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Welcome to Aoi, the second character released in Capcom’s mobile game, Toraware no Palm. This post follows the same format as Haruto’s post and WARNING: will contain massive spoilers in the summary section below so don’t read if you’re going to play this (also some CG spoilers)!

Following below will be a translation of his profile, summary of his route, his endings, and then my thoughts.


Name: Aoi

CV: Uchida Yuuma

Story: “What did I call you?” Due to an accident, you are under unwarranted suspicion. In order to clear your name, you have to act as the girlfriend to a young man, Aoi, who has lost memories of his girlfriend; however…

Personality: Experienced with girls, he is able to be good humored and cheery with people he meets for the first time. But there seems to be a line drawn somewhere…

Special Facts: A romantic drama that starts from a lie. A main story heavy with melodrama. A love that is like a roller coaster.


The game starts with you seeing a man standing on the road in the rain and staring blankly into space. A car comes and you push him out of the way to save him but, unfortunately, you both end up in a hospital and then you’re both taken to Seahive’s medical treatment island (they’re back!!).

The heroine, you, wakes up at this island and is greeted by a man called Imabe. He explains that Aoi and Aoi’s girlfriend are under suspicion for some drug-related activities. Unfortunately, because you were at the scene too you’ve been brought under suspicion and have no alibi. Imabe will help clear your name but it’ll take time and it would be quicker if you helped him. You see, Aoi’s girlfriend has gone missing and they want to know where she is but Aoi has amnesia and can’t remember her. This is where you come in: you are to act as Aoi’s lover to jog his memory about his girlfriend’s location or make him drop a hint. Looks like you have no choice but to cooperate with Imabe to get off the island… (Oh, Kariya is back too and he knows about the situation too).

Even though Aoi’s chapter isn’t marked as a mystery it kind of plays out like one so I’ll try summarizing the events by chapters. “Try” being the keyword here because even though I took notes I was dumb and didn’t label which notes belonged to which chapter AND I bought all the extended interviews (some of them are really story-heavy) so they all blurred into the main story.

Chapter 1. You meet Aoi and hedge about why you’re here so he ends up being the one to ask if you’re his girlfriend since you’re so concerned about him. You have no choice but to vaguely agree and so you two start treating each other like lovers. He gives his genuine effort in trying to remember you and feels guilty and terrible that he can’t remember anything about you except for the night of the accident. He even ends up gifting you earrings that match his (his is blue, yours is red) so that it’s like you two are connected even when you’re not physically present. UGH. MY HEART.

On a side note, rain makes Aoi feel melancholic. It reminds him of that night with the car and, though he can’t remember it, something that happened before the car incident.

Chapter 2. It’s only a matter of time before Aoi finds out that you’re not his lover, when he repeatedly can’t remember anything about you, but Imabe tells you to keep going. He’s still trying to clear your name so even if this fails then nothing too bad will happen to you, it’s just that this way is faster.

Aoi is becoming more and more frustrated that he can’t remember you. He blames himself for being a bad boyfriend and becomes irritated as he puts all this pressure on himself. At one point, you get to ask what he wants and he tells you that he wants to know your memories together. T_T THE GUILT. And then, following this interview, it’s been pouring rain and you’ve forgotten your umbrella so Imabe offers to share his with you as you two leave the treatment center.

BUT THEN IMABE PULLS A DIRTY MOVE. He goes to brush something off your eyelashes but turns out that it’s just water. As he’s leaning in and doing this though, it turns out that Aoi has been watching from the window and… he’s really angry. You spend a lot of time apologizing and Aoi keeps telling you that he doesn’t mind but HIS VOICE IS SO FAKE and then, as you keep pushing, he finally snaps and tells you not to assume his feelings (aka. the fact that he even cares) when he can’t even remember you. He’s shaken because he feels like all the words he says to you are empty and even though he’s supposed to be your boyfriend he feels like he’s making you insecure because he doesn’t remember you and just feels like he’s acting as your lover. TWO LIARS IN A POD.

By the way, you also get introduced to a new jailer in this chapter. It’s not very important but it’s funny because this new jailer is a young boy who keeps making mistakes all the time, so Kariya gets super angry. In Haruto’s route you brought Kariya wine so he’d slip you information about Haruto; in this route, you bring the new kid wine in return for information so he can pacify Kariya. Anyway, this new kid is called “Niigome” but the way his name is written lets you read it as “Shinmai” which means “newbie” and that’s what Kariya keeps calling him LOL.

Chapter 3. Time passes in this slightly awkward atmosphere with you two both knowing that no shared memories seem to exist. Oh, you also find out that Aoi used to be a photographer but he stopped for reasons unknown. He took a famous photo of a sunflower field with a girl standing in that field, her back to the camera. It’s not his girlfriend. You think he has talent in it (especially because he actually teaches you how to take good photos of birds) but he shuts down any attempts to encourage him to pick up photography again.

The rainy days continue and because Aoi is melancholic on these days you decide to make a teru teru bouzu to cheer him up and pray for nice weather. But then Aoi asks to meet you and declares that you aren’t his lover… because he remembers his real girlfriend. UH OH. It turns out that he used to watch his girlfriend make teru teru bouzus and you make them the opposite way of how she does it, like the way you twist the string and things. (I can’t believe such a small thing gave me away when I was choosing SO MANY choices that made it glaringly obvious that I had no idea who he was and that I was a poop liar LOL).

He drops this painful line on you about how he “loved” you (note the past tense) but now he wants to know… who are you? There’s massive guilt on your part but Aoi brushes it aside and tells you not to worry about it because he lied too. He was the one who assumed you were his girlfriend and stuff (even though you went along with it). You tell him everything about what Imabe wants and Aoi does remember something about his girlfriend but he needs time to organize his thoughts.

EXTENDED INTERVIEW. He doesn’t know how to treat you now because he’s always looked at you with love, and him thinking that you were his girlfriend meant that there were things he automatically needed to do. Then he asks if you were just going to disappear without saying anything to him after you got what you wanted. He requests that, at the very least, you let him know when you’re going to leave because he still has lingering affections. And then he asks if everything had been a lie to you… OUCH.

Chapter 4. It turns out that Imabe and Aoi seem to know each other. Imabe also gives you the good news that you and Aoi are cleared of drug suspicions and both of you can leave soon! Also, everyone else knows that Aoi knows that you aren’t his lover (aka. Kariya and Niigome).

Once again Aoi reassures you about your guilt because he was lying too… and only “acting” as a lover. He didn’t feel anything for you but he kept telling himself that he did. This lying and frustration and impatience was what made him feel irritated. In the end, he says that the two of you are just strangers, not even friends or lovers (what the heck man!) BUT he doesn’t want to erase what you’ve both been through (yay?).

Aoi reveals that he broke up with his girlfriend too. That’s what happened that night; they went to a shop and she broke up with him and left. He was in shock and didn’t follow after her and then, next thing he knew, he was on the road. He admits that he loves… loved her? It hasn’t been that long since their break up but, if given the chance, he wouldn’t return to their previous relationship because he can’t love her in the same way anymore. But he still feels obligated to help her out and save her! Because he did genuinely like her when he was her boyfriend. T_T.

Meanwhile, Niigome helps you learn the truth about Aoi’s background because he’s looking at an article about his favorite actress being in a relationship. It turns out that the man she was in a relationship with was Aoi and he’s a rich boy and playboy who gets women infatuated with him, plays with them, and then throws them away. His girlfriend is a famous actress who has now gone missing. The papers say that they met at a party and Aoi asked for her number and then they started dating.

When you meet with Aoi again he tells you that the actress was the one who approached him. And then he tries to be a douche and get you to hate him by saying that you don’t know him at all. FUCK HIS VOICE HERE. HE TALKS LIKE A SMIRKING ASSHOLE AND IN A LIGHT TONE THAT’S DESIGNED TO HURT!! He tells you that you’re pretty cute and he might have fallen for you, so when you and him get off of this island you two can start dating. Are you disappointed that he’s a playboy like what the articles say?

But then you get to slam him straight down and tell him that you’re always on his side. He gets shaken by your kindness and apologizes for his words. Honestly, he was just trying to push you away because he felt like he got you involved in this whole mess when you were just being a good Samaritan. He’ll cooperate with you and try his best to remember where his ex-girlfriend would be because Imabe is her manager. The studio is under pressure to find this actress, Serena, because she has commercial contracts and a drama series she’s going to film, etc etc, and without her the studio would collapse. (PS. He also admits that he felt hurt for some reason when he saw you with Imabe).

Chapter 5. Aoi keeps apologizing for dragging you into this whole mess. But the good news is that Imabe has found the actress, Serena, and she was just at a friend’s house. So now you and Aoi will get to leave soon! You tell Aoi that you can’t really see him as how the media portrays him and he thanks you but says that even though he might not have an intention to hurt someone, if the person says that they’re hurt then they are (this is… really deep).

EXTENDED INTERVIEW. You’re about to leave but you stay because Aoi is giving you “puppy eyes” though he denies doing so. There’s a conversation here about how he acts tough but he might actually be someone who needs company and easily gets lonely. Then there’s some small talk about changing his appearance and I jokingly chose everything opposite of him, oops. He then tells you that you look like you have a halo T_T WHAT THE HECK.

But then you hear Imabe talking on the phone and he’s actually planning on using Aoi to cover up the actress’ actions, because apparently there are rumors she had an affair with another man? So, basically they’re going to run a story that makes Aoi the playboy who used and dumped her. Imabe mutters about how this is like father, like son. When you tell Aoi this, he’s okay with being used as the scapegoat so that the actress and the man she had an affair with can return to their lives without anyone being the wiser.

Aoi reveals that, on the day they broke up, his girlfriend said she had someone else she liked. He asked if she wanted to break up with him and be together with the other person. She never answered and so he took that as an affirmative and agreed to break up. She apologized, left her seat, and never looked back. You suggest for him to talk to her again because she never said anything or confirmed that she wanted to break up. Who knows what she was thinking! Aoi reluctantly agrees to talk to her properly next time but then asks if you’re okay with that…

EXTENDED INTERVIEW. This one is so critical because the previous interview leaves with that cliffhanger!! Aoi pursues the question and asks if you’re okay with the thought of him talking to his ex-girlfriend again and possibly getting back together. He admits that he still likes her and cares for her, but he’s starting to have feelings for someone who has been by his side during all the hard times and laughs at him, and feels anger for him, etc etc. He wants to know your feelings. AND DEAR SWEET LORD THIS NEXT PART.

I answered that I’m scared to get drawn into this current. His reply: “… Get swept away. Get swept away and like me. Love me to the point of it being unbearable. If you do, then I feel like I’ll be able to love you from the bottom of my heart. From the beginning, there was nothing between us but lies. Then, shouldn’t a love that started from a lie be alright?… Fall in love with me.” GODS this made me turn red but also activated my warning bells.

Anyway, you end up dropping your phone in this interview place and when you come back to find it you hear Aoi and a man shouting at each other. The man keeps yelling at Aoi and demanding to talk to him but Aoi snaps back that there’s nothing to talk about. This is the first time you’ve seen him so cold.

Chapter 6. Turns out that the man who was yelling at Aoi is Aoi’s dad! His name is Kagami and he’s the CEO of a hotel chain and a super rich dude, which is why Aoi is a super rich boy. There was a scandal about him in the past about how he used to be engaged but then he had an affair on his fiancée and broke the engagement to be with the person he cheated on her with (that’s why it was “like father, like son”).

Back with Aoi, he talks about how he doesn’t want to meet with his father because his father doesn’t really care for him and just wants him to come back and be the successor to their business, etc. But to Aoi this was suffocating: the pressures of his life, social expectations from everyone, how he couldn’t be good enough for them. He tried to act like a “good boy” because all he wanted was his parents’ praise and attention. He even secretly studied on the side because business didn’t come to him naturally (and he’s SUPER harsh on himself for even having to study on the side and not picking it up naturally… BABE T_T).

Everything snapped in high school where he decided that NOTHING mattered anymore. He got his ears pierced, dyed his hair, and just rebelled. He even ran away at one point to get a motorcycle license and just drove off. This is where he met a photographer who taught and inspired him to take photographs. But no matter how far he ran away, he couldn’t run away from society. When he worked as a cameraman assistant, there were rumors about him and the models. One even kissed him and then he was fired.

And then reporters found out about his background and started hounding him. Gossip articles ran about how he was just like his father. Everyone approached him with job offers and relationship offers because of his status and fortune. At this point, he became jaded about photography and even that hurt for him to do. Even though he liked it at the beginning because it helped him express the feelings he couldn’t express with words.

Anyway, you meet Kagami again and he talks about his family. It turns out that he did love his fiancée, even though it was a marriage that was decided by everyone around them, but when he cheated on her he found out that the person he cheated with had become pregnant with Aoi and he made the decision to protect those two. This is why he broke the engagement and then worked extremely hard to restore everyone’s trust in his company, etc. He doesn’t regret protecting Aoi and his new wife. He acknowledges that his workaholic mode hurt Aoi and his wife but he had no choice to secure a future for them and protect them. He then shows you this super cute picture of his family in a sunflower field and kid!Aoi is riding on his shoulders. T_T KAGAMI IS DOING HIS BEST AS A DAD OKAY.

When you meet with Aoi again (because the two won’t meet each other) you tell him about all of this and how his dad said that Aoi was his reason for living. Aoi is struck speechless by that and then admits that all he wanted was to be recognized and praised by his dad. He even wanted to be like him. Oh, btw, Aoi’s uncle is sick and Aoi may need to return home soon to succeed the family business.

EXTENDED INTERVIEW. Look, there’s a point to these I swear! You get to chat about who his first love was and he answers that it was probably his kindergarten teacher because she showed kindness and care for him when his parents didn’t (since they were so busy). He thinks he falls in love with people who make him feel safe, secure, and are kind to him. But he’s starting to notice lately that he’s not able to stay still and just accept kindness passively when you give it to him.

Time starts to run out when you both hear that you two can leave the island soon! Aoi is going to re-think what he wants to do in life and talk to his parents properly. This is all thanks to you and he’s reminded of how happy they used to be in the field; his parents really do care for him. AND THEN. AND THEN I DIED HERE. He wants to see your face closely in these last moments and you get a choice to kiss him… which I took and THIS IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE HE TEASES YOU ABOUT IT LIKE 500 TIMES LATER. You surprise him and he gets all flustered before he asks for one more kiss and then tells you teasingly that you better not say you have a boyfriend back home.

EXTENDED INTERVIEW. Hands down one of the BEST. Niigome bursts in and interrupts your lovey-dovey moment and then recognizes Aoi as that rich womanizer LOL. He threatens that he’ll never forgive Aoi if he makes you cry! When he leaves, Aoi tells you solemnly that he’s serious about you. He’s not going to deny how the gossip articles call him a rich boy who doesn’t know anything about society but he denies being a womanizer. He has never played around with women and he was serious about his girlfriend at the time.

But he admits that, at the time, he was so caught up in himself and in the eyes of society that he couldn’t recognize his own feelings or notice his girlfriend’s feelings. He now understands himself much better because he has the courage to face himself now thanks to you. And he’s going to do right with you. He’s determined to be with you. He places his hand against the glass and you get to place your hand against the glass too… on his. AND THEN HE KISSES THE BACK OF HIS HAND. YELLS!!

Serious and Confident Aoi becomes activated here because he smirks and says “It’s because you kissed me across the glass… there’s no way I can back away from this now. When I get out of here, don’t run away.” M O M. HELP. You can probably still find the remnants of my breakdown on twitter.

In your last meeting you see an article that gets published about Aoi and Serena being in a serious relationship. When you confront him about this, he explains that it’s a lie. The actress’ studio approached him to use him as a scapegoat and he agreed because he still likes her as a friend. It turns out that she didn’t have an affair. The true story is that she met with a male actor to talk about Aoi, her boyfriend. The actor is completely devoted to his wife. But then the paparazzi took pictures of her with him.

So then the actress went to talk to Aoi about the pictures but she couldn’t talk about her true feelings so she blurted out that bit about liking another person (LOL WHAT GIRL), making Aoi assume she wanted to break up. She regretted it immediately but didn’t know what to do and then Aoi got caught up in an accident. Meanwhile, Aoi feels bad because his assumption pushed her into running away and hiding at a friend’s house.

Anyway, they talked everything out on the phone and things are cleared up between them. The actress even wants to get back together with Aoi. But he’s confronted his own feelings and realizes that he’s not happy with someone who just loves him back (THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. BECAUSE ONE OF HIS ISSUES WAS ONLY LIKING PEOPLE WHO LIKED HIM BACK FIRST. He needed the security). Now he realizes that his love is for someone he feels he can’t be without. That someone is you. You’re always on his mind and he’s always thinking about what you’re doing, your facial expressions, etc etc.

Aoi notes that you haven’t been wearing the red earrings ever since he found out you weren’t his actual girlfriend. You apologize, but he’s okay with it because that was his childish way of marking you when he couldn’t touch you across the glass. But now, he isn’t going to ask you to wait for him. But he’s definitely going to come for you when everything is settled.






It’s been several months and even the article about Aoi and the actress has calmed down and disappeared, but you haven’t heard a single word from Aoi. Until one day when he calls for you to meet him at an airport. You head there and wait, and wait, and wait, and just as you’re about to leave he shows up and apologizes. Talks about how things took longer than he thought to get settled and he did want to contact you but he couldn’t.

The reason he’s meeting you here at the airport is because he’s decided to head overseas to study photography again. He realizes that, in the past, photography was just a reason he used to escape his house, reality, and turn his back to the future. But, you know what? When he was doing photography he still found himself struggling and moving forward. He doesn’t know if this is the right or wrong path for him. But what he does know is that he doesn’t want to stop photography.

And then he asks if you’ll come with him. It’s not going to be luxurious lifestyle but he has a place to live and a decent allowance. HELL YEAH you agree and so this is the start of your new life.

There’s a funny bit where Aoi hesitantly tells you that it’s not going to be a first class flight and then he inwardly freaks at the thought of being in economy. Is it going to be tight?! But even if it is… that just means he can be pressed up against you LOL. He cups your cheek and then kisses you. When you become embarrassed he teases that this is payback for that time you kissed him across the glass (I DIDN’T REALIZE THE REPERCUSSIONS WOULD COME ALL THIS WAY AHH!!). He whispers that he loves you.

At an undetermined time later, Aoi takes a picture of you in a sunflower field. He apologizes for it being so sudden but you had a great expression. He loves it when you smile at him like that… his favorite smile.


I’m dying at his drawing skills. Can you guys tell what the 3rd picture is? LOL. Text says:

Image 1: “… Don’t be so shocked. It’s not like I’m going to eat you.”

Image 3: “… This kind of feeling. Oh, it looks good!”

CONFESSION: I am weak to charai men EVEN THOUGH I KNOW I SHOULDN’T BECAUSE THEY BE SHADY AS HELL. If you’re wondering what charai men are like they’re characterized by being flirty, fashion-oriented, and trying to act cool. They tend to be really easy to talk to but not someone you want to be with because they seem like they’d cheat. And just look at this boy! His ears are pierced, his hair is styled, and he only uses the highest quality of goods LOL. Anyway, I knew from the beginning that Aoi was going to be trouble and T_T I WAS RIGHT.

His route gave me very complicated feelings. They don’t lie about the things listed in their key points. If Haruto’s route was slowly nurtured love (and it really was so sweet as you got to know him and grew closer) then Aoi’s roller coaster ride was real and extreme. I hate lying so even though I went into his route being like “HA! Yessssss the fake lover trope” I actually started dying because, at the beginning, he genuinely tries so hard to remember you and treat you like his girlfriend SO I WAS BEING EATEN ALIVE BY THE GUILT OH GOD.

I was also hilariously bad at keeping up the charade because in our messenger I’d ask him things like “Have you thought about what kind of personality you have when talking to someone you like?” and he’s like “No… not really. Why?” and I go “Just curious” and he replies “You’d know best as my lover, wouldn’t you?” AH HA HA. RIGHT. YEAH. I fucking did this like 5000 times lmao asking him about his favorite food and stuff and basically dropping neon signs that I didn’t know anything about him.

Also, for the longest time I thought he was a drug dealer LOL. Look, I blame Imabe for starting the game off with “he’s involved in drug-related activities!”. Of course I’d automatically think he was smuggling drugs or something smh. But, during the game, you get to hand wine to the jailers and learn little facts about the men (this happened in Haruto’s route too but it was more connected to the overall mystery) and Aoi had one that was like “He has extremely good table manners” which started to make me think that he was a rich boy. I’m so pleased that my intuition was right there, haha! Another random fact is that his mother is so beautiful she’s mistaken as his girlfriend sometimes LOL.

Because there’s no supernatural things happening in his route and with his route being all about human relationships, I can see why Aoi’s is labeled as melodramatic. I love it though. It’s really realistic in that sense? Especially the problems he struggled with like the status of his family, expectations from everyone around him, gossip and scandals, losing his way in life and not knowing what he wanted to do, etc etc. I think everyone can relate to being lost at life and not having a purpose, or turning your eyes away from your own feelings.

I JUST FELT SO EMOTIONAL CHEERING THIS GUY ON OKAY! At times I even forgot about this being a romantic-oriented game and I just wanted them to find themselves, have confidence in themselves, and go out and chase their dreams and be happy (same goes for Haruto). Capcom did good with these themes of not being “trapped” in their past (no, seriously, that’s where they did the name drop) and looking away from the future. Go out and seize the day! Follow your dreams! Be true to yourself!!

Image 1: “Then, can you immediately say what you like about me?”
“Personality… maybe.”
“”Maybe”… I’m a bit curious about that lack of confidence.”
“But I guess nothing can be done about that. In our current situation.”
“But I’m happy you can see inside me… maybe.”

Image 2: “Oh? That’s your finger.” [Context is that he’s asking for a KISS]

Image 3: “Here.”

I think what I loved most in Aoi’s route was the range in his voice. I wasn’t too good with Haruto because he’s the quiet and monotonous type but Aoi’s voice goes through so many levels. I seriously got embarrassed every time his voice dropped when he was delivering his flirty lines. His voice when he whines or complains or embarrassed is so cute too. And then when he’s angry or depressed his voice enters this broken range… UGH JUST. VOICES. Anyone who can manipulate their voice hits all the points for me.

The funnest part was probably all the flirting shenanigans though, teehee. One of the events has you giving Aoi a cactus which grows a crown of flowers. You joke with him in an interview about how it’s said that plants grow best when you speak to them. Aoi asks how he should talk to his then and I chose “Like you would a girl?” AND HE STARES STRAIGHT AT YOU AS HE DROPS HIS VOICE AND CROONS SWEET WORDS. I WAS GONNA COMBUST. And then Kariya, when he comes to end the interview, reveals that Aoi named the cactus after you and THE TABLES TURN! Aoi starts blushing and is like “WHY DID YOU SAY THAT!” hahaha I loved this one.

Another event is when you ask to extend the interview (I… may have bought them all, oops) you apparently do this upwards “I can’t?” look to Kariya and Aoi gets all fired up about that LOL. He goes on a long talk about that technique and how you tilted your head and, with a red face, glanced up and asked “I can’t?”. So then he wants you to do it to him HAHA OH GOD. Confession, I’m weak to that too when men look up through their bangs or something. But then again I’m weak to the downward arrogant look too. ANYWAY, I was way too embarrassed to do that so I was like “Even if you say that…” and Aoi instinctively goes “You won’t?” and tilts his head. This was so cute because you both realize what he did and end up laughing.

WARLORD DREAM. I bought this one because it sounded cute and THEN IT SMACKED ME IN THE FACE WITH FEELINGS. He had a dream that he was a warrior in the Sengoku period and during a castle siege he finds you, the daughter of the enemy, but he can’t bring himself to kill you. Unfortunately, the castle is surrounded by his people and so there’s no way out unless you show him a secret tunnel. He promises to protect and escort you out and so you show him. Along the way, he gives you a dagger to protect yourself with but you only take the sheathe. For some reason, he gets the impression from this act that you forgive him for what he’s done. And he muses philosophical on how forgiving someone else means forgiving yourself. Anyway, he makes a promise that you will hold onto his sheathe until the entire war is over.

The interview ends at this point and you ask him what happened to the sheathe! Was it given back to him? Aoi doesn’t know because that’s when he woke up from his dream. However, he feels like the sheathe was returned… You don’t understand and he won’t explain and that’s the end. BUT OH MY GOD. I may be reading too much into this but it’s almost like a second life T_T. You symbolize the sheathe and by returning to him it means that he’s finally at peace with himself, etc. True forgiveness has been achieved? I’m probably reaching LOL.

HAIR TREATMENT. I bought this one too because it’s all about nostalgia. Aoi and you reminisce about the first time you met and your reactions and his reactions. It’s super cute but why I’m writing about it is because there’s this confession from him about how he was so desperate to remember you because you always came to see him with a worried look on your face. That and after seeing your reactions to him he felt like you were going to be special to him T_T. At the time he admits that he might have just wanted to feel human warmth and a person who would look only at him. He repeats a few words from your very first meeting and IT’S BITTERSWEET AND CUTE because it reminds you of what he was going through at the time, but this time you can feel the sincerity in his voice after all you’ve been through.

Image 1: “If you’re kind to me like that right now then… I’ll fall in love with you…”

Image 2: “I got what you sent. Strawberry boxers. This is… how do I say this…”
“Don’t you think strawberries are sweet and delicious.”
“You like strawberries? Is that why you also gave me strawberry boxers? Sometimes I think… you’re a bit strange.”
“But thanks. I’ll wear the strawberries you love with care.”

Like Haruto, Aoi gives you a stone based on your personality. It’s actually a protection crystal and a pouch that he made. He gave me an iolite, also known as cordierite, which made me go “Uh…” at first because it didn’t sound like something I needed (but it was also the closest stone that matched me compared to the others). In the game, it’s described as a compass that points to your goals and dreams. A stone that guides your life. Gemstone sites say that it’s a stone that helps in recovering balance and provides the vision to move us, spiritually or physically (are you saying I’m lacking vision Aoi–).

But then when I looked into it some more I was surprised because iolite is also a stone of the muses, activating the creative side of the mind. It inspires creative self-expression through writing, song, etc etc. AND THAT BLEW MY MIND LOL because I’m currently in game development hell as the lead writer and… yeah… I could use some more creative help. Dammit, Aoi, how are you so sweet!! I’M GOING TO MISS HIM SO MUCH. Also, I got his best end and now I’m scared to do the others (looks like I’m more compatible with him than Haruto).

You: Come to think of it, when I found this orange sea glass the old man said “This is a sign of a coming miracle”. Do you think a miracle is about to happen?
Aoi: It’s not a sign. Because a miracle has already happened with the two of us meeting.
Aoi: … Kidding. But I do think that.

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    kukkiriri said:
    June 9, 2017 at 08:10

    Lol I was just linking a friend to your first two TnP posts a day or so ago. I haven’t read the post yet (then wth am I posting?! I just wanted to comment first! I’ll read it soon!), but you wrote a lot for Aoi. Did you prefer his route more than Haruto? :D

      Ilinox responded:
      June 9, 2017 at 10:29

      Aw, thanks! I hope your friend finds my posts coherent |D. I finished typing this up in a delusional state at 1:00AM so I wonder if I should have even hit publish. It might have been better to leave it for a day and then edit it to something more concise because I always have issues with blabbing LOL.

      But, hm, I think I would say I like Aoi more because smooth-talking playboys get me. It’s the do-M part of me that enjoys being teased and other types of characters don’t really do that LOL. It’s also fun to turn the tables on these men because when they blush and get flustered it’s just !!! GAP MOE. But Haruto is still pretty up there because even though he isn’t my type of guy I ended up feeling super affectionate for him by the end of his route. This game really makes you want to just cheer them on T_T.

        kukkiriri said:
        June 9, 2017 at 20:26

        Ilinox, I read my previous comment and I have no idea what I was typing when I wrote it. I had just woken up too, so I don’t even have the excuse of no sleep! Your posts are coherent, no wooorries. I also linked her to this new post of yours, mwuahaha.

        I couldn’t bring myself to read the chapter summaries. What’s the point of avoiding the spoilers? Well… One day! It’ll happen! (GDI Capcom, localize your own game!) Your thoughts, though. LMAO. I couldn’t help laughing along as you described your agony and the way you were dying from all your feels. Them FEELS. The inner turmoil and the lols. *pats you* It’s ok if you accidentally bought all of his extra stuff. It just means that you’d better replay his route again so that it was doubly worth the money you spent on them.

        I must say, the app sounds great from the way you describe the guys, and how realistically you end up bonding with them. Ahhh, I don’t want to be sucked in though, for there to be a hole in my wallet, and me a willing worshipper of the great Capcom. Donations! Take all my donations! Does Capcom plan on releasing more content for their guys? Or are the routes pretty much set? And will there be more guys, or is it just these two guys for now?

        Ilinox responded:
        June 11, 2017 at 16:01

        Eep, I think there are some spoilers in my thoughts section though so sorry about that! Haha, I believe that you’ll get around to playing this one day too (either giving in because Capcom won’t localize it or the blue moon that Capcom DOES localize it).

        I MADE A MISTAKE GETTING HIS BEST END THOUGH T_T now what’s the point on replaying it and not encouraging him to the fullest to get worse ends. I was crying at Haruto’s 1st end so if Aoi’s 1st end has him reluctantly doing something he doesn’t want to do in life… UGH MY HEART. These boys are precious and need to be protected!

        Hahaha, I don’t know why I was so excited for the fake girlfriend act. I don’t think I thought it through because when you see how visibly frustrated he gets at not being able to remember you I felt like SUCH a dick. It’s only fun when both parties agree to be a fake couple ><!

        I haven't heard anything about them making another character ;; there was something like a third character but he only had a short novel written for him. Right now they just keep on pumping out merchandise for the game lmao like pillows, perfume, mirrors, the pendant Haruto makes (IT'S FREAKIN' $150!!), etc etc. I think they could add more content for their guys but it'd probably just be more fluff in the form of special interviews. You can't really add onto the story unless it's like a fan disk or something? But that kind of strays from their game design about interacting through the glass, haha.

    1_chan said:
    June 9, 2017 at 07:21

    Gdi this man is dangerous ;; 7 ;; )) I thought I was going to combust when you started describing the little things he does like looking up through his friggin bangs! Have mercy on me lol xD. It was a great read~ Thanks!

      Ilinox responded:
      June 11, 2017 at 15:55

      *nods sagely* the uemedzukai (upwards glance with head down) is a deadly technique usable by both men and women, haha. Thank you for reading through my huge post |D I was trying to keep it short and sweet like Haruto’s post but relationship drama requires so much background context, ack.

    Lehst said:
    June 9, 2017 at 05:29

    I read the beginning and then skimmed the rest of your post, but I want to read the whole thing when I’m not tired. This post is awesome!
    I had just found out there was a new Toraware and was like “ohh… I wonder if they’ll play it…” *hopes*
    but sure enough there is a super awesome post about it XDD

    and omg. yes. Charai men. I didn’t know the word for that type until now tho! how is it wri- oh wait. I can google it. x’D hmm I see it written as チャラい but also just as チャラ. @_@ what… why…?

      Ilinox responded:
      June 9, 2017 at 09:16

      THANK YOU! I was sweating buckets when I saw how much I wrote for him compared to Haruto and thinking like, who the hell wants to read this giant wall of text. I felt like Haruto’s was much neater /o\ but maybe that’s because it’s easy to focus on the mystery aspect while Aoi’s has to capture all the relationship drama.

      Aoi took me much longer to play through than Haruto because I got sucked into other things, oops. And then I felt bad for juggling so many fictional men so I just sat down and crunched through the last episodes, haha.

      I had to look this up too to give you a proper answer, haha, but basically it’s slang for “chara chara” (チャラチャラ) which is smooth-talking or non-stop talking men. But it’s more popular to see it in the form of “charai” (チャラい) because that’s its adjective form. There’s also a noun form that looks like “charao” (チャラ男) which would literally mean “a charai man”.

        Lehst said:
        June 18, 2017 at 05:14

        ahh~!!! thank you! I was thinking adding the い made it sound like an adjective, but I have no formal learning to back up that theory. just … instinct(?) after hearing stuff so much. i find it really interesting seeing how words are combined in Japanese. and things like how a syllable will change, like.. um… doyagao, ドヤ顔. just looking at it I was like… hmm.. some kind of face? since I heard kao so much lol. but only just now did I bother to look it up and see the kanji XDD.

        I’m reading thru more of the post, but lol now I need to read the comments too. and what the… “uemedzukai”, so there is a word for that too!! (of course there is… lol.) I am remembering Tamaki explain it during Ouran Host club. oh gosh that was so long ago XDDD I was like, so totally taking his lesson seriously!! XD

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