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Sengoku Night Blood (senbura for short) is a mobile otome game collaboration between Otomate, Kadokawa, and Marvelous. It features an impressive main cast of 28 seiyuu and 6 different artists who have done illustrations for many Otomate games. More details about this can be found in my Sengoku Night Blood page.

Official site is

This post is going to double as both an introduction to the game and a guide (with any tips & tricks I picked up on). Please feel free to offer suggestions in the comments below, ask any questions, or even just talk about the game.

STORY: In a parallel universe on a world called Shinga, during the Sengoku period, a war-torn country was united by a mysterious woman called Himemiko. Her blood had the ability to strengthen the gekkazoku, a race that consists of two species – vampires and werewolves – who share this world with humans.

But one day Himemiko disappeared and the peace was broken. Shinga became split into various territories, each ruled by a warlord, who put their lives on the line to fight and unite the country under their name, ideals, and beliefs.

However, before Himemiko’s disappearance, she foretold the appearance of a woman from a parallel universe, “you”, and told her follower, Imari, to seek you out. Meanwhile, you hear the mysterious voice of a woman and awaken to find yourself in Shinga.

It turns out your blood has the same effects as Himemiko’s and you become indispensable to the warlords in their vision to unite the country. A story about love and war begins!

23 NOV 2017: Updated potion interaction scene variations.
17 AUG 2017:
Added more info on awakening cards (thanks Wintermelon), events, and working on potion variations.
04 AUG 2017: Added an events section.

Note: Any additions or changes will be noted above with the date it was added.

Table of Contents:

1. Game Start
2. Main Menu
3. Story
4. Battle
5. Interaction
6. Gacha
7. Formation
8. Options
9. Events

Game Start

I, uh, don’t actually remember how the game starts so if anyone can provide me with screenshots that’d be great. From what I remember though you’ll be asked to input a username (the name other players will see) and the heroine’s name (the name the characters will refer to you by) and then your birth date (the characters will wish you happy birthday on that date). Both the username and player name can be changed in the game at any time so they aren’t permanent.

Then you have to choose the army you want to start out with. You’ll be able to read all the army stories later but this first choice determines the first set of characters you’re given and you’re taken through Chapter 0 of their story. You can pull a 5* here so feel free to re-roll as many times as you want to get the card you want. To re-roll you have to uninstall and reinstall the game. And then I think the tutorial finishes off with the credits (it may also run you through a battle and potion interaction?).

You can save your data by being at the title screen (where it says “Touch Start”) and pressing the leftmost button. It’ll ask to link one of your social media accounts to Marvelous. This’ll save your data even if you delete and re-install the game. You can do this in options in the main menu too. The rightmost button just clears your cache and re-downloads the game in case of errors. It will NOT delete your player data.

Go to TOC.

Main Menu

1. Rank is your level. Every time you level you get +1 BP, +1 following slot, and +1 keys. Also, your BP (and SP for events) recovers. I’ve noticed that every 5 levels or so you might get 2-3 keys too. They’ve increased the max rank with the newest event so I think they may keep doing that.

2. BP is your battle points and what you use to do battle. It increases by +1 every time you level up.

3. Gold coins for the point gacha. 50 coins for 1 card. 500 coins for 10 cards. The point gacha only gives up to 3* cards. (More details in the gacha section).

4. Gems for the gem gacha. 15 gems for 1 card. 135 for 10 cards with a guaranteed 4*. (More details in the gacha section).

5. Notices. This is where all the game announcements can be found about maintenance, events, special gachas, story additions, etc etc.

6. Present Box. This is where items or rewards that are given to you can be found. Also, where potion overflow ends up (you can only hold a maximum of 9999 potions of each color). Please note that items in this box expire after 29 days. You can see a countdown happening if you keep them in there. Top right button accepts the first 100 items. The two beside it are filters (for example, you can sort from oldest to newest and then accept the oldest items first).

7. Daily Mission. Apparently this is random for everyone and there are conditions to fulfill for rewards. Currently, it’s only been potions or coins. Missions usually consist of killing a certain number of enemies, interacting with a character an x number of times, gaining an affection bonus, activating card skills, activating group skills etc etc. Accept everything in the top right.

8. Warlord Introduction. This is actually a shortcut to the warlord introduction you can find in the options. Basically gives you a short introduction to the characters (rightmost button), their relationship and thoughts about other characters as army stories progress (leftmost button), and where you can set your home screen man (the star!). You can see the other characters in the army by using the top character portraits.

9. Easy-to-digest information banner. Tells you about the latest things going on and you can click the pictures to be taken to them or swipe to check out more announcements.

1. Story! It contains the main army stories, event stories, and card stories. (More details in its own section).

2. Battle! Presently, you can farm for coins, 2* cards, and get limited gems. PVP for card experience only. And do event battles. (More details in its own section).

3. Interaction! Feed potions to the characters to get cute scenes and awaken them to make them stronger. (More details in its own section).

4. Gacha! The place to go to spend all your money and cry when you don’t get the card you want. (More details in its own section).

5. Formation! You’re given 10 slots to set up different armies so you can rapidly select the one you want to fulfill battle conditions. (More details in its own section).

6. Options! A whole bunch of buttons to go through that lets you adjust things, look at help, find friends, shop, etc etc. (More details in its own section).

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1. Main stories. This is where the main army stories are. You can select any of the 6 armies and read their stories. Chapter 0 is the prologue and free to read. Every other chapter is split into 5 parts and requires 1 key to unlock or 1 gem. Hint: Save your gems for gacha and just use keys. It’s easy to level and farm them.

2. Card stories. 2* and up cards have stories. Only 2*, 4*, and 5* are full-voiced.

2* cards: stories about the characters interacting with each other in a group. These are the chibi cards and you can see who is participating in this group interaction by the chibi icons that appear when you’re looking at the card story.
3* cards: friendly story interaction between the heroine and the character (with hints of romance).
4* cards: sweet daily life interaction between the heroine and the character.
5* cards: super sweet and romantic interaction between the heroine and the character.

3. Event stories. It shows all the events that the game has put out so far and the stories that happened in those events. Currently, from what I’ve seen in this game’s first event, the story shows two armies interacting without the heroine. However, the cards you get in the event show heroine and character interactions related to the event.

4. Memories. Basically the album of the game and where you can look at all your CGs again and re-read them (the book button) or look at the CGs in full screen (the magnifying glass).

Go to TOC.


1. Main battles. This is where you can farm for coins and 2* cards; these are called clear bonuses and it’s a RNG drop. Also, you can get a limited number of gems here by completing battle missions. These are conditions to fulfill like using only a certain army, certain cards, activating a skill an x number of times, etc etc. Presently, main battles cap at the BP 34 grounds.

2. Competition battles. PVP with other players but it only gives you card experience. Not actual levels.

3. Weekday battles. Different battle conditions every day of the week that also give you limited gems, but once you finish them all then you finish them all. They’ll repeat after that. There’s battle conditions for each army and then 3* and up cards, etc.

4. Event battles. Takes you to the battles for the current event that is going on.

Battles require an x amount of BP to participate in them. The more BP the more difficult the battle is. You can check battle missions here but you can always check it later too. After you select a battle to do you’ll get taken to a screen where you can choose a friend (or stranger) to help you. Unfortunately, you can’t see what their card does. Also, every battle you do with a friend gives you 10 coins; strangers give you 5 coins.

After that, you get taken to the above-pictured screen where you can confirm your army (the blue button above your army lets you organize them if you want to make a new formation on the spot). Here you can look at the battle missions again to see what you need to do to get the gems. Then it lets you know what the clear bonus is (in this case it’s coins). Once you’re good to go just press the diamond!

During battle there’s a menu option which leads to these things.

1. Option sends you to BGM, SE, and Voice levels. You can also change the text speed (because when the characters get hurt they speak with voices and text; left is fast and right is slow). Blue button returns you to default settings and green button is accept.

2. Fast forward. Makes things go vroom vroom.

3. Skip. You literally teleport to the end of the battle. It’s great if you know for sure you’re going to win, but be careful because when you skip you can’t heal the characters.

4. During normal battles you can choose to retreat! It’s the rightmost button to agree to run away even though it’s a red button.

Fighting is automatic and everyone takes turns and goes (though there is a speed stat so that governs who goes first, etc). It’s RNG whether the characters will activate their card specific skill. Each card has its own skill so it’s not determined by the characters. There’s ATK+, DEF+, increase double attack chance, increase critical, AOE attack, and increase skill activation. Everything is pretty self-explanatory. Double attack is when two cards with the same stars attack at the same time.

Also, depending on how your formation is set up, sometimes you’ll get a bonus (called unit skill) before the battle even starts. There are guides out there with what combination of characters activates unit skills but a guaranteed activation is an entire full army. The one pictured above is called the “three idiots” in the Sanada army LOL. I also know of one called “real motive and public face” with Hideyoshi, Kagemochi, and Kanetsugu; I like to call them the shady team.

Characters have elemental attributes too and will be stronger against weaker colors, and vice versa. Personally, I don’t find that this affects me much but just to let you know:

Red > Blue.
Blue > Green.
Green > Red.

During battle, the characters will automatically ask for healing once they hit 50% HP. You can choose to ignore them (and if they don’t die in the next hit I believe they’ll ask for healing again) or heal them. To ignore them just flick to the left or right. To heal them you have to press and hold on them. Note that you have limited healing actions though (currently it’s just 3).

If you ignore one character enough times (I think it’s around 10 times) they’ll get angry at you. Note: I believe you have to win the battle too after ignoring them. Anyway, once they’re angry they turn blue like the picture above and it says you and the character are currently fighting LOL. You cannot interact with them with potions at this point and the only option is to go spoil other characters and interact with them.

After a certain number of interactions with other characters (once again I think it’s 10) and you go back to look at the character you’re fighting with they will have a reconciliation button. Click it and it leads to a short 3 or 4 lines with the character and how they feel about you ignoring them.

Go to TOC.


Interaction is where you can increase the stats of a character, see their awakening, and view short scenes with them. Only 3* and up cards have an awakening scene. The awakening scene is the same for one character. You can awaken a character once their affection points (in the top right) hit 100%. By the way, you can also increase them to 200% but this is only for 3* and up cards. It makes them hella stronger.

Thanks to Wintermelon: it doesn’t matter when you awaken the card (whether you level them to max or not). It’s best to awaken them as quickly as possible to get the increase in stats to do stronger battles or events!

The pink dots on the pentagon radar chart (called the affection map) show the next point you have to reach to get a permanent stat boost to the card. Also, those traits at the tips of this pentagon are unique to each card. For example, Masanobu has wet clothes on the bottom right… LOL this is related to his card story.

1. The button that takes you to the potion screen (more details below).

2. Switches the view so you can see details about the card. There’s the level, the limit breakthrough (any extras you get for one card goes into that card until it reaches 5; this just increases the level cap of the card; once the limit breakthrough is reached any more extras of a card become potions), experience, stats, and then their card skill.

The stats show: Green for health, yellow for defense power, red for attack power, and blue for speed.

3. Story. Takes you to the card stories; it’s just another shortcut so you don’t have to go through the card stories button.

When you head into the potion screen you’ll see that you can combine potions in any number of ways. Apparently, each character has a potion color they prefer (unrelated to their elemental affinity) but I don’t notice this much. Tip: I’ve found the most efficient way to level up cards is to do 100 of a single color. It gives a good ratio of silver/gold potions.

Potion combinations result in four different types:

Bronze: casual scene between heroine and character.
Silver: sweet daily life scene between heroine and character.
Gold: romantic scene between heroine and character.
Royal (the gold/purple one above): REALLY romantic scene between heroine and character.

Apart from the story differences listed above the actual amount of affection given by these pots isn’t that different, imo. For example, a 4* card given silver will increase affection by like 3%, gold increases by like 6% and royal increases by like 8%. There seems to be some kind of potion total threshold for royal potions because I have friends who get them with combinations like 400-500 of each pot (which means 2000 pots total). The most guaranteed way to get a royal pot is just 999 (max) of each pot; it’s like a 90% chance of a royal pot.

I’ve been trying to get a count on how many variations per potion type and theses are my results so far (40 scenes):

Bronze: 3 variations (sample of ~30 potions)
Silver: 20 variations (sample of ~80 potions)
Gold: 12 variations (sample of ~50 potions)
Royal: 5 variations (sample of ~30 potions)

Guest characters seem to have a variation of 20 scenes:

Bronze: 1 variation (it sometimes appears as a silver too)
Silver: 5 variations
Gold: 11 variations
Royal: 3 variations

During a potion screen (the visual novel reading mode), there’s a menu button in the top right of the text bar which leads to this menu.

1. Auto. Text automatically moves on when a line is finished (you can adjust this speed in options).

2. Fast forward. The lines zip by.

3. Skip. Ends the scene instantly. Good for when you’ve hit repeat scenes.

4. Options. Has BGM, SE, voices, and text speed (left is fast and right is slow). Blue is default and green is accept changes.

5. Message display. Makes the text bar disappear so you can see everything.

6. Conversation log. If you missed a line you can use this to check the history.

Characters get new looks when they awaken by the way. Some look infinitely better while others look like nothing has changed… or they get even worse.

Go to TOC.


HELL ON EARTH. This is the gem gacha screen. As you can see it’s 15 gems for 1 card or 135 gems for 10 cards with a guaranteed 4*; only gives 3* or up cards. To the right of this button (if you can see the small highlight at the bottom) is the point gacha. It’s 50 coins for 1 card and 500 coins for 10 cards but only goes up to 3*. The placement of these buttons shift from time to time depending on if there’s special gacha events going on.

Once again: 2*, 4*, and 5* cards are the only ones that are full-voiced.

This screen is the limited gacha. Once daily you can use 5 gems for 1 card and it’ll be 3* or up. HOWEVER, you can only use this with gems you purchase and not the ones given to you in-game. See how there’s the yellow text gems up there? That’s where purchased gems go.

The two blue buttons on the gacha screens are gacha rates and gacha information (just telling you what I told you above basically). This picture shows the gacha rates for the gem gacha, specifically what happens when you do a 10 card pull. The first card gets boosted rates for 4* and 5* only and then the other 9 cards use the rates below.

Sengoku Night Blood uses an interchangeable letter and star system and here’s how it goes (useful to know for doing battle missions):

1* = N
2* = S
3* = R
4* = SR
5* = UR

Go to TOC.


Formation takes you to this page and please note that the character in the leftmost slot in your 1st formation (where the arrow is) determines who your friends see when they’re using your character to help them in battles. Top left shows your formation number (you have 10 slots to make different formations) and the current formation’s group power.

1. Changes the display for the characters. Default it shows their level and total power level (addition of all their stats I think?). Next screen shows their stats, next shows their card skills, and then last is their affection level.

2. This tells the game to suggest a formation for you based on conditions you decide to select. For example, you can tell it to prioritize by armies (ex. only Oda members) or elements (ex. only red cards).

3. If you make any changes to your formation, you’ll have to confirm it with this button. But don’t worry if you forget to hit this because the game will always nag you to confirm.

If you select any of those slots in the formation you’ll be taken to the screen with all your cards. Once again, there’s the button to change the display so you can see their stats, card skills, and affection, etc etc. You can also sort all your cards by army, elemental affinity, rarity, affection level, etc etc. You have 200 slots to hold cards (which is a lot because these are all unique cards since repeats just get absorbed).

1. Retire (more like delete). This button deletes cards and turns them into coins for you to use in the point gacha. TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT. If you delete a card, their level and affection is all erased and you have to collect them again. Apparently though, if you unlocked their card stories, you can still access that in the album (in options).

2. Album storage. This takes a card out of your card slots and preserves it in your album. You can’t interact with the card or use it in battle when it’s in your album but it’s there for safekeeping and you can always take it back out again.

Personally I find most battles pretty easy and they don’t require a lot of thought. Even the last main story battle at BP 34. But the event battles are pretty rough, BP 40, and PVP battles are even tougher and they start to require you to think about the formation of your team. I touched upon this in the battle section but certain characters (who share traits, etc) give you bonuses if they’re in the same formation and this is known as a unit skill. And then each card itself has its own card skill which you can sync up with others. Note: card skills and unit skills stack.

Go to TOC.


1. Options in options!! BGM, SE, and voice settings. Also text speed (left is fast and right is slow). It also has additional buttons about alerts to announcements and BP recovery to your phone.

2. Profile. This is where you can change your username and heroine name! It also shows your birthday, user rank, last login, and your army formation in the first slot. The picture of the character on your profile page is who your friends see when they select their help by the way.

3. Friend management. Shows you all your friends, you can see who you follow, who is following you, and top right is to run a search by friend code (this is where you get your user code). You can also sort by rank or last login from descending or ascending order.

4. Friend Invites. Once a day, through twitter or LINE, you can get 1 gem for inviting a friend to this game.

5. Warlord introduction. Talked about this in the main menu but you can set your home screen character here, see short introductions on all the characters, and their thoughts on other characters.

6. Album. This place keeps track of all the cards you’ve picked up. As you can see, you can scroll through to each character and select one to look at their cards from 1* to 5* (excluding 2* though!). You can also filter sort to make it easier to find a character. If you notice there’s S cards to the left of Nobunaga on this picture. S cards are 2* cards and this is basically where all the chibi cards are kept. The game decided to group them all together under army sections so even though it shows Masamune there it’s actually all Date cards.

When you go into a character and select one of their cards, you’re taken to this screen. It contains details about the card, much like in the interaction screen, where it shows their level, limit breakthrough, stats, card skill, and their affection map.

1. Magnifying glass takes you to a full screen version of the card. You can remove the borders around it.

2. Locks the card so you can’t store it into your album or delete it when in the formation or interaction screen.

3. Switches between their awakened version and un-awakened version (then you can magnifying glass the version you want).

7. Shop. Takes you to the gem shop; basically another button that leads to the same place as the gem + button does.

8. Items at a glance. It shows your gems, keys, coins, current potions, and any event items you have.

9. Voice management. This is a nice option. It lets you get rid of voice data for the main stories, event stories, and card stories. Don’t worry, it just gets rid of the voice data storage on your phone to keep the game size small. You can always re-download the voices again when you’re reading the stories again.

1. Notices. Another button to look at all their announcements.

2. Help. A resource of information about what everything in this game does and stuff. It’s actually where I got most of my technical information for this post LOL.

3. Credits. Um, self-explanatory, it shows the credits.

4. Questions. It actually takes you to their Frequently Asked Questions page first.

5. Official site. Takes you to their official site.

6. Data Link. Just another place (if you forget to do this at the startup screen) to link your game data with a social media account and Marvelous.

7. Opening. It shows the opening.

Go to TOC.


1. Event story. When you click into an event for the first time it will automatically play the first chapter. All other chapters have to be unlocked through point rewards. It just so happens that the picture above shows you what the reward for another story looks like.

2. Ranking rewards. This will show you where you need to place to get certain cards (and gems!). You’ll be competing with other players to get these ranks; the more points you have, the higher your rank!

3. Point rewards. These are your individual rewards that are given to you depending on how many points you earn.

4. Limited gacha. In the two events that have been released so far they have been preceded by these gacha which give you cards that will provide bonuses in the event. You can see which cards will give bonuses by either looking on the event page and seeing the banner for the gacha, or by looking through your cards and seeing which one has a red ribbon.

In this event, there is a new limited 3* Shigezane card which provides a bonus. You can see that he’s marked with a ribbon in the corner. If you look at their status screens, you’ll be able to see how much of a bonus they give. In this case, Shigezane increases the event points you get after every battle by 1.5 times.

Each event card multiplies the amount of points you get from the event and they stack. For example, if you have a 2x card and a 1.5x card then in total they will multiply points by 3.5. There is a chart in the event announcement that tells you the bonuses given by each card (and the more cards you breakthrough the higher their multiplier. Ex. the 5* card gives a 2 times multiplier but if you have 5 copies of the card and max it out then the multiplier becomes 5).

To get event points you just have to do event battles (10 BP, 25 BP, and 40 BP). At the end of a battle you’ll get the event-specific item which represents your points. Occasionally, if you’re lucky, you’ll run into raid bosses after any of these fights and this is where you rack up the big points. You’ll be taken to the above-shown raid boss screen and each fight with the raid boss costs 1 SP. Don’t worry if you don’t finish the raid boss in one fight because you can re-challenge them without their HP recovering.

In this screen you can also choose which team you want to use to fight the raid boss. It’s possible to use a stronger team to weaken the boss and then switch to your event cards for the multiplier on the drops (you’ll need good timing for your first team not to kill the boss though). The timer in the corner shows how long you have to defeat the raid boss before you just fail and it disappears. You can also choose to run away with the red button.

Also, sometimes you’ll meet special raid bosses after you beat the first raid boss that appears. These ones drop even more points but they’re also harder. Raid bosses level up every time you encounter and defeat them and it makes them stronger, adds more HP, and they drop slightly more event points. First event there was no level cap on the raid bosses, but second event capped them at level 100. Tip: I’ve found def+ and atk+ cards here to be lifesavers.

Go to TOC.


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    Natalie Lipski said:
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    Hello! I was wondering if you have translated the battle missions! Such as when you go to battle and it shows the 3 stars that if you complete it (you get something?) Im not entirely sure

      Ilinox responded:
      May 13, 2018 at 14:25

      I have not /o\ but I believe places like senbura info wiki has a list of all the translated conditions! Often times you get 1 crystal/gem for completing those mission requirements. I know for all the events and stuff that have been appearing they recycle the same 3 missions for the 3 stages.

      1st: 1-star (or N) cards and only a certain amount can be incapacitated.
      2nd: 3-star (or R) cards and they need to do like 4 double attacks, you can only lose like 2-3 cards.
      3rd: 4-star (or SR) cards and they need to activate their skills like 3 times or smth, and you can only lose 1-2 cards or something.

      Don’t quote me on those but to easily get them just set your whole team as 1-star, 3-star, and 4-star for the corresponding ranks. For the rest of the battle missions, senbura info wiki would be your best bet!

    leohikarusora said:
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    Hello, and I like to ask something about binding account. Since I’m gonna move the game from mobile to PC, I’m already bind my acc. And, if I use the same method like you told in here, is there my account will in there? Thank you for your answer… ^^ (and, sorry for my bad english. I hope you understand what I’m talking about…)

      Ilinox responded:
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      It should be since IIRC it links to your google account or something like that. I would still keep it on my phone just in case before you do anything though and see if you can get the PC one up and running first.

        leohikarusora said:
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        Ah I see… Thank you again~ ^^b

    Yukina said:
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    About when we’re fighting with the character
    I still don’t get what I should I do to fix it. What do you mean by interacting with other character?

      Ilinox responded:
      February 17, 2018 at 10:21

      Basically give potions to other characters and after a certain amount of scenes/potions with other characters, the one you’re fighting with will want to make up with you /o/.

        Yukina said:
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        Got it thank you!!
        It’s kinda funny that they get angry tho haha XD

    NAME said:
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      NAME said:
      October 4, 2017 at 14:29

      Sorry, had trouble posting the link since it contains kanji.

    NAME said:
    October 4, 2017 at 14:28

    Thank you for this guide. Here’s a list of black potion recipes for each character. If you use google translate, some of the color names are weird due to kanji being misinterpreted. lol

    Hideyoshi Toyotomi

    Favorite color Green, Yellow

    An example of a recipe (red / yellow / green / blue)
    – 625/375/0/0

      Ilinox responded:
      October 4, 2017 at 16:30

      Ah, thanks! Funnily, I’ve skimmed that page before to confirm a few things about 2* cards, haha. It’s nice to know what everyone’s favorite colors are to increase chances of silver-only or gold-only potions when collecting those scenes /o/.

      But according to that page about the black/royal/purple potions, you just need to go over 1000 total (although that rarely works for me ;;;). 999 of every pot is the most guaranteed way though and if you level up your cards just doing the 100 of a single color only trick, you’ll start overflowing with potions by no time to collect these black pot scenes if you really want!

    shiyotori said:
    August 24, 2017 at 02:27

    Thanks for this guide!! It’s really helpful! (Wish I could found it earlier _(:’3_ )_)

      Ilinox responded:
      August 25, 2017 at 11:41

      <33 thanks for taking a look! Aw, at least you have it as a resource now though :)

        shiyotori said:
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        Yup! Now I don’t have to blindly play it ( ;w;)b+

        NAME said:
        October 4, 2017 at 14:42

        I’ve been using the Google Translate app. It’s hard work translating every bit of text, but the game itself has very simple text that the translator does a good job.

        You will need two devices. One with Sengoku Night Blood, one with Google Translate. With the Google Translate device, take pictures of the game, highlight the Japanese text the app detects, and it will translate it for you. It can also translate what they are saying if your device has a microphone (like cellphones).

        This is very useful if you’re frustrated. It’s fun being able to see what the characters are saying. Give it a try.

    Wintermelon said:
    August 17, 2017 at 17:43

    I think I have already maxed out the comment thread from my previous inquiry @Ilinox ^^ But with regards to the raid bosses from the previous event, they had already updated the 2nd spawned raid boss’s Max Level to be just 100–still hits harder than the default raid boss but at least his HP tops at just 1 million which is still kind of ridiculous but doable with the right team composition, unlike the first event where people at the top tiers struggled with the Level 200 raid boss. I do hope Masamune is the point reward instead so more players can have the chance to acquire him but mobage business models also make me feel like he’s most likely rank…We’ll find out next week when their event starts in the Friday maintenance. ^^

    I actually just finished testing it out! And yes I confirmed that it doesn’t matter when you awaken the card, their stats still stay the same. I think it’s probably best to advice players to awaken their cards as soon as possible to make their cards stronger for training and events. With regards to I-chu, I think the devs did explain the Max Change mechanic, although I’m not sure if it’s explicitly in game, but the Eng Wiki also has a section for idolizing and reminding players the difference of a Max Changed card.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 17, 2017 at 21:55

      Oh, you just have to click the “reply” on the 2nd comment again and it’ll place it below mine. Not exactly the best workaround this nested comments thing in WP. But feel free to just comment again like this too |D.

      I’ve updated this post thanks to your contributions /o/ and yeah! I noticed that they capped it at lvl100 this time but it felt harder than a lvl200 from the last event LOL. I think they upped the stats to slow down the ranking (I dropped less ranks in the last hours of the events than I did last time).

      Ahh, they’ve set a pattern with the first army being ranking if they’re going from left to right on the army screen. But, yeah, knowing Masamune’s popularity they may decide to be cruel and make him ranking just so people blow all their money to get him, hrm. But I’ll be satisfied so long as Kojuurou is a 4* PLEASE, haha.

        Wintermelon said:
        August 29, 2017 at 06:11

        AH, I’m not so used to WP so I got confused a bit, but thanks for responding as well. I’m also glad to be able to help with the guide! It’s also helping me a lot right now in the current Masamune/Sanada event to be honest; Senbura adjusted the boss again so the first Lvl 100 boss is at 3 million(?!) HP currently and it takes a while to chip away at them, so awakened cards do help a lot. Hopefully it’d be enough to snag me even just one copy.

        I would have wanted a Kojuurou 4* as well but it turned out to be Shigezane…But eventually he will come at an event. ^^ Even if it’s hard to grind, I think I do prefer event cards because you’re guaranteed to get them at some point at least, while you have to put it into chances if you rolled the gacha.

    Wintermelon said:
    August 14, 2017 at 06:36

    Thank you so much for this guide! Making something this informative takes a lot of work and you even compiled it for fans to share. :’) I got into this game because I was weak for Otomate and the aesthetic was quite similar to Touken Ranbu (as well as other similarities, www); Uesugi Kenshin’s my best boy, I cannot resist Toriumi characters anymore. I only managed to rank T2 in his event with a lot of gems and no sleep and a little prayer but I’m still happy nonetheless, I’ll max him out eventually.

    I do have a question though with regards to awakening the cards. Is it advisable to awaken the card before or after you maxed out their card level? Say my card is LVL 50 max, so I maxed him out first before giving him potions and triggering his awakening, does it cause changes in stats like in I-Chu Max change? I’m too used to idol games that I got paranoid about my cards’ stats because of this, and since some of them are event-only, I’m afraid I might mess them up or something, but I do often see cards awakened before the max level on my friend list so…which is it? I hope you’ll be able to help me, and thank you again for providing this amazing guide!

      Ilinox responded:
      August 14, 2017 at 22:49

      You’re welcome <3 I'll be happy so long as someone can find some use out of this, or even learn something they didn't know earlier. I know I'm still picking up neat tricks and things in this game as I keep playing and tweaking things. (One day I'm gonna try and see how many scene variations there are per potion; right now it looks like it's 5 variations for a royal potion).

      I'm in the same boat about getting into this game because Otomate and aesthetic, oh god, the aesthetic. I am NOTORIOUSLY weak for kemonomimis, uniforms, and swords, so the moment I saw this game I was already going "oh no" and the artists are just frosting on the top. AHH! Congratulations on getting your best boy in this rank!! I feel like they're tweaking these events still to make it hard but not too hard because the difficulty in this one shot up since the first lmao and now I'm scared for the next event.

      I'm afraid I haven't played enough idol games or other mobages to really know how their system works. In I-Chu Max do their stats or level reset when they change? I'd have to think of some way to test this in SNB but I'm hesitantly going to say that I don't think it changes their stats much since they seem to just add a flat stat growth when they level (and it's not like their level resets or anything when they awaken); their main stat growth seems to come from hitting the checkpoints on their grid when you give them potions.

      IIRC the only thing the official twitter account said about awakening and stuff too was a reminder that you could go up to 200% and they tweeted this hint out during the first event to help people do the raid bosses. Hope this answers your question!

        Wintermelon said:
        August 15, 2017 at 01:13

        It’s still a wonderful effort you’re doing so we’d like to let you know you’re appreciated! This helps a lot especially since the English-speaking side of the fandom is still small so any help in playing is a huge contribution. ^^ (Best of luck collecting all those potion stories!)

        The aesthetic is just too hard to resist! Honestly they pretty much combined everything I want in a game, wafu and military uniforms and swords and even vampires/werewolves (who ask consent before sucking your blood, honestly this was such a huge surprise because I was so used to Diabolik Lovers ahaha). And thank you! I do think the balance is way better in the Uesugi event than in Oda’s event, if they didn’t adjust the balance I don’t think I could have ranked as high as I did, the rankings were relatively calmer! We do have reason to fear the next event because it’s Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune, and since Masamune won the twitter poll, it’s safe to say a lot of people would want his card pretty bad…But we’ll still do our best!

        Ah, see, in I-Chu you max change by leveling a card to the max, say lvl. 90 for an LE (highest rarity) and maxing out their affection stat (optional) and doing the same to the other copy of the card before you idolize/awaken it. The stats don’t reset but they get boosted by a large margin compared to if you idolized a card before you managed to max level it. I actually went to the Senbura discord as well and asked around, but it seems no one has tested this out yet so I’m testing this theory with a 3* card I had already maxed out with my method, and temporarily selling it off and getting a new copy from point gacha to awaken before I level him so I can compare their stats; so far though your analysis seems to point to correct, but I’ll still do my experiment to confirm this just to be sure. I also peeked around for screenshots of cards on Twitter and compared their stats to mine and they seem to be the same, but I can’t confirm if the users awakened the card before or after leveling them.

        I also realized that if max changing was a thing but the developers never mentioned it, it would be a terrible move on their part so I think it’s most likely not true.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 15, 2017 at 15:27

        I think the raidbosses became so tough the rankings couldn’t fluctuate as much, haha. I actually had to end up crunching numbers to see what was most efficient :’)) even then I only got one Kenshin. LOL that’s what my friends and I are worrying about too. If Masamune is a ranking reward rather than a point reward, it’s going to be a bloodbath. But now that I think about it, if Nobunaga and Kenshin were ranking ones then maybe Yukimura will be a ranking one because of how the armies are listed and the pattern with the previous two.

        Oh, hmm, bless you for testing with a 3* card. But listening to how idol games work, I do think SNB doesn’t have that because we don’t keep any copies of the cards, they automatically get merged into whatever we have until it hits the level cap for that card. Did the developers ever mention max changing for I-Chu?

    yaoidaisuki said:
    July 21, 2017 at 13:40

    Thank you for this guide :)

      Ilinox responded:
      July 22, 2017 at 18:41

      You’re welcome <3! Hope it's helpful!

    Billy said:
    July 21, 2017 at 01:40

    Really informative guide! I can tell this guide prolly took a long time to compile to cover everything about this game, so you deserve a big pat on the back. Anyways, I didn’t realise there was a ‘royal’ potion until now so thank you!

      Ilinox responded:
      July 22, 2017 at 18:41

      Ahah, thank you!! I kept waffling over whether I wanted to do this or not but then I started obsessing over how I would ~*hypothetically*~ lay this out and what I would include and how I would do it and then… yeah… this happened Orz.

      You’re welcome!! It’s totally not worth it for the affection points if you’re leveling cards up, but damn those scenes are pretty sweet!

        Billy said:
        July 22, 2017 at 19:11

        If you say those cutscenes are sweet then ill try it on my awakened best boys 😂 Katsuie is my fav.

    1_chan said:
    July 20, 2017 at 14:46

    Kyahh~ ikemen galore xD! It reminds me a bit of FGO, except with otoge elements. I’m guessing this won’t get an NA server at all…but ah~ seems like a promising play! Thanks for the quick guide!

      Ilinox responded:
      July 20, 2017 at 19:34

      Heehee, if you know anything about me I’m ALL for military uniforms and kemonomimis (animal ears on people) so this game is a dream to me– //bricked. Also, yeah, I’m a diehard romance fan so the otoge elements are great! It has the right amount of focus on romance that I look for in games while still having inter-character interactions. I’ve been enjoying it way more than I thought I would when I first started it up just to poke around and look at the art.

      YOU NEVER KNOW!! FGO GOT LOCALIZED! But… yeah… knowing all the otome mobages out there that haven’t been localized I doubt this one will. At least it’s getting an anime for wider audiences? Though I’m worried about how they’ll juggle all the army stories unless they’re going to have a new story for it.

      <3 It's on my back burner (my endless list of projects ha ha) but I'll also start to slowly translate the chapters in this game! It already has a page up on my top bar :).

        1_chan said:
        July 20, 2017 at 22:09

        Ah, I’m hoping that the anime won’t be disappointing *coughs.* There have been quite a few otoge related anime that turned out less than what I anticipated aha~ It would be great to see a game like this localized though! As much as I also love romance, I’m also a sucker for the character to character interactions~ great source of development and fun xD. I’m looking forward to this project if you ever get to it aha~ Btw, do you have a favorite character yet?

        Ilinox responded:
        July 22, 2017 at 18:40

        I don’t think I can name an anime that turned out well LOL actually I liked that they chose one person for Hakuouki. I didn’t actually watch the entire anime through but IIRC they went down Hijikata’s route? Because that basically went through everyone’s story.

        :) I do have a ton of prologue posts queued up so I hope you enjoy them! It’s also free to play on Android and iPhone so it’s my hope I drag more people into this hell with me. (My end goal is to end up seeing fanfiction and art for this– //bricked LOOK I WANT MORE OF MY HUSBANDS).

        I… do… have a favorite. Many favorites, to be exact, aha. Most of the armies follow a template of characters but I’m impressed that they all have a unique touch and shade. Like, at first glance, you can definitely see the all-brawn-no-brain, the smooth-talker, the reticent one, etc etc. but when you get to know them further you start to see more and more intricacies.

        I’ve fallen for all the damn smooth talkers. Hideyoshi (HUSBAND! I can’t wait to translate his chapters, which I’m totally gonna do first because people need to know about this dude so much), Kojuurou (he’s a secret smooth talker but also super mature and I love how chill and stable he is), Kagemochi (HE. TEASES SO MUCH. He’s probably one of the more dangerous ones along with Hideyoshi because I still don’t know what they really think), and Masanobu (he’s constantly swarmed by women it’s hilarious but he’s so sweet and good even though it comes from a sad place; at least according to him…).

        In general though I actually like almost everyone in this game which is mightily impressive. I’m usually tossing guys out left and right apart from my diehard biases. But out of all the characters so far (though Sanada army is still pending) I only dislike 2 characters.

        Like army-wise I would totally cheer on the entirety of Oda, Takeda, and Date. I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH. The other armies have people I’m always side-eyeing and rolling my eyes at. LOOKING AT THOSE TWO. I DON’T LIKE. *coughs*.

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