Day: October 16, 2017

SNB Oda ~ Chapter 4.4 ~

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Chapter 4: What Lies Beyond Your Wish

Reports were received about there being eyewitness information on Himemiko in the Toyotomi territory, and so Nobunaga had Mitsuhide head an investigation.

At Ranmaru and Katsuie’s suggestion, she went to pray for her return to her old world but…

Chapter 4.4

At Katsuie-san’s suggestion, we arrived at the castle town to visit the shrine that was rumored to grant wishes.

According to Katsuie-san, it seemed to be a shrine that had legends associated with Himemiko-sama.

[KATSUIE]: “It’s a good place to pray to find Himemiko, huh.”

[RANMARU]: “Because this is also doubling as a patrol, let’s look at some shops along the way!”

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