Month: September 2016

Mystic Messenger

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Decided to write an introduction, some thoughts, and provide resources on the latest game that has consumed my life, and the lives of many others.

I’m just going to start by saying I love this game SO MUCH. It’s unique, clever, and the humor of the characters is so on point for me. I’m an internet child and so hearing their pop culture references, their slang, and the way they express themselves through their typing was just so funny and familiar. The overarching story of Mystic Messenger probably isn’t going to blow your mind but in my opinion its execution is where Cheritz deserves all the kudos. Even when you see tropes coming at you miles away, the characters and their stories pull you in and it’s just so much fun to chat with them and experience the story.

I felt like each of the characters had relatable struggles and they all learn a valuable life lesson, which I’m sure you could take away from this game. On another note, they’re all so positive and supportive which is a nice thing to experience from time to time (when the conflict is external rather than internal). Seriously, Mystic Messenger is just a great game that will hopefully make you laugh, cry, and love.

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