SNB Date ~ Chapter 2.2 ~

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Chapter 2: What’s Captured is the Heart–

Not knowing Masamune’s plans, she attempted to escape again, but was unlucky and encountered yakuma.

At that moment, sensing danger, the one who came to narrowly save her was…?

Chapter 2.2

[YUZUKI]: (Masamune-san……!? Why is he here……?)

[MASAMUNE]: “Oi! Are you unhurt!”

[YUZUKI]: “Uh… ah, yes!”

[MASAMUNE]: “Then let’s get out of here quickly!”

Masamune-san took my hand. I hurriedly lifted up Imari-kun’s limp body.

[YUZUKI]: “Um…… Masamune-san, how did you know we were here……?”

[MASAMUNE]: “Because the yakuma were gathering. When these things smell out humans, they become a swarm and attack.”

[MASAMUNE]: “Moreover, I heard from the guards that you and that beast had disappeared.”

[MASAMUNE]: “…… Walking alone in the woods at night is just asking to be attacked. What were you thinking.”

[YUZUKI]: “…… Sorry. I didn’t know there were these monsters……”

[YAKUMA]: “Gruuuaaaaaagh!!”

[MASAMUNE]: “Che…… there’s no time to talk. Oi, don’t get separated from me……!”

[MASAMUNE]: “Alright, let’s go. I left my horse tied up here–“

[MASAMUNE]: “Kgh… those yakuma… they attacked the horse first, huh……”

I unconsciously gulped at the tragic sight of the horse that had been tied.

[YUZUKI]: (If Masamune-san hadn’t come…… Imari-kun and I would be like that……)

[MASAMUNE]: “Stop spacing out! Let’s run!”

Masamune-san pulled my hand and ran. I ran desperately, half being pulled.


[MASAMUNE]: “Don’t get in my way!”

[YUZUKI]: (Wow…! It’s like those yakuma aren’t even opponents to him…!)

As I watched the glimmer of the sword that cleared out the yakuma, I felt the fear and anxiety that I had up until now disappear little by little……

[MASAMUNE]: “The yakuma… seem to have been shaken off.”

Masamune-san relaxed his pace though he still held my hand tightly.

[YUZUKI]: “…… Um, Masamune-san.”

[MASAMUNE]: “What.”

[YUZUKI]: “Um, it’s a little…… painful.”

[MASAMUNE]: “Wha……!”

The color on Masamune-san’s face disappeared and he grabbed my shoulders firmly.

[MASAMUNE]: “You got attacked by the yakuma!? Where!? Show me the wound!”

Looked at from a close distance by an eye that seemed shadowed somewhere, I felt my cheeks turn hot and averted my eyes.

[YUZUKI]: “No, I’m not hurt……”

[MASAMUNE]: “Don’t act tough! Right now, you definitely said you were hurt, right!?”

[YUZUKI]: “That’s, um…… you were holding my hand tightly so it hurt……”

[MASAMUNE]: “Ah……”

Masamune-san released his hands from my shoulders, as if in a hurry, and turned away.

[MASAMUNE]: “D-Don’t say such misleading things……”

[YUZUKI]: “S-Sorry.”

[YUZUKI]: “…… Um, Masamune-san. I’m unhurt but Imari-kun is……”

[MASAMUNE]: “…… Show me.”

I showed Masamune-san, who turned back, Imari-kun. The small body was still limp without any strength.

[MASAMUNE]: “…… There’s nothing to worry about.”

[YUZUKI]: “But…! Ever since he was sent flying by the yakuma, he hasn’t moved at all, you know!?”

[MASAMUNE]: “Luckily, he wasn’t hit by the yakuma’s claws or fangs. He just lost consciousness from the impact.”

[YUZUKI]: “Really……?”

[MASAMUNE]: “You doubt me?”

[YUZUKI]: “No, it’s just…… I was scared if something were to happen to Imari-kun……”

[YUZUKI]: “I was the one who said to slip out of the castle, and he came along to help.”

[YUZUKI]: “If Imari-kun were to die because of that then……”

The tears that ran down my face dripped onto Imari-kun, who I was hugging.

Masamune-san stared down at me like that–

[MASAMUNE]: “…… Are you an idiot.”

[YUZUKI]: “…… Huh? Idiot… what do you mean?”

[MASAMUNE]: “Exactly what it means.”

[MASAMUNE]: “If this is enough to make you cry, then you shouldn’t have asked to escape the castle from the beginning.”

[YUZUKI]: “That’s… that’s true but……”

[MASAMUNE]: “Besides…… like the way you’re worried about that tanuki, there are people worried about you.”

[MASAMUNE]: “Forgetting that and putting yourself in danger…… you really are an idiot.”

[YUZUKI]: “Worried…? You mean……”

[YUZUKI]: (Could Masamune-san be talking about himself……?)

[MASAMUNE]: “Ah……”

For some reason Masamune-san seemed embarrassed and turned away once again.

[MASAMUNE]: “D-Don’t misunderstand.”

[MASAMUNE]: “Kojuurou and Shigezane defended you excessively. I’m saying they must be worried about you.”

[YUZUKI]: “…… Oh, I see. I’ve done something terrible to them.”

[YUZUKI]: “And in the end I troubled you, Masamune-san…… I’m really sorry.”

[MASAMUNE]: “It doesn’t matter. You’re safe and, in particular, you don’t seem hurt.”

[YUZUKI]: “Yes, thanks to you, Masamune-san.”

[MASAMUNE]: “Hmph……”

[YUZUKI]: “But, um…… Masamune-san, why did you come for me?”

[MASAMUNE]: “I’ve told you before. I don’t have use for you, but I have use for your blood.”

[MASAMUNE]: “If you die then our future strategies will be impeded…… that’s all.”

[YUZUKI]: (…… If he just needs my blood then he shouldn’t need to worry about some injuries……?)

[MASAMUNE]: “…… In any case, learn from this, and don’t leave the castle again on your own.”

[YUZUKI]: “…… Okay. But, um……”

While trying to guess Masamune-san’s expression, I said this nervously.

[YUZUKI]: “If you stop locking me up in prison then…… I definitely won’t run away anymore……”

[MASAMUNE]: “…………”

[YUZUKI]: (Maybe I made him angry……?)

[MASAMUNE]: “…… Fine. I’ll think about it.”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh…? That means……”

[MASAMUNE]: “…… What’s with that look? Do you have a problem?”

[YUZUKI]: “No! Not at all. Um… thank you very much.”

[MASAMUNE]: “I haven’t decided not to put you in prison yet.”

[YUZUKI]: “Yes, but still, thank you.”

[YUZUKI]: (Because Masamune-san… for the first time is listening to my words……)

[MASAMUNE]: “You’re a woman who says strange things…… well, whatever.”

Sighing, Masamune-san held out a hand towards me.

[MASAMUNE]: “We’re going back to the castle.”

[YUZUKI]: “Okay!”

When I took Masamune-san’s hand, my hand was enveloped back gently.

[YUZUKI]: (Masamune-san……)

Looking at Masamune-san’s face, which he turned away when we started walking, his cheeks seemed to be a little red.

(T/N: This is my usual reminder to encourage people to play this game– //bricked. This scene is the first time you hear Masamune talk in a soft voice and he sounds completely different from how he’s been up to now. This guy is all about the voice changes cause he’s not honest |D).

12 thoughts on “SNB Date ~ Chapter 2.2 ~

    Bluesheep said:
    December 6, 2017 at 11:49

    The poor horse, too bad the no animals were harmed in the making of this scene did not apply here. On a much lighter note, that’s a rather interesting title for the chapter. Maybe Yuzuki has already unintentionally captured Masamune’s heart with out either of them knowing.

      Ilinox responded:
      December 8, 2017 at 21:12

      :”)) I’m sad but also impressed that the game went there (although I suppose poor nameless army soldiers are dying left and right in everyone’s routes) because it makes me hopeful that as we continue one army’s route we’ll end up clashing and defeating the other armies. GIVE ME MY ANGST AT CRUSHING THE OTHER ARMIES AND CRYING OVER THEM (until I switch to their route).

      Heehee, I’m sure the title hints at Masamune warming up to Yuzuki. Or maybe it’s hinting at Yuzuki’s heart being captured by Masamune– //bricked.

    1_chan said:
    December 5, 2017 at 05:01

    Oof. There goes the sound of my heart at that bashful tsun guy ;; w ;; )) …He reminds me of those kids that wanna get close to you, but just kinda skirt the edges xD. So cute~ Thanks for the chapter~

      Ilinox responded:
      December 8, 2017 at 21:04

      YES! Or like a really nervous and prideful wild animal ;;; you gotta tame him slowly with food– except no Masamune cooks super well |D;; you gotta tame him with niceness. If you squint you can see him blushing in the last CG. That’s his only blushing sprite and I’m cracking up at how faint it is compared to other guys |D;; (except Nobunaga I think… who doesn’t have one).

        1_chan said:
        December 9, 2017 at 01:17

        Nobunaga…what can phase him xD

    Reggie said:
    December 5, 2017 at 04:52

    Be honest Masamune…… don’t be shy…… T▼T
    And in your reminder, actually I played senbura but I lost confidence because I didn’t save and accidetally delete my data T_T so when I found your page, I’m so happy I found your translations ^^

      Ilinox responded:
      December 8, 2017 at 21:10

      Hot cold hot cold hot cold |D;; this is what our lives are gonna be like in this Date section. Oh no ;w; did you lose a lot of data and good cards? Because that’d be so discouraging that I don’t blame you for stopping hfghjfghj I mainly just want people to be able to enjoy the voices too, ehehe, but I’m glad these translations are useful to you!

        Reggie said:
        December 10, 2017 at 05:18

        Yeah, I’m on rank 96 and I have 6 5☆cards of Uesugi army and 5☆ Yukimura T.T (and being curse by Kanetsugu and Ranmaru -_- ). My phone is not working properly so I have to reset then I forgot about senbura, I feel like I’m the most unfortunate player of of all T_T. Ummmm…… Maybe I’m going to play again because I read someone post in fb that the next event will be collaboration of Hakuouki and senbura Uesugi army so I’m fired up to play again (≧∇≦)/

        Ilinox responded:
        December 10, 2017 at 13:21

        OH NO! That’s horrible!! All that work and investment gone T__T. I think the event is starting this week or in the next couple of days! I hope you’re blessed with better pulls this time around if you do decide to play again :’D

    Kylie said:
    December 5, 2017 at 03:57

    OMG! I love how you said that it was your usual reminder to encourage people to play this game,after all Masamune can be really hard to deal with since he’s tsun tsun most of the time and his voice (꒪ཀ꒪).I love how he’s gradually beginning to become a wee bit affectionate…in his own way.. I guess….I usually enjoy Masamune’s character development more than spending cute moments with Shigezane .And honestly sometimes I just feel like Yuzuki should just leave Imari not that it’s his fault he’s useless all the time I mean he’s just a racoon but it’d be good if he had some sort of powers,btw thanks for translating I love re-reading some of the your translaions as much as keeping up with the new Date chaps <3

      Ilinox responded:
      December 8, 2017 at 21:09

      Ahaha, I’m always wanting to encourage people to pick up this game so I don’t feel alone in gacha hell because the voices, sprites, and music add SO much to these scenes that I feel like my translations are just skimming the top |D;; ESPECIALLY THE VOICE WORK. That’s 80% of my enjoyment with this game. And yes, I’m with you 1000% about Masamune’s tsun and how his voice just carries him so well. UGH, UMEHARA HAS CONVINCED ME TO BE A FAN WITH THIS ROLE.

      There’s something so satisfying about finally cracking a tsundere’s shell so I definitely get you |D;; I like Shigezane too but at times he can annoy me with his overconfidence (but that’s a pretty big part of his character arc I suppose).

      Oh no, haha, that’s pretty harsh on Imari :’D he did save her that one time when he told her to duck!! But, hm, I can see were you’re coming from especially in the anime. He’s pretty useful in Uesugi though!

      Aww, thank you so much for reading these even though it sounds like you’re waiting at the latest chapters too. And thanks for commenting <3!

        Kylie said:
        December 9, 2017 at 01:16

        Umehara is doing an awesome job stealing my heart with Masamune’s role (it’s like Teika Ichijouji all over again but more deep and intense).Yeah I know,I kinda rewatched Imari’s parts in the anime,and it made me feel like he deserves to be transformed into a beautiful character and have a route too..but I guess the creators want to keep him tanuki-zoned ;(

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