Kare to Soine de Shitai Koto Zenbu ~ Nagamine Tamaki ~

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Nagamine Tamaki (永峰 環)
CV: Nakazawa Masatomo (中澤 まさとも)

(I’ve decided on a new Valentines tradition. From now on, I’m going to translate my favorite drama CDs :’) especially now that I’ve finally listened to some fantastic ones that have planted themselves at the top of my list for GOLD STAR content. WARNING: This is R18 so proceed with caution.)

EDIT 2017/05/26: Added the animate and stellaworth tokutens. You’re welcome ;).

In the spirit of Valentine I will start with my favorite husband character ever. Literal husband character. It’s this guy voiced by the ridiculously talented Nakazawa Masatomo (pseudonym Manaka Sawa). I was going to crack a joke about how I definitely need to start this Valentine tradition with the seiyuu that constantly destroys me, but I’ve actually already done a Valentine post like this before for Kondou Isami from Wasurenagusa, oops. Anyway, let the kink shaming begin– LOL.

*** TRACK 1: I love everything about you ***

T: … ngh… when did I fall asleep? You’re done with your work call? Mm, then come over here. Closer. I’m finally holding you… mm… I was lonely. I was so lonely that I fell asleep though…

T: I actually meant to read a book while I waited but… haha… before I knew it I was dozing off. Hah, that’s right… this week was busy. *kisses* You were busy too. We haven’t been able to spend time together. Tomorrow’s a day off so it’s okay to stay up late tonight, right? Mm, the two of us will stay up late and sleep late in the morning.


T: C-Cold! Your feet are cold, huh. It’s fine to snuggle into me. Mm, I’ll warm you up. Hahah, c-cold! Give me your hands. Warm? You’re sensitive to the cold, huh. It’s going to get colder so you have to be careful.

T: Haa… our first winter is coming, huh. Mm, it’s the first winter since we got married. Do you like winter? Hm? Me…? Hmm… it was my favorite season when I was young. Doesn’t it feel like there’s less people around when it’s winter? Mm, it feels like there’s only a third of the population. I wonder if they’re just secretly hibernating. It’s quiet… when there’s no one around. That’s why I liked winter the most when I was young.


T: Now… hmm… whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter. I don’t prefer any season. When I’m with you, everything is special and becomes the best. Oh? Haha, that’s true. I’m not saying that anything is okay. I’m saying that everything is good. That’s… nice, right? Mm, everything is good.

T: How about you?… Oh?! This is the first time I’ve heard that! Why do you like that season?… Oh… oh… ooh… ahh… I see. That’s certainly true. And now? Do you like spring? Or summer? Fall? Winter? Or… me? Haha! The last was unnecessary, huh. Mm, I know. That you love everything about me.


T: Me too… I love everything about you. *kisses* I love your fingers. Hmm, it’s not about whether they’re slender or fat. They’re just kind of… cute, so I like them. Spread your fingers. Look, it’s smaller than mine. Hm, it’s because I’m taller so it’s natural but even so… it’s nice, isn’t it. Because I can do this… and wrap my hand around yours. Doing this gives me the illusion of feeling like I can protect you.


T: Is that so? Am I protecting you properly? As a husband? In that case, I’m glad.

T: Huh? What?… Haha… I see. You’ll protect me too. That’s promising. As I thought, my wife is the best. Mm… I love you. *kisses* I love everything about you. Haa… I’m wide awake. It doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to sleep soon.

T: You too? Hehe. We’re a like-minded married couple, huh. Then… let’s stay up a little more. *kisses* Staying up… what shall we do?… Haha, we might be thinking the same thing. Mhm, let’s do it. *kisses*

*** TRACK 2: Slowly and a lot ***

T: *kisses* It’s been a while since we’ve done such long kisses, huh… Because I knew you were busy so… if I kissed you like this then I’d want to do it. Mm, I wouldn’t have been able to hold back. *kisses* I want to always be placing you first in my thoughts. That’s why no matter how cute I think you are, or how much I love you, I won’t make you go along with me and have sex when you’re busy… In exchange, when the time is okay, I want to do a lot to make up for that time. *kisses*


T: Hey… can I get one from you? Mm, a kiss. *kisses* It feels good… *kisses*

T: Your hand… has gotten warm. *kisses* Not just your hand… your feet too… and your body… everything is hot. *kisses*


T: Hey… I want you to feel this slowly. Can you tell… that I’m tasting you? Mm… my tongue… take your time and feel it.

T: Me too… I’m feeling it too. Your soft breasts. When I feel them… my tongue feels like it’s electrified. Aha, I haven’t done anything to that side… but the tip is already hard.


T: You don’t like it if I just do this… right? If I don’t do this, you’ll feel unsatisfied, right?… Haha… cute…

T: *kisses* Is a finger okay?… mm… the inside is wet. Mm, here, right? I know… all the places that make you feel good. I plan to memorize them.


T: But… there’s more, huh. *kisses* I want to… taste you down there. Raise your body a little.

T: Haha… hey, you’re watching, aren’t you. Hm? Me.

T: I don’t dislike it. But… it’s a bit embarrassing, aha.


T: Can I be inside you?… It’s been a while so I wonder if it’ll be okay… mm, if it hurts, tell me.

T: It’s inside. *kisses* Cute… haha… you just noticed? Mm, I’ve been staring at my cute wife. Payback for that time back there. *kisses*

T: It feels good… *kisses* … when our bodies are right up against each other… it feels nice, doesn’t it.


T: You get aroused when I suck on your ear, huh. Haa… haa… hey, I’d like you to be on top. No? Haha, great!

T: Lower your hips slowly… Mm, I’ll support you so don’t worry. Nngh… haa… s-sorry… my voice just kind of came out. It looks like it’s all in… Can you move?


T: It’s good… you’re good at this…

T: If I suck your breasts, you can’t move? Haha, do your best.


T: It feels good… too good… to the point where I almost don’t know what to do… I see… you did your best to make me feel good?… My wife… is so cute.

T: Let me hold you like this. Mm, I’ll move so… feels good… let’s kiss.

T: It feels so good… I’m going to cum… Is it okay if I cum?


T: I’m… I’m… I’m cumming… it’s coming out…

T: Haa… it’s been so long that it felt more intense than usual, huh. That felt good. Sorry, I came a lot. Is your body okay? Aha, I’m glad. *kisses*


T: Here, you can put your head here. Haa… cute… That’s true, I’d like to shower before sleeping but… I also want to make out more with you. Face this way. Mm, I love you. *kisses*

*** TRACK 3: You’re mine ***

T: Haa… you’re still tired? Well, that’s right… Hm? Mm, I’m okay I think. If you wanted to do it one more time, I could. Haha, I know. Hm? Hey, face the other way.

T: Did you know you have a beauty mark here? Ah, no, not there! Here. It’s behind your ear so… guess you can’t see it yourself.


T: I wonder if there’s been no one who noticed this beauty mark until now. No one’s told you about it? Then, I’m the first. Heehee, it makes me kind of happy.

T: *kisses* Ahaha, sorry! Did I surprise you? Haha, that was proof that you’re mine. Haha, but I suppose I don’t need that. Even without doing that, you’re mine, right? That’s right, and I too only belong to you. I love you. You? Mm, thank you.


T: Hey, let me hold you from behind. Haa… mm… I like this position. It’s quiet, isn’t it. I can even hear your heartbeat. This is calming? Mm, me too…

T: I feel like I’ll fall asleep like this. Before we fall asleep, do you want a bath? Mm, that’s right. Let’s take one together. Then, here, hold onto me. Why, you ask… I’m going to carry you there. Eh? I can’t? Hmm, then take my hand. Let’s hold hands while we go there. I absolutely won’t give on this.

T: It’s not okay to just hold my hand. You have to lace our fingers properly. Haha, great! Let’s go!

*** TRACK 4: How many rabbits? ***

T: Haa… once you’ve taken a bath, it makes you feel wide awake, huh. Aha, well… maybe it wasn’t a good idea to make out a little but… I was in the bath with my beloved wife. In the light of the bathroom, you were carelessly sexy… and when you used the hot water… it was arousing to see your skin turn pink. That kind of thing makes me get in the mood. As a devoted husband.

T: Haha, I know. I’ll take responsibility and put you to sleep. Although I say that… what should I do? Should I count sheep? Sheep… what kind of animal were those…? The one that was in “Heidi, Girl of the Alps”? Ah, that was a goat? Oh, the fluffy ones! Mm… hm? I feel like something different came into my mind though.


T: Um, it’s white… fluffy… has a long neck… Ah, an alpaca! Aha, I was mistaken. Hm… it’s hard to imagine a sheep. Can I use alpacas instead? Then, it’s decided.

T: One alpaca… two alpacas… three alpacas… four– aha, why are you laughing? Hm, if you’re laughing then you won’t be able to sleep. Then, that’s no good. Hmm… then I’ll count what you like. What kind of animal do you like? Apart from me. Eh? Well, I also count as an animal, kind of. I know you like me the most so I’m asking for something other than that.


T: Mm, rabbits it is. Okay. Let’s see… one rabbit… two rabbit… three– hm? Hey, you can’t count rabbits like this, huh. Ah, now that you mention it, you can do that for sheep though. Well, let’s not worry about it. Okay, once more… Good night.


T: One rabbit… two rabbits… three rabbits… four rabbits… five– *kisses* rabbits… don’t worry about it, Mr. Rabbit just wanted to kiss you a bit… six rabbits… seven rabbits… eight rabbits… nine rabbits *kisses*… ten rabbits… sorry, Mr. Rabbit wanted to kiss you again– hm? You’re asleep. Cute! Aha, don’t do that, you’ll slip out of the blankets… There we go. *kisses* Good night.

*** TRACK 5: Sleeper’s breathing ***

Just a track of him breathing.

*** TRACK 6: After saying Good Morning ***

T: Hm… ah! Sorry, did I wake you? Good morning. It’s just past 5 in the morning. Sorry for waking you. Ah… haha… you have a pillow crease on your face. Oh?! Why are you hiding? It’s not weird, more like cute. I really do think it’s cute. Okay, I won’t talk about it anymore so face this way.


T: I see… your cute face now! A mark like this will disappear quickly. Mm, don’t worry. I just woke up too. I thought about sleeping again but was wide awake. Mm, I was reading a magazine. This is yours, right? Isn’t it unusual for you to buy this kind of magazine?

T: Mm, I get it. Sometimes there are things you want to look at. Hey, come here… Which do you like on this page? Oh, just like I thought. Mm, I thought you’d choose this. It’s very you. Eh? This? It looks like something I’d like? Hmm… I wonder… you’re half wrong and half right.


T: In the past, I might have chosen that but now I’d choose this one. The same as you. Ah! I’m not pretending! It’s kind of become like a habit. When I have to choose something I think about what you would do in this situation and then choose from that. Yep, so when I thought that you’d choose this one then I start to think this one is good too. Ah… does this make me a copycat?

T: Then I’m fine with being a copycat. This is also one way to show love. Hm? You can’t feel love from a copycat? Then… *kisses* how about this? *kisses* Can you… feel my love?


T: That’s good then. Hm, it’ll be some time until the sun rises. It’s still dim. But it looks like the weather is nice. What do you want to do today? Is there any place you want to go?

T: Me? Not particularly… I’d rather be at hom– or more like in our bed. And keep on flirting with you like this. Aha, you too? Haha, I’m happy. *kisses* Look this way. *kisses*


T: Ah, sorry, I’m pressing into you, huh. Mm, it’s because we’re kissing… and now I might be in that mood. Hey… can you touch me with your hand? Mm, do it.

T: Your hand… is gentle so… I might be feeling it more than I should… ah… it feels good but… it also feels a little bit like a tease.


T: Just being touched… feels like you’re teasing me… ah… Eh? Uh, I’m happy if you want to use your mouth but… is it okay? Then… please.

T: It feels good… you’re skilled at this… that’s right… when you purse your lips and suck… it feels good… maybe…


T: Sorry… if you go any further I’ll cum… let me do the next thing.

*** TRACK 7: Let’s sleep while I hold you ***

T: *kisses* Doing this in the morning… is nice, huh. *kisses* Mm, I like it. Maybe because we just woke up. So, we’re honest. Face the other way.

T: I want to… kiss your back… lots. *kisses* Aha, if you twist your body then I can’t kiss you. Hm? It tickles? *kisses* You’re not feeling ticklish… you’re feeling aroused, aren’t you?


T: Aha, you’re honest. Cute.

T: Haa… you’re wet. I’m happy you’re like this… from just kissing. Mm, you want more, right? I know.


T: Do you feel it more in the morning? It’s amazing… how you’re like this already. Such a cute voice. Hearing that in the morning might be a bit too stimulating.

T: Is it okay… like this?… Just a bit more… all of it is inside.


T: Feels good… *kisses* Can you turn to the side like that? It feels nice to be pressed up against your back… haa… this position… makes you squeeze me… if I’m not careful… I feel like I’ll cum.

T: Because, in addition to this, you made me feel good just a while ago… I feel like I’ll cum immediately…


T: Ah, you’re feeling good… I’m glad…

T: Still… for the very end… it’s better from the front, huh… Face this way… I’m putting it in… it’s inside.


T: The sun has risen… it’s gotten bright outside…

T: What’s wrong?… aha, you’re suddenly embarrassed?… Because it’s bright? I’m… happy… to be able to see your pleasured face… it makes me happy… because it’s really… cute. Huh? You’re about to cum? Aha, me too. Then… I’ll move faster.


T: You came?… Mm, because you just squeezed me… I just need a little more… I want to… press our bodies closer together…

T: I’m cumming… I’m cum… ming… I’m cumming…!


T: Wait… I’ll wipe it…

T: Ahaha, we did it in the morning… *kisses* I love you. I really really love you. What does my wife… think about me? Haha, I’m happy.


T: My love won’t stop. I’m in trouble. Are you tired? That’s right… me too… I’m a bit sleepy now. Then let’s go back to sleep? Let’s go back to sleep with me holding you like this. Nope, I won’t let you go. Because I’m already asleep. Mm, I’m already sleeping so I won’t let you go…


T: … I love you…

*** TRACK 8: The Devil King of Sleeping Again ***

T: … mm… ah, we really fell asleep. What time is it right now? It’s already just before noon? Ah, we really did oversleep. Good morning. Hm? W-What? Eh? Bed hair? Haha, you’re right. My hair looks weird now, huh. Ah, hey hey, look if my hair over here is sticking straight up too then don’t I look like a devil?


T: Ha ha ha ha ha! I am the emperor of devils, the Devil King! Where is my cute bride?… Hehe, I caught you… let’s stay like this the entire day, this is the Devil King’s orders.

T: Ah? Mm… it’s true I’m hungry… Okaay, I’ll stop this now so we can have breakfast. And thus the Devil King was destroyed by breakfast, and everyone lived happily ever after.


T: Hey, rather than breakfast it’s more like lunch, right? What’s it going to be? Haha, what I like, huh? Okay, I’ll help. Hey, let’s make the omelet sweet, okay? Mm, yay!

*** TRACK 9: My bride ***

T: Ah… now that I’m full I feel sleepy. How about you? You aren’t sleepy? Then it’ll be fine if you just let me sleep together with you. Come beside me.

T: Hehe, I’m happy. *yawns* I didn’t sleep a lot yesterday so… mm, your sleeping face was cute so I kept looking. It really was cute! And that you were sleeping beside me so peacefully… made me really happy.


T: Mm, it makes me remember our vows during the wedding ceremony. Yep, our vows that we said to the priest. Do you remember? In health and in sickness, in joy and in sadness, and for richer or poorer, I will love you, honor you, comfort you, and support you, for as long as I live. I swear to devote myself to you.


T: And I thought about how as long as I continue to uphold that vow, you’ll always be by my side, sleeping with a cute face. I’ll treasure you for my whole life. Mm, so don’t worry and stay beside me. I love you. *kisses*

T: Mm, I love you. *kisses* Haha, honestly my bride is too cute. *kisses* Hm, I want to kiss you more but… sorry… I feel sleepy. Let’s continue after I wake up, okay? Mhm, good night.

*** TRACK 10: Sleeper’s breathing (sly fox) ***

T: *breathing* Haha… I’m sleeping… haha…

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: I’ll shampoo you ***

T: I’M HOME!! Injury! Your injury!! Y-Y-You were injured!?… Uhmm… this is your injury? I see… a sprained finger… Haaa… I’m so glad. When I heard that you tripped and fell while coming home and got hurt I thought it was really serious.

T: You went to the hospital? No bones are broken?… Ah, I’m glad then. Will it swell? Did you get painkillers? Do we need a detailed examination? If you’re worried maybe we should get a second opinion– I know a few doctors so–…

T: Ah… okay… I’ll calm down… Can I sit beside you?


T: This is the first time one of us has gone to the hospital since we got married, huh… *sighs* I’m so glad it wasn’t serious. Next time be careful, okay? I don’t want you to get hurt or get sick. Mm… good girl.

*cute music plays*

T: Ah, the bath is ready. You can go first. Oh, I see, going in with your hand like this is difficult, huh. Ah, I know! I’ll help you. Mhm, I’ll shampoo you. Eh? You don’t have the right to refuse because you’re injured. At times like these you’re to listen to your husband.

T: Great! Stay here, I’ll grab your towel and pajamas. *hums*

*shampoo noise*

T: Customer, is there any place that itches? Hm, a woman’s hair really is softer than mine. If I’m not gentle, it feels like they’ll break.

T: We have to rinse this properly so that no foam is left, huh. *shower noises* Let’s see, next is treatment… This smells good! It smells like you. Mm, I love it.

T: Now, um… I should rinse it, right? Okay, I’m rinsing! Lightly? Got it. *shower noises*


T: Now then, next is your body, huh. That’s not good! I’ll do everything so don’t worry. Come on, if I don’t take the bath towel then I can’t wash you.

T: *shower noises* We’re a married couple so this kind of thing is normal.

T: I’ll wash your back, okay?… Cute, hehe… It feels like a woman’s back. Ahaha, I don’t know how to explain even if you ask what that means. Hmm, but it really is different from a man’s. And it’s your back so it’s especially cute to me.

T: There! Your back is done. Face this way.

T: Hehe. This is troubling. If you don’t move your hands then I can’t wash your breasts. Don’t make such an embarrassed face… it’s so cute… I won’t be able to control myself. *kisses*

T: … mm… I want to do it. Is your injury okay? I’ll make sure it doesn’t get any worse. First, let’s wash away the foam. *shower noises*


T: It should be good like this… *kisses*

T: Hehe, because you’re sitting on the stool it’s easy for me to taste you.

T: Here too… Maybe it’s because you showered but your breasts are more pink than usual. I also feel like you’re feeling it more than usual.

T: Here too… it’s wet… amazing… when I lick it like this… it gets even wetter… There’s so much flowing out… it’s OK… feel it more…


T: If I hear that kind of voice… I can’t hold back. *kisses* Can we do it here? Mm, I’ll do it slowly so there’s no stress on you. Just use your left hand and put it on the edge of the bathtub. Mm. Face your butt this way.

T: I’m putting it in… haa… ha… it’s in…

T: Our voices echo, huh… it’s really erotic…

T: Sometimes having sex in a different place is nice, isn’t it… though the fact that you’re injured bothers me…


T: If I touch this place at the same time it feels good, huh… Mm? Your breasts too? Greedy… Your voice is really loud. It feels that good?… Sure… I’ll go a bit harder. Cum like that…

T: Did you cum? Mm, your body squeezed me… That was cute. I’m in a bit of a… bad state. I’ll continue, okay?

T: Because you came once already… it’s so tight inside… I’m not gonna hold…


T: It feels good… I’m cumming… I’m cu… cumming…

T: That felt great… *kisses* Maybe I should bath together with you every day from now on. Because you’re so cute in the bathroom… our voices echo and it’s erotic… your skin is so sexily pink… mhm, it’s really nice…

T: Aha! That’s true, if we do this every day then at one point we’ll get dizzy. Let’s rinse off in the shower again, so stand up? I’ll towel your body and help you get into your pajamas. Mm, I’ll do everything. At times like this, let your husband spoil you. *kisses*

[16:50] *blow-drying hair*

T: There! It’s dry. Does your injury hurt? I’m sorry… at first, I really did just want to shampoo you… I’m glad. Well, now that we’ve used the bath… let’s make out on the bed this time. Great, it’s decided!

T: I’m carrying an injured person. I’ll carry you to the bed. It’s fine, let your husband spoil you today. Now, let’s go.

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN:  Is the stew cooked? ***

T: Hehe… hehehe… hehe… Ah, don’t mind me! I’m just standing here grinning while watching you. Hm, aren’t I free to grin whenever I want? It’s a husband’s privilege to grin while looking at his wife. Because I find you cute standing in the kitchen.

T: We’ve been together since we were in school but, at that time, I wouldn’t have been able to imagine you in the kitchen. Well then, wife, what’s the menu for today? Mm, stew? That’s nice. I’m looking forward to it.

*boiling stew*

T: Hey… about that… am I really not allowed to stare at you? Come here for a sec. Let’s make out. Ehh… it’s just for a bit… No? Hmm… okay. Ah, I know! If I come into the kitchen then there’s no problem.

T: It smells nice. My wife is so good at cooking. Ah! This pot was given to us at our wedding celebration! It’s just right for making stew, huh. Oh, this apron is cute! It really suits you. You look cute from the back too.

T: Hmm… *kisses* aha, sorry. You were so cute I just… Hey, this stew won’t be done anytime soon, right? In that case, can I just do a little bit…? *kisses* Hm? No? But… the sight of you standing in the kitchen… is so cute I can’t control myself.


T: I won’t take any clothes off. I’m just going to roll some things up. Because I can slip my hand into the gap of the apron. How indecent, huh… If I roll up your shirt… I can even taste you.

T: Heh, you don’t want me to just focus on this place? Then let’s do the other side, right? This sight… is really bad… you look so sexy.

T: Stay in this position… Your underwear is wet already… Ahah, I just pulled your underwear to the side to lick you.

T: Amazing… it’s overflowing… tasting you in a place like this… are you aroused? Let’s stop the fire. It’s dangerous… and I don’t feel like stopping anymore.


T: Can I put it in you like this?… Nope… I won’t wait until we get to the bed. Look this way. Mm, lean against the wall… Hehe, I can finally kiss you.

T: I’m going to take off your underwear… I’m putting it in…

T: Haha… doing this while still wearing clothes… it’s so indecent… so lewd…

T: Put your arms around my neck. Yes, like this I can lift up your leg… it’s so deep… amazing… you’re squeezing me inside…


T: It’s good… feels so good…

T: Ahaha! What a loud voice… when I push in deeply like this… it feels good, huh…

T: I’m more excited than usual too… because in a place like this… right here… we’re having sex… You’re about to cum?… Me too… then let’s cum together… mm, got it…

T: It feels so… amazingly good… I can’t hold on anymore! I’m cumming… I’m cumming…


T: Ah… I’m sorry… does your back hurt? You’re okay? I’m glad… I’m really sorry… I wasn’t intending to do this kind of thing here. Um… you were just so cute in your apron. You aren’t angry? I’m glad. Mm, let’s continue in bed.

T: Ehh? But just doing it once isn’t enough. Please? Let me have seconds?… Okay… I’ll be patient. I love you. Hehe.

*stew boiling*

T: Um… wife? Is there something… I can help with? There’s nothing… I see… Um, wife? I’m a bit lonely waiting by myself… can’t I go over there? I can’t… I see… Mm, I know. I just have to wait quietly until the stew is done, right? Mm, I am waiting but… ah.

T: Wife, wife! Can’t we buy this?! A state-of-the-art pot! With this, all the annoying food preparations won’t be needed! Food like stew can also be done immediately and then your husband, who easily gets lonely, won’t need to wait! He won’t need to wait!… He won’t need to wait…

T: Ehh… let’s buy it! I’m about to get my bonus soon… Fine. I’m going to buy it and then give it to you as a present. Hehe, and then… we’ll have more time for the two of us to make out. Hehe, I’m looking forward to it. Now, which pressure cooker should I get…


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    hah that one series that introduced me to a whole lot of seiyuus! I went from “zero known seiyuus” to “currently rotting at the bottom hell of this fandom” lol. Sawa’s really made an impression on me with this volume. especially that tokuten.

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      Apricot label is an amazing company. I’ve liked around 90% of their works :’D and the only CDs I don’t like are just the chara types I don’t really prefer, like the kouhai or wanko type. The drama CD fandom never ends… *stares off into the distance*.

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    Guest said:
    September 28, 2017 at 14:52

    He is seriously the sweetest I’ve ever encountered… (I wish he was real >.< )

      Ilinox responded:
      September 29, 2017 at 16:02

      SAMEEE!! Also, there’s a sequel to this :’D for more sweet (and x-rated) shenanigans. I was planning on translating it but I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it ;;;;;; at this point it might be next valentine’s but, yeah, there’s more Tamaki to be had!

        Guest said:
        January 27, 2018 at 19:02

        Waah you replied! Sequel!!!!! O-O really? Well V-day is around the corner…so I will look for the sequel!!! This boy though, he’s so so sweet T-T <3

        Guest said:
        January 27, 2018 at 19:05

        Also, thank you so much for the hard work that you do <3 This translation was brilliant and so lovely to read along while listening <3
        And for SNB — you got me into it especially Nobu-sama!!

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