SNB Toyotomi ~ Chapter 1.4 ~

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Chapter 1: Awakening

She was brought under the protection of the Toyotomi Army, where many individualistic commanders gathered; however, they weren’t humans but “vampires”.

Aiming to unify the country, they headed for a fight with the Oda Army but…

Chapter 1.4

[YUZUKI]: (Just when I thought we were going to get away……!)

Hideyoshi-san and I were surrounded once again by Oda Army soldiers.

But Hideyoshi-san showed a relaxed smile and took out his sword.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “…… Stand back.”

[YUZUKI]: “B-But… there’s too many of them!”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Don’t worry! Thanks to you my injury was healed, so this time I’ll show you something cool.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Hyah–!”

[YUZUKI]: “Wow…… he really won……”

Hideyoshi-san used the forest cleverly so that the enemies could not swing their swords freely, and – on top of that – he defeated them all while protecting me.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “See? No problem, right?”

[YUZUKI]: “Right…… Um, Hideyoshi-san, thank you very much for protecting me.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Oh, wow, when you say it directly to me like that it’s embarrassing. Then, can I ask for a reward for working so hard?”

[YUZUKI]: “U-Umm…… if it’s something I can do……”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Really? In that case…… could you let me taste your blood again?”

[YUZUKI]: “T-That and this are different matters!”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Meaaaan! You said you’d give me a reward! Haa, I even worked so hard……”

[???]: “Certainly, that battle right now was quite something.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “—kgh! Get back!”

By the time I noticed, we were surrounded by the Oda Army’s troops.

[???]: “It has been a while, monkey.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “…… Oda Nobunaga.”

[YUZUKI]: (Huh? That person is… Oda Nobunaga……)

[NOBUNAGA]: “You did well to come this far while carrying a burden. First, I should praise you for that.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Haha, thank you very much. It is my utmost honor to receive praise from you.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Your manner is as pleasant as usual…… Is there a reason that woman merits being taken around with you?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “That’s because…… she’s just this cute? Isn’t it natural to want to have her close at hand.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Oh?…… For you to lie with such nonsense means you have decided that she is of use, hm.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “…… Oh dear. Honestly, that keen insight of yours is terrifying.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Hmph…… You talk well for someone who does not think that one bit.”

[YUZUKI]: (At a glance, the two of them are smiling, but the air is so strained it’s like it’s stabbing into me……)

[YUZUKI]: (Moreover, that person has such cold eyes…… Our eyes only met, but I can’t seem to stop shaking.)

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Hmmm…… this is actually kinda bad.”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “I thought I could do something so long as it was just soldiers but…… the strength of the Oda Army’s main force is one of the best in Shinga–“

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Even if I were to use that trick from before, I’m not sure we’d be able to cut our way through……”

[YUZUKI]: “Eh? Um, what do you mean by that……?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Ah, nothing, I’m just talking to myself.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “It seems you two have finished your farewells. –Kill them.”

[ODA SOLDIER]: “Yes, my lord!”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “…… Do not leave my side no matter what.”

[YUZUKI]: “Hideyoshi-san……”

[ODA SOLDIER]: “Aim at Hideyoshi’s head! –FIRE!!”

[???]: “–like I’d let you!”

[TOSHIIE]: “I’m not gonna let a single finger touch Hideyoshi and the girl!”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Mitsunari, Toshiie! You guys came!”

[TOSHIIE]: “Haha, obviously! Well, it took some time to find you guys though!”

[YUZUKI]: (I’m glad…… if these two are here, everything should be okay now……)

Behind Oda Nobunaga, who was observing us and our relief, a new person appeared.

[???]: “–Nobunaga-sama. Not just Ishida and Maeda, but Takenaka Hanbee and Kuroda Kanbee’s forces are spreading out behind us.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “I see…… the opportunity is lost, hm.”

[MITSUNARI]: “Hideyoshi-sama! For the present, we will hold them back here! Please use this moment to retreat!”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “It’s frustrating, but since it’s not a good plan to fight any more in this situation, I guess I have no choice……”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Got it! Sorry, you two! I’m counting on you here! Hold on!”

[YUZUKI]: “O-Okay!”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “You two better return properly too!”

[TOSHIIE]: “Ou! Leave it to us!”

We entrusted everything after to Toshiie-san and the others, and hurried back to the castle.

5 thoughts on “SNB Toyotomi ~ Chapter 1.4 ~

    1_chan said:
    August 20, 2017 at 20:10

    Lol I felt that Hideyoshi got lucky this time, with his comrades appearing. There was so much doubt in his monologue. Thanks for the chapter!

      Ilinox responded:
      August 20, 2017 at 21:01

      Haha, right? I’m sure he was sweating there before everyone appeared. Gotta love the banter between him and Nobunaga and how he tried to joke his way out though |D.

      Not sure how familiar you are about the real Sengoku period but Mitsuhide betrayed Nobunaga (assassinated him and his son) and Hideyoshi was actually one of Nobunaga’s most distinguished generals. In SNB it’s revealed that Hideyoshi and his gang betrayed Nobunaga and split off (exact details haven’t been given) and the heroine is also like “???” about Mitsuhide being beside Nobunaga since history said that Mitsuhide betrayed him. Although, apparently, Mitsuhide betrayed Nobunaga in SNB too but then came back and was forgiven and now is fanatically loyal to Nobunaga.

      ANYWAY, sorry, this was a long TL;DR because I wanted to comment on how you can really tell through their conversation that they know each other well and there’s history there |D. Nobunaga can see right through Hideyoshi’s bluffs, uh oh.

        1_chan said:
        August 21, 2017 at 19:43

        Ah, I didn’t know all that much about the Sengoku period. I detected how familiar they were with each other through that banter though, but I assumed it was due to them clashing against each other so often. Thanks for the info feed~ it really added dimension, since it weaved some history in there. Allusions are the best haha~

    runalhearts said:
    August 19, 2017 at 09:06

    My こころ! This is a great chapter, I want to know what happens next though, hngh…! -forces myself to sit patiently-

      Ilinox responded:
      August 20, 2017 at 21:03

      T__T IT’S GONNA GET WORSE WHEN YOU SEE HOW GREAT EVERYONE IS ON NOBUNAGA’S SIDE. My goal is to try and get everyone invested in the characters and then cry with me about why they have to fight (I know exactly where I’m going to switch to translate the other armies but OH MAN I want to do Uesugi so bad right now).

      Heehee, sorry for torturing you with one day releases :’D.

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