her the right to refuse. She can no longer look at anyone but him. That is what a partner is. Mikoto averts her eyes, silent. Iroha reminds her in a snarl that he told her to LOOK at him. SIR YOU ARE FRIGHTENING ME. Mikoto snaps her eyes back to him, frightened.

He whispers at her not to look away from him. Seize him, with those eyes of the moon that she has, for an eternity, she should look only at him. Mikoto continues to stare at him, speechless. And then Iroha declares that he will complete the ceremony now. He is going to engrave onto her body the fact that she is his partner.

Mikoto screams when he rips her clothes and bites her shoulder; she tells him that it hurts! But she realizes that he’s not listening. He whispers to her to feel him. She just whimpers. It hurts! Please! Let her go! He tells her that he won’t end this. As long as she continues to reject him, he will continue to carve this into her body. Mikoto stiffens. He tells her to obey everything he says. He tells her to sever her doubts. Who is her partner?

She is silent for a beat before whimpering out that it’s him, Iroha. He exhales, and then states that the ceremony has been completed with this. Mikoto collapses to the ground. The sharp pain has disappeared and changed into a stinging, dull pain. The proof of partnership that Iroha engraved. Is this what a partner is? Decided by brute force? Mikoto apologizes to Himeutsugi in her mind for not protecting him. What should she be doing from here on?

ふるべゆらゆらとふるべ」 – Iroha
(One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
furube, yurayura to, furube.) – Hifumi no Haraekotoba

Scene skip! At night, Iroha repeats his chant. With this, the senki candidate has been cut loose from Himeutsugi. He is no longer here. He will never again have anything to do with her. He whispers to Mikoto that she has him. He will not let her have doubts. She just needs to live by what he says and then… awaken.

Scene skip! Half Moon tells Mikoto that the moon has been decided. Even he doesn’t know what will happen with this moon though. He can only be here; he can only watch over her. First time was determination, second time is confusion. Just like that time. She is lost. Mikoto asks him what he means. And then asks what he is. Why can she only hear his voice? What did the words he just said now mean?

Half Moon tells her the full moon is close. When the moon fills, fate greatly changes. But that is her trial. What she should believe in… but there is only one answer. He tells her to find it, her half moon.

DAY 22. Mikoto wakes up in her bed. Once again it was that dream about him… she’s seen it successively now. But today was a bit different. What did he mean by her being lost? She’s strangely caught by that. And then Momotose knocks on the door and asks if she is available; Kintokihana has awoken and she suggests they head there together. Mikoto agrees.

Scene skip! In the greenhouse, Karakuri is stomping around saying 「いのこいのこいのこもちついて。いわわんものはおにうめへびうめつのはえたこうめ・・・。」(Young boar, young boar, young boar make rice cakes. Those who are not celebrated are the demons, the snakes, and the horned children). REMEMBER IROHA’S B’S LOG BOAR FESTIVAL POEM? YEAH HERE IT IS AGAIN. ALSO HOLY SHIT. HIME = DEMON. MIZUCHI = SNAKE. AND KURENAI = DEVIL CHILD??

Onosada asks Karakuri what he’s doing. Karakuri announces loudly that he’s stopping and activating his breaks. Beep beep. He repeats Onosada’s question before answering that he’s walking around the greenhouse in circles. Onosada gapes at him and asks him if he’s doing it alone?! Karakuri nods. Onosada sighs in relief because he’s glad that no one was here. Geez, he doesn’t know if Karakuri’s mind is gone or if he has a screw loose.

Karakuri states mechanically that he has no input in him. Onosada apologizes sarcastically. They both head to the remains of the auditorium and Onosada grumbles about how Iroha destroyed this completely; the door has been blown off and is nowhere to be seen. Well, it’s better than being buried in the ground. Karakuri notes that the auditorium is being repaired and will soon return to the way it was before.

Onosada repeats his words and then sighs, because it can’t return to the way it was. Because Iroha purged Himeutsugi and, thanks to that, became the senki candidate’s partner. Karakuri asks if Iroha wants to awaken the senki? Onosada replies that it seems like it; and then he comments on how Iroha’s infatuation with the senki candidate is a bit… Karakuri says that he’s asking for too much.

Onosada shakes his head. No, it’s more like… A device is suddenly cranked. Onosada glances over and narrows his eyes because that’s a device! Karakuri informs him that it was on the ground in the auditorium and he picked it up. Onosada echoes his words and then takes a closer look at the device; he notices that it’s a “Fate Device” and it has one use. Karakuri repeats those words and then starts beeping. He tells Sadakurou that his calculations don’t meet. Onosada asks him what he’s talking about.

But then Iroha appears and tells Onosada that Kintokihana is summoning him. Onosada realizes that he must have woken. Karakuri comments on how the chairmen put up a barrier and are tired. Onosada agrees and then comments on how, for several days, they’ve been sound asleep in their rooms. Thanks to that, it’s been peaceful since he hasn’t been hit. Oops. Onosada chides Karakuri for making him say unnecessary things and then tells him to take the device and leave. Karakuri acknowledges this.

Iroha inquires on whether that’s a device. Onosada confirms this and then remembers that Iroha had something like this. On that note, is this one… Karakuri starts to beep obnoxiously. Iroha asks what the machinery noises just now were. Onosada jerks and then tells him quickly that it was nothing! They should go! He also orders Karakuri to go back to repairing the auditorium. Karakuri acknowledges this. SERIOUSLY HOW DO THEY NOT KNOW HE’S A ROBOT LOL.

Karakuri watches them leave and then, while he is alone, he says 「いろははいのこ。あんじょうせえあんじょうせえ。」(Iroha is the young boar. Prosper, prosper).

Scene skip! Kintoki yawns loudly and notes that everyone has arrived. He has heard a general report from Momotose already; during the time he was sleeping, it looks like the situation has changed. First, he praises Iroha for his actions, and then congratulates him for quieting down the auditorium disturbance and officially becoming the senki candidate’s partner. Iroha thanks him formally.

Kintoki then tells Mikoto that, if she has the school’s greatest power as her partner, then he can be at ease with the whole senki candidate thing; he is revoking her expulsion. Mikoto keeps silent. Kintoki goes on to say that there is a mountain of problems still though. First, is the distortion that appeared in the auditorium and the whereabouts of the remaining students. Iroha reports that the distortion was most likely created by something. He doesn’t think it is a Hana Awase field.

Mikoto asks about this. Field? Iroha explains that, during Kasen, the player creates an imaginary space with a Hana Awase field in order to guarantee the safety of their surroundings, in other words, it is a barrier. By nature, only those who are doing Hana Awase can see this but, depending on the situation, the “targets” the player chooses can get pulled in. Momotose adds that this applies to minamo too; they are guided, as the partner of the player, to the field and participate in battle.

Mizuchi thinks out loud that if the remaining students were “targets” then they were taken into the distortion. But bringing along hundreds of people would be limited by the power of its user. Kagami agrees, and adds that creating a field uses the player’s life force and so just what kind of person would it be to be able to create and sustain a field for that amount of time?

Kintoki closes his eyes and muses on how it must be Goto’s work then. He confirms if the distortion in the auditorium has disappeared. Onosada confirms this and says that he hasn’t seen it ever since the first incident; the auditorium has also been purified and is untainted now. Kintoki notes that, on the other hand, this means they have no clues. He asks Iroha if he is certain that the area of the field was the “amusement park”.

Iroha confirms that the place was the amusement park in the southern district, called the “Train Shooter”. Mikoto’s eyes widen. Momotose also exclaims in surprise. Iroha goes on to say that the “Train Shooter” looks exactly like a train. Before she came to this school, it was the same place that the senki candidate was attacked by the utsurohi. Lately, utsurohi and adabana have been surging in that place too. The causal relationship between Goto and the amusement park is unknown though and requires investigation.

Kintoki hums and realizes that this calls for Kabatsu. Mikoto repeats his words questioningly. Kabatsu? Onosada explains that, just like its name, it means cutting down flowers. Killing adabana by Hana Awase. Mikoto’s eyes widen. Onosada explains that adabana are haunted by utsurohi, and are already things that are not human. She can just think about it as cutting down weeds. Himeutsugi was like that too, right?

Mikoto becomes horrified and tries to deny it. But Iroha agrees and states that Himeutsugi became an adabana, and withered after being purged. Mikoto looks over at him, stunned. He goes on to declare that he and the senki candidate will do Kabatsu. This is their will. Mikoto flinches but says nothing.

Kintoki comes to a decision: Iroha, Mizuchi, and Karakurenai are to do Kabatsu at the “amusement park” as the 5 Brights and, upon finding the creator of the field, purge them! Mizuchi acknowledges this and states that he will now head to the actual site, excusing himself.

Karakurenai snorts after Mizuchi leaves and comments mockingly on how proud Mizuchi is. Does he intend to have a battle of revenge for Himeutsugi? How pointless. Kagami snaps at him to stop, even if that was a joke. Karakurenai sneers and then says that he doesn’t consent to this in the first place. He leans in to Iroha and points out that he killed the shitty princess because he wanted this woman, right? His composed expression is scary. Iroha doesn’t respond.

Kurenai then asks what happened to the ceremony of the onifuda? Iroha lost to him in Katou and yet he snatched her away from the side; he has guts to do that. Momotose tells him to stop because it’s already been decided. Kurenai snarls at how noisy she is and then asks how she feels? Iroha, her partner, has been robbed away by this girl. Doesn’t she feel annoyed? Momotose replies calmly that she isn’t, but… her expression turns sad.

Mikoto is puzzled. Momotose? Karakurenai huffs in amusement because that’s that. Iroha is so cold. Iroha finally speaks and tells him that it’s useless; no matter what Karakurenai says, it doesn’t change the fact that he is the senki candidate’s partner. Now, disappear. Karakurenai snarls at him.

Kintoki orders the two of them to stop! It’s true that the onifuda didn’t choose him but the card is no longer here, right? Mikoto stutters out a yes. She hasn’t found it since the events at the auditorium. She wonders where it went and then apologizes for losing it. Kintoki waves her apology away and tells her that since she chose Iroha it isn’t needed anymore. Right? Mikoto confirms this quietly.

Kurenai snorts and comments on how she has a strained look on her face when she confirmed that; a straight out-of-focus look. He narrows his eyes and says that he doesn’t know what means Iroha used but it obviously doesn’t sit with Mikoto at all. She’ll regret this. This school too. Nothing has been cleaned up, so he’s just going to do whatever he wants. Mikoto watches him with wide eyes as he stalks out.

Kintoki then addresses Mikoto and tells her that her purpose is to awaken as the senki; that is why she is at this school, and she is not to forget that even a little. Mikoto closes her eyes and acknowledges this.

Everyone leaves the room. Mikoto thinks on how Kabatsu is going to start, with her as Iroha’s partner. Not to mention she’ll be doing Hana Awase; she just started studying Hana Utsushi, so will she really be able to do this? She’s scared of cutting down adabana and, moreover, she… Mikoto’s expression crumbles. But then Momotose invites her to come together with her and Kagami back to the dormitories.

Just as Mikoto looks at her and says her name, Iroha interrupts and orders the senki candidate to his room. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM DUDE LMAO. Mikoto blinks at him. He tells her that, from today, she is to always be with him; she is not to separate from him even for a moment. Mikoto’s eyes widen. Momotose and Kagami are shocked too and then Kagami asks him to hold on and explain what that means!

Iroha tells them that it is exactly how it sounds; he tells Mikoto to hold out her hand. She does so, confused. Iroha inclines his head and tells her to hold it out more. She stretches her hand further, even more confused. Like this? And then there’s a clicking noise. She looks down to see… handcuffs!? Iroha clasps it around his hand as well and tells her that they are chained together. With this, she will be together with him. WHAT THE FUCK DUDE.

He goes on to explain that Kabatsu is going to begin and she will often be affected by the taint; this is a security plan so that she doesn’t leave his sight and he can observe her. Mikoto gapes at him. What!? Momotose shakes in the background and asks Iroha angrily what he just did! This won’t do! He must release her at once! Iroha replies without emotion that he won’t release her and she is his partner. From now on, she is to obey him completely.

Iroha then whispers to Mikoto, calling her the senki candidate, that he should have engraved that into her body already. Mikoto flinches and averts her eyes. He informs her that the length of the chain is one meter; if she doesn’t keep up with him then he’s going to drag her along as he walks. He walks off and Mikoto yelps when the chain snaps taut. Momotose yells at Iroha to stop right now. Iroha!

Kagami is staring at their backs with wide eyes at how Iroha just left; he walks too fast too and Mikoto is being dragged. Momotose grits her teeth. Kagami then comments on how it’s been decided that he’s Mikoto’s partner and yet there’s this strange feeling. Moreover, Iroha seems to be acting a bit weird. It’s understandable that he purged Hime but… he seems to be frenzied. Momotose sighs.

Kagami also sighs and then wonders if Iroha really purged Hime. It hasn’t sunk in yet and she actually feels like he’s still alive. She feels like he’ll just suddenly pop up abruptly over there with that princess smile. Momotose thinks so too and cannot help but wish for that. Mikoto will surely be pleased too, because she must be the one wishing for him to return the most.

A device is cranked.

Momotose blinks when Karakuri appears and then asks him what is the matter. Karakuri reports mechanically that Himeutsugi will return with a princess smile. Return, return. Mikoto’s wish, her prayers, will be granted. Momotose looks at what he has and realizes that it’s a “Fate Device”. THEY CALL IT “KARAKURI MIKOTO” BY THE WAY HINT HINT. He nods. He then states that as per Mikoto’s wish, Himeutsugi will return.

Momotose tells him that this device is already broken, because Iroha used it up. So, Mikoto’s wish won’t be granted. But she thanks him and calls him kind; she has received his feelings. Karakuri is silent and then makes the sound effect for shaking. He then says 「みーはみーゆーはゆーん。」(Me is me. You are you) before clanking off. Kagami splutters and asks who that was! He’s wearing bizarre clothes and he’s not one of their students, right!?

Momotose explains that Karakuri is Onosada’s student-helper. Kagami can’t believe that the old man has a student-helper, not to mention Karakuri is excessively beautiful. Could it be that Onosada is keeping him for pederasty? Momotose gasps at Kagami’s brazen words.

Scene skip! Iroha orders Mikoto to enter. She does so and is shocked by the state of Iroha’s room. It’s amazingly disordered and there’s nowhere to put her feet! Iroha is silent. She stands there quietly too. And then the silence drags on, until she finally calls out to him hesitantly. He asks her what it is. She asks if she can sit down. He echoes her words and then asks why she needs to sit.

Mikoto blinks at him. He tells her that he doesn’t need to sit; if she wants to sit though she can sit. Mikoto gapes at him because even if he says that, since they are chained, she can’t be the only one who sits down. Also, there’s so many things on the floor that there’s no place to sit either. It’s… impossible. Mikoto finally says quietly that she’s fine too. He grunts. Another silence descends upon them.

And then she asks what else he is going to do for today. Iroha replies that he won’t do anything. LOL?? She stares at him. And then he tells her that if she feels sleepiness like this then she can sleep. HOW THOUGH LMAO. Her eyes widen even further. Sleep!? Iroha is silent. And silent. And then he collapses. Mikoto yelps and asks him hurriedly what the matter is. Iroha!? But then she hears him breathing evenly.

He’s sleeping! She is completely exasperated. Iroha continues to breathe calmly. She can see that he’s even sound asleep and can’t believe what a person Iroha is to fall asleep in such a short time. And, because of the chain, she can’t move. What should she do!?

At night, Momotose comes by and knocks on the door asking if Mikoto is there. She brought a change of clothes and dinner. When she enters though she gasps. Mikoto smiles at her weakly. Momotose asks her what happened here! Mikoto tells her that it’s a long story but…

Momotose sighs when she hears the entire story and grumbles about how troublesome Iroha is. Furthermore, in this situation, her angel can’t even move! Good gracious! Mikoto smiles awkwardly and points out that there’s a chain and so she can move but there’s no other place to sleep so she thought to sleep like this too. Momotose states that this won’t do! A lady can’t be made to sleep on the floor! She shouts at Iroha to wake up. But he just continues sleeping.

Momotose sighs as she recalls that Iroha is the type to not wake until the morning once he’s fallen asleep. Mikoto gapes at that. Momotose remarks on how Mikoto must have been surprised by this room too, right? Other than Kasen, Iroha is completely indifferent to everything else. She cleans this place every day but it immediately becomes like this. Mikoto becomes even more shocked at Iroha when she hears this.

Momotose complains about how this will trouble her angel too. Good gracious, he’s rough and, even when she talks to him about a maiden’s heart until she’s blue in the face, he doesn’t understand at all. Mikoto denies this though and tells Momotose that she can understand why Iroha is like this. It’s because she kept on hesitating. It’s because she took actions without any self-awareness of herself as the senki candidate.

She tells Momotose how Iroha said it was due to her that Himeutsugi was killed. Because she didn’t have a strong will. It occurred because she didn’t choose anyone. But she’s scared. To make someone unhappy because her and her will. She doesn’t want anyone else to die. Mikoto falls quiet and so Momotose calls out to her, worried. Mikoto smiles at her sadly and confesses that she’s been thinking about obeying Iroha from now on. If she properly listens to what he says and is protected, then things will be okay.

Momotose is quiet. And then she asks if that is her angel’s true feelings? Momotose tells Mikoto that she can’t feel her scented water right now; that sweet and vibrant water that always attracts her heart in is… Mikoto’s eyes widen. And then Momotose smiles sadly, saying that Iroha might be the same as Mikoto. Even though they’re bound by this chain, he will never be able to obtain her. That is what a heart is.

Momotose confesses to Mikoto that Iroha is always dried up. Mikoto startles. Momotose explains that water can’t be given to his heart and, no matter how strong he is at Kasen, he is never fulfilled. Iroha is the same as a machine, and machines don’t have hearts, right? STOP HURTING ME. Mikoto repeats her words. Machine…

Momotose then says 「それが、彼にあたえられた咎への罰。・・・変えられない宿命でございます。こうして、わたくしがいることもそのひとつ。」(That is the punishment to his sin… it is an unchangeable destiny. Even my presence here is one of those). Mikoto asks her what she means. Momotose explains that she can’t appease Iroha’s heart. She is certain that only the senki… can fulfill his heart. FUCK ME.

Mikoto is stunned and then asks if the reason Iroha wants to awaken her as the senki is to fill up his dried up heart? Momotose just looks at her sadly. Mikoto says her name questioningly. And then Momotose tells her to remain as she is. Please, treasure the path she believes in and the one she chooses. Mikoto echoes her words. Her path… Momotose smiles and then tells Mikoto that, once more, she would like to smell Mikoto’s scent, that nostalgic and exalted scent. Iroha is silent.

Momotose then sighs and reassures Mikoto that Iroha will be fine like this, and she can relax. Momotose will come by again in the morning. Mikoto thinks on her words and wonders if by smell Momotose meant her “seductive water”. But it sounded a bit different? Iroha is silent. And then she recalls the words her grandfather told her, about she herself being the one to choose the moon. In the end, it’s impossible for her.

If she has a will then everyone will become unhappy. It’s always been like that. That’s why she’ll listen to Iroha. That’s the best thing to do. Momotose said those things but she has no choice but to stop her feelings. Iroha is silent. And then Mikoto thinks that, just for now though, it should be okay, right? To think about Himeutsugi. Mikoto starts to cry.

DAY 23. Morning arrives and Iroha wakes up. He notices the chain around his wrist when it rattles and recalls how, at the end of this, there should be… He sees Mikoto sleeping. This is? He tells her without emotion that she is heavy. But Mikoto continues sleeping. He repeats her snoring and tells her that this isn’t a reply. Mikoto murmurs in her sleep and then clenches her hand, grabbing him.

He asks her why she’s holding him but then realizes there’s something more important to ask. Is she… crying? Did she fall asleep while crying? Mikoto doesn’t answer. He murmurs that he doesn’t understand her reason to cry. What is there to be sad about? There is no response. He tells her not to cry; tears are unnecessary to the senki. As long as he is here, she doesn’t need to cry. He won’t let her cry.

Iroha orders her to forget about Himeutsugi. To forget everything. Mikoto is still sleeping. He places his hand on her head and she flinches in her sleep. He addresses her as the senki candidate and asks if she is in pain? The mark he engraved into her; that mark will make her remember pain. And with that, everything can be forgotten. Each time her body hurts, she will remember him. Her partner is him. Not Himeutsugi.

Mikoto shifts in her sleep. He whispers to her that she needs to awaken as the senki. For that sake, this pain is necessary. He won’t let her be lost a second time. She should just accept this pain throughout her body. He won’t let the moons of her eyes cloud over again. Everything that makes her cry… he will kill.

Scene skip! Mikoto is in pain. Her shoulder stings and burns, and it’s a dull pain. And her body feels heavy? Half Moon suddenly greets her. She is confused. He repeats her name and tells her that it’s him! She realizes that he’s the Half Moon and asks him what the matter is. He tells her that he wanted to hear her voice. Her real voice. She repeats his words, puzzled. Her real voice?

Half Moon is quiet. And then he asks if she’s ever fallen in love with someone? Mikoto becomes flustered upon being asked that so suddenly. But she answers that it’s hard to say. He asks her why? She can’t tell him? Mikoto denies that. It’s hard to talk about love, because she’s not supposed to. Half Moon asks if someone is in the way? She denies that too; it’s just something she’s decided. That she can’t say she likes that person. That’s why she won’t say anything.

Half Moon quietly acknowledges this. Mikoto startles when she finds her body growing heavier and heavier. And then Half Moon advises her not to be found out by “that person”. If “that person” learns about this then it’ll be bad. Mikoto asks him who he’s talking about. He’s talking about the weight stone placed on her body. Mikoto repeats his words, puzzled. Weight stone…?

Half Moon tells her he’s trying his best too but he can’t seem to do well. There is a ringing noise. It’s a strange noise, ticktocking, and erasing his words. It’s like fate is changing. Mikoto repeats those words. Fate is changing? Half Moon breathes in and then notes that he has to go now. He says his goodbyes. Mikoto calls out to him and asks him to wait. Wait!

Scene skip! Mikoto wakes up, feeling heavy, and then startles when she sees Iroha. He’s sleeping! What had been weighing her down was him!? And then she realizes their cheeks are touching. This distance is–! Mikoto shouts out his name and asks him to wake. He just continues to breathe peacefully. He won’t wake!? And then Momotose calls out to her from outside the room and starts to ask if she slept well only to pause and gasp. THIS IS!?

Mikoto yelps when she sees Momotose. Momotose calls out to Tane and Kasu because Iroha has assaulted her angel! They both appear and Tane agrees that she has been completely assaulted. Kasu points out that the senki candidate’s clothes have been removed too and so this is after the event. Mikoto gapes and then tries to deny this but Tane just comments on how he didn’t think Iroha would go mad. It looks like he really is a wholesome gentleman.

Momotose scolds them for saying leisurely things! They need water right now! Quick, get a hose! And pour it directly on Iroha’s head! Kasu acknowledges this and points out a hose they have right here; they just need the water now. Mikoto shouts at them to wait a minute. But Tane just asks Kasu to do the sighting and then counts down. 3, 2, 1. FIRE!

Scene skip! In the hallway, Chisen minamo are squealing because it’s Iroha-sama! And he’s walking around half-naked! And dripping wet! Everyone, come! Mikoto is cringing from everyone’s looks though. After the earlier incident, Momotose had glared at Iroha with a truly frightening expression and then left. Iroha stripped off his clothes because he was cold and now he’s walking around without a care. She’s sinking.

Mizuchi sees them and chokes before asking Iroha about his appearance. Iroha replies calmly that he has no clothes. Mizuchi acknowledges this with a stutter and then points out that this is a public place so, if it pleases Iroha, he can provide his spare clothes to him. Iroha answers that he’ll wear them if Mizuchi has them. Mizuchi nods and says that he will prepare them at haste. There are eyes here and so he offers for Iroha to wait in Mizuchi’s room. Mikoto is relieved.

Scene skip! Iroha announces that he’s finished dressing. Mizuchi is glad that the size fits, above all else. It is fortunate they are close in height. IROHA IS A TWIG COMPARED TO MIZUCHI OMFG. And then Mizuchi hesitantly asks about the chain-like thing. Iroha replies that it is to guarantee the safety of the senki candidate. Mizuchi accepts this and compliments Iroha, as expected of him being a deep thinker. UM. HELP??

Mikoto is shocked by how easily Mizuchi accepts this. And then Mizuchi informs them that he is to head out to Kabatsu with Aoi but, before then, he has something he wants to tell Iroha. He formally thanks Iroha for purging Himeutsugi, who had turned into an adabana. Mikoto is stunned. Mizuchi goes on to say that he didn’t want to think of that Hime becoming a tainted adabana and causing pain to people. Iroha protected Hime’s pride. Iroha is quiet.

Mizuchi declares that, in order to clear away Hime’s regrets, he will cut down as many adabana as he can. And he will work to resolve this incident. Iroha acknowledges this calmly. Mikoto realizes that Mizuchi thinks Himeutsugi became an adabana when the truth is different… is it okay to leave it like this? Iroha is quiet. Mikoto notices that and decides that she shouldn’t say anything either then.

And then Mizuchi remembers to tell them that, after he went to the amusement park yesterday, he noticed strange utsurohi appearing. They were different from the utsurohi up to now and were wrapped in tainted electricity. If touched, they would sting and electrify the person. And, when electrified, the person would see a hallucination. It’s very clever. Mikoto asks him what kind of hallucinations?

Mizuchi stiffens and then stutters out that the hallucinations were… were… Mikoto tries to prompt him. But he gives up and tells her in a strained voice that he will refrain from saying it with his own mouth. And then excuses himself, leaving with a flush on his cheeks. UH NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS TRYING TO SAY LMAO. SEEMS SUSPICIOUS THOUGH. Mikoto notices that his face seemed a bit red.

And then Iroha tells her that, after school, they will head to do Kabatsu too. Mikoto startles but nods. She remembers that Kabatsu has started and that she hasn’t studied at all as a minamo. Can she do Hana Awase in this state? She yelps when he starts walking and the chain grows taut. Is she going into the third year classrooms like this?

Scene skip! In the halls, Mikoto thinks about how long the classes were. Which is natural, given that she didn’t understand anything of the third year lessons even when she listened… and the third year Chisen minamo were scary. During class, they kept on glaring at her and it felt like needles. At any rate, Iroha tells her that there’s still time until Kabatsu. Is there something she wants to do? TRAIN OR NOT TO TRAIN.

Scene skip! In the evening, Iroha informs Mikoto that they are going to Kabatsu now. Mikoto hesitates but realizes that it’s finally come and she needs to change her feelings!

It is night by the time they arrive at the amusement park. Mikoto thinks on how it’s been a while since she came here. The start of everything was her meeting the utsurohi here. Iroha and Kagami saved her and then she entered Kaen. Iroha tells her that they will start the cutting at night when there are less people. For now they will stand by here. She acknowledges this.

Mikoto notices that the area around them is quite dark and electric lights are on but she can’t really distinguish the faces of people who are a little bit away from them. She wonders how Iroha and the others normally identify adabana. Suddenly, she hears a man tell his girlfriend that he’s found a place. The girl giggles coyly and tells him to wait. It’s already 7PM but it looks like there are still guests here. Will there be anything here?

And then a rabbit mascot comes up to them exclaiming to Iroha that he came here again! Mikoto yelps. The rabbit introduces itself as Jar-Jean, JJ Amusement Park’s mascot character! Iroha asks it what it means by “again” because he has no knowledge of this. Jar-Jean just repeats its words and then says that yesterday he came with a black-haired slender beauty! Is he not wearing his black eyepatch today? And he’s with a different girl today too, fufu. It thinks Mikoto looks quite good too! But it’s really happy they are coming everyday to play!

It then gives Iroha a special leaflet. Iroha reads it out loud. A night parade? The rabbit nods and then explains that it’s an electronics parade! All the decorate illuminations will light up and it will be even more dreamy than it was yesterday! UH OH. It suggests the two of them to watch it together and then waves goodbye, hopping away. Iroha is quiet. Mikoto hesitantly asks him if the rabbit could have been talking about…

Mikoto yelps when the lights in the amusement park change colors! Suddenly, the grounds of the amusement park has become bright; this might be the first time she’s seen a parade here too. But then she winces when something zaps her. Iroha’s eyes widen. Electricity is running through her body. She looks towards Iroha and points this out. He narrows his eyes and tells her to separate from him and to stand behind him. She obeys quickly.

Suddenly, footsteps are heard and then Mikoto’s eyes widen when she sees… herself in a playboy bunny costume. Fake!Mikoto winks and notes that he’s come again, Mizuchi. Iroha’s eyes widen. Mikoto gapes. Fake!Mikoto introduces herself as Mikoto and that she’s an erotic girl who will grant his desires. She’ll give him a lot of service today too, aha! Mikoto asks Iroha what this is.

Iroha replies calmly that it’s a hallucination. Mikoto repeats his words, stuttering. He tells her to look at the fake’s surroundings. She does so and sees utsurohi. Fake!Mikoto asks “Mizuchi” what the matter is because the parade is starting! Won’t he come with her? Ahaha! Fake!Mikoto starts to cackle insanely. Mikoto flinches away. Iroha notes that the utsurohi are wrapped in electricity and this must have been what Mizuchi was talking about.

He narrows his eyes and informs Mikoto that they will be doing Hana Awase. Prepare. Mikoto tenses, making him ask her what the matter is. But she just stutters out that she understands. In her mind, she reminds herself not to be shaken! She needs to properly use her power as a minamo! Iroha sets up his field and does his field call 「フィールドを生成。亥の血を刈る。」(Field creation. Reaping lives).

They win but Mikoto is panting and realizes that she also didn’t bring out much power. No, it’s not that she didn’t put out much power but that right now she…! Iroha tells her they’re moving on to the next opponent. She nods tiredly. But Iroha notices that she’s not moving and asks why she is not setting up with him. Mikoto blurts out an apology because nothing is coming out of her body; she can’t bring out a minamo’s power… her water!

Iroha’s eyes widen. And then Fake!Mikoto giggles and interrupts saying that it looks like she might be useful then! She tells “Mizuchi” to kill that girl and then to make her his partner. Come on, look! Her body and looks are the same! Moreover, he likes her and the things about her, right? Iroha stares at her silently. Fake!Mikoto tells “Mizuchi” that she’ll let him fill up her precious place fully, ahaha!

Suddenly, Momotose appears yelling at them to stop. She tells Fake!Mikoto not to say such vulgar things with her angel’s face. Mikoto gasps when she sees Momotose. Momotose apologizes because she was searching for the two of them but it took time. Fake!Mikoto giggles and then asks who Momotose is. Momotose just narrows her eyes and declares that she won’t allow this fake to taint her precious person. She tells Iroha to defeat it with her in one minute– no, in one blow. Iroha acknowledges this.

Mikoto is stunned when they defeat the utsurohi in a split second. Iroha and Momotose are that strong!? Fake!Mikoto snarls and asks who they are because she realizes that they aren’t Mizuchi. If they aren’t Mizuchi then she’s going to withdraw! Because Mizuchi loves her more! More! Momotose hisses at it to be silent, demon. Fake!Mikoto screams when she’s attacked again and then Iroha states, without emotion, that the purge is complete.

But Fake!Mikoto just yells at them to look at her and starts to laugh. Mikoto is shocked when she disappears. And then Mikoto collapses when she relaxes. Momotose calls out her name in worry. Iroha comments on how it looks like she’s dried up; he will take her back. Momotose stops him though. She glares at him silently. Iroha says her name, startled. Momotose then declares that Iroha doesn’t have the qualifications to be a player.

DAY 24. In the school courtyard, Onosada yawns. Kintoki comments on how that was a large yawn. Onosada yelps and then asks when he was there. Kintoki tells him that it doesn’t matter because even if it is early morning he shouldn’t relax his attention. What if a student sees him? And he stinks of alcohol. Onosada winces and apologizes; he intended to have one nightcap but then continued on with beer… he winces at his headache.

Kintoki huffs and tells him to quit his bad behavior. He doesn’t want Onosada to tell him that he isn’t aware of the jeering he gets from the other teachers too. Kintoki is also tired of hearing them complain about Onosada every morning. Onosada apologizes formally. And then Awa appears and tells Kintoki to stop there. Onosada is surprised to see Awa because he thought he was still resting. Is his body well now?

Awa tells him that it is; this morning his body became completely better. It was almost strange. Onosada grumbles because when he saw Awa’s exhausted state he thought Awa wouldn’t wake up ever again… he winces at his headache again. Awa waves his words away and admits that he basically went to Nirvana, but it was like he was checked back.

Kintoki chides Awa because he’s not in his normal condition yet and so he shouldn’t be wandering around. Awa tells him that his overprotection is unnecessary. More importantly, they should be having a different conversation, no? He heard that, regarding the auditorium incident, Iroha purged Himeutsugi who had become an adabana.

Onosada confirms this in a stutter. Awa asks calmly what that is then. Onosada looks over in confusion. Footsteps approach them. Even Kintoki’s eyes widen. Onosada asks if that person is possibly…!! OH SHIT HIME IS DEFINITELY BACK AND PISSED RIGHT? LMAO.

Scene skip! Mikoto groans but then notices that this isn’t Iroha’s room. She recalls that, after yesterday’s events, she lost her strength and then… Moreover, is this steam? And it has a nice smell. She hears a drop. Water? Mikoto opens her eyes, only to be shocked at her situation. M-M-Momotose!? W-W-Where is she!? Momotose wakes up, realizing that she accidentally dozed off, and then greets Mikoto.

Mikoto returns the greeting in a stutter and then shakes her head, returning to the question of what this situation is! Momotose quickly stops her from moving and tells her to stay like this a while longer, because she’s in the middle of being treated for drying up. Mikoto repeats her words, puzzled. Momotose explains that, primarily, players can use the water they have to circulate with their minamo but two minamos can do this too, though it takes a little more time.

Mikoto thanks her but then asks why they’re in a bathtub. Momotose explains that her body was chilled and so she decided to warm it up like this too, and with this hot water it’ll make giving her water even easier. If their skin is pressed against each other like this then it also makes it easier for her to give Mikoto her water. She tells Mikoto to be at ease because she’s wearing bathing clothes.

Mikoto does notice that she is properly wearing clothes. She then apologizes for Momotose having to take all this into consideration. Momotose just giggles and admits that she honestly would prefer being naked but, even through their bathing clothes, Mikoto is soft. She has a body like cotton candy. Mikoto yelps and tries to tell Momotose not to touch that place! But Momotose continues to tickle her.

Mikoto squeaks and asks her to stop. Her fingers tickle! Momotose apologizes for playing around too much, but she is happy that her treatment has restored her angel. Because she’s a woman, she can’t match a male partner. She is sorry for how long this treatment has taken. Even if it doesn’t compare though, it is her fortune to be of even a little help to her angel. Mikoto murmurs her name and then accidentally rattles the chain on her hand, reminding her that she still has it. Mikoto stiffens.

Iroha greets her formally. Mikoto is shocked that he’s here! Momotose greets him too and then tells him that they are about to get out, so she wants him to face the other way. Iroha acknowledges this. Mikoto is still stunned. Momotose reassures her that it’s fine because Iroha absolutely won’t look at them; he is an obedient person who does as he’s told. Mikoto accepts this but, even though he’s not looking, she feels nervous taking off her clothes.

And then Tane and Kasu report to Momotose and Mikoto that they have brought clothes. Mikoto yelps. Tane reassures her that they won’t look at her, absolutely. Kasu agrees and tells her to think of them as walls. Mikoto thinks that’s impossible! Mikoto can’t believe she has to change while three men are standing facing the wall. Why can’t they just leave in the first place? She wonders if Momotose is used to this because she doesn’t seem concerned at all.

They return to Momotose’s common room where Tane and Kasu see them off. As Iroha, Momotose, and Mikoto head into the halls, Momotose grumbles about how sad it is for Mikoto to have this inconvenience. But Iroha won’t tell her where the key is to undo the chain. What a troublesome man! Iroha replies calmly that the key is gone. Momotose calls him a liar; he just doesn’t want to be separated from her angel! Iroha states that this is for the sake of the senki candidate’s safety.

Momotose snaps at him, saying that he said the same thing when her angel dried up! As a partner, he should have more consideration for the other person. But he had the gall to say that he was going to carry her home like a thing! Iroha explains that the place had utsurohi and so he wanted to move her quickly. Momotose growls out that she knows that! But ladies are delicate and he needs to treat her more gently!

Iroha starts to say 「・・・理解ができ――。」(… I do not compre–). HIS FAVORITE LINE!! THROWBACK TO MIZUCHI-HEN. Momotose shouts that she won’t let him say he doesn’t understand! He is her angel’s partner, and so he should treat her like a treasure. Mikoto tries to interrupt hesitantly. Iroha tells her that he thought to treat her for her condition, but Momotose said she would do it and so he stopped.

Momotose tells Iroha that it is because he is a person with no delicacy and so she couldn’t leave it to him, as her angel’s partner, to treat her drying up. If he isn’t going to treat Mikoto preciously then Momotose will protect her! She will stay by their side and watch over Iroha. Iroha states that he doesn’t care. Mikoto tries to ask if that means– Momotose tells her to come closer to her side.

Mikoto yelps when she’s pulled over there. But then Iroha steps closer to her and tells her not to separate from him. Mikoto squeaks and asks Iroha not to pull on the chain. Momotose narrows her eyes and tells Iroha that he’s too close to her angel. He replies that he is just carrying out his duty. Mikoto realizes that the two of them are glaring at each other over her head. What should she do!?

Scene skip! They all head to the Kasen lecture room where Onosada greets the senki candidate, only to pause when he sees everyone else; he asks why they’re all lined up and then comments on how they must be close. Iroha is unresponsive. Momotose huffs. Mikoto hesitantly tells Onosada that she came here because he said he had something to talk to her about? He pauses and nods slowly, unsure of how to broach the subject.

And then Karakuri clanks over to state that “he” is alive, “he” is alive. Mikoto blinks. Onosada stiffens; that’s not it! And then he shushes Karakuri before telling him to go somewhere else. Karakuri pouts and then walks off, clanking. Mikoto can’t help but notice that he makes really loud noises whenever he walks! Onosada grumbles about Karakuri some more before telling them that he wanted to talk about their report of the utsurohi from yesterday. According to them, there was a minamo who appeared looking exactly like the senki candidate?

Mikoto nods, explaining that this happened after they touched the tainted electric current. Iroha adds that, at the time, he was wearing Mizuchi’s uniform and had been attacked after being mistaken as him. It must have been the same hallucination that Mizuchi met a few days ago. Onosada hums and makes a comment on how different the hallucinations are. Mikoto asks him what he means.

Onosada points out that, in the dark where distinctions couldn’t be made, the enemy attacked after recognizing Mizuchi’s uniform; it’s a very human mistake. Momotose agrees and, putting aside it being a hallucination, it was rude. It was vulgar and its conduct and speech were repulsive! Most importantly, it had such indecent clothes! Its material and ornaments were imitations, and it was so far off from being sexy that it was at 0 points for coordination. To think that thing with the same face as her angel was wearing such cheap clothes!

Iroha tells Momotose without emotion that she is straying from the issue. Onosada explains that there is a possibility it wasn’t a hallucination. He asks Iroha if the fake was the only one to mistake Iroha for Mizuchi? He answers in the negative. There was one person– no, one animal. It was the amusement park’s plush character, Jar-Jean. Onosada smirks and points out that this smells, and now that it’s come to this they can thoroughly investigate the amusement park.

He confirms with Momotose that Jinja TV company has shares in the amusement park, right? Momotose nods and says that she’ll speak to Kagami to investigate the employees. Onosada agrees and then orders Iroha and Mikoto to continue doing Kabatsu at the amusement park. Over here, they’ll conduct an investigation internally. Iroha acknowledges this.

Mikoto speaks up though, hesitantly. Momotose asks her what the matter is. Mikoto wonders what to do and whether she should say that she can’t bring out any power as a minamo. A minamo that can’t put out water is nothing but a burden… if she doesn’t say this properly then she’ll just cause trouble. Mikoto starts to say that, for her, Kabatsu is–

Iroha interrupts and reminds her that she is to move with him. There is no other choice. Mikoto’s eyes widen but Iroha is silent. She accepts this weakly. Momotose declares that she will head out with them too; she isn’t going to leave this to just Iroha. Iroha tells her to do as she wishes, and then excuses him and Mikoto to Onosada.

Alone, Onosada comments on how embarrassing it is for those two to be connected by a chain. It looks like even the top of the top is young and inexperienced. And then Karakuri appears saying that the senki candidate has no water. Onosada repeats his words before shrugging because, even if she’s the senki candidate, she did just become a minamo. She is insecure about Kabatsu, but with Iroha and Momotose there they can handle it somehow.

Karakuri shakes his head; if she has no water then it could be lethal. For minamo, their water is their heart. That girl has no heart. Onosada tells him not to say such rude things; more importantly, he doesn’t want Karakuri spilling the beans to them. Karakuri asks what Onosada is talking about. “That man”? Onosada nods since they haven’t looked into him yet. He is to keep this a secret especially from Iroha though. For now.

Scene skip! In the school courtyard, Momotose is shocked to hear that Mikoto can’t use a minamo’s power. Mikoto nods and explains that she can tell there is water in her body but she can’t seem to use it. Of course, she’ll do Kabatsu but at this rate she can’t be of help to Iroha. She apologizes deeply. Momotose doesn’t know what to say and realizes that this is why Mikoto’s face was gloomy back then. For a minamo to be unable to use their water must be painful… she expresses sympathy for Mikoto. Mikoto looks at Momotose sadly.

But then Iroha states that, even if the senki candidate has no water, it is not an obstacle. It just means that he should do it all alone. Momotose snaps at him not to say such horrible things; they are partners! Iroha replies that, as a partner, it is his duty to protect the senki candidate. She just doesn’t need to leave his side. And he doesn’t want anything from her apart from that. DAMN MAN THAT’S COLD. He then tells Mikoto that she doesn’t need to do anything; she just needs to listen to what he says. He doesn’t desire her will.

Mikoto’s eyes widen. And then she smiles at him, painfully, and nods. She is… the senki candidate, and she just has to have that self-awareness, huh. She’ll make sure she properly does nothing. She’ll awaken as the senki and then… become the minamo… that he wishes for… She’ll make sure not to trouble him any more than this. It’s okay, she’ll do it properly. In order to awaken by Iroha’s side…

She falls quiet. And then she starts to cry. Iroha stiffens. Mikoto startles and apologizes frantically. This isn’t what he thinks! She apologizes again and again because she didn’t intend to cry and it’s embarrassing. Momotose snaps at Iroha because once again he’s made her angel– Iroha politely asks Momotose to shut up. Momotose is taken aback.

Iroha addresses Mikoto as the senki candidate and asks why she is crying. She just continues to cry. He tells her that he doesn’t understand the reason as to why she is crying here. He wants her to tell him the reason. She can only apologize though. His brows furrow and he tells her that her answer isn’t a reason. She doesn’t answer. He grows angry and then snaps at her to stop crying. HOLY SHIT IROHA.

Mikoto freezes, startled. He tells her that he isn’t able to comprehend her actions; everything is out of his understanding. She puts his mind into a state of disorder. She looks at him with teary eyes and says his name, surprised. He declares that there is not a single problem with how he deals with things. The problem is her. She is his only problem. Who is it that made her cry? He will purge them immediately. IT’S YOU DUM-DUM.

Mikoto quickly blurts out that he’s mistaken and there’s no one who made her cry! It’s her own problem! It’s because she wants to be of use to him! And yet–! His expression becomes puzzled. His? Mikoto sobs out that she’s always mistaken, has no power, is full of doubts, and causes trouble to someone… she makes them go through painful experiences. That all happens because she has a will.

Iroha is guiding her, that kind of person, to an answer. For her, who has no will, he’s done this much. She doesn’t want any more unhappiness to happen. Iroha’s breath catches. But then Mikoto looks at him and confesses that she doesn’t like it; she doesn’t like this weakness – from her who has no will – of leaving everything like it’s someone else’s problems. That’s why she wants to be strong. Even just a little. She wants to be able to support Iroha as a minamo…

Iroha narrows his eyes and tells her that he doesn’t require any support. SHUT UP YOU IDIOT!! Mikoto shouts out that she WANTS to support him though!! His eyes widen and he is taken aback. Mikoto flinches and apologizes when she realizes what she just did. And then she looks away and tells him that it’s written in the minamo textbooks; minamo are beings who support their partners. They are beings who give their feelings… their water… to players as if blooming a flower.

More than awakening as the senki, she wants to become Iroha’s partner first as a minamo. Please, she is begging him to accept her as a minamo. Please. Iroha is silent. Momotose tells him sternly that this is what a minamo is. It is something he should know, that there are people who exist and feel for his sake.

Iroha asks her without emotion if it is something he should comprehend? Momotose inclines her head and says 「ええ。あなたが”あなた”を見つけるためにも。」(Yes. For your sake of finding “yourself” too). Iroha murmurs ambivalently 「・・・そうですか。」(… Is that so).

And then he tells her that he has a request. From here on, he wishes to do Hana Utsushi with strong players and minamo in this school. Of course, this is with the senki candidate as his partner. Mikoto and Momotose’s eyes widen. Momotose realizes that he means… Iroha points out that minamo who whine about not having water and things like that, have no choice but to work hard and practice in actual combat, right? Mikoto stares at him in surprise.

Iroha tells her that they have no time to rest while doing Kabatsu, and until she becomes a decent minamo he will thoroughly instruct her. Mikoto continues to stare at him, spluttering. Iroha addresses her as the senki candidate and tells her to not even think about having the time to breathe. Come. Mikoto doesn’t know what to say before Iroha starts to stride away and pulls the chain.

Scene skip! At the tennis courts, a girl calls out to Iroha and tells him that they have convened here, under Momotose’s boon, as Chisen minamo! Let’s go! “I” is for staking their lives everyday on on studying to be minamo–! “Ro” is for getting closer to the royal him even a little–! And “Ha” is for hyper minamo drive to knock down anyone in their way! Together they are the strongest, Iroha Team! UH DIDN’T TRANSLATE SO WELL IN ENG BUT REST ASSURED THEY DID IT PROPERLY IN JPN.

Mikoto hesitantly asks who they are. Momotose explains that they are a minamo team at the top of the class, among the Chisen. Mikoto’s mouth drops open. Top class!? And then the first minamo interrupts and stutters out Momotose’s name, asking if it’s really okay for them to fight against Iroha. Momotose smiles and tells them to go all out; if they win… yes, how about having Iroha kiss them? The Iroha Team scream in delight.

Mikoto squeaks in surprise at Momotose. Momotose just giggles because this way is more passionate, right? Mikoto realizes that Momotose is enjoying this! And then Momotose tells Iroha to go ahead and that she’s leaving her angel to him. The other minamos prepare and activate their minamo overdrive for the sake of getting a kiss from Iroha!

Iroha and Mikoto win, much to the disappoint of the minamo who start screaming about their chance of a kiss with Iroha. Such sorrow! They are retreating! Mikoto ends up feeling a little sorry for them. But it looks like she might have brought out some water? And then Kagami appears commenting on how they’re doing something interesting. Mikoto yelps and then asks if she’s next!? Kagami shakes her head and shows how she has a mic; she’s doing this!

She is shooting the gallant figures of the genius handsome man, Iroha, and the beautiful lady, Mikoto. It went by in a flash, and of course she has Momo’s permission. Mikoto startles and tells her to wait a minute. But then Mizuchi appears. Mikoto is shocked to see Mizuchi and Aoi. Aoi informs them that it is a hot topic about how Mikoto and Iroha have issued a challenge to the players and minamo in Kaen. To be honest, she doesn’t know what to think about this but Mizuchi–

Mizuchi states that Iroha made a request, and so he decided that he needed to accept it. MIZUCHI’S FANBOY FOR IROHA IS SO CUTE. Momotose tells Aoi that if she wins she can also receive a kiss from Iroha. Aoi squeaks and splutters out to Momotose that she doesn’t want it! That wasn’t her intention of coming here and, besides, her first everything is being kept in reserve for…

Mizuchi repeats her words. Kept in reserve? What for? L O L. Aoi squeals and tells Mizuchi not to look at her with those eyes! It’s impure! L M A O. Mizuchi is utterly confused but closes his eye and apologizes. ????FKJLSH LMAO. Momotose comments on how it won’t do for Mizuchi to not have a reward too; how about a kiss from her angel? Aoi and Mizuchi’s eyes widen and he splutters out that, no, that wasn’t his intention and, uh…

Iroha states without emotion that he will win so that won’t happen. L O L. Mikoto finds Iroha’s expression scary! Aoi is taken aback while Mizuchi has a faint blush. Kagami just sighs and tells everyone to prepare!

Mikoto and Iroha win, making Mizuchi admit that he expected this from Iroha; it was an annihilation. Aoi admits that he is strong and also compliments Mikoto. Mikoto is surprised by that. Aoi nods; it was overwhelmingly Iroha’s power but she can tell Mikoto has nice water. Mikoto blushes and thanks her. And then Aoi remarks on what a problem it was, by the way, at how they saw the hallucination that looked exactly like her during Kabatsu.

Mikoto looks away, turning even redder. Mizuchi is also faintly red as Aoi goes on about how she knew it was a fake immediately. But it’s hard, being a minamo as well, to forgive that unrefined hallucination! And the way it followed Mizuchi! Filthy! Mizuchi tells Aoi to stop talking since it’s rude to Mikoto. But Mikoto notices that his face is really red now. And then Aoi tells Mikoto that the two of them are heading to Kabatsu now, but she encourages Mikoto to work hard. She is supporting her as another minamo. Mikoto nods determinedly.

Scene skip! It is night on the tennis courts now and Mikoto is panting; she’s exhausted because they just continued to do Hana Utsushi against students of the school. Iroha has a cool look on his face though and, even though they fought for that long, his expression hasn’t changed even once. He also used more power than she did… it’s amazing. Momotose praises the two of them for working hard and notes that it is dark now. They should end it here today.

Iroha replies that he can still continue. Momotose replies that it’s a lady’s time to rest her skin; a gentleman wouldn’t know about that though. Momotose then points out to Mikoto that it must be hard since she hasn’t eaten, right? She has had Tane and Kasu prepare catering and invites Mikoto to come with her. Iroha pauses.

Scene skip! They head back to Iroha’s room where Mikoto is stunned by the luxurious food and the sheer amount. Momotose just giggles and says that having more is better, right? There are fruits too and she encourages the two of them to eat. Mikoto asks about Momotose. Momotose answers that she’s eaten already and then she yawns before saying she should return back to her rooms. Mikoto blinks at her.

And then Momotose tells her that today her angel was very lively and, when she saw that, she felt at ease. She felt Mikoto’s minamo… no, she felt Mikoto’s water; it was faint but the center was strong and gentle. It’s a sweet and nostalgic scent, and she’s sure Mikoto will be okay now. She is done watching over Iroha and, though she’s still one of the people involved with Kabatsu, she can be at ease with the present Mikoto. Mikoto smiles at her gently.

Momotose then smiles secretly and tells Mikoto that she needs to give Iroha a reward for working hard too, right? Mikoto blinks. Reward? Momotose just giggles and tells the two of them to take it easy and rest today. And then she leaves, making Mikoto wonder if this is okay. Iroha is silent. Mikoto worries about how he looks like he’s going to sleep like this. She quickly remembers about the food!

Mikoto reminds him about the food and asks him to eat dinner with her. Iroha declines, saying that he is fine. She protests awkwardly saying that it’s a waste. It’s still warm and looks delicious too. He replies that there’s nothing he wants to eat. She blinks, and then asks if there’s anything he dislikes? Iroha explains that he told Momotose not to bring any food but she still brought these here. Mikoto thinks on how that might just be because Momotose was worried that he doesn’t eat…

She asks him about the pot-au-feu; it has a lot of stewed vegetables and looks tasty. He tells her that he doesn’t eat vegetables. Mikoto’s smile becomes strained as she tells him that they can remove the vegetables and he can just have the soup. Iroha tells her that he doesn’t eat salty things. Mikoto asks him in amazement if that means meat and fish are… Iroha replies promptly that he doesn’t eat them. Mikoto’s smile is stiff as she asks him about bread. It’s easy on the stomach too.

Iroha doesn’t say anything, which she notices immediately. She starts to wonder if Iroha has an absurdly unbalanced diet. But she’s sure that he has to be hungry after doing hours of Hana Utsushi without drinking or eating. She tries to look for something he hasn’t said he disliked yet. How about fruits? They are sweet and yummy. He repeats her words. Fruits. Mikoto nods and then picks up an apple before telling him to wait. There just so happens to be a fruit knife here too.

He eyes her curiously. Mikoto quickly cuts the apple into little rabbits and hands him one. He repeats her words. Rabbit apples? She explains that it’s an apple in the shape of a rabbit and points out how the red part looks like a rabbit’s ears, right? He asks if she used the skin to make the ears. She smiles sheepishly and admits that normally it’s better to peel the skin but she always places these versions into her packed lunches and so she did it on habit. But it’s cute!

Iroha squints his eyes. She calls out to him questioningly. He suddenly eats one, making her eyes widen. And then he murmurs that it’s sweet. Mikoto nods and says hesitantly that this apple is probably the sweeter kind. He shakes his head and says it’s more sweet. Because her hand has a sweet scent. Mikoto blinks at him. Her hand? He sniffs at her hand. And then she turns bright red and splutters when he licks her hand.

He asks if she made the rabbits with this hand. She confirms this. He orders her to give him the next. It takes her a second to catch up and then she asks if he wants her to peel the next one normally? He is quiet. She wonders if she should continue making them into rabbits too.

Time passes as she cuts these and he eats them. It’s the fifth one now and he’s just been continuing to eat them silently. She wonders if he’ll grow tired of them, so she suggests trying another fruit. They have melons and peaches too. He just narrows his eyes though and says the word rabbits. She smiles awkwardly and tells him that she can only do that with apples. He says the word apples next. USE MORE WORDS DARLING.

Mikoto smiles helplessly and tells him she understands; he must like rabbit apples. But she’s glad that he’s actually eating. She feels like she’s made him do something unreasonable throughout the day and so if this can act as thanks then… Mikoto smiles and then thanks him for today. Thanks to him, she’s become able to use a bit of her water. But, even though she’s saying that, she realizes she’s not good at all. She isn’t used to his strength.

But when she thinks about pouring water then it rises up from her body. At that time, she thought that this must be what it feels like. And it made her happy. Minamo are nice, huh. She likes minamo. Iroha is silent. Mikoto becomes determined though as she realizes that she can’t just like them, and that she will properly work hard. So, she’ll be placing herself in his care from here on too!

Suddenly, Iroha points out that she’s smiling. Mikoto blinks at him. He tells her that she smiled. Does this mean she won’t cry anymore? Mikoto is surprised but answers slowly that she won’t… cry. He nods and tells her to continue looking like that. Always. Her eyes widen when he takes her hand. He’s also staring intently at her. It might be the first time she’s looked at him from this close distance.

He is quiet. She thinks about how he’s a beautiful person. As if he is a person from another world. Just looking at him makes her feel sucked in. She feels like she can understand why everyone is attracted to him. She pauses when she notices that she can see something deep in his eyes… is that– Iroha murmurs that he can see the moon in her eyes. Mikoto is shocked to hear that.

Iroha tells her 「ふたつのツキが交じる時、望月になる。」(When two moons join, they become the full moon). She echoes his words. Full moon? He goes on 「交わるまでは、ずっと半身のまま・・・満ちることなく消えていく。幾度もくり返して・・・い・・・く・・・。」(Until they join, they will continue to stay as halves… disappearing unfulfilled. Repeating this over and… over… an…). Mikoto prompts him by saying his name when he stops talking. But then startles when she feels her body getting heavier.

Iroha breathes evenly. She realizes in shock that he’s fallen asleep like this! He continues to breathe. She confirms that he’s asleep, and then thinks on how Iroha is always perfect and is a person who can do anything but… at times like these he’s like a child. Mikoto smiles gently and wishes him good night. Eyes of the moon, huh. Mikoto thinks on how the thing she might have saw deep in his eyes was probably the…

In the dark halls, someone is silent. And then they walk away. OH GOD IS THIS HIME…

DAY 26. A woman complains about how hot and smelly it is; she doesn’t want to be covered up by this any longer! She sighs loudly and then yells to someone called Tamamushi to bring them sake. If she doesn’t drink she can’t go on, geez. Tamamushi hurries over and presents her the alcohol, calling her big sis. She angrily asks him what this is because it’s just one cup. Tamamushi tells her that he bought it at that stall and it came with a side dish of chikuwa.

She kicks him, making him choke. She asks if he’s an idiot and sees her as an old man!? He needs to bring something more tasteful to a woman. Tamamushi yelps and apologizes before shouting out that he’ll buy something decent! He dashes off. Another man appears and asks her, calling her his big sister, if she hit Tama again. She sighs and tells him that she didn’t do anything, and what’s with him? He must not have slept with a woman before.

The woman tells the man, Suzumushi, that when she told him to find someone she meant him to find a man. Suzumushi shrugs and thinks out loud that saying anything to Tama would be useless; however, a woman’s ideal is ridiculously high, reckless, and men should just give up. She narrows her eyes and tells him not to say such baffling things; she’s infuriated right now and if he says unnecessary things then she’ll get even more pissed!

She kicks him. He yelps. And then she complains loudly asking why she, Arabuki, has to wear that stinking costume and say “Hiya! It’s Jar-Jean!” while handing out pamphlets?! Arabuki starts to kick the costume which makes Suzumushi tell her quickly that she isn’t supposed to do that! Arabuki is panting with rage as she asks what those Jinja TV people were thinking, and why does she have to be the one to hunt in the amusement park!? Originally, she was assigned to be a reporter for Jinja so why does she now have to wear this idiotic costume!?

Suzumushi winces when she delivers another kick to the costume. And then he recalls that the producer said “a reporter who can’t sell needs to do some work. That’s what business is!” or something. Arabuki narrows her eyes. She didn’t sell? Suzumushi back peddles and tells her that she misheard! Right now, she is Jinja TV’s most popular rank climbing beautiful reporter! From head to toe she has a slender body that is a straight line, is experienced around the age of thirty, has a presence that can’t lose to a young person, and has all the fame–

Arabuki repeats his words. Straight line? She tells him dangerously that she didn’t hear him well the first time. Would he like to try and say the same words again? Suzumushi squeaks and stutters only to get interrupted when Tamamushi runs back and apologizes for making his big sis wait. He bought the sake! She glares because they’re all one cup. He answers cheerily that there wasn’t enough sake due to everyone drinking and so he bought all the one cups that he could find. Oh! He also has deep fried fish balls!

Arabuki is speechless with rage. Suzumushi tries to make an escape. Arabuki screams at how idiotic Tama is and to quit it! He shouts when she slaps him and knocks him down. Suzu sighs at how all Tama does is anger their boss. Suddenly, his phone rings and he answers and greets the other person. He nods and agrees to something, though hesitantly has to confirm if it’s really alright. It is, and so the call ends. Suzumushi reports to Arabuki that it appears the plans have changed. He wonders what’s gotten into them.

Scene skip! Mikoto enters a classroom and asks if the dormitory leader is around. The dorm leader greets Mikoto, noting that this is unusual before asking if something is wrong. Mikoto smiles and answers that she’s here to return the book she borrowed. The dorm leader suddenly screams when she sees Iroha. I-I-I-Iroha! W-W-W-What is he d-d-d-doing in the Koukokugumi classroom!?

Mikoto smiles sheepishly and explains that she’s the one who had business here, but she can’t come alone and so he came along. Iroha is silent. The dorm leader can’t believe he just tagged along and then gasps at how she can’t believe she’s seeing Iroha from such a close distance. Iroha is silent. The dorm leader starts to turn red and pant. Oh those eyes! How dangerous! Her heart is pounding! It’s going mad!

Mikoto blinks when she collapses. Dorm leader!? She swooned while still smiling. The rest of the Koukokugumi minamo sigh at the sight of Iroha and also faint. Mikoto gapes at them; they all just simultaneously collapsed!

A male student in the Koukokugumi explains that, no matter what group they’re in, all minamo do that when they see Iroha. THAT MUST PISS KURENAI OFF LMAO. Mikoto continues to have her mouth open, asking if this is because of Iroha’s eyes! The student explains that the girls are charmed the moment they see him. As expected. Mikoto thinks in her mind that it’s true everyone who has fainted seems happy.

And then the male student notes that she’s the senki candidate who is Iroha’s partner, huh. It’s quite amazing that she’s together with him and hasn’t swooned, since only Momotose has managed that. It looks like the senki candidate really is different from them. Mikoto can only smile awkwardly. At any rate, the male tells Mikoto that he’ll return the book to the dorm leader. If they don’t hurry and leave then all of the first year minamo will faint and it’ll be a huge accident. Bye!

They head back into the halls where Mikoto comments on how amazing Iroha is. He replies that he knows nothing about this; he just walks and they collapse. Because of that, he has been ordered by Momotose to avoid connecting with people to the best of his ability. Mikoto wonders if this is the reason Iroha is always alone. She points out loud that he’s never been together with someone constantly like this then, right? He nods.

She apologizes since it must be a bother to him. He simply tells her that it is a logical measure in order to guarantee her safety. She smiles sadly and agrees. And then she looks at him, prompting him to ask her what the matter is. She just shakes her head though and tells him it’s nothing. In her mind she thinks on how, even though she’s looked into his eyes, she hasn’t swooned… she wonders why?

Scene skip! In the school courtyard, Mikoto and Iroha are with Momotose. Today’s classes have ended! Momotose comments on how Mikoto has looked healthy these past few days, and her face is refreshed too. Mikoto smiles and nods because she was able to study after their training and she finds it fun to study about minamo. Anything that she didn’t know, Iroha would teach her later when they returned to his room.

Momotose exclaims in delight at that! Iroha did!? It’s amazing that a miracle like that occurred! Mikoto continues smiling as she says that Iroha is amazing. He is knowledgeable about Kasen and he has an immediate reply to anything she asks. Iroha states that he only answered the things he knew. Momotose agrees that Iroha is strong in anything related to Kasen, but he is useless when it comes to real life.

But then she pauses and notices that, unusually, Iroha doesn’t have bed hair today. Iroha answers that the senki candidate fixed it. Momotose takes a closer look and adds that his personal appearance is clean too and there isn’t a mountain of garbage on his uniform. Moreover, his skin somehow seems to have color in it. Mikoto smiles and explains that she borrowed the kitchen in the dorms and made food for Iroha.

Momotose is surprised to hear that. Her angel cooked!? Mikoto grins and nods; she made things like pies or pancakes. It was all pastries but while she was making them, Iroha kept on staring. Momotose comments on how Iroha loves sweets, huh. Lately, she had been thinking that he didn’t come by for her afternoon tea, but turns out it was because Mikoto made him things. She’s also reminded about how Tane and Kasu were shocked at the cleanliness and orderliness of Iroha’s room. Was this her angel too?

Mikoto tells her that Iroha helped her with the cleaning. He also held her books. Iroha states that if the senki candidate is moving then he has no choice but to move as well, and along the way he just ended up holding things. Momotose giggles and thinks this is lovely. Thanks to Mikoto, Iroha has now become a part of humanity. L O L. She also tells Mikoto that, since their battle, the Chisen minamo have accepted her as well. She’s completely a Chisen minamo now. Mikoto thanks her deeply.

Momotose adds that if their bond deepens like this, Mikoto might really become the senki. Mikoto nods and promises to work hard. The two of them then take their leave. Alone, Momotose is relieved; at one time, she had wondered how things would go. But it looks like Mikoto might really bind herself to Iroha.

Suddenly, Karakuri appears and says that Mikoto won’t be bound to him. Momotose blinks, surprised. Karakuri goes on to say that the person Mikoto likes is different; if she chooses a different person then a tragedy will happen.

A device cranks.

Karakuri declares mechanically that this is why he is going to let her meet the person she loves tonight. He’s going to stop everyone here because poor Mikoto. He will grant her wish, grant her wish. He is kind. With this, a tragedy won’t happen, right? It will happen. It won’t happen. It will happen. It will happen. Karakuri smiles. Hey, which one? OH. OH SHIT.

Scene skip! In the greenhouse, one of the chairman remarks on how, looking at them like this, Mikoto and Iroha suit each other. Mikoto hesitantly greets him as Kintokihana. But he corrects her and says that he is Awahana. Mikoto hastily apologizes. And then she asks if his body is rested now? He answers that he’s been completely healed, though one could say that when he was holed up in his room he was an old man on the verge of death.

Mikoto denies thinking that and then tells him that she is relieved he’s well. Awa hums and then notes that her skin color looks nice too. Mikoto smiles and replies that it’s due to the efforts of everyone around her. And then there’s the sound people smelling something loudly from behind her. A random student blurts out that she has a really sweet scent! Reaaaaaaally sweeet! It’s his first time smelling something like this!

Iroha shifts, making the chain rattle, before asking in a low voice what the students are doing. Mikoto startles. One student squeaks and apologizes; he then salutes Iroha and explains that he was butterfly patrolling when he was pulled in by an unknown scent. It’s like he was a nymphalidae clinging to a tree only to get suddenly struck by an irresistible smell. And he, without being able to suppress his feelings, flew out here. But it really is an amazing smell! Where is it coming from!? Here!?

Mikoto screams and tells him not to turn up her skirt! The students then asks Awa if they can put this female, no this female bug, into a velvet display!? Awa tells them to be quiet and not to be so loud. Look. Iroha is glaring ferociously at the students. The students shriek when they realize killing intent is coming from Iroha. Iroha then tells them to disappear in 10 seconds. If they’re not gone by that time then they will be purged. L M A O.

The students run away screaming for help. Awa just sighs at how those people are troublesome; they still bother normal people even though he spoke to them on multiple occasions about that. Mikoto asks who they were. Iroha explains that they are part of the butterfly club and Awahana acts as their advisor. Awa smirks and tells her that all their members are strange people, or perverts, and though they don’t have poison they can still cause a little trouble. Mikoto laughs awkwardly.

And then Awa asks what she has in her hand. She answers that they are peach buns. He realizes that they’re steamed buns, but they look exactly like a peach. She tells him that she just made them in the kitchen and thought to eat them for lunch with Iroha. Awa stares intently. Mikoto sheepishly asks if he wants some? Awa replies cheekily that if she’s going to offer him some then he has no choice but to eat some. Inwardly, Mikoto notes that he wanted to eat some…

Awa munches on one happily and compliments how delicious it is; the red bean paste also gives it a restrained flavor. Iroha eats some too. Mikoto notices that Awahana and Iroha are eating the buns in the same posture with the same intent. She made a lot but now she wonders if it’ll be enough. Mikoto interrupts them hesitantly and tells them that she also has hot roasted green tea over here to cleanse their palate.

Awa comments on how thoughtful she is and tells Iroha that she’ll make a good wife, huh. Iroha continues to eat. Awa huffs at how Iroha isn’t honest at all; is he satisfied just by having her on hand? Iroha doesn’t reply. Awa lectures him about how women are the same as butterflies; it is after you obtain them that is the most important. And then Ruri flutters over to him. Awa greets his butterfly and asks if it has had enough nectar? He praises it and calls it a good butterfly.

And then Awa tells Iroha that one needs to treat them carefully like this. If he doesn’t, then they might fly away and scatter. He notes that Iroha is someone who just has everything given to him, no? Love isn’t a one-way street. He has to nurture it by fulfilling and being fulfilled. YES YES KEYSTONES OF A RELATIONSHIP!! He points at their chain and notes that Iroha must be insecure about how the senki candidate will run away without this chain connecting them. He can see through Iroha. Iroha is silent.

Mikoto denies this and tells Awa that Iroha has treated her more than well enough. But Awa tells her that he can see through to her thoughts too. She freezes. Awa starts to say that she really… But Iroha interrupts and informs him that they will be going to Kabatsu now. Excuse them. Mikoto yelps at him to wait because there’s still peach buns! But she’s dragged away. Awa pouts at how they don’t want to know, huh.

Ruri starts to move though and Awa asks it what the matter is. Ah, is it worried? That’s right, he is too. Awa murmurs that he knows this life has some kind of “power” awarded to it and so there’s certainly an end. But it depends on him, and them, on what they’re going to do in this life. And how they’re going to live. Suddenly, the auditorium doors open and Awa comments to someone on how they’ve finally come. They must be hungry and there are steamed buns here. Do they want one?

Scene skip! At the amusement park, Iroha declares that they will do Kabatsu now. Mikoto nods determinedly. Iroha directs her to a group of utsurohi, and then they attack.

Mikoto breathes out evenly when they purify the utsurohi. Iroha immediately tells her that they are moving onto the next. Mikoto acknowledges his words. And so they continue to battle until it becomes night.

Mikoto exhales. They battled a lot and it’s now completely night. But she’s not that tired and feels like she can continue on a bit more. She feels like she’s developed a resistance to the taint, and this is thanks to Iroha too. She also feels like she’s understanding Iroha little by little. But it might just be because she’s together with him. It’d be nice if she was of use to him as a minamo though.

She turns to Iroha and suggests moving onto the next… but Iroha is looking at something. She calls out to him questioningly. He tells her that there are no utsurohi. She blinks. He explains that, for the past few days, the taint has been weakening in the amusement park; he can barely find any utsurohi. Mikoto realizes that he’s right and these past few days the utsurohi have been weak, or more like not very strong.

Iroha then adds that he hasn’t seen the plush costume either. Mikoto realizes he’s talking about Jar-Jean, the mascot character. And she does find it odd how they’ve been walking through this amusement park for a while now, so they should have seen it.

Then the amusement park lights turn on and an announcer addresses all the ladies and gentlemen. He apologizes for the long wait but now for the amusement park’s highest entertainment! An electrical moment that will be an unforgettable night for lovers! Now, start the music! Mikoto is delighted because there’s more lights than there were the first time she saw it and it’s beautiful! Tons of blue and red lights are lit up around the amusement park and it’s like they’re in a dream!

Iroha’s brows are furrowed though and he warns her not to move; this whole thing looks strange. Mikoto pauses. Iroha tells her the lights are wrong, and they’re not decorative illuminations. Mikoto takes a closer look but she can’t see them as anything but decorative lights. Suddenly, electricity arcs through the air. All the lights are releasing them. Mikoto calls out Iroha’s name with worry.

All the lights shatter and Mikoto screams, only to notice that there are butterflies everywhere?! Blood red butterflies are fluttering in the air! They’re coming closer! Iroha yells at her to stand back. He sets up a field and initiates his field call.

They win against the butterflies, which disappear in a scream. ??? NO SERIOUSLY THERE WAS SCREAM TEXT… Mikoto wonders if they won. And then the announcer congratulates them! Mikoto blinks. The announcer repeats that he’s talking to her, the one who just won so splendidly! The black haired Kaen-uniform-wearing lady! Mikoto points at herself in surprise. Her? The announcer confirms this and says that he’ll give her the best present!

Mikoto is startled. Present? The announcer tells her to close her eyes and stretch out her hand. She does so curiously. He tells her she’s doing it right and now, she must keep her eyes closed and put her feelings into it… one, two, three!

Mikoto opens her eyes and is shocked. Butterflies flap their wings and scatter… and in the middle of them is Himeutsugi. He groans and wonders where he is. She stutters out his name. He blinks and says her name as well, confused. He asks her where he is. Mikoto can only ask him weakly if he’s really Himeutsugi though. He laughs and reveals that the chairmen and Kurou (Onosada) asked the same thing.

He reassures her with a smile that it’s him. He’s alive. She asks him if that is true. He nods. She starts to realize that he’s actually alive. He really is… He asks if she’s still doubtful? Look, she can hear it right? His heartbeat. Mikoto gasps. He asks if she can hear it. Mikoto can. He’s really alive! He apologizes for making her sad. She shakes her head desperately and just calls out his name.

Mikoto sobs out that she’s glad she got to see him again. She…! They are interrupted with Iroha shoves Himeutsugi away and snarls at him to separate from the senki candidate. Himeutsugi blinks at Iroha in surprise. Iroha only snaps out that he will purge Himeutsugi! Mikoto gapes at Iroha in shock. She then protests and tells him that he mustn’t! He’s already killed Himeutsugi once!

Moreover, Himeutsugi isn’t an adabana. He’s human! To purge a human is…! Iroha says without emotion that it doesn’t matter. He has a crazed look in his eyes. Mikoto is stunned. Iroha adds that even if he isn’t an adabana, he will kill Himeutsugi. Mikoto smiles disbelievingly and asks him what he’s saying. Himeutsugi is alive! Iroha tells Himeutsugi that, as long as he is alive, the senki candidate will continue to hesitate. He is a hindrance in the way of her awakening.

Iroha’s duty is to protect the senki and to awaken her; anything and everything that gets in the way will be removed. Mikoto can’t believe this. Her eyes widen when he draws out a blade, and then she starts to beg him. Please, stop. STOP!

A device is cranked.

Mikoto groans and opens her eyes into pitch darkness. Where is she? She suddenly notices that she’s on a train. WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE TRAIN!? They were just at the amusement park though. No, wait, this place is… Mikoto hears a loud clanking and turns to see Karakuri. Karakuri reports to her mechanically that she told everyone to stop and so he stopped them. She blinks in confusion.

Karakuri continues on to say that he didn’t know when to stop them and so he brought her back to this place. Mikoto repeats his words and then notices something in his hands. A device cranks. Karakuri tells her 「からくりみことうんめいをかえるからくり」(Fate Device. A device that can change fate). REMEMBER IT’S CALLED KARAKURI MIKOTO. He tells her to come with him and then starts to clank away. She does so, confused.

He comments on how they should be in the… first one. And then he tells her to look out the window. She obeys him and looks through the connecting window to the first carriage, only to be stunned when she sees Ai talking about how at the very end they’ll be splashed by water. Shou tells Ai to calm down. Ai points out that he keeps on fidgeting and sitting and standing from his seat! Shou retorts that he’s looking for Mikoto because she got up from her seat to go somewhere and hasn’t come back.

Ai realizes that it has been a while now; the Train Shooter does take some time to go around the amusement park but they’ll soon be arriving at the end. Maybe the washrooms are crowded? Shou calls her an idiot and asks her not to say such things in a loud voice, especially since she’s a girl. Ai asks him exasperatedly if he thinks women don’t go to the washroom. Even Mikoto does so. Shou shouts out that she’s wrong, and besides she–

Mikoto doesn’t understand why she’s seeing Ai and Shou. Wait, what is this feeling… there’s a strange discomfort. Like she’s already seen this place at some point. Karakuri suddenly tells her that the water is coming. Mikoto looks at him in confusion. Water? Her eyes widen when she suddenly sees a tide of black water. From the front of the train, black water is rushing at them!?

Ai is still talking to Shou and complaining about how he idealizes women too much and it’s because he’s like this that Mikoto can’t get a boyfriend. All he does is get in the way of people’s romance. Shou tells her not to change the subject and who is the one getting in the way!? He’s just making sure to block Mikoto from getting caught by strange men. Ai wonders about that skeptically and thinks it’s suspicious.

Mikoto realizes that they don’t seem to notice the water! She shouts at them in warning. It’s dangerous! The water is coming! But she can’t seem to open the connecting door. Karakuri tells her the door won’t open because this fate has been decided. She repeats his words in confusion.

And then the black water collides with the train. Mikoto screams as the windows are covered. Karakuri tells her that fate moved and so this ended. She asks him what he means. Suddenly, the connecting door opens for her and she falls forward, stepping into something wet. And then she can see.

Mikoto screams out Ai and Shou’s name. They do not respond. She sees that they are covered in blood. W-What’s wrong? They’re joking, right? Please don’t be on the ground in that state. Don’t surprise her. Ai and Shou do not respond. Mikoto trembles. T-They’re dead!? She screams. No, no! Why are these two–!? Karakuri tilts his head. He notes that Mikoto is in pain and asks if this fate is wrong?

He will load. Beep, beep. He pauses, puzzled. And then he reports that they went back too much; this is an old fate, one before it changed. She repeats his words, baffled. A fate before it was changed? He nods. He then presents the device to her and explains that changing fate is difficult.

Karakuri tells her 「からくりみことねがいかなうためにささげるものひつよう。ほしいものがおおきいほどだいしょうおおきい。」(For the Fate Device to grant a wish, it requires a sacrifice. The larger the desire the larger the compensation). OH MY FUCK. WHAT DID IROHA SACRIFICE THEN!?

He admits that he’s tried to create – countless of times – a Fate Device that doesn’t require compensation. But they all didn’t work; they were all failures. His wish still can’t be granted. He cranks the device. Mikoto recognizes the noise!

Karakuri tells her that they are going to return now. Does she want to save Himeutsugi? Mikoto’s eyes widen. Yes, she does! Shou and Ai as well! Karakuri tells her that Shou and Ai have already been granted. Mikoto is confused. FUUUUCK. WAS IT IROHA?? THE FIRST TIME?? At any rate, Karakuri acknowledges that she wants to save Himeutsugi. In exchange, one compensation is born. Mikoto stiffens.

He points out mechanically that Himeutsugi is being saved, so something needs to counterbalance it, right? FUCK YOU IF IT’S IROHA’S LIFE FOR HIS. He tells her that her wish will be granted. Beep, beep. The device is activated, but Mikoto hears someone’s footsteps. This is… Suddenly, white light flashes and she screams as she’s whisked away.

In the darkness, Momotose calls out to her. Mikoto groans and opens her eyes groggily. Momotose is relieved that she’s awake; she tells Mikoto that she lost consciousness and collapsed here, and seemed to be having a terrible nightmare. She is glad that Mikoto seems unharmed though. She heard that Mikoto went to the amusement park at night and hurried over. There are a lot of utsurohi here and it’s dangerous!

Mikoto opens her mouth, unsure of what to say, and then hears a chain rattle. She looks down to see that her chain has been cut! She turns to Momotose and asks what happened to Iroha. Momotose repeats that name in confusion. Iroha? Who is that? Mikoto’s eyes widen. Suddenly, Himeutsugi runs up to them calling out their names. Mikoto yelps out Himeutsugi’s name in surprise.

He gives her a worried smile and tells her that he’s relieved she’s awake. He brought her some juice and a moistened hand towel. She thanks him hesitantly and then asks if he’s okay since he had been left with Iroha. Himeutsugi repeats that name in confusion. Iroha? Mikoto is stunned. Momotose advises Himeutsugi that her angel might be reeling from the shock of Kabatsu. Hime thinks he might have pushed Mikoto too hard and says that he’s failed as a partner.

Mikoto tells him awkwardly that, right now, her partner is Iroha. GODDAMMIT GIRL CLEARLY HE’S BEEN WIPED FROM THIS TIMELINE. She recalls out loud how after she did Kabatsu with Iroha at the amusement park, the parade started and Himeutsugi was there. She’s really glad that he returned alive. Momotose and Himeutsugi look at her silently with wide eyes. Mikoto hesitantly opens her mouth to ask them if they’re alright.

But then Momotose says with an awkward smile that Mikoto must be tired from the Kabatsu they have been doing for several days. They should return to the school to rest. Mikoto stares at them. Himeutsugi apologizes and claims that it’s his fault for forcibly taking her along to the Kabatsu. Mikoto only asks them loudly what is going on! She’s talking about Iroha! Where did he go!?

The chain on her wrist rattles again and she looks at it. Could it be…?! No, that’s impossible. Himeutsugi approaches her cautiously and suggests they head back. Mikoto stares at him, eyes wide. But they end up returning to the school… and leave behind Iroha. No, Iroha wasn’t left behind. Iroha has… disappeared. Not only to Momotose and Himeutsugi, but from the minds of everyone at the school.

Scene skip! In Himeutsugi’s room, Hime hands her some tea. He put ginger in it and it should alleviate her exhaustion. She thanks him weakly. His smile becomes strained at her quietness and then asks if she was able to confirm her friends’ health. Mikoto answers that she called them earlier and they’re both well. More like, it seems they have no memories of even being in an accident. He is glad they are unharmed. Mikoto nods, distracted.

She remembers how this is just like that time. Ai and Shou seem to have a different opinion of what happened on the Train Shooter. Was that a dream? But that dream was so vivid. Mikoto looks down. Himeutsugi notes that she seems tired. He offers his bed for her to use and asks if she wants to take a nap? Mikoto’s eyes widen and she refuses, thanking him for his concern. He smiles sadly and points out that they’re partners and so she doesn’t need to be reserved around him.

Mikoto flinches. And then she asks to confirm with him that after the incident at the auditorium… they became partners, huh. Himeutsugi nods and explains that he lost consciousness inside the auditorium and thought he was done, but the next time he became conscious he was inside the amusement park’s attraction. She asks if it was the Train Shooter? He nods and adds that, when he returned to the school, the chairmen were shocked. They couldn’t believe it was actually him.

Mikoto confirms again that, after that, the remaining students who were in the auditorium at the time of the official ceremony were found, huh. Himeutsugi smiles and nods; they also received the approval of the chairmen and so Mikoto became one of the Gekkougumi girls. Mikoto repeats his words quietly. Hime tells her that everyone is pleased that she now officially belongs here. Earlier, they were worried about her health and brought blankets. Mikoto thanks him.

Himeutsugi chuckles and tells her that everyone loves her, including him. And then he tells her to tell him if she’s troubled by anything; he’ll do anything for her. Mikoto murmurs his name. He tilts his head questioningly. But Mikoto hesitates and tells him that it’s nothing. In her mind, she is puzzled by how she feels caught by something. The fact that no one has memories of the amusement park? The fact that she can’t seem to talk with anyone? No, there’s something more wrong. Even though she should be happy at being able to meet Himeutsugi again…

Hime chides her saying that she should let him spoil her more. She is too reserved. Mikoto agrees quietly. And then he notices the handcuff and asks her about that. It doesn’t seem to be an accessory; she told him that she doesn’t have the key but it looks heavy and he feels sorry for her. Mikoto is silent. He asks her if someone put it on her. Mikoto stutters for something to say.

Himeutsugi goes on to say that he won’t forgive that person. Even if it was a prank, it’s not good to put that on a girl. SAYS THE GUY WHO’S DONE MORE HORRIBLE THINGS IN HIS BAD END *COUGHS*. Mikoto quickly tells him that he’s mistaken! This was because she wasn’t being the senki candidate; Iroha did this for her sake– They are interrupted by a knock and Mizuchi announces himself, entering.

Mizuchi has brought a message from Momotose; she would like the senki candidate to be escorted back to the dorms, because it is past the time the lights are to be turned off. Himeutsugi nods and leaves it to Mizuchi. Mikoto blinks in surprise. Hime then smirks and tells Mizuchi that he’s leaving Mikoto in his hands, and he mustn’t be a “escorting wolf“. THIS IS A CUTE IDIOM SO I’M KEEPING IT. Mizuchi frowns and tells Himeutsugi not to say those things.

At any rate, Mizuchi and Mikoto start to head to the dorms. Mizuchi is silent as they approach the building. Mikoto thanks him for escorting her. He shakes his head and tells her that he doesn’t mind; he also apologizes for Hime’s rudeness earlier. Mikoto’s eyes widen and she shakes her head. But Mizuchi finds it troubling to cause a lady uneasiness. He knows Hime meant no ill will with that comment though and asks for Mikoto’s pardon.

She nods, distracted, and then says that she’d like to ask him something. She asks if he knows about the Chisengumi’s Bright, Iroha. Mizuchi repeats that name in confusion and answers that he doesn’t know the students of other groups very well. Moreover, right now there is no Bright for Chisen. Mikoto’s eyes widen. Mizuchi goes on to say that, presently, there’s no one to watch over the Chisen and so Momotose, the minamo, is managing it by herself with other players.

And, according to previous data, he doesn’t think there’s ever been a Chisen Bright called Iroha. Mikoto stutters out an apology for asking such a strange question. He shakes his head again, saying that she is sincere as a minamo and, if she has any questions, she can talk to him. Mikoto just thanks him again for escorting her and then wishes him a good night. He returns the same and then walks off.

Mikoto thinks on how Mizuchi has forgotten Iroha too. No, he hasn’t forgotten Iroha. It’s that Iroha’s existence has disappeared from Kaen. She recalls how Karakuri talked about compensation… the compensation for saving Himeutsugi. Mikoto winces. If that’s the case, then what should she do!?

DAY 27. Karakurenai bursts into the Kasen lecture room yelling for the shitty robot. Karakuri appears and replies mechanically that what he has in hand is not a robot and croquettes are delicious. Kurenai snaps out that he’s not talking about croquettes, damn robot! Karakuri continues to eat and then says that he isn’t a robot, he is Karakuri. Kurenai doesn’t care whether he’s a robot or Karakuri. He swears at Karakuri because he’s done it now!

The hand-held camera that Kagami had was something made by him, right!? Karakuri nods. Kurenai lunges forward and grabs his collar, spitting at him not to nod so nonchalantly! He’s the one who called the strange utsurohi to this school! Karakuri replies that he just made a defective product and exchanged it with Kagami. Karakurenai shouts at him to shut up, and then asks what he is. Karakuri is quiet.

Kurenai has noticed that Karakuri has a strange smell and he’s suspicious calling himself Sadakurou’s assistant. Karakuri states without emotion that he is in pain. And then Karakurenai asks him about what he did with the device. Karakuri asks which device. Kurenai snarls at him not to play innocent; he’s talking about the device that Karakuri had. The one that does outrageous things! He made a buyer in Goto-gai tell him about it. Karakuri is quiet.

Karakurenai goes on about how, even though it’s just a toy, one of them sells for ten million dollars. Ha, but of course, since it has that kind of “effect”. The buyer also told him that the entire series of devices is backed by Goto, which means that Karakuri is an accomplice to Goto. Karakuri is silent. Kurenai comments on how this makes Sadakurou suspicious too; he’s going to make all of them talk!

And then Karakuri mutters mechanically that he has little data on Karakurenai. Is it because of that? So, that’s how it is, that’s how it is. And then he says the word “cellphone”. Kurenai blinks in confusion. Huh? Karakuri starts to ring like a phone.

Out of Karakuri comes Kagami’s voice, she is talking to Tama and congratulating him on his hard work. Kurenai takes a step back, eyes wide. She notes that everything has been prepared, which is a relief. They were asked to change things quickly. She comments on how well she stuck to the script, eh? It’s also because Arabuki went around the amusement park; she tells Tama to pass that message along.

Hm? Ah, the incident at the auditorium. She did some good acting there, didn’t she? She could become an actress, haha! Kagami tells Tama that she’s glad he played his part with all his effort too. Thanks to that, no one knows that she is one of Goto’s men. On the surface she asks like their companion, but the rest of them are setting things up unknowingly. Only through the phone too! Yep, she played innocent. It’s nice to be completely thorough with things like this.

Karakurenai is shocked. Kagami goes on to say that there is no one to get in their way too. They’ve finally driven out… Iroha. Kurenai exclaims Iroha’s name. Kagami goes on about how Iroha was the only man not to be affected by her devices. She’s also managed to make the senki candidate disappear. Haha! Yes, everything is good now. They can push the switch with all their might. Karakuri beeps and ends the call.

Kurenai angrily asks him what that was about! Karakuri is silent, and then says that he is a device that cannot say anything but what is inputted into him. Kurenai stiffens. Karakuri states mechanically that their plans had gone awry but it’s mostly returned now. With this, Sword will be pleased, pleased. Kurenai repeats that name. But then Karakuri declares that they are moving to the last phase now. Executing the secret protocol. Beep, beep.

Karakuri is silent. And then Karakuri speaks in a natural voice, claiming that the Suit of Swords is his true master and Karakuri is his servant. Kurenai’s eyes widen. Karakuri goes on to say that Sword doesn’t blunder like Coin; he drives them carefully into a corner. Lies, falsehoods… he manipulates the disgusting “lies” in people’s hearts to destroy them from within. The ground starts to shake and Kurenai startles.

And then Karakuri addresses Karakurenai and says that he really is a hindrance. They knew he was roaming around Goto-gai and gathering information on them, but to finally reach this point… He tells Karakurenai in English that “curiosity killed the cat”. He understands, right? He calls Kurenai a kitten. They have made a path to Kaen. And now, they can slowly enjoy the senki candidate.

A device is cranked.

Karakurenai winces because his head is ringing. Stop it! Stop! Karakuri tells him smugly that he doesn’t have just one device. And then he starts to laugh maniacally. Kurenai screams in pain. A bright white light flashes.

Scene skip! Half Moon calls out to Mikoto. She can hear a voice… this voice is… Half Moon? He is relieved that she can hear his voice. She confirms this and then asks him what the matter is? Half Moon murmurs that it seems like “that person” is disappearing. She asks him who is disappearing. Half Moon is quiet.

And then he asks 「みこと。ねえ、もしなんだけど。君の心に、わずかでもいい。あのトップオブトップさんが入る余地はある?」(Mikoto. Um, this is just a supposition. But, in your heart – even just a little – is there room for the top of the top to enter?). S C RE AMING. Mikoto repeats his words and then realizes that he’s talking about Iroha? Half Moon doesn’t answer.

He only says that someone is crying. “That person” has always been crying. He wants to be found, he wants to be saved. That heart has been shut away and unnoticed by anyone… even by himself. Mikoto startles. He goes on to say 「咎背負いし華詠・・・彼は、永遠に幸せになれない。」(The Kaei who is burdened by sin… For an eternity, he will never be happy). STOP. KICKING. MY BOYYYYY.

Mikoto is stunned. Half Moon asks her to find it and give it to him, just this once. Because that person isn’t looking. Most likely, he finds being hated by Mikoto to be the one most painful thing. Mikoto denies hating him. Half Moon asks if she’ll choose that person over Himeutsugi then? Mikoto doesn’t know what to say. Half Moon tells her that this is all he can say, and then he tells her goodbye.

Mikoto calls out for him to wait but then she wakes up in her bed. What was that dream just now? The chain on her wrist rattles as she thinks about how doesn’t hate Iroha. Could it be that this is all by the device that saved Himeutsugi at that time!? Suddenly, Momotose bursts into her room. Mikoto blinks at her in surprise. Momotose tells her that there’s a problem; the auditorium is filled with utsurohi! Mikoto gapes.

Mikoto gets dressed and hurries to the auditorium only to freeze at the sight of all the utsurohi. She yelps when electricity snaps at her. Himeutsugi calls out to her. She looks to him in surprise. He checks to see if she’s okay and uninjured before telling her not to leave his side. Mikoto nods and then apologizes. Himeutsugi explains to her that, under Momotose’s orders, Mizuchi and the others are going through the school and defeating the utsurohi there.

Kintoki mutters in a strained voice that they are spilling out of the auditorium and his barrier can’t keep them back. Mikoto can’t believe the state of things. And then, an unknown woman asks if everyone from Kaen went out of their way to come and welcome them? How thoughtful. Mikoto turns to the woman in surprise. Momotose notes that the woman must be a minamo who has gone astray.

The woman just remarks on how Momotose has an awful way of talking, and an impertinent face. It’s the type she dislikes the most. Momotose replies that she is fine not being liked by a tainted and fallen demon. More importantly, this place isn’t a tainted place for them and Momotose would ask of them to leave. The woman comments on how she greatly enjoys tearing women who talk back into pieces. Right, Suzumushi?

Suzumushi chuckles and says that he’ll help. He’ll taint that woman to the point where she can’t even be used. Mikoto recognizes them. Tamamushi then appears snickering at how the party before this wasn’t bad. He’s come again to play. He compliments them for closing the distortion he opened up then. Thanks to that, he had to use a lot of electricity to be able to return.

The woman points out that it’s because Kaen’s barriers are ridiculously hard and they had to use a strange skill. Thanks to that though, they’ve managed to connect the amusement park and Kaen. Isn’t that nice? Mikoto repeats their words, surprised. Connected? The woman tells her to look up and beyond the large distortion; it is showing the JJ Amusement Park! Mikoto asks why the amusement park is there.

In reply, the woman just opens her mouth and speaks in Jar-Jean’s voice. Wah, lady, they came again! Mikoto is shocked. The woman goes on to say that she’s Jar-Jean! JJ Amusement Park’s mascot character! Her voice returns to normal as she smirks. Mikoto can’t believe it. The woman just huffs because she’s done acting like a clown too. Now, look, the utsurohi are using the distortion as a path to pour in.

In other words, they are now connected to Kaen and the time has come to hold hands. Of course, they are to prostrate themselves before her, Arabuki, one of Goto’s minamo. And then she tells Mikoto, the senki candidate, that Goto is summoning her. Arabuki sneers because no matter how she looks at Mikoto she just looks like a pug-nosed piss-smelling woman. What about this kid is good? She has no idea.

Arabuki wonders out loud if they can bring Mikoto back without tainting her? And without a human shape? Or how about cutting her to pieces? Mikoto stiffens. Arabuki decides that she’ll do in that cheeky balloon girl beside her too. That one she can taint, right? Suzumushi chuckles at his boss’ expected words and offers his help. Momotose warns Mikoto to be careful because these people are stronger than all the enemies they’ve fought up to now. Maybe not the two adabana, but the minamo is skilled. They cannot drop their guard.

Himeutsugi calls to Mikoto and says that they’ll do Hana Awase. Mikoto automatically turns and acknowledges his orders, calling him Iroha. She freezes. Himeutsugi tilts his head. But she just shakes her head and tells him that she understands! They battle.

Mikoto and Himeutsugi win and Arabuki snaps out that they’ll remember this! She calls for Tama and Suzu and they disappear into a distortion. Himeutsugi grins and praises her for doing so well. As expected of his partner. Mikoto hesitates, and then thanks him weakly.

Scene skip! It is night again and Mikoto exhales loudly. Himeutsugi praises her hard work and then asks if she is okay because she looks pale. Mikoto nods, reassuring him that she’s fine. He doesn’t think it’s unreasonable though because they’ve been cutting down the utsurohi that have appeared in the school like how they used to do Kabatsu every day. He suggests she rest tomorrow.

Mikoto is quiet and then states determinedly that if she rests now the utsurohi will just increase again. Moreover, it’s the players who are keeping up a barrier without sleep who are in trouble. Himeutsugi comments on how she’s bad at letting someone spoil her. He’d like her to rely on him though, especially since they’re partners. Mikoto is silent for a beat before she thanks him with a strained smile. But, she really is okay and she looks forward to working with him tomorrow. He looks at her with furrowed brows.

Mikoto walks through the halls and counts the floors. One, two… it’s this one. She opens a door into a messy room and stares silently, saddened. Like she thought, this room has remained like this. Everything has been left as it had been on that day. So Iroha does exist. And yet, he’s no longer here. He used to be admired throughout the school, and now no one remembers him…

Suddenly, Awa comments on how she’s been here, huh. Mikoto yelps and calls out his name. Awa tells her that he was following right behind her. Did she not notice? Mikoto hadn’t. He remarks on how she lacks training then. And then he asks what she’s doing in this empty room. Mikoto stares at him in surprise before smiling awkwardly. Oh, yes, this is… an empty room, huh. Her expression collapses.

Awahana comments on how she always has that look. Mikoto quickly apologizes because they’re at a critical time where she needs to do her job properly. Awa suddenly notices her chain and asks about it. Mikoto hesitates and then answers that it lets her remember. Each time this chain rattles, she doesn’t know what to do. She erased him. Because of her, Iroha is gone. She exchanged him for Himeutsugi… even though she didn’t intend for that… why did it happen?

Awa narrows his eyes. And then he muses on how there is a distortion here, huh. Mikoto repeats his words, surprised. Distortion? But Awa just says this is the right time; he has something he wants to ask Mikoto. Why is she placing a distance between herself and Himeutsugi? Mikoto is surprised to hear that. She is? Awa is amused she doesn’t notice; whenever she and Himeutsugi join, Awa can feel nothing but confusion from Mikoto.

Mikoto winces before confessing that Himeutsugi is different from the one she knows. No, he looks and acts like Himeutsugi. He’s kind and always considerate. But she feels like she broke something large. She doesn’t know what but, to her, she wonders if it is Himeutsugi… Awa realizes that she feels it too. Mikoto stares at him, puzzled. Awa explains that he – and his twin – feel this broken existence here too. Like something uncomfortable has been forcibly created.

Mikoto is surprised that he feels it too. And then Awa reveals to her that he no longer has the power to protect the school. Mikoto is shocked. Awa explains that Kaen is protected from the taint by these souls they have, crimson and blue. However, they have allowed the auditorium to be tainted yet again. Right now, Kintoki is alone purifying it. In other words, their souls are no longer here and that is the same as being dead.

Mikoto doesn’t understand because he’s right here, right?! He’s alive! Awa explains that only his “vessel” is here; the soul that should be inside of him is gone. Mikoto is still confused. Awa just gives her something. She recognizes the thing as… that device… Awa tells her that it is a Fate Device and it was found in the Kasen lecture room. It looks like it can be used two more times. Mikoto freezes.

Awahana says that it is up to her how she wants to use it. She can use it, following her heart. But he doesn’t want her to let anyone know that she has this. He warns her that it’s exceedingly dangerous and, primarily, they do not hand it to anyone but the top of the 5 Brights. Mikoto asks why he is handing such a precious thing to her then? He eyes her before smirking and saying that it’s because she might be able to fix this distorted fate. Mikoto echoes his words.

Awa tells her that he wants to die already. He’s tired of acting out a fake life. Mikoto says his name worriedly. And then Awa recalls how, some time before, she gave him peach buns, right? It was delicious but he felt like something was missing. He feels like there was one more thing or person that he enjoyed the taste with. Mikoto’s eyes widen. Awa goes on to say that even if he were to eat those peach buns again, they wouldn’t taste the same as they did on that day.

Finally, Awa tells her 「どんなにつらい運命でも、真のままに生きるほうがよい。貴様に委ねよう、全てを。」(No matter how painful a fate is, it is better to live with the truth. It is entrusted to you… everything). He walks off before she can say another words. All Mikoto can do is look at the Fate Device in her hands.

She remembers how Karakuri explained to her that this device was one that could change fate. Iroha had used this device the time she came to Kaen. At that time, in order to summon her, and in order to erase Ai and Shou’s memories… in other words, at that time too, something had been lost. When one makes a wish with this device, one loses something. Right now, in this fate, if she uses this device and makes a wish, then she might lose a lot of things. Mikoto is scared of that. What will she lose… from this fate?

Suddenly, Karakuri appears and asks what she is doing. Mikoto yelps in surprise. He notes mechanically that nobody is here, so why is she? Mikoto explains that she is searching for Iroha. He tells her that he doesn’t know what this. Who is that? Mikoto gives a pained smile. It looks like even Karakuri has forgotten Iroha. She had thought he would remember since they had been together though.

And then Mikoto asks him why he is here. Karakuri explains that he is looking for the Fate Device. Mikoto’s eyes widen. He explains that he left it in the lecture room and now it’s gone. Mikoto realizes that Awa took it and she wonders what to do. Maybe she should say she has it? But…

Mikoto remains quiet and then says that it doesn’t look to be in here. Karakuri accepts her words and decides to look elsewhere then. He clanks away. Mikoto feels bad for Karakuri but she has to protect her promise to the chairman. Fate Device… if possible, she wants to avoid using it.

Scene skip! In her room, Mikoto breathes deeply. Yoshino suddenly enters and apologizes for doing so at this time of night, but she wonders if Mikoto has some time? Mikoto smiles and invites her in. Yoshino is relieved that Mikoto is normal. Mikoto echoes her words in surprise. Normal? Yoshino squeaks and shakes her head quickly. It might just be her so she doesn’t want Mikoto to think that she’s weird, and she doesn’t want to be hated!

Mikoto smiles awkwardly and asks her what’s wrong. Yoshino admits that she feels like Hime’s personality is different. It’s like, he’s not a different person but… Mikoto’s eyes widen. Yoshino apologizes because with her mole cricket standing she is saying something presumptuous but something is different. It’s not that Hime isn’t Hime but… Mikoto asks her seriously what is different about Himeutsugi.

Yoshino doesn’t know how to say it but she feels like he’s too perfect. Hime, for the sake of Kaen, has protected them from the utsurohi together with Mikoto. He even stood and faced that terrifying distortion created in the auditorium. It’s like he’s a perfect prince. But the Hime she knows is a princess. Mikoto repeats her words. Princess? Yoshino explains that the Hime they know is not a prince, like the sun, but like a quiet moon… a princess that is missing something.

And that’s why the Gekkougumi girls are a bit puzzled. Yoshino criticizes herself for her words and then apologizes for her rudeness. Mikoto reassures her that it’s okay. Yoshino adds that she doesn’t know why but she feels sorry for the Hime right now… he seems like a very unhappy person. Mikoto’s eyes widen. CAUSE YA DONE GOOFED WITH FATE. Yoshino apologizes again because she’s just confused! She screams out a good night and runs away. Mikoto stares after her, stunned.

Mikoto realizes in her mind that, in everyone’s hearts, discomfort is spreading little by little. It’s like unsuited fates are lying on top of each other… and now they can’t see the truth. She is going to try and put everything up to now into order. Maybe she might be able to find a forgotten truth. She remembers about what happened to Himeutsugi… and how she accepted that without a question… she is certain that is the key to the truth!

Her chain rattles and Mikoto wonders how she and Iroha came to this to begin with. Why did he connect them with this chain? There has to be an impetus. Right, she chased after Iroha in the auditorium and there she… Huh? She is certain that over there she… No, everything was okay though, right? Himeutsugi was normal when they reunited at the amusement park. Wait, what was okay though? What happened to the blood and his wounds?

Did she just believe in their words? Did she see the truth? The wish that the Fate Device granted at the amusement park was after that so when did Hime’s wounds heal? When and by who? Could it be!? FOR ONCE MIKOTO HAS ME AT A LOSS. I DON’T KNOW WHERE SHE’S GOING WITH HER THOUGHTS.

DAY 28. Mikoto heads to Himeutsugi’s room and greets him in the morning. He returns the greeting and comments on how unusual it is to see her this early. Mikoto replies with a smile that she’s resting today and they have some time before they do Kabatsu in the afternoon. And so, she wanted to speak with him.

Himeutsugi tilts his head. Talk? She apologizes for wanting to talk at a time when the school is filled with utsurohi but she wants to know him. Himeutsugi smiles because he’s happy that she’s wanting something from him. He invites her in and goes to prepare tea. Mikoto does so with a smile.

Scene skip! They talk and Himeutsugi is laughing at how funny she is to have thought about Kurou like that. Mikoto admits to thinking that he was a mean teacher at the beginning, but she changed her mind when they talked. Hime nods because Onosada looks slovenly but he is serious when it comes to Kasen. He is glad she was able to get past her misunderstanding. Mikoto agrees.

Hime then sighs at how fun it is to talk to her; it’s almost time for them to head out but will she accompany him for one more cup? Mikoto smiles and agrees. He decides they should have Assam tea next; he has a second flush and the taste is strong, so he suggests she try making it a milk tea– Mikoto interrupts him and suddenly asks if he remembers that day. Himeutsugi blinks and asks her which day.

Mikoto tells him she’s talking about the day she returned home for the first time. His brows furrow. She recalls out loud with a small smile that, after her friends left, she met him. He reached out his hand for her. And they stayed together until they were wet in the morning. Himeutsugi smiles awkwardly because he doesn’t remember. GASP!! IS HE SWORD IN DISGUISE!?

Mikoto asks if he remembers what happened after the tennis match he had with Mizuchi when their partnership had been ended. Himeutsugi repeats her words in confusion. Tennis match? Mikoto reminds him that he was covered in sweat and she gave him a towel. Himeutsugi smiles and says that he remembers! At that time, she wiped him down with the towel and he was happy. He thought about how kind she was. UH NO HE COLDLY BRUSHED HER OFF.

Mikoto then remembers out loud how the adabana disturbance happened at the auditorium. On that day, he remained behind in the auditorium to defend everyone. Himeutsugi pauses. She recalls how, at that time, Himeutsugi had regretted not being able to keep his promise. But right now she is able to know the continuation of that. Himeutsugi starts to sweat. THE GAME IS UP YOU POSER!! Mikoto demands him to tell her the continuation of the fairy tale that he promised her!

Himeutsugi suddenly collapses onto the ground. Mikoto shouts his name in concern. Himeutsugi moans out that he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know! He doesn’t know what she’s seeking from him! She stares at him with wide eyes. Himeutsugi says desperately that he is himself and yet he’s not. He doesn’t know anything about what she’s talking about. He can’t give her an answer!

Mikoto becomes calm. Oh. So, that’s how it is… Himeutsugi. She holds out the Fate Device. He looks at it in confusion. She explains that it’s a Fate Device and it’s a device that changes fates. With this, she was able to return him to life again. Himeutsugi’s eyes widen. First time was in a distortion on a train and the second time was at the park. Both times, he was killed by Iroha. Himeutsugi repeats her words weakly. By Iroha?

Mikoto goes on to say that, in the train, she saw him get killed before her very eyes and yet, when they reunited at the amusement park, she didn’t find it strange. But she had it all wrong. His “living fate” had been changed. Himeutsugi is completely baffled by her words. Living fate? Mikoto explains that she thinks someone used this Fate Device to bring him back to life after he died in the train. As compensation, she is sure that he lost something large. Like Awahana…

Himeutsugi echoes her words. He lost… something? And then Kintoki appears to answer that it is their memories. OH SO HE’S NOT A POSER OOPS LMAO. Mikoto spins around, surprised. Kintoki tells her that he heard everything from Awa and he didn’t think it’d become like this. He confirms with her that she is holding the Fate Device, right? Mikoto nods.

Kintoki explains that this Fate Device, as compensation for granting a wish, connects the user and its target and takes away their most precious “memory”. Kintoki reveals that he used the Fate Device on Awa, who collapsed due to the auditorium disturbance. Mikoto is stunned. Kintoki adds that Awa came back to life safely but, in exchange, the “memories” that connected Kintoki and Awa disappeared from Awa.

And that included a memory of an important duty that was assigned to them. For that reason, he was unable to protect this school and the seal was broken. Mikoto asks about Himeutsugi’s case then. Momotose, appearing just now, is the one who answers this. What he lost from his first death were the “memories” connecting him to Mikoto. Mikoto is surprised to see Momotose and Kagami beside her.

Momotose murmurs that she thought the Fate Device had broke. To think that it can still be used… Mikoto asks what she means. Momotose explains that Karakuri used the Fate Device to bring back Himeutsugi’s life. Karakuri saw them as they were mourning Himeutsugi’s death and made a wish using Mikoto’s name. Wishes are kotodamas. And, in order to grant his wish, Mikoto and Himeutsugi’s connected “memories” were the compensation.

Kagami admits that she thought it was strange as to why Karakuri used Mikoto’s name at that time. AREN’T YOU EVIL?? LMAO. Mikoto realizes that this means Himeutsugi is missing the “memories” that connect him to her. Momotose nods because that must have been the most precious thing to him. OH… OH NO. Mikoto’s eyes widen.

Mikoto asks about the device used to save Himeutsugi at the park then. That one had been used by both her and Karakuri. And so, why did the “memory” of Iroha disappear from everyone? If what they’re saying is true then the “memories” of her and Himeutsugi should have been taken again. Momotose and Kagami are silent. Momotose still doesn’t know who Mikoto is talking about but she thinks he might have used the device by chance, and so the most important “memories” of all of them and him were erased.

Mikoto is stunned. Kagami summarizes how they must have been people he didn’t want to have been forgotten by… which is why they forgot him. In her mind, Mikoto summarizes how, in exchange for granting a wish, the most important “memories” of the user and their target is taken away. Iroha used it… and must have targeted everyone but her!? What for though? Why did Iroha make this kind of fate? No, more importantly… why does she remember him!?

Himeutsugi starts to laugh brokenly. He sees now that his empty heart is because of this device. So, this emptiness that carves a void in him no matter what he does, and the fact that he can’t calm down… is because he doesn’t have his “memories” with her. Mikoto turns to look at him in shock. OH MY GOD. Himeutsugi wonders out loud what kind of feelings he had for her. To him, she must have been someone very important, huh.

He wonders why he’s here… to the point where he lost something precious to him. For what reason is he existing here? He laughs weakly because isn’t this the same thing as being dead!? Mikoto murmurs his name sadly. She realizes that everyone’s fate has been toyed with by this device. It should have granted their wish and yet… everyone has become unhappy. Is this what it means to change fate? Is fate even something that can be changed like this?

Mikoto grits her teeth and then tells everyone that she has a request. Let her… use this Fate Device. Momotose is shocked. Mikoto points out that everyone here is someone who has lost something as compensation for a wish granted. She is certain that among them are fates that shouldn’t be lost, and she is going to return those. Kintoki realizes that she is going to wish for fate to return.

Mikoto closes her eyes and nods. She is going to get Iroha back by using this device. And then she’s going to return Himeutsugi and Awahana’s “memories”. Himeutsugi stares at her, eyes wide. Mikoto confesses to him that when she saw him – the moment he returned – she had been lost. But now she has no doubts. She is going to find him. She is going to find his “memories” and his… “heart”.

Himeutsugi gasps. But then he gives her a pained smile and thanks her. And then he adds that he is sure he was in love with her. OH MY FUCKING GOD. Mikoto’s eyes widen. Hime explains that it’s impossible he wouldn’t love an amazing woman like her, someone strong who can oppose fate. Mikoto can only continue staring at him. He smiles weakly at her 「もう一度、君に恋をしたい。」(Once again, I want to fall in love with you). Mikoto is red but she smiles softly at him and nods.

Kintoki warns her that she must keep in mind that changing fate requires a large compensation. Mikoto replies that she knows, but even so she is going to do it. Kintoki accepts her resolve and tells her to leave the tainted school to them; they will hold it back somehow. Momotose nods because she’ll protect it with all her strength too, this fate included. Mikoto thanks them deeply.

And then, in her mind, she wishes to the device to let her know where Iroha is. And then she cranks it. Please, return the fate up to that day in the amusement park. And show her the truth! She notices the device glowing.

In the next instant, Mikoto finds herself at the amusement park. Which means… Iroha asks her what she’s doing. Mikoto whirls around and shouts out his name in surprise. He eyes her silently. She blurts out that she is relieved. He repeats her words. Relieved? Mikoto hurriedly shakes her head saying it’s nothing. Iroha tells her that they are going to start Kabatsu now. Mikoto is taken aback by the abrupt words but then remembers that she returned to the day when they came here for Kabatsu.

And then, after they defeated the utsurohi, they looked at the parade. Iroha tells her that they will finish it promptly. Mikoto nods, determined. He points out an utsurohi to engage, and Mikoto nods with a grin on her face. She really returned! She’s so glad! Now, she’s going to properly look for the truth… about the thing that happens after this!

They purify countless utsurohi and Mikoto is panting. This is the same as that day though; they have cut down the utsurohi and now it is night. Iroha declares that they are going to find the next utsurohi. Mikoto acknowledges this firmly. Iroha narrows his eyes though and asks why she’s looking at him. She blinks. He points out that she’s been giddy since a while ago and she’s not acting like the senki candidate; he wants her to be more composed.

Mikoto apologizes. He tells her that she’s still smiling. She winces and nods, sheepishly smiling. In her mind, she thinks on how it’s because she’s reunited with Iroha, and she’s happy about that. She had thought she couldn’t see him again, so she’s really glad. But she does realize that she shouldn’t be so happy. She has to properly see the truth of this fate! They start to walk through the amusement park and Mikoto realizes that the moment is coming.

Iroha pauses. Mikoto calls out to him questioningly. He tells her that there are no utsurohi. Mikoto becomes serious. Iroha goes on to say that, for the past several days, the amusement park’s taint has weakened and he can’t find any utsurohi. Mikoto remembers that they talked about the mascot character here, and so she points out that Jar-Jean isn’t here. Iroha makes a questioning noise.

Mikoto also remembers that the mascot was a woman on Goto’s side. Which means that this place… is already different from the previous amusement park. This is where it truly starts! All the amusement park lights turn on. An announcer addresses the ladies and gentlemen and apologizes for making them wait so long. Now, time for the amusement park’s most famous and best entertainment! For an electrical moment, this will be an unforgettable night for lovers. Now, start the music!

Mikoto prepares herself as the parade starts. She can see the overflowing lights… there are blue and red decorative lights glowing. She didn’t understand at the time but now that she looks at them calmly, she can see that the brightness of the lights is unnatural. It’s like these lights are here to lead them astray. And then, after these lights… WAIT THESE LIGHTS CAUSE HALLUCINATIONS RIGHT??? OH SHIT.

Mikoto narrows her eyes; she then turns to Iroha and tells him to listen to her. She tells him that utsurohi butterflies spawn from these lights and then… Himeutsugi comes. Iroha’s eyes widen. Mikoto declares that she came to change fate. In order to save Iroha. Iroha narrows his eyes. Him? Mikoto looks away and tells him that he kills Himeutsugi here. But then she lost consciousness after that and doesn’t know what happened.

She wants to know what happened here! She wants to see the truth! Iroha is quiet. And then he tells her that he doesn’t comprehend her words. Mikoto’s eyes widen. He goes on to declare that if Himeutsugi comes then he will be purged. Mikoto gasps out Iroha’s name. He tells her to move because the butterflies are coming. She turns to see electricity leaping from the lights. They shatter and then red butterflies flutter out. Mikoto sees that it’s the same as before!

Mikoto is the one to grab Iroha though and tell him to step back. They’re going to Hana Awase. Iroha stiffens. But then he inclines his head and warns her not to drop her guard. He activates his field and does his field call 「フィールドを生成を完了。・・・これより、亥の血を刈る。」(Field creation is complete… From here and on, reap the lives). YO HIS FIELD CALL CHANGED JUST A BIT.

They win against the butterflies and, just like before, the announcer congratulates them! Splendid, he addresses Mikoto, the person who won! The lady with the black hair and Kaen uniform! Mikoto is silent. The announcer continues on to say that, of course, he will give her the best present! He instructs her to close her eyes and stretch out her hand. Mikoto echoes his words and lifts her hand slightly.

The announcer tilts his head and asks her if something is wrong. She needs to properly reach out with her hand. The person she wishes most will come then~! Mikoto closes her eyes and then answers that he won’t come. The announcer is confused. Mikoto opens her eyes and looks away; the person she wishes for won’t come. The person who comes will be a person “whose fate has changed”. OH. OH MY GOD.

The announcer makes a contemplative noise. Mikoto demands to know who he is. Please return his “memories”! The announcer wonders out loud what is happening. Could it be that she used a device? Mikoto stiffens. The announcer is disappointed because he went through all this trouble to have a dramatic reunion where Romeo and Juliet were pulled together. OH MY GOD I RECOGNIZE HIS VOICE. IT’S KARAKURI!!

He doesn’t care though because he’ll open one more fate. Mikoto repeats his words, cautious. One more fate? A device is cranked. Mikoto recognizes it as one of the devices. Red butterflies fly at them again. The announcer addresses the Bright and senki candidate who are here. Please, look inside this distortion. Mikoto stiffens when a distortion opens before them. The announcer chuckles and asks if they can see the state of Kaen beyond this distortion.

At the school, a male student is shouting about how the utsurohi butterflies are attacking! Female students are screaming. Mikoto is horrified. What is this!? The school is dyed in a large amount of red butterflies and they are attacking the students. Momotose shouts at everyone to keep calm; she instructs players to protect minamo from being tainted. But then she gasps and is attacked. Mikoto screams out her name. Momotose gasps out weakly for everyone to run.

Mikoto is traumatized by the sight of Momotose being eaten by the butterflies. W T F. Iroha tenses. The announcer points out that it’s an interesting scene, right? Why did it become like this? Simple! He wished for the students at Kaen to be eaten by monstrous butterflies. He comments lightly on how, all because someone didn’t act according to sequence, he was programmed to destroy Kaen. Mikoto latches onto a word. Programmed?! The announcer explains that it was a format just in case his first plan failed. He cackles.

At the school, the students are still screaming. Mikoto can’t believe this is happening. Iroha is silent, and then he states that the announcer is Karakuri, right? Mikoto turns to him in shock. The announcer is impressed at how he knows, even though they can’t see him. Iroha shakes his head. No, he’s seen him countless of times, Karakuri, the person who messes around with fate… in hell.

Mikoto is puzzled by Iroha’s words. Hell? Iroha goes on to say that no matter how many times he does things, Karakuri goes ahead and changes fate. Iroha narrows his eyes. Over and over again… Karakuri has made the senki candidate cry. Iroha now looks furious. Mikoto is shocked. Iroha snarls out Karakuri’s name. HE WON’T FORGIVE HIM.

Iroha launches an attack and it strikes Karakuri, making him scream. The lights in the amusement park flicker and disappear before Karakuri appears, collapsing to a knee. Mikoto is shocked to see Karakuri. Karakuri gives a strained smile at how his true form has been seen through, huh. It looks like he didn’t take them Kaen kids seriously. Mikoto is still confused and asks him why he’s here.

Karakuri shrugs because he wasn’t programmed to reveal everything here. He adds on that it would have been great if she didn’t come here. If she hadn’t came then in that false world… in that world without Iroha they could have ended time. Mikoto’s eyes widen. Karakuri can’t believe that she used a device to come here though and to save Iroha! He didn’t even have simulations for this!

And then Karakuri addresses Iroha and points out that he’s completely hated by Mikoto, isn’t he! It would have been better if he gave her to that empty Himeutsugi, and yet–! It was the perfect chance for Iroha to separate himself from Mikoto! Iroha does not respond. Mikoto doesn’t understand what is being said. Karakurai is talking completely differently and, no, the things he said earlier were…

A device is cranked. Mikoto stiffens. Karakuri grins and tells them in a singsong voice that he’s going to change fate again. The next fate will be… that the senki candidate shall forget Iroha for an eternity! Mikoto repeats his words, shocked. Karakuri laughs maniacally and tells Iroha to take a good look! To Iroha, he will give him that most painful fate! Iroha is silent for a beat before telling Karakuri that it’s useless. IF HE SAYS HE’S ALREADY LIVING IN HELL I’M GONNA SCREAM.

Karakuri glares. What?! Iroha tells him without emotion 「泉姫候補は、繰り返すごとに私を忘れる運命・・・。この空に浮かぶ月がただひとつのように、ふたつのツキは永遠に交わらない。その咎は幾百年、これからも変わらない。それゆえに、お前の願いはかなわない。」(The senki candidate has a fate where she forgets me each time she repeats… like how there can only be one moon floating in the sky, two moons can never join for an eternity. This sin, for several hundreds of years and from here on, will not change. Therefore, your wish can’t be granted). AHHHHHHHHGFDJSFKHJ. FUCKING HELL IROHA WAY TO BE DEPRESSING.

Karakuri snarls and decides that he’ll send them infinite utsurohi butterflies then! He will make them suffer in an infinite red hell! He starts to crank the device. Mikoto sees a horde of red butterflies fly at them. Iroha tells Mikoto that they are going to Hana Awase.

As the device continues to crank slowly, Iroha sets up his field and declares 「君に苦しみはあたえない。運命が変わる前に・・・あのカラクリの音が止む前に・・・倒す!」(I will not cause you pain. Before fate changes… before the noise of that device stops… I will defeat him!). Mikoto nods shakily.

Iroha and Mikoto destroy the butterflies. Karakuri is stunned; the butterflies disappeared? Impossible! Mikoto is breathing heavily but she looks to Iroha. Iroha is glaring at Karakuri but asks if she is in pain. Mikoto replies with a determined grin that she is okay. Because she’s been trained by him. Iroha’s breath catches and his eyes widen. He gives her a pained look and murmurs 「・・・そうか。」(… I see). I CAN’T. I CAN’T DO HIS EMOTIONS JUSTICE HERE. OH GOD THE SUBTLETIES.

And then he tells her that they are going to break this crazed fate. Mikoto gives him a surprised look. Iroha explains that there are two Fate Devices here; one that Karakuri holds and one that she holds. Consequently, due to the countless derailed fates, they need to destroy all the “devices that should not exist” that were gathered from the original defied fate. First, they will go after the one Karakuri holds. They will use Hana Awase and erase fate. Mikoto acknowledges his plan.

They engage Karakuri and defeat him. He screams and collapses to the ground with a large clanging noise; he can’t believe that a device like him is being broken by them. Iroha takes a step forward and picks up the Fate Device; he states that he will now destroy the device Karakuri used to change fate and bring Awahana and Himeutsugi back to life. Mikoto can barely gasp before Iroha shatters it.

Iroha looks down at Karakuri and then murmurs that he will now… destroy him too. Karakuri snarls at him because a bastard like him cannot destroy him! Him, the servant to Sword! Iroha attacks him and he collapses. Another attack and he crumples. Iroha declares that the purge is complete as Karakuri powers down. Mikoto looks at him sadly.

And then Iroha demands Mikoto to give him her device. Mikoto hesitates and then asks if he’s going to destroy it? Iroha shakes his head; this device has a role. Mikoto repeats his words in confusion. Role? Iroha tells her that he is going to change the fate happening beyond the distortion. Mikoto’s eyes widen. Does he mean the people of Kaen? Iroha nods. WAIT. WAIT SHIT THAT MEANS… EVERYONE WILL FORGET HIM??

Mikoto points out quickly that if Iroha uses this device then the “memories” connecting him to them will… Mikoto realizes something. Wait a second, something is strange. She was the one who used the device at the amusement park… Huh? Iroha is quiet before telling her that he didn’t kill Himeutsugi. Consequently, the device that she used as a wish had no effect. He took the device from her at that time. THOSE FOOTSTEPS DURING THAT AI AND SHOU CG!?

Mikoto is bewildered. Why? But she’s certain that everyone is going to forget Iroha. He tells her that he’s going to do it because she isn’t smiling in this fate. Mikoto’s eyes widen. He points out how she’s crying seeing the people of Kaen die, and her friends collapse.

He states without emotion 「君が泣くのをやめるまで、私は何度でも運命を変える。それが、私にあたえられた運命・・・。だから、私は何度でも変えてみせる。」(Until you stop crying, I will change fate over and over again. That is the fate given to me… and that is why I will change things over and over again). Tears start to spill from Mikoto’s eyes as she asks him why. Why is he going that far? Iroha doesn’t answer.

Mikoto asks him if he is okay with that? To be forgotten by everyone… his existence, the times he met them, and everything… all lost. Iroha just asks if she’s crying again. Mikoto sobs out that it’s obvious! He tells her that he doesn’t understand her, because he’s happy. Mikoto looks at him, startled. Happy?

He tells her 「君がここにいる。ここに・・・来ている。それが、私にとってきっとうれしいのだ。そう、うれしいのだと思う。」(You are here. You… came here. That, to me, is happiness. Yes, I think I am happy).

He goes on to say that Momotose taught him, this feeling that is “happiness” by having the one most dear to him beside him. He didn’t understand that feeling, but he thinks he was always happy. DON’T… DON’T DO THIS TO ME GAME. Those days that he spent chained together with her… her minamo training, and those rabbits she gave him and their taste. He is certain he was happy. He understands now that the care she gave him during those days, everything made him “happy”.

He thinks that everyone who was involved in everything that happened with them during those days were “happy”. And that’s why he’s going to use this device, change fate, and accept this last sin. Mikoto stares at him, speechless and in tears. Iroha notes that she came here to find him, right? Mikoto hurriedly agrees; she came to find him. She was sad about how everyone forgot him because he had certainly existed there!

It was a place where he had people who adored him… and where she, his partner, was… so for him to be the only one not there… it was too sad. She starts to cry again. Iroha echoes her words about being sad. He doesn’t understand that feeling. Iroha pauses, narrows his eyes, and corrects himself. No, he might have felt that. At the time when she took Himeutsugi’s hand at the amusement park’s parade. Mikoto’s eyes widen.

Iroha thinks that, most likely, he was sad then. But he still doesn’t know why. Mikoto says his name. He is quiet. And then he tells her that he has a request before he changes fate. Mikoto repeats his words in surprise. Request? He asks her to close her eyes. She blinks at him in confusion. Close her eyes? He elaborates, saying he wants her to close her eyes and reach out her hand. OHHHHH MY GODDDD.

Mikoto closes her eyes and then stretches out her hand. Like this? Iroha tells her that she’s doing it right and, now, she must keep her eyes closed and put her feelings into it… One, two, three… OH MY GOD. Mikoto whispers his name in shock. His lips are pressed against hers. He asks questioningly if this is the best present…? Ah, he sees now that Himeutsugi must have had feelings like his. No, Iroha is the one who is “happy”.

Mikoto can only say his name again, stunned. Iroha says 「君はきっと忘れるだろう。私との時間を、この一瞬の時を。それでも、また何度でも繰り返す。私は月を求める。交わらない月と月であったとしても。」(You will surely forget this. Your time with me, and this moment. But even so, I will continue doing this over and over again. I seek the moon. Even if they are moons that cannot be joined).

She echoes his words. Moons that cannot join.

Iroha tells her 「・・・奈落から声がする。君と出会ってからずっと聞こえる。彼が言いたいそうだ。・・・”ありがとう”と。”僕を見つけてくれて・・・ありがとう”。」(… There is a voice from hell. One that I have constantly heard since I met you. It seems like he wants to say something… “Thank you” and “For finding me… thank you”). LOOK I AM TYPING THIS THROUGH A WATERFALL OF TEARS.

Mikoto gasps quietly. Could it be that he’s…? He gives her a sad smile and whispers goodbye against her lips.

A device is cranked.

And Iroha disappears.

Mikoto chokes out his name. And then she screams it.

When she opened her eyes, she was standing alone in the amusement park. In the empty amusement park, it was like nothing had happened. When she returned to the school, Momotose and the others were waiting for her return. The distortion the adabana created and the red butterflies were gone. It appeared that everyone’s memories of being attacked were gone.

She asked, out of curiosity as to “which fate” this was, and it seems like it was the last day that she had to go to the amusement park for Kabatsu. Apparently, Momotose had been worried about her because she didn’t know why Mikoto went to the amusement park. That’s not unreasonable. Because she went to the amusement park without a partner.

Awahana was already dead. Kintoki told her that he used up his powers while purifying the auditorium. She was told that his last moments were peaceful because he was protecting the school. Onosada told her that Himeutsugi was shut in the auditorium and withered like that. Until his life ran out, he protected the students and the school. It was said that his face, when he was dead, was gallant and handsome like a prince.

The two of them died with their “memories” of being Awahana and Himeutsugi before the device changed them. And, there should be one more person… who is connected with these people’s fates. But she can’t remember that person. Momotose, and everyone else, doesn’t know them either.

But she… knows. One extra device’s wish was granted. And the truth of that day she returned to… the things she saw… that truth remains a little. Like a small unbroken thread… pulling her in to that person… she returned back to that place once more. That room. IROHA’S ROOM BTW.

A device is cranked.

Mikoto groans and shakes her head. It looks like she fell asleep. Huh, where is this place? A train? Ah, this is the amusement park’s Train Shooter. Why did she come here? Alone? She remembers that this attraction was quite long and so it looks like she completely fell asleep. Hm? Strange, no one is around. She feels like there had been a lot of people on this though. Mikoto pauses when she realizes she can hear voices coming from the next carriage.

Karakuri tells Himeutsugi that his fate has been changed. Mikoto freezes. Karakuri instructs Himeutsugi that he will become one of Goto’s people and he is to seduce and take away the senki candidate who will come here soon. Mikoto recognizes Karakuri’s voice… but that shouldn’t be possible because he was destroyed! Himeutsugi acknowledges these orders and says that he will do it well. Mikoto is shocked.

Himeutsugi… should be already dead. He can’t be here! What should she do? Are they really in the next carriage? Mikoto screams when the train suddenly shakes and stops. What should she do? Maybe she really should go there.

A device is cranked. Mikoto recognizes the noise.

And then a door opens and Ai gestures at her to come over. Mikoto is shocked to see Ai and Shou. Ai asks her why she’s so surprised? Ah, was she scared being in the first carriage? Shou calls her an idiot and explains that Mikoto doesn’t want to get wet; it seems like the first carriage will get covered in water. Ai shoots back that this is the charm of the Train Shooter and would someone who was afraid of getting wet come to an amusement park!?

Mikoto asks them why they’re both here. Ai tilts her head because the three of them came here together to celebrate getting into the same school. Mikoto blinks. What. Ai grins because she’s looking forward to the future! She’s going to play until she collapses! Shou smirks because it’s not just going to be playing; she also has to study. Ai tells him huffily that she knows that!

Mikoto is baffled. What is the meaning of this? Did she go back in time!? Shou notices her look and asks if something is wrong. Does she feel sick? Mikoto shakes her head awkwardly and tells them that she’s going to the washroom. Ai nods and tells her that they’ll keep her seat, but she needs to come back fast!

As Mikoto leaves she realizes that those two are unmistakably Ai and Shou. Just what is going on? And then she blinks because, for some reason, she feels extremely sleepy… What’s happening? To sleep at a time like this… she needs to talk to Ai and Shou. She’ll just rest a bit… on this seat… just a bit… Mikoto closes her eyes.

In the darkness, she can hear someone’s footsteps. Someone murmurs that they’ve used the device. With this, she won’t cry anymore. Mikoto is stunned. The unknown person notes that they’ve used it quite a bit; it can only be used once more before it breaks. It’s last use… will be when he meets her. Yes, he’ll leave it to protect her. Until then, he is going to sleep for a while. Here, with her.

Mikoto feels someone beside her shoulder. Who is this person? Mikoto opens her eyes and blinks. The person is unresponsive. Who… is this person? He remains quiet. Mikoto is also surprised to see that they’re holding hands unnoticed. The person continues sleeping.

Mikoto finds it strange… and somehow nostalgic. This is someone she doesn’t know and yet she doesn’t mind them holding hands. OH MY GOD THIS WHOLE SEQUENCE HAS NO SOUND. NO BGM. NO SFX. NOTHING. She wonders if this is okay… and she’s also going to sleep a little bit more like this… together with this person…

*** EXTRA ***


Mikoto saw Iroha in one of her dreams about the Half Moon and is curious as to what he was doing there. He was also muttering some words which she remembers and wants to look up and so she searches for something called the “Hifu Song” (also known as the Hifumi no Haraekotoba). Kintoki and Awa see her in the library and tell her that ancient books aren’t kept there, so they take her to their room to show her the book. It’s written in ancient Japanese though and so Awa has to read it out to her.

Awa explains that this book also has a story written about how, once, a princess from the moon descended upon this land and had five princes who served her. Like an overflowing spring, she continuously gave the princes water and so was called the Senki. The Senki was a being who came from the moon and so had to return one day. But she committed a crime. She fell in love with a human. THE KANJI FOR SENKI LITERALLY MEANS “SPRING/FOUNTAIN PRINCESS”.

When the time came, servants of the moon came to bring back the Senki but the princess refused to be separated from her lover and so resisted. And, in order to protect her, the princes fought as well. After a long and violent battle, the princess was returned to the moon and the princes – who exhausted their strength – were all killed by the servants. The people, who mourned the deaths of the princes, gathered together kotodama that would return their souls once more into vessels–into bodies.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, furube, yurayura to, furube.”

Mikoto is shocked to hear these words. Awa knows they are words to revive the dead. Mikoto wants to know if the princes really came back to life? Awa tells her that it’s too bad if she’s curious because there is nothing but this in the books; she’ll just have to imagine the rest. He does tell her that Onosada also seems to have studied these. Mikoto leaves not learning any more but wondering why Iroha said those words to her in the dream.

2 thoughts on “Hana Awase 「姫空木編」 ~ Iroha ~

    AbsoluteMeowster said:
    August 14, 2016 at 23:37

    Oh god I’m crying. Why is Iroha so goddamn cute, and yet he has to go through all this pain. So much pain, so many tears and UGH MY HEART CAN’T TAKE ALL THESE BETRAYALS AND UNREQUITED LOVES AND I CAN’T. Iroha-gen better give a super happy ending to this guy for all the crap he’s been through.

    I so prefer Iroha to Hime, which is sorta weird since this is Hime’s game, but like, Hime’s overshadowed by Iroha and his freaking painful route. Thanks for the translation! Can’t wait for the next one~

    Are you gonna do the next game in the Hana Awase series next? (No pressure of anything! Just wondering~ Though, I’m, I would be greatful if you would? Because I’m still a sucker for Karakurenai and his aggressiveness. Also who else is gonna appreciate Mikoto’s boobs?)

      Ilinox responded:
      August 18, 2016 at 21:54

      EVEN NOW DAYS AFTER FINISHING THIS ROUTE I still come back to skim it occasionally and cry ugly tears. It’s so… heartbreaking, right?? I hear KU-hen explains a lot of the mystery behind him, Mikoto, the lore, and just what exactly he did in the past… which worries me because they keep talking about him having done a sin that cannot be forgiven. I AM REALLY SCARED. It makes you wonder how far you’re willing to forgive Iroha.

      Haha, no, tbh it took me this long to start Hime’s game because Hime ranks the lowest among the 5 Brights for me too :’) I still like him but just not to the extent that I do the other guys so I was like “ugh, I have to do his super long route”.

      BUT YEAH I WAS REALLY SURPRISED BY HOW OVERSHADOWED HIME WAS IN IROHA’S ROUTE! IIRC in Mizuchi-hen, Iroha basically goes psycho and loses against Mizuchi and Mikoto is bent on sticking with Mizuchi and together they fought against Iroha and made him commit suicide. But now here in Hime-hen we actually have Hime out of the picture SO early ;;; and Mikoto actually seems to be really close with Iroha (though her heart ultimately lies with Hime still). It was not what I expected and so it just crushed me even more ;;;; I have such a hard time predicting WoGa’s plots which is nice (and devastating).

      I’ll definitely be covering KU-hen (I’m not leaving this HA train) but I don’t think it’ll be the next immediate game ;;;; sorry! I’ll be taking a break with Fata Morgana, Kenka Bancho, and maybe Haitaka depending on whether it comes out when I’m still playing other games. I also hear that KU-hen does some recapping so I don’t want to move into it immediately or else I might feel fatigued.

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