Day: December 7, 2017

SNB Yukimura ~ 4* Believe in Us ~

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I’ll Definitely Come Running

(Cards about the anime were given out and they correspond with each episode of the anime. Yukimura’s second card takes place after episode 8 of the anime).

[YUKIMURA]: “For you to be taken away…… I’m really sorry to have you go through such scary experience.”

[YUKIMURA]: “I’m definitely going to save you! No matter what happens, I’ll come running to you.”

[YUKIMURA]: “I want to hurry and save you…… in order to save you, everyone’s been training as hard as they can.”

[YUKIMURA]: “In order to get back your smile, we’re all going to work hard and put our strength together!”

[YUKIMURA]: “Believe in us and hold on……!”

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SNB Date ~ Chapter 2.4 ~

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Chapter 2: What’s Captured is the Heart–

Not knowing Masamune’s plans, she attempted to escape again, but was unlucky and encountered yakuma.

At that moment, sensing danger, the one who came to narrowly save her was…?

Chapter 2.4

[YUZUKI]: “Masamune-san…!? Are you okay!?”

I called out in shock to Masamune-san who had suddenly collapsed.

[MASAMUNE]: “I’m… fine……”

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