Day: August 16, 2017

SNB Toyotomi ~ Chapter 1.2 ~

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Chapter 1: Awakening

She was brought under the protection of the Toyotomi Army, where many individualistic commanders gathered; however, they weren’t humans but “vampires”.

Aiming to unify the country, they headed for a fight with the Oda Army but…

Chapter 1.2

[YUZUKI]: (I ended up being brought to the battlefield by Hideyoshi-san, but……)

Hideyoshi-san and I held back in a place far away from the frontline where Toshiie-san and soldiers of the Toyotomi Armi were forming ranks.

[TOSHIIE]: “Aw yeah! I get to be the first spear!! EVERYONE, LET’S GOOOO!!”

[KANBEE]: “Toshiie’s unit has broken into the enemy ranks. Hanbee, are preparations ready?”

[HANBEE]: “I’ve got it, Kanbee! Alrighty, everyone! Let’s attack together with Kanbee’s unit!!”

[MITSUNARI]: “Second Army, assemble into formation immediately! Continue sending troops to the frontline, so that the enemy cannot rest!”

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