Nureba no Ie no Tatarikon ~ Spring: Thirst ~

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Matsumoto Shouwa (松本 正和)
CV: 土門熱

The Cursed Marriage of the Black House

I’ve been living up to now imagining what kind of woman you were.

While moving through various places, that one thought comforted my heart.

Spring, I knew it was you with one glance.

When everything is done, there are things to talk about.

You and this pitch-black house are mine. I won’t hand it over to anyone anymore.

(Surprise!! I really really shouldn’t be doing this but OH MY GOD. THIS IS MY DRAMA CD SERIES OF 2017!! This is such a dark and tragic story but so so so good with the reveals and just… drama. So much drama. I’m actually setting up for Valentines by getting this guy out of the way first LOL. WARNING: dark themes and it’s R18.) On JP DLsite.


Dark desires and cursed blood leads these men to that house–

The jet-black household called Tani, which had stood since the beginning, does not give birth to men.

Therefore it was a rule to take in a son-in-law from another household.

The daughter of the Tani household is beautiful.

Like moths drawn to the light, four men came forward.

And, once again, the seasons pass.

Stage Setting:

A jet-black house coated all over in the deepest black.

In a mountain village in a certain prefecture the Tani household was known to be wealthy; however due to a long-established custom, they were avoided.

After the death of the head of the house, the mother and daughter of the Tani household constantly searched for a successor.

What appeared there was–

I’m going to go over and beyond with this series translation so I’ll be translating their character profiles and descriptions too :’)). My heart for these men. It’s best to read this series in order to get the impact of the reveals.

.Character Synopsis:

The Okayama businessman who became friends with the heroine’s father: Matsumoto Shouwa.

Keyword: Become/Growth/Reach

He advanced through senior high school with excellent achievements.

After military service, he started a business in Okayama city and was successful.

Having the trust of the head of the Tani house, who was laid down by sickness, he became the fiancé of the daughter.

Hobbies: Fishing in a mountain stream
Habit: Snapping his fingers when thinking ・ During the act, leaving bite marks
Favorite Food: River fish
Disliked Food: None

*** TRACK 1: Possessed Man ***

*Shouwa is in a cafe, smoking. Doorbell rings*

Shouwa: Ah! I’ve been expecting you two. Please, sit down.

S: I apologize for calling you both all this way. Please, order whatever you would like. You two would not mind coffee, would you? Then… You, over there! *waiter comes* May I place an order? These two ladies here would like two coffees. *waiter leaves*

S: … Now then. I am pleased to meet you. I have heard many things from your father, about his reliable and lovely daughter. When I was starting up my business, I received your father’s kindness at a commercial industry meeting. After that we became close friends and when he was hospitalized within the city I frequently went to visit him… to think he would pass away so suddenly…

S: It is a shame. There are still many teachings I would have liked to receive. *waiter comes* Ah, thank you. *waiter leaves* Please, go ahead.

S: You two must be devastated… for the family head to be absent. However! Please do not worry. I have been asked repeatedly from your father to cherish his daughter. To think I am a candidate to be this wonderful lady’s husband.


S: In these times, it is surprising how many there are who would believe in trivial words, but I am different! Please rely on me. As a substitute for your father. I made a firm promise. I will absolutely make his daughter happy.

S: Ah, yes, even though I made a promise with your father… it is important to value the opinion of the lady herself. You need not reply immediately. After all, today is the first time we have met each other, right?

S: … Is something the matter, madam? Ahah, is there something on my face? *waiter comes* Oh? A telegram for the madam? *waiter leaves*

S: Viscount Kamijou? Yes, I know this person well. I am intimate friends with him. That is unexpected. For the viscount to be at a restaurant close to this hotel. Yes, of course, please go ahead. You cannot keep the viscount waiting. I will take responsibility for the young lady. We will postpone this conversation. Yes, we will wait here. *madam leaves*

S: Now then, your mother has gone. There is a splendid cherry tree outside this window. It has been continuously shedding its petals. Won’t you come with me to look at that cherry tree?

*** TRACK 2: In the Shadow of the Cherry Tree ***

*outside by the cherry tree*

S: Aah… it really is wonderful. Meeting you today… has been something I really looked forward to. Ever more so when, having left to Shanghai for an emergency, I am ashamed that I was not even able to hasten back for your father’s funeral service…

S: I’m glad you are as lovely of a lady as I imagined. No… more than I imagined.

S: And you? Have I passed as a husband? Ahaha, if you look down like that with a red face I will not understand! You honestly are adorable… Ah, look, because you have been looking down, the cherry blossom petals are on your hair.

S: Here… it might have been a shame to remove them. It was beautiful against your hair like an accessory. Aha… won’t you raise your head soon and let me look upon you?… Yes, like that. You must have heard about me from your father, right? Like how I heard about you.


S: Just from those stories… I’ve fallen in love with you. And you? Do you… not have the same feelings as I do? When I look into your eyes, I know… that you are my destined partner. *kisses and kisses and kisses*

S: … Do not worry. We are hidden in the shadow of this large cherry tree; no one can see our figures. *kisses and kisses and kisses*

S: … I’ve always wanted to meet you. *kisses*… Won’t you come to my room? I’ve been staying at this hotel for the past few days. Let’s talk slowly with just the two of us.

*** TRACK 3: The Coupling Between Man and Woman ***

*opens door and closes it*

S: *heavy breathing and kisses*… To think you’re responding… to my tongue like this… *kisses**disrobing*… Please become mine… that’s agreeable, right?

S: *kisses*… There is nothing to be frightened of. I am… the man who is to become your husband… *kisses*… That is what your father decided.

S: *pushes heroine onto bed**kisses*… Just now, before your mother, I said that I would not seek a reply today… That was a lie.

S: *kisses*… Do not worry. I am certain your mother will forgive you. The will of your late father is absolute.

S: Your pure body… from now on will be mine only.

S: This body… seeing your breasts, touching them… *kisses*… what my tongue is trailing against… is mine alone for the rest of your life.


S: *kisses*… You look like you’re enjoying yourself. Even while being embarrassed, this place… *kisses*… is stiff and swollen… *kisses*

S: *disrobing*… Spread your legs. There should be nothing you cannot show the man who is to become your husband. Now… relax…

S: Haha… you’re so wet it’s stringy… Relax… I will be certain to take you to paradise.

S: *using his mouth*… though it might not be a paradise… It feels pleasurable, doesn’t it? That’s right… here… Remember this until the next time we meet. This sensation… No, I won’t stop. No matter how you break, it’s already… *heroine orgasms*

S: Haha, how was it? The feeling of going to paradise for the first time… *inserts finger*… Tight… your climax just now has made you this wet… even though your walls are sticking to my finger… Come now, you can tell, can’t you? My middle finger… that is inside you…


S: From here on you will accept everything of me… It might be impossible today… but the next time we meet… I’ll grant you… an incomparable pleasure to what you swallowed just before. Of course, I am working hard to make you become that right now. I… can’t endure it any longer…

S: *disrobes*… Relax your body entirely… *inserts himself*… UNGH! Good… hehe… more than I imagined… *kisses*

S: It hurts right now doesn’t it. However, soon… *kisses*… soon you will grow accustomed and it will feel good… *kisses*… the life of a true married couple is like that… *kisses*… between two people who have fallen in love with each other…

S: No one will be able to snatch you away… even the family that shares the same blood… Just now… this place that I licked and raised with my tongue… I’ll rub it…


S: That’s right. That face… as I thought it has traces of… ngh… *thrusting*

S: Come like this. Yes, like you did last time… Me too!… *both orgasm*

S: … *kisses*… With this you are already mine… *kisses*… for eternity… and forever…

*** TRACK 4: Brand of Unfaithfulness ***

S: *kisses*… You will have me as a husband, right? Ah, how are you so adorable… *kisses*… To be the husband to such a kind person as you, I am the happiest person in all the world. *kisses*

S: I have this story; a story of an acquaintance of mine… In a certain place, there was a young man and woman who fell in love with one another. Although a child was made between the two the man’s father, who met a tragic end, did not accept the poor woman as a daughter-in-law.

S: The father tried to send his son as a groom to the head house, which was in a distant place, but… the man refused. The troubled father said he would make arrangements for the woman to be made a mistress so that they could live, together with the child, in the same town of the head house. The man, in tears, was adopted into the family of his bride along with the woman and child.

S: However, the woman and child were immediately driven out. The legal wife of the man reneged on the promise and, with only the clothes on their back, the woman and child were forcefully expelled from the head house.

S: Even if they were two people who fell in love with one another… it is not always the case that they are bound together. That is why I am happy… *kisses*… because I’ve obtained the right of being together with you forever.


S: Understand? From now on, you must not trust anyone apart from me… because there is a fortune in your house. It is a shame but there are many humans who are full of evil intentions… your mother too. Ah! No, it’s nothing. My tongue slipped. It’s really… nothing… no, it’s really nothing… I do not want this to enter your ears.

S: I have no choice then. If you insist that much… your mother frequently went to the city at the time your father was hospitalized within the city, correct? However, your mother… did not arrive very often at the hospital. When I went there every day to visit him, I heard this from your father. I myself… had never met your mother once.

S: Your father seemed to have investigated secretly… and then… discovered that she surrounded herself with young men within the city. Your father passed from heartbreak. Although he was adopted into the family, the wife he was married to did not even visit her husband when he was seriously ill, and instead played with her lovers.

S: Yes. Even if this was theoretical, your father told only me this. He was concerned about your cultivation. He thought that, if he died, his wife would be won over by her lovers and then those men would aim for his fortune and the body of his daughter.


S: I… was requested by your crying father… to take care of his daughter… *kisses*… We must hurry. Your mother and her lovers are most likely already proceeding with their plans. The telegram she received some time ago in the coffee lounge was a lie. Because there is no way Viscount Kamijou would send a telegram to the wife a contemporary he had not even met in person.

S: Heh, she gave that kind of excuse to meet to meet her lovers… I didn’t want this sort of talk to enter your ears. I intended to resolve everything peacefully behind closed doors. I sincerely apologize. Please do not cry. *kisses*

S: From now on, I will support you… with my heart and soul… for you… *kisses and resumes sex*

S: That is why you too… for me only…

*scene skip; walking down hallway together*

S: Oh my, madam. Have you already concluded your business? My true identity? I do not understand what you mean. Madam, you yourself should realize that your true nature has been revealed. I told her everything. Your sins…

S: Do you intend to lie still? Even though your wrongdoings when your husband was gravely ill are not fabrications but facts… I would like for you to never, on any account, show yourself in front of us again. What you did… think very carefully on it… and your own wretchedness.

S: Let us go. We’re returning to our house… because we are already husband and wife.

*door opens and closes*

*** TRACK 5: Marriage Ceremony of the Tani Household ***


S: Haha… you’ve completely become my prisoner… *kisses*… there is no longer anyone to get in the way… *kisses and thrusting*

S: You live only for doing this with me… aren’t you happy?… We’ve finished the meagre marriage ceremony as well. Heh, well, this household is loathed by the neighbors and there’s no branch family, relatives, or any decent people. Aren’t you glad for it to be just the two of us? Hey…

S: It’ll always… be just the two of us… I’ll thrust into you from morning to night… If you’re concerned about money, there’s money… money from having had to live on dirty mud… though this is a household possessed by monsters, compared to you who lived lacking for nothing… I’m DIFFERENT!

S: Haha… I wonder what your mother is doing around this time. There is nothing for her to do but sell her body that is still reasonably young… Having been caged in this countryside, she has no knowledge about having to work… She can’t even rely on the branch family in Tokyo. Hahaha!!


S: To think karma is like this… *thrusting*… I’m so pleased I feel like I’m going to come. How about I come once… *he orgasms*

S: Hahahahaha!! It should be about time for you to be pregnant too… because I’ve inserted this much seed into you… If it’s a girl, I don’t mind how many you give birth to… If it’s a son… hahahaha!!

S: The men born in this house… what happens to them again? *kisses*… That’s right… they become possessed one way or another. And what happens to the men who are possessed? Do they bite into women’s breasts? These… soft breasts… Hmm? You don’t know? How about your father? There’s no connection to grooms?

S: Haha, then… what about me I wonder… If the grooms aren’t predetermined… then it’s not that the grooms themselves turn mad, but because the birthed son is mad?… Hehehe. That’s right. Who cares about that. Right now… *thrusting*

S: Honestly, being inside you is… great… No matter how many times I release, it doesn’t go down… I can’t get enough…


S: Why do you think that is? Heh… it’s because we share the same blood. Hahaha! I say the same but it’s half, don’t worry. I am… the child born between your father and a waitress when he was young. And then I was brought along with your father who was adopted into your family; a child who lived in this house like a scapegoat, hehe. Together with my mother.

S: *kisses*… In this place. with all its walls painted over in black, this jet-black house… You were still a baby and your mother was still young, which was why she was easily angered. Do you know how much my mother and I were tormented? At last, in the end, we were driven out with only the clothes on our back, even more… the thought that I was another man’s seed was instilled.

S: We were washed away to Osaka. Finally, after wandering around, we could only throw ourselves at the mercy of your father’s paternal home… Your grandfather, Kousaburou, was also trash. He thought his son’s lover was unsuitable and so he subdued her by taking her as his second wife. Although he adopted me, because of that, we were thrown into the shed of the first wife in the late winter and tormented, and my mother died immediately…

S: I endured until senior high school. And then… I ran from Osaka and rose up in the world starting from scratch…

S: For my mother… against everyone in this household that put me through hell… in order for my revenge… in order to obtain everything in this household… *kisses and thrusting*

S: Hahahaha!! It’s bleeding… this accursed blood… *bites*… hahaha!! To get aroused from being bitten… you most likely… might be possessed too… by me… *kisses and thrusting*


S: I’m your older brother, born of a different mother… Shouichi. Though you probably hadn’t heard about my existence, hehe… *kisses and thrusting*

Shouichi: I became able to amass a large fortune and bought the family register of a man called Matsumoto Masakazu, who had the same age as me. The person himself was a second generation who had the idea of running away to Shanghai, ahaha!!

S: In order to become your husband, I became another person… I started up a company within the city and approached your… my… our father. That man didn’t notice anything. His enterprise incurred a bad debt and he was overjoyed to be given a loan, haha! It went just as I expected and he proposed the idea of me becoming your husband.

S: After that, it was just having us and your mother meet… *kisses and thrusting*… From now on, call me your older brother… call me brother… without fail when I’m doing this to you… *kisses and thrusting*… Why?… That is…

S: I wonder why… For some reason I… towards my true blood-related sibling… since a long time ago… I couldn’t help but want to ravish you… No matter who I slept with, I could only think about you… *kisses and thrusting*

S: It doesn’t make any sense at all… *kisses and thrusting*… No matter how many times I have sex with you, I thirst for you… in truth, the revenge might have been inconsequential… merely, everything was in order to obtain you officially…

S: Satisfy me… my thirst… *kisses*


S: We have an inseparable fate… it has nothing to do with blood… merely that the mate to our soul, decided by the heavens… was, just by chance, a brother and sister… *kisses and thrusting*

S: I don’t believe in God, or Buddha, or demons. But… only for this… I can only think, ah, that’s how it was… *kisses and thrusting*

S: Do not leave me… listen only to my voice… forever… That’s right, say it more… call me brother… I’ve always wanted to be called that… by you…

S: I’m releasing it… deeply… all of it… You come too… *kisses and thrusting and then he orgasms*

S: … *kisses*… Hahaha… it’s not a surprise you seem tired… *kisses*… I’ve left a lot of bite marks… Hm? This on my left arm? This isn’t an old wound. It’s a mark I’ve had since I was born. It looks as if I received a katana injury here, doesn’t it. It’s in a place that cannot be discovered unless I’m naked so I normally have no regard for it… heh. I’ve done many foul things but I’m not a man who’s shed blood… Aa, this is the truth. There’s nothing I’m hiding from you anymore. Really… nothing.

*** GRAIN RAIN: THE LOST PEOPLE – Possessive ***

*Shouwa is smoking when the heroine comes into his room*

S: Hm?… Is there something that is inadequate for you? I thought you were going to sleep beside “that” tonight… I am about to sleep as well. Is it okay to leave “that” alone? It’ll be annoying if it starts grumbling.

S: What is the matter?… You’re still saying that? Yuuji has already become the Andou family’s heir. What meaning is there in thinking on these trivial things? If you want to take him back, then just say so. I sent our first son out to be adopted because you believe in a demon and were frightened. However, if you say you’ve changed your mind then…

S: Enough already. He is only an adopted child, it’s not like he died… Aah… I see now… you wanted me to comfort you like this, hm? That is why you came to this room… and with pitiful eyes.


S: If I’m mistaken then put on a better face. Smile! Because Yuuji has escaped the demon. But this is perfect timing… I was just thinking about having sex with you. In my wanderings I’ve seen the people who tormented me, people who ran, people who were in debt from having been swindled… I’ve seen many of them. Even so, compared to those, Yuuji… Yuuji’s eyes when he looks at “that”… Aah, I see… that might be… what it means to be possessed.

S: *kisses*… In any event he won’t go hungry in that house and he won’t die… *kisses*… I am going to sleep with you as I always do and once again you will be impregnated by my seed, hehe.

S: *kisses*… This blood is past redemption… *kisses*… I desire it immediately again… you. *kisses* If a boy is born, it’ll be thrown away again. But that might be for the better. *kisses* I don’t dislike Yuuji but taking care of an infant is bothersome.


S: I don’t wish for anything anymore, apart from what satisfies me… *inserts himself* As long as there’s that… *kisses and thrusting* that is enough… Accepting me without being very wet… yours and my blood allows that… Say it. Like you always do… call me brother… That’s right. Today I feel great.

S: *kisses and thrusting*… You too, no? When did these become hard?… *sucking*… Does it feel that good? Sucking on your breasts like an infant… *sucking*… How about this side? Ahaha, it’s the same.

S: *thrusting*… The tatami is rubbing up against us… *thrusting*… What is this? This place here is already… accepting whatever I do… *kissing and thrusting*

S: Hahaha… is this pace that frustrating? You want to come violently and forget all the pain in your chest, right?… You… you… you are such a hopeless woman… *thrusting*

S: *kisses and thrusting*… Agh, I’m coming… like this… *he orgasms*


S: … *kisses* Again… once more like this… *kisses and thrusting*

S: Haha… and after this *kisses*… and after that *kisses*… Huh? How many and for how long?… Even if I count it carefully, it only increases… *kisses and thrusting*

S: Hah… blood is thicker than water, was it?… *thrusting*… Yuuji… must hate me… If I had stopped it earnestly, would that have satisfied you?… Having the heir position… be stolen by his younger brother… No, that won’t happen… you will always do what I tell you to… that’s how I trained you… that’s how many times I slept with you and poured my seed here!

S: *thrusting*… You and this household too… this entire family is mine… You… “that”… Yuuji too… everything!… *kisses and thrusting*

S: Agh, it’s tightening… that’s right… that’s good… Come… I’m releasing… everything… I’m releasing all of it inside you… come!… come!… *he orgasms*… I’m being squeezed…


S: Do you plan on being pregnant with another cursed child?… Next time, a real monster might be born… one that doesn’t have the shape of a human… an unpleasant and grotesque monster… otherwise, you’ll just cry again… Aah… at that time… I’ll comfort you again like this…

*** ANOTHER DAY: PRISON – Cage ***

S: All the wooden flooring here needs to be removed and replaced. The drawers at the end need to be moved too so clean up the contents inside. The walls are moldy. I’m curious about that transom too. It’s fracturing, is it not? The carving. But the carpenters here are useless. *marks something* Let’s go.

S: Ah, that’s right. What will we do about this place? *opens door*

S: You are still frightened of this place, hm. It’s just a cage. A cell… isn’t it? Don’t get close, you say? Hah. What do I care about this place being something your mother hated? The majority of the time I was being tormented I was confined. Hm… your mother saw it? Here? A person possessed by the demon.

S: Give me the key. I didn’t have much interest, but it might be nice to demolish this. Why don’t we look inside it a bit?


S: How long do you intend to spit out those thoughtless words? Firstly, the one entering is not you but–… oh, I know… hey, shall we test it?

S: If those who enter the cell are really possessed by the demon then… Ahaha! Idiot… foolish woman. Where can you run to in this house? Heh. This place is fitting for you. *opens the cage* Hahaha! This might be the first time I’ve seen your face twisted with so much terror. That is also quite interesting; a sight worth seeing. *throws heroine in*

S: Oh my! You only just entered it. Take your time. *closes cage and locks it*… See you. I have other places to look at.

S: … Hmm… haha. You look like a prisoner, don’t you think? Would you like to get out? Haha, so frantic! You want to get out that badly? If you hate it this much then it might have been interesting to confine your mother too.

S: I wonder why… in some respects your appearance is covered by that woman’s. Even though you’re my wife…

S: If you want to get out that badly then I’ll open the door… if you are able to make me come like this, okay? Hahahaha! So desperate! Just your hand? It might take a while. Use your body more… Get on your knees, remove your obi, and take it in your mouth.

S: … Hm… that’s good. What will you do next?… Yes, that’s right… Is it okay not to hurry? At this rate the demon will–… ngh… haha… for you to desire me this much… in that case this cell isn’t that bad, ungh…


S: Purse your lips… more… tighter…

S: Good… it’s hot… it’s coming… I’m releasing!… It’s coming… Look at me, I’m letting it out… *he orgasms*

S: Hah… as promised I’ll open the door. *unlocks and opens it*… Oh dear! I didn’t say you could leave. I said I would open the door. *pushes heroine down* There is no way this would end with just that. When I see your frightened face… I… What you really hate isn’t this cell… Look, you’re this wet… *inserts himself and thrusts*

S: Have you remembered? About your mother… How about missing her a little more?… I’m the one who drove your mother out… making her go through the same things my mother did, a humiliation she had never tasted before… one that she is most likely tasting now too… You don’t wish to search for her? You don’t hate me?…


S: You must hate me! I drove out your mother… ME!… Why won’t you say anything?… At least once… try reproaching me!… Tch! SAY IT!…

S: … You’re fucking kidding me…*kisses and thrusting*… haha… *kisses and thrusting*… You won’t even say a single word of hate?… Shit!… *he orgasms*

S: … *he pulls out and kisses**he’s crying*… Why… ah… you’re saying it’s all irrelevant…?… We can only be slaves to this jet-black house… without even entering this cell… we’re…

*** NOTES ***

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!! My feelings for Shouwa are a horrible mess because in the main track he’s so tragic but you finish with the worst tokuten LOL and it’s like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU SHOUWA!! If he turns you off, please stick around for the next three guys because they are the epitome of tragedy times a thousand collapsing stars (and next boy is my best boy).

Before we head off into the next volume though, please keep in mind several key items: 1) There is a curse on this family symbolized by a birthmark that looks like a katana scar on their left arm and 2) this heroine and Shouichi have a son named Yuuji.

Also, take a gander at this family tree because nothing says messed up then a bloody lineage. You can find Shouwa at the very left and, as explained in Shouwa’s epic reveal, there is Sei twice and Shouichi adopted by Kousaburou.

The * notes that there are multiple ways of reading those names and I don’t know which is the right one ;;; I chose Kouko because I figured they wanted to keep the “Kou-” theme in the family. Sei could be read in another way too but since the ancestor at the beginning is called Seibei I decided to stick with Sei as the reading. Interesting enough Isamu can be read as “Yuu” too but I decided not to go with that because Yuuji is written with different kanji so I didn’t want to confuse everyone with similar names.

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    May 9, 2020 at 19:20

    Hi there Ili, I recently purchased Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of this series based on your 5-Star recommendations in your translations masterlist, and hoooo-boy it did not disappoint. Vol. 1’a VA is HOT… So just want to thank you for that!

    Another question I have is, is there any possible way to get the Cage Tokuten for Vol.1 and Lost Rain for Vol. 2? I somehow only managed to get 1 of the Tokutens on DLSite, but don’t know how to get the other one… Any help would be appreciated!
    Thanks again Ili for all the hard work you put into these translations, and feeding all the ladies their guilty pleasures ;)

      Ilinox responded:
      May 9, 2020 at 21:48

      Oh gosh, I always wondered if my rudimentary 5-star system was doing anything but I found it amusing to keep it going for myself, so to hear that you jumped into this series based on that ahhhhh I’M SUPER GLAD YOU ENDED UP LIKING THIS. Hehehe, Domon is a very prolific and talented seiyuu (hands down one of my favorites in my top 5 list) and he has a lot of R18 works.

      I just checked it on DLsite and it looks like Possessive and Beast’s Desire should be available for you to download after purchasing vol1 and vol2 there. For the “Another Day” tokutens, which Cage is a part of, it requires buying the entire series through Animate or Stellaworth. Here’s a list of the tokutens on their official site which explains where all the tokutens are related (collecting these is the worst thing about drama CDs lmao).

      Aw, you’re welcome and I’m glad you enjoyed them. You also reminded me that I ended up getting the light novel version of volume 1 and this booklet of short stories for this series, ack. I need to read those one day and then decide whether or not I want to translate it (time where).

    Xx said:
    November 6, 2018 at 12:07

    Omg. I just found this and ASHDHHDJDJDJJD. Thank you so much for doing this translation. And you went above and beyond translating the character synop and everything.

    The story’s so well thought out and these men ;_;

    Ahhh, I love sad and heartbroken men (pls dun judge). But they have this desperation to them that makes you wanna hold them and comfort them ;_;

      Ilinox responded:
      November 7, 2018 at 12:24

      You’re very welcome!! This definitely struck it up there as one of my favorite drama CD series so I wanted to share as much of it as I could with everyone |D especially the reveals and clues they left in the CD jacket and things. Now I just need to get my hands on the short story book they’re selling in AGF…

      HAHA no judgment here, especially coming from the person who translated this series in the first place. Shouwa ended up being my least favorite but I still like him a whole lot because of that delicious inner conflict he has between his hatred, revenge, and irresistible attraction.

    Rosaleen stark said:
    April 17, 2018 at 17:57

    I want to see the 4th one, also can someone please explain the family tree

      Ilinox responded:
      April 17, 2018 at 22:55

      I responded to your previous message but basically I’m still working on the 4th one, progress has just been slow because of how many other projects I’m juggling. Sorry about that! I will be finishing this series though so don’t worry.

      Once again, I think you might need to be more specific on what you want explained, otherwise I can only explain it generally since I don’t know what you want elaborated. The family tree is read from right to left and shows the generations of the Tani family. Single lines denote blood relations and the children they have; single lines that become double lines shows adoption. Horizontal = signs shows marriage.

      So, basically, Seibei was the founder/father of the Tani family and he had 5 children: Kouichirou, Koujirou, Kousaburou, and those two covered in blood splotches (the 4th CD’s male lead, Koushirou, and the heroine).

      Kousaburou had two children, Sei and Isamu, and then adopted Shouichi (who you end up finding out is Shouwa).

      Sei, the son of Kousaburou, ended up marrying his cousin Kouko (daughter of the 4th CD’s couple), and then they had the daughter who ends up getting with Shouwa (in this CD).

    Reggie said:
    February 14, 2018 at 22:57

    This is my first time in this kind of drama cd ( I didn’t know it’s exist 😅) and I like it and hate it. I like it because I’m completely drown to this story even though it’s dark.
    And I hate it because of the curse that makes them suffer and sinful, it’s like I want to save them by killing them and ask forgiveness then I kill my self…….. so that I never get caught by the police, JOKE 😝 hmm….. I wonder if the next generation will be free to the curse or forever suffering…. That’s why I hate it, it’s so sad 😭😭😭

      Ilinox responded:
      February 16, 2018 at 16:10

      I AM SO SORRY IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST EXPERIENCE INTO THE R18 DRAMA CD WORLD LOL. Please know there are tons of different genres here and uhhhh IT’S NOT ALL DARK LIKE THIS!! There’s story heavy ones; really dark ones; really sweet and fluffy ones; etc etc. I would not recommend this to anyone who isn’t already into this kind of thing, haha, because oh boy do you just jump feet first into a pool of taboo things.

      I’ve always been of the opinion that Shouwa could have walked away here ;;; in a sense he restarted his life and everything was fine! But I guess the curse must have pushed him in the direction of the heroine and he let vengeance consume him. See, for volume 2 I could understand better why he was so fixated on his sister because, in his eyes, he was thrown out by his real parents (because his mother was terrified of him) and forcibly separated from his beloved sister. My heart does break endlessly for the men in this series though T_T I love it.

    kai5404 said:
    February 14, 2018 at 14:03

    That end though… That cage… This dude… Holy crap…

    Spring Thirst indeed

    So the MC doesn’t hate Shouwa? Cause he’s p horrible lolol understandable but horrible! Or would you say it’s more like she’s resigned to her fate?

    And I’m guessing Shouwa pretty much hates MC ( because she resembles her mother in her appearance? ) Would you say that Shouwa “loves” MC or is he more compelled to her because of the curse?

    I am a bit confused about the family tree though?? So Sei is MC and Shouwa’s father, but who is Isamu and Kouko? If I’m reading this right, Kouko is this MC’s mom? The legal wife? And it looks like there’s a line from the two most right bloodstains leading to Kouko?

    Was Kouko also the result of incest? Or was Kouko and Sei an incestuous relationship?? My brain hurts?

    Thanks so much for the translation! This series is surprisingly deep and I just wanna blab about the intricacies of the story and all the characters ;_;

      Ilinox responded:
      February 14, 2018 at 15:04

      I want to say he’s a little bonkers but the truth is that everyone here is a little crazy, heroines included.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think we get to hear as much about the heroines as we’d like to because they’re all silent and we can only hear about their reaction to the guys BUT it kinda sounds like they’re affected by the curse too because they’re just as drawn to the men as the men are to them. So, probably much like Shouwa she finds herself irresistibly drawn but is resigned to her fate while he’s like flailing around in his hatred and bitterness LOL.

      Gods, I don’t know anymore. When I first listened to all of Shouwa’s tracks, I’d have told you that he hated the heroine and is repulsed by how unbearably attracted he is to her. BUT after re-listening and translating the tracks I think it’s a complicated mixture of both. He’s drawn to her so crazily that he sometimes thinks his whole revenge and everything he did to get revenge was actually subconscious actions to get the heroine. But he hates her mother blindingly… but he loves the heroine. So like he loves to hate her but hates to love her? That’s just how I’m reading it though ><.

      Basically, all the blood splotches are the heroines. As for the two at the beginning, it's a bit of a spoiler but the 4th CD is about how it all started :')) so that's one of the heroines + her youngest brother, Koushirou. So, yep, Kouko is this MC's mother and the legal wife and she was the daughter of the 4th CD's couple, a result of incest. Kouko and Sei are cousins because Sei is Kousaburou's son. So, technically incestuous but some countries think marriage between cousins is okay so ymmv LOL. Isamu was just another child of Kousaburou’s and never mentioned in the CD. Dunno what happened to them.

      Aw, you're welcome and I hope you're enjoying this series too. HONESTLY I COULD BLAB ALL DAY ABOUT THIS SERIES TOO HSHSJHJSH. It took me forever to read the family line and that was after I learned about everything too; without the clues, the family line looks like a complete mess, haha.

    Bluesheep said:
    February 13, 2018 at 10:49

    When he said “that” was he referring to his daughter? If so than that is a rather demeaning way to address his own child, unless the female protagonists and future ones are not meant to be named in order for readers to fill in better.

      Ilinox responded:
      February 14, 2018 at 10:11

      I believe so. He’s literally using “are” instead of something more general like “ano ko” or something, haha! I think they got around having to name the heroines by covering them in blood on the family lineage |D it’d be a stretch for the readers to fill in the heroine’s position for this series in my opinion because their circumstances are pretty unique, especially the 4th heroine’s circumstances which is horribly tragic.

      So, my money is on Shouwa just being a douche LOL. He’s very flippant about his children and, well, everything that has to do with the Tani family >< he ranks lowest on my list in this series but I still love him so much for what a consumed and bitter man he is hsjhfjghjfh.

    garden said:
    February 13, 2018 at 01:54

    *FIERCE SEX* — lol

    I’ve listened to this before despite the warnings of this would be a bit too dark for my delicate kokoro but I gave in anyways and dived right into it (because Domon Atsushi is a force I can never win against).
    there’s far too many words I can’t understand unfortunately but I can tell at least it’s very very tragic
    but now you shared this and omg that’s messed up

    the only other volumes to this series I’ve listened to is the Summer one and well… haaa I’m still not over that reveal in the end

      Ilinox responded:
      February 14, 2018 at 10:16

      THEY JUST START IN THE MIDDLE OF THINGS LOL. I nearly wrote “intense sex” for a part in Yuuji’s but I think I scrapped that while I was editing the post, haha.

      The Domon Atsushi force pulls us into everything… I went into this series because of him too LOL and I was curious about the premise. But yeah I was actually gonna drop the series because it seemed boring and short after I listened to this one, but then when I listened to the second one to give this series one more chance and hit the reveal in summer… my mouth dropped, haha. IT WAS SO GOOD!!

      And then when I got the tokutens and realized that there was even more to this story. And here I was thinking there were reincarnations or something but it’s even more complicated and vague, haha. This is such a good dramatic and dark suspense/mystery story.

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