Hana Awase 「姫空木編」 ~ Ranking ~

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I thought it would be easier to just gather all the card fights here in another post so people can look at these when they’re playing. If anyone has any questions about the card games, they can ask me here as well. I’m just going to summarize/commentate the opponents up until we reach the 5 Brights and their scenes, which I will properly translate. By the way, you can’t reach the 5 Brights until your second play through.

(Full view pictures at 850 x 595).

NOTE: Opponents without faces are just small fry. Opponents with faces and cards beside their names are people you should challenge and beat so you can add another card into your deck to make it easier for koi koi combinations and to advance up the ranks.

RANK 294. This is on Day 2 of the first playthrough. Onosada introduces your first opponent who is a minamo from the Gekkougumi. Her nickname is the “Mermaid of Gekkougumi” and she literally cracks an “under the sea” joke.

RANK 290. Next is a male from Oukagumi. He thinks of Mikoto as a Cinderella, Snow White, and celestial nymph. First impression is that he wants to make her his princess. He says he’s coming for her right now and once he wins he’ll ride off with her in a carriage to get married. Onosada mutters something about this happening again and says that this kid is a stupid rich kid. He has money but no endurance or ability. Onosada thinks it’s hard to lose to this guy and tells you to trounce him. LOL.

RANK 275. Next is a minamo from Koukokugumi. It’s the dorm leader and she reprimands Mikoto for forgetting her duty yesterday to throw out the trash. As the dorm leader she wants Mikoto to remember the dorm rules more than Hana Utsushi but realizes it can’t be helped. She apologizes for challenging Mikoto to a Katou but the loser has one week of toilet duty. LOL. Onosada thinks the dorm leader secretly likes you under her tsundere-ness but anyway wishes you luck so you don’t clean toilets.

RANK 261. Next opponent isn’t a student. It’s Tane and Kasu who ask Mikoto if she’s been eating and sleeping well and if she’s used to the school. Momotose is worrying. Anyway, Kane and Tasu are servants to Momotose and they’re here to help. Onosada advises Mikoto to beat them so that Momotose doesn’t worry.

RANK 247. Next is a minamo from Gekkougumi. It’s Yoshino who couldn’t hold back when she heard Mikoto was training. She wants to become friendly with Mikoto and will work hard to be her close friend!

RANK 230. Onosada is yawning but he knows you have no time to rest. Next guy is nervous because this is his first time making an entry. He’s a first year player in Oukagumi. He was interested in Mikoto at first glance and wants to be friendly. He wants to see her smile if he wins. Onosada comments on how popular Mikoto is and how this guy doesn’t stand out at all and all his tests are failing marks… so when did he get to this rank? He wrote a ring name too… which Onosada criticizes because this isn’t professional wrestling! Anyway his name is… “I love me”. LOL. It even has a heart in the middle. Onosada calls this guy an idiot.

RANK 200. Love Me apparently made Onosada drink olive oil instead of his sake. A minamo from Koukokugumi takes offense that Aoi is interested in Mikoto, a Gekkougumi, rather than them. They want Mikoto to return Aoi to them. If Mikoto wins, they’ll start calling her Athena-sama.

RANK 180. No opponent appears so feel free to beat the highest no face person.

RANK 170. Nothing new shows up after this… so just go back to proceeding through the story.

RANK 165. Finally visited the battle room on Day 16. Hiyoko has sent a message to Mikoto realizing that she’s the girl Karakurenai kissed in the auditorium and that’s amazing! She wants to kiss him too! Hiyoko longs for some romantic drama but she thinks it might be impossible. Maybe if she wins against Mikoto then Karakurenai will teach her? Onosada mocks Hiyoko’s way of talking and tells her to do something about it! He complains about how all the people in Oukagumi are like this with no brains, especially this one. He reads out her entry name in monotone, “Hiyoko of the Piyopiyo… dapyon”. He pauses before telling Mikoto to beat her. LOL HE IS SO UNIMPRESSED WITH HIYOKO’S VALLEY GIRL TONE.

RANK 140. Onosada tells Mikoto that her fame is rising and people are starting to know her name; there’s a new entry. It’s “Love Me” and he asks if she remembers him. He’s a player who lost to her and he’s amazed that she’s strong and cute. He’s been in love with her ever since that day. He asks if he can call her “Mikoto-chan” and he wants to see her smile when he wins. He’s studied a lot so he won’t lose! Onosada is amused that this guy who’s been getting red marks has increased his rank. It’s cute how he wants her smile as a reward but he doesn’t like people in love. As a teacher he’s a bit interested in seeing how far this guy can go, so he tells Mikoto not to lose.

RANK 120. Onosada likes how passionate Mikoto is and comments on how she really loves Hana Utsushi, huh. He doesn’t dislike that. Next entry is some guy who smelt the scent of her sweet water and his heart is now fluttering like Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing. He’s a pure 17 years old man who hasn’t transformed out of his caterpillar state but he guarantees that he’ll treasure her. He’s gonna use this medicine on her to keep her quiet and calm. Onosada calls for a stop right here and explains that this weirdo is from the butterfly club. His entry name is the “Velvet Caterpillar”. If she loses she’ll become a specimen and this guy will definitely transform into a poisonous mouth so she needs to crush him while he’s still a caterpillar.

RANK 100. Onosada comments on how her popularity is rising again. Next entry is the head of all maids, who is an imperial maid, and she unifies them all in Gekkougumi. Maids are not made in a day and though she knows Mikoto is attending to Hime as his minamo, she is here to test her Hana Utsushi skills. If she loses then she’ll be sent to the underworld! Onosada is surprised that the boss of the maids has shown up. Her entry name is 「冥土in華園」(Hell in Kaen). IT’S A PLAY ON WORDS BECAUSE HELL IS SAID AS “MEIDO”. MAID (MADE) IN KAEN??

RANK 60. Next entry are three girls giggling at how cute Mikoto is and how her skin is so soft and bouncy. One of them scolds the other for drooling but finds that Mikoto’s chest is like a hanging peach. Irresistible. The last girl reminds them to protect the order but finds Mikoto’s lips to be as red as hawthorn. One of them suggests rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets to taste Mikoto first. Onosada explains that these three sisters are from Koukokugumi and they like to eat love strong and cute minamo. He can’t guarantee the safety of Mikoto’s body if she loses.

RANK 30. Onosada jokingly calls Mikoto a princess and asks for her hand so that he can introduce the next entry to her. It is Aoi who has heard rumors about Mikoto winning endlessly; at this rate maybe she can stand at the top of all the minamo. She’s here to test Mikoto’s ability and won’t go easy on her. Onosada tells Mikoto that Aoi stands apart in the Koukokugumi and all the minamo there admire her; if Mikoto can win then everyone will acknowledge her.


RANK 22. Random faceless stranger.

RANK 20. Onosada can’t stop grinning because he really likes minamo who are passionate about studying. But then three girls send an entry about how surprised they are at a Gekkougumi minamo beating her way to the top; they would have understood a Koukokugumi but Gekkougumi!? In place of the Gekkou group they, as part of the Chisengumi and the minamo who give themselves to the top of the 5 Brights, Iroha, and call themselves the strongest team, are going to punish Mikoto for being arrogant. Onosada tells Mikoto that these girls are very competitive and they call themselves “The Strongest Iroha Team” despite battling individually. He knows Mikoto is strong too though and wants her to return the favor.

RANK 10. Onosada murmurs contemplatively about how Mikoto has become sexy and then remembers his job. Love Me appears again and talks about how, when he’s watching her become strong, his heart clenches and he thinks about how she’s becoming someone he can’t reach. But he doesn’t want that and for once he’s going to become serious. He wants to chase after someone and he’s going to become the top in the first year Oukagumi.

He talks about how Mikoto taught him the importance of believing in something and it’s thanks to her that he’s become so engrossed in becoming stronger. He– no, he’ll say it after he sees Mikoto’s smile. This is the last match! Onosada comments on how this guy is young but he doesn’t dislike that. He’s either very direct or very pure but it looks like the only person he’s been looking at has been Mikoto. The winner will be the one with the strongest feelings; whom shall the goddess of victory smile upon…?

RANK 7. Onosada remembers that Mikoto is good at cooking and asks her to cook something for him. He has a portable cooking stove in his room! Kagami kicks open the door here, calls Onosada an old man, and points out that he’s drooling. Mikoto is startled to see her. Kagami chides her and says that Onosada can’t take her to the teacher’s dormitory, and so she should refuse. Onosada pouts and says that wasn’t his meaning! She’s making him sound disreputable– gurk!

Kagami smiles dangerously and asks Onosada how a blank entry form taste. If she wins against Mikoto then she won’t let Onosada lay even one finger on her. Mikoto thinks Kagami is super cool. Onosada grumbles about how she’s not nice at all but he understands. Anyway, Onosada explains that when Kagami enters her “prince mode” she is merciless. If Mikoto wins, will she become a prince or princess?

RANK 6. Onosada whispers to Mikoto that he thought she’d come to visit him. She should be honest. If she isn’t then he won’t place an entry for her~. Suddenly, Tane appears and tells Onosada to stop because right now he said some sexually harassing and power harassing words. Kasu agrees with Tane, though it’s true that Mikoto has become terribly strong and beautiful. But they’d like Onosada to remember his age.

Tane nods; it wouldn’t do for Onosada to be called a pedophile. He almost wants to report to Momotose immediately, but before that… they want to challenge Mikoto again. If they win then they want… to do that to her cheek… just a tiny bit. In other words, they’re going to be serious about a kiss! Onosada squints his eyes and asks Mikoto if she heard them because these two have more motives than he does– Onosada coughs. Anyway, these two are “Kasu and Tane of the Kasutane Player”. This is their true form but he wants Mikoto to win, absolutely. He is ordering her to definitely win!

RANK 5. Momotose bursts into the room. Mikoto asks her what the matter is. Momotose exclaims how glad she is to see Mikoto unharmed; she heard from Tane and Kasu that Onosada was acting violently towards her. Mikoto reassures that it was a misunderstanding… but Momotose wants Mikoto to tell her the truth. She sighs before complaining about how troubling Onosada is when he said that he wouldn’t raise a hand to the students.

But it’s true that lately her angel has become very alluring… even her, just looking at Mikoto makes her feel… Mikoto yelps when Momotose comes very close to her. By the way, where is Onosada? Momotose smiles. Onosada? He’s been confined to a room below Kaen, underground. Don’t worry, Mikoto won’t be able to hear his screams. HOLY SHIT. Mikoto repeats Momotose’s words in her mind in terror. Anyway, Momotose wants to feel how strong Mikoto has become and if she wins then she’s going to take Mikoto’s precious thing. Her entry name is “Your Momotose”. Now, let’s go!

When Mikoto wins, Momotose is proud of how perfect that was. Her heart is full from how strong Mikoto has become! Mikoto demurs that it’s just a coincidence. Momotose denies this because she wasn’t going easy and so Mikoto’s strength is real. Haa, at this rate her angel is flying to somewhere where she can’t reach. Momotose encourages her to fly to wherever she wants, and to aim for the extreme north of Kasen. At any rate, Momotose smiles at how she’s missed her chance to take Mikoto’s precious thing. She curtsies and leaves.

RANK 4. Onosada reappears after having finally escaped from the room. He’ll remember them! At any rate, he comments on how Mikoto has constantly won up to now and she can throw her chest out in pride at how strong she’s become. Mikoto thanks him.

Mizuchi appears and notes that Mikoto has been here, as he thought. He’s been visited by Momotose and told that Mikoto has reached the top of the minamo at Kaen. Mikoto denies this; each time she has a match with someone she learns more about Hana Utsushi. And she’s happy that there’s still more for her to learn. He quotes “everyone except me is my mentor” and smiles at how, just like he thought, she is studious.

If she doesn’t mind, he would like to have a match with her. They can both learn and improve their character by studying hard. Mikoto thinks this is an honor and agrees. Onosada interrupts though and says this is boring. He thinks battles need to have a sense of urgency and them improving their character by studying hard is boring. Ah, he knows! Mikoto blinks as he places down pruning scissors and cotton gloves…?

Onosada declares that whoever loses has to weed Kaen’s courtyard! Mikoto gapes. Onosada points out it’s hot and so it’ll be hard~. If they don’t want to do it then they must win. Mizuchi closes his eye in exasperation.

WHEN YOU LOSE. Onosada is gleeful as he orders Mikoto to go and weed. She has to weed everything in one day! Mikoto winces but heads out, only to be struck by how large the courtyard is. But she knows she lost so she’ll do it properly! She realizes that her clothes will get dirty like this though and thinks about returning to the dormitory first to change. She changes, and then returns to the courtyard ready to move and do it!

She starts to weed and thinks about how hot it is at this time with the sun shining down. She’s becoming soaked in sweat. Suddenly, Mizuchi appears and says that he’s come to help. She is surprised to see him. He explains with a furrow in his brows that Onosada spoke about this being the conditions of their match, but he cannot allow a lady to do this alone. Mikoto tells him that she’s fine and thinks he shouldn’t help since he won.

Mizuchi tries to protest but realizes that her opinion on this is firm, so he obeys. But he wants her to at least wear a hat before she has a heatstroke under this sun. The moment he says this though Mikoto is surprised to find her vision going dark. Her body is swaying. Mizuchi suddenly shouts out a warning to her. Mikoto yelps and then falls into the lake. She apologizes because she lost consciousness for a second. She thanks him for saving her though.

He’s been silent this entire time. She blinks at him in surprise and then calls out his name. He breathes in tightly. She starts to realize what the problem is and finds it difficult to talk about… but, uh… could he move his face away?

He stiffens before blurting out 「すっ、すまな・・・すまないっ!これはっ、不可抗力でっ、決して、違っ、違う・・・っ!違う、君からはなっ・・・離れるのだなっ。」(S-Sorr… Sorry! This was an inevitability. Absolutely. No, I mean… that’s wrong! That’s not it! I’ll, uh, se-… separate from you now, right). HE IS SO FLUSTERED LMAO. He tries to stand up and looks around stuttering for something to hold onto–.

Mikoto stiffens. Mizuchi becomes even more flustered and horrified and exclaims that he won’t grab this! No, wait, that’s not it! Her clothes are transparent so he’s covering it with his hands! I’M CRYING HELP. Mikoto is utterly silent. Mizuchi whimpers before taking back his words. That wasn’t what he meant! Mikoto shouts out that she doesn’t care and he needs to just let her go! On the side, Onosada comments on how young they are.

WHEN YOU WIN. Onosada is surprised that Mizuchi lost. Mizuchi has a shocked look on his face too, but then he smiles and praises Mikoto. Mikoto smiles back at him and says that she barely won; she thinks the last bit had been up to chance! He shakes his head and tells her that this is her actual strength and her studiousness. He has great admiration. She stutters because to have him say that about her is…

And then Onosada reminds them that the loser has to go and weed. He asks Mizuchi if he’ll do it. Mizuchi acknowledges the order from Onosada and excuses himself. Mikoto gapes when he just runs out. Onosada is amused to have one of the 5 Brights weed, and then he acknowledges how strong Mikoto has become. He is proud.

RANK 3. Onosada notes that Mikoto has finally come. He tells her that her lover has been waiting. Mikoto blinks at him. Lover? She calls out Himeutsugi’s name in surprise when she sees him. Himeutsugi heard that she won against Mizuchi in Katou. There hasn’t been a Gekkougumi minamo that has advanced this far and he praises her for being amazing. Mikoto smiles brightly and says that it’s because he taught her Kasen. She thanks him. Himeutsugi calls her a good girl.

And then he decides that, as her Kasen teacher, he is going to give her, the student, a test. Mikoto blinks at him. If she loses then it means she’s gotten red marks, and a supplementary lesson awaits her. Well? Shall they battle? Mikoto hesitantly points out that his smile when he says supplementary lessons is a bit… He smiles wider and asks her what she means. She shakes her head and then tells him determinedly that she’ll do her best!

WHEN YOU LOSE. Mikoto winces because she lost. Himeutsugi clucks his tongue because his student lost. Did she forget what he taught her? She apologizes for not having studied enough. He grins though and says that it’s time for her supplementary lessons then. Come here. Mikoto yelps when he takes her by the arm and exits the room.

They stop in his room and Mikoto stutters, asking him what this is. Himeutsugi just smiles and tells her to call him “Hime-sensei”. Her mouth drops open. He tells her that, because she has promise, he’s going to teach her more strictly. She confirms that he means studying, right? Himeutsugi smiles and nods. Of course. What she lacks the most is… the connectedness between her partner. YOU KNOW I WAS PAIRED UP AGAINST MIZUCHI VS. YOU LMAO.

He tells her to wear this first. Mikoto’s eyes widen when she sees the clothing. This!? His voice becomes stern as he asks if she won’t listen to her teacher? Mikoto winces and obeys. By the time she finishes dressing she is completely red. He asks her what the matter is and to come to him quickly. She does so, silent. He compliments how it suits her. Mikoto blurts out that it’s embarrassing!

Hime smiles and tells her that she can’t be embarrassed at just this level. Now, he wants her to lie down on the bed. Mikoto turns even redder. What!? He tells her that she can’t change if she doesn’t finish this lesson. Or, does she want to continue to wear that? Mikoto whimpers and then obeys.

When she lies down, Hime kneels beside her and tells her that it’s time to study now. First, he wants her to touch his skin. She does so tentatively and asks him if it’s like this? He hums and then admits that he wants her to have more of a mood. She repeats his words, confused. He tells her that just touching him won’t give him any power. She has to do it like this… as if she desires him.

Mikoto yelps and squeaks out that he’s tickling her! His voice lowers as he tells her not to make that noise. She just needs to stay still and feel her teacher’s hand. Mikoto tells him that even if he says that it’s impossible, because no one has ever touched her there. It’s embarrassing. Himeutsugi murmurs that her expression right now is nice. She blinks. He tells her that her look is seductive to men. Haa… he’s aroused.

He goes on to explain that players feel the water from a minamo’s body and receive their power. Right now her face, and the sweet water her body is releasing… leads him astray. Mikoto yelps out his name, alarmed. He murmurs that her immodest clothing and seducing her teacher… makes her a bad girl. YOU MADE HER CHANGE LMAOKHFLGSHJ. Mikoto stutters out a protest and says that he was the one–

Himeutsugi asks her try saying that she wants him to look at her more. Mikoto chokes. He tells her to use her cute mouth and ask him to look at her more and to please touch her. Mikoto starts to stutter helplessly. M… m… mo… more… Suddenly, there’s a camera noise. She asks him in alarm if he possibly took a picture?! He says shamelessly that her mouth was open so cutely that he did it accidentally.

Mikoto echoes his words and then tells him that he can’t! Please delete it! Himeutsugi tells her in an amused voice that it’ll be okay. Only he will look at it. She tells him that’s not allowed either! Delete– He interrupts and asks if she’s talking back to her teacher? She cringes. He takes another picture and murmurs that her expressions being photographed right now are really nice. They are irresistible. Mikoto realizes that he’s pleased!

She confirms with him hesitantly that they are… studying, right? He nods and tells her that they are studying the next level of her becoming an adult. One lesson. She slowly asks if that means there’s a second and third lesson? He confirms this and comments lightly on how the third lesson might be a bit hard; her body might not hold out. SC REAMS BEAST!HIME. Mikoto is speechless. Impossible! She’s okay with dropping out of class! SORRY!

Himeutsugi’s eyes are wide when she dashes out of the room. And then he smiles sheepishly because she left in those clothes. Oops, sorry, Mikoto. He teased her a bit. For the next while though, it looks like these pictures won’t be a problem. He chuckles.

WHEN YOU WIN. Mikoto tries to catch her breath. Himeutsugi gives her a strained smile because it was an utter defeat. His teachings were– no, she is going to continue on ahead of even his teachings. He tells her that Gekkougumi is proud to have her. Mikoto protests because this was because he taught her! That’s why she…

Onosada comments on how passionate the fight was. But, furthermore, he praises Mikoto because she continued on after Mizuchi to defeat even Himeutsugi. Now, as custom, he has to go and weed. Himeutsugi chokes. Mikoto is startled too. Onosada smiles widely and tells Himeutsugi, the Bright who lost, to take these equipment. LOL IS EVERYONE GOING TO END UP WEEDING, HAHA.

RANK 2. Onosada has an exhausted look on his face as he notes that Mikoto has come. She blinks and asks him what the matter is? Karakurenai speaks up at this point, telling her with a smirk that he’s been waiting, senki candidate. Her eyes widen. He continues to smirk as he tells her that he heard she beat Mizuchi and Himeutsugi. A minamo destroying the honor of the 5 Brights, huh. Well done.

Mikoto protests to that because she hasn’t destroyed their honor! He tells her that he’s just stating the facts and she shouldn’t back talk him. He hates impertinent women. Mikoto cringes. He tells her the most important thing for a woman is to be graceful. She is supposed to be obedient to a man and fawn over him. Mikoto splutters, glaring at him.

And then Kagami appears, snapping that she won’t let him say that! Momotose agrees. Kagami reveals that she heard Kaa-kun was searching for Mikoto and that’s why she came here; she sighs and reminds Karakurenai that she’s been telling him to treat women preciously! Momotose adds that ladies are delicate! He is too rough and should try treating them more like treasures!

Karakurenai snarls at all the fussy women and tells them to shut up. They can’t give him orders! Onosada sighs and tells them that this is a place to put entries for Katou. If they don’t have business here then they can leave. Kurenai smirks and tells him that he does have business; he is going to apply to Katou against Mikoto! Mikoto gapes at him. He tells her that women can’t win against men and, when he wins, he’s going to make her body realize that she’s a woman. Mikoto stiffens.

Momotose states that she is going to watch the match with her own eyes. Mikoto turns to her in surprise. Momotose tells Kurenai that her angel has become stronger than them and there’s no way she’ll lose to him. Kagami agrees loudly! And then she says that if Mikoto wins, Kaa-kun will have to listen to them! Mikoto’s mouth drops open. What?! Hold on. She can’t believe she’s fighting against Karakurenai.

Onosada is amused though because this is something to watch; he puts the entry in. Mikoto’s eyes widen. Onosada then tells Karakurenai that if he loses here he is done in as a man. This is his chance to get a woman, so go!

WHEN YOU LOSE. Mikoto is amazed at his strength. Karakurenai snorts and tells her that she’s 100 years too young to win against him like that. Now, he orders her to come to him. Mikoto protests. And then Kagami tells him that he can’t! They won’t let him do sexual things! Momotose tells Mikoto to come to them; they’ll protect her. Karakurenai narrows his eyes and asks them what they’re doing, because they know the rules of Katou.

Kagami tells him that when they say he can’t then he can’t! As if they could leave the senki candidate together alone with the top of lechers. Or is it that he wants to be spanked by the chairmen again? Kurenai stiffens. And then he scoffs. Is that how it is… those damned old men! He then tells Mikoto that she belongs to him; he won’t let her run away, don’t forget that! He leaves. Onosada sighs. And then he looks at the three of them and smirks, asking if they’ll go and weed then?

WHEN YOU WIN. Mikoto is shocked she won. Momotose praises her. As expected of her angel! Kurenai snarls that there’s no way he could have lost; she must have cheated! Kagami remarks on how he doesn’t know what to give up; they fought fair and square and he needs to accept it like a man. He grits his teeth.

He tries to leave but Momotose stops him with a smirk. They’re not done yet; if he lost he was supposed to listen to whatever they said. Kagami also smirks and tells Momo that her preparations are complete; they just need to take him there. Mikoto stares at them questioningly. Take him there? Momotose invites her along because she’s their lead.

They all head to the amusement park where Kagami tells them with a wide grin that they’ve arrived. Mikoto confirms that this place is JJ amusement park, right? Suddenly, TV staff appear and greet Kagami, their producer. She greets them back cheerily and asks if all the equipment has been prepared? The TV staff confirm this and tell her that they’re just waiting for the model. Ah, it must be those two! They compliment the air Kurenai and Mikoto give, like an innocent young couple.

Mikoto’s eyes widen. Momotose giggles and tells them to leave the clothes and makeup to her; she will complete them according to the image. Mikoto tries to ask what’s going on but yelps when she’s dragged away. Kurenai also snarls at them not to touch him.

Scene skip! The TV staff calls out how the rehearsals are done. They’re going to do some camera tests now. They tell the models to come and decide on a pose. Karakurenai is silent. Same with Mikoto. Momotose exclaims how lovely it is and the image is gradually appearing! Mikoto stutters as she asks Mikoto what this is. Momotose explains that this is a shoot for a first date with a young couple at the amusement park!

Mikoto shakes her head. No, she’s not asking about that. These are television cameras, right? Why… Momotose giggles and tells her that it’s for a commercial with Jinja TV, and they just so happened to be looking for models. Mikoto repeats her words loudly. Commercial!? Kagami grins as she tells them that this year’s theme at Jinja TV is “Jinja Sweet Love Ja!” and Kurenai and Mikoto have become a cast of that image.

Kagami asked Momotose to do the composition because only Momo can create sweet situations. And she’s looking forward to them making the perfect picture! Karakurenai snarls at them not to screw around. And what is with this joke!? Kagami tells him not to move and reminds him that he lost. If he’s a man then he needs to protect his promise and listen to them! He grits his teeth.

Momotose directs him about how his setting is the “gentle boyfriend” and she wants him to look at her angel with a more fluffy and besotted look. Kurenai makes a strangled noise. Momotose’s voice drops. If he’s a man, then he’ll do it. OMFG HER VOICE DROP LMAO. He curses and growls out that he’ll remember this! His expression finally softens and Mikoto is taken aback.

Kagami comments on how his look is a bit too heated but, well, it looks like he’s entranced by her so it’s fine. Momotose then directs Karakurenai to offer his special sweet ginger ale to Mikoto. GINGER ALE? JINJA ALE? Mikoto protests at this point because that’s something couples do and she’s good! Momotose reminds her that they’re a couple right now. Now, sweetly! Mikoto doesn’t want to do this at all. But Kurenai shoves it in her face and she has no choice but to drink.

Kagami crows about how nice this looks! This ginger ale is planned to release as a campaign drink for Jinja TV. It’s delicious, right? Mikoto continues to drink. Momotose agrees for her and then tells Mikoto to say that it’s delicious while touching Karakurenai’s cheek. Mikoto stiffens and refuses. Kurenai repeats her words in surprise. She winces and then agrees to do it. She touches him hesitantly and asks them if it’s like this?

Momotose tells her that this won’t do! More sweetly and softly! He is her boyfriend and Mikoto must use her imagination of loving him. In her mind, Mikoto thinks this is impossible. But if she doesn’t do it then it won’t end! Hyah! Like this!? Karakurenai is stunned. Momotose exclaims that they’re so cute! They are 100 percent a sweet couple! This is the best shot! The TV staff comment on how their models are an extremely handsome man and woman. And it looks like they’re already in love; this will make their commercial perfect.

Kagami agrees and this will make their television audience ratings go up! Mikoto finds Karakurenai’s face to be close and is embarrassed. He is silent. She notices that he’s looking at her really intently and wonders what to do. Kurenai makes a strangled noise deep in his throat. And then Mikoto realizes that Karakurenai’s face is… a bit red? He exhales shakily.

And then Kagami tells them to cut. They’ve completed the shoot! Good work everyone! Mikoto hurriedly steps away. Kurenai exhales loudly. She blinks and calls out his name questioningly. Kurenai makes a choked noise and then runs away. Mikoto, Kagami, and Momotose watch him leave with wide eyes. Then Kagami wonders why he was so impatient; they were going to have a closing party after this too.

Momotose just smiles and points out that her angel was so cute he must have been embarrassed, right? Mikoto doesn’t think so… but she does recall how Karakurenai’s usual scary impression was different.

RANK 1. Onosada states that the last boss has come. Mikoto repeats his words, confused. Last boss? She is shocked when Iroha appears. Onosada admits that he was shocked when he heard about the entry too. To think that the top of the top would come. Mikoto looks worried as she asks him if by entry he means that he came to do Awase with her? Iroha tells her that he wants to know her answer. Mikoto blinks.

Iroha asks her why she is here? He wants to know if she’s found that meaning or not. If she doesn’t have an answer then she can’t win against him. Onosada comments on how she, from the start, was a princess that was taken to Kaen forcibly. She didn’t come here wanting to be a minamo. And that’s why Iroha wants to know her answer for being here. That is something only one who has climbed to the top should know. Mikoto repeats their words. Her answer…

Momotose reassures her that she’ll be okay, so long as it’s her. Kagami agrees because Mikoto is standing at the top of them as minamo. If she defeats the last boss then she will be, in all forms and contents, the top of the top. Mizuchi tells her that her constant effort will result in success; he has seen the days she spent studying. So long as she has that passion and sincerity she will surely be guided to victory.

Karakurenai snorts at how Mizuchi was trying to look cool. Then he calls out to Mikoto and says he won’t allow a woman who beat him to lose. He tells her to crush Iroha. Himeutsugi tells her that she is a resolute light shining on the Gekkougumi. She’s done something that hasn’t been done up to now… a miraculous minamo. She murmurs his name. He warns her that Iroha is strong; he has never lost to a person in Katou and is an invincible player. He tells her to proceed carefully without dropping her guard. Mikoto smiles and nods.

Iroha watches her quietly. Mikoto looks at him determinedly and declares that she will challenge him! She will beat him and then tell him the answer as to why she is here. He inclines his head and tells her that he will be waiting on the battle grounds. Onosada declares that, whether they like it or not, this is the last battle; the decisive battle for the top begins!

WHEN YOU LOSE. Mikoto is taken aback by Iroha’s strength. Iroha states that she doesn’t have an answer yet. Mikoto glares at him. He orders her to sever her doubts and he will continue to wait here. Mikoto murmurs his name.

Kagami admits that her hands were sweating as she watched the battle. Momotose is still proud of her angel for coming to this point against that Iroha. Mizuchi found their Awase wonderful and he himself has never fought Iroha that deeply. He respects her earnestness. Kurenai tells her bluntly that a loss is a loss, but he’ll recognize her spirit. Mikoto thanks everyone but admits that it’s still frustrating.

Onosada compliments the look in her eyes and tells her to treasure those feelings. Himeutsugi nods and tells her that he’s burned the image of her gallant figure into his mind; she is a strong and brave princess. Her water gives him power, and that bravery and a heart that never gives up. He is glad to have her as his minamo. Mikoto smiles at him. She can feel everyone’s feelings coming into her as warm water. She won’t forget these feelings. And she’s found an answer. She’ll study more and tons of Kasen in order to go even higher!

WHEN YOU WIN. Mikoto is shocked that she won. Onosada congratulates her for becoming the top of Kaen. Mikoto can’t believe she’s the top. Momotose starts to sob from happiness. Mikoto smiles at her weakly. Momotose goes on about how she was here at this school lost, but even so she continued to work hard at being a minamo without falling into depression. That optimism guided her to this victory. She can feel a nice water coming from Mikoto; one that is gentle, strong, and clear without any doubts.

Kagami nods and points out how Mikoto didn’t crumble! Even though she was the senki candidate, and had to deal with the onifuda’s light, and couldn’t find a partner… it must have been rough, huh? When she looks at Mikoto, even she feels like she becomes stronger somehow. Really, congratulations.

Mizuchi admits that he’s honestly surprised. To think that, up to now, there is now a minamo that can oppose Iroha. Himeutsugi smiles and tells her that he really is glad she is here; he is so happy he wants to give her a blessing kiss. Mikoto’s eyes widen. But then she thanks everyone.

And then turns back to face Iroha. She lets him know that she will tell him… her answer for being here at Kaen. Iroha is quiet. Mikoto smiles and says that the answer, is the her right now in front of him. He echoes her words, puzzled. The present her? Mikoto nods and tells him that her answer is how she is standing here personally, facing him like this.

The days at Kaen since she came here, the people she met, the things she studied… these are everything to her as a minamo. Iroha remains silent. She is sure that he knows the meaning of her being here, after having fought her to the very end. He asks if that is her answer. She smiles gently and nods. And then she thanks him deeply for bringing her here to Kaen. His eyes widen.

A device is cranked.

Mikoto’s eyes widen. That noise… Iroha murmurs that it’s calling. The him from that day. Mikoto repeats his words in confusion. The Iroha of that day? Her vision then goes white.

Iroha’s voice is heard saying 「たとえ、全てを失ったとしても、あの運命を選ばなくてよかったと思う。」(Even if I lost everything, I am glad that fate was not chosen).

Mikoto is confused and then opens her eyes to find herself on the train. This place is…! Iroha is quiet. She looks at him, confused. He tells her 「君はここで・・・ずっと泣いていた。どうしていいか。わからなかった。だから最後の音を鳴らした。」(Here, you were… always crying. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. That’s why I rang the last sound). Mikoto repeats his words. The last sound? He tells her that she, who won the Katou match, smiled at him. That is her everything. That is the… everything of what he did.

Iroha suddenly pulls her into his arms, thanking her. She calls out his name questioningly. He tells her that the him on that day wanted to say this to her. And the current him is the same. She lives as a minamo; from now on, and always. Mikoto nods.

And then she calls out his name. He makes a questioning noise. She hesitantly asks if they can remain like this a while longer. He is quiet. She apologizes but right now her face is… Mikoto’s voice cracks. Iroha’s brows furrow and he asks if she is crying. She hurriedly tells him that he’s mistaken and she’s not sad. No, it’s not that. She’s just thinking about how he’s right here. Iroha’s breath catches.

Mikoto remarks on how strange it is. Iroha is right here and yet, for some unknown reason, she’s so happy that he’s here. FUCKALHKJGKFHJLJHFLSJHIJ. He is quiet and then murmurs 「ああ。私は、ここにいる。ここにいて・・・君といる。ただ、それだけだ。」(Aa. I am here. I am here… and with you. However, this is all there is).

A device is cranked.

He tells her 「これは、あの日の私がくれた夢。次の音が鳴れば、君は忘れているだろう。共に、戻ろう。今の君に・・・逢いに。」(This is a dream, the dream that the me on that day gave. Once the next sound rings, you will forget, won’t you. Let us go back, together. To meet… the current you).


RANK 0. Onosada asks why she’s here because no one in Kaen can rival her anymore so it’s not necessary to practice– unless she’s fallen for him? In that case, he’s willing to be with her whenever… Suddenly the door is kicked open by Momotose and Kagami, with Momotose telling him that it looks like he needs to return to that lecture room. Too bad. Onosada’s eyes widen and he asks them to wait in a stutter. Let’s talk this out!

He tells Mikoto not to just stand there and look at him absently but to help him! He keeps begging her to help him as he’s dragged out of the room. Moments later, he returns panting about how he managed to escape again and he’ll remember Kagami and Momotose’s actions!

But then a young man enters the room and tells Sadakurou (Onosada) robotically that he won’t do anything because he’s the one in the wrong; Onosada is a pedophile and he opposes Onosada’s sexual harassment. Onosada chides the other person about not memorizing strange words and grumbles about what a shame that is. Mikoto wonders who the other person is. But the other person continues on to ask Sadakurou if he loves the senki candidate?

Onosada frowns and tells him to set aside the matter of love or not, only to blink in surprise at an entry. Onosada thinks it’s strange because there should be no one above Mikoto, who is sitting on the strongest seat. Is the computer broken? The young man moves over to Onosada and picks him up, making Onosada yell and ask him what he’s doing. Mikoto is shocked to see Onosada lifted.

The man, who calls himself Me, tells Sadakurou not to set the topic of love aside and that, because he’s not being honest, Me will take care of this. Me then turns to Mikoto and tells her, in a normal voice, that the next entry is him. Mikoto is surprised to hear that.

Me goes on to say that he has transitioned to an algorithm specifically for Katou, in other words he is strong and she should prepare herself. If he wins, then he will get Sadakurou to talk about his love. His entry name is “From morning to night, Karakuri, the one who watches the old man’s awakening of love”. LOL?? REMEMBER KARAKURI CAN ALSO MEAN DEVICE SO THE DEVICE WHO WATCHES. He grins.

WHEN YOU LOSE. Mikoto is shocked by how strong he is; he is even stronger than the 5 Brights! Me declares in his human voice that he is the victor and now Sadakurou must talk about his love. Beep beep. Onosada snaps out that he’s not going to talk about! If “those people” hear about that then this time… Me reminds him robotically to keep his promise and talk about his love.

Onosada retorts that he never made such a promise and, besides, he is a teacher and she is a student. Me just repeats that he promised to talk about love. Promise. Love promise. Onosada suddenly remembers that he was called by the chairmen! He’ll leave Me to watch over this room in his place, bye! Me just keeps on repeating the word “love”.

WHEN YOU WIN. Mikoto shouts out that she wins. There is a beeping noise as Me reports robotically that his load is increasing. Danger, danger. Onosada is amused though because even though Me lost, this piece of junk did pretty well. Mikoto repeats his words in confusion. Piece of junk? Onosada hurriedly says that it was nothing and then asks Mikoto if she is thirsty; she can tell Me to go buy something.

Me tells Sadakurou to keep his promise and talk about his love. Onosada points out that he lost though, right? Now hurry up and go buy some juice. Me tells him robotically that he understands and he will will buy the drink, love. He clanks off and Mikoto stares after him in confusion.

9 thoughts on “Hana Awase 「姫空木編」 ~ Ranking ~

    aseriaa said:
    December 3, 2016 at 16:05

    Thank you once again for your posts on this game! I’ve probs said this before in the past, but it really is thanks to you that I’ve been been able to experience the hana awase world <3 *throws rose petals at you*

    Hmm I think I might actually prefer Mizuchi-Hen over Hime-Hen, since the former made me literally cry my eyes out. Whereas, I only teared up in this game, but did not downright sob lol. And despite my love for Hime (he's still my bias for this game, though this is not a shared opinion it seems with the rest of this obscure fandom haha). But yeah, is it strange that I actually preferred Hime in his bad end route from M-hen (which remains to be the most soul-crushing route I've ever played) over his own game? LOL

    Iroha's route was great here, but I'm a bit confused on some of its plot points – I might have sped through it too quickly oops! Did Iroha's first wish with the fate device require the sacrifice of Shou and Ai's lives, but what did he get out of this? And was his second wish to exchange everyone's memories of him in exchange for Hime? If that's the second wish, it doesn't make sense bc I thought he was okay with killing Hime (even if he wasn't an adabana)? Did he do this in the end to make Mikoto smile, despite his earlier actions? Well maybe I should just replay parts of his route to understand this LMAO

    Oh and btw! For the rank battle stuff, after beating Iroha again, you get to face Me-kun/Karakuri who's at rank 0. Not sure if you got that scene though. While I didn't fully understand everything, the feel I got from his lines felt simultaneously adorable & hilarious. I get that he's supposedly the bad guy (as the robotic servant of Sword), but I can't bring myself to dislike him for some reason; I admit that I have a soft spot for robots in fiction XD

      Ilinox responded:
      December 5, 2016 at 00:11

      You’re welcome <3! It's always so great and motivating to see other people excited in this game. I HAVE TO APOLOGIZE FOR HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO GET TO THIS GAME THOUGH!

      Haha, I think Mizuchi-hen might be a tad sadder for me too because we didn't know what to expect there. Hime-hen felt like it answered questions and brought up more questions, but we were more used to how horribly wrong things could go LOL. It's not weird though because I think Hime's route suffered from a few minor issues ;;; like why did he have to drag his angst on for SO long (I have a friend who biases Hime and she also was fed up with him on his own route).

      I think Iroha's first wish was to save Shou and Ai's life. Because Karakuri brought her back to that point and then said this was an "old fate, one before it changed". I think you're right about his second wish, at least that was how I read it too! He saw how hung up Mikoto was on Himeutsugi and realized that he needed to bring Hime back for her to "smile". But that didn't work either because reviving people just left them memory-less shells. Man, when I think more on this route it's pretty horrifying just how many times Hime got revived LOL it was like twice?? Thrice??

      *screams* I DID NOT REALIZE THERE WAS RANK 0. I don't remember seeing that when I first beat Iroha, so I think it might require another new game to get Me-kun/Karakuri to show up. Thank you for pointing that out to me and I just did it right now (thankfully I haven't uninstalled Hime-hen yet) and updated the post.

      I feel the same, haha, and I hope we actually get to see Sword or see more of him in Karakurenai-hen, oops. His voice when he's talking normally is so good because he sounds so arrogant LOL.

        aseriaa said:
        December 8, 2016 at 16:40

        Aw you don’t have to apologize at all! Rather, I’m eternally grateful!! <3 Not only rose petals, *throws bouquets of roses to you too* haha. The wait was totally worth it! I played a few other VNs in the meantime, but I never forgot about Hime-hen. The moment you released your posts, I cranked open the game right away and got sucked in XD

        Ooh very true about the expectation thing, the game definitely took me by surprise when I first played it. According to VNDB, I played M-Hen back in 2013 (again thanks to you *hugs*) and that was around the time I just got into VNs, which was 2012-2013ish. So I had never played a game that punched me in the gut like Hana Awase did at the time, which is part of why it resonates with me so much. Can't believe this series will be over soon :O I do wonder if this game is popular in Japan too though, because the top game polls in b's log always have the same cycled games.

        Omg someone else likes Hime as well? BLESS, I was getting the feeling that I was the only one haha. But yes EXACTLY. Like I love Hime, but I just wanted to shake him in his own route. I was also a little irked by him in Mizuchi's route where he kept going on like, "I'll be your cupid", "you guys should get together" 8D But then he goes crazy because of this and I'm just ??? WHY

        On the other hand, I think one of the other reasons why Hime's route stuck with me so much in Mizuchi-Hen was that you could technically see how and why Hime goes crazy there. With Mikoto not telling him the truth and everything just going downhill, with an ultimately chilling "Why?" from him. I could see and understand the logic, allowing me to sympathize and really feel for him.

        But yes on top of that, the sleeping beauty fairytale prince thing DESTROYED me in the first game, esp w the bench scene. So I loved the parallel in the beginning with him on her lap reciting the story while she's awake – with their switched positions. But because it was a little overdone in Hime-Hen overall, the impact wore off a bit? (Again understandable since this IS his game after all… idk what I'm trying to say oops)

        OHHH okay that makes sense, thanks for clearing that up! But wait, why did Shou and Ai die in that fate in the first place then? Gosh I really did speed through this game, didn't I. I had wanted to finish the game before final exams, but now a couple details are becoming blurry oops.

        And wow so true about all those Hime revivals. Not gonna lie though, I felt pretty happy during that scene with him suddenly appearing in the sky at the amusement park despite what we found out after (he looks so freaking cute in that CG too! *ahem* my overwhelming Hime bias is showing again).

        Oh no! I did not intend to make you go back and make you do more work by typing that! You are too sweet, I can't even. Aw thank you, I just went back and replayed the scene now and why so adorable Karakuri!? And can I just re-iterate how no one else realizes that Karakuri's a robot?? Is this a running gag or something that they'll eventually address in K/U-Hen or something… I do wonder if his "evil" side is something that was also programmed in him or if there's more to it. Because despite his robotic-ness, he strikes me with having some sense of self-awareness too.

        AHHH this comment is super long O M G. Sorry about that, once I start talking about my fave games, I just start rambling. Looking back, this went WAYYY longer than I expected!

        Ilinox responded:
        December 15, 2016 at 17:01

        I like to think that WoGa is doing good enough in Japan that they’re able to release all the other goodies they’ve been doing (like drama CDs, vocal tracks, and the books… unless they’re just trying to recuperate money through that, oh no). Haha, at this point I’ve given up looking at who wins the top game polls because it’s always going to be Hakuouki, Uta no Prince, and Diabolik Lovers. Usually I just look at the ratings new games get from Famitsu now.

        YEAH LOL. I guess that’s the tragic flaw of Hime though ;w; he always tries to be a “good and selfless princess” but everyone has their limits and he keeps on reaching his. If only he could realize that it’s okay to be himself and everyone would accept that :( heck, everyone can already see through his mask anyway. Mizuchi knew it all along. Karakurenai has a sense for when men are horny LOL. Iroha probably doesn’t care either way so long as Mikoto is safe.

        Yeah! I think they died in the first place because Karakuri brings her back to the past, the one before it changed. So I’m assuming that’s essentially the “original” timeline before Iroha messes with it and then everyone else proceeds to mess around. Don’t take this as gospel because I’m pretty confused by all the jumping around too ;;; ahaha. There also feels like less of a link between Hime into Kurenai’s game, unlike how Mizuchi-hen lead directly to Hime-hen with Mikoto’s death and Hime bringing her into the next world.

        Oh gosh, the fact NO ONE except for Onosada bats an eye at the clanking and the beeping and the mechanical voice always cracks me up. Like… seriously? I’m not sure if he even appears in KU-hen but my guess is that whenever he starts talking in a human voice, it might actually be Sword’s personality that is programmed into him.

        LMAO no no I love long comments and it’s always a joy to be able to talk about HA :’)) since it’s one of my favorites too.

    Carmelia said:
    September 8, 2016 at 14:13

    Hi again Ili! Thanks to the most frustrating thing in the world (summer school), I couldn’t get to this game until now. I posted a real long time ago on your mizuchi-hen posts, and one of those times, I had asked for your save file for mizuchi-hen (which I’ve been grateful for forever and ever!). Gosh I feel terrible for asking, but do you mind lending me your save file for hime-hen this time? Once again, I’m stuck at the ranks, and no matter how many times I’ve tried, I can’t get to Mizuchi’s special scenes, not to mention the other guys >_< However, if you don’t want to this time, I totally understand! (oh man, I don't know if I should post this or not.. Apologies for being annoying WELP)

    But seriously, this game is taking me on a painful emotional roller coaster already, just like its predecessor </333

      Ilinox responded:
      September 8, 2016 at 22:39

      Hello hello! Aw, games will always be here for you so it’s good that you were able to concentrate on summer school until now! I remember your comment from Mizuchi-hen! I don’t mind, haha, since I keep these save files just in case something explodes on my computer and I need to replay a game |D;; HERE‘s the save file!

      Hime-hen ranking actually felt a bit harder than Mizuchi-hen’s so I can understand your frustration. Mizuchi was SUCH A STUPID GATEKEEPER because the highest guy you can pair up with at that point is Love Me-kun but his stats are all around 35 or something ;;;; which is really low when Mizuchi has such ridiculous defense. But then when you win against Mizuchi and then use him to fight the other Brights it suddenly becomes… so simple LOL.

      I can’t remember which save was the one I had when fighting the guys. I think maybe 49 or something? If you load from one that has all of their colored bubbles then you should be okay since I got my stats pretty high :).

      UGH YEAH I hesitated over playing Hime-hen for a long time because I wasn’t sure if it would take me for an adventure like the first game did, but all my worries were for nothing because this game was just as good as the first (if not better since the world is fleshed out more, some questions are answered, and some more questions are brought up; the plot is thickening). Can’t wait to see you enjoy this <3.

        Carmelia said:
        September 9, 2016 at 12:26

        OMG thank you so very much!! You’re too much of an awesome person <3.
        IKR!? Not being able to get past Mizuchi was driving me crazy LOL.
        And woot that's great to hear, I was so so happy to see your hime-hen posts and to know that the game lives up to the series is a relief! Can't wait to go through the rest of your posts~.

    AbsoluteMeowster said:
    August 16, 2016 at 13:13


    Thank you so much for taking the time to write out the battles~ The scenes with the Brights are so adorable and sexy~ Also, Onosada, I see you eyeing Mikoto~ Impressed yet?

    Ahaha, can’t wait for your next post~

      Ilinox responded:
      August 18, 2016 at 21:57

      L O W B L O W. I was expecting a random cute scene when you win against him like what all the other men had… but no… they really went there. THEY REALLY WENT THERE.

      You’re very welcome and thank you so much for your support and sticking with me through this journey ;w;/ I really appreciated seeing your likes on the posts and just hearing your reactions to each of the characters too, ahaha.

      ONOSADA GIVES ME SO MANY MIXED FEELINGS. BECAUSE LIKE. UGH. HE LOOKED /GOOD/ IN THAT TRENCH COAT. SO GOOD. And his whole deal actually sounds kind of interesting because he’s a third party split from Goto and the Emperor. He just wants the moon LOL (but who are you sir because we already have 5 princes…).

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