Day: December 20, 2017

SNB Date ~ Chapter 4.3 ~

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Chapter 4: Forgotten Fragments of History–

Revealing that she came from a parallel universe, they started to search for Himemiko together.

First, they tried to search for the “sacred treasure” necessary for knowing Himemiko’s location, and so she went out with Shigezane but…

Chapter 4.3

As Shigezane-san protected me behind his back, he held his sword out towards the three werewolves we encountered in the old castle.

[SHIGEZANE]: “Which army are you guys from!”

[???]: “Crap…… What do we do? Run?”

[???]: “Hmph, run, you say? Do you think I would do such an unsightly thing?”

[???]: “Listen and be amazed. We are–“

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