Dear Vocalist ~ (2)You ~

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You (ユゥ)
CV: Hanae Natsuki (花江 夏樹)

(DONEZO!! Hope you guys enjoyed this series as much as I did. I think I bit off more than I can chew with my current projects though so I’ll probably hold off on the second season until I make some more progress on the other projects. GOMEN CIEL!!)

Story premise is that these 6 boys have bands that are managed by Climax Records and though they have talent they have… their own problems. One day, the music executive (or executive producer) tells the boys that this is their last song. And so they’re all betting their survival on these last songs. Can you, as their girlfriend, support them? (Each boy has a different girlfriend).

Last man is You. His band is Jet Rat Fury. His name is officially pronounced as “Tsuuyuu” (get it?? To you!!) but he likes to be called “You” (for the longest time I was spelling his name as Yuu but it’s You…). Anyway, his profile on the site has “(2)You” on it so I kept that for the post title. As usual the MV will be followed by song translations and then the drama part.

Note1: I used italics in his last song “I need your love” to indicate that it’s like that in both Japanese and English, so I wouldn’t have to do double lines.

Note2: He calls his fans “Rat-chan” LOL.

Note3: Climax Records’ president is the panda, which everyone just straight up calls Panda.


The cold wind shakes the building // shudder
全方位から目撃されてるアヤフヤさDamn it!!
There’s eye-witnesses in every direction, this uncertainty // damn it!!!

This single ending that’s hard to accept
sometimes I can’t simply swallow that
すべてに期待しなければいい そんな言葉
You should not expect everything // those words
who are you saying that to?
すぐ側に あるものだけ
Only the things that are right beside me,
もう一度 掴む動機は、君だよ
once again, the motive to grab those is you

バツの悪さはそのままで 喉元までこみあげ
The punishment remains as it was // I’m sick up to my throat
諦めかけてるなら 信じれば?
If I give up, would you believe it?
誰かの代わりならば お互い様でいいんだよ
If I’m somebody’s substitute, let’s use each other like that
Awkward? この夜を乗り越えていくんだ
Awkward? I’m overcoming this night

This isn’t a relationship crumbling to nothing
because it’s an incomplete story
恐れることだけが上手いのは 今時だね
the present is good at being the only thing to be afraid of
Even if it’s “common” I’ll laugh here
許しても 許せなくて
Even if it’s allowed, I can’t allow it
もう一度 生きた証が、欲しくて
Once more, I want proof that I lived

バツの悪さはこのままで 手の平を合わせれば
The punishment remains as it was // If we place our palms against each other
震えが止まるんだよ それでいい
the trembling stops, and that’s good
何かを憎むことで 満足するような日々は
While hating something, these satisfied days are
Awkward? あの夢を掴みとるんだろう
Awkward? I will grab that dream

ドッチもドッチなんだよ Baby Allright?
Both are to blame, baby, alright?
But still as long as we’re able to laugh

バツの悪さはそのままで 喉元までこみあげ
The punishment remains as it was // I’m sick up to my throat
諦めかけてるなら 信じれば?
If I give up, would you believe it?
誰かの代わりならば お互い様でいいんだよ
If I’m somebody’s substitute, let’s use each other like that
Awkward? この夜を乗り越えていくんだ
Awkward? I’m overcoming this night

わかってる 代わりじゃない
I get it, I’m not a substitute
キミに 素直に 言えた Stay with me
I could say honestly to you, stay with me

I need your love
I need your love

煩わしい 悩みでも 教えてくれた
You taught me that even if troubles are complicated
強くなれる 痛みの先
we can become strong beyond the pain
ふたり 見つけ出す
The two of us discover this

So ボクの 自虐の幾つかが
So, how much of my masochism
Ah キミの 心に残る
Ah, remains in your heart
不思議と 憶測だけでは 言えない 緊迫感
Strange, even if it were just a guess, I can’t say, there’s a tension
もぅ、巻き戻せないよ 過去の自分
I can’t rewind anymore to my past self

This late “I love you”
If it can be said well then
弱いままで 涙のあと
weakly, I trace those tear tracks,
and I want to hug you

So あの日 見せた素顔なら
So, on that day, if a bare face was shown
Ah 煙に 巻かれて消えた
Ah, it was surrounded by smoke and disappeared
ぶれてる 期待の裏側 聴けない どうしてかな?
It’s choppy, the underside of expectation, I can’t hear it, why is that?
ねぇ、そうじゃないよね 今の自分
Hey, that’s not it, right? My current self

Believing in the future
If it can be said well then
迷わないで 受け止めてよ
don’t hesitate, catch it
I’m always thinking this

At any time

And everyday
Always I need your love
And always I need your love yeah
Always I need your love
And always I need your love

掠れた笑顔も そのままいつでもね
That worn smile too is always there, huh
これでも、世界で いちばん 愛してる
Even with this, in this world, I love you the most
「Always, I need your love.」
“Always, I need your love.”

This late “I love you”
If it can be said well then
弱いままで 涙のあと
weakly, I trace those tear tracks,
and I want to hug you
Ah 信じている
Ah, I believe it
If it can be said well then
迷わないで 受け止めてよ
don’t hesitate, catch it
いつも考えてる どんな時も
I’m always thinking this, at any time

And everyday
Always I need your love
And always I need your love yeah
Always I need your love
And always I need your love

Your love
(Always I need your love yeah)
(Always I need your love)
Your love
(Always I need your love yeah)
(Always I need your love)

*** TRACK 3: Hedgehog  ***

You: Good work everyone. Has the car been prepared already? Then I’ll be going first.

*opens door; fans scream*

Y: Oh, it’s my Rats. You were waiting for me. Thanks to everyone for today! Ah, the new song? Heh, it was the best, right? That live just now is genuinely the first time I’ve revealed it. In other words, it’s only been heard by everyone here… especially. I’m counting on your support from here on too! Now, I have an after party so could you all open a path?

*he starts walking; photos start getting taken*

Y: Haa… paparazzi at this time? How annoying… What’s with you?… There’s no way… That song was written by me from start to finish. Furthermore, to suggest that my dad was the ghostwriter… Why do you have to ask that? In the first place, I haven’t spoken to my dad much at all since I started Jet.

Y: Hah? Are you an idiot? Then, what? Do you want to say that Jet’s popularity is thanks to my dad bribing Mr. Panda? Don’t joke around. Also, not being able to do your job unless you bring up groundless rumors… it must be hard being a gossip rag. That’s why I’m under no social obligation to go along with you. If you’re collecting information for an article then go through the office properly. See ya.

*scene skip; car door opens*

Y: Sorry to make you wait. I was caught by some paparazzi. You can pull out the car now.

[02:40] *car starts*

Y: … Tired… Eh? Ah, no I’m fine. It’s the same as usual. More importantly, there’s something else you should be saying, no? You saw the live, right? How was it? The new song. I see, I’m glad then. The Rats had a good reaction too, huh. Now we’re going to go into full-scale promotion so I have to work hard. Well, anyway, first is the after party.

Y: I heard earlier there’s going to be barreled sake. Oh, damn. Aah… but too bad since you don’t drink Japanese sake, huh. You’re weak to sake, right? Ehehe… haa…

Y: Hm? What. You’ve been staring at my face. What… if you have something you want to say, then say it plainly. Okay, time’s up. Because you were too slow, we’ve arrived. Come on, let’s go too. Oh… what?… You want to talk? Does it have to be now? I want to hurry and go in and drink sake. Hmm? I see. Then let’s finish this quickly. You can go first and leave the keys with me.

*closes car door*

Y: Well?… It’s nothing. I already said it, didn’t I? The live was a success as usual. The feedback for the new song wasn’t bad either. You saw it too, so you should know. Singing was fun. It was a live I’m really satisfied with. Now we’re just going to have this after party in a good mood.


Y: Hah? There’s more still? Hah?! Why are you asking that? Besides, who cares about that. What do you mean? I’m not being strange anywhere. Are you possibly thinking that I’m bothered by what the paparazzi said at this point in time? There’s no way, right? Those people… it’s useless entertaining them. They’ve never once written the truth about anything. On the contrary, they always, always think up crazy things to the point where you end up laughing instead.

Y: Just now… they suggested that this new song, while having my name, was written by my dad… honestly… how idiotic. Moreover, they also asked if my dad gave money to Mr. Panda to make Jet sell more. It was so dumb I thought I was going to burst out laughing. In the first place, isn’t the topic of my dad way too late at this point?

Y: There was a time I was curious about the indie scene and failed as a professional… but everyone knows about that already. Like my dad being a performer, and that I tried being an idol for a bit in the past… Haa… Why’d I become an idol… I’m seriously cursed by my past. Doing as my dad said… debuting… even though I didn’t want to do it at all… it’s a dark history I completely want to forget.

Y: Quit it already and leave it. Because everything about it… has nothing to do with the present me and Jet. Enough is enough. Let people say what they want. The people I need to face aren’t them… if I had the spare time to care about them, I’d want to make better songs for the Rats, who wait for my songs, and sing them. The next live is waiting too.


Y: Even though I said things relatively understandable… you have quite an unhappy look on your face. If you have a problem, how about saying it. Aah… is it because I said for the Rats? Are you jealous and wondering why it isn’t for you?

Y: … Hm, I see. That’s wrong. Then, what? Hah?! I’m not overdoing it. Also, what do you mean by overdoing. If you’re going to bring up the paparazzi again, then I’ll reach my limit and get angry. IF THAT’S THE CASE… don’t say anything useless.

Y: Haa… even though it’s an after party right now… all my energy has dropped. Can’t be serious. This is the worst. Why do you think I called you all the way out to the live and after party? It’s because I wanted you to raise my mood, duh. I called you because I wanted you to think that I did well by singing my best today. And yet… this is the opposite effect. It’s your fault everything has come to nothing.

Y: A~ah. I’m sure, right about now, the band members and staff are getting all excited. I can’t go on without drinking sake soon. But… if I join up with this kind of energy, it might spread to the others as well. What’re you going to do about that? Seriously. Take responsibility and do something. Right now.


Y: Hah? That’s obvious, isn’t it. My excitement has dropped so you just need to raise it. I don’t care about the way, but… if you’re going to do something, hm, let’s see… *grabs you* What are you surprised about? Hurry and do it. Or the party will be over… By the way, you should know what I’m expecting, right? Since I purposefully pushed you down like this…

Y: I mean, you’re my girlfriend, right? In that case it should be natural to sympathize with wanting your boyfriend, right? But, well… in order to reach the level of excitement I had after the live, you might need to work extremely hard… Come on… do it. Hurry. *kisses*

Y: … Hah? Just this? This is out of the question. As I’ve thought, it’s hopeless… if this is left to you then no matter how much time you have it won’t be enough. So, in other words, I’m going to take what I want. No matter what I do… you won’t complain, right?

Y: It’s not “Huh?”. Also, don’t come beside me if you’re going to complain and go against me. If you’re going to have that defiant attitude then I have my own thoughts on that… I’ll tease you until I think for myself that I’ve gotten fired up enough. Even if you say no… I won’t stop. You’re prepared for that much, right? Because… you’re my girlfriend. Come on, talking stops here… let’s start. *kisses*

*** TRACK 4: My Song ***

*phone rings*

Y: Hello? What are you doing? Hmm, if you’re at home, that means you’re free, right? Then come over immediately. Right now, we’re in the middle of recording in the studio at the office… What’s with that reaction? You don’t want to? Then don’t say anything unnecessary. Do as I say. The last train is already gone, so get a taxi, and come over immediately. Ah, by the way, get a receipt and I’ll deal with the expense.

*hangs up phone; scene skip to door knocking*

Y: Got you. So this is where you were. Shut up and stay still like this. Where did you come in from? I went down to the lobby to wait for you. The side entrance? No wonder… we completely passed each other, geez. It took so long for you to come so I went looking.

Y: … mngh… right now we’re on a break… because I said I didn’t want to sing anymore. I don’t want to talk about it here, since someone might come. Come with me for a moment.

[02:15] *door opens and closes*

Y: Over there, sit anywhere you want… Haa… mm… in the middle of recording, the producer said “Isn’t that different?”. The songs that have been popular lately is what everyone is trending towards. But we’re not making songs for whatever is in fashion. I’m not saying that it’s bad to follow what’s “in” but… if we’re going to lose what feels like Jet… then there’s no meaning. The band members seemed to think the same too.

Y: No, I didn’t argue with him. That would’ve been childish and there’s no point, right? Because for him it’s his job. The producer understood too… is what I thought. But, during a recess, I heard something by chance. The producer was complaining to the staff: “The Jet members don’t listen to anything… Especially that phony selfish rich kid, who is absolutely terrible”.

Y: It made me think “Oh, you too?”. A colleague who helps make Jet songs together with me… is what I believed him to be. What type of songs I do and what I’m trying to convey… I’m fine with whatever people who don’t understand throw at me. I just have to ignore those. Because I’m contesting through songs. It’s clear that complaints about things apart from my songs have no effect.


Y: But… this time actually hurts. Somehow I feel like I’ve been really betrayed. I… don’t want to sing anymore. No, even if you say that, if I can’t do it then I can’t do it! I feel like I’ve completely lost my energy. Being excited about the new song and feelings of “more like this” or “more like that” or “this way might be better”… is completely gone… Besides… even just thinking about standing in front of that mic… makes me want to throw up.

Y: You know, it’s easy to say “do your best, do your best”. But… what do you know about my feelings. You don’t understand, right? There’s always a racket about me being called a phony and pictures I never want to see again of my past are dragged out and published in weekly magazines… Things like what my true feelings are behind my songs and why I think it can’t be anything but rock… no one fucking knows.

Y: Horrible things are said about my old idol and band members… And if my songs are appreciated then that comes with its own problems, like things about me betraying my dad or whatnot, just whatever they want to say. And yet I kept working hard, didn’t I? That’s how I continued singing up to this point. And yet… you’re going to tell me to work hard still? For what exactly!? How should I work hard?!

Y: … Heh, you can’t answer, right? Obviously. It’s something you can’t understand. People who can’t understand… shouldn’t say such patronizing things. You aren’t me so there’s no way you can understand, right?… You know though? Know what?


Y: … That’s right. Because there wasn’t anything I could do but that. Things that have passed can’t ever be changed so being fixated on them is pointless. From the good boy idol You to becoming the Jet’s vocalist, (2)You… inside it’s still me. That’s why… there are songs I can sing because I’m me… that’s what I thought… and how I continued singing… By the way, I said I didn’t want to sing anymore. So what have you been going on abo–

Y: !?… What is that. Were you trying to encourage me? Knowing that you believe in me… did you think that’d make me want to sing? That’s quite conceited of you. Ah, I see, I’m wrong? But, well… for an amateur like you to say 100% of your feelings in words to another person… isn’t something that can be easily done. Guess it can’t be helped. I’m only saying this once but you’re not getting anything across.

Y: Moreover, if you’re going to ask something of someone then that’s an attitude thing, isn’t it? If you want me to continue singing then you have to have the resolve to bring that out of me, or else it’s out of the question. To move somebody’s heart with words or actions… is extremely hard… and difficult. If it could be done easily then I wouldn’t have suffered.

Y: Come on, stand. *pulls you up* For me to continue singing in the future, no matter what happens… and if you’re saying there’s definitely songs only I can sing… then make me see that. If you can’t then I’m not returning to the studio. Because over there is a place that requires that resolve… Beyond that mic there are a lot of people waiting for my songs… that’s what it means to send out a recording.


Y: It’s like that during lives but facing everyone who is listening to my songs… I have to convey my feelings. Even if it’s not stuck in them, I want to shake their hearts… That’s what it means to stand in front of a mic. At the very least, as Jet’s (2)You… I’ve sang with those feelings.

Y: If you’re going to tell me to sing then… make it so that I can think like that… once more… You… have to do something. *you hug him* !? W-What… Why’d you suddenly hug me… “If I can’t say it in words then I’ll do it with actions”?… Is that what this is… Well, it’s not a bad idea from you. But this still isn’t good enough. You have to do something more proper.

Y: That’s right. For example… you’ll support me by my side for your whole life… swear that right here and now. If you do that, then that might be able to do it. Mhm, your whole life. Obviously, right? After all, my life as a vocalist is on the line… Come on, what’s wrong? If you can’t then that’ll be it’s own problem right now. Hmm? You’ll swear it… Is it okay? Deciding your life so simply like that.


Y: Heh… I wonder. But, if you’re going to say that, then I can believe it… in you. In exchange, you have to go through with what you said properly. From now on, you’ll support me your entire life. Mm… *kisses*… What are you so surprised by? I can’t kiss you? I just did it because I felt like doing it.

Y: Now then, I should return I guess. To the recording. Obviously. Besides, you’re the one who said it, didn’t you? Telling me to sing. Besides, I’m suddenly in the mood of really wanting to sing. You come too. I’ll teach you… that this is how you convey your feelings to someone. My feelings right now… I’ll put them all into my song. I don’t care what anyone says, because I’m going to sing the songs I believe in.

Y: Other ways apart from that won’t reach anyone. I’m never going to sing a song… that anyone else can sing again. That’s not what I want to convey. You better listen to my song beside me. I’ll definitely convey it to you. Also, supporting me is your role, so it’s natural for you to be beside me, right? From now on and after and forever… since you swore it yourself. Of course, you have no complaints, right? Good. Then, let’s go.

*** TRACK 5:  I promise you forever. ***

Y: Tonight, to those who tasted Jet Rat Fury for the first time and to those who gathered after work for our triumphant return, THANK YOU! Hagh, it’s been a really long time since I’ve been in this box so, on the contrary, I’m nervous. But it really is great. Somehow… like I’ve returned to my starting point. Also, in the end, Japan is the best! I see you Rat fans in the back!

Y: But this place has gotten too tight, huh. Next time it won’t be a live house, but a proper huge place. Jet started from this place, but we’ve been a success on our Asia tour and all of this is thanks to our Rat fans… I’m really thankful! But, you know, we still haven’t gone all out yet. Everyone, you’ll follow us, right!? Really, thank you for today! Until next time!

*door knock*

Y: Yes? Who is it? Hah, you’ve finally come. Hurry up and enter.

*you enter and close the door*

Y: … That’s right. It was really lively, huh… And? You don’t have anything else to say? Haa… no. This isn’t the time to tell me leisurely “Good job”. You came too slow. Also, why weren’t you waiting backstage? Unbelievable.


Y: Hmm? Is that so. But even if you made sure to watch until the end of the M.C. from the floor, you took too much time. How long do you think it’s been since I got off stage? Explain yourself properly. Only if you have a reason I can accept… though.

Y: Hah? Shouldn’t you have known that before the live started? In general, this box here is what we used for our indie live debut. No matter how you think about it, it isn’t a size that Jet can use now. Obviously the hall and aisles will be crowded. Haa… anyway, this was an important day to me.

Y: Do you REALLY understand? This live house… may be thought of as extremely small but… during our first live, there wasn’t even a third of the floor full. Moreover, a lot of them were friends of the band members or people we knew… Were there people who actually listened to my songs? Just how much was enough? Or was everyone just lead here because I’m talked about all the time… there were times I thought this.

Y: But now I don’t think that at all. The things I want to say… whether I’ve properly conveyed that to the side beyond the mic… I know that I have when I see the faces of my Rat fans. Standing on the stage, I feel like I’ve finally gotten to this point. Besides, there’s also a girl who supports me here. Of course, it’s you…


Y: … is what I thought. Geez, what’s with that. Even though you swore to support me by my side for your entire life. I can’t believe you weren’t there at the crucial point. An apology won’t fix this. I told you that tonight was an important day, right? The moment I stepped off the stage, I wanted to see your face… Your judgment is really awful. Though it wasn’t like that started just now…

Y: Reflect on your actions properly. And fix it by next time. And not just next time… the next time after that… and the next and the next… every time a live ends, you have to fly to me. I won’t allow anything else. You heard what I said just a while ago on the stage, right? Then you understand, right? Jet’s going to go all out starting from here on. The things I want to say… there’s still a lot. I’m going to keep singing after this. And so that I can do that… you’ll continue to support me by my side more than anyone else, right? That’s what you said.

Y: In that case, don’t ever do a failure like today again. It’s out of the question if you don’t. After this, Jet will become more famous and, no matter how many guests are packed in, the moment I step off the stage the person who should come to me faster than anyone else… has to be you or I won’t like it. This is the minimum condition for you to be my special Rat fan.

Y: Roughly speaking, weren’t you the one who told me to continue singing? If you don’t protect your promise then I’ll be troubled. Hmm? Do you really understand? Hmmm? Then at least kiss me. If you don’t, then I won’t believe you. Mm… *phone rings* Who is it at this time?


Y: Ah, Ciel… come to think of it, he was supposed to come and watch today. Sorry, hold on for a moment. *answers phone* Hello? What’s the matter? By the way, did you really come today? Haha, naturally. Sorry, but I’m planning to surpass Fledermaus within the year, count on it. Well, the fact that I started this band was because someone was my rival during my indie time, but that’s another story. I mean I have no intentions of losing.

Y: Eh? You’re coming here right now? And with Mr. Panda?! Eh… what do I do… *you start to talk* Ah, hold on. *whispering to you* Why are you trying to go home? We’re not done talking. Stay here. *back to Ciel* Ah, sorry, sorry, I was just talking to myself.

Y: Look, I’m sorry but as you probably guessed this box was filled over and the venue doesn’t seem to have been put in order yet. I think it’ll be difficult for you two to come over right now, so if there’s a talk then I’ll hear it at the office. Tell that to Mr. Panda too. Mm, then I’m leaving it to you. *hangs up*

Y: … Hah? Obviously it’s fine. It’s not like we’re busy or anything. The aisles are packed with people so it was hard to come here… you’re the one who said that. In that case, it’s fine then, no? Now, continuing our talk from before. *wall pins* Come on, do it… I worked so hard during the live… I’ve been setting this aside in reserve. Mmm…


Y: … hey. Hm? Wait a minute. Why are your eyes closed? Were you possibly thinking you’d be kissed? Why am I the one who has to do that? It’s natural that you’re the one who should be doing it here. Or, what? You want me to do it? If that’s the case, why not say that honestly?

Y: If you’re not going to ask then I definitely won’t give it to you. Obviously. Because I’m the one who worked hard during the live, not you. Well, if you ask to stop here then I’d be fine with that. Look, what do you want to do?

Y: Heh, I see. If you were going to ask, it’d have been nice if you could have at least said “by all means please do it”. Oh well. Saying it straightforwardly like that is, on the contrary, exciting. Don’t you think? *kisses*

Y: Hey… I’ve been thinking but if the aisles have that many people then we can’t get out from here for the next while, right? If we try to force our way out then my Rat fans will act up and it’ll get needlessly chaotic. In other words, I should lock this door. I don’t think anyone will come but this way it’s safer, right? *locks door*

Y: That’s why I’m saying if we can’t get out either way then we can only pass our time slowly here. We have a lot of time. *lifts you up* Look, don’t struggle. What’ll happen if I drop you? What am I doing? It’s obvious, no? I’m saying I’m okay with giving you something more than kisses. You’re the one who asked for it in the first place.


Y: Alright, be obedient and sit up here. Great, now why don’t we start. *kisses*… mm… You don’t have to worry about that. You just have to think about me. Right now, I’m also just thinking about you. *kisses*… mm… *kisses*… mm, hehe. You’re bright red. How cute. I want to see that look more. I’m going to turn on the lights on this makeup stand. *clicks*

Y: Huh? It’s too bright? In that case, how about closing your eyes?… You can close your eyes but your head has to be filled with me… don’t think about anything else. I’ve probably… liked you for longer than you thought… to the point where I seriously think that I don’t want to be apart from you in my whole life… Today, once the live ended, there were things I dared to tell you… and yet you didn’t come so… I was lost on what to do. Now that we’re here though, I suppose I should say them.

Y: Once the next tour ends… why don’t we live together?… You said you would support me for your whole life, right? In that case, exactly like its meaning… become the person who would support me by my side until death. During the times I sing, and the times I don’t, and forever and ever… be the person closest to me… a special existence. Have my feelings gotten through to you?


Y: I see… tonight is Jet’s anniversary but… I thought it’d be nice for it to be an anniversary for us too. So, your answer?… That’d you say that… I believed in it. *hugs you*

Y: I said it in a roundabout way but… I’ll say it properly only now. Straightforwardly. In exchange, I’m only going to say it once so listen carefully. Okay?… I… love you… I don’t think I can restrain myself tonight. Although I think that might not be necessary… From now on, stay by my side forever. *kisses* *kisses* *kisses*

12 thoughts on “Dear Vocalist ~ (2)You ~

    Hui Hui said:
    December 2, 2017 at 23:24

    Thanks a lot for translate this series!!
    I really enjoy reading your work.
    Thanks again.

      Ilinox responded:
      December 4, 2017 at 22:50

      You’re welcome <3 Glad you could enjoy them!! And thank you for commenting!

    Mali said:
    October 16, 2017 at 12:33

    Hey, good Job! At first I hated You but now I like him so muc omfg OwO But my ultimate Bias is A‘ 💖💖💖

    I read your FAQ, but this is sth I really want to ask you..Do you know „Yotogi Holic“ and if yes, are you going to translate this CD? And if not, would you be interested enough to translate it? It‘s from Rejet too and Hanae and Ryohei are in the CD too. You don‘t have to answer my suggestion but I would be really happy about an answer. 😊❤️

      Ilinox responded:
      October 18, 2017 at 19:27

      Thank you! Ahaha, I just remember finding You really boring in the 1st season but in Riot he’s so cute ;w; I love how everyone here has their own biases. Every boy gets their own fans <3!

      I… don't remember that series at all and had to look it up LOL it was the sleeping one? I was never interested in the premise :o but is it really cute? Right now I don't have any plans to pick up any other translation projects while I'm juggling Senbura and Light Beyond though hhshshfh sorry!

        Mali said:
        October 18, 2017 at 21:35

        No problem, have fun with the other projects! :) ❤️

    1_chan said:
    September 28, 2017 at 12:56

    Lol is that his signature? It’s a cute lil frog xD. At first, he seemed to treat his girlfriend as his possession of sorts but…he came through in the end~ I love his track tho xD. Thanks for the translation~

      1_chan said:
      September 28, 2017 at 12:57

      OH WAIT. IT’S NOT A FROG. IT’S A WINKING RAT xDDD. Ahhhh my bad! I spent a good while staring at it, and then it dawned on me how off my first assumption was haha;;;

        Ilinox responded:
        September 28, 2017 at 23:42

        LOL THAT WAS ADORABLE. I saw your first comment and was like “frog???” but then you commented again |D;; YEAH I think that’s You’s rendition of a winking rat for his Rat-chans. Honestly, the signatures for each guy are so clever it makes me jealous of my own lame signature that’s just my name LOL I need to incorporate some clever pictures too.

        Even after going through his CD again and translating I have to say I feel like You’s CD was the weakest among the 6 in the first season. He leans towards being more mature and realistic (kinda like Ciel except less perfect– //bricked) but I think it was too realistic dealing with the pressures of being an idol and I just kinda… kept on falling asleep while translating, oops. I’m glad you loved it though <3 (you can never go wrong with Hanae's voice!).

    SSXM said:
    September 28, 2017 at 06:50

    Thank you so much for this great translation! I feel truly blessed as of now hahaha. >////< I'm gonna anticipate listening to this later~ I freaking love the Dear Vocalist series <333

    Once again, thank you so much for your hardwork and great translations! I shall also anticipate the translations for the sequel, Dear Vocalist Riot. ;_____;

      Ilinox responded:
      September 29, 2017 at 16:08

      Aww, thank you for reading it and dropping a comment <33! I know some people might be tired of Rejet pumping out tons of short CDs like this but the Dear Vocalist series is close and dear to my heart, aha. I have no idea when I'll be able to get around to the Riot season but ;3;/ thank you so much for your support and kind words!

    runalhearts said:
    September 28, 2017 at 05:42

    Aw, (2)You warmed my heart so much especially in that last track. It almost feels like he never saw the protagonist as his girlfriend until that point but she supported him all the way she could. I would probably go so far to say it moved me a bit.

    It sounded like he went through a fair amount of pressure and paparazzi due to his parents, so I’m happy that (2)You found the happiness he deserves. (╹◡╹)♡

      Ilinox responded:
      September 29, 2017 at 16:07

      Funnily enough, I actually felt like his girlfriend wasn’t really understanding him in the first two tracks and was more on You’s side too, woops. Especially in the last track when it meant so much to him and his band to be singing in their old livehouse and she just… wasn’t there?? LOL. But it all worked out well and they finally communicated their feelings to each other I guess, hshsfgh.

      Aw, yeah, that part really touched me ;w; like the other guys have pressures but I felt like it was mostly a personality thing with them (*cough* Momochi and Re-o-do and Judah *cough*). But You, while being called talented, has had to deal with extremely shitty social media :(. He’s really strong to go through that constant slander! Also reminds me of celebrities in our world and I wince at how many things are written about them.

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