Nureba no Ie no Tatarikon ~ Summer: Blind Love ~

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Satomi Minoru (里見 稔)
CV: 刃琉

The Cursed Marriage of the Black House

When I was five, my cheek was slapped by your mother.

I was never invited again to that jet-black house.

Summer, that was granted. The village’s custom and his existence was good news.

If you knew everything, would you hate me, I wonder?

I will leave my mark in the blood of the Tani household. That’s what I’ve decided.

(HAPPY VALENTINES TO EVERYONE AND MY BEST BOY OF THIS SERIES!! Haha, sorry, but I just love this man so much I still feel my heart break whenever I think about him. As usual WARNING: dark themes and it’s R18.) On JP DLsite.


Dark desires and cursed blood leads these men to that house–

The jet-black household called Tani, which had stood since the beginning, does not give birth to men.

Therefore it was a rule to take in a son-in-law from another household.

The daughter of the Tani household is beautiful.

Like moths drawn to the light, four men came forward.

And, once again, the seasons pass.

Stage Setting:

A jet-black house coated all over in the deepest black.

In a mountain village in a certain prefecture the Tani household was known to be wealthy; however due to a long-established custom, they were avoided.

After the death of the head of the house, the mother and daughter of the Tani household constantly searched for a successor.

What appeared there was–

Please pay attention to this character profile :’)) I think you’ll see something interesting. Also, it’s best to listen to this series in order to get the impact of the reveals.

.Character Synopsis:

An urban university student living in Tokyo: Satomi Minoru.

Keyword: Tani

The only son of the Satomi family, who were distant relatives.

He was raised in Kobe, lacking for nothing, and went on to university in Tokyo.

Having experienced various pleasures, he wanted to try using the custom of sneaking into a woman’s bedroom at night to have premarital intercourse.

Hobbies: Reading ・ Night entertainment ・ Gambling
Habit: Snapping his fingers when thinking ・ During the act, leaving bite marks
Favorite Food: Sake ・ Sweets
Disliked Food: River fish

*** TRACK 1: Friend and Demon ***

Minoru: Please don’t make that face. Because I’m finally able to come here. Alright? Come on, my best friend is also overjoyed. Honestly, fate is such a strange thing, isn’t it. Yes, I met him in university.

M: Demon? You’re still saying that? Yes, I’m fully aware and prepared. Aha, though I say that I’m a man of modern ideas. I don’t believe in traditions. Don’t worry, if you don’t believe in them, then curses and misfortunes are nothing. So, feel confident. Come on, please show a smile to the man who is to become your husband.

M: The man who is to become your husband… this Satomi Minoru.

*** ANOTHER DAY: PRISON – Purity ***

*footsteps outside; heroine’s door opens*

M: Shh. It’s me.

M: Heh, you’re an obedient person. Just as I asked for in the afternoon, you didn’t lock your sliding doors. Aha, don’t freeze up so much. I just… couldn’t wait for the day of our marriage ceremony. I wanted to touch you as soon as possible.

M: May I… touch you? Aah… then… I know. Won’t you touch me? So that you can be at ease. You can’t see me and it must make you all the more afraid. So, you can touch me.

M: I’ll guide you, so I’ll be touching your hand, okay? *grabs heroine’s hand*… Aah, your hands are pleasantly cool. How do my cheeks feel? Ahaha, mm, it might be a bit more angular than yours. Can you tell the shape by touching it with your hands? Then try touching me more. The bridge of my nose… my eyes… my eyelashes… the feeling of my eyebrows… and then my lips too, heh… My lips, too.


M: … Try touching my hair too. My hair is the same as yours, jet-black hair. Yes, it’s a little unruly. Do you dislike that?… Me too. I love your smooth black hair… I heard from your mother that your eyes were ruined by the village and, since then, you lost your eyesight. It must have been painful. At that time… if I was by your side then I would have held you without letting go. It must have hurt.

M: When I think about how these eyes won’t reflect me ever again… Don’t hang your head down. You’re a magnificent woman. I’m certain the men and everyone were overwhelmed by your eyes, which knew no taint.

M: Ahaha, I’m not teasing. Come, I’ll give you a hug… come… there’s nothing to be afraid of if we’re touching each other. Besides, we are to become married. It doesn’t matter how many times we touch.

M: … *sighs heavily* It feels nice holding you. As if you were made for me… ah, as if I personally was made for you too. You fit perfectly… Entrust yourself to me… your husband.

M: Yes, good girl. Good girl. Try raising your head. In the direction of my voice. Gently… *kisses* Shh, you can’t raise your voice. Even if we are to become married, this is somewhat early and it’ll be awkward. But I wanted you to that point. You understand, right?

M: You really are… an obedient and adorable person. *kisses and kisses*…


M: Try imitating me. Wrap your small tongue around mine. *kisses*… Well done… *kisses*

M: Please don’t look so insecure. You did very well… Ah, you don’t know what I’m doing? I’m glad you’ve remained pure… the person to pluck the flower is me. *kisses and kisses*

M: You’re out of breath. Does it hurt?… If it hurts, it’ll become pleasure… in time. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be scared of. If you’re afraid, then cling to me.

M: … Aah, such soft breasts. They’ve been grown to be this soft and full… it’s like they’ll break in my hands… Ahah, it’s not embarrassing, because we’ll be showing each other everything after this. Aah, slowly the tips are standing up. How does it feel? Ah, you mustn’t make a sound. Or we’ll be found. Endure it.

M: I’ll seal your mouth. *kisses*… You can’t close your legs. Relax… this place is feeling nicer and nicer, right? Aah, it’s already damp and wet… When you feel good, this place becomes wet.

M: It feels good. You’re feeling it… right now. Try relaxing more. I’ll loosen you up… fully. *kisses and fingers*

M: Can you hear it? The sound of you feeling it… *kisses down and down and down*


M: There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. *kisses*… You’re so cute. You’re feeling it from my fingers, huh. *kisses*… Ah, haha! Please. Be obedient. It’s not filthy. I want to do this… This wet place… I want to excite it more with my tongue. Relax your legs.

M: *gives oral*… It feels odd, doesn’t it? It hurts a little, hm? It tickles and it’s throbbing… *licks*… Give me your hand. We can hold hands. *licks*….

M: Aah, the taste got stronger. *licks*… Just stay like that. Don’t be afraid. It’s a sign that you’re going to a place that feels good. *slurps*

M: Don’t be scared. Try holding my hand tightly. It’ll feel really… really good, so… *licking*… just like that… come for me… *heroine orgasms*

M: … Well done. I’ll hold you… This place is still sticky and dripping, huh. Do you know where it’s dripping from? There’s a place deeeep in your body. After this, that place of yours is going to welcome me in.


M: *kisses and unbuckles his belt*… Don’t worry, it only hurts at first. Relax. I’ll be gentle. Yes… try holding onto me… because I want to enter you deeper. Nrgh… tight… angh…

M: Are you okay? *kisses*… I’m going to move, okay? *thrusting*… It hurts, doesn’t it? Aah, but I’ve always wanted to do this with you. I’ve dreamed of the day you would make that face because of me. That’s why you accepting me like this… I’m…

M: Mm, let’s press our skin together more. I’m certain we were fated to come together like this. Aah, honestly… being inside you is the best… *thrusting and kisses*

M: I’m really… joined together with you. Angh… I love you. I love you. *kisses and thrusting*

M: I’m sorry, I meant to be more gentle but… it’s no use. When I think about having obtained your purity… when I think about having been accepted by you… it’s honestly no use. I can’t stop.

M: I want to make you cry more. I want to love you… to the point where you break. *kisses and thrusting*… I wasn’t supposed to lack composure like this but… ungh… it’s no use, it’s coming…


M: I’m coming! *he orgasms*… I’ve finally… obtained you…

M: *kisses*… Ah, you’re crying… It hurt, didn’t it? But you accepted me… thank you. *kisses*

M: May I stay like this for a while? I want to hold you… while still being in you.

M: … I’ll make you feel good again, okay? Get some sleep for today. *kisses*

*** TRACK 2: Custom of Sneaking Into a Bedroom at Night ***

*footsteps outside; heroine’s door opens*

M: Hello. I’ve come tonight as well.

M: I couldn’t wait for it to become night… *kisses*… How about you? Eheh, that’s right, once we marry, whether it’s the afternoon or night, we can be together through the entire day… *kisses*

M: I can’t wait for the wedding day. I, Satomi Minoru, will become Tani Minoru and once that day comes… We’ll be able to be close to each other at any time… and I can put myself into your wet place here…


M: Shhh! You can’t raise your voice. Because your mother might wake.

M: *kisses*… Ehehe, it’s true that we’re engaged but I think it’ll be bad if they know we’ve laid with each other before the wedding. Even now the practice of sneaking into a bedroom at night is done in this village, huh… I was worried, you know, about whether you were accepting men from the village. But I was wrong, huh. *kisses*

M: You protected your maidenhood for me… *kisses*… Yes, for me… Hm? What? You want it in already? Aha, you’ve completely become an impatient girl, huh. Remembering my body… you’re soaked and dribbling, ahaha… That’s true, we can’t take it slow. Because I have to leave this room before the day breaks. But right now there’s still…

M: Then it’ll be best if I can stay, even just a little, longer inside you. *kisses and unbuckles his belt*… Now, hold me and try inserting it yourself… Agh, it’s fine to go slowly… *inserts in*


M: You’ve become good at accepting me, huh. *kisses and thrusting*

M: Haha. Before I even say anything, you’re moving your own hips. No, it’s fine. Then try rubbing it against the spot you like… Ah, tonight I can see your face clearly in the moonlight.

M: Your pleasured face… *kisses and thrusting*… is cute, my cherished girl.

M: The place you love is here. Right here… look, whenever I press against this place… you come immediately, aha. *kisses and thrusting*

M: Your entrance is squeezing me so much… ngh… Come as many times as you’d like, because I’ll come many times as well. *kisses and thrusting*


M: Me too… I’m going to come once… ngh, it feels good… *he orgasms*

M: … I love you. *kisses*… From a long time ago… *kisses*… I’m certain… before birth…

M: And you? Have you come to love me?… Ahaha! I won’t understand if you hang your head. Say it properly. Come on, right by my ear… mm… *thrusting and kissing*

M: It’s like a dream. *thrusting*… I’ve always had a dream… that this night would continue… forever… *thrusting*

*** TRACK 3: The Groom’s Visit (5 Days Prior) ***

M: Ah, this place really is nice and quiet. Tokyo is… well, still in a big confusion. It’s not an environment where you can take it slow. And there’s time until the marriage ceremony, so at this moment my parents’ home is being reorganized. And so, at the same time, I’ve come to intrude in this villa.

M: Hah, even my bad friend from university came. Yes, just now he’s greeting your mother alone… However, about this jet-black house… I’ve heard rumors as if there was a history behind it. It’s a complete demagogue, huh.

M: I wonder if those rumors came about because it’s one black color… Why is it black? You don’t know? Oh, it’s fine. I was just a little curious. No, there aren’t such lovely houses like this even in Tokyo. Well, there may have been some in the past but they’re unpopular.


M: From the time I decided to become your husband, I admired this jet-black house… and I’m sure… it came from my longing for you.

M: I will cherish you… in place of your late father. Oh? University? I don’t mind quitting, after all it was just something to play around with. More importantly, I want to protect you at your side. That’s what I’ve decided.

M: Ah, I only thought to greet you personally but it’s become this long… No, it’s not business; to be more accurate, I promised to go mountain stream fishing with my bad friend. He seems to have fallen completely in love with this land too, ahaha. Then I will excuse myself for today.

M: Oh, right… the room you sleep in faces the garden, right?… Tonight, please don’t lock the sliding door there. Alright?

*** TRACK 4: Good Child and Bad Child ***

M: Hello. I’ve come.

M: Ahaha, if you open your insect net so impatiently mosquitoes will get in… You longed for me, huh.

M: Adorable. *kisses**heroine unbuckles his belt and starts giving oral*… Good grief, to think that such an adorable girl like you is doing things like this… ngh… You’ve learned to be such a bad girl, huh.


M: Your hair is hiding your face. I’m going to hold it up… No, you’re not a bad girl… you’re a good girl. Always… and forever… ungh… The bad child is me. Heh, you see, because I was a bad child I was sent out to be adopted…

M: When I was five, I picked on my younger sister… ahaha… It was because she was too cute… Even now I’m still a bad child. In just a few days, you who used to be pure became such a dirty woman. Your mouth is full with me and you’re so unbearably happy.

M: Will you swallow it today too?… Ngh… ah… Honestly, you’re a good girl… I love you… ah… good… Ready? I’m coming… good, it feels good… I’m coming! *he orgasms*

M: … Open your mouth… Ah, you swallowed it cleanly. *kisses*… Now, it’s my turn.


M: *kisses*… Ah, it’s so swollen… *kisses*… they’re such soft breasts, but only this part is really stiff… *sucks*… I’m sure over here too…

M: Oh, it’s like you wet the bed. Haha!… *fingers*

M: Is it embarrassing if our faces are this close?… Heh… You can’t let out your voice. Endure it. *kisses and fingers*… After a few more days, when the marriage ceremony is over, we will be publicly married… and I’ll make you cry out as much as you like… *kisses*

M: Ahah! You like it when you’re sucked on… Your nipples and your neck… here too… *sucking*


M: Come. Like this… like you always do… kill your voice well… *kissing and sucking*

M: Heh, how intense… *kisses*

M: … Just once is fine… I’d like to hear your moaning voice clearly… not stifled to death, but real… Ah, I’m the one who said you couldn’t raise your voice until the marriage ceremony. And yet I’m contradicting myself, hahah…

M: That’s right. It’s best to have lots of things to look forward to. *kisses*

M: Press yourself closer to me… Yes, let’s make sure our skin is touching… *kisses and thrusts himself in*… Ah, it really feels like we’re blending together… No, from the beginning I… *kisses and thrusting*

M: From the beginning… we were blended together… *thrusting*

*** TRACK 5: Bite Marks and Scars ***

*intense thrusting*

M: I’m coming!… *he orgasms*

M: … Aah, it’s spilling out… I’ve scooped it up with my fingers, so lick it. Ahaha, what does it taste like?… Blood, huh… Hehehehehe… Well, that would be the case… *kisses*

M: It really does… taste like blood. *kisses*

M: This time get on all fours. I’ll plunge into you from behind.

M: Aah… this place that is stained white is illuminated by the moonlight… hehehe!

M: *inserts himself*… Hngh… it feels exceptional to thrust into this place that is full of my semen… *thrusting*… You might already be pregnant with my child. Aah, there’s no problem because I’m your husband.


M: Before you were born… you were bound by a red thread… to your destined lover… me. *kisses and thrusting*… Nrngh!…

M: Does it hurt?… It hurt me too. When I think about this blood of yours… *licks it up*… I want you to the point of going insane… No matter who I fucked, I’ve always… *thrusting*… I’ve always been lonely. My family cherished me but I couldn’t wipe away a sense of discomfort… *thrusting*… Before I knew it, hate for my real parents who sent me out to be adopted sprouted within me… *thrusting and kissing*

M: But, honestly, all of that might be inconsequential… I simply… *kissing and thrusting*… wanted to hurry and meet the woman I was bound by a red thread to, so much I couldn’t bear it… and she is you.

M: *thrusting*… Ah, you’re so dear it was irresistible. *kissing and thrusting**biting*… I wonder if I might have become especially… crazy… Why is it… so much… *thrusting*… The men who fall in love with the women of this house might not mind becoming possessed by a demon, huh…

M: *thrusting*… In the far past, to something… Whatever you are… you belong me… you cannot fall for another man. *kissing and thrusting*


M: I’m sure I won’t be able to love a woman apart from you for the rest of my life… *thrusting*… that is our fate… Aah, my reflection in your eyes… I’d have liked to see that… That day, that time, to think you went to the city… and then had the light robbed from your eyes… *thrusting*… The moment I learned about that, my body was in such pain I thought I was being torn to pieces.

M: … If only I could give these eyes to you… I can only kiss those eyes… *kisses and thrusting*… Ah, I know. That my form is reflected in your heart…

M: Hah, you can’t be done already. You should want to come more… You’re pulsing inside… against me… *thrusting*

M: The color of the sky is lightening… Morning comes early midsummer… If only the night could continue longer… *thrusting and kissing*

M: No, you can’t. You can come more. To the most highest peak up till now… Only your voice needs to be silenced… Let’s go together… Look, I’ll touch this place, this small bud… *thrusting*… Ahaha! You’ve become intensely tight… ah, I can tell… it’s honestly the tightest up till now… *thrusting*

M: Remember this. My skin… this beast-like entanglement, this night where you came countless times… *thrusting*… Aah, it’s coming… yes, just like that… nngh… Don’t be scared, because I’m together with you… yes, like that… *thrusting; he orgasms*


M: … *kisses* Face this way… *kisses*… I left a lot of marks… It’s regrettable but… *pulls out*… Now, come here. Let me hold you.

M: *kisses*… Ah, you’ve sweated this much. *kisses*… You must be tired and sleepy. It’s the morning of the marriage ceremony already. You need to sleep, even for just a little while… Oh, I’ve left so many marks. I wonder if the powder can cover it well.

M: Ah, that’s right. If your mother questions you, please tell her this… that you were bitten by the demon.

M: Hahah! It’s a joke. Tell her you were bitten by mosquitoes and scratched yourself, alright? Ah, what a beautiful sunrise… That’s true, I have to make preparations for the marriage ceremony and more. I need to return soon.

M: Hm? What’s wrong? You’re stroking my arm… Ah, this. You just noticed now? Even though you’ve traced it countless times whenever I slept with you.


M: Your late father had this scar too? Hmm, what a coincidence… Ah, did your father receive it during a war? Aah, it was a birthmark that was like a scar, huh. Still, what a strange story. The same place and being similar… it seems we really were fated to become married. *kisses*

M: Thank you for worrying. I’ll go back now. I want to avoid the embarrassing situation of being discovered having snuck into your room at night on the morning of the marriage ceremony.

M: Then… I’ll be going back.

*steps away; gets dressed*

M: You should lie down and rest your body… *hesitates; comes back and kisses*

M: … I look forward to the wedding dress… *strained breathing*

*** TRACK 6: Marriage Ceremony of the Tani Household ***

*door opens; heroine steps out*

Minoru: Ah! What a beautiful bride! Huh? Is something wrong?… Eh? What about my left arm?… Oh, now that you mention it, those who have this blood are cursed to have a katana injury-like birthmark… I heard this from my friend who stayed here together with me. My friend? Ah, he’s your older brother. This morning he had urgent business and returned to Tokyo. You didn’t hear from your mother?

M: Eh? You’ve only heard what I told you now? Oh, is that so. You didn’t even know your brother existed… I’d have liked to show this beautiful wedding dress to him. My voice and my friend’s? Ah, it’s been said to be similar.

M: Haha. Now, you should sit. Everyone is worried… The groom decided upon by both families is genuinely me, Satomi Minoru. Is there a problem?

*scene skip; phone call*

Yuuji: Ah, thanks to you, it’s been a fun summer holiday… Heh, even just for a little while, please cherish them. That is my valuable– *whistle in distance* Ah, the train is leaving. Well, I doubt we’ll see each other anymore. Stay healthy.

*ends call; train whistle blows*

*** GRAIN RAIN: THE LOST PEOPLE – Desire of Beasts ***

*footsteps outside; heroine opens door and goes outside*

Y: … Ah… looks like you found me. As I thought, it seems your ears are very keen.

Y: I surrender. I’m not some sort of robber, so relax. The person who snuck in here… is your older brother, Yuuji.

Y: Are you angry? About that day. It’s been 5 years already… that to you who was to be married, I… hehehe. During that hot summer year… every evening I crept to your room… and we laid together many times.

Y: I won’t apologize… Aah, you really are a girl who can’t be helped. Even in the dark I can tell clearly… that your eyes, which can’t see, are looking at me… With those pure black eyes, you’re looking at me in a way that exposes my craze.

Y: Are you going to run? My cute little sister… Even though you can’t forget those days. Even though when you lie with your real husband since then, Minoru… you can only think about me… about the way I made love to you.

Y: At least… that’s how it is for me. Any body except for yours doesn’t feel good at all.

Y: Come, over here to me. I’ll love you like I did then… Tonight is a beautiful moonlit night. I am certain I will be able to see your lovely pale skin.


Y: … *kisses*… Hngh… Aah, your soft body hasn’t changed even with 5 years having passed… This whole time I’ve wanted to touch this skin. Hahah! What? Are you embarrassed?… Don’t worry, I know every part of your body. This unchanging paleness… the sensations of these soft breasts… *kisses*

Y: No one is here… just like in the past. There is no one here except you and me, so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, right? *kisses*

Y: You remember, don’t you? How I made love to you… your body recalls it honestly. The tip of your breasts too… have become this stiff already.

Y: … Here too. It’s this damp… *fingers*… It’s meaningless to turn your face away. Illuminated by the moonlight… I can see veeeery well. You really are adorable… you haven’t changed at all from the past. My beloved… sister.

Y: *kisses and fingers*… Nngh… *kisses*… Hey, my hand is soaked already… How long has it been since you last welcomed a man here? Since the time Minoru walked out, or… did you bring someone else in for sex?

Y: I’m talking about inside here… ngh… it’s hot. You haven’t had anything put inside this place? For a long time? Really?… Ah, I see. All the men in this world are idiots. They exist without knowing just how good you are… ah, just how good this hot place is…


Y: *kisses*… Hehehe. Did you come already?… Unlike those days, your reaction right now is as if you were a virgin. Even though I taught you to act without shame… Have you forgotten? Such a bad girl. Even though you weren’t allowed to forget.

Y: Come on, touch me too. You loved touching my hardness, right?… Ah, moreover, you loved sucking it too, huh… go ahead and do whatever you like.

Y: You don’t have to be so polite. It tickles. *heroine undresses him and uses her hand*… Yes, very good… heh, it’s no good even if you give me a clinging look… do what you want to do.

Y: Ah, if you get on your knees they’ll get dirty… *heroine gives oral*… Nngh… Ah, why does the inside of your mouth feel so good… ah, good… Take it in more and deeper… nngh… It feels like I’m going to come in an instant…

Y: … It’s painful, isn’t it. Hah, cry more. Cry because of me!… Take it in deep… spill more tears… ngh… Why do you have such an unbearable look? Is it that delicious? Do you love me? Ah…


Y: It’s no good!… *pulls out*… I want to put it in you soon. Turn your back and put your hand on the tree. That way it won’t be hard on you.

Y: … Good girl. *kisses*… You really are beautiful. The nape of your neck, your neck, your back… they exist for me, huh… I’m putting it in… I can’t resist fucking you. *thrusting*

Y: It hasn’t changed… it hasn’t changed… you haven’t changed one bit… you’re coiled around me, ngh… I’m going to move, okay? *kisses and thrusting*

Y: Show me your face. Your pleasured expression… Ah, cute… there’s still traces of the tears from before… *thrusting and kissing*

Y: Has it always been this good? Aha, my memory can’t be relied upon… it’s several times better than the you from my memory… Hey, it feels good, right? Nod… say that it’s true… *thrusting*

Y: Why is it that we can’t resist having sex? You can say its the demon or whatever… but we’re certainly beasts. Animals!… *thrusting*… But don’t you think we couldn’t do anything but this? From a long time ago, I’ve wanted you unbearably… from when I was a child and forced to leave and be adopted… from when we were separated, the entire time… *thrusting*


Y: I could only think about doing this with you… I could only think about being told that you loved me… *thrusting*… ngh!… Why is it you? Even though I’m married right now… still I can only think about doing this with you… Why is it that we were brother and sister… *thrusting*… Why was it us?…

Y: … But no one will stop us. No matter what kind of unfortunate life I pursue… I would still make love to you… What else can I do but that?… I’m not dissatisfied with anything, so you too… don’t be dissatisfied with anything or have a guilty conscience… We didn’t have any path apart from this one…

Y: Only… only… resent that we were born as siblings… and hate our parents who separated us! *thrusting*

Y: I’m sure I could have made you happy. If I hadn’t been your brother! *thrusting and kissing*

Y: I’m coming! You too, come! *thrusting*… I’m done… ngh… *he orgasms*


Y: … You were so irresistibly lovely… only you… *kisses*…

*footsteps in the distance*

Y: … That voice… Is that your daughter?… Heheheh, I see. The following year after your marriage you gave birth to a child, huh… Go back… to your room. Ah, I’ll fix your disordered nightclothes.

Y: Listen, the two of us are fated to never be separated. You belong only to me. No matter who sleeps with you… how many years pass… It must be inconvenient since Minoru has gone. If you have any hardships, tell me at any time… Because if I am with you, I can fall to any place… *kisses and leaves*

*heroine leaves too*

*** NOTES ***

I think by now everyone’s realized that this is a generational story about the cursed Tani household :’)). Yes, Yuuji was the first heroine and Shouwa’s son who was kicked out. DID YOU NOTICE HIS CHARACTER BLURB AT THE BEGINNING? SOBS. HE GOT SLAPPED!! AND THEN THROWN OUT!! MY BOOOOOOOOY!! The third guy’s monologue (that all guys have right below their picture) is so heartbreaking when you realize they talk about the previous generation.

Ahem. Anyway, you can see that he shares some similar habits as Shouwa and then hates river fish, haha. Also, here’s the family tree which shows that the second heroine married Minoru.

By the way, if you thought the ending with the phone call was vague that was intentional. It’s never explicit as to who he’s talking to and he’s used a pronoun that can refer to both his friend and the heroine so ;;;;; the receiver is a mystery!!

11 thoughts on “Nureba no Ie no Tatarikon ~ Summer: Blind Love ~

    cryandbleed said:
    March 15, 2021 at 19:31

    If I’m correct, Yuuji pretended to be Minoru. And because the summer heroine was blind, she thought she was having sex with Minoru, who was actually Yuuji. At the end, she married the real Minoru but became pregnant with Yuuji’s daughter (the autumn heroine).

      Ilinox responded:
      March 15, 2021 at 20:34

      Yup, that’s exactly what happened!

    Xx said:
    November 6, 2018 at 16:12

    Aaah. Kobayashi Yuusuke did such a good job. His voice was so full of melancholy, so despondent — like it was straining under the sadness he’d felt ;_;

    Was it his own mother who slapped him? The irony though. Shouwa did to his son what his father did to him. He threw him out, sowing the seed of resentment and hate. And then he came back to take his revenge with…… dun dun dun…. INCEST. Just like his Otoosan.

    I haven’t listened to the other two cds, only this one and the shouwa one but I’m starting to think the curse is that the men of the family fall in love with their own sisters. They can’t help it, because of the “demon” inside them.

    Thank you for translating this series. You did a great job! I love how you pay attention to details like making sure sfxes are italicized. And adding initials of the char before dialog. <3

      Ilinox responded:
      November 7, 2018 at 12:28

      HE DID! It still startles me when I realize that he voices Ranmaru in the mobile game, Sengoku Night Blood, that I’m playing because the tone is so different. Seiyuu are amazing. But yes, oh gosh, I’m just nodding along to all your words right now because that’s probably what boosted Yuuji into being my favorite and it was that gentle but sad and melancholic tone he constantly had.

      I’m pretty sure it was his own mother that slapped him and because he started “doing things” to his little sister (or probably showed an obsession that wasn’t normal + the birthmark). I honestly feel like Shouwa didn’t care about anything after he got his own revenge and sister, which is pretty awful of him but we already knew he wasn’t an upstanding man– LOL.

      Ooh, I really recommend you listen to the last one at least because it takes you back to the origin where you can see how the curse came to be.

      Aw, thank you so much! Organization and presentation is a big deal to me whenever I take on a project so I’m so happy to hear that you like it so much!

      Thank you for commenting, by the way :D (and revealing to everyone that you listen to this series– hahaha).

    Reggie said:
    February 14, 2018 at 23:59

    Another senbura voice actor XD Hmm…. What’s his voice here, I imagine it’s far from Ranmaru.
    He hates fish, I guess he really hate to be like Shouwa but still got his attributes.
    Oh I forgot to ask, how many volume is this?

      Ilinox responded:
      February 16, 2018 at 16:21

      It’s unrecognizable LOL. Even though I know that they’re the same person, I really can’t hear many similarities in their voice ;;;; it’s amazing. He uses a lower and more adult voice for Yuuji and I feel like, hm, the nasal tone you can hear in his voice is more pronounced here? The closest similar voice is when Ranmaru is furious and serious (aka. that time in Ch8 where Nobunaga gets shot and Ranmaru tells them they won’t get an easy death). I actually really recommend people listen to the voice Kobayashi uses here for Yuuji because :’)) it single-handedly convinced me to become one of his fans LOL. His voice is just so nice here and whenever he says those really sad lines about loving her before she was born and being destined for each other… MY HEART.

      It’s 4 volumes for the 4 seasons :D so we still have autumn and winter.

    kai5404 said:
    February 14, 2018 at 13:06

    Bless u for these translations!!! I’m crying so hard because I’ve been scouring the internet for translations of this series!!! ;_;

    I had no idea that this MC was blind ! :0 Do they ever go into detail how she became blind? Was she attacked or something? It seems vague about the details?

    And holy crap Yuuji was pretending to be her husband omg the drama !! What happened to the real husband at the end? He peaced out?? I don’t blame him especially if he knew about wat really happened lololol

    I know the phone call was vague on purpose but like to me it seemed like he was talking to the real Minoru? Maybe, but like would the real husband be a wingman for incest … Actually maybe he’s talking to MC I DONT KNOW ANYMORE

    And thank you for adding the family tree! It’s so interesting to see and I love how considerate you are for translating it as well! It really helps me understand who is related to who

    (although I just assume everyone is related to everyoneBWHAHAHAHA)

    Are the bloodstains on the family tree the MCs?

    And wow my Japanese is poor because a lot of details went over my head ;_; thank you again for sharing these translations and I hope you continue with the series! And I have to agree Yuuji is my fav because dat voice… <3

      Ilinox responded:
      February 19, 2018 at 22:24

      Ack, sorry for the late reply on this one and WP eating your comment up. For some reason it let your comment go through on Shouwa’s post but then flagged this one as spam for whatever reason.

      <33 thank you for taking the time to comment and I'M GLAD I CAN SHARE THIS HORRIBLY DARK AND SAD SERIES WITH OTHERS!! Though I gotta admit on second thought I'm also embarrassed to have this translated here LOL amongst my general translations there's this random super raunchy incestuous CD series–

      Nope, I don't think they go into detail at least in none of the CDs. Although I should note that along with two tokuten CDs, each guy also has two short stories but okay I can't buy THAT many of these CDs LOL. If anyone would like to donate the SSes though I'd eagerly translate them :'D. I'm guessing that, because the Tani household is shunned and hated by everyone in the village, she probably got attacked or caught in an accident by the villagers ;;;;

      It's not too clear on what happened to Minoru. The verb Yuuji uses in the first instance when he talks about Minoru is 出ていく which implies that he left/walked out. So I was thinking that maybe he found out about the relationship and divorced maybe?? Or just uhh moved elsewhere?? But then the second instance Yuuji uses the verb いなくなった which can either mean, again, that Minoru left the house permanently or he's actually dead LOL. I can't remember exactly where it's mentioned, or maybe I just headcanoned this, but I think the Tani men die early? Or are cursed to die early?

      My first thought was that he was talking to Minoru too!! But then I realized it could apply to the heroine too so hmmm. It's really a mystery as to how much Minoru knows LOL cause the birth of their child was really soon after their marriage but assuming they consummated their marriage on the first night then it probably wasn't too strange. But then you'd think he'd realize she wasn't a virgin… but then if the village has a custom of men sneaking into a girl's bedroom at night… maybe that's not weird either. Too many questions still LOL.

      Gotta add the family tree for ultimate suffering, haha. Yep, all the bloodstains are the MCs except for one of the ones at the very beginning beside Kousaburou. That's the 4th CD's heroine and the youngest brother, Koushirou :')).

      Haha, I'm glad this was helpful!! And don't worry I miss a lot of things on my first listen too |D these translations look impressive but they're the work of me repeating a 2 minute section like 30 times to catch everything they said LOL. I do plan on continuing but it'll probably take some time |D the reason these two came out back to back was because I started a month ago to get Yuuji out in time for Valentines.

    garden said:
    February 14, 2018 at 01:58

    yes. this one. oh dear.

    I missed some details when I first listened to it like why the MC never realized the one yobai-ing was not the person she was to married with and how could she have not recognized by facial feature. I missed the whole detail that she can’t see clearly.

      Ilinox responded:
      February 14, 2018 at 11:09

      I missed the same thing upon my first listen too, haha. It was when I was looking around at Japanese reviews (their reactions are the best when they’re reviewing CDs) and saw them mention the heroine was blind I was like “??? really???”. I thought all this time the talk about him being reflected in her eyes and the light being taken etc etc was just some kind of traumatic event and was metaphorical rather than literal!! And then I just assumed it was way too dark for her to see anything at night LOL.

      This series really likes to hide plot heavy things in the tokutens because one confirms that she was blind and the second one confirms even more things after Yuuji’s deception reveal in the last track. I’m so so so fortunate that I have friends to help me collect tokutens or I’d end up with a bajillion copies of the same CD LOL.

        garden said:
        February 14, 2018 at 19:26

        aaa you’re so lucky you have friends to helppp I can only rely on my financial condition that year whether or not I can afford a trip to Japan and splurge since buying online is not an option for now *cries*. I had to study up the R18 cds wiki and see which tokutens to choose bc I surely can’t buy both animate AND stella.

        also this is embarrassing but I just now noticed that Yaibaryuu is Kobayashi Yuusuke!! wtf how did I not recognize they’re the same voice??? I loved Kouhai hiroimashita and his Yatoware hero, how could I not realized this sooner?? I know I should have remember their names and not just by their aliases like this >_<

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