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Momochi (モモチ)
CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki (豊永 利行)

(LEGITIMATELY THE SCARIEST GUY IN DEAR VOCALIST AND I AM SORRY FOR PUTTING YOU GUYS THROUGH THIS DEMON. Toyonaga has a fantastic singing voice though… and please just bear with me and the best husband Ciel will be coming up after one more volume!!)

Story premise is that these 6 boys have bands that are managed by Climax Records and though they have talent they have… their own problems. One day, the music executive (or executive producer) tells the boys that this is their last song. And so they’re all betting their survival on these last songs. Can you, as their girlfriend, support them? (Each boy has a different girlfriend).

Second man up is Momochi. His band is Veronica. Once again, I’m going to show the MV that Rejet made (has previews of both songs) and then the song lyrics and then track translation. Honestly though what is UP with his song lyrics >< he uses old-fashioned kanji and I’m dying (LIKE WTF IS ヰ AND WHO USES IT TO REPRESENT い ARGH). Admittedly it fits the theme and arrangement of the song though.

Notes: In “Song of Bubbles” there’s a line where he sings “kagome no saga” and the word “kagome” is loaded with meaning. This touches briefly on it HERE kind of like a ring-around-the-rosie or hide-and-seek game and, according to Japanese articles I’m reading, it basically implies a lost girl. Deep. Also, this song is sung in the perspective of a female prostitute in the red-light district.

Song of Bubbles

泡沫では 隠し切れぬ物
Fleeting bubbles can’t be hidden
焦がれた 遠き、春
Yearning for that far away spring
籠女の性(さが) 赦して下さヰ
Please forgive the gender (nature) of this lost girl
This fallen bloomed flower

In the moment of sex
the breath of both people tinges pink
湯船で揺れてる愛が 赫く染まれば
If the flickering love is stained bright in the boat

If I was to be born again
I want to walk the same road and
while honing someone’s night
with an incalculable stickiness

慰めが 其処に或れども 私は眠る
Comfort is here, away from your wife, I sleep

They resemble each other
“Bubbles” and “Desire”
擦れば 擦る程
The more they touch the more they’re blurred
溢れ出して 中が弛むばかり
Overflowing, the inside relaxes
Spending one thousand and one nights

惚れた弱み 活かされて
The weakness of falling in love, I make the best use of
this endless dream
その笑顔 愛おしさばかり
That smile is just lovable
心乱され 躙られて 傘をさす色街
My heart is disturbed, trampled, I’m holding up an umbrella in the red-light district
Is it dazzling?

If I hide the basics in my heart
Saying it won’t save me
In the traces (shadow) of the man who took me
I search for you

Ooh—— Ooh——
Ooh– Ooh–

身揚がる程の 想いを
These feelings, to the point of paying my master for a day off,
are flung up
Only in this beautiful morning
静けさは 優しさ 溢れた泪だけ
the quiet brings gentle tears to overflow
There is no matter (thing) that can turn this the other way

If I was to be born again
I want to walk the same road and
while honing someone’s night
with an incalculable stickiness

If I hide the basics in my heart
Saying it won’t make it visible
In the traces (shadow) of the man who took me
I search for you

慰めが 其処に或れども 私は生きる
Comfort is here, away from your wife, I live


An unrestful night bores into my heart
A voice that won’t return again

時は 残酷なまでに、
Until times become merciless
I’ll change my mental image (sky)
If I was a child right now
could I still smile like I used to?

Ah 全能感 こんな世界に生まれたよ
Ah, this world was born from an omnipotence

あなたにしか 出来ない事が
Something only you can do
doesn’t exist, and so I live despite that
擦り込む 疵痕は深く、
These scars that have been rubbed in are deep
and accompanied with this pain
even now I’m dried up

On that day, the dogs that ran away died
Even if I sob quietly
it won’t reach anyone, right?

Ah 絶望感 心の奥底で狂(ふ)れて
Ah, despair, it drives mad (touches) the depths of my heart

崩れかけて 揺さぶられてる
I’m crumbling and being shaken
それでも生きて行くと 信じるには
But I still believe I can keep living
I can’t smile well by myself
If you were by my side
I don’t need words

I’ll do anything, so this covering doesn’t harden
If it breaks in front of my eyes
眩しすぎて Ah——……
it’ll be so dazzling, ah–……

あなたにしか 出来ない事が
Something only you can do
doesn’t exist, and I’ve lived up to now

ここでは 見つからないもの
The thing you can’t find here
just go and search for it
just start searching from zero

*** TRACK 3: His True Face  ***

Momochi: Haa… Great job! Thank you for today! Ah, good work, everyone. That stage was so exciting, right!? It was awesome! Thank you! Oh, what were you guys talking about? You all looked like you were having a great time. Everyone… and you.

M: Ah, that’s right. Today is our get-together but something urgent came up, so please excuse me. I’m reaaaally sorry! I’ll listen to your grumbles in the dressing room, so let’s head back there first. Oh… ahh… I just remembered the manager called for me.

M: Haa… ah, sorry, but could you guys head back first? Sorry for things turning out like this. At any rate, you guys can head home first!

M: *grabs you* You’re staying here… you’re my girlfriend, right?

M: Then see you guys later!

M: Haa… Hey… what were you trying to do? Are you playing innocent? You weren’t possibly casting me aside, were you? How much of a slut are you? Oh well. Anyway, come with me. If you have any excuses I’ll listen to them over there. Come on, hurry up. We’re going.

*door opens and closes*

M: *coughing* Aw, crap, this warehouse is too dry. It’s really bad for my throat. *coughing* Hm? The band members are changing in the dressing room. I don’t want to take you there. Most of all, that thing back there happened. First, I have to question you. *shoves you against wall*


M: Hey… that thing back there… what was that?… Haha, it hurts to have you throat grabbed, right? But you know… I won’t let go. You know, I’m… reeaaaally angry right now. Because I didn’t think you would betray me like THAT! *tightens grip* It’s useless to struggle because I’m still a man. At the very least, I’m not weaker than you.

M: Hah! If you want me to let you go… hurry up and apologize. Come on. Where’s your apology?… Oh? You won’t say it? Ah, I see… Could it be that you’re getting excited from this? In that case, I can do it harder. I don’t dislike this kind of play, you see… *tightens grip*

M: Hmm… surprisingly, you apologized quickly. You’re done already? Just when I was getting worked up. Guess I’ll have to release you though. *you fall to the floor*

M: I’ll forgive you this time but if you do the same thing again then things won’t be settled with just this. Understand? Come on, stand up properly. *pulls you up* HAH!? Wait. You didn’t apologize without knowing the reason, right?

M: … I can’t believe it. Don’t fuck with me. *shoves you against wall* You see… I’m pissed because you were having fun talking with the other members. Get it? Try remembering what you did. How you were grinning and having fun with men other than ME!


M: I really can’t forgive that. Especially when I sang for you with my entire being like that. Why are you silent? How about saying something?… I can’t believe your apologies ANYMORE! Jesus… you’re just so good at making me angry, huh. *shoves you against wall*

M: Are you… doing this on purpose? Is it that you like me being violent like this? Oh yeah… you looked happy back then when I was squeezing your throat. In that case… you should just SAY SO. *strangles you*

M: Haha! You say no but you’re happy, aren’t you? Your face is bright red. Ahaha! That’s it. That look. Show me more. When I see you looking happy, I get more excited than I do at a live. It’s so good. I love you.

M: Hey… should I be even meaner to you? You’re happy with that, right? Hah. What? What do you want from me? Hmm… hehe… I can forgive you. “From now on, I won’t talk to any men except for you and I’ll always be with you, Momochi”, swear that. If you do that then I’ll forgive you.

M: Hmm? In that case… kiss me. A kiss to seal it. You’ll do it if you’re going to keep the promise you made just now. Come on. Why are you hesitating? Ah… you aren’t going to say that you can’t do it at this point, right?


M: Haa… then hurry up and do it. Che… it can’t be helped. Look, I came closer so all you have to do is tilt your head a bit and you’ll be able to kiss me, right?… *blows air* Hah? It tickles? If you want me to stop then hurry up and kiss me. Until you kiss me… I won’t stop. *blows air*

M: I’m not going to stop… and instead I’m going to tease you more. *bites you* Oh? Do you like being bitten? Hmm… my tease became a service instead. Oh well. Haha! When I hear your whimpers, my mood rises somehow.

M: Come on. Kiss me. *you kiss him* Haha… you did it. But this isn’t enough at all. Let’s kiss more. Look, open your mouth. *kisses you*


M: Ahaha! Even your ears are red! Looks like you’re getting excited too. You know, I think this gets me going more than being in the middle of a live does. Of course, it’s thanks to you.

M: Hey, will you be with me this whole day? Let’s have fun together here like this. Aha, I already told everyone that I wouldn’t be going to the get-together, so it’s fine. More importantly, I want to be with you still… *kisses you*

M: You’ll take responsibility for making me like this, right? Though you don’t have the right to refuse me in the first place. You know best what’ll happen if you betray me, right? You aren’t anything without me. And I need you. That’s why, if you’re a good girl, I’ll consider being a little gentle. *kisses you* You… belong to me only.

*** TRACK 4: A Special Reward ***

*phone rings*

M: Hello? I’m so glad you picked up the phone. Hey… I might be at my limit. It’s about my singing… and the new song. But it’s not coming at all. I can’t sing it how I want to sing it. This time I really might be finished. Ah… I might as well just avoid all my responsibilities. That way everything’ll end. Honestly… I could care less about the new song or Veronica.

*phone hangs up; you run out; there’s lively conversation happening*

M: –that makes me embarrassed! But it’s really impossible to do alone and it’s because I think of how you’re all supporting me that I can do this well–


M: Ah! You came! I was waiting. Hm? What’s wrong? You’re out of breath. Oh, did you come here as fast as you can to see me? Aha, thank you! Sorry, please excuse me. Mm, because she came here we should talk alone a little. Here, hand me your hand. Ah, there’s cords here so be careful, okay?

*band members tease*

M: Eh?! Was I really speaking so sweetly? But she’s my precious girlfriend so being this concerned about her is natural, right? C’mon, let’s go. Ah, while we’re here, I’ll show you around the studio. Over here!

*door opens and closes*

M: Here, enter this room. Do it, now. Hmm… you were quite slow in coming. I kept on waiting you know. Hey… are you listening? Actually, what’s wrong? You have such a pale face.

M: Ah, what I said about the recording on the phone? Obviously it was OK in one shot. It was because I wanted to meet you. If I said those things then you’d come immediately, right? Haha, tricked you? Don’t say such disreputable things about someone. It’s not like I lied.


M: In that moment when I called you I really did think I was finished. Eh? Wait, wait. WAIT! Why are you heading home on your own? You came for me, right? Also, you’re forbidden from going home without my permission. Now that we’ve finally met there’s no way I can let you go, right? *shoves you against wall*

M: Hey… are you not happy to see me today? Then there’s no reason for you to go home, no? Stay here… okay? Hm? Then give me a reward. That we’re able to be like this is thanks to me working hard at the recording.

M: Mm, I’m fine, I’m fine. I just want to love you all day. That’s the reward I want… Ahaha!! You don’t seem to know what’s going to be done to you. Like this… until I’m satisfied… I’m going to do things like kiss you… and other such things. I wonder if you can endure it?

M: Heehee! You’re already reacting? Too bad! I won’t let you go… *kisses* Mm, no one’s going to come. Because today this place has been reserved for Veronica. Also, there’s no need to concern yourself about others, right? Because the one in front of you right now is me.


M: Haa… it can’t be helped. Then I’ll lock the door. *locks the door* I’m fine with this. If people see you being cute in front of me, they’ll definitely fall in love. And I don’t want that. Understand? You can’t be anything else but mine forever.

M: Hmm? If you understand then this should be okay, right…? Does it hurt? But you’re actually happy, right? Because just from biting you lightly… your lips have become so hot. Hey… I’m going to leave marks on your entire body to show that you’re mine. If I do that then you won’t be able to think of anyone but me, right?

M: *pins you against wall* And so… stay quiet. Hmm… if I’m going to leave a mark then I should place it where people can see it. For example… here. *bites* Haha! What are you flustered about? It’s just a light bite. Aw, you’re so cute! *kisses*


M: !! Geez… I told you to be quiet! *bites* Haha! I’ve finally made one. Now, next is here. *bites* One more. *bites* Heehee! I’ve left tons of red marks. Mm… such a nice sight. Once they start disappearing I’ll place some more again. Marks that you’re mine.

M: And now… here, give me your left hand. In exchange of a ring… *bites* You’re happy, aren’t you? I left a mark on you to show that you’re mine for eternity. Bear that small amount of pain. You can do it, right?

M: Mm, so you understand it fully… I’ll mark you even harder. *bites* Mm, not yet. Jhust a bhit mhore. Heehee! It stands out clearly. With this you’re officially mine. Now… and from now on… forever. I won’t ever let you go.

*** TRACK 5:  The Taste of Sweet Honey ***

M: Ah! We’re finally talking about the final performance. Tickets are sold out. And the sales of our goods are satisfactory. Veronica is really the best! At this rate, Judah’s Kagaribi and Ciel’s Die Fledermaus, whose sales have been good recently, aren’t a match for us.

M: Heehee, well, I think getting to this point was because of the large presence of my girlfriend’s support. Right? Thank you for everything. What’re you getting so embarrassed about? You’re really so cute.

M: Ah, that reminds me, isn’t it about time to check the equipment? We should go before the manager calls us. There’s not that much time until standby. Ah, I’ll join up with you guys when everything’s done. Mm, see you all later then!


M: Haa… we’re finally alone. Hey, can you give me “that” like you always do? You’re asking what “that” is? It’s “that”! How come you don’t understand?… A lozenge. We’re about to go on standby but my throat doesn’t feel so great for some reason. So, hurry up and give me one, why don’t you.

*bag rustling*

M: Ah, by the way, I’m feeling in the mood for lemon-flavored right now. I won’t eat any other ones. Come on, hurry up and give me one. Ha? Are you telling me to take it out of the bag and eat one myself? You’re really dumb. If you don’t hurry up and notice what I want done then…

M: Look, feed me. Are you saying no? But that’s not allowed so… I’m just about to do a performance. You should take care of your boyfriend more. Then hurry up. If you keep dallying then the standby time is going to be over.

*you unwrap the lozenge*

M: Eh? You’re feeding me by hand? Well, fine… Aahn… Mm! Yes, yes, this flavor… is what I thought but… hm? Hmm… there’s something wrong… I thought I wanted lemon today but… Hey, do you have other flavors? Hm? Apple-flavored? Guess I’ll have to take that one. *drops the lemon one*

M: Give me? Ah right, this time give it to me with your mouth. If you don’t then I won’t eat it. Haha, it’s fine, isn’t it? It’s not a big deal. So… come on, put this lozenge in your mouth. And then pass it to me with your mouth. Get it?

M: It’s not that you can’t do it… you will do it. If you don’t do it then I’m not going to try my best. Mm, hurry up and eat it. Come on. You ate it? Then… *kisses* mm… mm! Delicious. But… this is enough… *spits out the apple one*


M: Because… all I really wanted to do was this… *kisses* sweet… more… Haha! You’re bright red. Shall I give you a reward for your hard work?

M: I’ll make your shoulder feel good. Hey, what do you want me to do to you? Hehe, you’re satisfied just from being hugged by me? Your heartbeat has gotten really fast. But… this isn’t enough, huh. I want to make your heart pound even more.

M: Only right now… I’ll let you ask for something selfish. Hmm, if there’s nothing then I’m just going to do whatever I want. Look… like this… *kisses* Did it tickle? But having your ear kissed… gets you aroused, no? *kisses* It’s not enough just doing it here? Then I’ll do the other side too.

M: You’re lying. You actually really like it when I do this… *kisses* You know, I love everything about you. These ears… those eyes… those cheeks… those lips… everything. *kisses* Haa, since I’m doing this at least enjoy it more.

M: Haa… I’ll be gentle. *kisses* Geez, stop running. My mood was just about to rise too… Ah! Hold out your arms. I’ll tie you up with these cords. What? Is it that surprising? It’s fine, it’s fine. Isn’t it more exciting like this? Right?

[07:00] *ties you up*

M: Done! Having it so your body isn’t free… makes your pulse race, no? It makes you wonder what’s going to happen to you… but that’s good, right? Hey, look, if you struggle then the cords will bite into your wrists. Doesn’t it hurt?

M: Ahaha! Oh, but you like it when it hurts. Hm? Could it be that you also like being tied up? Oh? I’m wrong? But your face is bright red. Aren’t you wanting many things to be done to you? Heh… how about becoming honest?

M: Like wanting me to be gentle… or wanting it to hurt more… Ah, I know… how about I bite you here– you don’t want it? Then what do you want. If you don’t say anything then I’ll do whatever I want. *bites*

M: Haha! Your voice is so nice. Let me hear more.

*knocking on door*

M: !!… what the hell… just when it was at a good part…

M: Yes? Is it almost time? Ah, I thought so… I understand! I’ll prepare immediately so go on ahead.

M: Haa… looks like I have to go now. Even though I wanted to keep loving you like this… Hey, how about we drop everything? Eh? I can’t? Then how about a bit more. Stay with me until the very last second.

M: Desire me too. This isn’t enough for me at all… *kisses* Yes… more… so that this sensation doesn’t disappear until the live ends.

*knocking on door*

M: … so noisy… this place is full of guys who can’t read the mood. Haa… let’s postpone this until later. If I make everyone wait any longer then even when I get backstage it’ll be troublesome.


M: Come on, I’m going to untie the cords so stay still. *cords are undone* Hah? It’s red… I didn’t intend for it to be so tight though. Hehe, sorry. I’ll treat it properly later. So, just be patient with this for now. *licks*

M: Hm? You like it when I lick you? Heh, then I’ll do it some more.

*knocking on the door*

M: Okay, okay, I’m going, geez. At least give me time to say my goodbyes. Hm? What? Are you feeling lonely? It’ll be okay. We’ll continue this after the live is done. Moreover… next time I’ll do even more amazing things… wait for it.

M: Haha, what, you’re even redder than before. Cute. *kisses* Like always, all you need to do is stand backstage and look only at me. Mm, good girl. I love it when you’re obedient like that. Haa… thanks to you my tension is crazily high. I should go soon. I’ll show you the best sight ever. So, expect that. Mm, then I’m going now. *kisses*

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    xuebi said:
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    thank you for translating this i just got into the fandom and i could barely find translations

      Ilinox responded:
      January 20, 2021 at 12:37

      You’re welcome!

    A said:
    June 15, 2020 at 11:17

    Just when I thought Auger is the maddest/Rejet’s most base-breaking character to date (yes, this is a pun), Momochi just … wrecked through. I’ve been wondering how he managed to surpass Mejojo in that one poll Rejet held back in 2017/2018 (‘Characters you shouldn’t go against’, I think) as the latter’s dark franchise lowkey traumatized me, but now I finally understand why. :/ At least, unlike Auger, Momochi genuinely loves you—OKAY DOESN’T EXCUSE HIS QUESTIONABLE WAYS OF EXPRESSING IT

    I DON’T REGRET IT THOUGH HAHAHA. Thank you for translating!
    P.S: Had been scavenging for BWS content for quite a while and stumbled upon your Twitter + BWS posts along the way. Would you mind if I give you a follow? :’D Looking for otome game enthusiasts and content outside popular franchises are pretty hard now since translators on tumblr had their accounts deactivated

      Ilinox responded:
      June 15, 2020 at 11:28

      I feel like Momochi’s brand of love is even scarier because it’s just so… domestic violence LOL. I hear there’s an interesting take for him in his Riot CD though where it shows that he’s useless without the heroine, even though he keeps saying she’s the useless one without him. It almost sounds like he’s projecting his insecurities onto her. I’d love to get back to this series one day but I just… keep picking up other translation projects… in a never ending stream SOBS. But, oof, yeah Momochi’s tokuten for this one involves him putting his hand around the heroine’s throat and bending her back over the balcony of his apartment, threatening to let her fall and that was just HORRIFYING.

      Go ahead! You don’t even need to ask since it’s a public account, haha. If you happen to be the person who also dropped a BWS ask into my CuriousCat I’m slowly getting around to it, but my memories for BWS are also extremely faded after all these years, oops.

        A said:
        June 16, 2020 at 16:53

        My friend had official arts for Dear Vocalist sent to my DM and reading the general summary on tumblr genuinely made me think, “Did Rejet choose to go for more light-hearted theme for this?” I mean, they’re best remembered for the warped twists and very apparent immorality in their plotlines although series like Lips on My Prince and Happy Sugar Darling exist (… I’m having a hard time naming their lighter series rip I last followed their updates on early 2015). Funny part? I actually found Momochi the most ‘innocent-looking’ one. :))) So I was genuinely baffled why he ranked #2 in the poll.

        And then … boy, was I wrong.

        I KNOW HSHSHSHSHS. Rejet has a hedonistic sociopath who might be plotting your murder in his head (Auger) and a more fanservice-y version of him (this is supposed to be Nia of Thanatos Night, I lack the ability to word him better but I’m convinced Nia is what Auger’s supposed to be like had BWS writers decided to focus on his ‘womanizing’ nature instead of unhinged sanity we remember him best for) but Momochi is… something else. He’s physically and mentally abusive and he doesn’t even mask it the way those two do; considering it’s Rejet, I don’t think he knows how to pour affections towards someone in a healthier way either welp. I’m legit wondering whether the heroine is coerced to date him prior to the timeline or if she dates him out of genuine affection but props to her for being able to keep up with his idiosyncrasies tbh MAN’S SCARY IF YOU’RE TAKING REAL LIFE CASES OF ABUSE INTO ACCOUNT. Rejet really love being out-of-the-box, don’t they,,,

        AAAA is it okay? ;;; I’M SHY KSKSKSKSJDH I did retweet some of your old tweets about BWS when I looked up Mejojo on Twitter scavenging for scraps of translation/content/fanarts/whatever is available for the franchise HAHAHA I’m hoping to afford Bloody Nightmare this year, as I don’t have Vita to play WUS. AND YES I’M ALSO THE ONE WHO SENT THE ASK HAHAHAHA I’m sorry I’m too embarrassed to mention you in person asdfjkskdkfj but I saw your old tweet talking about the short story (? if I’m not wrong?) so I decided to send you the question as an anon instead. :’D Struggles of someone who doesn’t understand Japanese, but I love BWS too much to abandon them. There aren’t many story-oriented otome games out there, you see orz

        It’s okay, please take your time! :D

    max said:
    February 17, 2020 at 09:01

    i like him :)

      Ilinox responded:
      February 17, 2020 at 22:08

      He’s… a specialty, that’s for sure. Not my type but Rejet certainly knows how to create unforgettable characters (cough Auger cough).

    Cutie said:
    January 10, 2019 at 07:30

    Thanks for translating this <3

      Ilinox responded:
      January 10, 2019 at 14:08

      You’re welcome <3 hope you enjoyed this little devil.

    Shay said:
    February 18, 2018 at 22:14

    Thank you so much for translating this even though it seems like you disliked Momochi’s tracks haha xD Ahhh they were really up my alley personally I love possessive characters like Momochi. ;;; The biting was really hot, damn….

      Ilinox responded:
      February 20, 2018 at 12:25

      It’s funny because I wouldn’t mind any of these things alone |D;; possessiveness is a-okay and cute in my books. Biting, only generally if it’s playbites. BUT THROW THEM ALL TOGETHER + MOMOCHI’S REVERSE ATTITUDE WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND AND AHHHH!! He really scares me but props to Rejet for creating such a unique character LOL. I just love that he’s the type to be nice outside but rotten inside, compared to like Re-o-do who is an asshole outside but a sweetie pie to his girlfriend.

      Thank you for commenting <3!

    garden said:
    October 28, 2017 at 16:55

    Oh god I just got into this series and got horribly triggered with this dude, I had to shut my computer down. I really wished I had read your translation first so that I get some kind of warning and don’t get badly surprised like this >_<

    I really hope he's the only problematic one. so far only A-dash is the only one I truly like despite his problems.

      Ilinox responded:
      October 29, 2017 at 13:00

      I’M SO SORRY. Rejet guys are pretty… yeah… but Momochi is definitely out there on another level. None of the other ones are as bad though Judah can be pretty mean. Everyone treats their girlfriend on a pedestal, except maybe (2)You who has really realistic concerns and pressure (but he’s still reasonable to his girlfriend). If you want a sweet guy though you should try Ciel :’D BEST HUSBAND!!

        garden said:
        October 29, 2017 at 16:43

        No it’s not your fault. I’ve known Nia (Thanatos night) and those dudes in DiaLovers so I should be prepared with this kind of thing. but Momochi is definitely the #1 in my list of too-problematic-boys.

        oh I just got through Ciel’s volume and I can’t agree more. I like him. he’s very sweet<3

    runalhearts said:
    August 27, 2017 at 17:52

    Momochi looks so innocent though, he honestly shocked me out of the ballpark when he started being so aggressive to the protagonist. As much as I think Momochi has a horrible personality, I also think that he’s a character trope that’s not as known out there – it’s kind of nice having a variety and that kind of shock like I felt with Nia from THANATOS NiGHT. I also like how he’s not a complete yandere, like I’m okay with some yandere-ness – I find that interesting and nice to “spice” up a character, but too much is just… no.

    All in all, I personally have very mixed feelings about Momochi at this point after reading this translation. Like, I get he’s very passionate with the protagonist and genuinely loves her – albeit in his own way – and wants her to love only him (his behavior may also have been influenced by his past, whatever that may be – like maybe a past betrayal of love or some loneliness he had – as well… and if that’s the case, honestly it’s understandable to me), but seriously, he just takes it too far. He’s kind of too obsessed with the protagonist and he treats her so harshly… to the point where she seems to actually like it?

    Anyways, thanks for the translation! X3

      Ilinox responded:
      September 2, 2017 at 18:52

      THE INNOCENCE IS JUST A TRICK, AHH!! Hahahaha. You have a very good point, it’s rare for someone to just be straight-up rotten at the core especially to his girlfriend LOL. It’s an interesting dynamic though that she accepts him as he is and she’s technically the only person he can drop his mask around, hmm. We don’t… we don’t bring up Nia here on this blog… *is traumatized from that boy*. I have a very short list of characters I’m flat-out terrified of and it’s 1) Auger from Black Wolves Saga 2) Momochi from Dear Vocalist and 3) Nia from Thanatos Night |D.

      The trend I’ve noticed so far in translating this series is that the first song is their “image” song or a song where they just come up with a theme and sing it but the second song seems much more about them as a character, so if you look at his second song like that it does seem to hint at something having happened in his past. We’ll probably know more about him in Season 2 and Season 3 (if I can get around to them one day ._. I need a time machine to give me enough time to translate everything I want).

      <33 thank you for dropping by to comment and listening to Momochi!

    KENNMi said:
    June 24, 2017 at 11:13

    Thank you very much for the translation, I love Dear Vocalist!!!

    Can you translate Ciel’s CD? Please!! ;A;

      Ilinox responded:
      June 25, 2017 at 19:24

      You’re welcome <3! I'm happy to find others enjoying this series!

      Yes! I just posted Ciel's CD. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (and still do, haha, he's amazing).

    H.Hazuki (@hazugawa) said:
    May 29, 2017 at 10:10

    His song are really good!!! Why did it turn out like this?? He is really frightful indeed.
    Anyway, thanks for the translation again.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 31, 2017 at 20:33

      I FEEL SO SORRY FOR MOMOCHI’S GIRLFRIEND! Because, all in all, it kinda seems okay if you’re just like some random person that Momochi puts a mask on for… but it’s only when he becomes his true self that you need to run for the hills. Because of that reason though it makes his songs frustratingly good LOL. He sings so well but his personality is so bad ><.

        H.Hazuki (@hazugawa) said:
        June 1, 2017 at 09:52

        Yeah. I thought so. His true colour is kinda scary. I had fallen in love with his songs from the first time I listened but after reading his story…. OK… Bye, Momochi. LOL

    1_chan said:
    May 16, 2017 at 07:27

    Ah…this guy is scary ahaha o 7 o;; but you’re right. He does have a rlly nice voice…I really liked the musical composition of the first piece tho xD

      Ilinox responded:
      May 16, 2017 at 20:44

      I’m laughing because I think I mentally blocked out like everything that happened in his tracks except for the first 10 seconds because I remembered him choking her and lying to her about dying, which gave me a bad impression of him. BUT OH GOD IT GETS SO MUCH WORSE IN THE TRACKS. You get everything sadistic in here… but yes Toyonaga is SUCH a good singer |D no wonder he’s in all the idol games and animes.

      Haha, I love his songs too and am a fan of the more oriental/ancient composition. It’s a shame he’s so terrifying–.

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