SNB Toyotomi ~ Chapter 6.1 ~

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Chapter 6: Two-Faced

The commanders started searching for the “sacred treasure” written in the scroll obtained at Nobunaga’s castle, and which might be a clue to Himemiko.

However, Hideyoshi seemed to be pondering over something…?

Chapter 6.1

We returned to the castle, surrounded the scroll that Hideyoshi-san obtained, and then everyone groaned.

[TOSHIIE]: “Honestly, what the heck is this scroll’s picture.”

[YUZUKI]: “A mirror? At least that’s what I see……”

.[HANBEE]: “Mhhhhhm, it was something in Oda territory, so maybe there’s an important meaning we don’t know about~?”

[KANBEE]: “However, frankly with just this, we do not know whether this is related to Himemiko or not.”

[MITSUNARI]: “…… Hm? Wait a minute, please. It looks like something is also written.”

[MITSUNARI]: “It’s blurred so I cannot read it all but it likely says “the sacred treasure of Himemiko”……”


[HANBEE]: “S-Sacred treasure, those ones!?”

Looking at everyone who became excited instantly, I tilted my head and stared in puzzlement.

[YUZUKI]: “U-Um…… is this sacred treasure thing that amazing?”

[HANBEE]: “Huh!?… Aah, that’s right, you don’t know, huh.”

[KANBEE]: “A sacred treasure is what Himemiko bestowed to the feudal lords who governed each land.”

[HANBEE]: “Although that’s what is said, it’s an old story, and even we don’t know what they are.”

[TOSHIIE]: “But to think that one of the sacred treasures is a mirror…… If it’s called a sacred treasure, I was thinking it’d be more cool like a weapon.”

[MITSUNARI]: “It is said there were several kinds, so even if one of them was a mirror, it would not be strange.”

[YUZUKI]: “T-Then… if we find this, it might be a clue to Himemiko-sama, right……!”

[YUZUKI]: “Where is this right now!?”

[HANBEE]: “Aaah…… about that…… actually, the sacred treasures are missing right now.”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh……?”

[MITSUNARI]: “Hanbee said it was an old story. During the long years, their whereabouts have become unknown, and now there are only records in ancient documents that remain.”

[YUZUKI]: “T-That’s…… just when I thought we’ve finally arrived at a clue……”

In proportion to the hope I held, the disappointment was great, and my shoulders dropped as I sighed.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “…………”

[MITSUNARI]: “Hideyoshi-sama? Is something the matter?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “This mirror…… I’ve seen it somewhere in this castle.”

[YUZUKI]: “Wha!?”

[TOSHIIE]: “Really, Hideyoshi!?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Mm, there’s no doubt it’s here in this castle.”

[YUZUKI]: “I-In that case, where exactly……!?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Hmm… sorry, I don’t know that at all. I’ve been trying to remember since a while ago though.”

[YUZUKI]: “I… see……”

[YUZUKI]: (But he’s certain it’s somewhere in this castle…… then……)

[MITSUNARI]: “You can’t possibly be thinking about scouring this castle to try and find it, right?”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh? That’s… um……”

[MITSUNARI]: “Haa…… right on the mark, huh. How large do you think this castle is. It is not something you could do by yourself.”

[MITSUNARI]: “Regarding the sacred treasure, I will organize a search group with Hideyoshi-sama’s permission. Please wait quietly.”

[YUZUKI]: (…… It’s true I don’t know this castle in detail, so it might be better to leave it to Mitsunari-san……)

[YUZUKI]: “I understand…… then I’m counting on you, thank you.”

The meeting ended and the selection of people to search for the sacred treasure was entrusted to Mitsunari-san.

[YUZUKI]: “Then I’ll return to my room first.”

[HANBEE]: “You must be tired, take it easy and rest, okay~.”

[YUZUKI]: “Okay. If you find out anything aobut the sacred treasure, please tell me.”

[HANBEE]: “…… She said those things, but do you think she’ll be able to wait until the sacred treasure is found~?”

[TOSHIIE]: “Naaah, impossible. That girl can be surprisingly stubborn at times.”

[KANBEE]: “It is also a clue that has been discovered at last. It may be cruel to have her just wait.”

[MITSUNARI]: “Haa…… good gracious. Even though it’s not something a person could blindly search for alone……”

[TOSHIIE]: “Guess there’s no choice but for us to try looking for it first, huh.”

[HANBEE]: “Ah, I agree~! I’ve never seen a sacred treasure, so I’m excited!”

[KANBEE]: “In that case, I shall come as well.”

[MITSUNARI]: “I mentioned to her earlier that I would organize a search group, but first Toshiie and the others and I will go first…… Is that acceptable, Hideyoshi-sama?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Mm?…… Aa, I’ll leave it to everyone.”

[TOSHIIE]: “Alrighty, it’s decided! Then I’m gonna go now!”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “…………”

6 thoughts on “SNB Toyotomi ~ Chapter 6.1 ~

    Akane18 said:
    October 30, 2017 at 22:52

    Glad to know that i’m not the only one whose pick up the sadness vibe from Hideyoshi. I feel like at first he just curious about Yuzuki and take her to explore his own curiousity, but after spending time with her, his curiousity gradually become a genuine romantic feeling and he really want to be with her. So when they brought up the topic about Himemiko-sama, and he see it with his own eyes how Yuzuki so eager to search the clue and how Yuzuki so gloomy when the search seems so futile. He realize that “This girl desperately want to go home.” Sure he want to help Yuzuki but at the same time, he didn’t want Yuzuki to go back, he want Yuzuki to be by his side. That’s what agonizing him, i think. :”)
    Though that’s just my interpretation about Hideyoshi’s feeling. 😅

      Ilinox responded:
      October 31, 2017 at 10:48

      That’s exactly how I’m seeing it too ;w; this conflict between him wanting to do what he can for her because he wants to see her happy and like him, but at the same time he wants to keep her by his side and her wanting to go home hurts him. Ahh! There’s also the matter that, like Mitsunari mentioned, finding a clue to Himemiko is pretty important to all the armies in general in order to give them more power / guarantee their success in unifying the country so it’s not like he can sabotage or call of the search either… Poor Hideyoshi :(

    Reggie said:
    October 30, 2017 at 04:54

    this is the first time I see Hideyoshi this serious and sad :'( He usually the one who decide what they do and now he pass it on his comrades. He really miss her when she’s gone to shinga T_T. In anime he shows sadness in his eyes when he ask same question on chap 4.5 :(

      Ilinox responded:
      October 30, 2017 at 13:13

      RIGHT? While I was capping all those pictures I was also telling myself that I wasn’t biased and I was making sure everyone could see his unusually serious and grim expressions, haha. It’s definitely moments like this that make me think he’s genuine when he says he’s romantically interested in her :’)) but it also breaks my heart because heroine is in a tough position too… the Sengoku Period is such a departure from modern life, not to mention she’s lost her family and friends too.

    garden said:
    October 29, 2017 at 16:57

    this chapter is very interesting. Hideyoshi’s silence made me think he regretted telling them about the treasure.

      Ilinox responded:
      October 30, 2017 at 13:11

      Same! Or at least I think he’s starting to realize what it actually means and he’s also seeing Yuzuki’s reaction to the treasure, which is like extreme hope and desperation. Like just seeing how bummed out she gets when she thinks the sacred treasure leads to nothing shows that she really really wants to go home still :< but he wants her to want to stay with him.

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