Day: January 1, 2018

SNB Date ~ Chapter 6.3 ~

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Chapter 6: The Path To Take Should be Ours–

A direct showdown with Yukimura!

The moment the contest was thought to be ended…… yakuma appeared in the shrine.

Who was it that obtained the “sacred treasure”…!?

Chapter 6.3

The unidentified group which had appeared slowly closed the distance, their weapons drawn.

[SASUKE]: “What’s with these guys!? Date Army’s reinforcements!?”

[YUKIMURA]: “No… these guys attacked the Date Army too. They’re not our allies or Date’s allies…!”

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SNB Nobunaga ~ 2018 New Year’s Resolution ~

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A new year begins. However, nothing has changed on what I must do. I aim for what comes beyond unifying the country–. It is not easy to achieve but my army is certain to accomplish it. This year I vow to accelerate this progress. You will watch by my side, and you are not allowed to leave at any time. I promise to show you the most supreme future from this place, closest to me–.