Day: December 31, 2017

SNB Nobunaga ~ 2018 New Year ~

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In a few more hours this year will also end. You belong to this Oda Nobunaga. And that will not change no matter how much time passes. Stay next to me the instant the year passes. You don’t have the right to refuse. –Come closer. I won’t allow you to leave my side.


SNB Date ~ Chapter 6.2 ~

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Chapter 6: The Path To Take Should be Ours–

A direct showdown with Yukimura!

The moment the contest was thought to be ended…… yakuma appeared in the shrine.

Who was it that obtained the “sacred treasure”…!?

Chapter 6.2

In the instant the Sanada Army, who was trying to secure me, and Masamune-san and the others, who were trying to force their way through, were about to clash–


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