Day: October 23, 2017

Light Beyond 3 ~ Chapter Six ~

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A room, lined with extremely luxurious furniture.

There were ten men, including Asyut, seated around a large round table. Their serious expressions were reflected on top of the diligently polished table. Four tall gilded pillars surrounded the men at a distance and looked down on them— the ceiling was far off. Complex patterns were drawn on that ceiling, as if representing the tangled relationships between the men.

Asyut massaged the furrow between his brows with his left hand, elbow resting on the table. Fortunately, the deep sigh that leaked out didn’t seem to enter anyone’s ears. But that wasn’t surprising, something like a single person’s sigh would disappear under the vigorous exchange of opinions happening in front of him. Vigorous opinions— yes, that expression sounded nice, but honestly several people were especially insistent on their own opinions.

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