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A’ (エーダッシュ)
CV: Kimura Ryouhei (木村 良平)

(A Very Good Boy right here. A’ makes my heart hurt because he’s such a sweet darling but he has such a real issue. I’m sure that if you were to look at the DSM-5 he’d check out on everything for bipolar disorder. Kudos to the heroine and how she supports him because this boy is a roller coaster. HIS SECOND SONG IS SO SAD!!)

Story premise is that these 6 boys have bands that are managed by Climax Records and though they have talent they have… their own problems. One day, the music executive (or executive producer) tells the boys that this is their last song. And so they’re all betting their survival on these last songs. Can you, as their girlfriend, support them? (Each boy has a different girlfriend).

Fifth man, and best boy, is A’. If you’re wondering how to pronounce his name it is not “A, apostrophe” it’s actually “A, dash” LOL. He likes to be called “A-kun” or “A-tan” though. He has the funnest band name, NSFW (Not Safe For Work), and has some amazing synth and electronica going on in his songs. Routine as usual is MV, lyrics, and then drama translations.

Note1: His first song title is so hard to translate ;;; “かむ (kamu)” is the verb “to bite” but it can also be used as an onomatopoeia. Not to mention the word “miracle” is written in hiragana instead of katakana. Stop being extra A’.

Note2: In Chew Chew Miracle he uses the phrase “キタコレ (kita kore)” which is an expression of satisfaction or excitement. Uh, hard to translate so I did the best I could except now it sounds full of innuendo.

Note3: I want to die because A’ uses a ridiculous amount of onomatopoeia in Chew Chew Miracle. There’s meromero, wakuwaku, bachibachi, torotoro, jikujiku, kamukamu…

Note4: He calls his fans “crazy girls”.

Note5: I CAN SEE WHY NO ONE TRANSLATES A’ STUFF BECAUSE HIS VOICE IS SO HARD TO PIN DOWN. I tried my best but oh gosh you really have to hear him talk to get the full effect of just how fun his speech is.

Chew Chew Miracle

You sparkle inside
the world’s purest thing
It’s okay to remain like this, not becoming an adult
Let’s charm each other (inside and outside)

乱反射してるね 驚くのは、まだ早い
Reflected diffusely // It’s too early to be surprised
Every fiber of my being is candied
アマイ ガムを めちゃくちゃ
Mess up that sweet gum

(Let’s melt together)

ストロベリィだよ(Chew it) 病みつきになるね(Juicy)
It’s strawberry (chew it) // It becomes addicting (juicy)
膨らんでいくね キタコレ!?(ヤバいよ)
It’s expanding, here it comes!? (crazy)
噛み飽きないんだ(Chew it) 魔法の味だよ(Juicy)
Can’t get tired of chewing (chew it) // It’s the taste of magic (juicy)
かむ かむ みらくるだ(溢れて)
Chew chew miracle (overflowing)

口スボめ 吸いあおう
Purse your lips // Let’s suck it up together
なんどでも 愛してあげる(LOVE)
I’ll give you love however many times you like (LOVE)
この先も メロメロと
Beyond this too, I’m falling madly in love
ワクワクで 眠れないんだ
and I’m so excited, I can’t sleep

まちの中でバチバチひかれば 以外と苦肉なロマンス
If we’re drawn – crackling – to each other in the town, with the exception of a desperate measure romance,
コドモならわかりあえるもの 我が儘She放題で(なにか問題が?)
it’s something children can understand // She can be as selfish as she likes (what’s the problem?)

変身していくんだ 色んなミライがあるよ
It’s morphing // There’s a lot of futures out there
ボブなサッブをKnockOut キッいバンチ はちゃめちゃ(お見舞いするよ)
A Bob Sapp knock out // A severe punch // I’m incoherent (send well wishes)

キャンディソーダだね(Chew it) とめられないだ(Bubble)
It’s candy soda (chew it) // I can’t stop (bubble)
ハジケまくりだね ナニコレ!?(すごいよ)
It’s bursting with flavor, what is this!? (amazing)
呑みこめないんだ(Chew it) 刺激が欲しくで(Bubble)
I can’t swallow it (chew it) // I want stimulation (bubble)
かむ かむ みらくるだ(あふれて)
Chew chew miracle (overflowing)

舌先で 暴れてる トラブルも 愛してあげる(Love)
The tip of my tongue is going wild // I’ll even love trouble (love)
なにもかも トロトロと ジクジクに なるはずたから
because everything and anything is dripping and oozing

かむかむ みらくるだ かむかむ がんで(Chew it)
Chew chew miracle // chewing biting (chew it)
かむかむ みらくるだ かむかむ がんで(Chew it)
Chew chew miracle // chewing biting (chew it)
(かむかむ みらくるだ)
(Chew chew miracle)

(At any time)

ストロベリィだよ(Chew it) 病みつきになるね(Juicy)
It’s strawberry (chew it) // It becomes addicting (juicy)
膨らんでいくね キタコレ!?(ヤバいよ)
It’s expanding // Here it comes!? (crazy)
噛み飽きないんだ(Chew it) 魔法の味だよ(Juicy)
Can’t get tired of chewing (chew it) // It’s the taste of magic (juicy)
かむ かむ みらくるだ(溢れて)
Chew chew miracle (overflowing)

口スボめ 吸いあおう
Purse your lips // Let’s suck it up together
なんどでも 愛してあげる(LOVE)
I’ll give you love however many times you like (LOVE)
この先も メロメロと
Beyond this too, I’m falling madly in love
ワクワクで 眠れないんだ
and so excited, I can’t sleep

(Chew it Chew it Chew it)
(Chew it // chew it // chew it)
(Chew it Chew it Chew it)
(Chew it // chew it // chew it)
(Chew it It’s a みらくる)
(Chew it // It’s a miracle)

(Chew it Chew it Chew it)
(Chew it // chew it // chew it)
(Chew it Chew it Chew it)
(Chew it // chew it // chew it)
(Chew it It’s a みらくる)
(Chew it // It’s a miracle)


ねぇ 何もかもが消えて ゼロに近付く夜だね
Hey, everything is disappearing, it’s a night that’s approaching zero
その手だけ 握れなくて 曖昧だから 薄まってくよ
Don’t hold that hand, because it’s unclear and becoming weak

I’ll live alone, what a bluff
I was always crying

言葉の中に或る夢だけ 信じられたならば
If I believed only in a certain dream inside words
美しい人間になれた? RE:morse
Did I become a beautiful person? RE:morse

The wickedness inside the mirror facing me
tries tilting its head
as if it was destined to do so

もう僕を 裏切れない
Don’t betray me anymore
My heart is already dead
この目には 映らないよ
It won’t reflect in these eyes
誰にも言えず 消し去った罪
this erased sin that I cannot tell anyone

耳を塞いだ あらゆるコトに
I plugged my ears to everything
It’s closed even now

I’m trembling deep in my heart
My selves,
繋がり合えないのだろうか? RE:morse
I wonder if they can be connected together? RE:morse

I feel like they’re opposite sides of the same coin
These two obscure persons
The tongue licking tears is dry
right now

欠けてる何かなら そこに見えてるのに
If something is missing, I can see it there
They won’t become “one” though, that’s how the two of us are

いつか 笑える 今は別れて
One day we’ll smile, for now we’ll part
if it’s forgiven

言葉の中に或る夢だけ 信じられたならば
If I believed only in a certain dream inside words
美しい人間になれた? Ah… without RE:morse
Did I become a beautiful person? Ah… without RE:morse

The wickedness inside the mirror facing me
tries tilting its head
as if it was destined to do so

I believed in it
One love

*** TRACK 3: Crazy&Splash!!!! ***

A’: THANK YOU CRAZY GIRLS!! I love you, ehe!!

A’: Haha!! Like I knew they would, my audience was super crazy! Ahh, I feel like I could die happy right now, heehee. Ah! Good job everyone! Oh–… hmm?? Oh damn, isn’t that the appearance of my sweet honey. In other words, I’m leaving the rest to you guys. Take care!

A’: I missed you, honeyy!! Hey, hey, did you watch the stage properly? I might have done a little too much fan service but thanks to that everything EXPLODED, right? Heehee, I’m always going mad for you so at least you can go mad for me during lives, or it won’t be fair, right?

A’: Haha, right!? Today the crazy girls were so fired up it was awesome! It made me feel super great too! NSFW’s audience is made up of only crazy people but the crazy girls today were reaaaally crazy, weren’t they? It’s been a while since I’ve been in such a small box the distance felt super close. Looking at all those cute faces made me think I was gonna fall in love!


A’: Hmm? What? Are you jealous? Ehe, you’re doing it again. If you’re gonna be jealous, then you should just honestly say you’re jealous. Ha… I don’t wanna hear that good girl answer though? By the way, in the first place there aren’t many people who treasure their fans like me. Everyone is so lovable it’s dangerous… kidding!

A’: C’mon, say it honestly! That you really want me to look only at you… Oh? Really? So you were jealous! Heehee! Relax, honey, the one I truly love is j-u-s-t y-o-u.

A’: True, the one on the stage might be everyone’s A-chan but the moment I get down from the stage I become just your A-chan. Besides, without you I would already be dead. In this shitty world… there’s no point in living long, right? But I don’t think that right now. Because I had my fated meeting with you! Of course, you think that too, right? That it was fate to meet me.


A’: I’m soo happy!! I love you! I really love you! I’m gonna go mad with how lovely you are! Stay together with me from here on too, okay? *kisses* Aha! Crap, my switch just flipped. In other words, I’m gonna eat you. Rawr!

A’: Nope, it’s useless to struggle, honey. My switch flipped so there’s no way I can stop. So, be good and accept my love. Well, if you knew that and you’re just riling me up then I’m okay with that too~… *kisses* mm… *kisses*… this is bad I’m getting super hot…

A’: Actually, during the live it was so hot. What’s more is that the stage today was small and all the seats were packed and it was such a huge crowd that it got so hot! Even the oxygen was thin and it was hard during the live, you know.

A’: Hm? You’re hot too? I see, I see… then how about cooling down with me? Mm, I found the mineral water here! Nice! If we’re covered in this–

[05:10] *pours water on himself*

A’: Ahahaha! Feels so good! Ah, here, you too. *pours water on you* Haha!! Now you’re drenched in water… by the way, you’re so sexy it’s a problem. But as expected our NSFW’s shirt isn’t becoming see-through at all with this. What a waste. Maybe it’ll be better after two bottles of water? Wanna test it out?

A’: Haha, you’re doing it again, saying such boring things! Where could it be~ water, water… there’s none. Was it all used up during the live? Laame. And I was so fired up back there I think I’m even hotter now. Hmm… okay, how about we take a shower!

A’: Yep, the live house here has a shower. So, I’ll show you there. Come on, let’s go. Hm? Of course! You’re hot too, right? So it’ll be fine. Anyway, GO!

*in shower room*

A’: Excuse us~. Now, might as well start. *turns on shower* Ahhhh haha! Cold!! Here, you too!

A’: How about it? Doesn’t it feel super good? And let’s do even more things that feel good here… *kisses* mmm… *kisses*… mmhmm *kisses*… mm, huh? Strange… Even though we’re having such a cold shower I’m not cooling down at all. More like I feel even hotter? Heehee. This is because of you, huh.


A’: Come on, don’t be embarrassed, look over here. Aren’t you hot too? You can’t hide it. Pressed together like this, I can feel it clear enough. And isn’t your face red? And here… it’s super hot, isn’t it? *kisses* Ah, this is bad… at this rate it’s so hot we’re both gonna die. That won’t do.

A’: Mm, so, hide behind me for a second. Who knows what I’m doing~. *breaks a pipe* Woah, hahaha! Great great! If we’re not this soaked then it’s no good, right? Heehee. Huh? What, what?

A’: Nah, it’s not forbidden if I break one or two pipes. Ahhhh, it feels amazing. C’mon, you need to get showered on too. Hmm? Aah, you’re so soaked in water that your t-shirt is pretty much see-through. Hot damn.

A’: Huh? Probably, haha. But you like me that much, right?… I thought so!! Awesome! I won’t let you get bored with me. I’d like you to stay with me from here on too. Well, even if you don’t want to, I won’t let you go at all…? *kisses*

*** TRACK 4: Will you hold my heart? ***

*phone rings*

A’: Ah, hello? It’s me, darling! Are you fre– actually, even if you’re not free, can you make some time? It’s okay, right? I really want to see you. I’d do anyyything to see you right now. If I don’t, I think I’ll die. Ah ha ha, no, that was a lie! Hey, hey, were you scared? Ahaha!

A’: Well? What’s it gonna be? Will you come? Will you not? Which one? That’s what I thought!! Awesome! Then come right away, I’m at the office. I have something… I want to show you… Yep! The details are a secret until you come. Buuuut it’s something that’ll knock you down the moment you see it! Once this call ends DASH over here, okay? I CAN’T WAIT!

*phone call ends; you knock on office door*

A’: Hello, yes, who is it? OH! You finally came! I was waiting for SO LONG! *opens door* C’mon,  come in, now now now! And now for the REVEAL! LOOK AT THIS! Hahaha! How about it? Are you surprised? It’s awesome, right?


A’: Hm? This? You can tell just by looking, no? I had a tattoo done and it’s your name!! Yeah, it’s your name, look! Check it out. I really like you so much. And I was thinking on how to get across these feelings. Normal ways aren’t really enough? Things like “I like you” or “I love you”. No matter how many times they’re said, it’s impossible. Those kind of things, no matter how many times they’re said, they’ll disappear! And they don’t leave anything behind!

A’: So then I thought I’d have something that shows it that’ll NEVER disappear!! Ah, that’s right, now that I have it I should show everyone at the next live! Ah, my crazy girls might get sad but this is… the name of A-tan’s honey who he loves to the point of death!

A’: Hah? Of course I did it myself. Plus, there’s more meaning in me personally tattoo your name, right? It’s proof of my love that’ll never disappear. Tsk tsk tsk, no, it’s not an injury, didn’t I say it was a tattoo? They’re completely different! Ah, I can’t deny it hurt a wee bit… actually it hurt so damn much, but because it was for you I could handle it. Rather, it was kinda easy?

A’: Huh? You don’t need to treat it. Plus the bleeding has already stopped. No, no, hold on, what? What’s with that, uh, lackluster reaction? Are you saying that seriously?… What… even though I did this much… I guess my feelings didn’t get across…


A’: Actually, how come you’re always so calm? Over here I’m already to the point where I don’t know what to do. Hey… is it actually just me who’s in love this much? Is it just me who is crazy in love? Are you saying it’s not like that for you?

A’: Then why don’t you show that more? I’m trying my best, aren’t I? I’m doing anything I can to get my feelings across… so be more crazy for me… It’s not like I’m saying you have to get a tattoo, but can’t you burn a little more with desire for me? Like getting jealous when I’m crowded by crazy girls. Or you could call me unexpectedly in the middle of the night because you want to see me…

A’: But it’s always me who’s doing those things? You know, I… would seriously do anything for you. If you told me to die, I would die right here. Hah, see… I thought you’d say that. Whenever I talk about dying you ALWAYS get angry! BUT YOU KNOW… what else can I do? About an outlet for these massive feelings I have!

A’: Really, what should I do? I don’t even know myself. Even though I love you so much… before I met you… I only ever thought about dying. Whenever I thought about having a deadline I thought about how I could basically do anything. After all, everything will end soon, so I had to have fun. I was always desperately doing idiotic things and messing around.

A’: But… then I met you… and I thought I could maybe live a bit longer *sniffs*. But… lately… you haven’t been around so I can’t help but feel anxious. Even when I sing or make songs… I realize “Huh? Aren’t I alone?” and the moment I think that I’m done. If you aren’t around there’s no point in me living. Thinking that… I’m absolutely terrified of being alone. And then, more than ever, I think about dying right now.


A’: That’s why I have to tell you how precious you are to me and how troubled I am without you with me… but I don’t know anything anymore! How do I say it all?… Sure, I may have been crazy from the start but you’re the first person I’ve been this serious about. You have to know that much.

A’: … Eh? Really? Can I believe that? My feelings have gotten across? Ah… then… wrap your arms tighter around me! And look straight at me… *kisses*… ahaha… it’d be great if you could always be beside me like this and hold me. Then I wouldn’t think about so many unnecessary things. Like what you think about me… or what I should do if my feelings don’t get across… I wouldn’t have to worry.

A’: Why… is it whenever I see your face I can say this directly… *kisses**kisses*… Don’t leave me alone. I’ll continue to be driven crazy by you to the very end… so be more crazy for me too… if you don’t, then I really don’t know what’ll happen to me. I would have no choice but to die.

A’: … Really? *sniffs*… Okay, I got it. If you say that then I’ll believe you. I’ll try not to think about dying as much as I can. Ehe… I think I’ve finally calmed down a bit. Um, I’m really sorry! I called you out at this time and went a bit wild…


A’: Uh, this? It doesn’t hurt anymore! Because my beloved is right in front of me! Obviously I’m completely filled with energy! Hm? This tattoo? It probably really won’t disappear. Ah, at any rate, I’ll wear a wristband tomorrow.

A’: Now that I think about it calmly, I can’t bring you up at a live. It’d be too dangerous. Because you’re so cute? And an absolutely amazing woman at a level that drives me crazy. If you stood out and other guys looked at you then I wouldn’t be able to bear it. Then I’d be so worried the live would be out of question.

A’: It’s more than enough for me to be the only one driven crazy by you. More like, I wouldn’t like it if that weren’t the case. Ah, how long can you stay here today for? You’ll come to the live tomorrow, right? Then won’t you stay here until the morning? I’m not going home today, so…

A’: It’ll be fine! Besides, if I can be with you until the morning, I’d obviously work even harder at the live. For a second, I did think about the two of us going to my place… but that’s impossible. I can’t hold back until we get to my place… so you’ll have to accept my super direct loving ways right here and right now, okay, honey? I’m gonna say this ahead of time but… if we die from doing a ton of things, sorry about that. *kisses**kisses*

*** TRACK 5: Meaning of my life. ***

A’: Aah, wait, stop, stop! Stop for a moment. Hey… are we really going with this? Sorry, but I don’t agree at all. *clears throat* Besides, I said this a while ago, but right now I’m… ah… did you really just say that? The hook didn’t come out at all in this take right now, are you properly listening?!

A’: Huh? What’d you say? We can do something about it later? Are you… saying we should finish this sloppily and then fix it? You’re being ridiculous. Or rather, you’re only thinking about the schedule, huh. If we’re not done today then it’ll be troubling so you anything is fine, HUH!? DON’T FUCK WITH ME. HOW COULD I DO THAT?! *exits recording room*

A’: Recording is cancelled! And I’m completely against that shit being announced as NSFW’s work! *exits room*

A’: FUCKING HELL! *smashes stuff* SHIT!! *throws stuff* GRAH! *breaks more things* Fuck off, let go! *shoves* Ah, you–! I’m sorry, are you okay? I thought you were one of those shitheads… Can you stand? You’re not hurt, are you?


A’: … Aah… everything is going wrong today. I can’t believe it. I just want to die… Ah? It’s nothing. Anyway… I’m talking about how my singing is shit. We’re supposed to be recording today but since yesterday my rhythm has been awful. Especially the high notes. My voice isn’t reaching them at all and it’s the worst.

A’: But you know what’s even worse? After hearing such shitty singing from me, everyone praised me saying it was super good. Haha! Isn’t that ridiculous? Even though I said I wasn’t singing at all. And then what do you think the staff said? They said they’d do something about it later. Even if my singing is shit, they believed they could hide it.

A’: Ahaha… what a joke… then it doesn’t even have to be me who sings? Up to now there’s been a lot of staff I’ve worked with and naturally people I didn’t like, but this is the first time I’ve felt so betrayed. *sniffs* What I want to make… isn’t that. Even if it were to sell stupidly well, I wouldn’t be happy at all. If people were to think that was my singing… I’d be so embarrassed I’d quit singing.

A’: SHIT! *breaks stuff* Those guys… don’t have the qualifications to be involved in music!! THEY DON’T FUCKING KNOW ANYTHING! *breaks stuff* Agh, I’m so pissed. GODDAMN IDIOTS! *breaks stuff* Shit! *breaks stuff* Gragh, let go before you get hurt too! Aha, I’m fine, leave me alone!

A’: Aha… haha… you’re as kind as always. But, you see… I’m really sorry… I don’t think I can be gentle with you today anymore… on the contrary, I really want to pick a fight *pins you against wall*. Sorry for being the one to call you here… but seriously can’t you leave me alone today? I’ve… reached my limits on a lot of things. You get it, right? In this state, if I said something cruel to you… I’ll never recover. It’d be impossible for me to live.


A’: Hah, look, isn’t it like that right now? If I said I wanted to die or I can’t live anymore… then you get angry, and I know that but I can’t stop. I don’t want you to hate me. If that happened… then I would have no choice but to die… ahaha, this isn’t good, I just said it again, aha. I can’t stop. I really can’t help it.

A’: Aah… actually… if you were to kill me… wouldn’t everything be cleared? Ah! Then I’d stop. Everything would end without extra things being said. Ah, right you wouldn’t be able to do it… I knew that. Besides, if you were made to do it then you’d grow to hate me…

A’: But… that might be much more better… Because if I were to be hated by you then my reason to live would be gone and you would immediately forget about me, who you hated. Aha… I did it again… There’s something perfect for times like these, huh. I don’t know what kinda person would use these, but jeez is it alright to use such a junky thing?

A’: Here. If you use this chain then it’d be easy even with your strength. Wrap it around my neck, then pull it tight… Look, hold it here and here. Then pull it tight. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to help… It’ll be the last thing we do together, something like that.

A’: You can do it… Do it. I’M ALREADY AT MY LIMIT! WITH EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING! *you slap him*


A’: … THAT HURTS!! *chain drops* Why’d you do that all of a sudden!? Ah, that hurt, it really hurts… I mean yeah, you’re right about that, but– *you hug him*… Now what? Hugging me all of a sudden… Do you suddenly want me?… Seriously? Even though you hit me just now…

A’: … *sniffs* I’m sorry… I don’t know what came over me, no, I know what I tried to do but… I guess I fell down too much into the dark? I troubled you again… I’m really sorry. Forgive me?

A’: Even though I trouble you so much like this… will you still say that you’d be bothered if I’m gone… and say that you want me to live… will you say that more?… I see… then I can’t die. As long as you need me… I’ll have to live even if I’m dead… Ehehe, yeah, that makes no sense. Do I want to die or do I want to live…

A’: I’ll live. Don’t worry… I can still keep on going *sniffs*. I don’t have time to be lost in doubts. Because my beloved honey wants me this much… *kisses* Hey… you should know but… you held me back… so you’ll take responsibility, right?


A’: You can’t play dumb like that. To me, you’re already my reason for living. So, that means you’ll always stay by my side, right? Get it? Oh, you said it! Heehee, awesome! With this you and I will be together until death, or something.

A’: Ah, crap, I said the taboo word again. But it’s okay, right? I trust that my feelings have gotten across to you. Now then, I’ll return now and talk to the staff. I left them after cancelling things. Nah, the recording is still in process because I really can’t accept things like this. I’ll include the members and talk to them again. And if we fail at talking then I’ll deal with it at that time.

A’: If we’re going to make something, I really want to make my best. I also want you to listen to something you can understand. Well, let’s stay calm and do this. Because now I still have to live for a very long time, right? Thanks to someone.

A’: So, anyway, could you wait a bit more? I’ll take you back to your place… is what I was thinking but, actually, why don’t you come to A-tan’s place? You’ll come, right? Since you came here. Which means that… tonight I’m not going to let you sleep… prepare yourself, okay?

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    Archiri said:
    May 12, 2019 at 15:26

    I’m kinda late but thank you so so much for the translation and for giving us the opportunity to get to know such an amazing character, i love him already, thank you ;w;

      Ilinox responded:
      May 14, 2019 at 12:02

      It’s never too late to get into anything <3 you're just in time, especially since they announced a 5th (?) season for this series! A' is a darling and I'm glad he has so many people who love him ;w;!! Rejet really handled his issues well imo and how his love for his girlfriend isn't just a magical cure all and how both of them actually have to actively work to communicate and get past these bumps on the road.

    leohikarusora said:
    July 22, 2018 at 08:39

    Hello~ Suddenly go fast search and read this post because just download this drama CD. My impression… Yeah his speech is fun to listening, it’s refreshing for me (applause for Kimura-san). But I want to ask something in Chew Chew Miracle, what’s the difference between “溢れて” and “あふれて”?

    Hmm… Actually I found typo in last track. It’s 08.50, not 08.05, but it’s okay for me at least ^^
    And, the songs in Wired one is cool too, especially the first song (the title was S_O_S, it have some symbol that can’t be typed in my phone TvT), you should listening to it ^^

    Thank you for your hard works~!! ^^

      Ilinox responded:
      July 22, 2018 at 13:06

      No difference, they’re read the same way! One’s just written with kanji and the other purely in hiragana. Although, I should say that while there’s no difference in meaning it does convey a different atmosphere/nuance if you were reading character dialogue or something and they were either speaking with kanji forms or hiragana forms. It’s kind of like seeing ありがとう (arigatou; which I’m sure everyone knows) and 有り難う (also arigatou LOL).

      Hm? I checked the last track but nope it’s 8:05 when he starts to yell about how much it hurt. Are you sure you have the right track? ;;;;

      Haha, I haven’t gotten to anything past Riot because I’m still nursing my wounds from Ciel having gone to America AND REJET KEEPS POURING SALT IN MY WOUND WITH UPDATES FROM HIM. Every time Ciel tweets to congratulate the other members :’))) and says things like him and his schwesters being under the same sky and taking pictures of New York… please Ciel just come back home!

        leohikarusora said:
        July 22, 2018 at 22:02

        Hmm… Maybe I should check twice to the last track, but thank you again for the explanation…

        Ah I see… Hope you can heal fast, and hope Ciel will come back from America (even I haven’t listened his CD yet)~ ^^

        garden said:
        July 23, 2018 at 00:31

        I think in You’s Wired he mentioned something abt him… had to take over Ciel’s project or something?? I did heard him kept saying his name but I can’t figure the context out with my current lvl. I’m worst in understanding that boy’s stories the most I’m not sure why. it’s not that he used difficult words…

        also, just a little update (bc I finally managed to listen to his Wired). I think Joshua is a good boi, despite his problems. now I can safely say I love all them boys of DeaVo!!! (minus one).

    garden said:
    February 4, 2018 at 03:36

    Hi Ilinox. don’t know if you’ve listened to A-dash’s Riot volume yet but I have a little something to clarify if you had. did this boy really prayed for Ciel when he was playing the crane game? lol (sorry to ask you of this here. I don’t really have anyone else to talk about this fandom T^T )

    anyway, I felt that I should tell you that all thanks to you (well, I found the series here first), I am now quite obsessed with this series. all the boys are precious in their own way. HUGE exception for that demon Momochi ofc. sometimes I’m curious as to why he’s such a terrible person but I don’t dare to listen to his volume anymore.

    although, I am very disappointed why Ciel/KENN is no longer in the cast list for Wired and Extreme. juuuust when I am starting to like him a lot more too. the new boy Joshua is yet to interest me yet.

      Ilinox responded:
      February 9, 2018 at 22:22

      I’ve listened to all the Riot CDs (except for Momochi HAHA) but I didn’t really remember this part so I went back to listen and… I’m actually not sure? LOL It fits though since he’s basically listing off a whole bunch of things like god, something else, Ciel (?), or anyone to lend him power. That’s hilarious omg and I wonder if Ciel is a pro at these games (lbr though what ISN’T Ciel good at??).

      Haha, omg, that is the greatest thing to ever hear in a comment! I’m glad you got hooked into the DearVo series :’D maybe the more people in it the more chances Ciel will come back from America–. I ask myself that question about Momochi all the time but considering I haven’t listened to him past his first CD I’m… nOTHING HE SAYS CAN REDEEM HIM FOR ME. NOTHING!!

      :'(( I MISS CIEL SO MUCH!! I haven’t heard any of Wired yet so I have no idea what Joshua is like. I hear good things about him and Nobunaga’s voice is !!! but I can’t shake the subconscious disappointment about him taking Ciel’s place, haha.

        THC said:
        March 7, 2018 at 22:51

        hello I have question about Riot too. if you don’t mind that is. I understand if you can’t answer. I’m really sorry to bother you if you are busy. this is my first time comment in this website. I’m sorry if any mistake. my question is why girlfriend leave him after the failed recording session? I can only understand that A’ promised girlfriend something. was it to finish the recording? Thank you. I’m really sorry again. you seem to be very busy and I understand. please forgive my English is very weak. I use google translate

        Ilinox responded:
        March 10, 2018 at 16:33

        No worries, the English is understandable! I don’t actually remember this part though since it’s been a long time since I listened to Riot >< I do plan on translating the second season one day but I've just been busy with a whole bunch of other things. Sorry!

    Bashiek said:
    January 19, 2018 at 20:18

    Dear Yume-san,

    Hajimemashite. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. I just wanted to thank you for all of these translations. I was wondering where to leave my comment, and I finally chose this page because I first found your site looking for translations for these DCDs. Is there any chance you would be willing to do translations for Dear Vocalist Wired, Riot, and the upcoming Xtreme? Or maybe you would be willing to translate some of the songs? I know that you are busy with Sengoku Night Blood (thank you for that as well; I saw the anime and really liked it. It is always good to read what happened in the game so that you can understand the characters better. I already had a similar experience with Norn9 and Code:Realize. I was totally confused in Norn9 because the anime didn’t explain some things, but when I read the game translations, everything became clearer. So thank you very much!)

    If you are interested and are free (or a willing to put it on your to-do-list) please do let me know. I am also interested in asking you to translate some songs from Thanatos Night.

    Thank you very much for your time. Please keep up the great work.

    Take care.


      Ilinox responded:
      January 21, 2018 at 12:05

      Hello hello, hajimemashiteee! Feel free to just call me Ilinox \(๑•ᴗ•๑)/ since Yumemirusekai is just my blog title, haha. (I actually have a friend called Yume too so I did a double-take here thinking you were somehow trying to talk her but went to the wrong blog LOL).

      Aww, thank you I’m glad you’re enjoying the translations! I did have DearVo Riot planned in the future because I gotta share my husband, Ciel, with everyone some more but I got a little distracted by a ton of other projects I picked up (why did I start translating Sengoku Night Blood? LOL). Oh! I’m glad you read and enjoyed some Senbura stuff too! I find the game much more interesting since they get to focus on specific armies and their characters, though the anime was a nice general overall thing. And I can’t complain about Hideyoshi getting so much screen time, hehe.

      I probably won’t do Thanatos Night though ;;; I’m more of a ballad person than a rock person and I’m traumatized from Nia’s CD LOL. Having to deal with Momochi in DearVo is enough for me!!

      Thank you for taking the time to leave such a wonderful comment ;3;!

        Bashiek said:
        January 26, 2018 at 18:04

        Dear Ilinox-san,

        Thank you for the reply! I am sorry I am late, but I mainly only have Internet access on the weekends.

        I wouldn’t mind meeting your friend if you wouldn’t mind introducing us! I am always happy to meet kind people who are willing to converse about the various fandoms we all love!

        I am sure you feel just as bad as I did when Ciel wasn’t featured in Wired and Xtreme. I don’t know why they did that since KENN is such a great singer, and his character was so strong. I think he was also the unofficial leader of the DearVo group too, being the oldest. Hopefully they will bring him back!
        Glad you were happy with Hideyoshi’s screen time! They told the main story from his perspective, so you were lucky there! I loved that group huddle they had in episode 3 before they headed out to meet Sanada; he just stole the show with his reply!

        I know exactly how you feel about Nia! I had read the summary of his CD, but I still wasn’t ready when his character completely changed. Masuda-san is such a great seiyuu, and his character is completely different in the DearVo series. It’s the same with Momochi’s seiyuu Toyonaga-san because I loved Duran in Thanatos Night. Is it just me or isn’t Judah harder to deal with, or am I not understanding the CDs well?

        If you are willing, would you be able to translate just the songs from DearVo Wired? I know you are busy with Senbura so I will wait when you are free for Riot’s drama translations. If you are, I am interested in the songs sung by A’, Re-o-do, and Joshua.

        Thanks very much for your time. Please take care of yourself.

        Yours faithfully,

        Ilinox responded:
        January 29, 2018 at 20:29

        Oh no worries about the reply! We all get busy with things |D *stares at my eternal backlog of games and translations*.

        Yume runs a blog with her friend over at chocolatemix :3 and I believe she has a twitter too!

        I AM DEVASTATED!! It started when they first announced Wired and I realized they dropped him and then when they went onto Xtreme I just T__T WHYYYY!! I’m thinking KENN just became too busy or his schedule didn’t work out? But yeah, it’s terribly sad. Rejet and I don’t have a good track record with this because they dropped my husband, Kondou, in their wasurenagusa series too.

        Tbh I only listened to Izaya and Nia from Thanatos Night and then was like “I don’t think this is my thing” ahaha. Masuda’s voice is reaaaally different though from Re-o-do’s, that’s for sure! Momochi is still the devil to me in DearVo and I like Judah because while he has horrible anger issues he never takes it out on his girlfriend and whenever he reveals his soft side it’s like awwww. But Momochi’s reveal… is that he’s horribly only to his girlfriend LOL.

        I’ll try to take a look at the Wired songs but no guarantees ;w;/ I like to keep all my translations in one place so if I was to translate the song I’d want to do the drama CD translation too, aha.

        Oh, by the way, talking about Rejet’s song series have you heard “Seventh Heaven”? It came out before Dear Vocalist and Thanatos Night and it’s still one of my favorites. It has a very similar situation to Thanatos Night but all the boys are shinigamis who end up singing a song to a girl who wants to die and they send her soul off like that. All the songs are pretty much ballads though. Another friend, Doropyan, translated the entire series HERE.

        Thank you for your comment again!!

        Bashiek said:
        February 2, 2018 at 19:55

        Dear Ilinox-san,

        Thank you for the reply and your understanding! It’s amazing, but I have come across your friend’s blog and the other one you gave in my surfing! I will definitely check out Seventh Heaven since you recommended it. It’s also great that they have the translations; they are just like you did for the DearVo series!

        I am sorry you also lost your favorite seiyuu from another series. You must have been heartbroken!

        I understand about DearVo Wired and Thanatos Night! Thank you very much for being honest with me. I really appreciate it.

        Finally, if you ever come across a studio recording of Sengoku Night Blood’s game and anime opening, please do share it! I have always wondered how the seiyuu sing together. Do they record in their own individual booths, or do they gather around one mike and sing together? Maybe you have wondered that too?

        Thanks for your time. Take care.


        P.S I made a mistake in my previous message. I should have said that they were going to see Takeda Shingen instead. Just in case you were confused about what I said.

        Ilinox responded:
        February 3, 2018 at 11:02

        Hi hi! I hope you’re prepared to cry for Seventh Heaven :’D because it is saaaaaaaad. Haha, I’ve made my peace with having my biases dropped now, but I’m still hoping that Ciel will come back if they keep continuing with DearVo! I think they finished wasurenagusa so there’s no more hope there (iirc they did put Kondou in the prequel but I have mixed feelings towards that, so).

        I don’t think I’ve ever seen any behind-the-scenes for Senbura anime’s recording but as far as I know everyone usually records in their own booths, that way the music engineer can adjust each individual singer’s track and then lay them on top of each other. It’s really rare for a take to be done with everyone gathered around one mic, imo. If you take a look at any Disney songs too (ones that have duos and things) they always have their own mic and booth though they may record at the same time!

        Thank you for replying <3!

        Bashiek said:
        February 3, 2018 at 19:49

        Dear Ilinox-san,

        Thanks for replying! I don’t mind crying, and thanks for preparing me! I cried in Duran and Seth’s DCDs (Thanatos Night) too! Anime, manga, and movies have made me cry too; I guess that shows how powerful the storytelling is.

        Okay, I got it! I was just hoping for one because it would be so much fun to see them recording together. I was hoping for a video as well for “Regal Generation” from KnB, but I never saw one. In this case, it would have been interesting to see how the more established seiyuu-san interact with the younger generation. I have seen the Disney videos; thanks for sharing that!

        Take care. Please keep up the great work!

        Yours faithfully,

    runalhearts said:
    November 22, 2017 at 06:02

    I got around to reading A’ a while back, though I never commented, haha. He’s such a sweetheart, even if he did go in the gutter once. His mental health is really fragile, and he doesn’t seem to see the line between life and death as well, which may be why his girlfriend is the reason for his life. He loves her so much, and he would feel guilty if he left this world because of his own reasons but making his girlfriend suffer because of that. That in and out of itself makes him such a great person – he’s being considerate while trying to deal with his own problems, and his girlfriend willingly tries to help him.

    Although his CD kind of went down in the gutter and had talk about life and death (it did make me think a little bit!), I feel like the series that really made me think for days on end about life, death, and love was SEVENTH HEAVEN. A deep story indeed, I cried in each CD and I thought for weeks about their message. Even now, I sometimes think, even after it being 4 years now since it was released. Its quality never seems to fade. A’ is the same to an extent, except I think he (generally Dear Vocalist) is more like… fanservice while delving more into the character?

    Nonetheless, I genuinely pray for his steady recovery in the following CDs. A’ deserves all the love I can give him. I really like A”s wild voice, even as it may be hard to translate. Maybe it’s just me, but you know, it’s honestly not everyday you see a character as wild with speech as A’, haha! Kimura does a really great job with his character despite having so much… deviations… of language. The first time I heard about Kimura was him voicing a character named Lawless, from SerVamp. Ever since then Kimura has always been on my radar, he’s one of my favorites, hehe!

    Though him voicing Lawless, Kou, A’, and Masanobu… he knows how to voice a good variety of character tropes. I was honestly surprised to know that Kimura was the one voicing Masanobu, since all the characters I knew that was voiced by him all had higher voices with more cheerful or wild personalities. Or I just may be still living under a rock, LOL.

      Ilinox responded:
      November 25, 2017 at 11:48

      I always say this but I’m impressed by Rejet doing their take on someone like A’ because he is pretty much bipolar and they actually made him + the heroine try to work it out rather than giving him a complete pass like… uhh… the devil Momochi LOL. But yeah he struggles so hard with trying to find a reason to live and although he clings to his girlfriend he’s always being considerate of not trying to overwhelm her either ;w; like he never blames her he just blames himself more (which isn’t healthy but still!!).

      SOBS YES SEVENTH HEAVEN!! I like how Dear Vocalist is a bit more calm and modern (especially because Ciel is best husband ever) but Seventh Heaven is definitely way up there in my list of favorite series ever because, like you said, it was just really emotional and everyone’s stories was great. I still remember how annoyed I was at Kanade and then once I reached his track I just cried.

      I never thought much about Kimura but after hearing him as A’ and Masanobu I’m like 👀👀. Haha, I love hearing people who play with their tones like A’ and *coughs* Hideyoshi *coughs* but it does make it a challenge to try and convey that through English. I mean I could try and find an accent in English but I never feel like it does it justice. Kinda like Kansai-ben being translated to Southern US accent LOL.

    Sakuma said:
    September 24, 2017 at 11:29

    Recently, I just had randomly by mistake ran into this gem that is Dear Vocalist and I must say I am in love with these boys! I would like to thank you very much for taking your time for the translations! Finding your wordpress actually helped me a lot to get into this whole thing.

    If it doesn’t hurt to ask, will you be translating [2]You’s CD at any point in the future or happen to know where I can find more stuff about him? I really interested sobs.

    But again I am very thankful for your hard work! You’re wonderful. <3

      Ilinox responded:
      September 25, 2017 at 21:15

      Haha, “by mistake” makes me curious. Did you accidentally click on a link you weren’t supposed to? |D;; But I’m glad you ended up falling in love with these boys! Aww, thank you thank you. I’m happy just being able to share things with others (though comments like this always make me super excited).

      I will be! I’m actually working on it and just have one and a half track to go! It’s been a bit slow since I’m juggling so many things but I’m determined to finish him this week (ง •̀_•́)ง gonna force myself to do chunks of audio every day until I’m done.

      <33 Thank you again for reading and leaving a comment!

    SSXM said:
    September 10, 2017 at 01:46

    Hello!! I hope it isn’t too late to comment here hahaha. Firstly, I would like to thank you for your great hard work in translating the Dear Vocalist series! I truly enjoy listening to all the volumes in this series~ People like you who are willing to translate these drama CDs truly inspire me to learn Japanese and help along to translate! So once again, thank you! If I may ask, will you also be translating the sequel, Dear Vocalist Riot series? :3

      Ilinox responded:
      September 13, 2017 at 13:35

      It’s never too late to comment!! And awwww ;w; thank you for this lovely message. It makes me really happy to hear people getting into series from translations and all the more if it inspires learning! I learned all the Japanese I know (up to this point) through games, reading light novels, and listening to drama CDs so it’s definitely doable!! :>

      It was my plan to translate the Riot CDs (gotta reach my husband, Ciel, again– //bricked) but you might have noticed I tripped and fell into Sengoku Night Blood hgffhfghffgh. I might take a break before heading back into the Dear Vocalist series!

    1_chan said:
    August 8, 2017 at 09:45

    First impression from the music pa’s is that he’s a rlly fun dude. Then I read the lyrics for Re:Morse and just ;; 4 ;; )) Hush child… At 1:45 I was starting to get jealous hahah xD. His enthusiasm is very convincing, but he’s also an angst child. I’m glad that his girlfriend is able to support him and pull him up from those dark thoughts. Makes you smile in the end when a lost child finds a purpose ;; v ;; )) Thanks for the translations!

      Ilinox responded:
      August 8, 2017 at 16:03

      SAME LOL. My first impression was also like “ah yeah you gotta have that wild wacky dude with dubstep and EDM among all these edgy ballad and rock-n-roll guys” only to be smacked in the face with feels about what he’s struggling with and everything.

      Gods, I can only hope that his enthusiasm was conveyed through the text |D I tried to include more slang and loose sloppy constructions to mirror just how much he butchers sentences. He talks in like all slang, drops endings, and throws English everywhere.

      Thank you for always commenting <3 and yes I'm so glad he's able to have support like this. (Though the psychology major in me is like "BOY YOU NEED COUNSELING RIGHT NOW AND IT'S NOT GOOD TO PUT YOUR GF ON A PEDESTAL LIKE THAT or make her responsible for your life–" shush brain this is romantic fiction).

    BlueRose said:
    August 7, 2017 at 23:04

    A-tan…..*sniffs* You precious boy….. You are more valuable than you think!!
    Cheers to his girlfriend! She’s a strong one, to be able to handle A-tan like that… To make him want to live like that.

    I discovered Dear Vocalist because of A-tan. I was kind of crazy for Kimura Ryouhei before because of Mukami Kou and then, while surfing youtube, I stumbled upon A-tan’s PV. I liked his songs, proceeded to look at the rest of the MVs in series, and got totally hooked by the other songs (Ciel’s, specifically).

    Kamukamu Miracle was an upbeat song, though with my little Japanese, I knew that there’d be trademark Iwasaki innuendos. But seeing the translated lyrics…… (>////////<) Ooooooh boy.

    Re:Morse! OH MY GOD. I did NOT expect the lyrics to be that sad. QAQ A-TAN. I loved the lyrics near the end…. If my interpretation isn't wrong, that "I believed in it, one love" is a shout out to the GF he loves so much to the point he'll keep on living?

      BlueRose said:
      August 7, 2017 at 23:05

      Oh no. I fangirled so much I forgot to say the most important thing: THANK YOU FOR THE TRANSLATIONS!!!!!! お疲れ様でした!

        Ilinox responded:
        August 8, 2017 at 15:57

        YEAH! His girlfriend is amazing ;3; normally I’d be like “oh no he’s so dependent on her it’s scary” but he really does treat her like the light of his life. Still, being the reason for someone’s life must be a heavy responsibility LOL.

        I have to admit I didn’t know much about Kimura’s roles (and I never touched More blood so I missed Kou) but after hearing him as A’ and Sosuke in Rejet’s Love Don!! and Masanobu in Sengoku Night Blood, his voice is really growing on me :’)).

        The gushing and oozing and chewing and sucking love part of Kamukamu Miracle made me so embarrassed while I was typing it out, haha. And yeah, omg, I didn’t catch any of Re:Morse’s lyrics whenever I listened to it and it was only when I was translating that I realized all the lines were basically about his mental health and ahh it’s so touching. I think that last line is about his girlfriend too!

        ALSO SCREECHES I just realized I posted this up without including the time stamps for the last track ;;;; I will have to do that when I get back home.

        Aww, no thank you for commenting and checking out these translations! It makes me feel happy my suffering through A’ unique dialogue worth it LOL.

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