SNB Toyotomi ~ Chapter 8.2 ~

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Chapter 8: Reason

Dismissing the summons to surrender from Nobunaga, Hideyoshi demanded an alliance on equal footing.

Hideyoshi had a reason he would not concede on for why he would never return to being Nobunaga’s vassal……

Chapter 8.2

[KANBEE]: “…… Hideyoshi-sama, at times like these, you should do as you like.”

Kanbee-san said that to the silent Hideyoshi-san without hesitation.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Kanbee……”

[KANBEE]: “Doubts will make you lose sight of victory. That is why, at times like these–“

[HIDEYOSHI]: “I should do as I like?”

Hideyoshi-san suddenly smiled.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Haha. Thanks, Kanbee!”

Laughing lightly, Hideyoshi had a look on that was cleared of all doubts.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Alright, it’s decided! Mitsunari, I’m leaving the meeting preparations to you.”

[MITSUNARI]: “Acknowledged, my lord.”

[YUZUKI]: (……! The meeting with Oda is going to happen……)

Hideyoshi-san gave me a grin abruptly as I watched over them quietly.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Now, the game begins here!”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “…… Hey, do you have a minute?”

On that night, Hideyoshi-san came to visit me in my room.

[YUZUKI]: “Huh… Hideyoshi-san? For you to be here at this time… is something wrong?”

I tilted my head at Hideyoshi-san who had showed up all of a sudden.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Mmm. A little……”

[YUZUKI]: (…… Does he look a bit tired?)

[HIDEYOSHI]: “I’m tired from thinking too much, so I was thinking of having you comfort me–“

Saying that, Hideyoshi-san hugged me without warning.

[YUZUKI]: “Eh… umm–“

Due to his momentum, both of us fell over onto the floor.

[YUZUKI]: (W-What do I do…! He’s too close…! This is embarrassing……)

[HIDEYOSHI]: “…………”

I was flustered but Hideyoshi-san said nothing and simply squeezed me tightly.

[YUZUKI]: (He’s acting differently than usual…… Did something happen……?)

[YUZUKI]: “…… Um, are you okay?”

I became worried and tentatively patted Hideyoshi-san’s back gently, as if to soothe him.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “…………”

Hideyoshi-san only sighed quietly with his mouth closed and wrapped his arms around me tighter. But I felt gentleness instead of pain.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “…………”

After a while, Hideyoshi-san raised his head which had been buried in my shoulder.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “…… Sorry, there’s just something I’ve been worrying about.”

As he said that, Hideyoshi-san held my hands and pulled me up.

[YUZUKI]: “Um… if you’d like, I can listen……?”

I softly offered that while my hands were still held by Hideyoshi-san.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Thanks…… well, the thing I’m worrying about is you though.”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh? What do you mean?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Tying an alliance with the Oda Army means that inevitably we’ll be heading to battles together with Nobunaga and his people, and I think we’ll be acting together often.”

[YUZUKI]: “That seems… about right.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “And I’ve been wondering if, at that time Nobunaga demands for your blood, I can refuse him completely……”

[YUZUKI]: (Hideyoshi-san… he’s been thinking about me……)

[HIDEYOSHI]: “…… I don’t want to give your blood and, above all else, you…… to Nobunaga.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “That person…… is a terrifying man……”

[YUZUKI]: “…… Did something happen in the past with Nobunaga-san?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Something like that……”

Saying that, Hideyoshi-san looked away from me and his eyes became distant.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “…… When I was still serving Oda, there was a case where I received a secret mission from Nobunaga.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “That secret mission was to move the people who lived in regions where yakuma were likely to appear to secure lands, but……”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “At that time our countermeasures for yakuma weren’t enough still. Nobunaga didn’t tell the worried people that yakuma may appear–“

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Instead he bought the lands, as part of a governmental campaign, and halfway forced the residents to emigrate.”

[YUZUKI]: “Eh… um, the uneasiness wouldn’t spread but wouldn’t that invite dissatisfaction?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Nobunaga doesn’t tolerate dissatisfaction.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “The people also knew that the man called Nobunaga is a heartless and terrifying man, you see.”

[YUZUKI]: “Then… even if they were forced to emigrate, they didn’t voice their complaints?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Yes. Even if they thought it, there was no way they’d say it.”

Hideyoshi-san suddenly showed a complicated smile that was neither afraid nor amused.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “That’s who “Oda Nobunaga” is.”

[YUZUKI]: “Nobody can say anything, huh.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Yes. But his ability in politics is extraordinary and proof of that is how the Oda territory is prospering firmly.”

[YUZUKI]: (Nobunaga-san has a lot of sides, huh……)

[YUZUKI]: (Even when a rebellion occurs, he compliments and forgives; he doesn’t tolerate dissatisfaction, and yet he governs properly……)

And he was the person Hideyoshi-san “wants to be rivals” with–

[YUZUKI]: (…… I want to know the true meaning of those words……)

[YUZUKI]: “Um……”

I looked directly at Hideyoshi-san and dared to ask.

[YUZUKI]: “Why are you purposefully trying to be rivals with Nobunaga-san?”

5 thoughts on “SNB Toyotomi ~ Chapter 8.2 ~

    Reggie said:
    November 21, 2017 at 04:07

    OH SH** MY HEART!!! ♥♥♥

      Ilinox responded:
      November 21, 2017 at 16:42

      EVERY TIME HIDEYOSHI FEELS COMFORTABLE ENOUGH TO DROP HIS MASK AROUND THE HEROINE ;wwww; he can’t show weakness in front of his vassals but MC is a special person. (Kinda like that one scene with Nobunaga taking MC to his favorite spot on the mountain).

        Reggie said:
        November 24, 2017 at 15:46

        Aww…. he really loves her much, and it’s not a joke T_T. Nobunaga in the mountain……..? *starts looking*

    1_chan said:
    November 20, 2017 at 22:08

    Good question Yuzuki xD. But yess! Oda has many sides! How can a stoic and distantly cold person, be such as natural at blatantly flirting and just revert to being a cold hard rock??? How? I’m just not over that short segment where he caught MC touching his sleeping face lool. Thanks for the chapter!

      Ilinox responded:
      November 21, 2017 at 16:44

      L O L. Don’t forget the way he treated her in Chapter 5 after the whole Hideyoshi fiasco. You’d think he’d have blown a gasket and done something out of anger but instead he treats her gently and has her basically confirm that she’s his, hahaha. But yes I love this whole duality with Nobunaga :’D he’s both ruthless but fair but absolute but willing to forgive (or well, it’s still up in the air whether he forgave Mitsuhide because Mitsuhide is that useful or if he knew Mitsuhide would pledge 1000000% loyalty after being forgiven).

      Heehee, that scene in his interactions was really good so I don’t blame you :’D. Not to mention all the times he just calls her over and kisses her or has her sit in his lap hsjhdkjghkfgh.

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