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Ciel (シエル)


Note: His Animate, Tower Record, and Stellaworth tokutens + sample voices are translated (because what’s the point of translating other than to spoil my biases (ᅌᴗᅌ✿ )… jk jk).

Story premise is that these 6 boys have bands that are managed by Climax Records and though they have talent they have… their own problems. One day, the music executive (or executive producer) tells the boys that this is their last song. And so they’re all betting their survival on these last songs. Can you, as their girlfriend, support them? (Each boy has a different girlfriend).

Fourth man, and best husband, is Ciel. His band is Die Fledermaus with some rocking gothic aesthetic; “Die Fledermaus” means “The Bat” in German. He’s the oldest of all the vocalists, being 23, and a vegetarian and coffee addict. His vocalist abilities and professionalism are highly valued, but because of that he can be strict to his fans. Despite being legendarily known for being stoic and serious, he’s adored by his fans.

This time it’ll be MV, followed by lyrics, followed by sample voices (which are like mini events), drama CD translations, and then tokuten translations.

Note1: He calls his fans “schwester” which is German for “sister”. He considers his fans his little sisters :’) and everyone calls him their big brother, “Ciel-nii”, on his twitter. It’s adorable.

Note2: Sometimes Ciel calls his band “Flema” which is just short for “Fledermaus” which I translated fully because we don’t normally shorten names like that in English (taking the first and second last syllable lmao).


もう誰も 予期せぬまま、壊れていくよ 幽かな陽に 俯き
Everyone is already breaking, without any expectations // I’m looking down in the faint sun
そう喉に 刻まれた痛み 罪がボヤけ ただ、虚しく──……
Yes, the pain is carved into my throat // My sins are blurred, everything is in vain–……

幻想に 縋る 苛立ちだけ 今、掌(てのひら)の中 握り潰す
I cling to illusions, feeling irritated, and right now, in the palm of my hand, I crush it
Sing in the Darkness
Sing in the Darkness

Ah何を裏切るのか? ソレを決めるのは、ふたりだ 鼓膜を切り裂いて
Ah, what is being betrayed? The ones who decide that are the two of us // Tear my eardrums to pieces
Ah雁字搦めの日々 壁を叩き、泣き叫んでる God knows my BlackAnthem
Ah, these days where my hands and feet are bound, I strike the wall and scream // God knows my Black Anthem

ねえ、褪せた 薔薇を口にしで噛みしめた 胸を染める ニガさは
Hey, I crushed that faded rose with my teeth // That bitterness stains my heart
あ、むしろ イカれた祈りで 過去に背き その先へと──……
Ah, or perhaps, with prayers that have passed away, I turn my back on the past, and go beyond–……

鳴り響くEndless 誰(た)が為なの 今、息を止めたら 戸惑うなよ
Endless echoes, whose sake are they for // Right now, if your breath stops, don’t be confused
Sing in the Darkness
Sing in the Darkness

Ah揺るぎない命は、不断の華を咲せてく 夜を掲げていけ
Ah, this unshaken life blooms the constant flower // Put up the night
Ah欺くの止めて 限られたフレーズでいいから God knows my BlackAnthem
Ah, stop the lies, this limited phrase is fine so // God knows my Black Anthem

どれ程の想いの果てに 貴女と笑い合えるのだろうか?
To what extent of my feelings, am I able to laugh with you?

Ah何を裏切るのか? ソレを決めるのは、ふたりだ 鼓膜を切り裂いて
Ah, what is being betrayed? The ones who decide that are the two of us // Tear my eardrums to pieces
Ah雁字搦めの日々 壁を叩き、泣き叫んでる God knows my BlackAnthem
Ah, these days where my hands and feet are bound, I strike the wall and scream // God knows my Black Anthem

LUV (Your) STiNG
LUV (Your) STiNG

綻び始め 何か歪んだ 邯鄲のユメ 見つめて
I’m starting to come apart, something is warped // I saw a vain dream of wealth and splendor
寝ても覚めても キミを感じて 溺れているよ
When I’m asleep or when I’m awake, I feel you, I’m drowning in you

(針ニ刺サレ)甘ク 饐エタ香リニ 吸イ寄セラレ
(Stabbed by a needle) Drawn in by a sweet souring smell
(熱ク)弾ケタ 想イガ 滲ム
(Hot) These burst feelings spread
(魅セテ)掴ミ切レナイ 汗ダクニナレド
(Enchanted) I can’t understand, however I’m dripping with sweat
(イツモ)ナイモノ強請リヲ サレテル
(Always) You’ve asked for the moon

愛が 愛で いられない日が来る
The day when love can not stay as love comes
In this sorry state–……

際どい 毒気をヌくかReady?
Obscene // Are you ready to draw out the poison?
シビれて 噴き出してNo No
Titillating // I burst out “No, no”
If I touch the left of my chest
Oh ヤバいよ L・U・V (Your)STiNG
Oh, this is bad, L.U.V. your sting

So 終いには、震え出す
So, in the end, I begin to tremble
My Sick 手遅れなんだろ?
My sick, is it too late?

取り乱していた 過ぎ去る肌に、遺せないものあるかな
I’ve lost my self-control // Is there something that can’t be left on skin that has gone by?
世界惑わす 蜜な原理を 尻に秘めてる
Seduce the world // This honeyed principle is hidden in your bottom

(Here and there) Feigning ignorance, if you continue to stab me
(Black) I bury my face in your hair
(Buzzing) I’m on the brink of being out of control
(奥デ)ジクジクシデイル 何カヲ
(Deep) Something is oozing

僕は 僕で、いられるのだろうか
Can I stay as myself?
In this sorry state–……

それでも 怖くは無いさBaby?
But still, you’re not afraid, baby?
何処かね 他人事 No No
Somewhere, it’s another person’s affairs, no no
痛みは 常にあるけれどね
The pain is always there though
願いは S・O・S(Your)STiNG
My wish is S.O.S. your sting

Hunt down
Hunt down

一刺しで死ぬぐらいの 毒(おもい)で 酔わせてくれればいい
It would be nice to be intoxicated with just one stab of this deathly poison (feeling)
Right now, this needle won’t come loose (until it goes deeper)

際どい 毒気をヌくかReady?
Obscene // Are you ready to draw out the poison?
シビれて 噴き出してNo No
Titillating // I burst out “No, no”
If I touch the left of my chest
Oh ヤバいよ L・U・V (Your)STiNG
Oh, this is bad, L.U.V. your sting

So 終いには、震え出す
So, in the end, I begin to tremble
My Sick 手遅れなんだろ?
My sick, is it too late?

Note: There are links you can click on in the sample titles to hear these mini-tracks :).

*** SAMPLE 1 ***

Ciel: I’m Fledermaus’ vocalist, Ciel. We think of everyone who supports us as our precious little sisters. That’s why it’s fine for everyone to rely on me too. I think it’d be nice if I could become closer to everyone through my songs. Pleased to meet you.

*** SAMPLE 2 ***

C: “If you were to have a lover, they’d be younger than you, right?”… Nah, I don’t think that. I think that if I loved them then age wouldn’t matter.

C: “Do you have a favorite music genre?”… It’d be rock of course. It’s because I love it that I’m contesting in this genre. It’s natural.

C: “What country’s language have you studied up to now?”… Hm, that’s right. English, French, and German. Incidentally, the band’s name “Fledermaus” is German. It’s fun to know another country’s language. I think it’d be nice if, eventually, my schwesters increased around the world. On that subject, “schwester” is also German.

C: “Ciel, compared to other vocalists, you’re highly conscious of your professionalism but what is the one thing you pay most attention to?”… Heh. First, thank you for your praise. And then, what I pay attention to is… as expected my throat, and things like my health. A vocalist’s capital is their body.

C: “What’s the first thing you do when you wake in the morning?”… Well, omitting all the small details, I tend to go jogging daily. During the times when I can’t run no matter what because of my schedule then I’ll replace it with a different menu.

*** SAMPLE 3 ***

C: I’ve made you wait, schwester. Are you looking forward to our – Fledermaus’ – new song? I’ll tell you in advance that I’m confident the new song this time, when finished, will remain as one of the best songs in Fledermaus’ record.

C: Even if it ends up being our last song I won’t have any regrets. Be that as it may, I don’t want this to be the end. Please send all your impressions and thoughts to Climax Records. Of course, addressed to Fledermaus.

*** SAMPLE 4***

C: “You can’t laugh – Climax Record”? What is this project? Oh well, in any case, no matter what happens it’ll be fine if I don’t laugh, right? Got it. If such an easy thing is okay then–

*door opens; moan sfx; Ciel gasps and slams the door shut*

C: … Hey… w-what was that just now… I-I feel like I saw something I shouldn’t have… T-The president…


*door opens; moan sfx*

C: … T-That’s not true… I’m… n-not laughing… I’m n-not… l-laughing I said… HAHAHAHA!!

C: H-Hey! T-This is too much! What is the president doing on his own?! T-That look… hahaha… is too awful… hahaHAHA! Fishnet stockings shouldn’t be done!!

*** SAMPLE 5 ***

C: My schwester, are you listening? That you’re always loving me like an older brother… is something I’m really happy about.

C: I can continue singing because of your support. From here on too, I’d like you to continue supporting me like you do now. I’m counting on it.

*** SAMPLE 6 ***

C: Hey, tomorrow’s the live so come ahead of time.

C: Huh? What are you saying? I’m not talking about that… I’m talking about tonight. Come to my place right now.

C: Are you saying you have plans that are more important than me? If you have a complaint, I’ll hear it at my place.

C: Ah, and tomorrow we’re going to the venue together. Don’t forget anything.

*** TRACK 3: Me, backstage ***

C: Thank you for tonight! Thanks to all the schwesters here, we were able to have our best performance! But it’s not over yet! Us, Fledermaus, are going to evolve more and more and continue forward! All of you will come along with us, right!? Once again… thank you very much. We’ll meet again at the next live!!

C: Hey! What are you doing in this corner? You did watch it, right? Our live… Come on, over here. I want to hear what you have to say right now.

C: I won’t wait. I said “right now” didn’t I? We’re having a staff party after this, so I won’t have time.

C: Ah, good work everyone. The arrangement at the start today wasn’t bad, I’ll be counting on you again next time. Have you heard about the staff party? Let’s talk in more detail there. See you later.

C: Come on, over here. Behind that equipment.

[01:50] *pins you against wall*

C: Now then… People won’t see us here, so we can talk calmly… “About what” you ask? Isn’t that obvious?

C: Let me ask how today’s live was. You watched it, right? From the beginning… all of it. I see. Then, you can say something, right?

C: Hah, who cares about that. I’m the one who knows best how the schwesters reacted since I saw them from the stage. What I want to hear isn’t that…

*more wall pinning*

C: It’s your personal impressions. Let me hear them. Hmm… that’s quite vague. “The best”? What does that mean? Are you implying that Feldermaus can’t climb higher than this? If that’s not the case then you have to tell me something specific that was done well or… I won’t know.

C: Naturally the song is good. Fledermaus’ songs are always the best. Even if one of the members don’t agree, they haven’t said anything out loud from the start. What I want to hear… isn’t such common impressions. There’s something else, right?

C: Oh? M.C…. It’s true I did speak more about our core than I usually do but that’s because I saw schwesters who cheered us on long ago in the crowd. So, anything else?

C: Hey now… you can’t possibly be saying that, at a live rock band, the M.C. was the best part, right? What? You noticed then. Good. I was at the point of feeling disappointed in you.


C: Heh, that’s right. I certainly did change the way I sang that song. I thought of it while talking to the others at a meeting before the performance. “What if we purposefully made it sound like spoken lines accompanying the melody line?”… the members thought it was interesting as well and supported it. So, we decided to try it out in today’s live.

C: Like this… it sounds like someone whispering to you, right? As you know… that song is Fledermaus’ love song out of all the rest. Like a lover whispering their love… I wanted to perform that. Of course, it was for you. While I was singing that song, I only thought about you.

C: Heh, after saying this… what are you feeling right now? Come on, don’t stay silent and answer.

C: I see. Then, naturally, you should be giving something to me, right? You’re happy, aren’t you? Then it’s natural for you to express your gratitude, isn’t it? For example… something like a kiss from you?

C: What? You can’t do it? Even though I went out of my way to bring you to a place where people won’t see us. Truthfully, I’d like one to be given to me right at the wings of the stage. In the first place, our relationship is common knowledge to the band members and staff. We don’t need to be so secretive.

C: But I know you get easily embarrassed, which is why I took so much care like this. I won’t listen to excuses. Look, hurry up and kiss me.


C: Generally speaking, it honestly wouldn’t be bad for you to be the one to grab me and kiss me whenever I do a live. If it suits you, you don’t have to wait for the live to end either. As long as you want to, you can do it during a live or at any other time… or push your way through a crowd to me. And then I’d pull you up onto the stage and kiss you right there. How about it? Now that I’ve mentioned this, maybe I should try doing it at the next live?

C: Why can’t I do it? Ah, could it be that you’re being considerate of the schwesters? If that’s the case, there’s no need for that. Those people are a good audience. Well, there might be a fuss at first but, before long, they’ll accept you. Fledermaus has a real ability and we’re completely different from a second-rate band that would be crushed by something like a scandal.

C: Frankly, I think there’s no point to hiding our relationship from the world any longer than this. That’s how serious I am about you. Do you understand? *kisses*

C: Haa… what the heck… after all that, I ended up doing it. In that case, I should’ve done it earlier. I completely wasted my time in waiting. What are you going to do about that?

C: Guess there’s no choice but to move and change locations. After this, there’s a shop close to the office where the staff party is being held so let’s go. We’ll go on ahead before the band members and staff arrive. There I’ll have you firmly take responsibility.

C: Yeah, that’s right. Obviously. Because you thoroughly teased me. I’ll definitely get a kiss from you. Just so you know, I’m not going to let you give me a kiss that is at the level of a greeting like the one before. It has to be more passionate… you have to satisfy me. Alright?

C: That’s how it’s going to be, so let’s go. After I change I’ll bring the car around from underground. How costly it is to tease me… I’m going to teach you that tonight, to the point where you’ll beg me to stop. Prepare yourself.

*** TRACK 4: Schwester Disqualification? ***

C: Hm? Our opponent in this Battle of the Bands is more talented than what the rumors have said. Especially that guitarist who joined recently. But I heard from Re-o-do that he came from indies…

C: Hey. Hey! You seem to be listening quite intently. To not even notice me talking… Are you that interested in them? Ah, what a shame. And I thought you had given it your all to be a devoted schwester for Fledermaus.

C: You’re going to make excuses now? Oh well, we have many other schwesters who are following us. Look. I heard that tonight’s tickets were sold out as well. Of course, it’s because Fledermaus is appearing.

C: Right now, the audience that is taken in by the other band’s performance like this will change their attitudes the moment we start our performance. Everyone will become a schwester. We’ll definitely get everyone engrossed.

C: That band certainly isn’t bad. There’s personality in the guitarist and other vocalist. Once they become major they might even be able to compete. However, that’s all. A band is a kind of teamplay. No matter how high an individual’s skill is, they won’t be able to survive only on that.

C: On that point us, Fledermaus, are different. Including the band members, staff, and supporting schwesters, everyone has come together to build up many things. The result of that is the music the present Fledermaus has created.

C: About the Battle of the Bands… you can see the result already before anything has even happened, right? In the first place, I think you would know the most about our real ability. Am I wrong?


C: Hm? I see. Then show me proof right now. If you say you really know us then you should be able to do it. Hey, who is it that is standing in front of you right now? That’s right. Ciel. Fledermaus’ Ciel.

C: Like I said, I don’t think of Fledermaus as consisting of just me and my ability. But, you know, I have pride and responsibility as a vocalist. The vocal is a band’s face. Whether my opponent is of a lower rank in the Battle of the Bands or whatever, I’ll never go easy on them. Once I’m on stage, I stake everything that I am and stand in the center and sing. That’s my role.

C: So, what do you think your role is? Yes, that’s right. You know us better than anyone else, right? So it’s natural that you understand your own role, right? Come on, answer.

C: Hmm, that’s right, your role is to support me so that I can hold a great live. Then, let’s get started on giving me that. For the sake of helping me, the face of the band, give the best performance later… think veeeeery carefully about what I want from you and give me that support.


C: What’s wrong? You can’t think of anything? I’m shocked. What happened to proving that you understand us the best? You don’t seem to even know anything about me. What to do to raise my mood… it should be simple to imagine, right?

C: For example, what do you think would happen if I, as the MC, asked the same thing to schwesters? I’m sure the audience would immediately start screaming. No doubt they would respond with cheers loud enough for the dead to hear. And yet you’re silent. Honestly, I’m disappointed.

C: With this, you’re far off from being the person who understands Fledermaus the best. In fact, you’re eliminated from being a schwester too.

C: Bothered? Then don’t be silent and try praising me. Hm? Is that so. Well, I am risking it all with Fledermaus so it’s not bad to hear my band being praised like that. Anything else? Why do you think that? What’s your reason for Fledermaus being lost without me? For you to think that means I haven’t made a mistake up to this point as the face of the band, huh.

C: I have pride as the vocalist for Fledermaus. Once I stand as the center of the band, I have to be a person who can attract the audience better than anyone else. A charming voice and presence is an aspect that a vocalist needs to have. If you’re saying I express that well then there’s nothing happier than that… for Fledermaus’ Ciel.


C: Well, I’m feeling pretty energetic before the live. Right now, it’s more than enough for me to go on. But when it comes to my personal feelings… heh, to be honest, it’s not enough. There’s something more, right? Something you can say because you’re my girlfriend. Words that can make me go beyond my current ability.

C: I won’t let you say you can’t think of anything. Come on, let me hear it, because it’s going to be our turn soon.

C: You like me singing? Then you don’t like me when I’m not singing? Hmm, is that so. You like me that much? Well, those words aren’t unhappy ones but I suppose I’ll have to settle with just your feelings.

C: But, too bad, you’re still eliminated from being a schwester. That’s the only thing I can say.

C: Hm? You seem really dejected. Are you unhappy by that? Hmm, well, that’s something which can’t be changed. Give up with good grace. By the way, do you know why we call our fans “schwesters”? It’s because of the origin behind the word “schwester”.

C: “Schwester” is a word in German which means “little sister”. We think of our audience, who has followed Fledermaus, as our own little sisters. That’s why they’re called “schwesters”. Get it? Mm, then we can cut to the chase.

C: I’m going to say this clearly… but, up to this point, I’ve never once thought of you as a little sister. If I did, then I wouldn’t be thinking about how I want to kiss you. *kisses* Understand? To me you’re my one and only girlfriend. I won’t accept you as anything else.

C: Heh, what’s with that red face. But I don’t dislike that look. If you’d like, you can stay like that some more. Should I help by kissing you again? Heh, you don’t have to be so reserved.


C: But I’m feeling really great now. I guarantee that tonight’s live will be a success. I’ll take everyone on the floor to a world they’ve never seen before. You look forward to it too.

C: Hm? What’s going on? The other band should have finished their song… Hah, looks they decided to go off and add a song to their performance. Geez, even though they’re a lower rank they’re being an inconvenience. But, well, there’s nothing to be done now that they’ve started.

C: More importantly, I can have a little more time with you. It’s a good opportunity, so how about we test how high you can raise my energy? Come on, come closer. Hmm? No? Why? Then is it better for me to stop the other band’s performance right now and jack the stage?

C: That would certainly liven things up in a sense at a Battle of the Bands, but if I do that then the quality of our entire live will certainly fall. We have no interest in our stage performance being on that topic. In the end, this is a contest of music. There’s always a limit on the time you have up on that stage. But by making the most out of that and showing your true ability is what a true musician is.

C: Schwesters are capable people. That’s why they have discerning eyes. I will never betray their expectations. And that’s why I always have to surpass myself as myself today more than yesterday, and tomorrow more than today. I have to continue to want to sing the best songs.


C: And you’re necessary for that. As long as you’re here, I’m always being the best I can be. At any time. Or do you not like it when I’m holding you like this? Then there’s no problem.

C: Hm? Looks like it’s finally over. Mm, the other side seems to be stirred up as it is. Heh, interesting. Gets me fired up to draw all of them over to us. Since that’s the case, I have expectations for you too. The time limit is, at most, 30 seconds. Until then, raise my mood to its limit. I’m leaving the “how” to you. Now, come.

*** TRACK 5: Coffee Mission ***

*phone call*

C: Aa, it’s me. Where are you right now? Shibuya? Come over right now then. I’m at the same studio from before doing a photoshoot for the CD jacket. It’s going to start in 15 minutes, so hurry up. Oh, also, get some coffee from Starbucks along the way. You know my usual, right?

C: What? You can’t? But you’re already in Shibuya, right? So there’s no problem. Or are you saying you have business that’s more important than me? I’ll be waiting then.

*phone call ends; you enter a room*

C: Hm? You’re finally here. I’ve been waiting. Ah, sorry, thanks for that. Hmm, you got it right. Starbuck’s Guatemala, black. Tall-sized. Perfect. But, too bad, we’re out of time. The photoshoot is starting so that coffee– Ah, good work. I’m going right now. Sorry for making you come over to get me.

C: Hm? Ah, a camera test? No, I don’t care who it is. There’s no problem over here. If the other band members want to do it then I’m fine with that…

*photoshoot starts*

C: Got it. This kind of feeling? Hm? Did something happen? Breakdown? Then the other photoshoots… ah, I see, I’m leaving it to you then. *claps hands* Everyone! There seems to be some trouble with the equipment. I apologize since we just started but we’ll take a short break.

C: It’s okay. We’re arranging for a replacement right now. We’ll resume when you guys have set up.


C: I didn’t think there’d be a break this early. But, well, it might be perfect. With this, I now have the time to drink that coffee you bought. Can you bring it over?

*you stumble and spill it*

C: Ah!… Aha… the troubles just keep continuing today. First, photoshoot equipment and now clothing. Hah, don’t worry about it. I was careless too. Are you okay? Aha, it’s okay, calm down. Being flustered is what causes troubles.

C: Hey! Can someone bring a towel? Coffee was spilled. Ah, thank you. Also, about my clothes… can something be done about this? I feel like the stylist mentioned that they’ve prepared a spare in case of emergencies. Can you confirm that? Mm, it’s a small mercy that the coffee was cold. Thanks to that there aren’t any burns.

C: Hey… don’t be so depressed. You didn’t do it on purpose. We should return to the waiting room for a break too. Let’s go.


C: By the way, did you see the set for the photoshoot? It was made to match the image of our new song. It’s pretty good, right? Hey, pass me that jacket over there. Ah, thanks.

C: Alright, done. Now we wait for the staff to contact us. Hey, are you planning to just stand there? Why don’t you come over and–…

C: Are you still concerned about spilling the coffee? It’s not as serious of an accident as you seem to think it is. Fledermaus’ staff is full of capable people only. Whether it’s a special feature photoshoot equipment or custom-made clothes, something will be done. I believe that and, up to now, they’ve never once betrayed that expectation. Because those people are pros. The mistake you’ve made with your clumsiness is nothing to them.

C: Hey, cut it out. I’ve said it over and over again not to worry about it. But, well, if you’re saying you’re so depressed because you feel responsible then… how about this? *wall pins* As a sign of apology, kiss me. Then I’ll forgive everything.

C: Why are you panicking now? You’re the one who feels responsible and depressed, no? So, I’m saying you can take responsibility. Once you do, you’ll feel better too, right?


C: Hey… how about it? Yes. You have to do it. Nope, I’m not going to do a single thing. If I do, then it wouldn’t count as you taking responsibility. So, naturally, I won’t bend over to meet you either. Do something about the height difference by yourself. You’re going to take responsibility, right? So, you should be able to do it.

C: Heh, what? If you’re going to do it, then hurry up and do it. We don’t know when the staff will contact us about resuming the photoshoot. Mm… *kisses* Haha. So you can do it when you put your mind to it. Standing on your tiptoes to kiss me… heh.

C: I don’t mind seeing you like that. I could feel how desperate you were… how cute. Hey, honestly, how do you feel about this? Generally, I’m always the one who starts things… and I don’t really like that. It feels like I’m the only one who has affection in this relationship. I don’t mind if you’re more desperate normally and chase after me. I won’t mind even if it becomes troublesome.

C: Because I’ve decided to date you to the end. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. I won’t mind even if you come at me being troublesome or an outrageously spoiled girl. I’m not a person who’ll become agitated at the smallest of things. I always try to be someone like that.

C: But, for argument’s sake, if I do lose my composure… it’ll be the times I want you desperately. *notification noise* Hm? It’s a message from the staff.


C: It looks like they’ve safely prepared the replacements for the equipment and clothes. They’ll resume the photoshoot in 20 minutes. That’s why I told you that the Fledermaus staff is perfect and there’s nothing to worry about.

C: Now then, I’m going to go and get the new clothes. I also want to thank the staff for working so hard. By the way, you’ll be present until the end of the photoshoot today, right? Then you should head over to the studio we were at before–…

C: Is that I was thinking but… hm, that’s right, I should have you go at this time. To Starbucks. I want to drink coffee. Go out again and buy another one. Ah, by the way, don’t get the drip coffee, get the beans instead. Guatemala. Got it?

C: Oh, also, I’m not going to send you home even after the photoshoot. We’ll be heading to my place like this. That’s why the coffee is for the morning. You’ll grind the beans and brew it. I won’t approve of cold coffee like the one before. I won’t drink it unless it’s piping hot.

C: Just to let you know, once the photoshoot ends, there won’t be time to go home first. I’m not going to give you the time. You won’t be able to leave my side until the morning. That’s how it’s going to be. I’m counting on you. See you later.

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: Short Story ***

As I descended below the office building, I searched my pocket. I could see my beloved car’s lights flash when I unlocked its security, and then I checked my smart phone’s screen with a glance. It just reached 9:00 PM. Today I had been in the studio since this morning and didn’t even have time to check the time, but it looked like we finished earlier than I expected. Tomorrow was a day off, which I hadn’t had in a long while, so returning home like this felt somewhat wasteful.

The moment I got into the driver’s seat and inserted my key I suddenly had a thought. I picked up my smart phone again, which I had just left on the dashboard, and called the first number in my call history. The person who answered the call on the second ring was, of course, my girlfriend.

“… Aa, it’s me. Are you at home?”

When she answered that she was, I told her that I was heading over there and she should prepare and, without waiting for an answer, I ended the call. The image of her probably panicking came to mind and I smiled unconsciously.

–Guess I have no choice. Since it was so sudden, I’ll take a small detour before going there. While thinking that, I pressed down on the brake pedal this time and pressed the button. In the dim underground parking lot, the heavy bass of the engine echoed.

Exiting the crowded loop line, when the car approached the quiet residential neighborhood, I saw my girlfriend waiting outside her house. I turned on my hazard sign and turned off the headlights. By the time she finally climbed into the passenger seat, several cars had passed by, and while looking at my face she asked where we were going.

“Who knows. Where do you want to go?”

I said slightly mischievously. She looked taken aback.

“I don’t particularly have anything to do or anything in mind. Work ended earlier than I expected, so I thought going on a random drive from time to time wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

Looking at my grin, she also smiled.

“Anyway, how about we get some coffee. There’s a drive-thru ahead.”

Heading to the coffee chain that I frequently attend, I stepped on the accelerator.

At first, when we started dating, my girlfriend had said it was her first time in a left-hand drive car but now she was completely accustomed and, without me needing to say anything, she would deal with drive-thrus and parking gates. Two drinks were held out to us by a gracious employee over the counter of the drive-thru. My girlfriend had ordered what seemed to be a new seasonal latte while I ordered my usual tall-sized Guatemala, of course. Behind my girlfriend, when she reached out the passenger seat window to receive them, I sighed.

“… By the way, please don’t spill those like you do sometimes, okay?”

She turned around with a red face and slightly sullen look and answered that she knew that already. I knew full well that she still cared about how she spilled coffee on my clothes before but, because she wouldn’t listen no matter how many times I told her not to worry, I teased her sometimes like this and had a bit of fun. Watching as she carried the coffees to the cup holder with more caution than was necessary, I said this while snickering.

“Well, shall we go then?”

For the present, because she said she wanted to see the sea, we went to the capital’s highest gulf coast. Like that we headed to the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line. The Aqua-Line, which crosses Tokyo Bay, starts as a tunnel from Kawasaki but, partway through, becomes a bridge above the sea which goes on in a straight line. I thought we could continue through directly to Kisarazu but, since we were here already, I stopped the car in a parking lot on Umihotaru, an artificial island in Tokyo Bay.

“The wind is pretty strong. Are you cold?”

She was looking across the sea to gaze at the night scenery of the industrial district, but she turned her head to me and answered that she was fine. In the plaza, other than the large monument which was illuminated in blue light, there was no one but us. Only the winter wind and the sound of waves echoed. I approached her and whispered.

“… Well, even if you say you’re fine, I’m going to do this.”

Before I finished speaking, I hugged her from behind.

“Look, you really were cold. Your cheeks, and ears…”

When I lowered my head and kissed her ear, she made a quiet noise. I turned the small body in my arms around and touched her lips.

“… It looks like this has gotten quite cold too. We should warm this up immediately, shouldn’t we. And, if you’d like, your body…”

Covering her mouth with my own, I held her even more tightly. At that moment, a strong wind blew. But, I didn’t feel the cold. Rather, more than that, I keenly felt the warmth from her body which I was holding… and her lips.

Perhaps I was the one who was warmed up–.

*** TOWER RECORDS TOKUTEN: Private Vocalist @ Shibuya!! ***

C: Hey! Over here! Geez, you’re strange. Asking to meet in front of the Shibuya scramble crossing. Heh, well, it would be a problem if you didn’t recognize me immediately no matter how perfect my disguise is. Because you’re my girlfriend, it should be natural.

C: “What if”… you say. You don’t have confidence in finding me? I’m shocked. Hmm… then the next time we meet I’ll have an even better disguise and test you. If you don’t recognize me immediately then, of course, I’ll… have to punish you.

C: Why are you flustered? If you really love me then no matter what I’m wearing you should be able to find me. It’s a chance to test your love. I’m looking forward to it. But I’m fine with punishing you too… heh, well, try your best.

C: Anyway, why are we meeting here today in this crowd? Haa, it’s so noisy around us that I can’t hear you. Talk louder. Or come closer. Around this close. Hey… your face is red. That means my teasing has an effect. I think it’s cute though.Well, why?


C: Hm? “That”… You mean that poster? It was taken under President Panda’s orders. It seems like the President recommended me to be the image model for a men’s magazine this season. We went to Hawaii recently, right? It was taken then. I really wanted to take you too but our schedule was all over the place.

C: Looking at it from here it’s pretty big, huh. Well, seems like the photo was worth the trouble. Even if it’s not directly related to music, promotions are a part of it. Plus, this might spark an interest in some people for Fledermaus. When I think about that, I really can’t cut corners.

C: Did you call me to Shibuya because you wanted me to know this? Hm? Well, holding an interest in my job is a nice attitude to have. Mm? Picture? You don’t need to take one. This isn’t anything to get excited about. More importantly, I’m thirsty. I want to drink coffee right now.

C: In this place, let’s see… the Starbucks at the Shibuya scramble is the closest, hm. I’m sorry we’re always going to the same place. I don’t drink anything but organic coffee though, so if we’re going then it has to be that shop–…

C: Hey. Why do you look so disappointed? You wanted to take a picture that badly? You don’t need a picture of that poster, right? Because the real thing is beside you. Come on, let’s go.

*in Starbucks*

C: Here, yours. Is iced caramel macchiato with soy milk and whipped cream okay? Haa, women really love that, huh. Just looking at it gives me heartburn. What? That’s just a common opinion. Did you think I was comparing you to someone? Really? If you thought I was cheating on you, I’m going to tell you in advance that I don’t have that kind of time. My hands are full right now with Fledermaus and you. Got it?

C: But it’s not bad that you got jealous. It makes me feel that you love me. Ah, looks like those seats over there just happen to be free. Let’s go.


C: Hey, where do you plan on sitting? Your seat is… *grabs you* over here, right? Beside me. You don’t like this? Oh, you’re embarrassed? But too bad. I told you to sit so sit down obediently.

C: Great, that’s good. It’s finally my day off and we’re able to be together. So, let’s be more like lovers. Lean this way. Don’t worry, my disguise is perfect. No one will recognize me. Ah, but because you’re always raising such a fuss eventually someone might become suspicious. And then, because of that, I might get revealed.

C: Troubled? Then be more natural. Like a normal couple with a good relationship. Heh… good girl. Since we’ve reached this point, should I get you to do something a lover would? First, let’s see… look into my eyes and whisper some romantic words. It’s a good opportunity and you should tell me your feelings directly once in a while. Even though we’re a couple, if you don’t say anything your feelings won’t get across to me.

C: What? You can’t do it? If we’re a couple with a good relationship then you should be able to. Come on, look straight at me. And say it. What do you think about me? What? I can’t hear you. Say it louder. Hmm? I see. You like me… Okay, next. What do you like about me? Try saying something specific.

C: Hm? What’s wrong? If you really like me then you should be able to think up a lot of things, right? Or is there a reason you can’t say it? Hahah! I didn’t mean any offense with my laugh. I was just thinking about how cute you are. Hmm, you like everything about me, huh. Then you won’t have complaints about anything I do, right?

C: That’s the case, isn’t it? If you say you like everything about me then you should like how I tease you like this. Heh, what’s with that look? Well, I did go out of my way to trouble you to see that look. Haha! Don’t be so angry. Hey, I’m the same. I love everything about you…


C: How was it? What’s your impression on whispering romantic words to each other like lovers? Hah, you’re bright red. Did you get so excited you caught a fever? Well, drink something cold and calm down.

C: But, wow, you can really drink that. It looks very sweet. No, I don’t want any. I’m careful about what I put into my mouth. For a vocalist, taking care of one’s body is just one of many important jobs. If I don’t then I can’t sing good songs. My diligence in my daily training and being a vegetarian is all for the sake of my songs.

C: It’s not something you need to call amazing. It’s natural when one is a pro vocalist. More importantly, after this–… Hm?

C: Hey, there’s cream on the corner of your lips. I’ll get it, don’t move. Are you a kid? Geez… *licks* Just like I thought, it tastes horrible. Too sweet. Hm? Why are you sulking? Because I dissed your favorite drink? I’m just saying the truth.


C: Don’t make such a silly face when you’re with me. Hey, look this way. *kisses* Do you feel better? Hah, your lips also taste like that deathly sweet cream. Hey… can I have some more? Idiot, there’s no way. I’m not talking about the drink… what I want is this. Your lips.

C: Come on… mm… if you won’t do it then I’ll just do it. I’ll even let the everyone around us see everything. Prepare your– Hm? If we’re alone? Hmm… I see. In other words, you’re seducing me? Saying that you want to hurry up and be alone together.

C: Okay, let’s move immediately. Drink that quickly. Hm? It’s obvious, isn’t it? We’re going to a place where we can be alone together. You’re the one who proposed that. Now then, where shall I take you. I’m off for the whole day so we have a lot of time. I’ll keep you company until the morning.

C: When you make an invitation like that, I’m going to go through with all that I have. Get ready.

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: Private Vocalist @ Home ***

*phone call*

C: Aa, it’s me! Where are you right now? Haa… haa… I see. Then you’ll be there first. I’m sorry, since we promised, but I went for a short run. I’ll come back around 5 minutes later, so you can go ahead into my place. You have keys, right? See you later then.


C: Fuu… fuu… I’m home. Sorry for making you wait… haa… haa… uh, I suppose it’ll be bad to hug you like this. I’m all sweaty from running so I’m going to take a shower. Hm? What’s with that look? You look really lonely. If you’d like… we can take one together?

C: Heh, you’re quite assertive today. That’s not bad from time to time. Let’s go then. Really? You don’t have to be reserved. Mm, that’s a shame. Well, wait in the living room like a good girl. I’ll be back soon.

C: What are you reading? I came out a long time ago. I thought to surprise you so I quietly snuck up. Now then, I can finally hug you. Ah, sorry, am I cold? My hair is still wet so… haha, what’s with that? Making that noise when I’m pressed against you.

C: When I thought about how I was making you wait I didn’t want to waste time drying off. You can put up with this. Well? What kind of magazine were you so engrossed in that you didn’t even notice my presence. Show me.


C: A feature on accessories you want your boyfriend to give you. Hmm, I see. You want me to give you something. What am I wrong about? You’re just casually reading it, you say. It’s useless to dodge the question. You’re bad at lying and, at the very least, it won’t work with me. How about telling the truth? Like “sometimes I want things like this too”.

C: You should have said so honestly in the first place. You didn’t have to go out of your way to pick up a magazine and make an appeal. Haha, okay, okay, I understand. I can predict everything you’re thinking.

C: So, what do you want? A necklace? Ah, that earring over there seems like something you’d like. You have a lot of similar looking ones, right? Look, today too. You’ve been wearing these earrings lately whenever we meet. Aa, if it’s you then I won’t miss even the smallest of changes. I notice when you’ve cut your bangs too.

C: Well, I kept silent because I didn’t think I needed to bring it up. It’s not that surprising, is it? I plan to know your likes and weaknesses better than anyone else. Heh. Well? Which one do you want in the end? The earrings?

C: Because it’s an accessory. I’ll give it to you as a present. Why would I lie? Well, daring to give your lover presents even when there’s no event isn’t so bad, right? Haha, you look happy. But you should listen to the very end.


C: I don’t mind buying it. However… there’s a condition. You have to listen to anything I say today. How about it? I can think of many things I want you to do but first I suppose I’ll ask for you to do things with a low hurdle. We’ll start with simple things and gradually increase to harder things. Just like training. Understand?

C: But you want it, right? Then you better do your best. First, we’ll start at an elementary level. Come on. Dry my hair with that towel. I’m starting to feel chilly like this after my shower. This is simple, right?

C: Until my hair is dry, I’m going to think carefully about what I want you to do next. Hey, you’re being too reserved. I won’t be dry at all like that. Do it more boldly. Mm, that’s good. What’s wrong? Are you tired already? Even though I’m going to be having you continue to support me like this from here on… this makes me nervous about the future. Haha, I see. Well, I have high hopes… in those slender and unreliable arms.


C: … mgh… Ah, sorry, looks like I dozed off. Now then… woah! Are you okay? Good then. Since we’re like this… let’s stay like this a while longer.

C: It’s peaceful like this. Being at home really is the best. I’m saying you being here is the best. No one will interrupt. Hey, if you’d like, how about moving in? Heh, is it that surprising? It’s nothing strange. Ah, well I’d have to prepare this place, but I’m being serious. So think it over seriously. Okay?

C: Now then, my hair is dry so let’s move onto the next one. Hey, did you forget already? You’re supposed to listen to anything I say. By the way, the next one is at an intermediate level. I’ve already decided the content. Guess what I want right now.

C: You don’t know? Then I’ll give you a hint. It’s something I can get my hands on immediately here. Ah, geez, I’m shocked with you. Even though you’ve been with me for this long, you can’t predict anything? Guess I have no choice. I’ll give you a second hint.

C: For your information, this is the last one. I won’t give you any more hints. It’s the most important thing to me. What do you think that is? Well, that’s true, one thing is Fledermaus. But there’s one more thing, right? What’s wrong? You can’t say it? That look… you already know it, right? Don’t dodge the question when you’re aware of it. I said it was useless, right?


C: Come on… try saying it. Yes, you. *kisses* Look, you know, right? What I want right now. The answer is… you. But you’re already mine so for now I’ll just take some kisses. Now, because you said the right answer, I’ll give you a reward. About those accessories back there. What you really want aren’t those earrings, right?

C: I thought so. I told you that it’s useless to hide things. How about saying it without reservation? Well, I have a general idea already.

C: Say it. If you don’t… then a punishment will be waiting for you. Heh, a ring, huh. Got it. I’ll buy it so tell me your size. Your ring finger, of course. Hm? You’re that happy? Then you should have said it sooner. I’ll buy you rings at any time.

C: But, more than that, I’m thinking about the future. Well, including the matter of you moving in, everything that happens later is going to depend on you. Hmm, what do I mean? Heh, now then, the intermediate level stops here. Next is… finally the advanced level.

C: We’ll be continuing it in my room. Let’s go.

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    Reggie said:
    June 26, 2018 at 02:07

    “Hey… how about it? Yes. You have to do it. Nope, I’m not going to do a single thing. If I do, then it wouldn’t count as you taking responsibility. So, naturally, I won’t bend over to meet you either. Do something about the height difference by yourself. You’re going to take responsibility, right? So, you should be able to do it.”
    Hmm….. How about punch him in the tummy then he will bend over in pain and kiss him or stamp his foot, kick him, hmm…. What else lol XD So far his the best boyfriend of all the 6 guys ( I still don’t know about Joshua ^^’) but I choose Re-o-do the voracious boyfriend 😂

      Ilinox responded:
      July 1, 2018 at 12:47

      HEY!! CIEL DOESN’T DESERVE ANY OF THAT wwwwwww he’s a good husband!! I’d rather just grab him by the collar and yank him down– |D;; jkjk let’s keep this PG here. Haha, they’re all pretty cute in their own ways when I look back on these guys… except…… Momochi.

    Summer. said:
    May 18, 2018 at 08:33

    Miss Ilinox! Hello! I am a high school girl from China. My English name is Summer, you can call me summer. I really appreciate your translation! I like the drama of dear vocalist very much. And I am very happy to see your translation your translation is really great! My Japanese language is not good but there are English courses in Chinese schools, so I can understand some English and can communicate with you in English, but my English is not very good and I hope you can forgive you very much. I’m very shy but you attract me and I really want to make friends with you and know you very much! It looks like you like Ciel very much and I like him very much! He’s really a good man with a very professional spirit and working hard!

      Ilinox responded:
      May 18, 2018 at 16:04

      Hello, hello! Feel free to just call me “Ilinox” or “Ili” :D no need for anything in front or after my name. It’s nice to meet you Summer and, oh wow, commenting all the way from China too! Aw, thanks for the compliment about my translations and I’m glad you’re enjoying them for Dear Vocalist. I’ve been working on the second season (Riot) but it’s been slow since I’ve been juggling other projects.

      Don’t worry about your English by the way, it’s very understandable! That’s impressive that you have some understanding of English and Japanese though! Do you use your knowledge of kanji in Chinese to pick out words in Japanese, haha, because I do that with Japanese for Chinese. I’m actually Chinese too, though I was born in Canada so my Mandarin isn’t so great /o\ can’t read or write (which makes me sad because all those chinese novels I want to read… but I have my hands full with learning Japanese already to try and properly learn Chinese, oops).

      Ciel is my favorite out of all the Dear Vocalist boys ;w; and I’ll always be sad that Rejet didn’t get him back for seasons 3 and 4 (they keep pumping out more and more seasons and goodies but where is my husband Ciel!?). I agree with how his professionalism and maturity are the best and I just love how considerate he is of his girlfriend. Never blames her or lashes out at her or anything and talks things out.

        Summer. said:
        May 20, 2018 at 08:13

        First, I’m sorry to be so late reply to you!
        China’s high school is so busy that it’s hard for me to spare time, but I’ve started to relax a little bit lately. Are you Chinese? It’s a great honor! I can teach you Chinese if you want.Because I am prepare to be a Chinese teacher in the future. I really look forward to your Riot translation!! I want to understand your translation more, that I study English harder in school. Ha ha. I’ve been very excited for the last few days because I’ve been thinking about how you will respond to me and open the computer today and find you reply. I really made me too excited. You really make me feel very friendly. My favorite vocalists in dear vocalist are reodo and Ciel, and of course I like Judah and A. Have you heard of wired? A tan is really more and more active, so I like him more and more. Reodo, though not very good tempered, is very gentle with the heroine. For Ciel, I think he is not only good at the heroine, but also has a friendly attitude towards the staff. After growing up, I really want to find a boy like Ciel to marry. Ha ha. That’s so happy. Because he is really gentle and very good at vocal music and musical instruments. I have no resistance to boys who can play music!!!!!!
        Unfortunately, we can’t use twitter in China because it doesn’t seem to be able to connect to foreign networks. But there is a popular communication software in China called QQ., which can also be easily used abroad. If you can, you can apply for a QQ account and chat with me on QQ. I really really want to make friends with you. In China, dear vocalist is a rarely known drama, so I feel that It was very sad. When I looked up the information on the Internet, I suddenly found that you were very excited to do English translation of dear vocalist.I even feel that I have made great use of my efforts to learn English!! I can probably understand your translation!Then, I could also teach you Chinese on QQ software, though Chinese learning is difficult, but there is a Chinese. To teach you, it will be easy and enjoyable and many.QQ have voice functions. We can also make Wifi phones or send voice messages. I believe it will be very interesting!

        Ilinox responded:
        May 21, 2018 at 20:36

        No worries, as you can see I take my time in replying back to people too |D;; we all have our busy lives to lead. That’s great to hear you’re getting time to relax though! I hear that the schooling there is pretty hard too, do you have school during the summer too?

        Aw, thank you so much for the offer but I have a bit too much on my plate to handle right now >< I'd like to concentrate on becoming more fluent in Japanese before going back to studying another language, aha.

        I've heard of Wired and how they're doing another season too, Xtreme. Unfortunately, a part of me is still bitter that Ciel went off to America (in the story) and that's why he hasn't appeared for these next seasons. I want him baaaaack! Ooh, I didn't like Judah at first but I started liking him when I was translating him, haha, he has a lot of subtle sweet moments. I really like A' too because I think he had a good portrayal of bipolar disorder and he's so much fun to listen to. My top three would probably be Ciel, You, and A' in that order. And then Reodo, Judah… and Momochi is NOT on the list HAHA.

        Haha, that's so cute but I definitely think Ciel is a good standard to match people to. Someone whose kind to the people they're working with and the girl, and who always thinks about improving themselves first. His professionalism and maturity is really nice.

        Ahh, I think Tumblr and Twitter are censored over there aren't they :( I suppose over there mostly QQ, Weibo, and Plurk are used? I'm afraid I can't keep up with another social media account though hkjfghjk juggling what I have going on now pretty much takes up all my time. Thank you again for that kind offer though ;3; and I'm always happy to chat away about Dear Vocalist here or anything else I blog about!

        Summer. said:
        May 21, 2018 at 21:07

        I feel very, very regrettable, because I really hope to have more in-depth communication with you on the QQ, in China, even the website we are communicating now is difficult to open, China is not open to foreign websites. But I really hope to be able to talk to you, and I really want to be able to teach you the basic Chinese, and to introduce you to the Chinese culture that makes you more like the country in China. I really wanted to be able to chat with a foreign friend on QQ and learn from each other. I thought you would want to learn Chinese, so I also wrote about how to teach you basic Chinese materials. But now it seems to be useless… So I feel very sorry. But if I don’t learn Chinese, I also hope you will be able to register a QQ account and continue to chat with me on QQ, because I’m afraid of the Chinese network and will not allow me to open the site that I am communicating with you.In the case you want.
        I am a girl who seldom asks others, but I really want to make friends with you this time. I hope you can forgive me.(ノ´д‘ヾ。)゚(cry)

        Summer. said:
        May 22, 2018 at 02:58

        Our school has two semesters in summer and winter, and less than three months a year. All of us are studying hard, and I am one of them. Get up early every day to learn, and then go to school after breakfast, and only a little bit of lunch and dinner time, and then continue to study at school at night until more than ten in the evening. And the school has a lot of subjects to learn, and very difficult, and a lot of textbooks to learn. But we all feel very full and strive to learn this knowledge. Because I feel that learning knowledge is not only a college entrance examination, but more important is to enrich our life, to raise the value and accomplishment of my life.

        I’m a very hard girl, but I’m sorry I’m not good at science, so I’m studying liberal arts, and I like literature very much, and I prefer to learn all kinds of languages. And I don’t have many friends at school. I can say almost no good friends. Maybe because my character is shy and I’m a little shy. I’ve been working hard to enrich my knowledge, so I neglect to make friends with everyone. I don’t know why, people don’t want to speak to me and have their own small groups. I’m completely isolated… So I feel very confused and very uncomfortable. The feeling of loneliness. The feeling is that everything depends on myself. No one will help me when I’m suffering, and no one will comfort me when I cry. Everyone will talk about me and laugh at me in the back. Even in sports, no one is willing to run or play with me. But I can be sure that I am a kind girl and willing to help others, both in learning and life. I always work hard to do what I think I should do. Sometimes I’m tired, and I force myself to continue to study and not rest until I listen to the play of Dear vocalist. In the future, I feel that life is full of hope, because people really give me a lot of motivation. Especially when I heard the song of Dear innocence, I even cried out when I listened to Reodo and Ciel.. Yes, I had not done anything wrong, why I would be disliked and isolated from everyone. Finally, someone could understand me. Until now. I also listen to this song every day and feel very touched. My emotions are always very sensitive, and I am also easily moved to cry.

        I think everyone in Dear Vocalist has an unforgettable memory, for example, I think momochi is because he was always forced to do things that he did not like, even singing is not his dream. He was forced to sing by his family, forced to learn musical instruments, forced to stand on the stage, and then become a shining singer. I felt very sympathized with him. He was not gentle with his girlfriend, but I could feel that he was very concerned with his girlfriend. He might be just not good at expressing his feelings and doing the wrong thing.

        And Ciel, I think he is a very strict person from childhood, I have always been thinking, what kind of girl can let him love her so much?… I believe Ciel’s girlfriend must be a very kind and simple girl, she is very kind and very hard, but she is very simple, so can Ciel not She often likes her. She is also a gentle girl and very shy. But I know, Ciel’s girlfriend is just not good at expressing her love for Ciel. She must also love her Ciel. by his charm and professionalism, and do her best to support his career and make him feel warm and nurseries. The power is shown to him – her love for him, though her love is very subtle and soft.

        I’m so happy to tell you about my thing, because you are willing to listen to me as a friend of mine. I’m really moved to cry. Thank you so much. I can’t express my gratitude to you.

        Ilinox responded:
        May 22, 2018 at 14:24

        Ah, no, like I mentioned I’m really thankful for the offer to teach me Chinese but I just have too many projects and things going on in life right now to pick up another language.

        There’s nothing to be sorry about wanting to be friends with someone and I’m happy to be friends and chat about drama CDs. But if you’re also looking for a foreign friend to learn languages with, have you tried those language partner exchange sites? I’m sure there’d be someone interested in seriously learning Chinese :).

        I am sorry to hear about how isolated and lonely you feel at school though ;;; that’s a rough period for everyone. It’s admirable that you’re putting all your attention into studying to get into a good school but don’t forget to relax sometimes when you need to and enjoy life! And this might come off as patronizing, especially since I’m not clear on the school system or culture there, but I’m of the opinion that schools and grades are just one small part of your life. I understand it’s important to get a good degree but once you’re out of school then people are just interested in your work experience.

        I think when you’re lonely you tend to come off a bit strongly onto other people. It’s definitely hard to make the first move to make friends if you’re shy ;w; but once again high school is just going to be a period of your life and you’ll get to try again and make new friends in college!

        Haha, I think we’ll have to disagree with Momochi because I think he just delights in tormenting the heroine as an expression of his love. There’s no doubt that he likes her and puts her above everything else (second to him) but he doesn’t strike me as a man who deosn’t understand what he’s feeling.

        Hmm their pasts are never really spoken about but I can see Ciel being a strict person on himself and others around him since he was young. I can also see why you’d think his heroine is a bit simple LOL it’d be easy to just let yourself get pampered by Ciel because he takes care of so many things.

      Summer. said:
      May 22, 2018 at 21:22

      Not because I have to learn English, but because I particularly want to speak to a foreign friend who likes Dear vocalist and I hope I can help you. But if you don’t need it and not. Haha. I’m really sorry to disturb you again.
      I learned from your personal page that your profession is about the law. You really admire me, because it is very difficult to study law majors in China. Few people are very good at law and legal work. At least I think you are really bad! I really admire you. Because it really is It’s hard to learn, not only to read a lot of legal books, but also to recite the law day and night. So I really think you are very great.
      Ilinox are you Canadian?… is there a very tired study there? Although I don’t know, I’d like to know about your country. If you are not a Canadian, can I let me know your country?
      You look like a young woman who has been working for a long time. I really envy you. Because I’m very eager to grow up, start working, start working for my life, and learn more about how to work more quickly. You’re right, learning is not just the knowledge in the school. People should learn in their lives. There are so many, we should work harder to learn.

        Ilinox responded:
        May 24, 2018 at 12:14

        Aw, thank you for the compliments but I’m only a legal assistant :) so it’s not as involved with the law as you think because it’s the lawyers who have to remember all the rules and cases and things, haha. I just support them and help prepare the materials they need.

        I am from Canada, yep. Hmm, the difficulty of studying here depends on the person I think (since I’m sure some people find it hard while others find it easy). From what I know of schooling over in Asia though I feel like our studies here are really easy LOL. I’ve heard that high school here is easy but university/college is hard, meanwhile it’s reversed over there with high school being where everyone has to do crazy studies for entrance exams (and night school, etc etc) but once you’re in university/college it’s like you’re set (?).

        Haha, at times being a working adult is pretty rough >< especially if you end up in a job you're not exactly fond of. Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a student when I had more time (it was stressful then but also at the same time relaxing). At my age when you look back you realize that all the problems and stresses you had as a student end up being pretty minor in terms of life. Once again, I'd hate to sound patronizing (especially since I know how hard it was for me to hear adults say this to me when I was a young student) but don't rush to work :')) try to enjoy what you have right now.

        Of course, if your school environment and loneliness is just straight up awful then rushing to change your environment might be a good idea but don't rush to grow up and join the work force. I skipped years in school to get out quickly and I feel like I missed a lot of opportunities because of that (and you'll never really understand how much difference a year or two of life experience really adds until you go through it), so take your time in experiencing other things and the opportunities that are there. For example, when you're in university or college think about clubs, studying abroad, and stuff like that :D.

        Summer. said:
        May 24, 2018 at 21:47

        Oh, I like the Canadian country very much. But I can only learn some knowledge about this country on books. If you like, could you tell me about your country, such as the humanities and scenery of the place you live in, and what delicious food you have (haha, gourmet watering me)
        Have you been to Japan before? I think your Japanese is very good, is it because you have been to Japan, or because of your own hard work? I’m ready to go to Japan at college, because I really want to go to Japan!!!!!Dear vocalist is really great!!!By the way, do you know that there was a Dear vocalist only live in Japan in September this year? Unfortunately, I can’t go, but will you go?
        Ha ha, you really feel kind and kind, like a kind big sister. What do you like to wear?… Chinese school uniforms are not good, but very comfortable. Are your high schools wearing skirts? I want our school to change the uniforms into skirts… Although many schools in my place have already put school uniforms. It turned into a skirt, but our school is still ugly pants. It’s really sad.
        I think Ciel likes girls who wear skirts, such as girls wearing sailor uniforms, so I bought a lot of sailor uniforms and wore them at the weekend. I also like to go through knee socks. The knee socks are so cute!!!!!!
        I’m a little tall. I’ve been 170cm, it looks a bit too high, and I only have 98kg… It looks a bit malnourished, but I’ve been eating very seriously. Could you tell me your height?

        Ilinox responded:
        May 25, 2018 at 21:54

        Hmm I hope you don’t mind if I’m a bit vague because I don’t feel comfortable revealing exactly where I live, haha, but Canada has pretty varying landscapes. For example western Canada is mountains and boreal forests, mid-Canada is flat plains, and eastern Canada becomes all mountain-y and forest-y and there’s the Great Lakes. And then northern Canada starts to get covered in permafrost LOL.

        As long as you’re not in rural Canada it’s pretty big on mixing cultures so you can tend to find all sorts of foods here. I do live in a city known for its food though tbh I haven’t noticed it that much |D;; woops. If you’re asking about specific Canadian food though then… poutine? LOL. I love it but it’s nothing special just fries, gravy, and cheese (classic but you’re always free to add whatever you want on it).

        I’ve been to Japan once as a graduation trip. It was pretty short though and I was with my family so it wasn’t exactly that enjoyable. I plan to go again sometime in the future to sightsee by myself and/or meet friends. Haha, thank you for thinking my Japanese is good but since I’m self-taught I actually don’t have much practice in speaking it or writing so my conjugations are whacky.

        I didn’t know there was a Dear Vocalist live! I’m actually not that caught up on Dear Vocalist news because a bit of me is still forever bitter about the disappearance of Ciel /o\.

        Most high schools here don’t have uniforms. Only a few private schools do. So students here can pretty much wear whatever they want (within reason; nothing scandalous like tanktops and short shorts though). What do I like to wear…? Pajamas LOL. I’m a really lazy person so I hate going outside. Putting that outside, my fashion sense tends to range from sweater dresses and leggings to skinny jeans and jackets. Right now my wardrobe is mainly taken over by blouses and dress pants for work though ;;;;. I don’t really like wearing skirts though I do have some but they make me feel too restricted.

        Haha, I can definitely see that for Ciel though. He kinda gives off the impression of having a really elegant girlfriend. But then again because he’s so mature and considerate, I can also see him having a younger and more childish girl who wears like sweater dresses or skirts and stockings.

        You’re taller than me! Haha, I think I’m roughly 167cm?

        Summer. said:
        May 26, 2018 at 02:48

        I think 167CM’s height is the standard height of a girl!!! Because it looks pretty good because I’m too high in comparison… So I feel particularly sad…
        Poutine!!!!!!!! my God!!!!!!!!! I also like to eat this!!!!!!!
        Some of the dishes in our family will do it. It’s really delicious, but it’s a pity that it’s rich in fat and can’t eat so much. And because I suddenly want to learn Ciel’s three meals and start a vegetarian life. Then I never eat it anymore…
        China also has many delicious food. If you can, you are welcome to come to China!! many people in China can speak English, so there is no need to worry about language.
        I was very sad about Ciel’s absence from wired… I remember last year I just knew that when Ciel suddenly didn’t appear in wired, I was really worried. And I had been talking to my friends about my worries. My friends liked Ciel too, but she liked you. more (though she’s been a long time now. ” I didn’t contact me…) so she had been comforting me all the time and told me that Ciel was going to be back in the next season. But it’s a pity that I didn’t see him in the fourth season… I even had a bad meal. I really miss him. He’s a very good man. I don’t like rejet giving up on him.

    Mali said:
    October 5, 2017 at 22:29

    Hey, could you translate the Tokuten Story‘s of the other vocalists too? :)

      Ilinox responded:
      October 7, 2017 at 13:00

      I’d love to but I don’t have them |D;; I only liked Ciel enough to go hunting for all of his hkfgjh but if someone were to provide me with them, I’d be happy to do that for these boys!

        スミ (@lyraxia_v) said:
        October 8, 2017 at 15:07

        *cough* I might not have the Tokuten CDs for the boys but I do have their dual CDs if you want them 👀

        Ilinox responded:
        October 11, 2017 at 20:19

        Oh god LOL thank you for the offer but I have their dual CDs too! I’ve been contemplating doing those but kind of mixed feelings because the guys lose their girlfriends and the weird fighting over a fan they just met is hmmm /o\ I might pick up their survival wars later though!

        スミ (@lyraxia_v) said:
        October 12, 2017 at 12:13

        Ooh their survival wars was really fun to listen to. I’ll be looking forward to that! :D

      Mali said:
      October 11, 2017 at 07:48

      Where did you find Ciel‘s Tokutrn Story then Ilinox? If I have time I could search for the other ones or buy them and send them to you :)

        Ilinox responded:
        October 11, 2017 at 20:26

        Do you mean the short story I translated or the animate and tower record ones too, which are actual track CDs? The short story I got from when I ordered his CD through Stellaworth! The animate and tower record tokutens was through browsing auctions, specifically Otamart. I’m not sure if they ship internationally though and you might need to go through proxies if you’re looking for them like that T_T.

        Mali said:
        October 12, 2017 at 11:23

        Oh, I thought I could buy them but if they not ship worldwide I think it won‘t work from Germany. A‘ and REODO and Momochi and Ciel are my favorite Vocalists so I thought I could buy them but if it don‘t work I have to go with that, btw sorry for my bad english haha

    Toots said:
    July 30, 2017 at 02:31

    Ciel is best husband. Thanks for the translation! Have you heard the survival war CDs? He’s such a boss and lmao the president’s favouritism towards him compared to the others is 😂😂😂

      Ilinox responded:
      August 1, 2017 at 20:44

      SOBS RIGHT? I love his voice, his attitude, his design (blue is my favorite color and his whole scheme is blue) and just… he’s perfect. I haven’t heard survival war CDs yet, since I dropped out of the Dear Vocalist when they were releasing those and came back when Ciel’s Riot CD came out |D;; but oh gosh they sound interesting especially if they feature Ciel being boss– //bricked. I’ll have to check those out! Probably when I finish the first season just gotta finish up these last two (ง°̀ロ°́)ง.

    BlueRose said:
    July 29, 2017 at 07:20

    Ili-san, may I ask how long Ciel’s Riot Animate tokuten cd is? I’d like to make sure if the one I bought from otamart’s not lacking in anything or something. The one I have contains one track that is 10 minutes, 28 seconds long. “Sofa” and “umi” were mentioned.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 29, 2017 at 10:17

      Hello! Yes, it looks like the animate tokuten I have for Ciel’s RIOT CD is also 10 min and 28 seconds long. It should be called “ACHIKOCHI”. I haven’t listened to that one yet so I can’t tell you if you’re missing anything, but the length looks correct.

        BlueRose said:
        July 30, 2017 at 07:07

        Thank you~~!

    KENNMi said:
    June 26, 2017 at 07:22

    OMG!!! Tank you!!! Tank you!!!!!!! Tank yo so much!!!! Im very very happy!!

      H.Hazuki (@hazugawa) said:
      June 27, 2017 at 07:10

      OMG!!! Thank you so much for your translation!! Ciel’s love song is….. kind of make me blush U///U
      Even though Ciel is clam and cool, he is quite offensive. Oh….he is the best ///////

      Anyway, I just saw that you are translating A’ now. Thanks in advance for your work!!

        Ilinox responded:
        June 29, 2017 at 11:07

        You’re welcome! Haha, his love song really puts some images into your head right? ;D Especially the “(Enchanted) I can’t understand, however I’m dripping with sweat” line HAHA. He’s so perfect hshshdhgh the perfect blend of stoic but actually aggressive and confident in what he wants.

        Aw, thanks for your advance thanks <3! I hope you enjoy A'!

      Ilinox responded:
      June 29, 2017 at 11:07

      @KENNMi: You’re welcome <33.

    SLiel said:
    June 25, 2017 at 21:36

    Hmm….could Ciel possibly be, and this is a wild guess, your favorite?????? Could’ve sworn it’s Momochi (😂) 🤔🤔🤔

    LOL jk I could feel the love exuding from this post!

    Ciel’s handwriting is the only one I could read tbh and Judah’s hand drawing on his wallpaper message thing is hilarious.

    Thank you for introducing me to this series and for translating! Especially Rejet song lyrics with their underlying meanings/connotations!

      Ilinox responded:
      June 29, 2017 at 11:12

      What would… make you… think that… obviously my favorite was Judah!! I can’t believe you missed that :'(( hahaha, kidding kidding.

      I ADMIT I DO FEEL A BIT SHY AND GUILTY FOR SPOILING THIS BOY SO MUCH. But he’s the only one that I splurged on all the tokutens so I actually only have his on hand to translate, ahaha. It was while translating Ciel’s that I realized the sample voices were actually extra clips instead of samples from the CD so I threw those in too :’) I might do them for the others guys too but it does add more work, hmm.

      I’m impressed with how many unique signatures they came up with for the boys! Even if I don’t really understand what’s going on in Momochi’s signature it’s pretty cute LOL. I think he was… drawing two peaches (for momo)?? And then he writes MMC which is kinda an abbreviation for the 3 syllables in his name.

      I hope you’re enjoying this series so far! RIP I thought Rejet’s lyrics would get easier to translate as I got more experience in them but nope each one is a whole new beast with either 1) dual meanings 2) too abstract or 3) just plain incomprehensible to me.

    1_chan said:
    June 25, 2017 at 13:05

    Ah~ by far he’s the best xD. Loving all the Ciels way too much on my part > 7 > ));; but omgg! LUV (Your) STiNG!! I love the stylistic choices in the vocals, but those lyrics tho…oh my /////

      Ilinox responded:
      June 25, 2017 at 19:41

      RIGHT? I wanted to translate him first but I feel like even though he’d be appreciated the full impact of just how amazing Ciel is would be lost if you didn’t go through Re-o-do (who insults his members so bad), Momochi (who is a crazy man to his girlfriend), and Judah (bruh property damage!). It makes you wonder if he’s in the right series LOL he’s so normal and nice and reasonable and actually seems to have a handle on his life!?

      HAHA I’M SO GLAD I GOT ACROSS HOW SEXUAL IT WAS. Haha, while I loved the part where he does the back-vocal growl of those introductory words, followed by a sung phrase, I have to admit the mix of kanji and katakana was killing me. It looks cool and implies that he’s losing control but p l e a s e katakana soup have mercy on me.

    silverrosecage said:
    June 25, 2017 at 01:06

    I’ve been waiting for this~~~!!!
    Thank you so much for the translation!!! (Though from now on, I’ll most probably be unable to maintain a straight face while listening to L.UV.(your) STiNG hahahahahaha)

      Ilinox responded:
      June 25, 2017 at 19:34

      I LOVE CIEL SO MUCH!! 😭😭 He’s such a good person, just in general, and to his girlfriend. It’s actually really inspiring to me.

      You’re welcome by the way and I hope it lived up to the hype of the wait, haha! LOL I knew LUV (your) STiNG had some interesting lyrics but after translating it and scrutinizing every line I’m like you now in being unable to hold a straight face. Those are some… very sexual lyrics. It is Fledermaus’ “love song” though, according to Ciel.

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