Day: December 30, 2017

SNB Hideyoshi ~ 2018 New Year ~

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This year’s New Year’s Eve will be extravagant! Grand! Let’s all get excited!! Ah, that’s right, I just thought of something good–…… eh, what, what? If I go overboard then Mitsunari will be troubled? Don’t worry! Our Mitsunari will be able to do something ’bout it! Or are you trying to say that you don’t want to be with “everyone” but with “me”? If it’s my beloved bride’s request, then I’ll fulfill it with everything that I have~. –I won’t let you go next year either…… kiiiidding.

SNB Date ~ Chapter 6.1 ~

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Chapter 6: The Path To Take Should be Ours–

A direct showdown with Yukimura!

The moment the contest was thought to be ended…… yakuma appeared in the shrine.

Who was it that obtained the “sacred treasure”…!?

Chapter 6.1

The instant I pulled out the “sacred treasure” stabbed into the rock… countless yakuma descended on us from the depths of the shrine.

[YUKIMURA]: “Run! Hurry, over here!”

At Yukimura-san’s urging, I ran to the invisible wall… towards the two.

[YAKUMA]: “Gruaaaaaaagh!!”

[YUZUKI]: (It’s no use…… they’re catching up……!)

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