SNB Shingen ~ 3* Roasted Soybean Powder and Black Honey ~

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I Want to Be Your Strength

(Cards about the anime were given out and they correspond with each episode of the anime. Shingen’s card takes place after episode 3 of the anime).

[SHINGEN]: “Was it delicious? The mochi covered in roasted soybean powder and black honey that we ate together last time?”

[SHINGEN]: “Because when you eat sweets you become more energetic! If you liked this then I’ll make it for you anytime.”

[SHINGEN]: “We weren’t able to eat it slowly when the yakuma suddenly attacked back then…… Next time, when you come, I’ll make sure security is tight.”

[SHINGEN]: “Since it’s a time I’ll be spending together with you after all that, I don’t want anyone to interrupt.”

[SHINGEN]: “If anything happens, rely on me. Because I’m always wanting to be your strength.”

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