Day: December 29, 2017

SNB Kenshin ~ 2018 New Year ~

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This year is only for a little while longer. Everyone is extremely happy to greet the new year together with you. Kagekatsu has been preparing everything in high spirits. I wonder what kind of year next year will be. Hopefully, I want to be the one closer than anyone else who sees your smile. –Please do not leave my side.

SNB Date ~ Chapter 5.5 ~

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Chapter 5: In the Darkness, the True Appearance–

They snuck into the Sanada territory, seeking the “sacred treasure”.

By chance, she was saved by the general of the Sanada Army, Sanada Yukimura, in the castle town. He hasn’t seem to noticed their true identity yet but…

Chapter 5.5

[YUZUKI]: (Here is the shrine said to have the “sacred treasure”……)

[YUZUKI]: (There’s a stirring in my chest…… like someone is calling to me……)

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