SNB Date ~ Chapter 2.5 ~

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Chapter 2: What’s Captured is the Heart–

Not knowing Masamune’s plans, she attempted to escape again, but was unlucky and encountered yakuma.

At that moment, sensing danger, the one who came to narrowly save her was…?

Chapter 2.5

[YUZUKI]: “Masamune, I’m going to wipe away your sweat.”

In the room where there was only the two of us I tried to wipe Masamune’s forehead, which was covered in sweat, with a damp towel.

[MASAMUNE]: “I don’t need your help.”

Masamune-san said that and coldly brushed off the towel.

[YUZUKI]: “Masamune-san……”

[YUZUKI]: “Um, Masamune-san, you caught a cold because you came to save me so……”

[YUZUKI]: “Please let me care for you even just a little bit.”

[MASAMUNE]: “I refuse. I’ll be fine without being watched over by yo…… *cough cough*.”

[YUZUKI]: “You don’t look fine at all. Look, please just be quiet.”

When I forcibly placed the towel on his forehead, Masamune-san frowned with an irritated look.

[YUZUKI]: “When you’re having a hard time, it’s better that you tell everyone around you.”

[MASAMUNE]: “Impossible.”

[YUZUKI]: “Why?”

Masamune-san hesitated for a while at my question, and then–

[MASAMUNE]: “…… When it’s hot, I say it’s cool. When I’m tired, I act with vigor.”

[MASAMUNE]: “A general always tells the exact opposite of what they feel. They act “contrary”.”

[YUZUKI]: “Ummm…… what’s with that.”

[MASAMUNE]: “Those are the words of a Buddhist monk who taught me various things.”

[MASAMUNE]: “If a general is weak then their vassals will be frightened. However, if a general is always strong then their vassals will be at ease.”

[MASAMUNE]: “That’s why I…… cannot say I’m having a hard time when I’m having a hard time.”

[MASAMUNE]: “Because I am that kind of general, my vassals follow me with reassurance and believe in me.”

[YUZUKI]: (I see…… this is that “perverseness” that Shigezane sometimes calls Masamune……)

[YUZUKI]: “…… But I’m not your vassal, Masamune-san.”

[MASAMUNE]: “…… What are you trying to say.”

[YUZUKI]: “Umm, I’m not going to deny your “contrariness” but……”

[YUZUKI]: “Maybe you don’t have to act strong in front of me because I’m not one of your vassals?”

Masamune-san’s eye widened as if in surprise at my casually said words.

[MASAMUNE]: “…… Are you saying that I should be myself only in front of you?”

[YUZUKI]: “Ah, no, maybe not that far……”

[MASAMUNE]: “…… Hmph.”

When Masamune-san turned a displeased face away from me I wondered if I said something that rubbed him the wrong way and became depressed.

[MASAMUNE]: “…… Well.”

[YUZUKI]: “……?”

[MASAMUNE]: “…… If I feel like it.”

Muttering that in a sigh, Masamune-san closed his eye and started to breathe deeply in sleep.

[KOJUUROU]: “…… Good. Your fever has gone down and your complexion is well.”

Kojuurou-san nodded with his hand on Masamune-san’s forehead.

After drinking the medicine Kojuurou-san brought and being sound asleep for a few hours, the color in Masamune-san’s face had become clearly better.

[YUZUKI]: “Looks like the medicine worked. I’m glad……”

[MASAMUNE]: “…… It wasn’t just thanks to the medicine.”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh?”

[MASAMUNE]: “I’m saying your meddling is useful sometimes.”

[YUZUKI]: (Right now…… was he possibly thanking me……)

I unconsciously became happy at Masamune-san’s dishonest words.

[MASAMUNE]: “What are you smiling about. Do you want to return to the prison?”

[YUZUKI]: “N-No……!”

Even though Masamune-san threw a glancing glare and said threatening things, I wasn’t really scared now.

[VASSAL]: “Excuse me, Masamune-sama!”

[MASAMUNE]: “Hm……? What’s the matter?”

[VASSAL]: “Masamune-sama, I am reporting to you in place of Shigezane-sama!”

[VASSAL]: “Shigezane-sama has concluded his yakuma extermination and has returned to the castle!”

[MASAMUNE]: “I see, good work. However–“

[MASAMUNE]: “Why didn’t Shigezane come to report himself?”

[VASSAL]: “That is… in truth……”

Looking at the vassal who hesitated to speak, as if it was hard, it was clear when tension ran across Masamune-san and Kojuurou-san’s face.

[VASSAL]: “Shigezane-sama was wounded…… Right now he is receiving medical treatment.”

[KOJUUROU]: “Wha……!?”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh……!?”

[MASAMUNE]: “I’m going to check on him! Come with me, Kojuurou!”

Following the two who ran out of the room, I also exited the room.

[YUZUKI]: (Shigezane-san…… please don’t be terribly injured……)

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    1_chan said:
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    Shigezane ;; o ;; )) noo pls don’t be too injured…Dang. These boys are already major wounds so early on in the plot //sigh~ Fighto Date boys! Thanks for the chapter!

      Ilinox responded:
      December 9, 2017 at 14:14

      Such a contrast to how in-control Oda and Toyotomi are, huh LOL. Big risks means big rewards but hsjhfh someone needs to make sure they don’t push themselves like this!

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