Day: August 20, 2017

SNB Toyotomi ~ Chapter 1.5 ~

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Chapter 1: Awakening

She was brought under the protection of the Toyotomi Army, where many individualistic commanders gathered; however, they weren’t humans but “vampires”.

Aiming to unify the country, they headed for a fight with the Oda Army but…

Chapter 1.5

After shaking off the pursuit from the Oda Army, we managed to return safely to the Toyotomi castle.

[YUZUKI]: (Phew… while I was on the battlefield I felt completely numb…… but now I can finally catch my breath.)

But it seemed like I was the only one who was relieved at returning home alive.

[TOSHIIE]: “ARGH, that wasn’t enough! Shit! Retreating from there is so lame.”

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