Day: December 26, 2017

SNB Masamune ~ 2018 New Year ~

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How unexpected to be spending the end of a year with you. Be sure to clean your entire room properly. It’s important to greet the new year after cleaning off this year’s dirtiness. New Year’s Eve will be spent slowly with Shigezane and Kojuurou. –And this year you’ll be together with us…… if possible, in the future too……

SNB Motonari ~ 2018 New Year ~

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Very soon this year will also end. This year is a very precious year to me…… Hm? Why, you ask. That is– because I was able to meet my dear princess. I would be pleased if you held the same feelings.

SNB Nobunaga ~ 4* The Path You Believe ~

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An Ascertained Future

(Cards about the anime were given out and they correspond with each episode of the anime. Nobunaga’s second card takes place after episode 11 of the anime).

[NOBUNAGA]: “What have you seen in Shinga?”

[NOBUNAGA]: “–Warriors who press onward with their lives on the path they believe in– you say.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “…… Then what is the path you believe in. What is it that you’ve felt in the heart of this war-torn world.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Heh…… well, whatever choice you make, the one who will obtain Shinga is this Oda Nobunaga……”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Whatever the moment brings, you should choose that which you believe in and ascertain that future with your own eyes–“

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SNB Date ~ Chapter 5.3 ~

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Chapter 5: In the Darkness, the True Appearance–

They snuck into the Sanada territory, seeking the “sacred treasure”.

By chance, she was saved by the general of the Sanada Army, Sanada Yukimura, in the castle town. He hasn’t seem to noticed their true identity yet but…

Chapter 5.3

[YUKIMURA]: “I cannot allow you two to leave the Sanada territory.”

Yukimura-san called us to a stop and Masamune-san quietly placed his hand on his sword.

[YUZUKI]: (The enemy’s general… has he discovered our true identities? At this rate……)

[MASAMUNE]: “…… What do you mean?”

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