SNB Toyotomi ~ Chapter 6.3 ~

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Chapter 6: Two-Faced

The commanders started searching for the “sacred treasure” written in the scroll obtained at Nobunaga’s castle, and which might be a clue to Himemiko.

However, Hideyoshi seemed to be pondering over something…?

Chapter 6.3

[YUZUKI]: (Is this the warehouse Mitsunari-san spoke about……)

Then moment I tried to peek into the warehouse, I realized I could hear voices inside.

[???]: “–that kind of feeling.”

.[YUZUKI]: (Hm? That voice just now was Toshiie-san? Ah, it sounds like Kanbee-san and Hanbee-kun are there too.)

[YUZUKI]: (…… I wonder what they’re talking about? For some reason it’s hard to call out……)

[KANBEE]: “…… Toshiie, could it be that what you feel towards her is–“

[TOSHIIE]: “…… Huh? No, why would you think that. I like her so it’s natural to be sad if she’s gone.”

[TOSHIIE]: “Aren’t you guys the same?”

[HANBEE]: “Hmm~mm, I think I understand your feelings, Toshiie~. If she goes back home to her old world, it’ll be sad~.”

[KANBEE]: “Hm…… I suppose so. We’ve been through a lot with her.”

[HANBEE]: “Yep yep~. I’m a cliff-jumping friend with her after we fell from the cliff together.”

[TOSHIIE]: “WHA!? What kind of relationship is that!……. Ah, well, it’s true a lot of things happened, huh.”

[TOSHIIE]: “For me… I could survive thanks to her.”

[HANBEE]: “I wonder what she thinks…… she probably wants to go home, huh……”

[YUZUKI]: (…… I didn’t realize they thought that way……)

It felt like my chest was being squeezed. Unable to stand there, I tried to step back but in that moment–

[YUZUKI]: “–Wah!”

I didn’t notice the step at my feet and tumbled over.

[TOSHIIE]: “……?! You!? How long have you been there!? Actually, did you hear what we said just now?”

[YUZUKI]: “S-Sorry! Um… there was no opportunity for me to call out……”

[TOSHIIE]: “What the heck, you were eavesdroppiiiing.”

[HANBEE]: “Or rather, she’s been there since the start, you know~.”

[TOSHIIE]: “Wha!?”

[KANBEE]: “I was wondering when you would notice but……”

[TOSHIIE]: “No way, if you knew then you shoulda said it!”

[HANBEE]: “Huh? I thought you noticed her normally. Toshiie, you’re so perceptive in battle, but why are you so slow in everyday life?”

[TOSHIIE]: “Shaddup.”

Hanbee-kun smiled with amusement as he looked Toshiie, who was sulking.

For some reason I felt relieved at this constant sight, but in that moment–.

[KANBEE]: “And, how is it?”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh……?”

Kanbee-san, as if he had been waiting for the instant I relaxed, stared intently at me.

[KANBEE]: “If you were to find a way to return home to your old world, what do you intend to do?”

[TOSHIIE]: “Ah, that’s right, we were talking about that! Are you really gonna go back home?”

[YUZUKI]: “That’s, um……”

[HANBEE]: “I’d be saad~. It’s fun when you’re here.”

[KANBEE]: “…… I hold the same opinion as Hanbee. Of course, the one who has a say is you.”

[YUZUKI]: “…… I’m still not sure yet…… Right now, I’m just filled with thinking about what I should be doing at the moment……”

[TOSHIIE]: “…… Well, that makes sense.”

[TOSHIIE]: “Um, how do I say this…… sorry for saying so many things. We’ll definitely find the sacred treasure, so don’t worry.”

[YUZUKI]: “Okay… thank you so much.”

Even though I touched Toshiie-san’s clumsy kindness, I couldn’t do anything but say a small thank you.

[HANBEE]: “You say suuuch cool things but, Toshiie, all you’ve been finding has been junk.”

[KANBEE]: “Aa, and owing to that, this place has become quite scattered.”

[TOSHIIE]: “I have my own way of doing things! Just you watch, I’ll definitely find it!”

[HANBEE]: “…… Well, that’s what Toshiie is saying, so leave this place to us.”

[KANBEE]: “That is correct. It would be best for you to search other locations.”

[YUZUKI]: “Haha… okay then, I’ll leave this place to everyone, thank you!”

[YUZUKI]: (Everyone looked really sad…… somehow it even makes me not want to leave.)

[YUZUKI]: (But, in the end, I do want to go home to my old world…… honestly, what should I do……)

2 thoughts on “SNB Toyotomi ~ Chapter 6.3 ~

    garden said:
    October 31, 2017 at 03:56

    “cliff-jumping friend” lol I love you Hanbee. I wonder how things was with him while under Oda. he seems like the most odd one in the bunch.

      Ilinox responded:
      November 1, 2017 at 10:25

      All my gems for an event that has Oda and Toyotomi hanging out peacefully so we can see how everyone used to interact with each other |D;; and yeah Hanbee is so chill.

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