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Judah (ジュダ)
CV: Saitou Souma (斉藤 壮馬)

(Um, this guy doesn’t have a great personality either… LOL I PROMISE THEY GET BETTER. MY HUSBAND IS UP NEXT SO!! But, to be honest, Judah is a good boy; he just likes to act strong and bluff. He loves his girlfriend even though, at the same time, he’s conscious of the awful personality he has. Also, please look forward to his second season CD because “I Can’t Say Goodbye” is his love song and it’s so good).

Story premise is that these 6 boys have bands that are managed by Climax Records and though they have talent they have… their own problems. One day, the music executive (or executive producer) tells the boys that this is their last song. And so they’re all betting their survival on these last songs. Can you, as their girlfriend, support them? (Each boy has a different girlfriend).

Third man is Judah. His band is Kagaribi with some stylish font; it also the romaji for bonfire or campfire (篝火). Interestingly, he’s in a two-piece band meaning that it just consists of him and his guitar player. He’s a musical prodigy lol. As usual, the MV will be followed by the lyrics and then the drama CD translations. Mm, not really happy with my translations this time because for some reason Judah was hard to understand. It’s not even that he uses slang… there’s just something about his sentence construction lmao.

Notes: There’s this one line in “Sweet Devil’s Night” where he sings “充足(イ)き着くまで” and it’s heavy innuendo. Reading it without Rejet’s phonetic help implies like “until we’re satisfied” or “until it’s enough/sufficient”. But reading it with Rejet’s phonetic implies something like until you’ve exhausted yourself climaxing LOL.


There is everything in this closed city
My heart is cracking
満喫してるね 形式ばった自由の痕で
We’ve had enough, huh // the remains of a ceremonial freedom
Even the relationship (space) between us, isn’t the shape determined by someone?


舌を出して突き刺せ 僕が、僕であるが為のNight
Thrust out your tongue // At this night that let’s me be me
不可解なリアルじゃさ 物足りないね!
This incomprehensible real world is missing something!
指を差し出してみろ 君が、君でいられる為のDays
Point your fingers //At the days where you can be you
Take some medicine // Feel the pain

あんな日々を、壊せ 意味を潰し合う時は、今なのさ
Break those days // the moment where fights are meaningless is now
照らし合わすタイムリミット ロスする時間はない
Checking the time limit // there’s no time to lose

感応し合ったね 誰かが歪めたアスファルト
Inspiration struck, huh // This asphalt warped by someone
The flooding light pollution
上手く笑えない 何もかもが皮肉に見える
I can’t smile well // Everything looks ironic
We’re similar

Don’t ask for reasons, things just are
Escalate more

なりふり構わないで 明日が、明日であるが故のTry
Disregard appearances // tomorrow is tomorrow, so try
Making your own allowances, just shake it off
変幻自在の脳で 夢は、夢ではいられるのかWhy
Phantasmagoria in the brain // why do dreams exist as dreams
How about leaving behind those spilled tears?

そんな事で、泣くなよ ちっぽけなツマヅキなんだよ
Don’t cry because of that // this is just a tiny setback
Laugh at it, our reasoning is always absolute–……

In this spreading world, it shines

舌を出して突き刺せ 僕が、僕であるが為のNight
Thrust out your tongue // At this night that let’s me be me
不可解なリアルじゃさ 物足りないね!
This incomprehensible real world is missing something!
指を差し出してみろ 君が、君でいられる為のDays
Point your fingers // At the days where you can be you
Take some medicine // Feel the pain

あんな日々を、壊せ 意味を潰し合う時は、今なのさ
Break those days // the moment where fights are meaningless is now
照らし合わすタイムリミット ロスする時間はない
Checking the time limit // there’s no time to lose

Right now, escalation!

Sweet Devil’s Night
Sweet Devil’s Night

仄めかしているVoice 尻に敷きたがってるクチだ
That suggestive voice // That dominating mouth
とはいえ 演(や)り尽くしたSituation 襟を正して見るのかい
Though, in this over-performed situation // would you like to see me straighten out my clothes?

What kind of face will you show me?

アマい 悪魔が潜む 森へ
Into the forest where the sweet devil lurks
燃える 快感の際(フチ) 何もかもが、アヴァンギャルドになる
Burning, on the brink of pleasure, everything becomes avant-garde

裏切り慣れてるの? 寂しげな瞳で
Are you used to being betrayed? With those sad eyes
You do as you please with me, smiling on the side of the unknown

シコタマ貯め込んでるSoul 眩暈がすればする程に
Abundant souls are hoarded // to the point of dizziness

堕ちる 断崖の先 ふたり
Falling // beyond the precipice // the two of us
誰も 驚かないよ 充足(イ)き着くまで 尻尾を巻きつけて
No one will be surprised // until we’re satisfied and someone admits defeat

ナニカラナニマデ ホシガルスベテヲ
Anything and everything // I’ll give you all that you desire
トメラレナイヨル スイツクサレテク Wow
A night that won’t stop // being stuck // Wow
オマエニ Wow Oh Yeah
to you // Wow oh yeah
Sweet Devil’s Night
Sweet Devil’s Night

アマい 悪魔が潜む 森へ
Into the forest where the sweet devil lurks
燃える 快感の際(フチ) 何もかもが、アヴァンギャルドになる
Burning, on the brink of pleasure, everything becomes avant-garde
with you

*** TRACK 3: After the Upheaval of the Battle of the Bands ***

Judah: Shit! Don’t fuck around… what the hell was with today’s Battle of the Bands? Stirring things up stupidly… YOU were the lame one! SHIT! *kicks something* You went and accepted that trash band’s challenge… who the hell were they? Hurry up and DIE. DISAPPEAR! *flips stuff over*

J: Ah, I’m pissed… Hm?… You were here? Sorry, but I don’t have time to care about you right now. You saw, didn’t you? That live back there. Right now… I’m really about to snap. How about you hurry up and go home? See ya.

*you grab him*

J: … What? I told you to go home. Weren’t you listening? Let me go! Hah? Obviously, the waiting room. Don’t follow me.

*he leaves; enters the room*

J: FUCK!! *kicks things* I can’t believe it… I’ve had enough.

*door knocks*

J: Tsk. Who is it? What a pain… What is it? I said there wasn’t going to be an end party.

[01:50] *door opens; you come in*

J: You… You’re still here? Didn’t I tell you to go home? You’re really persistent… Noise? Ah… It’s nothing, I just kicked that chair. Hah? There’s no way I’m alright. My long-awaited live became fucked up.

J: Obviously! Because it was the other band that flared up at us. Anyway, what’s with you… you say you’re worried about me but you’re just saying things that rub me the wrong way. In the first place, there’s no reason for you to be worried about the live.

J: It’s annoying how much of a mess you are. How about you shut up before I become rough… Not only am I in the worst mood ever… but seeing that look on your face makes me even more pissed.

J: … Now you’re going to cry? That’s why I didn’t want you to follow me. Anyway, how about stopping? Did you think I’d get flustered and regain my mood? Sorry, but I’m not feeling that right now.

J: Che… if that’s the case… why don’t you cut it out. I told you to go home because I knew it’d turn out like this! Aren’t we just hurting each other when we’re together? There’s not one good thing.

*you run off*


J: H-Hey!!… urgh… GOD, WHAT THE FUCK! *kicks something*

*outside on the street; he runs after you*

J: Hey! Stop!… I told you to stop!… Where are you going? Isn’t the station this way? Stumbling around at this time… what’re you going to do if someone thinks you’re waiting to be hit on? … And you’re still crying…

J: … L-Look… I went too far… um… lots of things happened… that live a while ago… made me pissed so I just… That’s why I told you to go home today. So… don’t cry anymore.

J: Hey… do you… hate me now? Because back there you said “I’m done”. I thought you reached your limit… Do you hate being with me?… Ah, I see. Good then.

J: By the way, your body is super cold. Don’t dress in such thin clothes just because you’re going to be inside. Anyway, put this on. It’s a sample from my brand which I was wearing a bit, but it’s better than nothing, right? Wear that and go straight home. I’ll call a taxi.

J: The next time we meet, I think I’ll be calmer. Actually, I will be calmer… Don’t catch a cold. It’ll be annoying.


J: … Haa… There aren’t any cars coming. Dammit. Hm? Me? I dunno… with what happened, I don’t have the energy to party with my partner and the staff. I’ll head home too and drink some sake.

J: What? Heh, what’s with that look. Could it be that… you don’t want to go home? Haha! You’re… a really hopeless woman. Or strange. Even though this kind of thing happens every time, why do you still want to be with me?

J: Ah… Hmmm… I see. You like me that much? Heh, why are you turning red when you’re the one who said it. But… too bad, I like you. More than you do… all the time. There’s no one except for you who won’t abandon someone like me.


J: Hey… if you say you don’t want to go home… how about coming to my house? Heh, in that case… I’ll be gentle to you all over to the point where you’ll forget what just happened. Until morning comes… Hey, why are you laughing? Especially when you were just crying. Such a strange woman.

J: You might be laughing now… but don’t regret not abandoning me. *kisses*

*** TRACK 4: Creative with you ***

*phone rings*

J: Hello? It’s me. Uh… sorry about tonight’s date… but let me cancel it. Haa… it’s nothing. I’m just at the studio making a song. That’s the situation so… bye. *hangs up*

*you head to the studio; knock on the door; things are being thrown around*


*you run in*

J: … WRONG! This isn’t the song I want to MAKE! I’ve come this far… it just needs a bit more! What am I… MISSING!? FUCK!!

J: LET GO! And who is it–… ah… you… Why are you here? If it’s the date then I canceled that… didn’t I tell you on the phone? Can’t you tell by looking? Haa… sorry, but I don’t have time to hang out with you. I have to make something before morning and hand it over to my partner and the producer.

J: Huh? There’s nothing you can help me with. I don’t need anything. I’m not really hungry. And if there’s anything I need then I can ask for it myself. Hey… making a song is my own personal battle. No one can do anything about it except for me.

J: If it’s not a song that I make… then there’s no meaning to Kagaribi. Don’t say anything as a layman. Leave me alone.

J: Aa, see you. Be careful when you go home.

[02:30] *you start to walk away*

J: … is what I thought but wait a moment. Look this way. Haa… I thought so. What? Are you depressed? Che… there’s no avoiding it. If I let you go home with that face then I’ll be worried and I’ll be even farther away from making the song. Even though I always use a sharp tone with you… idiot.

J: Since this is the case, don’t go home. It’s much better for you to stay here… I’ll take a temporary break. Just a small break. If nothing’s coming to mind when I think about it then it won’t come to mind. Agh… I’m so annoyed.

J: Do you want anything to drink? Though there’s nothing but mineral water. Hmm… okay. *he drinks*

J: Haa… shit… it just needs a bit more. Why can’t I do it… Aa, it was going okay. But that was yesterday. When I came here this morning and looked back… I do think something’s wrong. It’s no good like this. A song that anyone can make, not just me, isn’t a song for Kagaribi. I think even with this much, if it gets arranged, it’ll be an okay song. But if I want to play the best song… then it’s definitely wrong.

J: There’s one more step missing. I’ve done this much already… but I’m stopped there. I have to spit it out somehow but… I can’t do that. Hm?… Why am I talking to you about this? It’s about making songs… I can’t believe myself.

J: Huh? You’re happy I talked about it? Is something wrong with you? Hmm… what a strange person. Ah! But I see… you really like me, huh. That’s why you can’t help it.


J: … What. Why do I have to admit that I’m angling for something? I was just teasing. But, well, that’s fine… if you’re going to say that then show me proof. You said it, didn’t you? That you really liked me. In that case, 24 hours/365 days, you’ll be able to accept me however I am and of course you’ll listen to whatever I ask for, right?

J: Then… give me something right now. Something to give me motivation… For example… *pins you against wall* something like this… *kisses* Why’re you so surprised? This is within the scope of liking me, right? Shhh… be quiet… there might be people in the studio still.

J: *kisses* Oi… I told you not to make any noise. Control yourself. If you can’t then… how about holding it back with your hand? *you put your hand over your mouth* Yes, yes, make sure to keep it down with that hand. Then next is… your neck. *kisses*

J: Oh… my bad, I might have left a mark. But that’s fine, right? Because you really like me. And it’s a sign that you’re mine. Hahaha! What? What are you bothered over now? You’re the one who came here.

J: You know… you’re always crying and feeling worried because of me… and I thought I really hated that but… right now, I don’t dislike that look. Rather… I want to make you even more bothered. *kisses*

J: Heh… it’s nice to see you desperately trying to control yourself. How cute. But, well… actually let’s not have you use your hand. Because if your hand is covering it then I can’t do it. A kiss to your lips. Especially when we’re lovers… *kisses*


J: This is nice… my mood went up a bit. I was really irritated back there… ah, well, that might be true. It might be because you came…

J: Holy… it’s coming! It’s coming!! The song!! It’s coming to mind!! This will work! It’ll be perfect with this! Shit! Something! I need something to write on!

J: Yes… keep it sharp like this and with that sound… haha!! Yes, how come I couldn’t think of this! Hahaha!! But then this is the only differentiation… if I put a pure here… then the hook won’t be weakened… we’ll repeat the arrange here… but this chord will be super hard on the guitar. Che, no, he’ll play it somehow. He’s a pro so he can. He can do it if he puts himself to it; if he can’t I’ll kill him.

J: Yes…!! It’s done! Now to just do the step recording– ah… Huh? Why are you grinning like that… Yeah, it should be okay since I got this far. I’ll make it in time for tomorrow morning. It’ll definitely become the best song. There’s no mistake. It’ll be a song no one’s listened to before! A song that only I could make.


J: Most of the actual work is done now but–… ah, huh!? Why’re you heading home on your own? Listen to me to the end. I’m saying… that you can still stay here. More like, stay here. I’ll finish up this new song tonight. Once it’s done, I want you to listen to it first. If you don’t, there’s no point… because it’s a song that came to mind when I was thinking about you.

J: You’ve come to this point being a nosy person… so you can’t be going home now, right? Stay with me to the end. Heh… well, I thought you’d understand… but you don’t have the right to refuse. *kisses* I’ll probably be dealing with work until the morning… but once it’s over it’s your turn next.

J: Once I’m done the song I’m off work… and, if you’d like, I can sing it by your ear… look forward to it.

*** TRACK 5:  Difference ***

J: … Mgh… shut up… nrgh… what time is it? Eight o’clock? Isn’t it still early? I’m sleepy… I stayed up late to make that song so… nrgh… ah? What’s this? You smell sweet. Come closer. Here!

J: *smells you* Mmm… smells nice. Did you make something? Ah? Pancakes… are you a kid? Besides, haven’t I told you before that I don’t need breakfast?… Seriously?! There’s strawberries!? What’s with that… isn’t threatening me with strawberries cowardly?

J: Hm… that’s what you’re going to say? If you’re going to be so cheeky… I’ll do this!

J: Too bad, I’m not letting you go. Besides, you’re the one at fault. Agh… shit… I don’t feel like moving at all. I want to sleep like this. I wonder if I can avoid going to the photoshoot today. Che… I know, I’ll get up.

*door opens and closes*

J: Mm! It’s so good… strawberries! Hah? It shouldn’t matter if I eat these first. What? Are you angry? Because I’m not eating your pancakes. Hmm… I wonder. You’re trying so hard to act tough… why not just say the truth. That you woke up early to make these and that you want me to eat them.


J: Haha! So you really did think that! Hehe. Guess it looks like I’ll have to try some. Although, even though you said you made it, didn’t you just mix and fry it? Haha, so noisy. It’s the truth, isn’t it? Even I can at least make pancakes. Come on, feed me. Aa~hn. What’s the problem? Besides, it’s annoying having to use a knife and fork in the morning. Come on. Hurry up and feed me.

J: Mm, aa~hn. Mm… mm… hm? Mm… it’s okay… it’s good. What? You look so happy. Then I guess I’ll have one more bite. Aa~hn. Hm? Ah, it’s this time already? I think I’m not gonna go to work today. I’m taking a day off.

J: Look, give me that. Aa~hn… what? You’re not going to give me any more? Then I’ll just eat something else.

J: Meaning… I’ll eat this. Oh? What… you don’t want to kiss me that much? Work… work… you’re being annoying. I said I wasn’t going. Haa… because today’s work isn’t about music. It’s doing some gravure shots for a magazine. Up to now, I’ve used the excuse that Kagaribi is really busy to refuse my modelling work. I could care less about that shit today.

J: Same goes for the fashion brand I’m doing. To the end, that was just something I did while my music was on hiatus. It’s not like I want to do it seriously. More than enough of my time is eaten up by music right now so, to be honest, I’m already done with modeling. If I have to make use of my time like that, I’d rather use that time to perfect the song I made.

J: But… *kisses* I get it. Aah… you’ll be happy if I go then, right? Hah? What’s with that face? You’re the one who said it… that I have work so I have to go. For me I’m satisfied with just single-mindedly focusing on music and I also thought I’d be able to have some time with you right now…


J: A~ah, for some reason I’m feeling really unmotivated. Nah, I’ve decided I really won’t go. I don’t want to. M’not going. I’ve decided.

J: What? Aren’t you happy? If I avoid going to the photoshoot then you’ll be able to be with me today like this. You said you really liked me, right? Then shouldn’t you be happy? I’m not wrong, right? Because I care more about spending time with you than that boring job.

J: Even at the best of times, I haven’t had much time recently. Next month my tours start too. So then we won’t be able to meet like this anymore. I don’t know if you’ll be okay with not seeing me… but I’m different.

J: Hm? What? You’re staring at me. If you want to say something then say it clearly. Ah… hm, is that so? You’re fine with not seeing me? Then how about you go home now? If you listen to each of my selfish requests then isn’t that wasting your time?

J: Hah? Then, what? What do you want to do? Che… bear with it… how annoying. Your lectures are seriously annoying. Look, it’s impossible for me to bear with things like you. I do whatever I want. Because I can’t do anything else. Just because it’s work, if there’s something I don’t want to do then I don’t do it. I hate doing things just because someone went ahead and decided on that.

J: Furthermore, if because of that I lose the time to do what I really want then isn’t that meaningless? I can’t take that. I’m different from you. From our thinking to everything else.

J: I guess it can’t be helped then… we can’t do anything but this… *grabs his bag and starts packing* Aah…


J: Huh? Hey… why do you suddenly look like you’re going to cry? Um, I think you’ve misunderstood something… Ah! Could it be… that you thought I was going to say “Let’s break up”?

J: Idiot. There’s no way I’d say that. Besides, why would I break up with you? But if you got tired of me and decided to leave then… it’s not like I wouldn’t understand that… But you’re different from me and you’re good at bearing with things, right? That’s why you’re with me, right?

J: I do whatever I like. And I don’t have any intention on changing that. But that’s because… I believe you’ll keep up and follow me… is what I thought, but… what do you say?

J: … Heh, I see. Just like I thought. Well then, we don’t have time, so hurry up and prepare.


J: Geez… there’s no time for me to shower. My bed hair is awful but… whatever. In any case, the hairdresser will do something about it. *turns on sink*

J: Hah? I’m saying that you should come with me to my work. That’s how it is, right? I want to be with you still but you’re being noisy about going to work. Then there’s nothing to do but bring you to the place, right?

J: I’m telling you though that gravure shoots for magazines are stupidly boring. They’ll take a bunch of pictures and then check them. Fix my makeup. And then repeat that. Of course I won’t have time to care about you during the shoot either. But, if I get free time, I’ll call for you immediately. Stay close and watch me so that you can come to me when that happens.

J: If I want to see you then I don’t want to wait for even a second. I won’t forgive you if you’re late. Heh… that’s the case, so be alert. Of course, looking away is also not allowed.

J: Wait, huh? Isn’t that some pancake near your mouth? Heh. I’m just kidding. *kisses* Haha! How many openings are you going to leave? Don’t drop your guard like that. Didn’t I just say that? You don’t… have any time to be relaxed. That’s what it means to continue dating me. Prepare yourself. Get it?

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    syhyey said:
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    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Your translations really help me :”)))

      Ilinox responded:
      October 14, 2019 at 18:50

      You’re welcome <3! Glad to see that the Dear Vocalist boys are still getting love in 2019.

    H.Hazuki (@hazugawa) said:
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    Thank you so much for the translation. Looking forward to your next translation ,,UvU,,

      Ilinox responded:
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      You’re welcome <3 thank you for commenting and I hope you're enjoying this series! I also hope you'll really enjoy the next one because CIEL IS THE BEST HUSBAND!

        H.Hazuki (@hazugawa) said:
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        I’m looking forward to Ciel’s entry!! Thank you for your translation in advance ,,>w<,,

        Passersby_by_now said:
        April 16, 2021 at 18:21

        Thanks for translation, i got 9 songs from latest release on Kagaribi. But may i know the source for Kanji lyrics for new song and old one for Judah character song. So i can translate in romaji then in english lyrics when i got time. All songs is available in youtube but region locked as i see. Thanks if this got answer

        Ilinox responded:
        April 18, 2021 at 08:25

        If you just search up the Japanese title + 歌詞 (lyrics) you should be able to find them online!

        Passersby_by_now said:
        April 20, 2021 at 16:17

        Thanks for answering back, it’s seem not available yet on online search, not in utaten site. Maybe some day i think.

    1_chan said:
    May 24, 2017 at 11:40

    Eh…not as shitty as the other dude, Momochi > 7 > );; That one guy was hella scary ahaha, but this guy has some upsides I guess~ Thanks for the translations!

      Ilinox responded:
      May 31, 2017 at 20:30

      LOL don’t worry there’s only one Momochi in this entire series… though Joshua in the 3rd season scares me, but I’m praying that he’ll be good too because SOMEONE needs to fill the Ciel-shaped hole in my heart (´;ω;`).

        Mali said:
        October 16, 2017 at 08:33

        I heard his CD and he‘s really a nice one, but listen to it yourself. Psst..don‘t worry he will fill your hole in your heart :3

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