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Re-o-do (レオード)
CV: Masuda Toshiki (増田 俊樹)

(I’m doing this series to keep things fresh >< I promise I’m still working on LN translations in-between these. Anyway, I have three best boys in this series that I wanted to share with everyone but to fully appreciate them… you have to experience the rest of the guys LOL which is why I’ve picked this series up. Also, dammit, Rejet released a 3rd season of these boys!)

Story premise is that these 6 boys have bands that are managed by Climax Records and though they have talent they have… their own problems. One day, the music executive (or executive producer) tells the boys that this is their last song. And so they’re all betting their survival on these last songs. Can you, as their girlfriend, support them? (Each boy has a different girlfriend).

First man up is Re-o-do. His band is Lumiere. Look at that cute cat logo!! Anyway, here are the song lyrics and the MV that Rejet made for him (which has previews of both songs). Also, here is my confession about how weak I am at song translations, especially Rejet lyrics LOL.

Notes: He calls his fans “minettes” which is French for “kittens”.


Love me, just for a moment
Vanish into this unbearable love

噛みちぎってた ボタンを凝視(み)つめ
Staring (looking) at the button I bit off
I hate the humidity at night
White literacy is too difficult
I’ve dried up my throat

求め合う理由なら この「疵痕」だろ?
The reason to desire each other is this “scar” right?

オマエだけに狂えば 痛み消えて
If I go crazy just for you, this pain disappears
Right now, this secret sin stuck in the moon
口に注げば 酔い痴れてた——
if I pour it into my mouth, I’ll get drunk–
街に咲く ヒヤシンスを摘むのさ
I’m plucking hyacinths blooming in the city

叶わぬ願い 時が進めば、色褪せて
An ungrantable wish / If time advances, colors fade
Does anyone want this?

存在証明は絶対的 母の胎内(なか)に忘れて
Proof of existence is absolute, forget it inside your mother(‘s womb)
煩雑現象は相対的 父の所為(せい)にしているんだ
This complicated phenomena is relative, done by your father’s cause

溢れ落ちていく、涙の中 燃える
Inside the tears that are overflowing, it burns

その手、掴み 走り出したとしても
Even if I grip that hand and begin to run
今 息継ぎできずに卒倒(たお)れこむのか?
Right now, won’t I be unable to catch my breath and faint (collapse)?
迷う暇などないと言うなら Won’t you call my name
If you say there’s no time to hesitate, won’t you call my name

閉じても、消えない 匂いのJail
Even if it’s closed, the jail of smell won’t disappear
背中に背負う 羽根は オマエの為
These feathers I’m carrying on my back are for you
ヒトツに なればいい
If only we could become one

オマエだけを愛せば 痛み消えて
If I love only you, this pain disappears
Right now, this secret sin stuck in the moon
口に注げば 酔い痴れてた——……
if I pour it into my mouth, I’ll get drunk–……
街に咲く ヒヤシンスを摘んで
Plucking hyacinths blooming in the city
その先へ 迷い込んで Keep it real with yourself
Losing my way ahead, keep it real with yourself

Dear Innocence
Dear Innocence

In that rusted setting sun
耳、塞ぎ 泣いていた
I blocked my ears and cried,
just lamenting my frustration,
Looking back it was just impulses

Because at the end of the world line, you aren’t there
Innocence treading on shadows

押し殺した想いで、羽ばたけ(Fuu ooh ooh)
With feelings that are crushed to death, I flap my wings (Fuu ooh ooh)
with an undefined heat right now (at any time)
to a place where excessive feelings go
The sin committed is light–……

In the depths of that body,
smoldering with dreams every day,
widen the angle of view
and overlap trembling hands

乱調でもいいよ 綻びを掲げ
It’s okay to be confused, if the night can’t be torn up
and opened, then all the more, right?

剥き出した幾千の光で(Fuu ooh ooh)
Under thousands of bared lights (Fuu ooh ooh)
there are only things that are unsettled (chasing me)
Cancel the noise that passes by
Let’s go at the pace between the two of us–……

Overflowing without interruption
Filling up any gaps, I share my sound with you
奥に潜む 不可思議なら
If it’s a mystery hidden deep inside
Oh Dear Innocence
Oh Dear Innocence

With feelings that are crushed to death, I flap my wings
with an undefined heat right now (at any time)
to a place where excessive feelings go

The sin committed
is light–……

*** TRACK 3: Charisma’s Real Face ***

Re-o-do: Merci, minettes. We’ll meet again at the next live!


R: That’s why I asked you guys to check it properly! So what the hell was that?! When I sang that song so well too… it’s a kill-joy to have sound issues in the middle of that! If you staff don’t want to be in the same agency as us then… everyone should just quit right now. I don’t want to hear your EXCUSES! *kicks something over* There won’t be a next time.

R: Che! Huh? Ah, what, so this is where you were? I couldn’t see you halfway through the live so I wondered what happened… Come with me.

R: Hey! Once I’ve calmed down I’ll contact you guys. Until then, no one is to come near my dressing room. Understand?

[01:30] *dressing room; he locks the door*

R: Haa… I’m so tired… Mm? It’s fine, isn’t it? We’re finally alone together. Let me hug you like this for a while… Mmm… I wanted to see you. Though I saw you right before the curtains rose, haha. Hm? No, it’s nothing… is what I want to say but you must have heard, huh. Me snapping at the staff just before.

R: I thought so. Hey… did you watch until the end of the encore today? I sang an acappella there, right? That was actually different from what was planned. There was trouble with the equipment. It was the staff’s fault. Geez… those guys are too senseless. Even though it was my best song. And that’s why I’m so angry.

R: But when I look at your face I couldn’t care less. It’s over now anyway. So I can’t muster up any will. Haa… ngh… gh? Hey! Stop struggling! What? Is it painful? But too bad, I’m not letting you go. If you’re still going to struggle then… *blows air*

R: Haha! You’re really weak to that, aren’t you. Right here. *blows air* Before you can’t stand… should we sit? Come over here. Come on!

[03:35] *sits down*

R: Ha?! Not over there, right? Your home is… on top of my lap, here. Heh, when will you get that? Nope, I’m not accepting any complaints, actually I’m not listening. More importantly… hey hey, can you give me a reward? Yes, I worked super hard during the live, so it’s fine, right? I didn’t lose to the equipment trouble either. So… cuddle up to me tightly.

R: Noope, not like this… I told you to cuddle up much closer. Put your arms around me. Come on. Hurry. Mm… not bad. You can do it when you put your mind to it. Now, let’s see what I should ask for next…

R: How about… hmm… Don’t say “Eh?!”! Normally, at this point you should know, right? How much are you trying to tease me?… Hurry. Mm… nope, right now. You don’t want to? Mm, then do it. Come on. Mmm… *you kiss him* Mm, thank you.

R: And? Now you? I’m saying that I’m going to return it. Do you want it? But, well, you’re saying you don’t want one so… hmm…

[05:55] *door knock*

R: Ah?! What do you want! Didn’t I say no one should come near the dressing room!?… Apologizing isn’t going to fix today’s live. I’ll deal with you guys later.

*footsteps move away*

R: Did they leave? They left, didn’t they. Haa… that shocked me. I thought they heard me being sweet on you. Haha, that’s because… I’m sort of a pro vocalist, right? I have an image and I’ve decided to show this side to you only, so.

R: Ahh… just when I finally forgot about it the staff interrupted and my irritation came back. Looks like we’ll have to do everything again from the start. I’m saying you have to give me another reward again. First is…? What’re you supposed to do? Do you remember?… Eh? You forgot? You’re so hopeless.

R: First, you get on my lap… Come on, next is your arms around me. Press up against me. Mm, yep yep. And then? Last is?… Yes… mm… *kisses* Nice. Now then… give me more please.

R: Crap… my reason is flying away. I’m more wound up than I was during the live. Sorry… I might not be able to be gentle today. Is that still… okay? *kisses*

*** TRACK 4: I Want to Eat You Right Now ***

R: That’s enough! How many times do I have to say it!? Trying to gloss things over with this halfhearted arrange… that won’t work with Lumiere’s fans! Minettes aren’t such poor listeners! Hah! You’re going to talk back with that attitude? I’m just going to say… Lumiere doesn’t need someone who isn’t motivated!

R: This low quality… definitely won’t win against Ciel. I’ve told you before, haven’t I? Those Fledermaus guys are recording tomorrow! Haa… I’m taking a break. Because there’s no point in going on like this.

*exits recording room*

R: Haa… SHIT!! Huh? Why are you… I thought you weren’t coming today? *bag wrinkling*


R: Oh, I see… then you could have told me earlier. Ah… you’re carrying a lot of things. What’s with that paper bag? Hah?! Refreshments? Seriously!? Hey, is this… something you made?

R: … Really!? I’m eating it right now! I just so happen to be on a break. Ha? What’re you saying? Give me that. The others don’t need any. I’ll eat everything. That’s fine, right? I’m hungry. Come on, let’s go to the waiting room.

*waiting room*

R: Sorry for the mess. Wait a moment and I’ll–… is what I thought but before that… Come over here. I didn’t think I’d get to see you today so I’m really happy you came. *kisses* Thank you.

R: Hey, can I open this? I’m guessing… a cake is inside, right? No? Yay, I’m right! See, I just had a thought it’d be something like a cake. Hehe, you know exactly what I’ve been thinking about wanting to eat. As expected.

R: Oh! Damn, this cake even has strawberries! I don’t need a plate, I’ll eat it like this. Actually, feed me. It’ll definitely be more tasty like that. It’s fine, isn’t it? Ah, first is the strawberry, right? Aahn… mm… delicious! Mm! Ah, wait! There’s cream on your fingers. It’s a waste so… *licks* mm… it’s sweet and what I love to taste.

R: Next… can I have some cream?… Mm, just like I thought, it’s the best. I’ll give you some too. Here, go “ah~n”. Come on, hurry and open your mouth. Aahhn… don’t you think it tastes better when it’s fed to you?

R: Haha, what’s with that face. Are you embarrassed? By this? Hmm… even though we did so much last night? Haha! You’re red. Cute.


R: Hey, I’ve been thinking this from the start but… you smell really nice today. Did you put something on? Oh, you dressed up to come here… hm. Hey, is it because you were meeting me? Haha, if you say that then I’ll want to eat something else instead of the cake. I love strawberry cakes but… I also love you. I really love you.

R: You’re sweet… this’ll become a habit. *kisses* Ah… I feel like I won’t be able to stop. Mm… Eh? Recording? Oh yeah, what time is it? Ah… it’s already this late? Haa… why does time go by so fast when I’m with you? Haa… it’ll be bad if I don’t return soon, huh. I need to lower my singing or else it might not resonate in the mastering.

R: … Actually, I got into an argument with a member just now. I got pissed and said too much so… it’ll be really awkward returning, huh.

R: Aha, the moment I was gone… everyone sighed in relief. All I do is find faults. But it can’t be helped… I don’t want to make any songs except the ones I want to make. I don’t want to sing about things I don’t agree with. In exchange, I’m confident that I can bring out the best sound.

R: Well, that’s true. I should be saying this to the members, not you. Haa… guess I have to return.


R: Sorry, can I eat the rest of the cake after the recording? I’ll eat it all when I come back. Hey… you’re staying, right? Ah, wait, no! Don’t go home. Stay here until I’m done. Or… do you have other plans? In that case… don’t go back.

R: Anyway… I’ll definitely get the okay for my song. So… once I come back, let’s continue from where we left off. Also while eating the rest of the cake… okay?… Hey. Your answer? Mm, then I’ll work super hard.

R: Hey… once I’m done for the day… let’s spend some time here before going home… Though what’ll happen is that I’ll be singing an intense song so I’ll probably be pumped. I think it’ll be impossible for me to wait until we’re home… Prepare yourself. *kisses*

R: Then, I’ll see you later. *exits the room*

*** TRACK 5: In a Special Night… ***

*phone rings*

R: Hello? From that voice… were you sleeping? Ah, good. Then, can you come out for a bit? I have something to show you. Really? Then I’ll come pick you up right now. Wait 30 minutes. Get ready to go out. *hangs up*

*car drive; you two get out*

R: Over here! Yep, it’s the venue for tomorrow’s live. Didn’t you say you haven’t come here before? Right? Even in Lumiere’s history it’s our biggest venue. It’s my first time doing a live in such a large place… I’m so excited.

R: We rehearsed a bit before, but I wanted you to see this venue as soon as possible. Actually, after things were set up the staff lent me this. Yep, a card key. I borrowed it saying I wanted to get here early tomorrow and check things. But let’s go inside for a bit.

R: It’s fine, it’s fine. Let’s keep it a secret from everyone.

*swipes card key; you two enter*

R: Uwah, it’s dark. Lights are… actually, turning it on would be bad, huh. How about a smartphone light. There we go. Watch your feet. There’s some gaps here and there.

R: Ah, watch out! Geez, are you okay? Honestly… you’re hopeless without me. Here, give me your hand. Or do you want me to carry you? Haha, okay okay. Then give me your hand. Now that we’re set… I want to hurry and show you the stage.


R: And this is the stage. During the performance I’d actually be coming from the other side… Well? Actually, you haven’t really been on the stage looking at the audience side of things before, huh? Right. Plus there’s no one here right now so it feels even larger, right?

R: It sounds like all the tickets were sold out so tomorrow night all the seats here will be filled with minettes. Just imagining it makes me feel great.

R: Ah, I’m super happy. But it might be a bit early to be happy. I have to let all the minettes at the live tomorrow hear the best song. And then next time… I want to do it at a bigger place!

R: Ehehe, thank you. Hey… no matter how big the place is or how large the audience is… I’m confident I can find you in one try. To me you’re just that important. Did you know that?

R: Ah, geez, it’s completely become a habit. The moment before I get on stage… I look for you unconsciously. But you know… thanks to that I’m always singing my best song. When I think about how the person I love is listening to it…  I do my best.

R: Haha! You’re making that face again. Is it okay? At this rate… I’m going to make a move on you. Haha! You don’t have to be so flustered. You get serious so quickly. Though you’re cute like that.

R: Hey… tomorrow I–… ah!? Someone’s… coming? Is it security? You don’t have to be so scared. Because I’m an authorized person. But then again… there’d be trouble if we were found. I’ll turn off the light just in case. Uwah, it’s dark.


R: At any rate… let’s hide in the shadows behind those large equipment… It’s small so come closer. You’re not hidden at all. C’mon, closer. Haa… I can finally see your face. Even if it’s dark, when we’re this close… *kisses* I can kiss you.

R: Shh… be quiet. Or we’ll be noticed. Hm… it looks like they’re coming this way. Hey… are you nervous? Hah, I thought so. Because we’re right up against each other I can really feel your heart racing.

R: Hey hey… should I make your heart pound more? For example… *blows air* Shhh!! They’ll notice us! Hm? Are you saying it’s my fault? If you’re going to say that then… I’ll just tease you more. *mouths your ear*

R: Hey, don’t do that. Be quiet. *kisses* Hah… it looks like they left. Ha? What, are you angry? Because I kissed you suddenly? Okay okay, I’m sorry. I was just blowing off some tension before the live. But… it wasn’t just because of that. How should I say this… it’s your fault?


R: I’m saying you’re at fault for being so cute. Now then… it looks like the security went somewhere, so now I can really put moves on you, right? Let’s do a lot here. *kisses*

R: Ah, feels good… my mood is really rising… I feel like I can do tomorrow’s live well too.

R: Tomorrow… I’m going to sing for you so… I’ll definitely find you from on top of this stage. I’ll let you hear the best song. You have to listen to the end. Okay? Mm, it’s a promise. *kisses*

R: I have to get in early tomorrow but I don’t want to go back yet. What to do… ah!… Hey… can I stay over at your place tonight? Heh, yay! Then let’s head back to there! C’mon, let’s go.

7 thoughts on “Dear Vocalist ~ Re-o-do ~

    Para Husbando – Lullaby207 said:
    December 14, 2019 at 11:36

    […] Kalo soal sweet Reo juaranya. Love him so much. The best guy for me >w<). Disetiap ceritanya dia tangguh didepan orang lain. Tapi kalau didepan pacarnya langsung lembut kayak kucing. Kalau kalian pingin cowok serius, lembut, manja, bikin kalian luluh, Reo pas banget. Kalian bisa klik gambarnya buat dianter ke sample voicenya *coba no.6*. Dan dearvo ini bukan game tapi situation drama cd dan udah sampe season 5. Kalau kalian mau tau full storynya (s1) bisa ke link ini *bahasa inggris: […]

    Karin said:
    October 20, 2018 at 09:08

    why the track i hear didn’t match your translation :( the song too, the tittle of each track is different. but i’m sure the tittle is dear vocalist re-o-do tho..

      Karin said:
      October 20, 2018 at 09:13

      never mind hehe. turn out there are two different kind, thanks for the translation btw, it helps a lot ^^

        Ilinox responded:
        October 20, 2018 at 09:20

        Haha, I’m glad you figured it out. There’s actually 4 seasons for this series and it goes: Dear Vocalist RIOT, Dear Vocalist WIRED, then Dear Vocalist XTREME.

    1_chan said:
    April 29, 2017 at 20:43

    AH! I fxcking love rejet songs! I’m grateful for your translations xD

      Ilinox responded:
      May 8, 2017 at 11:28

      Me too though they’re SUCH a pain to translate. Please, Iwasaki, calm down with all the double entendres and things!! You’re welcome and hopefully I’ll get the next one out soon between LN translations (。・ω・。)!

        1_chan said:
        May 8, 2017 at 23:17

        Wha thanks so much xD

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