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I’ve been playing this game for the better part of 2 months and ended up really enjoying it so I figured, eh, why not write a post? I’ll be doing a short introduction post about the game and its elements, and then two more posts summarizing the two routes and my experiences going through them. Also, I haven’t found many reviews on this game except for the amazing Bunny, who did an in-depth review on the game play, extras, and Haruto’s route, so please check out Bunny’s blog HERE too!

Official Site: Toraware no Palm (I’ve been seeing this translated as “Captive Palm” or “Imprisoned Palm”).
Illustrator: Mita Chisato
For iOS and Android ¥360 for Prologue and Episode 1
¥360 for one Episode
¥1400 for Episode 2 ~ 6 (there’s only 6)

First, about the game and then the game play aspects.


I have no idea whether Capcom is planning on releasing more characters but for now their mobile game involves two characters who have amnesia. The heroine (you) becomes involved in some way and ends up having to help them regain their memories through interacting with them at the place that they’re being held. Each character has their own story and setting, so there’s not much more to say that will apply to the both of them. Anyway, Toraware no Palm is a game that gives you a lot of conversational options to choose your own answer, and so they encourage you to be true to yourself. The men will remember what you say to them and it will influence the ending as well (there are 3 each).


From left to right: Settings, Gallery, Shop, Message, Outing, Observation, Dream App, Interview, and Rest

The game will let you know if there are any points of interest with an exclamation mark on any of these icons (mostly messaging, outing, or observation). Main story progression events have double exclamation marks!!

Settings: You can adjust music, SE (sfx), and voice volume. Pretty standard stuff. You can also turn on auto-mode (which will scroll through the text at a set speed without you doing anything) or skip text.

Gallery: This holds all the interviews you’ve been through, stills (the CGs), items (brief descriptions of anything you’ve picked up), and telephone events. It’s closely linked to the shop so I’ll talk more about that in a section below. But basically this allows you to replay or look at anything.

Shop: This is where you can buy extended interviews, memorial interviews, special interviews, accessories, and telephone events (more on this below).

Message: This is where you can send texts to the guys! Topics will come up during your outings and you can talk to them about a variety of things; sometimes it’s very short and other times it’s long. Almost all of them give you choices on how to respond.

Outing: This is where you can explore different locations at the place you end up! Every location has a bunch of topics you can pick up to talk to the guys with. The game splits your day up into 3 sections, morning; noon; and night, and you can only go out during the morning and noon.

Observation: This is the option that probably makes most people raise their eyes (I know I was hesitant to start this game because of this LOL). You can look into the room where the guy is staying and just watch him do things. Sometimes they’ll mention something to themselves that you can bring up as a topic later (subtly since you can’t let them know you’re watching them); or they’ll interact with items you give them and it can lead to a topic or a quest.

Quests: Sometimes when you talk or give the guys an item it will lead to a chain of events that are known as “quests” (or observation quests). Quests are clearly marked as either topics in the messaging function or things to look at in the observation system. Upon completion of an entire quest chain, you get a CG!

Naturally, the guys do different things during different times of the day and will comment on different things (ie. the weather in the morning, wondering what you’re doing at noon, etc). So, checking in occasionally at all times to see what they’re doing will give you more topics to talk about! To be honest, I didn’t stalk them much at all and only ever used this to see when they would respond to my texts. I also got all the quest CGs so you don’t have to feel obligated to watch the guy 24/7.

Dream App: This is a mini-game where you have to wake the guy up gently… by tapping on places that make him feel good :’) YES, I KNOW, AWKWARD. It’s not at all important to the game other than giving you funny items like underwear to give them that they’ll wear after their showers (I’m sorry, I’m just making this sound even more weird, aren’t I). There’s one stage per episode and each stage has 3 levels. The entire mini-game gets progressively harder as you go through the episodes.

If you complete this mini-game successfully, the guy will wake up and say something generically sweet like “waking up to see you is like a dream”, etc. A lot of phrases are repeated throughout the stages except for the last one – stage 6, level 3 – which gives you a longer and unique speech as a reward for beating the entire Dream App. I tested it with different accessories and while the generic lines change, the ending still stays the same so unfortunately there’s no unique speech for each accessory.

Interview: THE BULK OF THE GAME! This is the entire concept of the game that Capcom is going for, where you get to talk to the guy face-to-face through the glass. All these scenes are fully voiced and progress the main story. I’m pretty sure its your answers here that affect the ending the most too. Anyway, when you’re talking the guy sometimes there are options to interact with him through the glass and you can either tap the glass or stay still as a response. There are moments where you have to press and hold on the screen too, to simulate placing your hand on the glass (or even forehead LOL).

For the majority of the time the interview option is grey-ed out because it only activates when the next main story event triggers. Usually it’s the guys who send a request through text to want to meet to talk about things. You can choose to do the interview whenever and it’ll automatically take you to the next day (it takes up a morning action). Each episode is made out of 4 interviews, so once you’ve reached the fourth you know you’re about to head into the next episode.

Rest: You can actually go to sleep whenever LOL and it just turns the time to the next day in the morning. But this action also allows you to give items to the guys, but ONLY at night.


From top to bottom: Episode, Interview, Accessory, Telephone Event

Okay, so the shop is where all the in-game purchases happen and how they make money on top of the episodes and app. (Putting aside all their goodies like the pillows, perfume, necklaces, cards, and soundtrack–).

Episode: Pretty self-explanatory. There are 6 episodes for each guy and you can purchase them here separately or all in one go.

Interview: So, while the main story event interviews happen automatically if you have the episode bought, there’s a second part for them all (except the fourth interview). Most of them are cute additions for ¥120 but some of them I do feel adds heavily to the story. In addition to these “extended” interviews there’s also two more things:

Memorial: These are extra interviews that unlock whenever you complete an observation quest. Most of them are cute scenes and actually there’s an icon that lets you know if it’s a “funny” or “pure” scene.

Special: These are really extra interviews with no relation to the game really and it’s just to spend more time with the guy. Sometimes there are different scenario things too.

By the way, there is always a title and short description of anything you can purchase so you can have a good idea of what to expect when you buy an event.

Accessory: These are items you can have the characters wear but it’s only used for the Dream App (mentioned above). Basically, as you try to wake the guy up and tap at him he says generic things like “Mm, a little more” or something. But the items change his personality and will make him say different things. For example, glasses will turn Haruto into a narcissistic person who will now say “Do you think I’ll be satisfied by that?”. It also changes the lines they say when you successfully wake them up.

Telephone Event: Literally just telephone calls between the guy and you; and, like the interviews, these come with titles and short descriptions. The calls are pretty sweet and medium-length. Probably something to consider depending on how much you like the guy though.

9 thoughts on “Toraware no Palm

    Jo said:
    December 4, 2017 at 04:38

    How did you download this game? It’s not available in my country and I have an android, so I think it can make downloading a paid app much more difficult… >< reading your summaries have sparked my interest in this game so much, so thank you for that! ^^

      Ilinox responded:
      December 4, 2017 at 17:01

      IIRC it’s only available in Japan :(( for Apple I know you can easily make a Japanese iTunes account and then make purchases that way but I’m not too sure about android. I think you might need to use a VPN to make a JP Google Play account? A friend used something called “Surfeasy” to do that but hsshsghf I’m not too clear on this since I don’t have an android.

    kukkiriri said:
    April 14, 2017 at 22:11

    I… should be saying something appropriate about being interested… but strangely, the only thought that comes to mind is: does this artist draw BL? /cough >_>

      Ilinox responded:
      April 15, 2017 at 01:50

      LOL. I’m not familiar with any BL artists (or artists in general, oops, because I’m pants at following them) but the artist’s name is Mita Chisato! Her art is so gorgeous I wouldn’t be surprised if she did, haha, and BL does seem to lean towards more realism style.

      But yeah it’s a pretty interesting game and I like that Capcom wasn’t afraid of trying something new even if I was raising my eyebrow at it for like 5ever until I finally got around to playing it myself.

        kukkiriri said:
        April 15, 2017 at 15:25

        Hmm, going through her Twitter, no, it doesn’t seem like she draws any BL. :O But then again, I didn’t look very hard. Her style certainly does remind me of manga artists like Ima Ichiko (if Ima Ichiko ever painted with oils, I mean). :D I do say I appreciate how her experience in working with Capcom has given her such a superb understanding of the human body. Pervert that I am, I ogled their bodies first, and then noticed their faces as an afterthought. ;D

    1_chan said:
    April 14, 2017 at 16:48

    Ah, this actually sounds like quite the must play :000 though that one part does actually sound quite odd lol

      Ilinox responded:
      April 15, 2017 at 01:52

      It was a good game!! Of course, judgement is still pending depending on how I feel coming out of Aoi’s route but so far, even with Haruto not being my type, I’m pretty impressed by this game.

      I’m still very shy about using the observation mode T_T I just… try not to look at him at all other than to pick up the things that are important and to know when he’s replying to my text so I’m not just staring blankly at my “unread” messages. It’s nice that he really quickly settles into patterns or repeats things so then I don’t feel like I’m missing as much :’D (though I also don’t have the patience to see him go through an entire routine in one of the time slots, oops).

        1_chan said:
        April 15, 2017 at 09:38

        Hm sounds like it’s based on real time. from what you’ve discussed so far, it seems very impressive yes xD

        Ilinox responded:
        April 15, 2017 at 11:48

        Hm, you could say it’s partially real-time. Like if he’s in the middle of reading a book then he won’t respond, but after a few seconds he’ll place the book away and then pull out his phone to respond |D. But other than that, you can power through “days” by exploring and sleeping and spamming him with texts without having to really wait for anything (unlike Mystic Messenger which was truly based on real time).

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